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The efforts of the proprietor have been so strenuous, and the 
preparations so munificent in this splendid establishment, that they 
would seem entitled to public approbation and patronage. No ex- 
pense has been shunned to complete every appurtenance, and com- 
bine every requisite for their perfection. 

The building has the advantage of being located irt one of the most 
retired and airy, and at the same time, central positions of the city. 
It contains two distinct ranges of apartments, appropriated for each 
of the sexes, having several and separate entrances; the best fe- 
male attendance being provided for the service of the ladies. The 
establishment contains fifty baths, a part of which are of marble 
imported from Italy, and the others of plated Copper, Zinc, &c. 
In addition to the warm and cold, every provision has been made 
for shower bathing, so that the latter salutary application may be en- 
joyed at pleasure, by means of appropriate contrivances under the 
complete control of the individual who employs it. In addition to 
these accommodations, a swimming room has been constructed for 
those who are fond of that recreation, and in which persons who are 
ignorant of that necessary qualification may acquire without hazard, 
so useful an accomplishment. We subjoin, in addition to the foregoing 
notice, some observations of our celebrated countryman Count Rum- 
ford, to prove that the warm bath is more conducive to health than 
any luxury which can be enjoyed in a populous city, its beneficial 
effects being particularly described as follows: 

It is not merely on account of the advantages, says the Count, 
" which I happened to receive from warm bathing, which renders me 
so much an advocate for the practice: exclusive of the wholesomeness 
of the warm bath, the luxury of bathing is so great, and the tranquil 
state of the mind and body, which follows, is so exquisiteh/ delightful, 
that I think it quite impossible to recommehd it too highly, if we con- 
sider it merely as a rational and elegant refinement," " The manner 
in which the warm bath operates," he continues, " in producing its 
salutary consequences, seems very evident. The genial warmth which 
is so applied to the skin, J^ the place of the cold air of the atmosphere, 
by which we are commonly surrounded, expands all those very small 
vessels, where the extremities of the arteries and veins unite, and by 
gently stimulating the whole frame, produces a full and free circula- 
tion, which if continued for a certain time, removes all obstructions 
in the vascular system, and puts all the organs into that state of regu- 
lar, free and full motion, which is essential to health, and also to that 
delightful repose, accompanied by a consciousness of the power of 
exertion, which constitutes the highest animal enjoyment of which 
we are capable. 


The Phoenix Insurance Company of Philadelphia — Capital ^480,000. 



Directors — David Lewis, President — Paul Beck, jr. John Goddard, John C. 
Sraitli, Lawrence Lewis, John C. Stocker, William Phillips, John J. Borie, jr. 
Robert Toland. John R. Wucherer, Secretary. 

United States Insurance Company of Philadelphia— Capital ^200,000. 



Directors — William Young, President — Henry Toland, Francis R. Wharton, 
Samuel Nevins, William Mason Walmslev, Charles W. Smith, John Diamond, 
Charles Callaghan, Andrew B. Spence, Joseph Cabot, John C. Da Costa, R. 
Butler Price and George Fales. Alexander Stewart,jr. Secretary. 

Directors of the Delaware Insurance Company of Philadelphia. 

Samuel Keith, President — William Bell, William Boyd, John Cook, Joseph 
R. Evuns, Joshua Emlen, Isaac Harvey, jr. Benjamin Jones, James Kitchen, 
Joshua I^ongstreth, William M'Faden, Thomas A. Morgan, Fournier Rostain, 
George F. Randolph, Jonathan Shoemaker. John Donnaldson, jr. Secretary. 

Directors of the Philadelphia Insurance Company ^ 1828. 

Joliii Ashley, President — James C. Fisher, Joi\n Savage, Joseph S. Lewis, 
Klliston Perot,' William J, Miller, George Harrison, William W. Fisher, Richard 
Willing, Samuel Volans, Thomas Parke, Alexander Elmslie, Robert M. Lewis. 
\N illiain Miller, Secret arij. 


i\i3iB. ©isasif 

Dressers and Dyers^ 



Stxvesters Brothers, 6c Co. have at all times on hand 

ipur ^Cal.iSf. and other jf ur^ for sale. 

They will also receive every description of Fcrs, which will be 



At the shortest notice, and on reasonable terms. 

suvEBion FiAx^ro fostes. 

(from LONDON.) 


Respectfully acquaint their Friends and the Public, that they 
have taken that Elegant Store in Chesnut Street, adjacent to 
the Sunday Scliool Union Depository, and immediately oppo- 
site to the New Theatre, where they have finished, 








It is tlic intention of Loud and Brothers, always to keep at 
this Establishment, as well as at their Manufactory, No. 361, 
Market Strept, an assortment of Piano Foi-tes. seldom equalled 
in this Countrr.. The extent of their Manufactory and the 
liberal patronage of a discerning public, enables them to man- 
ufacture superior articles and at a less costy than any other 
similar Establishment in the union. 

Merchants shipping to the West Indies or South America, 
can be supplied with first rate Piano Fortes, to stand the cli- 
mate and on favourable terms. 

Soutliein, Western and Country Merchants, as well as 
their friends in general, are respectfully invited to call. 

Old Piano Fortes taken in part payment and their fair value 

Piano Fortes to rent, hj the Month, QiiarteVj or Year, 




Where they have constantly on hand as usual, 




timerican and English Roans, Bazils and Skins, 

Suitable for Coach-makers, Shoe-makers, Hatters, Book-binders, Saddlers and 
Pocket book-makers, &c. 

Binder's Boards and Tip Paper, 
Reading Wool Hats, by the case, 
Yeomen's, do, do. do. 

Children's Leather Caps, do. 


Hat Bodies, Felts and Napt Fur Hats, 

A constant supply of CALF and SHEEP 


Pins and Bombazeens. 

Rich Scarf and Legu Twist, all colours. 

All of which are offered on the most reasonable terms for cash 
or approved paper. 

N. B. Sole, Skirting; and all kinds at LEATHER, WOOL, Bind- 
er's Boards, Tip Paper, Sec. received and for sale on Commission. 





Manufactures all kinds of QUILLS, viz. 


From S 2 50 to g SO 00 per 1000. 
SWAN and CROW QUILLS, at various prices. 

He also offers for sale, and keeps constantly on band, at . 

MANrFACTiTRERs PRICES, a large gtock of I 


Warranted superior for the immediate production of jet black ink, 


Warranted to burn free and stick well, of various colours, Tiz. 

lii.^ht and Dark Blue, Light and Dark Green, Yellow, 

TJrown, Gold, Rose, Flesh, Orange, kc. 



The advertiser buys and sells BOOKS in almost every de- 
partment of literature, attends Public Book Sales, warrants 
goods perfect, and prices moderate. 

%* Stationers supplied at all times with any quantity of su- 
perior fine BLACK SAND. 

Copper-plate Printer, 



Maps, Charts, Historical Engravings, Bills of Exchan'^c, 
Professional and Visiting Cards, &c, &c. executed with nea- 
ness, on the shortest notice, and reasonable prices. 

N. B. Orders for ENGRAVING, received as above- 


JSTo. 46, Chesnut Three doors above Second Streel, 

Manufacturers of Gold and Silver everpointedand plain Pencil Cases.— Gold 
and Silver Thimbles.— Gold and Silver Pens. 

New and highly approved Metallic Pens.-Silver Spoons—Jewellery, &c. 8cc. 

an extensive assortment of the above articles of their own manufacture, and 
also a good supply of 

Brittania, Plated and Blocktin Ware, 

Leads for everpointed Pencil Cases. Superior Black Lead Pencils &c.&c^ 
Wholesale and Retail, on moderate terms, S^^^eful for the share of patronage 
which they have heretofore enjoyed, they respectfully sohc.t a continuance 
thereof and ask particularly the attention of dealers m the above articles. 

All orders punctually attended to. 

Curnins anb |li^aci)ine lEafting, 



Turnin- Lathes after the model of Holyapffel and Deyerlein, London, 
finTshed in the best manner, so that all kinds of chucks may 
be fitted to them as oral, eccentric, &c. &c. 
Also various other kinds of lathes, to suit different businesses. 
Die Stocks, with setts of taps and dies— Screw fools, of any 
number of threads to the inch-Milling Tools, of various pat- 
terns—Morocco Rollers, of any number used— Billiard and 
Baaiatelle Balls— Drill Stocks and Drills for Jewellers and 
otliers— Turning or Filing done to order, drawings, or models 
in all the various kinds of metal, wood, or other substances. 

N B J H. Schrader, tenders his services to instruct 
rxentlem'cn in the art of Turning. He will be glad to render 
every necessary assistance to those who will call toP that pur- 
pose at his stahlishmcnt. 


Charles Mackie^ 


Has always on hand a choice assortment of Gunpowder. 
Imperial, Hyson, Young Hyson, Souchong and other 


Superior Old Port, Madeira, Sherry and other 


Old Champaign and Cognac Brandy, 

Bohlens, Weesp Anchor Gin, 

Sugars and Coffee, of every description, 

English and American Cheese, 

Spanish Sej^ars, Sperm Candles, Sperm Oil, &c. 

TVith a constant supply of the best articles in the line, carefully 

Christian Jaliiis^ 



Respectfully informs his frienils and the public in g;eneral, that 
he continues to carry on PAINTING at the above place in all its 
various branches. 


plain or <0rnamenteti, 

Where all orders in City or Country that may be required in thcv 
above branches, will be thankfully received and punctuailjp executed. 

Having been engaged in this line of business upwards of twenty 
years, he is thankful for the patronage he has met with from a liberal 
public, and hopes by assiduity and attention to business, to merit a 
continuance as heretofore. 

He has constantly on hand, Washes of all Colours, which he will 
dispose of by the gallon or less quantity. — Those who wantc he article 
will find it good and at moderate prices. 


(Opposite the United States Bank,) 

Has constantly on hand, at reasonable prices, a general 
assortment of 




With a variety of beautiful Engravings. 


NO. 12 





,0. 110& 113, ^atmtSiv^^U 


Where all kinds of Printing will be neatly and expeditiously 
executed, on the most reasonable terms. 

^0. ii7, 


(above vine street,) 
rjcej^sed by tee corporation for the lojin of sums of 


On the Deposit of Watches, Silver Plate, Jewellery, §V, 

And on all other kinds of valuable and portable articles, to any 
amount, at the shortest notice, and on the raost reasonable and accom- 
modating terms. 

Security given the Corporation for conducting the business proper! j, 
and agreeably to Law. 

will find it to their interest to apply at the above office, established la 
the year 1819, and enquire the terras before going elsewhere. 


117, J^orth Fifth Street. 

N. B. Also advances made on New Carriages, Gigs, Dearbons. 

&c. &.C. 



Wattt ClD.act^, Ijubraulick Pamirs anb 


J. P. I)cgs to inform bis customers and the public, 
tijat !ie will effectually remove all unpleasant smells 
from bouses, yards, etc. ari.-ius; from impure air from 
drains, sinks, or sewers, by the introduction of his 


Also warrants all Water Closets manufactured by him 
to be perfectly sweet and in every respect to answer the 
purpose for which they were invented. 

Persons requiring any of the above mentioned articles' 
can see them in operation in several parts of the city. 

All orders forwarded, will Ije executed in the best 
manner and with punctuality. 

Tlie subscriber ];ceps constantly on hand a quantity of 
LEA J) and J RON PIPES, which he will lay and 
warrant at the lowest cash prices.. 

Work shops at the old stand, 



66 (iig^^itttt §tVi^iU 


»3t the above Estahlishmerd may be obtained 

London Books and Stationary, 

Drawing Boxes, 

Water Colours, 

Fine Cutlery, 

Sheffield Plate, and 

Artists' Materials of every description, with a lar^o as 

sortment of 
London and Parisian Card Racks, 
Fire Skreens, &c. In addition to a great variety of 


Gentlemen desirous of procuring anj' particular work 
or article from London, are respecti\illy informed that 
by furnishing their orders to the subscriher, by the lOth 
day of any month, the same will be executed with the 
greatest attention and dispatch. 


Visiting Cards^ 




Gold^ Silver or Sroiizc^ 


JVJI. SLMPSOA^ 66, Chesnut Street. 


No. 146, 


(between sixth and seventh streets.) 

Instituted May 9,4th 18ZA. 

This benevolent Institution embraces auxiliary societies and 
schools, in each of the United States and Territories of ALL 
denominations of Christians, and publishes such BOOKS as 
are required in Sunday Schools. In May 1827, the nura! er of 
auxiliaries was 362, Schools 2,600, Teachers 24,307 and 
274,191 Scholars. 

Constant additions are making to their extensive 
catalogue of 

3WwmmmM mm®m.: 


Suitable for Sunday School Rewards ; Sunday School and other 

The Youth's Library, 

Embracing the 18mo. publications of the Society, neatly put up 
in calf backs and corners, may be had as above. 

tjiey also publish, 

The American 9>unday School Magazine, 

A monthly work, designed principally for Sunday School 
Teachers, at one dollar and fifty cents per annum. ^ 

The Youth's Friend, 

A little Magazine, is issued monthly, at 25 cents per annum, 

The above periodicals may be obtained from the commence-r 
ment, handsomely bound. 

Address, — Frederick W. PorteVj Corresponding 
Secretary. — Philadelphia. 




FOR 1828. 





1st Jpril, 1828. 



N S E W. North, South, East, West, n near, b back, d h dwelling house, x i Northern li- 
berties, K Kensington, wid widow, gent gentleman, gentw gentlewoman, c comer, bel below, 
bet between, al alley, ct court, av avenue, r road, ab above. 

^3°" The reader will please to observe that the directory is 
divided into three distinct alphabets: viz. first contains the names 
of persons residing within the limits of the City, — second, the 
Northern Liberties, Penn township and Kensington,— third, the 
District of South wark and Moyamensing. 



List of Streets, &c i to ix 

Names alphabeticaily arranged for City 

from It o 93 

Names alphabetically arranged for 

Northern Liberties from 97 to 129 

Names alphabetically arranged for 

Southwark from 131 to 153 

Custom house 1 

Banks from 1 to 3 

Insurance companies , 3 

Philadelphia dispensary 4 

Historical society , ib 

Franklin Institute ib 

Athenaeum ib 

Philadelphia college of Pharmacy ib 

Good Intent Fire Hose co 5 

Scots Thistle society ib 

American Beneficial society ib 

Columbia do ib 

Pennsylvania do ib 

United States do ib 

American Philosophical society ib 

Peimsylvania Literary Association ib 

St George's society 6 

Philadelphia Saving Fund ib 

Abolition society ib 


German society 6 

ProNTident society ib 

William Penn society 7 
Society for alleviating the mberies of 

public prisons ib 
Directors of pubUc schools ib 
Corporation of Spring Garden 8 
Union Canal company ib 
Ridge Turnpike company ib 
Lancaster Schuylkill Bridge co ib 
Chamber of Commerce ib 
Sunday and Adult School society ib 
University of Pennsylvania 9 
Hackney coaches. Ordinance for regu- 
lating 10 
Harbour regulations 11 
Churches with their pastors names and 

annual return of 12 

Post office 13 

Commercial regulations 15 

Board of Health 16 

Lehigh Coal and Navigation co ib 
Ministers, consuls, commercial agents, 8ic 
from the United States resident abroad, 

ministers, consuls and commissaries of ' 
foreign powers resident in the U. S. 



List of Streets, Lanes, Alleys, Courts, Avenues, Wharves and Roads in 
the City and Liberties of Philadelphia, and the Villages of Mantua, 
Hamilton, 4*c. 

Acorn al, runs fi-om 52 Locust to Spruce 
Adams st, S from Fitzwater ab 6th 

St, from 12th to 13th bet Spruce E Pine 
Adelphi Avenue, fvova Pegg to Noble 
Alban st, from Norman to Clare al 
Albertson's ct, north from John st 

wharf, opens at 99 Swanson st 
Alder al, fr-om Castle to North st 
Allen's al, from 159 S 6th st 

ct, S from 150 Spruce st 
st, from Frankford rd n Maiden 
wharf, opens at 67 N Water 
Almond st, from Delaware to 315 S second 
Ann st, N L fr 52 Vine to Callowhill st 

st, Sch from Sch N 7th to 8th bet Filbert 

and Mulberry 
st, from S 12tli to 13th bet Lombard and 
Anne st, r from Wissahicon to Charles st bet 

Francis and Vineyaixl 
Annesley's wharf 1st whf N of Walnut 
Apollo st, see Crabb b 
Apple st, runs 8 fix)m Georg-e bet 4th and Old 

Appletree al, from 50 N 4th to 35 N 5th ' 
Apricot al, from Currant to Poplar al 
Arch st, see Mulberry 

Argj-le st, (lower part of Almond) r from Dela- 
ware river to 337 S Front 
Ar.nstrongs ct, runs N from 9 Pnme back of 

106 S 4th 
Arsenal st, from Gray's Ferry rd to Federal al 
Artillery lane, see Duke st 
Ash al, runs fr Sch Front to 2nd bet High and 

Aspen al, from Aspen ct to Lombard 

ct, S from Ash al 
Asheton st, N & S nms fr Vine to Cedar along 
Sch river and parallel to Front 
, Atkinson's ct, r N from 153 Lombard 
Bakei''s al, runs from j5 New to 70 Vine 
ct, F. from 49 Budd st 
ct, N from 145 Coates st 
whaif, 1st N of Bishop st K 
Baker st, W from Spufford st 
Ball al, r fr 120 Cedar to 77 Shippcn st 

Ball's al, from Del river to 391 N Front 
wharf, opens at 391 north Front 
Bank al, r fr S 2nd S side of the Bank of 
Penns) Ivania to 67 Dock st 
st, from 70 High to 69 Chesnut 
Barclay's al, from 190 south 6th 
Barkers st, r from Sch 4th to 7th between 
, High and Chesnut 
Ban-on st, from 24 Gaskill to 75 Cedar 
Beach st, Schuylkill from the parmanent 
bridge to Cedar st 

st, r from K the High Bridge to Bishop 
Bearsticker's ct, r W from 68 N 6th 
Beasley's wharf, below the Swedes Church 
Beaver st, runs from N 2rtd to N 3rd between 

Poplar lane and George street N L 
Beck's al, runs from 172 Swanson to 453 south 

Beck st, r W from Passj-unk roa<^ "' 

tersection of 6th ^ ^ 

Beck's wharf, opens at 15 south 's jf^fJTiij^ 
new wharf, see Sims wha ^Ppen 
Bedford st, (late Small st ) r fi^^^^f st 
road to 8th bet Cedar i 
st, K r fr Frank road to r-^ 
Bell's ( Wm) ct, r W fr Binghams 

(Henry) ct, r N fr Marshall^^ 
Benners al, from 85 Elm to Vine S^ 
Bickhams wharf, opens at 17 Swart 
Bickley & Taylors whf, at the High| 
Bickley's wharf, opens at 7 & 13 N 
Biddies al, runs from 78 High to 9 Elti 
Billing's ct, runs W from 110 north 8\ 
Bingham's ct, runs N from 69 Spruce] 
Bishop st, runs from the head of Bd 

Queen st K 
Bishop's wharf, 1st S of Walnut st 
Blackberry al r fr Walnut to Spruce & fi^m 

Pine to Lombard bet S 8tli and 9th 
Blackhorse al, i-unsfrom 20 South Front to 19 
south 2nd 
ct, N from 171 High 
Bonsall st, runs from 9th to 10th bet Lombard 
and Cedar 


Bower's (J) wharf, 2nd S of Marlborough 

(S) wharf, 3rd S of M^den 
(S)wharfand ship, yard 3rd ab Mai- 
Bradford's al, r from 246 S 7th to 8th 
Branner's al, runs from Bryan's al to 180 Vme 
Bread st, runs from 77 Mulberry to 70 Sassa- 
fras . 
Brewer's al, fr 190 N 2nd to N 4th at the m- 

tersection of Old York rd (see) Wood st 
Bridge St, rfrthe upper Permanent bridge 
through Mantua Village to the Lancaster 
Bright's wharf, opens at 123 & 127 N Water 
Bringhurst's wharf, opens next 97 S Water 
Britton's al, runs E from 205 N Water 

(J) wharf, opens at 149 N Water 
(W) wharf, opens at 307 N Water 
Broad st, N & S runs from Cedar N to Ridge 

Brook's ct, runs W from 126 N Front 
wharf, opens at 109 N Water 
Browne st, N L runs from the High bndge to 
Old York road 
st, K from Cherry to Vine betweefi 
Prince and Duke st K 
Brown's ct, runs N from 93 Sassafras 
Browne's ct, N L r E from 19 Budd st 
wharf, 2nd south of Warren 
wharf, opens at 325 north Front 
Bmsstar's (H) wharf, 1st ab the intersection 
of Penn and Beach st K 
(S)wharf, 1st S of Marlborough 
al, runs from Beach to Queen near 
Bryan's al, r fr 148 N 5th to 141 N 6th 
ct, r S from 102 Cherry st 
~V road, runs S E from U States Arsenal 
^erry road 
ins from 67 Green to Germantown 

lad ' 

i-om S 12th to S 13th bet Spruce & 


.1, (S) r fr 78 Catharine to Queen 
al, (C) runs from Raspberry to Wat- 
son's al 
ct, runs S from 124 Locust 
row, runs N and S back of 40 Current 
Buttonwood al, runs from N 13th to Jumper 
near High st 
st, r from Old York road to Ridge 
rd between Noble and Green st 
Cable lane, see New Market st 
Cadwalader st, runs bet 2nd st and the Ger- 
mantown road ab Master's st 
Caldwell's wharf, 1st S of High 
Caledonian ct, runs from Fdbert ab N 10th to 
MulbeiTy , ^ , i„ 

CallowhiU street, runs from tlie Delaware to 

Schuylkill 1 stab Vine st 
Camac st, r W fr N 2nd near Mud lane 
Carlyle's ct, runs W from 46 S 5th 

Carpenter's al, (S) runs N from 105 Catharine 
ct, runs S bet N 116 & 118 Ches- 

st, (C) r from S 6th to S 7th bet 
High and Chesnut rear of the 
New Theatre 
st, (S) runs from Church to Ship- 
pen's lane 
Carrol's ct, enters N 4th near the German- 
town road 1 1 iv o 
Carlton square, CallowhUl between N 11th & 
12th S side 
st, from N 1 1th to 13th bet Wood and 
Carter's al, r from 65 S 2nd to 55 S 3rd 
Castle st, runs from N 10th to 11th bet North 

and Sassafras 
Catharine st, r from the Delaware to Passyunfc 

road bet German & Queen st S 
CaufFman's ct, runs E from 147 N 2nd 

ct, r S from 14 Cherry st 
Cayenaugh's wharf, S side of Ahnond st pub- 
lic landing , ,_ n mi 
Cedar (South) r from Delaware to LchuylkiU 
next st from riyer to riyer S of Pine and S 
boundary of the city _, ^ , ^ j „ 
Centre st, from S 12th to S 13th bet Lyndalls 
al and Locust st 

from S 11th to Qumce bet Walnut and 
Chancery lane, r S from 32 Mulberry to 15 
Coombs al , ,„ , t. ^^ - 

Charles st, runs from335 CallowhiU to Button- 
wood st 
st, (V) from Francis lane to George st 
Charlotte st, runs from 121 Browne to Poplar 

lEine „ , • 1 rr 

Cheeseman's wharf, 1st S of Maiden K 
Cherry st, from 74 N 3rd to Schuylkill 

st (K) r from Queen to Frankford rd 
Chesnut st, r from Delaware to SchuylkiU bet 

High and Walnut 
Chester st, runs from 297 Sassafras to Vme 

bet 8th and 9th 
China st, r W from 466 S Front 
Christian st, runs from Delaware toPassyunk 

bet Queen and Prime , , ^ ^^ „ , 

Church al, r from 20 N 2nd to 11th N 3rd 
al, from Mulbeny to 142 Cherry 
st, r S from 22 Christian st (S) 
Clare al, runs from 13th to Juniper bet Lam. 

bert and Vine 
Clapier's wharf, 1st N of Cedar 
ClawEces's ct, runs N from Bryans al 
Clcyer al, r from 90 S 5th to 125 S 6th 
Clifford's wharf, opens at 29 N Water 
Clifton st, r S from Cedar near S Hth 
Clinton's sq, from S W cor Broad & Chesnut 

to S E cor Schuylkill and 8th st 
Clinton's shipyard, at Wilson's wharf 
Cloyer st, runs from S 12th to S 13th bet High 
and Chesnut 


Clymcr'-s al, runs from Fitzwaier and Passyunk 

rd to S r>tl> 
Coatcs's ul, runs from 134 N Front to 151 N 
ct, r E fi-om 31 New Market st 
St, runs fr Uic Delaware to Ridg'c rd 
Cobb's ct, runs ^\ from N -Uh S of Fophu- lane 
Colhoun's whaif, opens at 29 N Water st 
Colter's wluuf, op the Swedes Churcli 
College avenue, runs E ft-om S lOtli near High 

Comptroller st, r from 37 Union to Spnice 
Comley's wh:uf, 2nd N of Callowhill 
Connelly's wharf, 1st S of Wan-en (K) 
Coombs's al, ninsfr 44 N Front to 51 N 2nd 
Cooper's ct, see Gilliam's ct 

ct, (N L) r W from 404 N Front 
Cordwainer^s al, runs from Pine to Lombard 

bet 9th and lOtli 
Cox's al, r from 300 S Front to 323 S 2nd 
Crabb st,(late Apollo) r from Gaskill to Oak 

bet S 4th and S 5th 
Crawford's wharf, opens at 99 N Water 
Cresson's al, r fi-om 96 N 5th to 91 N 6th 

ct, runs N fix)m 61 Chen-y st 
Crooked Billet, opens at 21 S Water 
Crown st, r fix)m 155 Sassafi~as to Old York rd 
and Willow st 
st, (K) r from Queen to Frankford rd 
bet Shackamaxon and Hanover 
Currant al, nms from Walnut to Spruce bet S 

10th to S 11th 
Cuthbert's wharf, opens at 247 S Front 25 

Penn and 9 Little Water 
Cypress al, r ft- 144 S 3rd to 79 S 4th 
Darby road, see AVoodland st 
Davis's or Davison's al, r from S 13th to Juni- 
per between Chesnut and High 
Davis's ct, runs W from Old York road above 

Dawson's ct, runs N from 83 Chesnut next to 

the Brewery 
Dean st, runs fi-om Walnut to Spruce bet S 
12th and S 13th 
al, runs from 144 S 8th to Blackberry al 
Decatur st, runs south ftx)m 210 High to Car- 
penter st 
Dillwyn street, runs N frova Noble ab 3rd to 

Green st 
Dock st, runs fi-om 158 S Front to 67 S 3rd 

opposite Girard's bank 
Donaldson's st, runs from Gray's Ferry rd to 

Federal al bet Arsenal street and Buck i-d 
Donaldson's wharf and mast-shed, Kensington 
Downing's wharf, opens at 119 N Water 
Drawbridge Public landing, at the east end of 

Dock street 
Drinker's al, runs from 108 N Front to 119 N 
ct, runs S from 66 Union 
Duke st, (N L) runs from 242 N Front to 363 
st, (K) runs N E from Palmer between 
Prince and West 

Duncan's ct, runs F. from 289 S 4th 
Duval's ct, r W fr 36 Ann st N I- 
Eckfcldt's ct, r N from 4 Soutli al 
Eight strcet, N &. S from Passyunk to German- 
town road 
st, (Sch) N & S r fr Callowhill to Ce- 
dar bet Broad &. Sch 7tl> 
Elbow al, runs from 184 S 6tli west to Bar- 
claj 's al 
lane, runs W fr Bank to 21 3rd 
Elcventli st, N & S from Callowhill to Cedar 

bet Tenth & Twelfth " 

Elfreth's al, r Ir 94 N Front to 105 N 2t>d 
Elizabeth st, runs ft-om N 9th to N 10th above 
st, runs W from 164 S 6th to S 7tli 
Elm street, from 160 N 2nd to 153 N 3rd (see 

New stj 
Ehnslie's al, runs W fivm 118 6 2nd to I^u- 
rel st formerly W^indmill alley S of the Cus- 
tom house 
Emlen's al, i-uns south from Clever alley to 5 
Powell st 
ct, runs fr Pegg or W'illow to 4 No- 
ble st 
Etris's ct, runs W fit)m 128 N 5th 
Evans's ct, runs E from 163 N 6th 
Eyre and Massey's wharf opposite 28 South 

Whar\"es 2nd S of Chesnut 
Eyre's (E) wharf, and J Eyre's Ship yard 3rd 
ab Hanover st 

(F) Ship yard, at J EjTe's whaif 

(G) wharf' and Ship yard 1st south of 

(J) wharf 2nd N of Hanover 
(J) wharf and Ship yard, 2nd ab Mai- 
(T B) Ship yard at Cheeseman's whf 
Fidrview st, from N Sch 4th to Broad 
Faire's ct, r N fttjm N street above N 10th 
Farmer's row, runs E fixjm 41 Dock st 
Fayette st, runs fivm 53 Filbert N to 262 Mul- 
Fearis's ct, runs W fi-om 148 N Front 
Federal al, runs fi-om Federal road to Arsenal 
st, 8c rd runs from S Front to Schyl- 
kill bet Piime and Wharton st 
Fifl:h st, S & N runs S fr Old York to below 
Passyunk rd bet 4th and 6th 
st, (N & S) fix)m Sch runs S fr Callow- 
hill to Cedar bet Sch 4Ui and 6th 
Filbert st, ext fit)m 22. N 8th to sch bet High 

and Mulberry 
Fisher's (J C) wharf opens at 66 N Water 

(Thomas and Myer's) opens at 17 
Swanson st 
Fitzwater st, r W fr 32 Passyunk road 
Flintham's wharves, opens at 137 and 141 N 

Flint's ct, runs N from 13 Filbert st 
Flower's al, runs W from 42 Budd st 

wharf, at Almond st Pubhc landing 
Fordham's wharf 1st above Warren (K) 


Fourth St, N and S (the middle boundary of 
the wards r from Cedar to Vine) ex- 
tends from Germantown vd tlirough 
the City to Moyamenoing bet 3rd & 
5th sts 
St, (Sch) N & S runs fr Francis's lane 
S to Cedar st 
Francis's lane, fr Ridge rd near Hickory lane 
to Schuylkill 
st, r fr Ridge road to Charles st bet 
Francis's lane & Anne st 
Frankford rd, r N from Maiden st (K) 
Franklin place, from High to Chesnut i-uns S 
from bet 106 & 108 High st 
row, W side of S 9th bet Walnut & 

st, r fr Sassafras to Vine W side of 

the N W Public sq 
st, (N L) r fr N 3rd to N 4th neai- 
Gennantown i-d . 
Frie's ct, runs W from 2 N 11th 
wharf, S side of Walnut st 
Fromberger's ct, runs from 34 N 2nd 
Front st, N & S ext from High to the N & S 
bounds of both Liberties 
st, (Sch) N 8c S fr Callowhill to Cedar 
bet Ashton and Sch 2nd 
Fuller's al, nuis from Swanson to 403 S Fi-ont 
Galbraith's ct, r N from 119 Queen st 
Garden st, runs from 305 Vine to Buttonwood 

Gardiner's whaif, opposite^/ & 38 south whfs 

ab Walnut 
Garrigue's ct, runs N from 213 Sassafi-as neai- 

Gaskill st, runs fr 238 S 2nd op the New Mar- 
ket to 229 S 5th 
Gaw's ct, runs W from 84 N Fi-ont 
George st, runs from S 9th opposite Sansom 
st to Schujlkill bet Walnut and 
Chesnut see Little George 
st, ( N L) runs from near 550 N 2nd 

to N 6th 
st, (S) runs fr 68 Cedar to 27 Plum 
st, (Y) runs fr Ridge rd to Charles st 
N of the Viney^d 
German st, runs from 334 S 2nd to Passyunk 

see Little German 
Germantown rd, begins at the intersection of 

N Front and Maiden 
Gilham's (Cooper's) ct, r N fr 33 Mulberry 
Gilles's al, runs from 119 Cedar to 136 Lom- 
Girard's wharf, opens at 19 N Water 
Goddard's al, runsfr 2 New Market (Cable la) 

to 211 N 2nd 
Goforth al, r fr 71 Dock to 72 Chesnut 
Goodwater al, from Washington square to 94 

S Sth 
GrafTs al, runs N from 57 Sassafras 
Grape al, (V) runs from Anne to George bet 
Powell & Ridge road 
st, nms fr 24 S 8th to 13 S 9th op 
the Universitv 

Gray's Ferry ixl, r fr Cedar near Sch Front S 

W to Sch at Gray's F bridge 
Greenleaf 's ct, r W bet 10|& 12 S 4th 
Green st, runs from 358 N Front to Old York 

Green's al, r N fi-om 127 Pine to 152 Spruce 
Greenwich st, runs ft- S Front bel Wharton to 

Grice's (F & J) wharves and ship yiu-d, 1st N 
of the High bridge 
(S) whaif &. sliip yard, 1st N of Mid- 
Grindstone al, r from 81 High to Church al 
Grizel's al, runs from Little Oak to Fitzwater 
Halberstadts' and Haines's wharf, opens atSll 

N Front . 
Hamilton st, runs from Upper Ferry road to 

Bi-oad st 
Hamilton's wharf, Istab the Drawbridge Pub- 
lic landing see Kern's wharf 
Hanover st, r fr the Delaware to Frankford rd 

bet Miu-lborough Sc Palmer 
Harmony ct, r N from 27 Coates's al 

st, (ct on the sign board) r fr 76 S 
3rd to 47 S 4th ab Walnut 
Harpei-'s al, runs E from 83 S Water 

whaaf, opens next to 83 S Water 
HaiTis's ct, from W side of Laetitia court bet 

High and Blackliorse al 
Hart's ct, runs E from 37 New Market st 
Hartung's al, r W fi-om 26 N 2nd to 31 N 3rd 
Hause's ct, r N from Cherry E of 9th 
Hazelhurst's ct, r E from S 10th bet High 8c 

Heyde's ct, runs N from 23 Filbert 
Hickory lane, runs W from Old York rd and 
Coates's street to the Ridge rd near Fran- 
cis's lane 
High (Market) st, r fr Delaware to SchuylkiU 

bet Mulberry and Chesnut 
Hillegas & Clarkson's whf, at the H Bridge 
Hinkel's ct, runs from 203 Sassafras to Bry- 
an's al 
ct, (N L ) r N from 249 Vine 
Hodge's wharf, opens at 85 N Water 
Hoffman's aJ, runs from 61 Cherry to 114 Sas- 
Holhngsworth's whf opens at 141 S water 
Hop kin's ct, runs N E fr Wilham bet Otter & 

Huddell's wharf, opens at 79 and 117 Swan- 
son st 
ct, runs E from 91 Swanson 
Hudson's al, runs from 112 Chesnut to Har- 
lane, runs W from Passyimk rd near 
Hughes's wharf, 1st above Warren 
Humphrey's wharf, opens at 109 Swanson 

wharf and ship yard, bel Swedes' 
Hunter's ct, r E from N 11th bet High and 


Hurst St, runs from 14G Lombard to 191 Cc- 

Imhiys's wharf, opens :it 7 N VViitir 
Increase ct, runs from Gcorjjc st to Juniper al 

^Y of S lOth 
Irish lane, runs S from Cedar near Rroad 
Jackson st, r S fr Ihidd to Adains' street bet 

Spruce and Pine and Peiry &, lotli . 
Jacobv st, runs from Clierry to Sassafras bet 

N 12th and 13th 
James's al, r from Mai)le to Hiltzeimer 
James's st, runs fr Ciiarles st to llidg-e rd bet 

Callowiiill ik. Pleasant 
John st, runs N from Vine between N 6th 8c 

John's st, from 466 S Front to S 2nd 
Johns & Linenl's whaif, and mast shed 1st S 

of the Public landing' at the Hav scales (N 

Johnson's lane, runs W from. Moj aniensing 

below Wharton st 
Jones's al, (Pewter platter)runs fr 14 N Front 
to 17 N 2nd 
al,runs N from 15 Mary's al 
al, (N L) runs S from Brown bet 2nd 

and Blidd 
st, r fr Sch 4\h to Sch 6th bet High 

and Filbert 
wharf, opens at 127 N Water 
Julianna st, nins N from 175 Vine to a few d 

Juniper al, runs from S 10th near Walnut to 
Juniper lane 
lane, runs fr George to Walnut bet 

10th and 11th 
st, N and S extends fr Cedar to Vine 
bet 13th and Broad 
Kern's (Hamilton's) wharf, opens at 119 south 

Kessler's ct, r E fr N 4tli n Coates st 
Key's al, r fr 160 N Front to 183 N 2nd 
Keyser & Gorgas's whf op at 225 N Water 
Knight's ct, runs S from 178 Cheriy 

(J) wharf, opens at 179 N Water 
(D P) whf, opens at 371 N Front 
Knoodle st, r fr Walnut to Locust bet Schuyl- 
kill 7th and 8th 
Knorr's wharf, opens at 195 N Water 
Kugler's ct, opens at 130 Sassafras 
Kunckle st, runs from Wood to Dillw^n 
Laetitia ct, runs ft- 30 High street to Black 

horse al 
Lake's wharf, 1st N of Cedar 
Lambert st, r from N 13th to N Juniper bet 

Norman and Clare al 
Large's wharf, opens at 85 Swanson st 
Latimer & Murdock's wharf, 3rd above Mul- 

beriy st 
Latimer's wharf, opens at 163 S Water 
Laurel st, 29 Spnice to Pear st 

st, (N L) fr nr 329 N Front to N 2nd 
Lawrence st, nms N from 255 Vine 
Law's ct, r S from 106 Christian st 
Leech's ct, runs S from 156 Spnice st 

Lciper's wharf, opens neju* 179 N Wat^r 
Lemon st, r fr 15(') N 8th to Chester st 
I-ewis's al, from 24 Small to Plum al 
Liberty al, from 9 13uke to 6 Green 

ct, nniB E fiom N 10th bet Morgan 
and Vine 
Libnu'y st, from 62 S 4th to 35 S 5th 
Lilly alley, from Tanunany near N 2nd to near 

Little Dock, from 50 Spruce to 177 S 2nd 
George st, fr 50 S 6tli to 51 S 7th 
German st, from 99 Swanson to 377 S 

Oak st, from Pottery al to Lewis's bet 

Shippen and Fitzwater 
Pine st, fiom S rth to S 8th bet Pine 

and Lombard 
Washinglon st, from S Front to S 2nd 

bel Federal 
M'ater st, from Lombard street alley to 7 
Littleboy's ct, opens at 48 Mulberry 
Locust st,from 125 S (ith to Schuylkill 
Lodge al, from 16 S 7tlx to S 8th rear of the 
Masonic Hall 
st, r fr S 2nd N s of the Bank of Penn- 
.sylvania to Goforth al 
Lollur's cl, nms W from 328 N Front 
Lombai-d street alley, from 249 S Front to the 

Loncc lane, r S from Cedar near Sch 7th 
Loxley's ct, rNfrom 115 MulbeiTy 
ct, runs S from 30 Spi-uce 
Lugar's i-ow, enters 2nd N of Beaver 
Lyndall'sct, rE from lOtli bel Pine 

al, fr S 12th to S 13th bet Walnut & 
Weaver al 
Lytle's ct, i-uns E from 263 S 2nd 
Madi.?on's avenue, fr Sheaf's alto Vine 

ct, runs N fi-om 23 St Mary's st 
Mafi'et's wharf, 1st bel Queen st (S) 
Magnolio st, r Sfrom Noble E of N 6th 
Maiden's row, N from Catharine bet S Front 

and S 2nd 
Maiden st, fr Delaware to the intersection of 

N Front and Germantown rd 
Malt al, from Nicholson's ct to 206 Sassafras 
Maple st, from 134 N 8th to 113 N 9th 
Marble st, from 14 S 10 to S 11th 
Margaret al, from N 12th to N 13tli bet Cher- 
ry and Sassafras sts 
Margaretta st, from 258 N Front to 275 N 2nd 

Maria st, from N 4th to Old York rd between 

Coates and Browne 
Maris and Evans's wharf, opens at 57 S Water 
Marsh's wharf, op Swede's Church 
Mark's lane, from 98 N Ikh to N 12th 
Mai-lboroug-h st, from the Delaware to Frank- 
ford rd 
Marsliall's al, fr 122 S 4th to 137 S 5th 
Mai-sh st, from the Delaware near the High 

bridge to Front 
Mary's al, from 27 Gillcy's al to S 6th 


Mary st, (S) fr 496 S Front to 505 S 2nd 

St, (K) from Cherry (K) to Fi-ankford 
Marriot's lane, fr S 4th to Passyunk road bet 

Clii-istian and Carpenter st . 
Massey's vvhaif, opens at 15 S Water 
Matlack's ct, runs S from 12 Spruce 
M'Cloud's ct, opens at 154 Sassafras 
M'Culloch's ct, r W from 144 N Front 
M'Ginnel's ct, r E from 7 Vernon st 
M'Mullen's wharf, 2nd bel Queen (S) 
Mead al, r fr S 2nd opposite German to Swan- 
son st 
Mechanic st, r from 316 Vine to Maple 
Mercer st, runs from Warren to Locust 
Meredith's al, enters Poplai- lane ab N Srd 

court, enters N 5tli below Button- 
Middle al, from 168 S 6th to S 7th 
Midlen's ct, opens at 369 S Front 
Mifflin's ct, runs W from 31& S Front 

wharf, opens at 133 & 139 N Water 
Miles' al, runs W from 102 S 10th 

row, near Rose and William 
Miller's al, runs E from 87 S 6th 

ct, runs E from N4th ab Branch st 
ct, (N L) r W from 314 N 2nd 
ct, (N L) r N fr 45 Green st 
Minor st, from 4 S 5th to 3 S 6th 
Mint ct, runs W fr Raspberry lane bet Cher- 
ry and Sassafras 
Mintzer's ct, runs W from 244 N 2nd 
Monmouth ct, runs S from the niiddle Jones's 

Morgan st, from N 9th to N 10th bet Sassafi*as 

and Vine 
Morris's al, from 62 S Front to 79 S 2nd 

wharf, opens at 115 S Water 
Morris & Flower's wharf, at Almond st Public 

Morton's wharf, opens at 105 S Water 
Moyamensing road, r S W from ihe intersec- 
tion of Christian and S 2nd st 
Mud lane, fr Blackhorse F'rankford rd to Ger-; 

mantown rd 
Mulbeny al, fr 282 N 8th to Garden st 
ct, runs W from 8 N 6th 
(Arch) fr the Delaware to Schuyl- 
kill bet High and Sassafras 
Myer's ct, from 203 Sassafras 

ct, runs E from 133 N Srd 
New Market st, (Cable lane) from 19 Vine to 
42 Green 
st, (Elm &. Storv) from 160 N 2nd to near 
93 X 4th 
Nicholson st, fr 113 Cherry to Sassafras 
Ninth st, ( N and S) fr Callowhill to Cedar bet 

8th and 19th 
Nixon's wharf, opens at 1 1 Penn st 
Noble st, from 330 N Front to N 7th 
Nonnater's ct, runs S from 280 Mulberry 
Norman al, from S 13th to Juniper bet Sassa- 
fras and Lambert 
NorrJs's al, from 68 S Front to 87 S 2nd 

Norris' wharf, 4th ab Hanover 
North al, from 35 N 5th to 39 N 6th 

st, fr N 10th to N 11th bel Vine 
Oak st, (N L) from. Willow st High bridge bet 
Delawai-e river and Front st 
st, (C) W Penn sqr Filbert to Olive st 
st, (S) from 22 Crab street to Passyunk rd 
Ogilby's wharf and sliip yard, 2nd bel Almond 

(Argyle) st 
Ohio st, from Quince st to S 12th bet Pme and 

Old York road, from 121 Vine cor of N 4th to 

Germantown rd 
Olive st (C) S Penn sqr Juniper to Oak st 
Orange st, from S 7th to S 8th bet Locust & 
street, (K) fi-om the end of Palmer to 
Frankford rd 
Osboi-n's ct, W from Blackberry al bel Wal- 
Otter st, from Frankford rd N of Queen ser- 

pentinely to N2nd 
Palmer st, fr Queen st (K) to Frankford road 

bet Hanover and Cheny st (K) 
Palmyra square commences at the N W cor 
of Vine and 10th streets, runs up Vine half 
wav between 11th an 12tli streets, then 
crosses diagonally in a N E direction until it 
strikes tlie S W comer of Callowhill and 
10th streets 
Paper al, from N 13th to broad bet Filbert 8c 

Parham's al, fr 104 Swanson to 393 N Front st 
Paschall's al, fr N 4th to Old York road bet 

Green and Coates 
Pass\nink rd, runs S W from 178 Cedar boun- 

daiy bet Southwark & Moyamensing 
Patton's ct, (Rimstead) W fr 26 S 4th 
Pearson st, E fr N 7th S of St James's Church 
Pear st, from 62 Dock to 83 S 3rd 
Peddle's whaif, opens at 63 N Water 
Pegg st, from 290 N Front to 299 N 2nd 
Penn st, fr 8 Pine to Argyle (Almond) 

st, (K) from the canal to Beach st along 
the Delaware 
Pennsylvania avenue, from Bryan's al to 138 

Penrose's wharf, 1st above Almond st landing 

whaiTes, bet Catharine and Queen 
Perkenpine's ct, runs E from 43 Budd 
Perot's wharf, opens at 39 and 43 N Water 
Peter's al, from Charlotte to Brown nr N 4th 
Peny st, r fr Spruce to Lombai-d bet 12th and 

13th st 
Pewter platter al, (Jones's) fr 14 N Front to 17 

Pfeiffer's al, fr 22 New ISIai-ket to 235 N 2nd 
ct, E from N 2nd to Germantown i-d 
Pine al, from Ball alley to 235 S 4th 

street, from Delaware to Schuylkill bet 
Spruce and Lombard 
Pitt st, fr Cohocsink creek to Germantown rd 
bet N 2nd and N 3i-d 


Plcaioiit avenue, from 2S5 Lombard to Little 
St, from Charles st to Ridge rd bet 
Janus and Biittonwood 
Plum St, from '2.>0 S 2nd to S 5tli 

al, (M) fr Grisscl's :d to S 6th 
Poplar al, nms N from Loc\ist between Cur- 
nmt al and S lltli 
lane, fr 440 N Front to Rid^e ro.ul 
J^irlhind place, from 152 S 6th to S "tli 
Pottin al, from 8 Small to Little Oak 
Powell St, from lOU S 5th to 133 S 6th 
Pratt's ct, from 396 N I'ront 

wharf, opens at 93*N Water 
Presbyterian (Br>an's) ct, W from 170 S 4th 
Prime st, fr Delaware to Shippcn's lane bet 

Carpenter an<l Federal 
Pritchet's wharf, 1st S of Chesnut 
Prince st, nms N E fr Shackamaxon bet Bed- 
ford st and die Fnmkford rd 
Prospect al, runs E from 37 N 10th 

ct, runs E fr N 11th bet Filbert and 
Prosperous al, S from Locust bet S 1 1th and 

S 12th 
Pnme st, from 110 S 4th to S 6th 
Pryoi-'s al, from n 152 S 9tli to 165 S 10th 
Pump al, W from SpafTord bel Shippcn 
Quarry st, E fr 101 N 3rd to 36 Bread (Mora- 
vian al) 
Queen st, (S) fr Pass\imk rd bet Catharine 
and Christian sts to the Delaware 
st, (Point-no-point) N E fr Frankford 
rd n Otter to Gunners run 
Quince st, from Walnut to Lombard bet 11th 

and 12th 
Race, see Sassafras 
Rachel st, nms near fr Browne to Laurel (N 

L) bet Budd atid N 2nd 
Randall's ct, W from Blackben-}- alley above 

Randolph's ct, W 126 N 2nd 
Ranstead's ct, (Patton's)W fr 26 S 4th 
Kapin's ct, S from 102 High 
Raspberr}' al, runs from Walnut to Spruce bet 
S. 9th and S 10th 
lane, runs from 173 Cherry to 286 
Read's al, fi-om 190 Cedar 
Redstore wharf, opens at 73 N Water 
Relief al, r from Carter's al to Dock 

al, fr 218 S Front to 227 S 2nd 
Remington & Simmon's wharf, opens at 223 
N >\ater 
. Richardson's ct, r N from 159 Sassafras 
Ridge rd, (Wissaliiccon) runs N W fr the cor 

of Vine and N 9th 
RieWs ct, W from 526 N 3rd 
Rittenhouse place, Nside of Locust bet S 9th 

and S 10th 
Robbin's wharf, opens at 9 Little Water st 
Kog-er's ct, runs N from Peg^ st 
Rose st, nms N E from Germantown road bet 
Otter and N 2n(l 

Rose alley, N L from Tammany near N 3rd to 
al, (C) nins Nfrom 127 Locust 
Ross's wharf, opens at 97 S Water 
Rowlinson's ct, E from 169 N 2nd 
Rugun st, fr 347 Callowhill to James' st 
Russel's whf, 1st S of Pine st|Public Landing 
Sansom's alley, from Willow to Noble bet St 

John and N 3rd 
Sansom's row, N side of Walnut bet Swan- 
wick and S 8th 
U row,(N L) begins at 258 N 2nd 
Sansom st, fr S 7tli to S 9th bet Chesnut and 

Sarah st, from Queen (K) near Frankford rd 

to Bedford 
Sassafras al, fr 190 Sassafras st to Bryan's al 

st, from Delaware to Schuylkill bet 
Mtribeny and Vine 
Saunders's ct, E from Pitt near Beaver 
Say's st, fi'om Schuylkill 7th to Schuylkill 8th 
bet Sassah-as and A'ine 
al, fr Chem- to Walnut W of 13th 
ct, W from 36 N 3rd 
wharf, opens at 19 N "Water 
Scheme (Vine) al, from N 13th to Broad ab 

Schively's (Bryan's) from 148 N 5th to 141 N 

Schleisman's al, E fr N 3rd bet Poplar lane 

and Beaver st 
Schneider's wharf, opens at 315 N Front 
Scliriver's ct, E from 71 N'Sth 
Schu}lkill road, runs fr W of Schuylkill from 

Washington to Bridge st 
Scott's al, from 379 High to Filbert 
Second st, (N & S) fr Mud lane(E K) to the 

extrem of Southwark & Moyamensing 
Segan's wharf and ship yard, opens at 371 N 

Seits' ct, S from 60 Sassafras 
Seventh st, (X & S) from Passyunk road to 
Sassafras, and continued N fr Vine 
to Camac st 
st,(N &-S) Schuvlkill from Cedar Ux 
Vine "bet Schuylkfll fth and 8th 
Shackamaxon st, from the Delaware to the 

Frankfonl rd bet Sarah and Crown 
Shears alley, from N 11th near Sassafras to N 

Shephei-d's ct, W from 36 N 3rd 

al, from ilulberrv to Cherry W of" 
Shield's al, fr 140 S 9th to Raspberry al 

ct, S from Relief al 
Sliippens lane, from Cedar near Broad to Fed- 
eral st ' 
Shippen st, from .266 S Front to*S 8th 
Shoemaker's wharf, 1st S of Mulberry street 

Public Landing 
Simmon's ct, W from 216 N Front 
Sim's al, fr S whai-ves to S Water near High 
(Beck's new) wharves open at 153 and 
1 59 S Water and Pine st landing 


Sixth St, (N and S) fr Carpenter st (S) to the 
Germantown rd N of Vine the boun- 
dary bet N L & Penn township 
St, (N & S) Sch fr Callowliill to Cedar 
bet Sch 5th and Sch 7th 
Small al, opens at 27 BaiTon st 
Smith's al, fr n 219 S 3rd to Gaskill st 

alley, (N L) from 119 Green to 128 
Coates's st 
Smith's ct, mns S from Hlg-h n Sch 8th 
ct, runs W from 172 N 8th 
(J) wharf, opens at 349 N Front 
(W F) Red stores. 111 and 75 N Wa- 
Snowden and Wagners whaif, 2nd bel Chris- 
Sober's al, fr 129 Walnut towards Library st 
South (Cedar st) from Delaware to Schuylkill 
the S boundary of the citv charter 
al, from 10 N 5th to 7 N 6th 
Spafford st, from 50 Bedford to Fitzwater st 
Spruce st, from Delaware to Schuylkill bet 

Walnut and Pine 
St Andi-ew's st, fr Sch 2nd to Broad bet Hun- 
ter st and Francis's lane 
St Bernard's ct, from 460 S 2nd 
St George's al, from 55 New (Elm) st 
St John st, from Callowhill to Pitt st at Co- 

hocsink creek 
St Joseph's avenue, fr Sch 5th to Sch 6th bet 

High and Chesnut 
St Mary st, from 220 S 6th to S 8th 
Stable al, from op A6 S 8th to S 7th 
Stall's ct, from 203 Sassafras to Bryan's al 
Stamper's al, fr 208 S 2nd to 193 S 3rd 
wharf, opens at 127 S Water 
Starr al, fr 163 to 189 Cheny 
Steinmetz's ct, runs E from 93 N 4th 

ct, (N L) from Buttonwood near 

N 5th 
wharf, opens at 51 N Water 
Stephen's ct, runs W from 404 N Front 
Sterling's al, from 15 Cherry to 118 Sassafras 
Stewart's al, from Cherry to 394 Sassafras 
ct, W from N 11th n Sassafras 
& Wiltberger's wharf, opens at 173 
N Water 
Stiles's wharf, 1st N of Coates's st 
Stillhouse wharf, 1st N of Christian 

al, runs W from 330 N Front 
Stout's al, from 125 Coates' to Browne 
Strawberry st, from 58 High to 56 Chesnut 
Sugar al, from 32 N 6tli to 23 N 7th 

-house al, fi-om Vine to Wood E of 
N 3rd 
Summerl's wharf, opens at 75 N Water 
Summer's ct, runs W from 414 S 2nd 
Swanson st, from 10 Cedar to tlie Navy Yard 
Swanwick st, from Little George to 153 Wal- 
Swede's al, commencement of Church street 

from 22 Christian 
Swift's wharves, bel the Swedes church 
Tammany st, from 318, Old York road 
Taper al, N from 53 Green st 

Taylor's al, from 58 S Front to 73 S 2nd 
Tenth st, (N & S) fr Cedar st to Ridge road 
Thatcher's wharf opens at 319 N Front 
Third st, (N & S) from Gei-mantown road to' 
the southern extremity of Southwark and 
Third st, N & S Sch rs from Callowhill to Ce- 
dar bet Sch 2nd and 4th street 
Tliuteenth street (x & s) from Callowhill to 

Cedar between 12th and Juniper 
Thomas's wharf, opens at 137 Swanon st 
Thorn's ct, enters n 4th near George st k i< 
Tidmarsh st, from Passyunk road facing Car- 
penter st (S) to Shippen's lane 
Timber la, from Frankford road above Shack- 

amaxon to Turner's lane 
Ton al, from 57 S ^A'ater 
Ton-'s ct, r E fr Ridge r'd ab Wood st 
Townsend's ct, r S from 84 Spruce st 
Traquair's ct, runs E from UN lOtli 
Trimble's ct, from 510 N Front 
Trotter's al, fr 22 S 2nd to Strawberry 
Truxtun st, runs S from B st to Adams 

st bet Spruce and Pine and Perry and 12th 
Trusty's ct, loins E from 6 Locust 
Tunis's wharf, opens at 71 S Water 
Twelfth st, (N and S) from Cedar to Vine 
Type al, runs W from N 10th near Wood to 

N 13th , . 

Union al, from 180 Swanson to 463 S Front st 
ct, from 150 Wood above the Ridge rd 
st, from 165 S Front to 79 S 4th 
st, (K) fr Bedford to Pi-ince betMarl- 
borough and Hanover 
Unity ct, S from 16 Little Pine 
Upper Ferry road, from Callowhill n Wash- 
ington to the Upper bridge 
Vandeursen's wharf and ship yard, 1st N of 

Vaux's ct, r E from S 11th bel Pine 
A'ernon st, fr 44 Cedar to 29 Sliippen 
Videll's ct, W from 58(lower) S 2nd 
Vienna st, from Prince to West bet Cherry & 

Wood sts (I\) 
Vine al, fr N 10th to Broad above Vine 

st, (the N bounds of the city) from the 
Delaware to Schuylkill bet Sassafras and 
Vinyard st, from Ridge road to Charles bet 

Anne and George 
Vinyard's ship yard, at S Brussters wharf 
Wagner's al, fr 135 Cheny to 252 Sassafras 
Walker's ct, runs E from 239 N 2nd 
Wallace's ct, runs W from 10 N Front 
Wall's elbow, r fr Emlen's to Roger's ct 

wharf, opens at 137 S Water 
Wain's (R)wharf, opens at 135 S Water 

(W) wharf, opens at 7 Swanson • 
Walnut al, runs from N 13th to N Juniper bet 
Cherry and Sassafras 
st, from Delaware to Schuylkill bet 
Chesnut and Spruce 
Walter's wharf, opens at 355 N Front 
Waixier's wharf, 1st S of Sassafras st landing 


Warder's wharf, (N L) opens at 371 N Front 
Warren st, (C) from Quince to S V2th N of 
street, (K) from lUach to Q.ueen bet 
Hanover and Hjsliop 
Warner's ct, S from 230 Shij)pcn st 
Washington ct, nms N from 205 Lombard(all 

Washington fonnerly Cohmibia avenue and a 
part of Locust st forms the W 
&. S angles of M'ashing^on sq 
street. High st continued from the 
Permanent br through Hamil- 
ton \-illuge 
st, (Penn township) E fr Ridge 

rd bet Green and Hickory 
st, N fr Otter bet Wm & Front 
st, (S) runs from 550 S Front to 
Moyamensing rd 
Water street, (N & S) from Poole's bridge or 

Willow st, to Pine 
Watkin's al, from 22 Bread to 85 N 3rd 
Watson's al, from Branch to New st 
al, runs S from 104 Locust 
Watson and Paul's wliarf, 1st S of Chesnut st 

Webb's al, fr 221 Cherry to 334 Sassafi^ 

al, from Oak st '(N L) to 371 N Front 
West st, from Frankford rd to Wood (K) ab 
Duke (K) 
ct, E from 27 New Market st (Cable la) 
(C) wharf, 1st N of Vine st landing 
(W) wharf, opens at 155 N Water 
Wharf st, from Cedar along the whm-ves 
Wharton st, fr the Delaware to Passyunk rd 
near Federal st 

Wharton's wharf, opens at G7 Swanson 
Whai'>es N &. S, from Cedar to Callowhill 
\\ liitaker's row, W from 66 S 5th 
Wliitc's siiip yiuxl, at J Brewer's wluirf (K) 
Wiggin's ct, S from 62 Clieny 
Wilcock's whai-f, opens at 57 S Water 
ANiley's ct, S from Castle st 
William's ct, fr 262 Cedar to 71 Bedford (M) 
William st, from Otter to Rose 
Willing's al, from 98 S 3rd to 75 S 4tb 
MiUing & Francis's wharves, opens at 15 & 

21 Pine 
Willow ct, S from Pine ab S 6th 

street, (Sch) fr Locust to Cedar bet 
Schuylkill and Beach 
Wilson's wharf, 2nd S of Maiden st landing 
Wissahiccon (Ridge) rd, runs N W from the 

cor of N 9th and Vine 
Wistar's ct, runs S from Vine E of Broad 
Witman's al, from Kunckle bel Callowhill to 
ct, runs W from 400 N 2nd 
Wood st, (N L) from 190 N 2nd to Sch 

st, (K) runs from Queen near Gunner's 
run to West st 
Woodland st, or Darby rd runs S from tlie in- 
tersection of A\'ashington st and Lancaster 
Wright's al, from Miller's al to Vine bet Sch 

8th and Broad st 
York row. Walnut S side bet W'ashington sq 
and S 8th 
ct, runs E from o7 Budd st 
st, from 135 S 3rd to Laurel 
Zachary's ct, N from 31 Walnut 
Zane st, from 32 N 7th to N 11th 


9/ tfw Sfveral Corners of Street n in the City of PhitaJtlphiu, ^utl/t l/ittr reijuf jj^tf^i 
numbers, the more rcadihj to Jind the residence of antj particular individual. 

Cedar Street. 

s w 

coc. Lombard and Front, No. 5 

N E 

cor. Cedar and Water, : 




N W 

No. 7 

Fine Street. 

N E 

.. Cedar and Penn, 


N E 

.. Pine and Water, 105 

N W 



N W 


N E 

.. Cedar and Front, 


S W 

.. Pine and Front, 12 

N W 

■» • 




N E 

.. Cedar and Second, 


S E 


N W 



N E 


N E 

.. Cedar and Baron, 


S E 

.. Pine and Second, 318 

N W 


N E 


N E 

.. Cedar and Third, 


S W 


N W 


N W 


N E 

.. Cedar and Fourth 



.. Pine and 3d, St. Peters Ch. 

N W 



N W 


N E 

.. Cedar and Fifth, 


S E 


N W 



N E 


N E 

.. Cedar and Hurst, 



.. Pine and Fourth, Presb. Ch. 

N W 


S E 

St, Peters Church. 

N E 

.. Cedar and Sixth, 




N W 


i\ E 


N E 

.. Cedar and Seventh, 


S w 

.. Pine and Fifth, 119 

N W 



N W 


Lombard Street. 

S E 


N E 

.. Lombard and Tenth, 


N E 

Black Smith's shop. 

N W 



S W 

.. Pine and Sixth, 15& 






S E 

S E 


s w 

.. Lombard &. Ninth, Waste lots 

N E 


S E 

. , 


& W 

.. Pine and Seventh, Waste lots 




N W 

Hosp. Sq. 

N E 


S E 


S W 

., Lombard and Eighth, 


N E 


N W 

Hospital Lots 


.. Pine and Eighth, Hosp.lots. 

S E 



N W 

Pennsyl. Hosp. 

N E 



8 E 

Lumber Yd. 

S W 

.. Lombard and Seventh, 


N E 

Hosp. Sq. 

ja w 



S W 

.. Pine and Ninth, Hosp. lots. 

S E 

Waste Lots 

S E 


N E 



N W 


S W 

.. Lombard and Sixth, 


N E 

Hosp. WalL 

N W 



S W 

.. Pine and Tenth, Grocery. 

S E 



S E 


N E 



Bettering House. 

S W 

.. Lombard and Fifth, 


N E 

do. lots. 

N W 



S W 

.. Pine and 11th. Lumb. Yd. 

S E 



N W 


N E 



S E 


S W 

.. Lombard and Fourth, 


N E 

Bettering H. Wall, 

N W 


S W 

.. Pine and Twelfth, Tavern. 

S E 



N W 

Waste lot. 

N E 



S B 



.. Lombard and Third, 


N E 

Waste lot. 

N W 



S W 

Union and Front, 2 

S E 




n E 




.. Union and Second, 36 

8 W 

• ■ Lombard and Second, 




N W 



S E 


S E 



N E 


N E 



S W 

.. Union alid Third, Tf 

Comers of Streets and JVumbers of Corner Houses. 















N W 















?f W 















u w 







N W 







N E 

N W 



N W 































N W 

















N E 

N W 

S W 



N W 

cor. Union and Third, 

Union and Fourtli, 

Spruce Strpef. 
Spruce and Water, 

No. 61 









Ppnice and Front, 8 



Lvimber Yard. 

Spruce and Second, 56 




Spruce and Third, 106 




Spruce and Fourth, 130 




Spruce and Fifth, 78 




Spruce and Sixth, 146 



Trinity Church. 

Spruce and 7th, Hosp. Sq. 




Spruce and Sth, Hosp. Wall. 

Hospital Square. 



Spruce and 9th, Hosp. lots. 


Waste lots. 


Spruce and 10th, Betterg'.H. 

Bettering H. lots. 

Waste lots. 


Spruce and 11th, Lumb. Yd. 


Bettering H. Wall. 

Waste ground. 

Spruce and Twelfth, 

Lumb. Yd. 



Spruce and ISth, Waste Gd. 

Waste lots. 

New buildings. 

Waste ground. 

Walnut and Water, 12 



N E cor. 

S W .. 

S E .. 

N W .. 

N E .. 

S W .. 

S K .. 

N W .. 

N E .. 

N E .. 

S E .. 

S W ,. 

N W .. 

s w .. 

S E .. 

N W .. 

N E .. 

S W .. 

N W .. 

S E .. 

N E .. 

S W .. 

N W .. 

S E .. 

N E .. 

S W .. 

N W .. 

S E .. 

N E .. 

N E ., 

N W .. 

S W .. 

S E .. 

S W .. 

N W .. 

S E .. 

N E .. 

S W .. 

N W .. 

S E .. 

N E .. 

S W .. 

S E .. 

N W .. 

N E .. 

S W .. 

S E .. 

N W ., 

N E .. 

S W' .. 

S E .. 

N W .. 

N E .. 

S W 
S E 
N W 
N E 
S W 
S E 
N W 
N E 
S W 
S E 
N W 

Walnut and Water, 
Walnut and Front, 

Walnut and Second, 

Walnut and Dock, 

Walnut and Third, 

Walnut and Fourth, 

No. 13i 




















Walnut and Fifth, 124 

State House Yard. 



Walnut and 6th, Wash. Sq. 


State Prison. 

State House Yard. 

Walnut and beventh, 163 


of Walnut and Wash. St. 12 

Washington sq. 

Walnut and Eighth, 204 















Waste lot 

Walnut and Twelfth, 



Walnut and Ninth, 

Walnut and Tenth, 

Walnut and Eleventh, 

Chesnut Street. 
Chesnut and Water 

Chesnut and Front, 

Chesnut ^nd Second, 

Corners of Streets and J\''uinhers oj Corner Jloimes. 

'.< E cor, 

, Chesnut and Second, N 

0. 5." 

N E cor 

S W .. 

Cliesnut and Tlilvd, , 


S VV ,. 

S E .. 


S E .. 

N W .. 


N W .. 

N E .. 

• * 


N 1-. .. 

S W .. 

Chesnut & Fourth, Phil 


S VV ., 

S E .. 


S E .. 

N W .. 


N VV .. 

N E .. 


N E .. 

S W .. 

Chesnut & 5'h. Mayor'i 


S VV .. 

TS E .. 


S E .. 

N W .. 


N W .. 

N E .. 


N E .. 

S W .. 

Chesnut and Sixth, 


S W .. 

S E .. 

Court I{oon)s. 

S E .. 

IV w .. 


N W .. 

N E .. 


N E .. 

S W .. 

Chesnut and Seventh, 



S E .. 


S E .. 

TS W .. 


N VV .. 

N E .. 


N E .. 

s w .. 

Chesnut and Eighth, 


S VV .. 

S E .. 


S E .. 

N w ^ 


X fr ., 

N E .. 


N E ., 

S VV .. 

Chesnut and Ninth, 


s ir .. 

8 E .. 


S E .. 

K W .. 


N JV ,. 

N E .. 


N E .. 

S W .. 

Chesnut and Tenth, 


S fV .. 

S E .. 


S E .. 

liJ VV ., 


N ir .. 

N E .. 


N E .. 

S W .. 

Chesnut and Eleventh, 


S JV ., 

^ E ,. 


S E .. 

N W .. 


s lot. 

.-N rv .. 

N E .. 


N E .. 

s w .. 

Chesnut & Twelfth, Waste. 

S E .. 

9 E .. 


N E .. 

N E .. 


1 lot. 

N W .. 


S IV .. 

s w .. 

Chesnut and Thirteenth,o08 

S E .. 

S E ,. 


N fV ,. 

TJ W ., 


N E .. 

*I E .. 


s jr .. 

Market Street. 

S E .. 

S W .. 

Market and Water, 


N JF .. 

S E .. 


N E .. 

N W .. 


S JV .. 

N E .. 


S E .. 

S W .. 

Market and Front, 


N JV .. 

S E .. 


N E .. 

N W .. 


S JV .. 

N E .. 


S E .. 

s w .. 

Market and Second, 


N JV .. 

S E .. 


N E .. 

N VV .. 


S JV .. 

N E .. 


S'E .. 

S VV ,. 

Market and Tliird, 


N IV .. 

S E .. 


N E .. 

TSf W ,. 


S JV .. 

3J E .. 

11 J 

S E .. 

S W .. 

Market and Fouvthj 


N JV .. 

S E .. 


N E .. 

N VV \, 


S JV . 

Market and Fourth, No. 15.'. 

Market and Fifth, 170 


Market and Sixth. 194 

Schuylkill Bank. 



Market and Seventh, 230 

Market .nnd Eigiilh, ;.68 

Market & nth. Girard's lot. 

Market and Twelfth, 362 

Market and TJiirteenth, 400 

Market and Juniper, 420 
Jrch Street. 

Arcli and Water, 

Market and Ninth, 
Market and Tenth, 

Arch and'Front, 

Arch and ,^econd, 

Arch and Third, 















Second rreshyterJan Ch. 


Arch and Fourth, 84 

Quaker Meeting House. 



Arch and Fifth, Seminary. 

Christ Church B..G. 

Arch and Fifth, 177 


Arch and Sixth, 122 

(Joruers of Hlte&ts and' JS^tiinLer^ nf Ccnrtnr lloiiscTi 

;> E cor 

. Arch and Sixtli, 

No. 120 

S JF cor 

. Race and Sixtli, 

No. 1^' 

N JV .. 


.s- /:: .. 


N E .. 


JV JV .. 


\ square. 

S W .. 

Arch and Seventh, 


WE .. 


S E .. 


S JF .. 

Race and FiftJj, 


N W .. 


S E „ 


N E .. 


.Y JF .. 


S W .. 

Arch and Eighth, 


J^ E .. 


S E .. 


S JV .. 

Race and Fourth, 


N JV ., 


S E .. 


N E .. 


vV JV .. 


S JV .. 

Arch and Ninth, 


JV E .. 


S E .. 


5 JF .. 

Race and Third, 


N IF .. 


S E .. 


N E .. 


JV JV .. 


S fV .. 

Arch and Tenth, 


JV E .. 


S E ,. 


S TF .. 

Race and Second, 


N fV .. 


S E .. 


]N' E .. 


JV JF .. 


S IV .. 

Arch and Eleventh, 


JV E .. 


S E .. 


S JF .. 

Race and Fi-ont, 


N fF ,. 


S E .. 


N E .. 


W JV .. 


S IF .. 

Arch and Twelfth, 


.'V E .. 


S E .. 


S JF .. 

Race and Water, 


N JV ... 



-S' E ... 


N E .. 


.V JF .. 


Jlac.Q. Strept. 

JV E .. 


S TF .. 

Kace and Thirteenth, 156 

Vine Street. 

S E .. 


5 TF ., 

Yine and Water, 


N IF .. 


'V E .. 


N E .. 


S JV .. 

Vine and Front, 


S JV .. 

Race and Twelfth, 


S E .. 


S E .. 


S IF ^ 

Vine and Second, 


N JV .. 


S E .. 


N E .. 


S JF .. 

Vine and Third, 


S JV .. 

Race and Eleventh. 

S E .. 


S E ., 


S JF .. 

Vine and Fourth, 


N JF .. 



S E .. 


N E .. 

S TV .. 

A'ine and Fifth, 


S JF .. 

Race and Tenth, 


.S' E .. 


S E .. 


S JF .. 

Vine and 6th. Franklin sq. 

N JF .. 


S E .. 


N E .. 


5 JF .. 

Vine and Seventh, 


-"? JF .. 

Race and Ninth, 


S E .. 



S E .. 


.S' JF .. 

"^'ine and Eighth, 


.Y JF .. 


S E .. 


■ V E .. 


S JF .. 

Vine and Ninth, 


'S JF .. 

Race and Eighth, 


a E .. 


A' E .. 


S JF .. 

Vine and Tenth, 


•Y JF .. 


S E .. 


.V JS .. 


S JF .. 

"N'ine and Eleventh, 


S JF .. 

Race and Seventh, 


S E ..«, 

S E .. 


./V JF .. 
.YE .. 


I square, 


FOR 1828. 

Containing the names oj' heads of Families, and persons in Jitisiness, alphabeti- 
cally arranged. 
|C7° See " Directions to the Reader." 

Abaddie Matthew, classical and French teach- 
er 33 Sansom 
Abbctt Henry, stove manuf 26 N 2d d h 14 

Elfretlis al 
Abbott David, Qollr 19 Cressons al 
David, 44 Vine 
George, dealer 9 Chesnut 
James, brewer 1 Peai- d h 1 York ct 
John, dry good store 21 N 6th 
Reeves & Co II Ware merch 29 High 
Robert, MD 216 Pine 
Timothy & co curriers 97 Chesnut 
Timothy, cumcr d h 74 S 3d 
Wilham and James, brewers 1 Pear 
Wilham, brewer 1 Pear d h 71 Spuice 
Wilham, morocco dresser S 4th ab 
Lombard d h N E comer of 7th 
and Elizabetli 
Abby Charles, goldbeater 22 Pear 
Abel George, cordwiiiner 88 N 9th 
Joseph, cordwainer Sheaffs alley 
Peter, hvery stable ki* Cherry ab 4th 

d h 21 Appletree al 
William, milkman Sch 8th near Pine 
Abercrombie Rev James, D D sen asst mhiis- 
ter of Christ St Peter and St James ch 164 
Abercrombie John D, jeweller 31 Powel 
Abert John J, U S suneyor 6 N 11th 
Abram Isaac, tailor 59 N 8th 
Abrams wid Priscilla, shopkeeper 30 Elizbh 
Acheson Joseph, weaver High E of Sch 6th 
Ackley Thomas, merchant 207 High 
Adams Alexander, tavr keeper 121 N Water 
Andrew, merchant 16 N 4th 
Ehza, boarding house 6 N Front 
Henr}-, book-binder 120 N 5t!i 
Jacob, 132 S 2nd 

and Jewel, dom warehouse 68 High 
Jolin, blacksmith Spruce W of Broad 
Robert, merch 19 Dock d h 182 Cht 
Robert, flour and whiskey store N W 

comer High and Schuylkill 8th 
Miss, 7 Sansom 
S W agent and cryer of the court of 

com pleas 21 S 3d 
St Lawrence, 125 N Front 

Adams and Tmcks, grocers 10 N 5th 
Samuel, 2 Library 
Thomas, 220 Sassafras 
William, gi'ocer 10 N 5th 
Wilham, house carpenter Budd ct bet 
S 13th and Juniper 
Addingtcn John F, N 6th 
Aechternacht F A, mer tailor 114 Sassafras 

William, malster 5 Fetter lane 
Afflick Mar,', milliner 49 N 2d 

Thomas, painter 49 N 2d 
Adgate Daniel, gent N E cor Walnut and 7th 
Agnew G & co, giocer 66 S 2d 

mercliant 63 S 11th 
Martha, shopkeeper 463 High 
AVilllam drv good store 24 S 2d 
Agur Lucy, 122 N'llth 
Aiken E H, brewer 152 Cherry 

James, Schuylkill 2d bet Mulberrry & 

Robert, tailor 283 S Front 
Aineswoilh Richard, 209 Sassafras 
Aird Thomas, sexton Greens court 
Aken Joseph, cab mr 134 S 2d d h 71 W'alnut 

widow Rachel, grocer 48 Spruce 
Akin James, 274 High 

Albrecht C F L, piano forte manuf 134 S 3d 
Albright Conrad, acct 11 Elfreths al 

Frederick, cordwainer and watch- 
man cor S al and 5th 
Jacob, Columbian sjTup manuf 103 
Alberti George F, M D 95 N 5th 
Albertson Benjamin, dry good merchant N 

W comer High and Front 
Albertson James, harness maker 6 Fayette 
Alcorn George, last maker leather cutter find- 
ing store & boarding house 77 Dock 
Robert, mariner 52 Penn 
Samuel, carter Ann near Sch 8th 
Alcroft Wm, susp maker 6th near Chesnut 
Alden Jonathan, com merchant 10 Chesnut 

d h 3 Lodge 
Alexander Charles, publisher Daily Chronicle 
49 S 3d 
James, boot and shoe maker 147 


Alexander James, lab Jones al 
John, weaver Marble 
M, storekeeper 43 N 2d 
2 Bryants ct 

Sanuiel, wine merchant 31 Wal- 
nut d h 168 S 4th 
Samuel, diy good store 268 High 
T A, merchant 45 N Front d h 12 

William, painter 15 Combes al 
Wm, carter Filbert near Sch 5th 
widow Margaret, shop kr 81 S 5th 
•widow Mary, b h 202 Vine 
widow Mary, 6 Frombergcrs ct 
widow, glover 112 S 10th 
Mrs 73 N 6th 
Aiken Mai-tyn, merchant 260 S Front 
Allberger E and S, sminary 110 N 8th 
Allaneese J, 38 Quince 
> Allardice Peter, dyer 181 S 2d 
Allen A, diy good store 38 Spnice 

Rev Benjamin, rector of St Paul's ch 

N W corner Pine and 4th 
flsrael, waiter Raspbeny al 
Cairnes, physician 397 Sassafras 
Charles, dniggist 180 S 2d 
Enoch, tailor S W corner Chesnut and 

Water d h 15 Coombs' al 
and Ferguson, back of 84 N Front 
George, house and sign pahiter 71 N 

8th d h 147 Clierry 
John, bricklayer 12 Jones al 
John, 76 S 11th 
John, cooper 80 Bank 
John, cordwainer Shields al 
John, bricklayer 45 Spnice 
John, M D 308 S 4th 
Jolm, merchant 28 Walnut d h 94 Wood 
John, waiter 60 Spnice 
John W printer 26 Strawberry 
Joseph, ch-uggist 202 S 3d 
Le\\is, merchant 190 High 
Peter, house carp 22 Watson's al 
R F, auctn 73 Higli d h 14 Sassafras 
R F & CO, auctioneers 73 Hig-h 
•}• Richard, pastor of Bethel African Me- 
thodist ch 150 Spnice 
f Richard, jr scrivener 150 Spruce 
Richard, 397 Mulberry 
Rebecca, 5 Jones' al 
R F and co auctrs and com mer 73 High 
Robert, gi'ocer S E cor Pine and 6th 
S and M, lottery and ex brs 18 S 3d 
Solomon, lu- 18 S 3d d h 306 Mulbeny 
Samuel, 397 Mulbeny 
Thomas II, col of taxes 186 Pine 
f Thomas, dealer 158 S 2d dh232Lomb 
William Smith, 12 Coombes' al 
William, mercliant 108 S 4th 
William N, merchant 33 1-2 S Front d 

h 33 Pine 
William, livery stable keeper 48 N 6th 
widow Catharine, 397 Sassafras 
widow, boarding house 42 S 6th 

Allen widow, 18 Strawberry 

widow Mary, cake baker 91 S 6th 
widow Rachel, 12 Coombes' al 
AUibone William, currier 163 N 3d 
W A, jeweller 12 Sassafras 
widow Sai'ah, b h 139 Walnut 
Allingham William, house carpenter Jones' al 
Alhnson Bernard, widow 270 Mulberry 
Allison Amy, shop 284 Sassafras 

Andrew, cooper 26 Filbert 
Allison Walter, printer Emhns al d h 5 Powel 
widow Margaret, 121 Spruce 
widow, 270 Mulberry 
Allman Thomas, bricklayer 27 N 4th 
AUmendinger William A, baker 130 N 4th 
Allspagh George, grocer 29 Cressons al 
Altemus Isaac, tailor 231 Mulbeny 
John, tailor 38 Mulbeiry 
Thomas, porter in Philad bank &c 
Alter and Bispham wh sale grocers 325 High 
Jacob, wh sale grocer 325 High d h 23 
Ambrose Jacob A, sc and tailor 37 Chesnut 
Amies Thomas, paper mill Lower Merion 
Montgomery county orders left at T De- 
silvers 247 High 
American Sunday School Union, 146 Chesnut 
American Scntinal, office 22 Walnut 

Insurance Company, 101 Chesnut 
Ammidon Otis, Leliigh coal and Navigation 
Cos office Spruce near Front 
Stephen, broker 20 Mulberry 
Amos Jacob, house cai-penter 13 d h 17 N 7th 

Walter, tailor 93 N 9th 
Ancora Peter, drawing master 145 Pine 
Andalls widow Charlotte, genw 260 Mulberry 
Anderson Andrew, tobact 158 N 2d 

Andrew, mariner 1 Gilhams ct 

watchman Brady's ct 

Frederick, com mer 2 N 4th 
Isaac, blacksmith Fearis' ct 
Isabella, gentlewoman 39 N 7th 
James, cm-rier 50 Zane 
John, g^-ocer Locust N E cor Dean 
Joseph, dealer 254 Lombard 
Joseph, tailor New 
Samuel V & Son, mer 25 N Water 
Samuel V, mer 25 N Water dh 152 
N Front 

Wm V, mer 25 N Water d h 92 N Ft 
William, tav kr Carpenter cor 6th 
William, waiter Washington ct 
Walter, china mer 211 High 
widow Ann, b h 95 N 9th 
wid Margaret, seamat 182 Pine 
Andrade Joseph, merchant 30 1-2 Walnut 
Andrews Eliza, Randalls ct 

Rev Elisha S, 76 Chesnut 
Hannah, Ti-otters al 
James, lum mer 148 S 7th ^ 
John, asst cashier U S bank Wal- 
nut between 12th and 13th 
John,- weaver Nonnans al 
Thomas, hatter Wagners al 


Antlrews widow Hannah, c b 153 Mulberry 
will Mury, Sinks ct h of 98 Gitskill 
AngTic John, jr distil and procer 30 N od 
Angus Alexander, shoe store 164 Lombard 
Anners Thomas S, perfy store 141 Chesnut 
R M, artist 4 Locust op Wasliington 
Antello widow Charlotte, 33 Lombard 
Anthony M H, acct 168 'S 9th 

Robert B and W Smith, 13th n Law- 
rence E 
Mrs Eliza, 19 S 7th 
Apple George, look.inj^' g-lass and fancy chair 
maker 50 Chesnut 
Henr}, cooper 27 S whanes 
Jacob, N W cor 4th and Sassafras 
Jacob, Sch Front ab Mulberrj- 
Philip, coppcr-smitli 130 N 3d 
Valentine, grocer 3 Cressons al 
Applcton D conlwainer Sheaffs al 
Archer and Bispham, merchants 83 N Front 
Benjamin, carter 53 Jones' al 
Eli, carter old feiTV 
Samuel, mcr 83 N Front d h 265 Mul 
Arentnie Wm, soap br & tal cr 262 Midberrj' 
Armbrister Peter, Broad neiur Sassafi-as 
Armstead George, h c^irpenter S 13th ab Pine 
Armstrong Andrew, grocer 104 N 4th d h 6th 
ab Callowhill 
Allen, hardware mcr 113 High d 

h 38 N 4tli 
James, shop 89 S Water 
Thomas, attorney at law 106 S 4th 
widow M, 34 Sassafras 
Amey widow Elizabetli, 231 Spruce 
Arnold Catharine, storekeeper 191 S 2d 
Daniel, paver Prosperous al 
George, ladies shoemr 178 Sassafras 
Arrison James, George W of Schuylkill 8th 
Matthew, Sch 8tli below Chesnut 
Mrs, Fairesct 
Arrot James, mer communications left at 10 

N 4th and 13 Gaskill 
Arowsmith Edmund, gentleman 110 N 6th 
Arthur James, tav kr and feed store 2 N 10th 
Samuel, tav kr N E cor 10 & Sassafras 
Arty Giles, liv stable keeper 15 S 8th 
Arundel Margaret, gentwn 165 Sassafras 

Robert J, atty at law 165 Sassafras 
Ash Aaron, dealer 29 N 4th 

Caleb, apothecar)" and druggist N W cor 

Mulberry and 8th 
James, gentleman 155 Walnut 
Joseph, dealer 29 N 4th 
Morgan, attorney at law 155 Walnut 
Thomas F, M D 155 Walnut 
Thomas T bookseller & sta 139 Chesnut 
W'idow, b h S W cor Walnut and Front 
Ashbell Richard, guager 40 Strawberr}' 
Ashbridge Israel, coach maker 98 Sassafras 
Ashbumer W, mer 7 S whanes d h 321 N 2d 

Thomas, merchant 108 S 4th 
Ashley John, prest Philada Ins Co 94 S 4th 
Ashman Charles, ladies shomaker Bcver ct 

Ashman D and T, ladies shoemakers 115 N 2d 
James, m:ison Adam bet 12th & 13th 
widow, 46 S 13lh 
Ashmanari Jolin, Adams :ib Pine E 
Asiimciui Benjamin, inspector of the customs 
149 N 9th 
Edw ard, 27 Cressons al 
Isiuic, printer 146 Chesnut 
J B cabinet maker 379 Sassafras 
Ashmcad John, auctr &. com mcr 225 S 2d 

Samuel, boottrec mr k fr 57 Walnut 
Ashhurst Richard, 76 High d h 70 S 5tli 
Ashton Jacob, coach maker 23 Elfreths al 
John, tjiilor 16 d h 18 High 
John, jr tailor 16 High d h 4 Comptr 
Thomas, chairmaker 82 d h 114 N F 
and Son, clotliing store 16 High 
Rev William E, 212 S 4th 
Askew & Odenheimcr, merchants 163 High 
Joseph, merchant 163 High d h 318 
Askin John, cordwainer 244 S 2d 
Astlcy Thomas, mer S W cor 9tli & Walnut 
Atherton H, attomev at law 190 Chesnut 

H, bookseller &.c 60 N Front d h 

108 St John 
Nathan, 174 S 11th 
Atkinson Amos, bricklayer 227 Lombard 
Asher, saddler 5 N 5th 
Isaac, silversmith Chesnut near 4th 

d h 196 S 4th 
Joel, 6 Montgomery square 
Phineas, bt baker Orange bel 8th 
Samuel, carter cor Sch 4th & Chet 
Samuel C, printer 19 Branch 
Samuel S, cab maker 7 Church al 
Sarah, bo;uxling house 7 Chiu'ch al 
William, weaver 166 Looust 
At Lee Edwin A, M D 122 N 5th 

William R, attomey at law 71 N 5th 
Atmore Marshall, clock & watchmaker 55 S 

Front d h 7 Church al 
Atwood and co, mers 111 High 

James, mer 111 High d h 75 N 5th 
John M, mer 111 High d h 173 Wal- 
Augustien Peter, 148 S 5th 

fPeter, cook 219 S 5th 
August R, d:uicing master 62 1-2 S 4th 
Auner Joseph G, bookr and statr 333 High 

. Peter, tailor 79 Cherrj' 
Aurora and Franklin Gazette office 6 Bank -aX 
Austie Mrs Marg~aret, boarding h 91 S 3d 
Austin Alvah, tin])late worker Filbert n 13th 
Lewis L, baker 107 N 3d 
Mrs b h 174 High 
Thomas, b h 96 N Front 
widow Hannaii, b h 113 S 3d 
Avery Isaac, tortoise shell comb maker 7 and 

11 S 2d 
Axe Conrad, comb maker 84 N 3d 
Ayars Lemuel, ladies shomr N lllli N E cor 

Ayres D, house cai-penter 124 N 11th 
J P, book publisher 63 S 5t)i 


Ayres William, house carpenter, 128 N 11th 
Aylward Michael, sadr & trunk mr 41 Filbert 
Azan Rachael, dyer of feathers &c 132 S 6tli 

Babad Henry, rtier 83 S Front d h 122 Spruce 

Babb widow, 17 Sassafras 

Babe Catharine, milliner 39 Pine 

Luke, cabinet maker 44 S 5th 
Richard, hatter 142 N 3d 
Bablew David, tavern keeper 167 S Front 
Bache Franklin, M D 239 Spruce 

Richard, post master IQT Chesnut 
Backin Henry, printer 3 Rudolpli ct 
Bacon AUeyn, music store 30 S 4th 

and Hart, music store 30 S 4th 
G V, accountant 283 Filbert 
Isaac, cabinet maker 55 Lombard 
John, city trear c hall d U 119 Sassafras 
Job, secy to Am Fire Ins company 101 

Sai-ah, gentwn Filbert S W cor 12th 
Badaraque Thomas, acct 209 Pine 
Badger Edward, lottery broker 41 S 3d 
Georg-e D, dentist 141 Spruce 
/ Samuel, alderman S W cor 6th and 

Little George and Swanwick 
Wm, atty at law office 7 George d h 

city hotel 
wid Mai'ia, mantua mr Nonnater's ct 
Bailey and Bridges, merchants 30 S wharves 
Gamaliel, watchmaker 320 Sassafras d 

h 2 Chester 
James, carter 50 St Mary 
John, dyer and scourer 216 Cedar 
John, store keeper 99 N 3d 
Joshua, merchant d h 5 Cluu'ch al 
Lewis, merchant 30 S wharves 
R C, distiller 389 High 
Richard, distiller 27 S 10th 
Richard, merchant 8 S 13th 
W jr, watchmaker 80 High d h 9th ab 

Wood N z 
widow Lydia R, printer 10 N al 
Bainbridge William, com U S N 215 Walnut 
Baird Alexander, printer 10 N al 

and Harker, lottery brokers 36 S 3d 
Peter, porter Eckf'elds ct 
Thomas, weaver Ann near Sch 7th 
Bairnbaum Charles, baker 51 N 6th 
Baker Abraham, acct 166 Mulberry 

Charles H, merch 310 Mulben-y 
Chalkley, innkeeper 264 Sassafras 
J Hilar}', int office 3 Frankhn ct 
Hannah, 72 N 5th 
Henry, house & sign painter 164 Vine 

d h 200 Sassafras 
James, hardware mcr 8 Minor 
John, susp manuf High W of Sch 6t 
J M S, jeweller 156 S 6th 
John L, scrivener and conveyancer 

162 Walnut d h 57 Wood n l 
John R and Son, impots German goods 

63 Sassafras 
J, Mulberry near Sch 2d 

Baker Joseph, 264 Sassafras 

Michael, gent 166 Mulberry 
Richard, weaver Pine ab 10th 
Richard, fancy store 3 arcade 
Samuel, house carpenter 47 N 6th 
S, 264 Lombard 
Stephen, ladies shoemaker Spruce 1st 

bel Juniper N 
Sylvanus, copper plate printer ov 30 

S 4th d h 4 Ramstead ct 
William, dnigglst 6 N 5th 
widow Ehzabeth, getlvv 58 Midberry 
widow E boarding house 116 Mulbeny 
widow Rebecca, tav kr 4 Laetitia ct 
Bald Robert, engraver 47 Sansom d h 6 S 10th 
Baldwin David, b smith N 11th ab Sassafras E 
F, baker 45 Cedar 
George, gTor 11 S 4th d h 95 N 5th 
George, grocer 183 High 
Levi, teaclier High near Sch 4th d h 

Jones' al . 
M W, macliinlst 160 S 10th 
M W and co, storekeeper 102 S 2d 
Stephen, sea captain 115 S 9tli 
widow Phoebe, miliny store 40 S 4th 
Balfe Thomas, boot maker 141 Walnut 
Ball A L and co, diy good store 49 S 2d 
Esther. 208 Mulberry 
Frederick, ironmonger 37 New 
Ballantine Rev William, Episcopal academy 

d h 28 Prune 
■j-Ballard widow Hagar, 170 Locust 
Ballenger Cath:u'ine, nurse 135 N 5th 

Jacob, house carpenter 70 N 9th 
Bancker C N, mer 13 S Front d h 39 S 10th 
Banckert James M, cordwainer Bell's ct 
Bancroft Titus, goldbeater 59 Chesnut 
Banger Timothy, acct 15 N 12th 
Bangs Elijah K, cliina store 176 N Front 
Banks E, tav keeper S wharves ab South 
J. M D 88 Vine 

Joseph, circulating libnu-y 48 S 3d 
widow, tav keeper 95 S Water 
Banning Daniel, cooper 68 Zane 
Bannister Edward, dealer 445 High 

G H, dry gd & corset sto 9 arcade 
Bannen Joseph, liousc carpenter 9 Wagners aJ 

Paul, house carpenter 396 Sassafras 
Bannerman Miss, teacher 117 N 2d 
Barclay Andrew C, merch and Boston packet 
office 38 S wharves d h 49 Vine 
J A, 168 S 2d 
J J, attorney 119 Wtdnut 
J M, 3 York Buildings 
Joseph, captain 180 S Front 
widow Margaret, gi-ocer 168 S 2d 
Barber Charles, bricklayer Broad bel Vine 
James, shop Mulbeny W of Sch 2d 
Nathaniel, 164 Vine 
widow, 127 N lltli 
Barcroft Stacy, merchant 

Tunis, 209 Sassafras 
Barcus Stephen, Sch 7th near Cherry 
Bai'deer Samuel, innkeeper 166 N 5th 
Bargcr Jona, innkeeper 96 N 2d 

WilUam, painter & glazier 131 S 11th 


Bargh William, p-occrN E cor 11th 8i Locust 

d h 147 S 11th 
Barker J N, alderman 34 S 6th 

Pris widow of Ahm, g'entl 213 Spruce 
Barlow widow, g'cntlowoniau 322 Sassafras 

willow S;iral), seamstress 56 I'eiui 
Barnard C, mercliant 25 S whal•^•e3 

Joscjih, ploug'hmr Ilig'h n Sch 6th 
Misses, academy for \()iinj^ ladies 1 
Bre:ul & 71 1-2 Midberry 
Barnes John, ladies shoemaker 147 S 2d 

John H, nota pub & ship bro 117 S 2d 

d h 23 S 2d 
John, M D, 161 Sxssafras 
Joseph, prest Judg;e dist ct of city & 

county of Philada 11 Sunsom 
Isaac, tailor 157 N 3d 
Lydia, 49 S 5th 

Mrs Rebecca, g'cntlw 165 Walnut 
Robert T, accountant 49 S 5th 
RufusL, whip mounter 2 Ransteadct 
Thomas, oil and lamp store 10 S 4tli 

d h 26 S 4tli 
widow, grocery 26 Prosperous al 
widow Sarah, miUiner 108 N 7th 
Barney Joiin, victualler 106 S 10th 
Bamctt Edward, attorney at law 68 N 9th 
Gcorg-e, mer 141 S 6th 
Sarah, shopkeeper NE cor Wayne's 
al and Clicrry 
Bamholt George, tav kr N Broad bcl Vine 
Baniluu-st Joseph, brass founder 465 High 
Ban-on widow Marv, seams 161 Pine ab 6th 
Barr Daniel, innkr'l36 N Water & 139. N Ft 
Robert, captain 115 Lombard 
widow, school Sch 5th neai- Chesnut 
BaiTas J B, tailor 249 High 
Barrett William, ornamentid painter 8 Cherry 
John, Locust bel 13th 
Robert, bricklayer 7 Castle 
Bamn^on Chai-les, bottler &c 346 High 

Chai-les, jr lottery broker 14 Pine 
Mrs E, wid of Richard 137 Lomb 
Samuel, M D 268 S 2d 
Barron Jiunes, ladies shoemaker 87 S 2d 

Mrs, \ndow 191 Pine 
Barrozo Pereira J, consul gen of Portugal 218 

Barry Ann, 60 Penn 

Edwai-d, consul & commer agt for the 
Colum Repub office & d h 111 Spruce 
J B, cabinet maker Union and 2d 
Mary, school 34 Quince 
Mary, 277 S Front 

Patrick, groc 186 N Water & 191 N Ft 
Samuel, watclmian N AV cor Cheny & 

Sarah, widow of com genw 214 Chesnut 
Barth Joseph, watclunan 26 Sassafras 
Bartliolemew Charles, tobacconist 88 N 3d 
Fredei-ick, tobact 77 George 
Thomas, com mer 15 Quany 
Bartleson &. Harmer, bcdchng w h 203 S 2d 
Samuel, upholster S E cor Pine 8t 
2d d h 76 Union 

Barthin Conrad, h carp 8c inspec of lumber 2 

Ciu-pcnters ct 
Barth George, mariner 144 N Front 
Barton David, b maker S 6th 

Daniel, gentleman 108 Mulberry 

Esther, 65 Locust 

Isaac, merchant 16 N 2d 

J Rhea, M D 204 (Jhesnut 

Jolin, b h 20 Sugar al 

Henry, back of 148 S 4th 

Henry, mer Franklin place d h 86 S 

Thomas J, tailor 128 N 2d 

W P C, pi-of of botany 212 Chesnut 
Bartram George, aldennan 68 S 2d 

Isaac, jr h ware mer 79 High 
Rebecca, gentw 280 Sassafras 
William S hard w mer 57 High d h 
30 Church al 
Bartlet widow of John, shopkeeper 147 S 3d 
Bass Paul, acct 91 S 3d 

widow. Dean 
Basset Isaac, N W cor Sch 8th & Cherry 
Bassitt Archibald, Fcairis ct 
Bastlan Anthony, pr stainer Mulberry n Broad 

George grazier S E cor 7th & Spruce 
Bates Joslah, blacksmith 20 Cressons al 
Baton Augustin, gent 62 1-2 S 4th 
Rattell French, mer 108 N 4th 
Battls G, fiiiitcrer 2 S 6tl\ _ 

John, fniiterer 316 High 
Battens Mattlilas, labourer S E cor Juniper &. 

Bates Benjamin, tobact 115 N 3d 
Bauersach" John N, impo of Ger gds 126 High 
Baum W H, M D S E c Spnice and 7th 
Baxter Edward, imikr N E cor High and Sch 


Isaac B, ironmonger 244 S 2d 

Matthew, grocer 305 High N W cr 8t}> 
Bayard Andrew, pres commer bank 102 S Stlt 

widow, 8 Gray's al 
Baylis Joseph, impor of h w 17 Lombard 

WllUam, watchman back of 81 Cedar 

John, printer 121 S 2d 

William, watchman back of 81 South 
Bavley Joseph, labourer 13th ab South 
Bazeley C W & Mrs C W, lad semi 7S. S 4th 
Beale Joseph, gent 232 Spruce 
Bcaler widow Margaret, gentw 52 Lombard 
Bean William Y, back of 455 Mulbeiry 
Beans Benj I, stove mr 76 N 5th d h 290 Vine 
Beard ^L's Mary, 77 Lombard 
Bean WlUiam, inkeeper 157 N 3d 
Beard John, 77 Lombard 
Beasley Rev Frederick, D D prov of Unlver 

of Penn Broad 3d door ab Chesnut 
Beattle Arthur, cot manuf Broad bel Chesnut 

F S, M D 266 Mulberry 
Beatty Adam, weaver 15 Mercer 
Bearing Casper, 5 Knight's ct 
Beach William, ploughmaker 372 High 
Beatty George tav keeper 40 S wharves 

James, weaver 310 S 7 

John, pap hanging manuf d h 65 S 7th 


Beatty Robert, weaver Budd ct 

Samuel, manuf 129 S 11th 
Beatty widow, shopkr Lombard E of Sch 7th 
Beauller G B, printer 217 Lombard 
Beaver M, drug-gist 250 Lombard 
Bechtel and Conrad shoe store 50 High 

Jacob, boot and shoemaker 74 S 2d 
Wilson L, &. CO shoe w h S W cor 

High and 2d 
John, boot and shoemaker 50 High d 
h 74 S 2d 
Beck Adam, Sassafras near Sch 8th 

Henr}', brok and com mer 63 N 3d 
Henn' Paul, atty at law 62 Walnut d h 

315 High 
Haney, 11 S water d h 315 High 
J, 5 Comptroller 
Jacob, carpenter Hudson's al 
Jacob, mer d h 32 Dock 
Paul, jr mer 11 S Water d h 315 High 
Wilham, tobacconist 32 Dock 
William, acct 215 Lombard 
Becker Francis, acct-'.nd inter of foreign lan- 
guages 28 N 3^ 
Beckel Godfrey, acct 83 N 2d 
Beckett Henrj', mer 9 Chnton square 
•[Beckus Lewis, hair dresser Elizabeth ab 6th 
Bedell Rev Gregoiy T, rect of St Andrews ch 

52 S 9th 
Bedford Ann, 81 S 3d 

J T, dry good store 59 N 2d 
Bedlock William, teacher 27 N 5th 
Beeler Henrj", 166 S 5th 
Beemer James, shopkeeper 115 Cherry 
Been Miss Ann, 13 Carter's al 
Beers Booth and St John, exch brok 4 S 3d 

John, turner Lombard W of Quince 
Beidelman Abraham, shopkr 88 N 2d 

Jacob R dry good store 88 N 2d 
Beisto Daniel, 85 N 5th 
Bell Daniel, hatter 32 Strawberry 
Henr}-, tav keeper -178 S Water 
James £c John, dists N W cor 6th & South 
John, distr N W cor 6th & South d h 219 

John, M D office 148 S 4th. 
Mary, shop 3 Bell's ct 
Robert, weaver Sch 8th bel Vine 
Samuel, drygdmer 181 High dh 1 X 13th 
&, Sterhng, dry good mers 107 High 
Wm John & co, stock 8c exch brok 37 

WiUiam John, stock & exch brokers 37 

Dock d h 136 Walnut 
WiUiam, jr stock &. exch brok 37 Dock 

d h 93 Pine 
Wilham, gent 109 S 4th 
widow Hannah, gentvv 9 Powell 
Bellanger Isaac, bricklayer 32 Key's al 
Bellingham Thomas, mer 47 S 2d 
BeUineyer John, 27 Cressons al 
Bellrose and co paper hangers 78 Chesnut 

Johnj paper hanger 78 Chesnut d h 
315 S 2d 

Bender Daniel, h carpenter 261 Sassafras 

Jacob, book binder Sassafras ab 13th 
Benjamin Faft, 458 Sassafras 
Benner Charles, oak cooper 4 N 10th d h 323 
George, shop 69 S 5th 
John, house carpenter Castle 
John, brickmaker Dean 
J, drayman George ab 13th 
James, mer 177 N 9th 
Matthias, brickmr Spruce W of Sch 
5th d h Spruce W of 13th 
Sebastian, cab maker 401 Sassafras 
widow Ehzabeth, 14 Carter's al 
Benners widow Margaret, gentw 57 New 
Bennerman David M, h carpenter Beaver ct 
Bennet Christopher L, pilot 20 Branch 
Edward B, scrivener 45 Chesnut 
Jacob, jeweller Gaskill n 5th 
Jacob, lot brok d h 69 N 8th 
Joel B, printer 10 Quarry 
John, b h 123 S Water 
Joseph, house carpenter Vaux's ct 
Titus, bookseller &. sta 37 High 
and Walton, booksels & sta 37 High 
AVilliam, shoemaker Brooks ct 
Bennis Ilcrtry, hatter b of 121 Mulberrj- 
Benninghove & Curtis, tobact 77 High 

Elizabeth, 4 Church al 
Benson Alex, stock & exch broker 2 S 3d d 
h 103 S 8th 
Richard, gent Walnut ab 12th 
Benson Gusta^•us S, attorney at law 2 S 3d 
Bentley Ann E, seamstress 4 Watson's al 
Bentlv D & J, cop smith's & sheet iron work- 
ers 162 X 3d 
Bentson Peter, jeweller 85 N 2d 
Beresford Robert H, printer 16 Swanwick 
Bemadou JohnB, mer 61 S Frontdh 181 Pine 
Bernard George, 71 X 5th 

Phoebe, tav 94 X Water 
widow, 150 S 5th 
Berrj" Ohver, bootmaker 36 Mulberry 
Peter L, h carp S 9th n Cedar 
Berrian Mary, 80 Lombard 
Bertauld George, gent 13 Elfreth's al 
Besse John Baptiste, 30 Elfreth's al 
Besson L and Son, dr\" good store 52 S 2d 
Best John, cordwainer Vine W of Broad 
Bethel and Jenkins, druggists 107 High 
Robert, atty at law 91 X Sd 
William, U S guager Lombard street wf 
Bettle Edward, 14 S 3d 

Samuel, & son cloth store 14 S 3d 
Thomas, 40 N 5th 
Bezcau Hetty, teacher of music'252 Lombard 
Bevan John, painter & glazier 253 S Front 
Matthew L, mer 35 S wharves d h 218 

and Porter, mers 35 S wharves 
Beverly Thomas, mariner 4 Little Pine 
Bewlcy Isaac, jr clerk at post office Quince 
bel Walnut 


Bewlcy Cifton, clerk at post office Quince bel 

Bcylanl John, jr mer 92 S 4th 
Beyllc & Seveluig-c, nicrchs 63 S 2d 
Be'uley Lewis, 160 S 9tli 
BcvUe Joseph, mer 63 S 2d d h 184 Spnicc 
Beyer G T, mer 83 S Front 
Bickerton Benjamin, cooper 373 Hiph d h 
Sass;d'nis E cor of Sch 7lh 
Joseph, p forte mr 27 Applotrce al 
Thomas, cooper Water bl Chcsnut 
Thonuis, cooper 53 S Water 
Bicknell Geors^ A, mer 33 N Front d h 106 
S yth 
t C, 113 S 9th 
U r, lottcr)- broker 26 S 4th 
Biddlc Clement C nota pub & atty at law 35 
Dock d h cor Spi-ucc & Quince 
Clement, siigur refiner 27 Church al d 

h 164 Mulberr)- 
and Canbv, sugur refiner 27 Church a 
D, 27 Palin\n-a Row- 
Edward ]{, "exch bro 68 S 6th 
James C, attorney at law 68 S 6th 
Marj', 303 Spruce 

Kicholas, prest U S bank 248 Walnut 
Thomas & John G, stock & exch bros 

26 "\>'alnut 
Thomas, stock 8c exch bro 26 Walnut 

d h 276 Chesnut 
widow Elizabeth, g'entw 148 High 
wid Lydia, dry gd & fancy sto 52 S 4th 
William, drug-gist S W c 4tli St Race 
■William S, coun at law 183 Walnut 
Biggs Jeremiah, acct 68 S 8th 
Bigonet Jacob, druggist 158 Lombard d h cor 

7th and Little George 
Bigncll John, hatter 10 Coomb's al 
Biibrough S, wool w h 22 Ch al d h 112 S 12th 
Billings Isaac, auctioneer 383 Sassafras 
BiUington Geo, trea to sa\-ingfund 66 Walnut 
& Sanderson, publishero Philadel- 
phia Price Currant S W room 
Merchants' Coflee House 
T, storekeeper 47 S 2d 
Billmeyer John, acct 100 MulbeiTv 
Billsand wid Ann, gentw 9 Frankhn row S 9th 
Bingham Sarah, seams Chesnut AV of Broad N 
Binns John, alderman & proprietor Demo- 

ocratic Press 70 Chesnut 
Binney Horace, coun at law 83 & 85 S 4th 
John, type found Cedar N W cor 9th 
Joseph, cuttler 38 S 5th 
Bloren Benjamin, sea captain 100 Union 
Birch Mrs, Eckfelds ct 

Thomas, landscape painter Filbert 
AVilliam, landscape painter Cherry al 
William Y, gent 212 Walnut 

Bird M D 230 Spruce 

Charles, gent 

Daniel, weaver Lombard ab 12th 
George, agent for the Union Une of N V 
aud tav keeper 19 S wharves 

Bird Isaac, |jrinter 189 Prime 

James, teacher 12 lYoraberpcrs ct 
J, innkeeper 127 S Water 
J, teacher 157 S 11th 
Joseph, teacher 13th ab Pine 
Thomas, h w mer 98 High d h 17 N 10th 
widow, 128 S 2d 
Bimbaum John H, porter Girard Bank 78 New 
Birnic William, atty at lawj& acct 55 S 5th 
Bisbing George, oak cooper Smith's ct 
Bishop Nathaniel, oyster celler 6 Warren 

Peregrine, second hand clothes store 

165 Lombard 
Richard, hosing store 267 High &, 21 

Philad arcade d h 12 Swanson 
Stephen, shop 220 Lombard 
AVilham, Locust bel 13th 
widow Margaret, hat binder 1 upper 

Harmony ct 
widow, Sheafl^'s al 
Bispham Harriet, shopkeeper 139 Cherry- 
Jos jr, 34 S Front d h 116 Mulberry 
Samuel, w sale grocer d h 49 Filbert 
Bitting George, cab maker 8 Fayette 
Black Adam, saddler 26 N al 
A, teacher 147 S 10th 
John, blacksmith Sheaff 's al 
J G, vamishmaker 19 Franklin ct 
James R. M D 135 Mulberry 
. James, blacksmith Jones' al 
Thomas, collector 174 S 9th 
f'l'homas, hatter 224 Lombard 
Thomas, blacksmith 7 ^' 10th 
Wm, groc N High d h Sch 5th ab High 
M'iUiam, mer 98 N Front 
and W ilkins, mers 23 N Front 
widow, mantua maker 3 Prosperous al 
Blackburn William, mer 2 Church al 
Blackford George, bricklayer S 10th bel Pine 
Blackwell Rev Robert, d'd 50 Pine 
Blackwood Atcheson, carp weav 79 Sassafras 
James, brassfounder 271 Sassafras 
Joseph, 270 Lombard 
Bladen Thomas, baker 119 N Front 

WiUiam T, biscuit baker 87 and 165 N 
Water d h 113 N Front 
Blair Wilham, printer 10 N al 

widow Hannah, gentw 228 Pine 
Blake George E, music store 13 S 5th and 4 

Pluladelpliia arcade 
Blakemore Thomas, Japanese and clock dial 

manuf 169 South 
Blaikie Geo D, raerch 100 N Ft d h 307 Mulby 
Blame Joseph, bottler 5 N 5th 
Blanchard Hal} &. Beat}-, pap hanging manuT 
115 Chesnut 
Isaac W, pap hanging manuf 4 Mul- 
berry ct 
^Irs, b h 30 N al 
Mrs Duluc, 81 Vine 
Blanc widow Sarah E, gentw 220 Mulberry 
Blee Samuel, tav kr w'ahiut W of Sch 4th 
Bligh Siumiel, tav ki- W:dnut W uf Sch 7th 



Blight G W, mer 24 N 7th 

Mrs, Chcsnut 4 doors bel 13th 
|S, 23 Sassafras al 
widow, 27 S 13th 
Block Henry, b h 28 N 3d 
Bloxson Walter, painter & glazier 146 N 3d 
Blower Kobert, dyer 8c scourer 208 S 7th 

widow Elizabeth, silk dyer 78 N 7th 
Blummer Charles, tobacconist 13 Cheny 

widow Ann, 58 N 4th 
Boardman Francis, 211 S 3d 
Boaz Frederick, g-en cor of 5th &. Appletree al 
Bobb Peter, acct 4 Adam 
Bockius Lewis, 4 Ehzabeth 

William H, h carpenter 81 Union 
Boggs Daniel, cab maker 25 Blackberry al 
Edwin, 215 S 2d 
James, merchant 201 High 
John, 19 Currant al 
widow Mary, b h 2 Hunters ct 
Bogie A, steamboat engineer Orange bel 8tli 
jBogle Robert, 46 S 8th 
Bohlen J, 67 S 4th d h 238 Walnut 

B, mer 67 S 4tli d h Chesnut ab 12th 
Bohlen B and J, mers 67 S 4th 
Boker Charles S, legJioni store 27 N 2d 
Boland John, cordwainer 95 N Front 

H, storekeeper 82 N 2d 
Bolden J, 151 S 10th 

Boling John B, house & sign painter 15 Mulb 
Boiler widow Catharine, 89 SaSsafras 

H J, 89 Sassafras 
Bomeisleir and Brotlier, mers 4 N wharves 
Bomeister M, dry good store 5 Fhilad arcade 
Bonafon A, profesor of dancing 71 S 8th 
Bond H, M D 114 Mulbeny 

James, blacksmith Sch 7th n Spruce 
James, druggist 132 S 10th 
Jonathan, cordwainer 205 S 2d 
Joseph, carpenter 32 N 8th 
Thomas, cab maker 104 N 5th d h 6 

Hoffman's al 
AVilliam, acct 27 N 9th 
Bonish M D, fr & confr S E cor Spruce & 4th 
Bonnell Samuel, 105 S 3d 

William, acct 37 Spruce 
Bonneuill Peter, fr & confccr 72 Union 
Bonsall Benjamin, tailor 4 Fetter lane 
B S, gent 67 Pine 

and Curtis, conveyrs 3 Carpenters ct 
Isaac, steward of Penn Hospital 
Isaac & Conde J W, conveja's Bank al 
and Wcntz, storekeepers 146 N 4tli 
Wilham, printer Randals ct 
widow Elizabeth, Raspberry al 
Book Peter J, hairdresser & bleeder 10 N 4th 
Boone William, carter George n Sch 2d 

Jeremiah, mer 90 S whs d h 163 Pine 
W R, mer 90 S whai-ves d h 163 Pine 
Bootli Benjamin, 83 S 3d 

Isaac, cab maker 106 Lombard 
Thomas, acct 144 Sassafras 
widow Ann, gentw 180 Vine 

Booth wid Rachel, shopkr N 11th bel North 
IJoraef Valentine, victualler Cherry bet Juni- 
per and 13th 
Borden Francis, bricklayer S 13th bet Locust 

and Walnut 
Borie Charles, cordwainer 139 S 2d 
.1, lombard bel lOtli 
J J, and Laguerenne mers 59 S Front 
J J, mer d h 97 S 4th 
Borill John, Biddle's al 

Bosbyshell Wdham, mer- 14 N Front d h 411 
Bosler John, brickmaker Dean n Spruce 
Bosquet Ehzabeth, confecr 240 Lombard 

Peter, mer 32 Chesnut 
Boss Mrs Sarah, b h 12 Gray's al 
Bossert Andrew, innkeeper sign of seven stars 
98 N 4th 
George, flour & fd store 139 Sassafras 
wid, seamst Mulberry 1st W of Sch 2d 
Boston Joseph, chemist & di-uggistl09 Sassafr 

widow, -55 Currant al 
Boswell Samuel, printer 15 Watsons al 
Borhek John, cake bakor N W cor Pine & 3d 
Boulden B B, 151 S 9tli 
BournonvUle A, M D 33 Sansom 
Bouvier John, atty at law 7th ab Chesnut d h 
cor Filbert and 12th 
Michael, cab and sofa w h 91 S 2d d 
h 63 Dock 
Bowen Henry, auctioneer 73 High 

Johfi, oak cooper 113 S Water d h 

back of 7 Elfrcth's al 
John, gent 342 Midbeny 
Elijah, 209 Sassafras 
Joseph, tailor 427 High 
Plioebe, 6 Sterling al 
&, Richai-ds, auctioneers 29 N Front 
Thomas, cooper 178 Lombard 
W E, auctionr 29 N Ft d h 31 Spruce 
Bower Christian, baker 149 Spruce 
C, silversmith Acorn al 
w;idow, grocer 210 S 7th 
Pliilip G, printer 36 Coates' al 
Michael, Lombard E of Sch 7th 
Bowlby Edward, h w mer 69 High d h 9 Ch al 
Richard, h ware mer 101 d h 45 New 
and Weaver, h w mer 101 High 
Bowman Abraliam, 4 Elmslie's al 

Charles, tobacconist 313 High 
Bownas James, weaver MulbeiTj^ W of Sch 2d | 
Boj'ce Maiy, mantua maker 90 Locust I 

Boyd Andi-cw, tailor N E cor Walnut & 11th 
David, mercer and tailor 33 N 4th 
James, innkr 339 High N W cor 9th j 

John, tailor 39 Coates' al . | 

John, inspector of the customs 133 S 3d I 
Joseph, excliange broker 20 S 4th I 

Miss, b h S E cor 7th and Chesnut ' 

Robert, sand paper manuf b 14 S 10th 
and Stuart, g-rocers 406 High 
William, mer lOUi S E cor High 
WiUiam, sand paper manuf Wilson's ct 


lloycr Aiulri'w, c;u*pontcM* 1/!'.' N ;>il 

IKiii-), fancy store ki'i|H r 117 12 N 2d 
Uoylc .lolm, liurljtr 185 South 

John, coiichsmith 17 sug^ur al d Ii 12 

Timolhy, 209 Ssissafi-as 
widow jmif, shopkeeper 325 Spruce 
Boz/iirt wid, seamstress Mulheny W Sch 2d 
Bozarth Wiiliam, lioiisc carpenter 122 rilbert 
IJnibrant Francis, confectioner 74 Vine 
Bradcn Josepli, printer o-i N lOtli 
Brulfield Ilenj carter 25U Pine bet UtliSc 12th 
Bradford Cornelius J, 25 N yili 

Samuel F, publisher 118 Chcsnut d 

h 206 Chcsnut 
Thomiis, jr attorney at law 5 Sansom 
Thomas, sen 268 Midberry 
Thomas, 33 Crown 
Walter, teacher 139 S 11th 
Bcadley Ann, shopkeeper 477 Hi^h 
Bnulley Geor^j'c, 48 tiuince 

wid of John, b h 108 Mulberry 
James, baker 407 Hig'h 
John, watchman 7 Hyde's ct 
Mar) Ann, grocer 9 Pnine 
Bradshaw WiHi:uii, grocer S whar 1st ab Pine 

widow Sarah, tuv kr 197 Clicsnut 
Brady Bartholomew, dry good store 68 N 4tli 
Edward, nianuf Cedar bel 10th 
IIcnr\-, acct Smitli's ct 
Hugh, stable keeper 125 Spruce 
J, house carpenter Shcaff 's al n 12lh 
James, jr moro & pai-ch raanuf 77 S 5tii 
J;imes, dry good store 54 S 5th 
Lawrence, dealer 168 N Water 
, Patrick, labourer 53 Filbert 
Peter, 3 S 2d 

widow Leah C, b h 7 8 6th 
widow Margaret, 13 Green's ct 
Bramale William, watchman back of 9 Crown 
Branagan Thomtus, watciiman 154 Cherry 
Brandt Amie, clock and watchnir 129 N 2d 

Christian, tin plate worker 125 High 
d h 90 N 11th 
Brand M, milhner 29 S Front 
Brashcars Samuel, atty at law 10 N 6th 
BKuison Aaron, cft>per Caledonian ct 
Branson Mrs Eliza, shopkr 12th n Lombard 
Brantley Rev ^V T, 75 N 9th 
Branu Robert P, gentleman 108 S 2d 
Brasier Amable, Hamilton ville & 108 S 4th 

Emelias F, atty at law 108 S 4tli 
Bi-atton widow, shopkeeper 157 South 
Braxton Mrs, b h cor 11th and Chesnut 
Brazier Chi-istopher, bisc bak M'CuUey's ct 
Bray John, house and sign pairiter 67 N 5th 
Brcady Frederick, coach maker Green's ct 

Miuy widow of Clement L, 126 S 5th 
Breamer Miss Sarah, 14 Swanson 
Breban Jolui J, mer 193 Higli d h 23 S 10th 
Brechmcn Lewis, jeweller 120 S 2d 
Breed Samuel U, shoe store 6 N 6th 

and Mudge, shoe store 246 High 

Brecii Peter, Bh()|)krcpcr 143 S lOtli 
Mrcintnall David, g( nl 279 Walnut 
llrelsfonl J()se|)li, coach spring maker £tc 131 
N 6tli 
Si Joyce, coach spring makers and 
smiths 90 Cherry 
Bnnan Edward, nuisician 75 Locust 
Bresiin John, silver plater 2 Bread 
Jolm, labourer 160 S 11th 
lirewer J M, teacher S K cor Library & 5th 

Rachel, b h 152 S 2d 
Jircwstcr Edmund, portrait painter 82 S 3d 
Francis E, atty at law 5 Little Georg 
AVilliam C. M U 150 S 5th 
widows LticincLi, gentw462 Sassafras 
wid, apothy &, drug! 460 Sassafi-as 
Brick John It, currier 35 Chesnut d h 8 Ch al 
Brickman George, baker 82 S 11th 
Bridenhait G, upitolsterer 115 S Front 
Bridges Edward N, mer 30 S wharves d h 104 
James C, grocer S E cor Spruce 8t 3d 
and Kellog, 15 S Water 
widow, 259 S Front 
Bridport H, portrait & miniature painter N E 

cor 5th & Chesnut 
Briggs Mrs Eliza, mantua maker 235 Lombard 

John, leechcr and bleeder 47 N 7th 
Bright Michael, distiller 66 Midberry 

widow Maria, manuf of Moulder salve 
47 I^ombard 
Bringhurst George, coach maker 23 N 5th 
John, printer 162 S 5th 
Robert R, cabinet maker 8c sexton 
Clu-ist ch 56 N 5th 
Brinley Jacob S, mer tailor N E cor Walnut 

and 5th 
Brinton George, gent 217 Mulbeiry 

Mrs wid of I H, 217 Mulberry 
Brentzenghoffer widow, 8 Sassafras al 
Britton Charles, Wood 

S, milliner 5 Strawberry 
William, lumber merch 9th bel Vine 
Bretz Jacob, merchant 134 N 2d 
Broadhui-st Joseph, innkeeper 193 N 2d 
Brodie Chrito, shopkr S 11th bel Walnut W 
Broadiiead Daniel, schrivener 12 Mulbeiry 
Brock Thomas, tav kr S W cor Mulby & 10th 
Brocklehurst Robert, blacksmith Scott's al 
Brolaskey Simon, store keeper 116 N 5th 
Brongcr widow Catharine, b h 170 Cherry 
Brookfield C, shop 23 StrawbeiTy 
Brook Jane, shop Walnut ab 13th N 
Brooke liobert, city commisr 13tli n Chesnut 
Brooks George, 18 N 8tli 

John, cooper 65 S Water d h 5 Nor- 
ris' a! 
Broom Jamos M, counsellor at law 56 S 6th 
Samuel & co, confectioners 74 High 
WLlliani, h carpenter 3 Carter's al d h 
62 S 2d 
Brower Hannah, 41 Chester 
widow, 387 Sassafras 
Brown Andrew, teacher 74 S 6th 



Brown Aurey, clotliiiig store S E cor Water 

and Cliesnut 
Benjamin, printer 139 Lombard 
Cliarles H, grocer S W cor 5th 8c Vine 
Mrs E J, boarding' lioiise 107 Chesnut 
Charles, corder Fliutliam's whaif d h 

201 N l-'ront 
David S, cor 4th & Browne 
David Paul, attorney at law S W cor 

Washington Sq and 7th 
E, teacher S 13th ab Walnut 
Elias, stone cutter &c S 7th S E cor 

Middle al d li 31 Elizabeth 
Frederick, drug-g-ist St apothecaiy N E 

cor 5th and Chesnut d h 39 S 4th 
George, house carj^enter 51 Pine 
George, laboui-er South n Sch 
Henry, 9 Quince 
James, boot and shoemaker N E cor 

9th & Locust W avenue Arcade 
James, clothier 12 High d h 5 Chan- 
cery lance 
J & M & M D Lewis, com mer for the 

sale of Ame manuf 159 High 
James, labourer 15 N 6th 
James, millwright Filbert n Sch 7th 
James, waterman Cypress al 
James, George bel 11th 
James, labourer Dean 
Jeremiali, 383 MxdbeiTy 
John, bookinder Maple n 8th 
John, gentleman 216 Clu-snut 
John, inspec of the custs 123 Lombard 
. John, house & sign painter 8c glazier 

22 Raspbeny al 
John, tobact 15 N 3d d h 27 Branch 
John, 162 Cherry 
John, tailor 14 S Broad 
John, 130 N 2d 

John A, mer 16 Chesnut d h 103 S 4th 
John A & CO, mer 16 Chesnut 
John D, printer 71 Gaskill 
John Horace, select seminary d h 11 

Frombergers ct 
Joseph D, gentleman 165 Mulberry 
Joseph, lastmaker 5 Laetitia ct 
. Joseph, 6 N 2d 
Lawrence, hatter 70 S 2d 
Lewis, diy good store 146 High 
Moses, mer 159 High d h S W cor of 

6th and MiilbeiTy 
and M'Clelland, dyers Sc weavers Fil- 
bert ab Juniper 
Miller, tailor Gllliams (Coopers) ct 
Paul S, mer 48 S Ft d h 53 Lombard 
Mrs E J, back 107 Cbesnut 
[ Robert, whitewasher and swcJcp mr 

149 Locust 
Samuel, draper & tailor 132 Chesnut 

d ii Spruce ab Front 
Samuel, tea store 73 Chesnut 
Samuel and Son, tea store 73 Chesnut 
Samuel, wheelwright 6 Fayette 

Brown Sarah, 35 Spruce 

Tiiomas, acct 223 High 
Thomas, grocer S E cor 9th & Locust 
Thomas A, dry good store 17 S 2d 
Thomas, capt U S navy N W cor 11th 

and Mulberry 
Thomas, tailor 12 Spruce . 

Thomas, Spruce ab 12th 
Thomas, dry good store 17 S 2d 
William, merchant 29 S wharves 
Wm, mer 40 Dock d h 295 Chesnut 
Wm, printer Wagner's al d h 6 John 
William, engineer Sch 7th N n High 
Wilham C, attorney at law 59 S 7th d 

h 309 Walnut 
t William, 136 Cherry 
widow EUzabeth, N E cor Mulberry 

and Juniper 
widow Mary, 6 South al 
widow, shop S 12th n Lombard 
widow, 53 S 5th 
widow, 83 N 9th 
widow, 223 Cherry 
widow, 36 Zane 
Browne Aquilla A, atty & coun at law 59 S Tth 
d h 309 Walnut 
P A, counsellor at law N W cor 7th &. 

Chesnut d h 182 Chesnut 
& Robb, drapers & tails 132 Chesnut 
Brownell G, grocer S 12th n Lombai-d 
Browning Daniel, 2 S wharves 
Bruerton George, china gilder 366 High 
Brugiere and Teisseire, mers 23 S Front • 
Brulette Charles, joiner 184 S 3d 
Brummel Benjamin, sail maker 28 Jones' aj 
Bruncr Benjamin, sail maker 29 Jones' al 
Bruner M, 373 High 
Brunet John, confectioner 64 N 3d 
Bruner Susan, 125 N 6th 
Brush J, tav keeper 191 N Water 
Bruster Charles, grocer 473 High 
Biyan Jesse, tailor 46 Bread 

John, cabinet maker 5 Hinckles ct 
.1 ohn C, cooper 98 Cheiry 
Thomas J, attorney at law 223 Mulberry 
Timothy mer 143 High d h 223 Mulby 
W P, mer 143 Higli^d h 501 Mulberry 
AV P and T M, merchants 143 High 
widow Maiy, b h 10 S al 
Br) ant William, 166 S 5di 
Br\ (len widow Mary, b h 5 S 6th 
Buclianan, M D 90 Locust ♦ 

Robert, Lombard ab 12th 
Thomas, weaver Chesnut n Sch 2d 
widow Latitia, gentvv 43 S 8th 
Buck Charles N, mer and consul genl of Ham- 
bui-g 30 Walnut d li N p: cor Pine & 3d 
Chaunccy, tin ware manuf 9 N 13tli 
George, cooper 286 High d h 12 N 6tlx 
J, grocer S E cor Pine and 12th 
Buckingham Edward, boot maker 43 N 6th 

John, health officer 42 S 5th 
Buchalter J F, baker 25 Franklin ct 



Buckley Anthony M, mer 121 S Ft d h 87 S 3d 
Dunul, porter 5 rninkliii ct 
Saruli, i;cniv.- 87 S ;hI 
Duckman Honjuniin, hatter 25 (barter's al 

Nathan, 61 S 2d 
Bucknur A G, tobacconist N E co. 2d & l^nion 
A J, tobact & seg~ar store 14 I'hila- 
dclplua arcade 
liudd John, soapboiler 6 Cypress al 

J B, mer 39 Dock d h 194 Mulbcny 
Thom;is A, atty at law 17 S 5th d h 113 
Buddy John, baker 18 Mulbeny 
Buffinglon Isaac, cabinet maker 18 S 6lh 
Bujac Jolin L, merchant 130 Pine 

Matthew, fancy St china store 176 High 
Bulklcy C and J II, hatters 57 S 3d 
Bulklcy Chauncev, attorney at law 68 S 5th 
d h 6i S 3d 
widow Elizabetli, gentw 112 S 8th 
Bullock Benjamin, wool dealer 32 N 3d 

Davis and co, wood dealers 32 N 3d 

and 473 N J'ront 
Joseph, M D 45 N 8th 
Bumford James, grocer 224 S 6th 
Bumm Georg-e, carter Walnut n Sch 

Peter, silversmith 119 Chesnut 
Bunker C, confectioner 120 S Front 

Nathan, flom" mer 56 S wharves d h 

22 Washington square 
and StaiT, flour mer 56 S wharves 
Bunting Alice, tutoress 117 N Front 

Jacob T, mer 26 S whas d h 65 Pine 
Joshua, mer 95 N 2d 
Josiah, lumber mer 281 Spruce 
Kitty, tutoress Chester n Sassafras 
Patrick, mariner 3 Millei-'s ct 
Samuel C, mer 28 S wharves d h 235 

widow, 95 N 2d 
Rurd Edward, gent 247 Chesnut 

Ed S, coun at law Chesnut S W cor 9th 
Burden Alexander, fancy and Windsor chair 
maker 293 and 297 Mulbeny 
Joseph, foncy chair ms 95 & 97 S 3d 
Levi, 159 S 3d 
Lydia, seamstress 216 S 3d 
Burgess Robert, grocer High W of Sch 6th 
Burgin Geoi-ge, 479 Sassafi-as 

George H. M D & druggist 74 Chesnut 
& S E cor 3d & Mulberry d h 163 S 5th 
Godfrey, stone cut N 13th n Lawrence 
& Wood, ch-ugts & apo1hs29 & 57N 3d 
Burdock Thomas and Waltin, 10 Jones' al 
Burk James, commission mer 15 S Front d h 
Chesnut n 13th 
John, painter and glazier 3 Hydes ct 
Michael, boot and shoemaker 160 S 4th 
Thomas, mer 6 N 2d 
William A, storekeeper 67 N 3d 
Biirkart F R, piano forte maker 90 S 2d 
Burke James, grocer 11th n Spruce W 

lUukliardt Henr)-, store keeper 7 N 2d d h 

70 Vino 
Burkhart James, sea cai)taii\ Locust and 12tli 
J, 229 Lombai-d 
Peter, hair dresser 57 N Water 
Robert, liair dresser and dentist 72 

N Front 
Samuel, bruslmiakcr 66 N Front 
Samuel, jr bookljiiider 91 N 5th 
Valentine, clcik Appletree al 
Hurkitt Hannah, 23 Middle al 
Rurlin.t,' B S, merchant 4 S 10th 
Burns John M, Ijoot and slioe maker 54 S 4tli 
Nicholas, gror S W cor 7th & Sansom 
William, weaver 12tl» N W c Lombard 
widow Eliza, gentw 152 Locust 
Burr Caleb, shopkeeper cor Lemon 8t Chester 
Joseph, painter 225 Lombard 
fjolui, l)arl)er S 5th n Prune 
WiUiam H, b h 200 MulbeiTj- 
Burrough widow, tailoress 48 N 8th 
BuiTows Jesse, house carpenter 110 N 8th 
Burson John, commis mer d li 171 S 3d 
Burt Nathaniel, dry good mer 194 High 

Thomas, 11 Mercer 
Burtis Aaron H, plasterer 107 Filbert 
Burton Francis B, house carpenter 18 Cherry 
f Moses, waiter Lombard ab 10th 
Richard, house ciu-penter Sterling al 

d h 2 CheiTy 
Thomas, weaver Ann ab.l2th 
William, storekeeper 51 N 2d 
William, porter ale Sec S AV cor Ches- 
nnt and 2d d h 45 Sansom 
Bury John, diy good store 80 N 2d 
Busch A, boot and shoemaker 138 N 3d 

Myers, brushmaker Decatur 
Bush Peter, innkeeper 395 High 
Bushel John J, moiTocco dresser 210 Vine 
Busman John, Ijleeder &c 98 N 5th 

Mi's Mary^ cup and leecher"98 N 5th 

Bussier , gTocer S E cor Lombard & 4th 

Butcher Amos W, grocer and agent for the N 
Y mere line of packets 49 N Water 

boot mr Chesnut 

Samuel, ladies shoemr 126 Sassafras 
WiUiam, storekeeper 3d bel Dock 
Bute Charles, sugar refiner 194 S Front 

George H, sugar refiner 194 S Front 
Butler James, accountant 9 HinckePs ct 
John, plane maker 12 Quarry 
Joseph, cooper 31 N 6th 
Miss (daughter of the late Pierce Esq) 

N W cor Chesnut and 8th 
Mrs, 140 S 4th 
R, baker Prosperous al 
Samuel, tailor Nonnatcr's ct 
Samuel, painter and glazier 136 S 9th 
widow jane, tav keeper 44 S 8th 
Butterworth J, 157 S 2d 

& Cartwright, tin plate workers 
S W c 3d 8i Higli, & 444 N 2d 



Buzby Harman B, stone cutter 337 Sassafras d 
h 159 Cherry 

Hezekiah, flour mer 365 High d h 369 

John, merchant 96 1-2 High 

Mrs, gentlewoman 160 Cheny 
Buzzard George, sieve maker Shippai'd's al 
Byer George, labourer back of 446 Sassafi'as 
Byers Christian, printer N 13tli bel Vine 

Samuel, house carpenter 16 Watson's 
Byerly John, gentleman 192 Vine 

Stephen, shopkeeper 68 N 4th 

widow, 45 N 7th 

widow Elizabeth, gentw 131 N 6tli 
Byrne Mrs, b h S W cor Spruce and 6tli 
Bywater Sarah, 65 N 6th 

Cabot Joseph, mer 123 S Front d h 73 Spruce 
Cadett Lyon, dry good store 82 N 4th 
Cadington widow, b h 258 Sassaft-as 
Cadwalader John, attorney at law 62 S 6th d 
h S E cor 9th and Mulbeny 

Thomas, M G P M Sc counseller 
S E cor MidbeiTy and 9th 
Cahill T, tav keeper South near Sch 
Cain Elizabeth, washerwoman Sch 8th n Vine 

James, tailor 3 N 8th 
Caines widow Hestei-, gentw 7 Shepard's al 
Cairy John, bottler 364 High 
Cake Joseph, hatter 110 N 2d 
Caldcleugh Robert A, gent 13 & 14 Clinton sq 
CaJdwell Alexander, innkr w bear 276 High 
David, clerk of U S dist & cir courts 

Franklin Institute 
George S, 10th n Market 
Henry, gi-ocer 12 Strawberry 
James, bricklayer 32 Quince 
James, fish monger 7 Strawberry 
John, cup &. bleeder 13th bel Spiiice 
Richard, printer Eckfeldt's ct 
Timotiiy, brickmr Spruce bet 12th 

and Juniper 
Airs, 199 AValnut 
Callahan Charles, mer 3 Union d h 122 S 8th 
Martin, shopkr 194 Lombard 
widow, shop Lombard bel 13th 
Calvert Thomas, S E cor 9th and Sassafi-as 
Calvery Catharine, marketwoman 12 Jones' 

(Pewter platter) al 
Camac Turner, gent 152 S 3d 

W M, atty at law N W.c Union & 3d 
Camall James, porter 18 Dock 
Camden Bank, Communications to be left at 21 
Church al from 10 to 12 A M & 2 to 5 P M 
Camm WiUiam, hatter 26 N 3d 
Cammack Samuel, labr Weaver's al bel 13th 
Cameron Alexander, St Mary 
Ann, 77 N 7th 
John, black smith back of 106 d h 

104 N 8th 
Samuel, jeweller 33 N 3d 
Campbell Alexander, gentleman 109 S 10th 

Campbell B H, atty at law 54 Walnut 
C, 304 Walnut 

David, cabinet maker 17 Chesnut 
Ethan, tailor, 160 S 4th 
George, atty at law 203 Mulberry 
George, weaver 144 N Front 
George, collector 149 Sassafras 
James, tailor 245 S Front 
John, sea captain 122 Pine 
John, jewr S E cor 4th &. Spruce 
John, tailor 160 S Water 
John, Sch 6th bel Walnut 
John D, mer tailor lower 8 S 3d 
John H, atty at law 91 N 6th 
Levi, shoe mr with Henry Stappen 

197 N 2d 
Michael, laboiu-er Cresson's ct 
Mrs Susan, gentw 136 S 4th 
Quintin, cash Phila bank 50 S 4th 
Robei't, engraver 63 Cedai' 
S, seminary 156 S 10th 
Thomas, laches shoe store 81 Cedai- 
Thomas, jeweller Adam bet 12th 
and 13th 
Wm, dry gd sto N E c 3d &. Cedar 
William, shoe store 87 Cedar 
William, cooper 198 S Front 
widow, washerwn b of 213 CheiTy 
widow, 169 Walnut 
Campion Francis, accountant 25 N 5th 
Campfield Jivmes A, merchant 1 1 S 2d 
Canagan Jacob, back of 204 Cherry 
Canby Calel) II, plumber 10 Bank and back of 
137 High 
Isaiah H, grocer N W comer S 4th and 

Walnut dh 119 Walnut 
;Morit, Church al d h cor 4th &. Prune 
Cane TJiomas, labourer Sch 5th n Chesnut 
Cancr Michael, coach maker 205 S 7th 
Canficld P, lott & exch brok 129 Chesnut 
Cannon Daniel B, flour and grain merch 64 S 
wharves d h 63 Gaskill 
I'rancis, labourer 10th near Sassafras 
James, straw bonnet & leghorn ware 
house 67 S 2d 
Samuel, innkeeper black horse 427 

and clothing store 433 High 

William, tav and liv stab kr 83 S 5th 

Canter J, h carpenter Quince bel Walnut W 

Cany Charles, dry good & fancy store 5 S 2d 

Caravadossy de Tlioet (chevalier) consul gen 

of Sardin'ia, 294 Walnut 
Cardeza John M, geittleman 517 Union 
Cardwell, Potter and co importers of Engflsh 
goods 30 and 32 S Front 
Wilham C, mer Walnut bel 13th N 
Care widow Barbara Ann, b h 238 Spnice 
Carels Joseph, house carpenter Mint ct 

Samuel, house carpenter 173 Cherry 
William, innkeeper 203 Chesnut 
Caren Henry, 232 S 2d with Peter Lacombe 
Carey H C, bookseller &. stationer S E cor 4th 
and Chesnut d h 114 Walnut 



Carey Lea &. Carc)', bocikscllcrs & stationers 
126 Chcsnut S E cor 4tli 
MatJiew, j^ontlcnian 124 Clicsnut 
Cariss William, tailor 91) N dth 
Carlcn M, tav keeper 125 Drawbridge 

willow, Juniper al 
Carlisle lliulson, city paver Spnicc 2 doors 
ab (iuince 
John, h car]) Mulberry n Sch 8th 
John, ladies shoe store 201 S 2d 
Robert S, 12th ub Spruce 
AVilliam, h carp Mulberry Sch 8th 
Carlisle widow, shop 82 Mulberry 
Carll Rev Maskall, 1) D pastor of the N Jeru- 
salem ch 150 Mulberry 
Carlton Gcorg-c, gent 145 Spnicc 
(^armalt C and J, conveyancers 241 Mulberry 
C;irmack Miss Susan, gentw 125 Lombard 
widow Mary, tav kr 163 N Water 
Carman Jacob, house capenter 132 S 4th 
Thomas, coachmaker 30 Chcriy 
William, wholesale grocer 317 High 
Wilson V, coachmr 3 d h 30 Cheny 
Carmichael G and Son, tobacconists 404 Hig'h 
Carpenter G W, chemist 221 High 

Henry, with Isaac carpenter 
Isaac,' slioemakcr 208 S 2d 
John, tiiilor 88 S 2ddh51 Walnut 
J R ]{, U S d h 258 Hign 
John, l)ricklaycr 75 N 10th 
Joshua, painter & glaz 70 I^ombard 
Samuel, L accountant 40 S 13th 
Thomas, hatter 124 High 
widow Sarah, gcntw 85 ChciTy 
Carpentler wid of J>e wis D, gentw 208 Ohcsnut 
Carr Benjamin, music master 7 Powell 
J, innkeeper 248 High 
Morg-an, g-rocer S 3d S W cor Cypress 

al d h 148 S 3d • 

Thomas, prof & vender of music 169 Pine 
widow, Sch Front near Mulberry 
widow, Townscnd's ct 
widow Mary, nurse Juniper al 
widow Maryi 157 S 3d 
Carrell Elijah, Dean 

Edwin L, atty at law 67 Walnut 
John, sen 107 Chcsnnt 
Games Richard, Lombard near Sch 
Carress William B, tailor 128 N 5th 
Carrette Andrew, teacher of langs 58 N 8th 

James, accountant 58 N 8th 
Camgan Jacob, s'dver plater 24 Vine shop b 

of 99 Mulberry 
Carrol Betsey, 13 Wagner's al 
Elijah A, acct 31 Dean 
Harriott, 254 Walnut 
Thomas, whitesmith 42 Zane 
William, waiter 216 S 7th 
widow Ilonora, gentw 51 Mulberry 
Carson John, drajTTian back of 78 S P'ront 
Miss, 401 High 

Robei-t, shoestore 251 S 2d d h Prime 
Thomas, Sch 6th neai- Cherry 
William, plasterer Spruce S W c, 12th 

Carstairs James, grocer S wliarves alj Soutli d 
h 31 Lombaixl 
Thomas, 31 Lombard 
Carswell Mrs Margarc-t, 144 S 2d 
Gai-ter Durden B,'mer(hant 188 High 
Carter H Y, M D 82 S 5lh 

Josiah, hatter 9 Littleboy's ct 

J, caller 9 Unicm 

R and M, cliina store 21 N 2d 

Sharon, agent for the Jersey glass co 

281 High 
'J'homas T and William T, liv stab krs 

Prune bet 5th and 6th 
William T, liv stab kr 152 S 6th 
William, silk dyer & scourer 1 14 N 4th 
William, blacksmith 58 Vine 
AN illiam M, tiu-ncr 78 N 6th 
widow Elizabeth, layerout of the dead 

3 Ilinckle's ct 
widow Sarah, b h 16 Prune 
Carteret Daniel, chair maker 109 Lombard 
Cartmell Solomon, blacksmith and fan-icr 125 

S 6th d h 13 Elizabeth 
Carver Mrs Hannah, 96 Spruce 
. Carvill Henry, gold beater 55 Dock 
Casey Michael, shoemaker 28 Crown 
Cash A 1), conveyancer 41 N 5th 
John S, tobacconist 82 Vine 
Thomas, insp of the cust 148 Mulberry 
widow Ann, tobacconist 3 MulbeiTy d 
h 82 Vine 
Cashburii James, manuf Chcsnut W of Broad 
Caskcy James, gi'ocer and distiller S W cor 
High and 12th 
Joseph, gi-ocer 392 d h 441 High 
fCassey Joseph, hairdi-es &. pci-f sto36 S4th 
Cassaday John, baker 124 S 2nd 

widow Sarah, Cressons ct 
Cassiday James, grain and feed store Hamil- 
ton's wiiarf d h 4 Penn 
John, tav kr N E cor P'ilbert & 11th 
Castles Enoch, grocer 2 Spruce 

James, drygood mer 214 S 2d 
James, grocer 75 Ceckr 
Josc])h, cby good store 183 Spinice 
Castor Jesse Y, attorney at law 36 S 5th 
Gathers John, back of 112 Cherry 
Cathrall Charles E, mer 234 High d h N E cor 

High and 7th 
Catherwood Hugh, distiller 226 South 6th 
Catlin George, musical instrut mr 65 S 11th 

George, 8th n Sassafi-as 
Cauffman Robert S, china store 17 N 3d 
Caufinder Miss, 151 Pine 
Caulette U, jeweller 23- Powel 
Cave Thomas, druggist N E cor 6th & High 
Cavenaugh William, Innkeeper 499 High 
Ca\ ender Curtis, dry good store 233 S 2nd 
Gaviceces Saturnino, 45 N 6th 
Cer\'eaii Joseph, fancy toy store 52 Chesnut 
Ghace John, innkeeper S W c Locust & 6th 
(Miadwick wid, S Broad bet George & Walnut 
Chaloner and Henry, mer 192 High 



Chaloner William, merchant 192 Hig"h d h 353 

Chamberlain Mrs Hannah, b h 104 Mulberry 
James, cordwainer 25 N 6th 
WiUiam, mer 322 Mulberry 
Chambers Rev Jolm, 47 S loth 

John, storekeeper 183 S 2d 
Matthew, tinman 203 High 
Robert, ship chandler and grocer 

57 S whanes d h 68 Swanson 
WiUiam, 31 Cedar 
Champion Charles, innkeeper & ferry house 
1 Midberrj' 
William, innkeeper South st wharf 
■)• Chapman Clayton, cordwainer 183 Spruce 
Chapman George, boot & shoemr 156 S 11th 
Jolm, acct 1 Mulberry , 
John, cab maker 84 Mulberry 
John, engineer 54 Vine 
K, b h 18 Branch 
Luke, tinman 187 Lombard 
ilr and Mrs, institution for the cure 
of the impedi in speech 217 Pine 
Nathaniel, M D 9 York buildings 

office Goodwater 
William, bricklayer Shepards al 
widow, 5 X 10th 
widow, 246 Spruce 
widow Eli zabeth, matron of the Pro- 
vidence society 3 South al 
Chapman WUliam, 

Chancellor wid Hannah, gentw 271 Chesnut 
Chandler John, 159 S 6th 

Misses Elizab & A, gentw N 16 9th 
Thomas, 92 X 4th 
i-Chapron John M, mer 155 High d h 189 Chest 

and Nidelet, mercliants 155 High 
• Chardonne, gent N W cor Spruce and 4th 
Chase Benjamin, 12 Currant al 

William F, acct cor 7tli and Sassafras 
Chatham John, cordwainer 9 Lombard 

Joseph, cordwainer S E cor Black- 
berry and Dean's al 
Chauncey Charles, councellor at law 85 d h 
87 Wahmt 
Ehhu, cash bank Penn 157 Walnut 
•Cheesman Richard, victualler Lombard n Sch 
Chesapeake & Delaware canal offi 99 Walnut 
Chesnut Samuel, grocer S E cor 8th & Vine 
Chester Henrj", attorney at law 51 S 5th 
Chevaher Abraham, sculptor 56 Lombard 
Chevass Anthony, gent 104 S 5th 
Chew Benjaman, gentleman 87 S 4th 
Benjamin, jr 87 S 4th 
Joseph, ladies shoemaker 223 Chesnut 
Misses, gentw Walnut 1st door bel 11th 
Samuel, attv at law 90 d h 87 S 4th 
widow, 91 N 2d 
ChierdaU Paul, tailor Elbow lane 

ChildsC G, historic and landscape engraver 54 
Sansom, d h 200 Chesnut 
G K, silver smith 34 Dock 
Eliza, b h 190 High 
E.zekiel, grocer 19 N 5th 
Stephen, comb maker 6 Branner's al 
Chilsea J, tailor 128 S Water 
Chiswjck George, weaver Adam 
Chitti Gievanno, moidder in plaister of Paris 

Diehl's ct back of 40 Cherry 
Christian Michael, 109 Sassafras 

Peter, alderman 72 N 3d 
Christie William, upholsterer 145 Chesnut 
Christman Henry, manuf of woolen yarn 116 
& Stoddert, drj-good merchs S E 

cor 2d & Vine 
WiUiam, store keeper 201 N 2d 
Chrj'stler Jacob, collector 3 N 3d 

William, watchmaker 3 N 3d 
Chrysty John, farmer 20 Cj-pres al 
Chubb Samuel, drj- good mer 235 S 2d 
Chur John, turner 85 Sassafras 
Chur Jacob, baker 85 Sassafras 
Churchman Mordecai, 190 Pine 
Clair widow, baker 20 Franklin ct 
Clampher William, hatter 31 Church al 
Clantus George, carpenter 12 Jones' al 
Clapier Lewis, mer 6 Lombard d h 216 S Ft 
Clare Robert, porter Sturgess ct 
Claridge P J, legn & straw hat store 23 1-2 N 2d 
Clark Benjamin and Ellis, clock and watch 
makers 1 3 Front 
Benjamin, clock and watch maker 1 S 

Front d h 88 Mulberrj- 
Benjamin, oS Powell d h 87 S 4th 
Caleb F, tador 25 Key'.s al 
Calvin, printer 125 N 8th 
Catharine, seamstress 4 Raspbeny al 
and Conover, shoe store 90 High S W 

cor 3d 
David, boot and shoemr 31 Jones' al 
David, book binder 171 High back and 

118 N 4th 
David, shoe store 3 1-2 S 4th 
Ephraim, gentleman 3 S 9th 
George, painter Eckfeldt's ct back of 

4 South al 
George, accountant 6 Pear 
George, poatman 257 S Front 
jjacob, porter 13 Chesnut 
Jacob R, engine maker 229 Cherry 
J, 71 Cherry 

James G, auctioneer 167 Mulberry 
James, book br 13 Sassafras & 137 S Ft 
Jane, bonnet maker 9 Strawberry 
John, plumber 106 N 6th 
John, turner 198 S 4th 
John, printr 35 Carter's al d h 85 Locust 
John L, mer 99 S Front d h 32 N 5tli 



Clark J Y. M D 167 Miilbcny 

Josepli, f^cntJenuiii 21 N 6tli 

Joscpli, iiurZ S Water a h 102 S Fwnt 

,Joscpl> C, 40 N 4tli 

Kimble, sliopkcepcr \ aux's ct 

Lunibei-t, book Ijiisdir and stationer S , 

K, cor of Front ami Sassafnis 
L U, balf price book store 4 S Front 
Lewis, N F cor of Lawrence tinil L>tli 
Misses Mary and Jane, g-cntw 38 N 5th 
Michael F, shoe store 90 High S AV cor 

od il li 157 Mulbem' 
Richard, bi-cwer 205 Chcny 
Thomas, mcr 7 S A>'ater d h 8 N Front 
Thonuis, book binder b of 171 High d 

h 10 Sugar al 
Thomas, mer 29 N 3d 
Thomas C, piiblr 45 Chesnut d h 9 Pine 
Willitim H, printer 157 N 3d 
AVilliam, back of 448 Sassafras 
■William, Sixssafnis 1st ab Front 
and Wright, ciiina mcr 275 High 
William H, carpenter 28 Bank 
AVilliam, lookg glass fi-amemr 23 N 10th 
William, coach trimmer 12 N 13tli 
William, acct in Pcim bank 172 S 11th 
widow Ann, 16 Little Pine 
widow, 85 N 6th 
\vidow, 203 High 

widow Mar}', tayloress 25 Cresson's al 
widow, 20 Rranner's al 
Clai'ke and Rascr, printers 35 Carters al 
Ckrkson J, 226 Pine 

Jacob, acct U S bank 166 Spruce 
J G, atty at law 128 W'alnut 
I Clarkson Quaminy, teacher 167 Pine 

Robert, supercargo 166 Spnice 
Claskey >vid, circulating librarj- 128 S 5tli 
Class Peter, watchman 36 Strawbeny 
Claway William, tavern Hodge's wharf 
Clawges John, jr teacher 87 N 8th 
Claws John H, storekr N W cor Pine &. 11th 
Claxton A, bookseller 13 S 4th 

Gieorge B, ship chandlei'5 N wharves 

d h 31 Pine 
John, mer 6 N whanes d h 7 S Ft 
John W', druggist 18 S Front 
Clay Curtis, book kr Girai-d's bank 35 Dock 
George, acct 112 S P'ront 
J AV, 147 N 9th 
Clajiiole Elizabeth, 112 S Front 

& Wilson, upholsterers 112 S Front 
Clayton Charles, coach maker 3 Filbert 
Ctulis, shoemaker 156 Lombard 
E'dward, constable 5 Heyde's ct 
John, cord»vainer 2 Juniper lane 
>L-s, 3 Filbert 
Reynold, attendant at a china store 

369 Mulberry 
William, 109 Sassafras 
Cleghorn John, acct 317 Sassafras 
Clein widow Elizabeth, gentw 68 N 6th 
Clemens Benjamin S, musi instrut rar 42 Vine 

Clement Aaron, innkeeper sign of the Indian 
Queen 15 S 4t!i 
Jacob B, merciiant 245 Spruce 
Samuel, 184 Market 
T hatter with Joseph Broadhurst tav 

keeper 193 N 3d 
widow of Jacob, 65 Pine 
Clements W, manuf (jf cottim goods 403 High 
William, tav kr High E of Sch 7th 
Ckmson w idow Elizabeth, gentw S W cor 

Filbert and 9th 
Clevenger Squire, tailor 48 Sassafras 
Clew Edward, bi-icklayer Acorn al bcl Locust 

Peter, Sassafras near Sch 8th 
Cliffoixl C, tav keeper 235 Lombard 

Hannah, 141 S 10th 
Clifton John, gentleman 110 S 3d 
Cline C, baker 187 S 5th 

George, tailor 90 N 9th 
Joseph, blacksmith Pine bel 12th 
Michael A, painter and glazier 33 Dean 
dinger Frederick, sail nu- L AVater ab Cedar 
Clinton F., 108 S 4th 

George, accountant bank of North 

America &. Perrj' n Pine 
William, acct Filbert near Sch 8th 
Clopp G, inn & liv stab keeper 15 Branch 

Jacob, upholsterer 96 New 
Cloud Joseph, refiner at the mint276 Mulbeny 
Clufty J, harness maker Unity row 
Cluiey Andrew, Pine ab 11th 
John, 13th 

John, jr wire worker 73 S 5th 
Clumm E 169 S 5th 

Clutch widow, b h 11 Pennsylvavia avenue 
widow Rebecca, b h rear of 89 High 
Clyde Mary Jane, tayloress 390 Sassafras 
CljTner George, card mamif Shield's ct 
Coates Benjamin H, M D 59 Spruce 

Caleb, N 9th n to cor of Cherry 
George M china mcr 49 High 
Josiah, accountant 60 N 3d 
Matthias, acct 475 Sassafras- 
Rennell, M D 145 S 9th 
Samuel, jr acct 210 S 4th 
widow ilarj', gentw 60 N 3d 
Cobb & Pan-, tailors 240 High 
Coburn Robert, distiller- 74 d h 119 Cedar 
Cochran widow Araminto, tav kr & bottUng.' 

cellar 76 and 86 N Water 
Cochitine H C, Wilson's ct 

John, baker 362 High 
John, weaver Dean cor of Locust 
John, tailor 118 N Water 
John, carpenter 207 S 4th 
M 8c S, tobacconist 19 Strawbeny " 
W G, mer 33 1-2 S Front d h Ches- 
nut 3 doors bel 13th N 
Wdham, weav S Juniper bel Walnut 
Cockbum James, manaf George ab 13th 
Cofi'ce James, plumber 61 Walnut d h 66 Geo 
Jonathan, printer merchs coffee house 
Coffin A, oyster house 34 N 3d 



Coffin Mary, milliner 244 Lombard 

Thomas M, manuf ofspennoil and can- 
dle 364 llig'h d h 14 Swanson 
widow Anna, b h 44 S 6th 
CofFry Maria, cake baker 147 S 8th 
Cohen A B, carver and gilder 159 Cedar 

A M & E L, drnggs 453 Hig-h & 7 S rth 

Eleazar, di'ugg'ist 453 High 

E, gentleman 230 Sassafras 

J J jr and brothers, lott &, exch broks 

35 S 3d 
Joseph S, attorney at law 22 N 4th d 

h 453 Market 
M E, 70 S 4th 
Samuel, druggist 453 High 
Cole Francis, cordwainer 126 Sassafras 

• James H, wholesale and retail cloth &c 
store 99 High 
Jolui, porter 2 Mej^er's ct 
John, merchant 19 S 2d 
Ricliard, cordwainer Cressons al 
Coles William, carpenter 207 Sassafras 
Coleman Edward, gent 381 Mulberry 
Jacob, grocer 327 High 

fancy and cap store 36 and 37 

Pliiladelphia ai-cade 
J D commls mer 6 S wharves 
James, whip manuf 62 MulbeiTy 
John, brewer 66 S 8th 
Lydia, 64 N 6th 
Nathan, Cherry near Juniper 
widow, 12th ab Midbeny 
ColesbeiTy Isaac G, storekeeper 32 S 2d 
Johrt, saddler 7 Sterhng al 
widow, 138 High 
CoDioun Anch-ew, mer 13th S ws d h 43 N 3d 
F & C, gi-ocers N E cor Vine & 11th 
G and H, mers 37 N water . 
Gustavus, mer 37 N Water d h 265 

Gustavus, jr M D S W cor of 11th &. 

Sassafras d h 265 Chesnut 
Hugh, mer 37 N Water d h S 12th 

oppo Friends meeting n High E 
John, dra}^inan Ann n Sch 8th 
John, grocer N 10th 1st bel Vine 
Samuel, M D 17 S 7th 
Colladay Charles, liouse carpenter 3 Castle 
Collady James, house carpenter 144 S 5th 
Mr, Jacoby near Sassafras 
S, house carpenter 110 N 10th 
Samuel R, thy gd store 398 Sassafras 
Theodore, house carpenter 16 Castle 
Wilham, N 12th ab Mulbeny 
Collar Mary, poulterer 1 Pine 
Collins Bernard, porter 22 Hurst 

Charles, painter & glazier S W cor 

Chesnut and 3d 
f Cato, wall colourer 100 N 4th 
Charles, clothing store 40 High 
James S, sea captain 69 Gaskill 
John, plasterer N Sch 4th n High 
Mary, shopkeeper 57 Dock 

Collins William, 112 Mulbeny 
Zacclieus, gent 29 N 2d 
widow Eliza, dry good store 38 S 5th 
widow, milhner 172 S 2d 
widow Lydia, 69 Gaskill 
*Colquhoun wid J, gentw Chesnut n Juniper 
Colson Deborali, bonnet maker 9 Sti'awberiy 
Colsher David, carter 468 Sassafras 
Colton O, sluittlemaker 2 Emlens ct 

Sabine, packing box maker Sugar al 
Simon, grocer 102 S 2d 
Colteau John B, raer 140 S 5th 
Combs George W, house carpenter 174 S 4tli 

'I'homas, cabinet maker 120 S 4th 
Comegys Cornelius Sc co, mer 40 N 8th 
Cornehus, mer 40 d h 42 N 8th 
Mortimer, 40 N 8th 
Comly David, house cai-penter 196 Cherry 
Ethan, diy good store 199 N 2d 
John, Sch 8th neai" Sassafras 
Samuel, commis mer &c presi Southk 
bank 73 High d h 26 Chui-ch al 
Compton H, storekeeper 27 N 6th 

Joseph, draper and tailor 34 N 6th 
Conard John, marshall of the E dist of Penu 

office hall of the FrankUn institute 
Condail Thomas, cliina store 211 S 2d 
Conde Charles, hair di'esser 114 N 5th 
Condie Jonathan W, attorney at law 67 Dock 
Thomas G, attornev at law 196 S 5th 
Cone Miss, gentw 82 S 8th 
Conine J F, lotty and exch brok 3 S 3d 
Connard William, brushmaker 14 Chester 
Connell Edward, h cai-p 6 College avenue 
John, Merchant 330 Chesnut 
Mary, 72 New 

Thomas H, M D 208 Mulberry 
Connelly A, baker 176 Pine 

Dennis, cab mr N E c Lombard & 5th 
John, cab mr N E cor Lombard & 5tli 
widow, gentw 280 Chesnut 
widow Mary, 59 Chester 
Conner Thomas G, oaJc cooper and guager 3 

and 18 Little water 
Connor Bernard, drayTiian Cedar bel 10th 

M, looking glass frame mr Cressons ct 
Conover Joseph, cordwainer 90 High 
Conrad John, clerk quarter sessions state 
house W wing 
Matthew, shoe store 60 High d h 25 

Peter, bnish manuf 203 High d h 199 

S 4th 
Solomon W, printer 32 Chu/ch al d h 

39 Zane 
Timothy, 39 Zane 
Constable R, gunsmith &c 88 S 2d 
Conway Mrs, 415 Mulberry 
ConwcU Rt Rev Heiu-y, D D bishop of tlie 

catholic diocess of Phila Williiig's al 
Conyers James, boot and shoemaker 40 S 3d 
d h 66 New 
Walter, gent 8 Library 




Conynghatn Davkl H, gent 65 i*j>nicc 
Cook Ahi-ani, lotu r curritr G7 New 

AlcxHiiilrr, tallow cliiintlkr 138 N 4th 

Cliuilcs L, tailor 71 N 5tli 

Dmv'kI, iiu-i-cli:int 14.'> Hif^fh 

Klislia \V, turmr 7 Piur d ii 105 I'iiio 

Kzrkii I, M 1) l;18 N 4tU 

V II, hat store oO S Gth 

i; H, fctcl store S lotli ah Walnut A)' 

tlcorg-c L, tailor 149 N 2d 

Jxspcr C, acct 68 I-onih.ird 

John, carter Nonnater's ct 

John,])cr Ui^'h hel Sch od 

John, nier N W cor Trontand Walnut 

d h 298 Chesnut 
John, china g'lass Ike store 47 N 3d 
John, stevedore 33 Fenn 
John, morocco dresser 2 Clever al 
and Leuftcr, liquor store High hct Sch 

3d and 4th 
and Parkins, cab makers 56 Widnut 
Uichanl, cb-u£!;'gist 47 N 3d 
Samuel, book binder 10 Jones' al 
Samuel, letter earner Brook's ct 
and Snowden, china mers 47 N 3d 
Thomas, cabinet maker 56 Wabiut 
William, tobacconist 4 N Front 
W Widlace, g'entlemau 298 Chesnut 
widow Marg-arct, shop 18 North al 
vidow Maiy, 19 Appletree al 
Cooke John, gentleman 147 Mulberry 

& Longstreth, h \v:u"e mers 137 High 
Thomas W, merchant 147 Mulberry, 
Thomas, h ware mei-s 137 High d h 
147 MulbciTy 
Cooper Benjamin, wiiolesale grocer 2 High 
Britain, w s grocer 2 High d h 10 N 9th 
B Sc B, w sale grocers 2 High wharf 
Collin, 31 Mulberry 
and (3larke, clothing store 44 High 
and Dunton, merchants 55 N Front 
Francis, tobacconist 313 High 
Geo, tin plat wr 8c braz 6tli ab High 
Hugh, wholseale gi'ocer 50 N 3d d h 

313 Mulberr}' 
James, sea captain 212 S 3d 
James, oak copper 204 S water 
James, brush maker 253 High 
John, printer 10 Green's ct 
Joseph, mer 41 Mulberry 
Joseph, guager 205 S Front 
Robert, ii carp 185 S 5th d h 137 Pine 
Robert, oak cooper 200 S Water and 
203 S Front 
Samuel C, tailor 5 Chancery lane 
Thomas, h w merch 51 High d h 175 

Thomas, constable 37 Strawbeny 
William, baker back of 26 N 3d 
widow Ann, gentw 17 Key's al 
widow Deboi-ah, gentw 169 Spruce 
u-idow. Prospect id 
widow, 22 Sassafi-as 
widow Mary, gentw 31 Mulberry 

Cope Caleb, mcr 165 High d h Yohc's hotel 
C and M C, mers 165 High 
Charles S, attorney at law 30 S 5Lli d h 

165 Walnut 
Israel, gent 186 Mulbeny 
llciinan, 3dasst casiu-bk U S 313 Mulby 
lleni-j , mer Walnut si wh d h 102 S 4th 
Jasper, mcr 165 Higli d h 391 Mulberry 
Marmaihike, mer 165 Higii 186 Mulby 
Tliomas P & Sons, mer Walnut wharf 
Thonias P, mer Wal nut st wh d h 36 N 4th 
(3opeland Natiianiel, dcp insp flour 157 N 3d 
Samuel, h carpenter 201 Sassafras 
Sarah, seamsti-ess Marks lane 
Copia Jacob, 213 Pine 
Corbin 1' P, atty at law 91 Walnut 

widow, 180 S lltli 
CorbittC, cab nn-93 S Front d h 26 Carters al 
Henry C, chy good store 36 S Front 
Israel, house cai'penter 471 Sassafras 
John U, carpenter 7 Fetter lane 
widow Elizabeth, 190 S 2d 
Cord Hannah, 121 N 6th 
Corey Elizabeth, 133 Spnice 
Helen, milliner S 2d 
John, attorney at law 224 S 4th 
Samuel, cordwainer Eckfeldts ct 
William, Jeweller 103 High 
Corken George, Pine bet 12th and 13tk 
Corlies B, Dean bel Locust 
Corlies Jacob W, mer 29 1-2 S whan-cs d h 
160 Mulberry 
Jacob W & CO, mers 29 1-2 S whai-ves 
Gorman AcUim, jr printer 146 Locust 

cake baker 31 N 6th 
Comeau John B, h carp c Watson & Shields al 
Cornelius Christian, silver plater and patent 
lamp manuf 181 &. 15 arcade d h 183 Cherry 
Cornelius ConkUn, St Mary's al 
Cornell AVm, sea capt 475 High. N W cor 13th 
widow Mary, grocer and liquor store 

475 High isf W cor 13th 
Mrs Maiy, S 4th 
Cornish (Jeorge, 13 Crown 

James, gentleman 94 Lombard 
Y K, bookbinder 149 Cedar 
Cornwell Joseph, M D 28 Church al 
Corric Hcnrj', organ builder 2 Blackberry al 
CoiTyell H L, 321 Sassafras 
Corv eU H Y, house carpenter 321 N 9th 

Henry, house carp 9 Gaskill d h 23 
Montgomery square 
Costen Levi, cabinet n\r S W c 5th &, Vine d h 

125 N 5tli 
Coster Henry, laboiu-er 10 Hoffmans al 
Costill Abigail M, bonnet maker 99 Mulberry 
Costinow Michael, lab S 12th bel Walnut E 
Cotton Owen, brass founder 7 N 12th 
CouUet H, 23 Powel 
Coulter Israel, mer 1 Union 
James, 1 Minor 
J, weaver Walnut ab 13th N 
John, mer 3 d h 5 Union 
widow, 142 S 10th 
Coupland W'ilham, stable kr 1 Hudson's al 
Courtney Joseph, house carp 8 Sugar al 



Cow ell J V, dry good store 38 S 2d 
Joseph, comedian 105 S 9th 
Cowpei-thwaite Ambrose, bricldayer and dry 
good store 309 High 
Hidings, booksr 15 N Front 

d h 118 N 5th 
Joseph, 2d assistant casliier 

bank United States 
Samuel, clei-k in bonk U S 
Samuel, Id shoeml71 Spruce 
William, shop 95 S 8th 
Cowpland David C, house carpenter 48 Union 
Cox Anthony, chair painter Vaux's ct 
David, Cherry near Sch 6tli 
Daniel, labom-er Say 
EUza, 53 Union 

Elizabetli wid, gentw Union N E cor 3d 
Gideon, cooper 233 High d h N 10th bel 

James, boatman M'Culley's ct 
J, house carpenter Pine bel 12th 
J, agent 204 Cherry 
John W, captain 10 S 12th 
John, gent Walnut 2 doors ab 12th S side 
Lawrence, carter S Juniper ab Spi-uce 
M, shopkeeper 337 High 
Misses Mary L & Susan H, teachers 234 

Rebecca &. co, dry good store 18 N 2d 
Rebecca, school Adams bet 12th &. 13th 
WiUiam, blacksmith 9 Quany 
.widow, shopkeeper 36 N Water 
widow, gentw 226 High 
widow Sai-ah, shopkeeper 120 Filbert 
widow Rachael, gentw 125 Mulberry 
Coxe Charles Sidney, asst Judge dist ct d h 
7 Sansom 
D Theodore, M D 16 N 9th 
Daniel W, gentleman 256 Walnut 
E S, atty at law 34 S 6t]i d h 7 Sansom 
Edward Jenner, M D 419 Chesnut 
John Redman, il D N W c Walnut & 9th 
Mrs Mary, gentlewoman 76 W^alnut 
Cozens Arcliibald J, 263 S 3d 

John laboiu'er Prospect ill 
J B, clock and watcli maker 61 S 2d 
d h Harmony ct S E cor 4th 
Coyle Catharine, tav keeper High E Sch 3d 
James, tailor 169 S 3d 
Heniy, shoemaker 77 Walnut 
Cragg Dennis, wholesale comb sto 153 High 

J, Watson's al 
Craig Jacob, porter Rose ct 

James, house cai-p N E cor Pine & 7th 
Miss Jane, gentw 113 Spruce 
John, smith and farrier 92 New 
John, tav keeper 136 Locust 
John, blacksmith S E cor QuaiTy &. 3d 
James, gent 152 Chesnut 
John, gint 152 Chesnut 
Samuel, smith and farrier 39 Locust d 
h 124 S 10th 

Craig Samuel, boaixiing house 12 High ^ 

Seth, ]r saddlery and globe mill ware h 

110 d h 246 High 
William, mer 8 Chesnut d h 136 S 2d 
widow Margaret, shopkr 385 Sassafras 
Cinuge Huston & co, saddlery and globe miU - 
ware house 110 High J| 

Craighead Samuel, sea captaiji 11 Key's al t- 

Mi-s Sarah, 2 Stamper's al 
Cram Samuel, Randle's ct 
Crammond Wm, mer Spruce bet 12th & Perry 
Ci"ane Catharine, 145 Locust 

Jolm, jr lumber mer N W 001* Broad 

and Chesnut 
Mi-s, 162 S Front 
Samuel, store keeper 117 N 10th 
Crangel Patrick, 192 S Front 
Cranner J S, shoemaker 26 S 2d 
Crap George M, tin plate worker 17 Spruce 

Nicholas, shoemaker 166 Pine 
Crawford Benjamin, tiiil &. clothier 7 Laurel ct 
John, Pine bet lltli & 12th 
John, tavern keep Castle 
Craycroft Catharine, 137 S 2d 

Samuel, brass founder 87 S 5th 
Creamer Hem-} , coachmr N 13th bet Cherry 

and ^IidbeiTy 
Crean Jolm, gent 94 S 8th 
Crease ^Villiam G, grocer Lombard n 12th 
Crees Thomas C, coach maker lamp manuf 13 

Juniper lane d h 81 S 11th 
Creighton John, book binder 1 Hinckle*s ct 
Robert, Irish linen wai'e house 28 S 

Front dl\ 163 Spruce 
Thomas, ladies slioemr 384 High 
Crcssman Heniy, mihtary cap nru- 138 N 8th 
Cresson Benjamin,.cliinamerd h 197 Sassafras 
J, china mer 227 High d h 37 N 7th 
James & brothers, china mer 227 High 
John, china &c mer 227 High 
Josliua, accountant 18 Chester 
and Maull, printei-s Hartung's al 
widow Mary, gentw 30 Sansom 
widow Sarah, gentw 261 Mulbeny 
Cretli Wilham, distiller 108 N 9th 
Crispin Mrs, 242 Filbert 
Crissey James, bookbinder and seller 14 S 7tli 
Crocket Henry, horse doctor Cedar bet 3d 

and 4th 
Croft Thomas, sea captain 25 Elfreth's al 
CroU Martin, sliopkr c Branners & Mulberry al 
Crolls Hemy, labourer 32 Sugar al 
Cromly Thomas, teacher 31 N 7tli 

widow, 31 N 7th 

Cromwell James, S W cor Cherry & Sch 7th 

John, Juniper n Cherry 

John, bricklayer 20 Schriver's ct 

Cronin Edward, grocer S E cor 5th & Spruce 

Cropper Kendle S, lumber mer di-awbridge d 

h 58 Lombard 
Crosby David, manuf of shoepg &c Prosps al 
and HoUinbake, acad of lang 130 S 2d 
Magnus, stone cutter 30 N 10th 



Crosby Thomas P, storekeeper S 11th 
Croskov Coo 1), firsttcllerin Sch bk 14oN9th 
Cross Hcnjumm, prof of music 2U1 Spruce 
Crossman >Villi;im, tidlow chandler and soap 

boiler 32 Stamper's al 
Crosson widow Ann, Dean 
Croston M'illiam, cooper 43 S whanes 
Crothers W S, nnr 219 Hig-hd h 389 Mulberry 
Crouchcr Samuel, oak cooper 22 SuLfar al 
Crouse John, employed in a di-ujj store Perry 
bet Sassafras and Vine 
John, Richanlson ct 
^lichael, N Juniper n Sassafras 
Crousillette Lewis, gentw 91- Union 
Crowell Elisha, drug'gist & apotliy N E c Ce- 
dar and 5th d h 217 S 5th 
Jane, 197 S 4th 
Samuel, captain 197 S 4th 
Thomas, ''•entleman 147 Pine 
Crowley James, shoemaker Sheafi''s al 

Joseph, acad Sc bocjk store 405 High 
Crozer Margaret, gentw 39 Union 
Crozet E F, printer 191 Lombard 
Crozier Benjamin, shoemaker 3 Ehnslies al 

J, mer So S Ft d h S E c Libnir}' h 5th 
Cnikshank Joseph, gent 16 and 20 Church al 
Cruse Peter, sea captain 19 Penn 
Cruson Samuel, wheelwt Sch 7tli ab Spruce 
Crjder Thomas, house carp 165 N 3d 
Cu'dlip R, 131 N 3d 
Culin John and Son, tailor 2 S Water 

widow, 1 Elfreth's al 
Culver Richard, instrut mr b of 104 Union 

Sarah, tailoress 104 Union 
Culvertson James, wea Adxims bet 12tli & 13th 
Cumming Wm, dv}' good store kr 2 IJecutur 
Cummings John, lab Lombard W Sch Front 
Samuel M, lott broker 221 S 2d 
Thomas, coppermith 29 North al 
William, gro salt & grain store 92 

5 whanes d h 26 Plum 
Cummins David, mer 68 S whar d h 92 Union 
Cumiiiiskey E, booksr S E cor 4th &. Walnut 
Cunningham A L, dry good store 24 arcade 

6 Ci-aw'les, card manufs 2 S 3d 
D W, wheelw N 1 1th ab Sassafi-as 
and Downes, bottlers N E cor 

Cherry and Juniper 
J, boot and shoe store 296 High 
Thomas, lad shoemr 28 Strawby 
widow, Chesnut bel 13th N side 
widow. Walnut ab 13th N side 
Curby Michael, guager & cooper H5 S Water 
Curcier Andrew, mer Minor d h 292 Chesnut 
Curren William, livery stable Marshal's al 
Currin John, sUk dyer &c 5H Bread 

Timothy, plaistr & grocer 305 Walnut 
Curry James, labourer 2 Heyde's ct 
John, tailor 57 S 3d 
and Preston, silversmiths 103 Chesnut 
William, bricklayer Fries ct 
Curtis John, brass founder 28 N 5th 

John H, tobacconist 77 High 
Curtis wid Margaret, mangier 16 Combs al 

•{•widow Rebecca, sweep mistress 34 
Powell d h Shippen ab 3d 
Currin Robert, weaver Pine K of Rroad N 

Thomas, cab maker 65 Srtssafras 
Ovithbert Antliony, gent 41 Penn 
Miss, b b 71 Lombard 
Samuel C, gent 206 S 3d 
Cutter Ephraini, smith St James 
Cuyk A, toy store 44 N 4th 

Da Costa J C, mer 63 S Water d h 218 N Ft w l 
Dugg J L, 157 S 9th 

Dainty John, cop plate pr 1 Elizabeth S side 
Daily Josepli, vinegar yard Sassafras n 12th 
Daix Elov, lad hair dresr 56 S 4th d h Spruce 
Dale Edwarrl C, 107 Pine 

AL-s widow of com U Dale, 296 Walnut 
Mrs Margaret, gentw 127 Lombard 
Daley James, waterman 173 S Front 

James, tavern keeper 180 S Water 
Patrick, druggist 119 S 6th 
Peter, liv stab keeper 9 little George 
Dalnhofl" Nicholas C, 173 S Front 
Dallam John, saddler 18 High 
Dallas Alex James, capt U S ny 2 Boston row 
Alexander, 209 Sassafras 
George M, atty at law 154 Chesnut 
Dallitt Elijah, soap & tallow cliandler 306 

Elijali &. Tiiomas, soap & tallow chand- 
lers 34 & 341 High 
Dalling James, w house man S 13th n High E 
Dalton James, grocer 5 Spruce d h 144 S Ft 
James, hau- di-esscr 86 Loctist 
Patrick, sail maker Towsend's ct 
Dalzell Wn., insp of customs up 76 Lombard 
Dan Joseph, 153 S Water 
Dance widow Sarah, b h 60 Mulberry 
Dandelott widow Louisa, gentw 40 S 8th 
Dannakcr C, storekeeper 135 N 3d 
Daniels Jolm R, tailor 145 S Front 

Joseph, grocer Lombard bel 12th 
John T, cordwaincr 212 Vine 
Joshua, grocer S 12th bel Pine 
Dankwortli Frederick, 71 N 5tli 

Jolin, Zvlyers ct 
Dannenhower Charles, inn kr old Rotterdam 

tuv 118 N 3d 
Darly H, commedian and p painter 80 S 11th 
Daring John, labourer back of 322 Sassafras 
Damion William, saddler 245 S 2d 
Darnell H Y, measurer of grain 135 S Water 
Dan-ach Archibald, Juniper al 

Thomas 15, and co96 High 
Thomas B, manufr 32 Church al 
WiUiam, M D 268 Mulberry 
Darragh John, house caqj enter 209 S 7th 
John, malster Broad bel Vine 
widow, gentw 268 Mulberrj- 
Dase Adam, Juniper bet Cherry & Sassafras 



Dashiell A H, 111 Walnut 
Dathoff N C, grocer 172 S 9th 
Davenport Francis, labourer Marks lane 
R W, ironmong-er 226 S 2d 
S H, accountant 86 Sassafras 
William, ihathemat & opti insni mr 
25 S f"ront d h 86 Sassafras 
David Henry, dry g'Ood store 139 Hig-h 

Jacob, mer 13 S 3d d h Vine ab Ann 
John T, mer 83 S Front d h 173 Walnut 
Davidson Andrew, cooper 1 Rudolph's ct 
David, tav keeper 215 S Front 
Train & Norcose, colomb transport 

line to N Y 61 N Front 
William, stock aivd exch broker 71 
Dock d h 268 Walnut 
Davis Abner, shoe store 92 High 

Absalom, gTo S W cor Sch 7th & Cherry 
Amos, blacksmith 18 Castle 
Anthony, wool me" 32 N 3d 
Armon, flour mer 304 High d h 7 S 11th 
Benjamin, lottery broker 34 N 3d 
Benjamin, wholesale & retail cloth store 

40 N 2d d h 175 Vine 
David, shoemaker 73 N 8th 
David H, mer 13 N Front 
David M, india silk ware h 82 High 
D and S, shopkeeper 2.- N 9th 
Elijah, S lotli ab Pine 
George, stock & exch broker Cai'ter's 

al d h 207 Pine 
Henry, lotty br 62 Chesnut d h 87 S 11th 
Isaac, shopkeeper 134 S 4th 
James and Son, suspender mrs 31 S Ft 
James, shopkeeper 64 N 4th 
Jessee, accountant 29 N 9th 
J, bookseller 38 S 8th 
John, 87 S 11th 

John, weaver FUbert bet Sch 7th & 8th 
John, tobacconist and grocer 344 High 
John, inspector of customs 317 High 
John, trunkmaker 73 N 5th 
John, employed in U S mint North and 

Fearis's ct 
John, book binder 13 Fromberger's ct 
John C, lumber mer Callowhill ab lOth 

Jonathan, house carp 175 Pine 
Lewis, storekeeper 2 S 8th 
Maria, Lee's ct 
Mrs, 170 S Front 

Mary, seamst Chesnut W of Broad N side 
Mrs, 46 Union 

Iklrs, boarding school 231 Mulberry 
Micajah, porter 104 N Front 
N H, carpenter 84 N 2d 
Pardon, cor 8 th and Maple 
Robert, tav keeper 26 Franklin ct 
colonel S B, late U S army 266 Walnut 
Samuel, grocer 97 Sassafras S E cor 3d 

d h 88 Cherry 
Samuel, attorney at law 41 S 4th 
Sampson, cordw ainer 212 Vine 
& Twaddel, cotmanuf N Sch7th n High 
WiUJam, cordwainer Aiui cor Sch 8th 

Davis WilUam, gent 113 Chesnut 
Wilham, 160 S Fi'ont 
William, gent 273 Sassafras 
Wilham, house carpenter 241 Cedar 
WiUiam, tailor 6 S 5th 
Davison R, awning maker 51 S Fi:ont 

William, h cap S 12th bcl Spmce W 
William, 290 Lombard 
Davy Mi's, boai-ding h 39 Swanson 
Dawes Charles, gent 161 S 11th 

widow Eliza, 250 Walnut 
Dawson George B, mer 12 Pine S W cor Front 
James, sand paper manuf Paper al 
J & H Lindsa}', dry good 43 S 2d 
Jane R, storekeeper 56 S 2d 
Josiah, 101 N 2d 

Mordecai L, brewer 79 d h 77 Chesnut 
S H, 240 High 
Day Charles, Cypress al 
James, hatter 239 S 2d 
Joseph H, shopkeeper 42 N Front 
Samuel, grocer 78 N 5th 
Deacon Israel, kr of crim depart Walnut prison 
Joseph, mer 33 High 
Robert, labourer 415 High 
Deal Ehas, baker 25 Appletree al 

Barney, wheelwright b of 144 Spruce 
William H, apothecary 6 Clever al 
Dean Miss, teacher 8 Clever al 

William F, attorney at law 60 arcade d 
h 3 Morgan 
Deangeli Giacinto, confectioner 264 High 
Deas James H, pattern mr 34 Church al 
Death John, innkeeper 75 N Water 
Debaufre William, coach painter 151 Locust 
De Boiler John M, 298 Walnut 
De Bonish Matthew, cor 4tli and Spruce 
De Bree John, mer 227 S Front 

W T, 227 S Front 
Decker P J, lottery & exch brok N W cor 3d 
ChesnutN E corod W^alnutdh 121 Lombard 
De Cordova R, mer 191 N 6th 
Deforest George, chair mr back of 64 N 8th 

widow Mary, 64 N 8th 
De France widow Caroline, gentw 179 Pine 
Degrand P P F, broker 18 Chesnut d h 55 Pine 
Dehaven Abraham, victr S Broad bel Chesnut 

Holsteen, house carp 78 N Hth / 

H, acct 96 N 8tli i 

John, labourer back of 442 Sassafras 
Mary, washerwn Vine 3d ab Broad 
William, victr S Broad bel George 
Deihl C H, 48 S Front 15 N 10th 

John, shopkeeper 450 Sassafras 
Thomas, mer 15 N 10th 
Deimhng F C, 2 Quany 

J C, clerk in the post office 2 Quarry 
Deitz Rudolph, 181 S 5th 
De Klvne Theodore, block and piunp maker 

"119 S Water 
Delacroix Clement Joseph, teacher of French 
71 S 5th 
Joseph, gent 49 Mulberry 
Delamater John, gent 68 N 8th 



Delany Patrick, pupcr earner 12 Locust oppo 

Wiisliinf^toii square 
Dclanccy Ktv W H, one of the pastors of 
united clis of Clnist St l\U;rs8c St 
James, 3 ]'"raiiklin row S 9tli 
Dolang-c Jacob, storekecpir 90 N 2d 
Delany widow Mary, yentw 50 S (itii 
Deliivau William, fancy chair nir 51 Lombard 
Delaware Ins com, office S K c Walnut & 2d 
Delmus widow, Spruce ab loth 
Dempsey Jjunes, keeper (ilobc tav 98 S 2d 
Jolin, iron dealer 8 Bread 
Mrs Mai-tha, mantua nu- 158 S 3d 
Denckla A II, mer -W N 3d 

Paul, 1 S 8th 
Demke Thomas, sea captain 95 Lombard 
Denkworth Francis, St Mary's al . 
Denman Aiu-on, mer 271 llig'h d h 351 Mulb 
Aaron & co, 271 Hig-h and 1 N 7tli 
M B, mer 271 High 
Dennis John, coroner 90 N 6th 

colonel R, late U S army 308 AValnut 
Dennison George, teacher masonic hall en- 
ti'ance Loilge d h 47 N 8th 
George, h carp shop b of 22 Dock 
Mrs (i, ladies semin;u-y 47 N 8tli 
Denncy Mrs, 79 S 2d 

John J, 79 S 2d 
Dennon Robert, h carjjentcr 188 S 6th 
Dnetler Cathai-ine, baker 104 N 13th 
•J"Depec Abraham, clothing store 193 Pine 
DeiTace Francis, garden S E cor Sassafras & 

Sch 2d 
Derbyshire widow Ann, 15 Key's al 
Dcsauque Lewis, wine 8c liquor store 65 S 2d 
Desgranges Stephen A, merchant 140 S 9th 
Deshong Matthias, innkeeper 82 Dock 
Desilver Robei't, bookseller binder &. stationer 
110 Walnut 
Thomas, booksclr & binder 247 High 
d h 41 Sansom ab 8th 
Desmond Daniel, atty at law 99 Spruce 
James, 99 Spi-uce 

Timothy, painter & glazier 118 d li 
99 Spruce 
Destouet and Brothers, mers 209 High 

S, mer 209 High d h Chesnut 1 door 
bel the Academy of Fine Arts 
Deveravix Peter, malster 218 Vine 
Devincy WiUiam, potter 4 Pennsylva avenue 
Devitt T J, baker 151 Cherry 
Dewees CorneUus, caner & gilder 69 Union 
Spencer, tailor 153 S Ft Drawbridge 
AVilliam B, ladies shoemr 93 N Front 
WmP, MD S W cor 10th & Waliuit 
wid Ehzabeth, dry gd store 102 N 7th 
De Wolfe Erastus, storekeeper 226 S 2d 
Dey J H, cordwainer 42 N Front 
Diackery Joseph, 
Dialogue Adam, smith 23 North al 

Maiy, b h 24 N al 
Diamond Alexander, distiller 205 Cedar 

Diamond —— watchman 111 Sassafnis 

John, mer 4 Chesnut d h 504 S Ft 
Mrs widow, 148 N 13th 
Dibbin George, tobacconist 19 Carter's al 
Dick William, at the university S 9tli 
Dicks Able, carpenter 3 (Castle 

Danietobac 49 S Ft d h 74 Mulbeny 
Daniel St co, tolAcconists 49 S Front 
Frederick, blacksmith Scott's al 
William, 4 Montgomery square 
Dickinson D, miniature painter 43 (Jiiester 
David, printer back of 171 High d 

h 198 Sassafras 
Ilichard C, gro N E cor Lombard 

and 10th 
Sarah, gentw upper 114 Mulberry 
S, S Juniper ab Spruce 
Dickson Hugh, manuf of cotton goods 467 
John, grocer 41 Gaskill 
John, mer 5 S wharves d h 200 S 3d 
John W, mer 118 N 9th 
J and I^, merchants 5 S wharves 
Joseph, cop plate ])r 72 S 11th 
Joseph R, insp of customs 125 N 9tl\ 
M 1), 72 S 11th 
& M'Faddon, grocers 326 High 
widow Amy, 198 S 3d 
Dielil John, inspec of the customs 221 Pine 
T, merchant 48 S Front 
WiUiam N, Dean 
William, grocer 84 Chesnut 
Mi's widow. Sell 8th n N W cor Cherry 
Dietz Peter, coope? 33 Union 
Robert, gent 181 S 5th 
William, sea captain 181 S 5th 
Dill widow Ann, 125 S 2d 
Dillingham widow Ann, b h 181 Midbeny 

AV S, dentist 107 Mulberry 
Dillworth J, tiu'ner Noms's al near 2d 

W 8c C, hardware mers 59 High 
Ding*ee Chai'les, saddler 14 N 3d 
Dipple John, baker 60 Penn 
Disby Lewis, painter Randall's ct 
Dito Sherry, grocer 77 Locust 
Diver Joseph, grocer 24 N 8th d h 185 CheiTy 
Dixey Jonathan, carpenter 17 Peny 
Thomas, sea captain 69 Pine 
Dixon E, 171 S 10th 

J, porter 9 Chancery lane 
Peter, South al 

Peter, saddler 214 d h 216 High 
William, grocer Vine bet 10th £c 11th 
Dockman David, cabinet maker 105 S 4th 

Sarah, 105 Lombard 
Dobson Judah, booksr St statr 108 Chesnut 

Samuel, 115 Walnut 
Dodd Mary widow, Jones' al near Front 
Dodge E, jeweller 36 Chester 

Nehemiah, teacher 76 S 8th 
Dohnert John H, marble paper manufac 186 

Doke John, coach trimmer 92 N 5th 



Dolan John, tavern keeper 29 S Water 

widow Nancy, b h 59 S 7th. 
Donaker Catharine, 135 N 3d 
Donald and Haney, mere 216 S 6th 

James, weaver George n Sch 3d 
widow. Spruce ab 13th 
Donaldson Andrew, shoemaker with WUliam 
Campl^U N E cor 3d k. Cedar 
Joseph, hatter 72 N 2d 
widow of Isaac, 76 N 2d 
Donath J A, atty at law 65 S 4th 
Joseph, jr mer 28 S Front 
Joseph, sen rnerch 28 S Front 
Donley James, mer 2 N 9th 
Donnagun John, smith 7 Sug^r al 
Doonahue Barney, weaver 11th n Spruce W 

Matthias, tid chandler Nicholson 
Donnaldson Edward M, sea capt 167 Spruce 
John, jun sec Delaware Insu- 
rance company 162 S 9th 
Misses, infant sc'iool 216 Walnut 
Donnehower Peter, watchman Sheaff's al 
Donnell James, house carp Filbert bet Sch 7th 
and 8th 

J C, 46 S 6th 
Donnelly widow Eleanor, tav kr 149 Cherry 
Henrj-, S W cor 6th and iCddie al 
Hugh, grocer 191 S 7th 
John, AVatson's al 
Joseph, Liberty ct 
Michael, ta'Jor 312 Sassafras 
Donohue widow Margaret, china sto 176 S 2d 
Doran Michael, merch 108 Mulberry 

Joseph M, atty at law 108 Mulberry 
Doms "WiUiam, tav keeper S W cor Vine and 

Water S E cor Front and Vine 
DorfF Patrick, tin plate worker 307 High 
Dorman Howell, 1 Clawg-es ct 
Doman N, artificial flower store lower 1 S 4th 

Bernard, printer 189 Lombard. 
Dorrance S, dry good store 46 S 2d 
Dorsey Bennedick, china store 132 N 2d 
Dorsey and Stackliouse, cliina store 132 N 2d 
widow, 3<j9 Mulberry 
Alary wid of Edward, gentw up 5 N 9th 
Doubleman John C, fringe maker 113 N 2d 
Dougall John, dyer & fringe weaver 36 N 6th 
Dougherty Alexander and son, tailors 40 S 
Water d h 39 S Front 
F, tav keeper 414 High 
John, baker 76 Spruce 
M, painter 2o4 Lombard 
Mrs Mar}-, grocer 165 S 8th cor of 

Prjor's ct 
Michael, b h 151 S Water 
OUve, 169 Mulberrj- 
Richard, house cai-p cor S 7th and 
Portland place d h 228 S 7th " 
Thomas, carter and cellar digger 

103 Filbert 
Wilham, stone cutter Fearis* ct 
William, labourer 22 Gaakill 
Dougherty widow Maria, gentw 120 Pine 

Doughty John, hardware mer 45 High d h 
Thomas, artist 10th near Cherrj- 

Vine bcl 6th 
Zephaniah, tav and b h 95 S Water 
Douglass John, 17 Powell late sheriff 
John, jr innkeeper S 2d 
Peter, brickmaker Nonnater^ ct 
Peter, 31 N 3d d h Wood ab Crown 
jRobert, hair dresser and perfiimer 

54 Mulberry 
W'illiam E, house carp 7 little Dock 
widow Sanili, boardhig 27 Sansom 
Doull James, clock & watch mr S E cor 4tli 

and Spnice 
Dow Abram, cordwainer Miller's ct 
Dowers John, gent 69 N 3d 
Downing Hugh, acct 103 Mulberry 

John W, import of British dry goods 

78 High d h 251 Spruce 
John, blacksmith 1 Hofiman's al 
Mre, 127 S 3d 
William, smitli 20 N al 
Downs Samuel, grocer N E cor Cedar &. 5tli 
Thomas, cordwainer S 13th n High E 
Doyle Bernard, house carp High 2 doore W 
centre square S side 
Hugh, acct o5 N 3d 
John, tav keeper 193 Chesnut 
John, grocer 342 High 
Thomas, tav keeper 87 S. Water 
wid Catharine, shopk 9 Frombergers ct 
Drais Daniel, sail mak-er 3 Quarry 
Drake Alfred, M D Spiiice 

R Dillon, attorney at law Spruce 
Draper Under\vood &. co, engravs 47 Sansom 
Di-aj-ton Joseph, engraver 5 Whitaker's row 
Drean R.chartl, mer 6 N Front 
Drebezier Laws, brass founder 7 Howard's ct 
Dredger widow of John, tavern 156 N Water 

d h 161 N Front 
Dreer Frederick, cab maker 152 S 4th 
Dreisback Hcniy, stone cutter 31 Crown 
Drew Nathaniel, grocer 408 High 
Drexel Francis M, port and miniature painter 

40 S 6th 
Dre}"fous Sn, importer of jewelry watches Etc 

73 S 2d 
Drmker H, atty at law 44 S 6th 

William W, commis mer 37 N Front 

d h 202 Spruce 
^-idow Hannah, b h 60 S 6th 
Drinkhouse George, tinman 9 Cressons al 
Driver J, house cuvp Sheaff's al 
Droz C A, clock & watch mr 118 Walnut - 
Drozdorf Mrs, gentw 305 S 10th 
Drummond E, dry good store 3 S 2d 

Josiah, surgeon dentist 23 N 8th 
Margaret, 148 N 13th 
wid H B, b h cor 7th & Carpenter 
Drury Micliael, mer 194 High and 21 Minor 

d h 85 Wood 
Drj'sdale Wm, clock & watch mr 3 S 4th d h 
76 Union 



Diiane Wm, aldorman S W cor 6tli & Eliza- 
William J, alty at law 138 Walnut 
Dubois Phincius, weaver 224 Sassafras 
K, oyster housC 10 lli^b 
William, measurer 12J N Water 
Dubrec William, watchman ISIycr's ct 
Dubbs John, tailor 269 SassiitVas 
Dubs Martin, N 9tli N K cor Siissafnis 

iMartin, jr 95 N Water 
Duchee John," broker 11 N 11th 
Duckworth rreilerick, eng-raverl81 S 11th 
Ducoing- John, mcr 137 S 4th 

widow of'S b h 109 Spruce 
Ducomb wicl Marg"arct, grocer N'W cor 6tli 
and Pine 
Mrs llosetta, fancy sotre 187 Pine 
Ducummin Henry, watchmaker 31 S 4th 
Duddv Michael, dyer 8t scourer cor High and 

Sch 3d 
Dudley Mar^ret, S 13th bel Pine 
Duev Albeit, hatter Ann E of Sch 7th 
Duff" Eliza, 54 N 5th 

Samuel, house caj-p loom & lathe maker 
Pine near 13th 
Duflee Francis, dealer 9 & 11 Walnut 
Dnfiie Sarah, dry g-ood store 116 S 10th 
Duflield Mary, 21 Pnmc 

A\'i]iiam, cordwainer 158 N 13th 
William B, M D cor 10th and High 
DufFce William, copper plate printer Walnut 

near 5th d h 2 M'Kcan's ct 
Duiief N t;, 85 Chcsnut 
Dugan Ciiarles, grocer 141 N 3d 

Joseph, gent Spiiice bet Dean 8c 13th 
Richard, commis mer 43 N Front 
Richard, g-ent 216 Ciiesniit 
Dugdale Thomas, teacher Midberry bel 2d 
Duhammel John, tailor 63 S 4th 
Duiu-ing Henry, lace fringe &. military store 

53 N 3d d h city hotel 
Dulcr Peter, 175 S 5th 
Dull and White, paper store 4 Decatur 

widow MLU-y, b h 295 Wahuit 
Dulles Joseph H, clrj- good mer 145 High d h 

151 \\'alnut 
Dullex Wilcox &. Widsh, mers 145 High 
Dumas John F, mer 42 Sassafras 
Dumbleton widow Eliza, gcntw 18 Prune 
Dunagan Thomas, 
Dunbai- Alexander, N 10th bel Castle w 

widow, grocer Castle bel 10th 
Duncan Benjamin, wood cordcr 4 Union 
William M, S 13th ab Walnut W 
Gen William, hardware mer 41 High 
Dundas James, atty at law 14 S otli d h 1 12 N P't 
Dunfy James, 31 Sassafras 
Dungtm John, innkeeper (sign of tlie Buck) 

130 N 2d 
Dunham Mrs, N 2d 

wid, 1j N 2d 
Dimkerley J, victualler 106 Locust 
Dunlap Henry, coachmr 105 N Juniper 
James and co, mer 55 N 2d 

Dunlap James, cor of Ashton and Race and 
Sch river 
James, mer 55 N 2d d h 289 Sassafras 
Mrs I'.li/abeth, gentw N E cor 13lh 

and Ciicsnut 
Sallow, 55 N 2d 
Thomas, atty at law 43 Walnut 
widow, shopkeeper 25 EUzabeth 
Dunn E, 29 Powell 

George W, mer 9 Bank d h 84 S lltli 
George W, -and co 72 High 
Martin, sugar baker 5 Hawes' ct 
Robert, soap boiler Bradey's ct 
S, Siiissafras bet Broad and Sch 8th back 
widow Ann, b h 80 Vine 
Dunsmore James, labourer Sch 7th n Spruce 
Dunton Isaac, mer 87 N 5tli 

Jacob and son, ropemakers and ship 

chandlers 7 S whai-ves 
Jacob, sailmr 5N whai-ves d h 61 New 
Jacob, jr ship chandler 7 S wharves 
d h 24 Keys al 
Dumvoody Ruth, b h 41 N 7th 
Duponceau P S, councellor at law and notary 
pubhc 15 S 6th d h 199 ChesnutN E cor 6th 
Dupont Pierre Charles, tav keeper 43 Union 
Dupouy Alexander, }^-ocer 3 S 6th d h N W 
cor 6th and Minor 

widow, shopkeeper 155 S 3d 
Durand Elias, apothecary and di-uggist S W 
cor Chesnut and 6th 
Lewis W, fancy shop }26 S 6th 
Durant John W, inspcc of the custs 215 Pine 
DurbuiTow Samuel, 132 S 6th 
Dui-ff JacBb, stove manuf 61 N 6th dh37 N 4th 

Richard, tailor 154 N 5th 
Diu'hara J, carter Loml)ard bel 11th 
Dm-ncU James, blacksmith 156 Sassafras d Ik 

Gan'igues' ct 
Dusar F, mcr 162 1-2 S 2d and 32 Walnut 
Duswald John, ostler 9 Sugar al 
Dutilh Charles Minor 
E G, 6 Minor 
M widow of Job, 10 Pune 
Dutton Isaac, shoe sto 128 High d h 27 Branch: 
Josepli, house carp S Front opposite 
Union d h 25 Pine 
Dutz Peter, cooper 33 Union 
Duval Lewis, mer 179 High d h 254 Mulberry 
Duy Lambert, (by good store 1 N 5tli d h 5th.v 

ab Callowhill x l 
Dwight William T, atty at law 64 S 6th 
Dyke John, hair cb'esser 10 Spruce 
Dyott T W. M D & di-uggist 137 & 139 N 2d. 

Ealer Frederick, baker High W of Sch 8th 
Eanenhower A E, paper stainer lltli bel Pine 
Earick Heniy, house carp Sassafras ab 5th 
Earhart, turner Clever al 
Earl Caleb, sea capt Si harbour master 97 Pine 
Earle Henryj Cheny near Broad 

Jimies, gidlery of paintings & carver & 
gUder 169 Chesnut op the state house 



Eai'le John H, tailor 96 S 3d 

Thomas, atty at law 32 S 6th 
Early Wilham, kr of carts & drays 38 Penn 
Earnest David, tailor Greens ct 

Jacob, draper and tailor 16 S 4th 
Jacob, tailor 15 Green's ct 
Earp Georg-e, h w mer 78 Hig'h d h 302 Mulby 
, and M'Main, hardware mers 78 High 

Robert, hardware mer 78 High d h 17 

Montgomery square 
Thomas, hardware mer 78 High d h 16 
Montgomery square 
Eai-ps Hoopes & Woolfe, h ware mers S W c 

High & 5th 
Easby John, oak coop 49 S Water dh 182 S Ft 

widow, 165 Cedar 
Eastbm-n & Griffith, sail makers Smith's wharf 
ab Sassafras 
Joseph R, teacher 29 Church al 
Eastlack and Quicksall, 211 1-2 S 2d 
Eastman Thomas, painter 1 Sugar al 
Eastwood William, tinplate wr 12 Heyde's ct 
Eaton Olivia, b h S E cor 5th and Library 
Eber John F, confectr 302 High &. 25 arcade 
Eberle John, M D 18 S 8th 

Phihp, teacher of music 6 Meyer's ct 
Ebert Haggerberts and Corinth, sailmakers N 

wharves 2d ab Sassafras 
Eccles James, distiller S W cor Cedar & 7tli 
Ebsworth David, painter & glazier Hurst's ct 
Eckai-d John, baker Sch 8th ab Sassafras 
J R, atty at law 64 S 6th 
Susan, 64 S 6th 
Eckel widow Elizabeth, tobact 310 Sassafras 
Eckendorf Martin, surgn barber low 22 N 9th 
Ecky widow Catharine, di-ug & apothecary 

store S E cor of 7th little George 
Eckfeldt Adam, chief coiner at the mint N 
Juniper 1 door S of Vine W side 
Michael, house carp and pattern mr 
130 N 13th 
. Eckstein Jacob, tailor 116 N 4th 

John, brush maker 36 N 3d 
Joseph, brush maker 116 N 4th 
Edehnan wid«w, 145 Cherry 
Edenborn Jacob, tobacconist 1^ N 13th 

Peter H, tobacconist S E cor 4th & 

Vine d h 110 Sassafras 
P & J, tobaccts S E cor 4th &. Vine 
widow Mai-y, gentw 144 N 13th 
Edmimds Mi-s, seminary N E cor 8th & Schri- 

ver's ct 
Edwards David, cotton manuf N Broad bet 
MulbeiTy and Clieny 
Griffith, gent 18 N 5th 
Griffith, jr grocer 16 N 5th 
J, carter S Juniper 
Edwards Joseph, brass founder £t b h 81 N 6th 
Mrs, 36 Sassafras 
Samuel, shoemr 195 N Front 
Thomas, shoemaker 227 MulbeiTy 
William, coach painter 9 S 6th 
widow. Marble 
Edwin David, engi-aver Lombard near 10th 
f Egelbiu-ner George, tobact Prospect al 

Eggers, capt 260 Lombard 

Egner Charles, groc N E cor 3d & Mulbeny 

Ehrenzcller George, at the mint 70 S 11th cor 

of George 
Ehringhaus Adolph, broker 109 S 9th 
Edelman widow, 124 Filbert 
Eidenbries John, carver 116 N 7th 
Eicholtz Jacob, portrait painter S E cor 6tli 

& North al 
Eisenbrey Philip, coach painter 37 Zane 

Jolm, 116 N 7th 
Eldridge and IJrick, hide and leather dealers 
35 Chesnut 
G M, 186 N 4th 

Joseph M, liide & leather dealers 
Elfreth Isaac C, mer 175 High d h N E c 13th 

and Chesnut 
Elfridge wid Elizabeth, tailoress 35 Jones' al 
Elfiy Jacob, 2 Moore's ct 
Elkin Abram, gentleman 2 S 10th 
Ella John, h ware mer 239 High d h 56 S 11th 
EHet Charles, 98 Union 
Elliott Isaac, conveyancer 82 Chesnut 
James, George near Sch 3d 
John, comb 8c lookg- glass sto 153 High 
John, druggist 60 S Front dh 13 Nal 
Robert, shoemaker 8 Cai-ters al 
Robert, weaver MulbeiTy W of Sch 2d 
Samuel, collector 65 Cherry 
Thomas, weaver 240 Lombard . 
widow, boarding house 285 High 
widow. Mulberry W of Sch 2d 
Mis, widow of Thomas B H, c Union 

&. Front 
R & E, store keepers 32 N 2d 
widow Rebecca, nurse 79 New 
Ellis Aaron, shoemaker 39 Coate's al 
Benjamin, M D 30 N 9th 
Charles, druggist 56 Chesnut 
G B, engraver 4 Ranstead's ct 
John, ladies shoemaker 156 S 5th 
and Morris, druggists 56 Chesnut 
Thomas, Vaux's ct 
Elhson Jolm B, mer 40 Mulbeny 
Ellmaker Levi, mer 461 High d h 405 Mulby 
Ellsbeny Charles, printer 9 St Mary 
Elmes Abner, hatter 202 High d h 45 Filbert 
Thomas A, hat 100 Higli d h 300 Sassaf 
Ehnslie Alexander, mer 232 S Front 

Emily S, milliner 20 little Pine 
Elsegood Matthew, boot maker Mulberry be- 
low 5th 
Elton Anthony, b h Walnut near Broad 
and Beck, tobacconists 9 Dock 
Mrs Hannah, house cleaner 17 N al 
Eltonhead widow Jane, b h 4 N 8th 
Elwell Daniel, harness mr Rapin's ct 

Joseph M, cabinet maker 225 Cheiry 
Samuel S, shopkeeper 273 Sassafras 
Elwyn Mrs E Langdon, gentw 192 Chesnut 
Ely Rev Ezra StUes, D D pastor of the 3d 
Presbyterian ch 144 S 2d d h back 
Joseph, flour mer 188 Mulberry 
Emerick Augustus, silver plater 265 High d 
h 23 N 6th 



Emcrick H, g-cntlemun 72 S 8(li 

Goorji;'i', {iroccr 23 N 6th 
Kmerson (i, M 1) 51 S 5th 
Emery (icorg'o, caljinct miikcr 7 Bells ct 
Lewis, bh 94 N 2(1 
Samuel, wax eaiidle maiuif 256 Ilig-li 
Enilen (ieorg'e, attorney 73 S 4tli 
J, 235 S[)riice 

.loslma, niir 17 S whs d h 110 S 3d 
Samuel, M 1) 247 Mulberry 
>\ iiliam 1', iner 33 Walnut 
Endres Philip, stone cutter 170 N 8th 
Englebcrt Joseph, cordwainer S \V cor Lom- 
bard and 3d 
L, tailor Powel 
Eng'les Joseph 1', teacher of the Greek and 
Latin lang-uages 71 Filbert 
Revd W mI Pine 
Eng-lish E, house carp 18 Starr al 

Georg'c, weaver 12th bel Pine 
aiid lie\l, dry good and fancy store 

diy g-d store 51 N 2d d h 25 N 7tli 

Hvigh, di-v g-ood store 4 1-2 N 6th 
James, blacksmith 25 J'ilbert 
John, silver plater Fearis' ct 
Joseph, cutler 108 Sassafras 
Levi, tailor 207 S 7th 
Mazel, paper hang-er 165 S 3d 
Samuel, tobact 15 N 3d d h 178 Vine 
Samuel and co, tobacconists 15 N 3d 
Ennis Margaret, 35 New 
Enos John, 169 S 2d 
Epplcy Chai'les, drayman 8 little Water 
Epplesheimcr Lewis, sug'ar refiner 168 N 5th 

d h 157 Vine x l 
Erdnian Frederick, h carp N 13th bel Vine 
Erring'er Frederick, collec of taxes 81 Cherry 
Erwin Deborah, milliner 72 Mulbeny 
Henry, jeweller 37 N 3d 
f John, waiter S 12th n Chesnut W 
Joseph E, mer tailor 204 S 2d 
Marmaduke B, grocer High N W cor 

3d d h Chesnut 3d W Broad S side 
Mrs Susan, g-entw 9 S 7th 
Erwig' Clemens, importer of German goods 

208 High 
Esher Jacob, grocer 66 N 4th S W cor Cherry 

and Uber, 15 N 9th 
Esherick Frederick, currier ^Chesnut 

Joseph, hair dressr & bleedi"9 N 5th 
Esler William, carter 18 Dock 
Esling widow Catharine, gentw b of 8 S 5th 
Espy George, cun-ier 53 Chesnut 

James P, teach S W cor Sassafras & 10th 
Estell Benjamin, turner 164 Pine 
Daniel, tail#r 69 Midbeny 
Estlack Thomas, bricklayer 113 Lombard 
Estwick Mrs, Clever al 
Etriss William, innkeeper 222 S 2d 
Etting Benjamin, mer 125 S Frontdh Walnut 
near 13th 
Reuben, gent Walnut near 13th 
Eustace John, teacher 163 and 165 Spruce 

Eustace T, teacher 123 S 9th 

Evans CadwahuUr, gent 417 Mulberry 

Charles, black &. white sh 73 Sassafras 
(rharUs, ajjothv Sc drugt 270 Mulberry 
Charles H, 200 High 
and Chambers, cumers S 5tli 
E, 221 Spruce 

Edward, ornamcntd stucco worker & 
measurer N E cor Sassafras and 6th 
Grifiith, sect k treasof the Cheltenham 
and \Villowgrove turnp co 164 N 5th 
Jacob, cun-ier 2 Starr al 
John, lumber mer cor 6th and Noble d 

h 145 N 6th 
J Ogden, BoUvar inn S W cor Centre 

sc[uare and High 
Jonathan, gent 102 Union 
Joseph, cun-ier Taylor's al 
Jose])h, boot and shoemaker 258 High 

d h 74 Tammany 
Josc])h R, mer 31 S whs d li 101 Pine 
Josiaii, bricklayer 2 Blackberry al 
Josiah, mer ttiilor 5 Library 8c S 6th 
&. Parker, painters and glaziers 6 S 8th 
Richard, bricklayer Perry bel Pine £ 
Robert, innkeeper 138 Sassafras 
Samuel, hatter 22 Board 
Sarah, N 12th 2 doors ab Cherry 
Thomas, tailor 135 N Front 
I'homas, tav keeper 3 Little George 
shoemaker 3 Strawberry 
Tliomas, apothecary and druggist N E 

cor Spruce and 3d d h 102 Union 
Thomas, chy good store 134 N 4th 
WiUiam, apothecary and druggist 134 

S Front d h 102 Union 
William S, first teller in the bank of 

Pennsylvania d h 89 N 3d 
William M, manufacturer of patent 
notes & checks Chesnut d h S 13tlt 
S W cor George 
Wliitton, mer 105 S Ftd h 215 Spruce 
wid Ann, back of 369 Mulberry 
M'idow Ann, gentw 107 Pine 
widow, 14 Quany' 
wid Eliza, washerwn 12 WUling's al 
widow, 94 MidbeiTy 
Everham John, wheelwright 497 High 
Everhart David, coachmr 3 Green's ct 
Everett Jesse, shoemaker 32 Vine 
Everly Adam, comb maker 225 High 
Mrs M J, gentw 50 Lombard 
Ewing Edward, gent 113 S 3d 

Jacob, plumber 306 Sassafras 
J and J, 61 Cedar 

Robert, mer 125 High d h 142 Sassafras 
Exley John, 92 Vine 

Eyre Manuel, mer 28 S whs d h 278 Chesnut 
and Massey, merch 28 S whaj'ves 
Nathan W, lunbrella maker 60 Vine 

teacher 429 Chesnut 

Thomas, dealer 395 Sassafras 
Eytinge Barnet, wholesale fancy store 16 N 
Front d h 204 MulbeiTy 



Eytinge and Philip, w sale fancy sto 46 N Ft 
Solomon, 46 N Front 

FabcT PcJter, confectioner 68 Vine 
Fabers William, sihersmith 9 Miilbeny al 
Fable Frederick, tailor 39 Crown 

Frederick, baker Goforth al 
Fackney John, drj' good store 164 Sassafras 
Faden Ann, Locust bel 13th 
Fagundus Mar}', fancy store 27 S 4th 
Falls Joseph, stove finisher &c S W cor Vine 

and 2d 
Fairbarn John, saddler 5 N 5th 26 N al 
Fairchilds "William B, comb mr 26 8c 135 S 2d 
Fairfowl James, mariner 230 S 7th 
Fairham Mrs, 74 Sassafras 
Fail- John, tailor 19 N 12th 
Fairman George W, 435 Chesnut 

Mrs, widow of Gideon, 435 Chesnut 
Fales George, mer 17 S Ft d h 127 Mulberrj^ 
Joseph, cop plate printer 469 Sassafi-as 
Faris Elizabeth, mantua mr 37 Spruce 
Farlow James, shopkeeper cor Pine and 13th 
Farmers James S, acct 135 S 4th 
Farmer Ann, gentw 231 Lombard 

and Mcchanicks bank 157 Chesnut 
Farqidiar G W, atty at law 34 S 5th d h Ches- 
nut W Broad 

Mrs E, wLd Chesnut ab Broad 
Farr George W, tailor 204 High 

John C, clock and watch maker S E cor 

High d h over 21 S 3d 
William, lab N Broad bel Vine back 
Farrell John, tailor Watson's al 

James, accountant Clever al 
Fari'en Edward, drajTnan 4 Quarry 
Farried John, hatter 4 Harmony ct 
Fash widow, b h 6 Harmon\- ct 
Fassit James, mer S W cor 2d and High d h 
329 MuIbeiTy 
Thomas & James, mer S W cor 2d &. 

Thomas, mer S W cor 2d and High d 
, h327MulbeiTy 

T S R, mer S W cor of 2d and High d 
h 329 Mulbeny 
Faussett Eleanor, chy good store 10 S 2d 
Fawsett William, acct 75 Cherry- 
Fearer widow Ehzabeth, shopkr294 Sassafi-as 
Fearing Martin, acct 7o S 8th N E cor Walnut 

Sirs 176 S 6th 
Fcaris Daniel, instrument mr 14 N 6th 
Feariss Francis, mer 133 S 10th 
Fee James, tav keeper High S n Sch 8th E 
Felir E, 24 Chesnut 
Feinour A, 244 Lombard 

George, oak cooper 7o S Water 154 

S Front 
Joseph, tin & iron plate worker 212 
S Water and 213 S Front 

Fell Jonathan, chocolate and mustard manuf 

52 S Front 
Fellows Caleb, gent 158 Chesnut 
Fennell John, stone mason High E of Sch Ft 

S side 
Fennel Maiy, boarding house 184 Locust 
Finnemore Jason L, acct 98 Mulberry 
WiUiam, 100 N 5th 
Peter, sexton to the German reformed 
church 9 Sterhng al 
Fenner widow, 93 N 4th 
Fenton Thomas, shoemaker 146 N Front 

William, ladies shoemr M'Culloch's ct 
Ferguson Benjamin, bi'ush maker Smith's ct 
Benjamin, 31 Elfreth's al 
Hugh, judge of the ct of common 

239 Mulberry 
James, mariner 145 S 2d 

upper 237 Sassafi-as 
Matthew G, gent 215 High 
Robert, gent 33 S Juniper 
Samuel, mer back of 84 N Front d 

h 26 Vine 
wid Rebecca, shopkr 18 Elfreth's al 
Femsler John, flour and feed store High bet 

Sch 5th and 6th 
Fetters John, carter 24 Jones' al 
Fey Thomas, S W cor 10th and George 
Fide Clement, shopkeeper oo Coates al 
Fiegel Charles, toll gatherer High Pema brid 
Field Charles, mer 71 S Front 

and Fobes, domestic w house 185 High 
James, domestic w house 185 High d h 

155 N 9th 
John, book binder 17 Elfreth's al 
\L-s :Martha, b h 177 Pme 
M, shopkeeper 59 1-2 N 2d 
Peter, tailor 137 Spruce 
Samuel, grocer 17 Mulberry 
Samuel, silv plat 11 N 7th d h 91 N 9th 
Samuel, victualler Sassafras bet Sch 8th 

and Broad 
Thomas, blacksmith 181 Lombard 
widow Jane, cake baker 75 N 6th 
Fife William, reed mr 318 High 
Filbert Peter B, Stampers al 
Filley Harney, tin manuf 376 High 
Fink Nicholas, printer 3 Lombard 
Finley Anthony, bookseller N E cor Chesnut 

and 4th d h 365 Mulberry 
Finlow Law, sexton the 2d Presbyterian ch 

back of the church 
Finn Richard, tavern keeper 95 N Front 
Finney Adolph, 7o S lltli 

Charles, house carp 20 Pear 
Fireng John P, jeweller 124 N 5th 
Firth Thomas, cor 4th and Pnme 
Firing John P, jewcUer 124 N 5tlx 
Fisher A, tavern keeper 4 Norris al 
Ann, tailoress Blackberry al 



Fisher C P, 83 S 2d 

rolemaii, farmer 306 Chcsnul 

David, house & sipn painter &c 2 N 7tli 

Henry, brickmakcr 500 Sassafras 

Henry, paiiitor 2 N 7tli 

Jabez, 326 Mulberry 

James C, g-eiU 277 Chesimt 

Jolin, printer 5 Harmony ct 

Jolin, blacksmith N W cor High and 

Sell 6th 
John, coach ti-immer 4 Mycr's ct n 6th 
John N, dry jijood store 121 Mulberry 
Joseph, manufactiu'cr of thermometers 

and hydrometers 58 Chesnut 
Miu-tparct, brush man»if 203 Sassafras 
Rachael, dry good store 186 S 2d 
Redwood, 116 Mulberry 
R, tb-y good store 159 S 2d 
Robert Y, mariner 68 Zane 
Rodney, 260 High 
SamuelJ, mcr 19 Montgomery square 

or Sassafras ab 10th 
Samuel R, mer 27 Dock d h 110 S Ft 
Saraliu milUner 44 MuTljcrry 
Thomas, mer 149 S Ft d h 110 S Ft 
William, labourer Sassafras n Sch 8th 
Williapi W, gent 312 Chesnut 
widow Elizabetli, gentw 170 Chesnut 
widow, Pen-)- bet Sassafras and Vine 
widow Sarah W, gentw 290 Chesnut 
Sarah R widow of Meyers, gentw 326 
Fisler J H, insp of the customs 14 Branch 

widow Catharine, b h 59 Sassafras 
Fiss John, house ciu^i 126 Filbert 
Fitch S S, surgeon dentist 193 AA'alniit 

Thomas, cashier of Mechanics bank the 
387 Mulberry 
Fite Samuel, slioemaker b of 450 Sassafras 
Fithian Mattliias, acct Swanwich 
Pitzsimmons John, Hawes ct 
Flake George, painter and glaz 198 Mulberry 
Flannegan Luke, carp Broad near Vine 
Flemming Madame Filette, b h 129 S 2nd 
Fleming James, stone cutter 13th bel Filbert 
and Gordon, mei-s N W cor High & 

Sch 7th 
Joseph, mer 28 Walnut d h 77 Pine 
Robert, mer N W cor High & Sch 7th 
Susan, b h 10 N 6th 
William, di-ayman LawTence n 13th b 
Flenard William, tailor 11 Penns}lva a^■enue 
Fletcher Ann, washerwoman 224 S 7th 

Thomas, icweller and silver smith 

130 Chesnut d h 11 S 5th 
J W, mer 127 MulbeiTy 
wid Catluu'ine, cake bak 110 N 7th 
wid Elizabeth, bookbinder 224 S 7th 
widow Rebecca, b h 127 Midbeny 
Flick Andrew, cunier 110 Sassafras 

Lewis, baker N 7th N E cor Sugar al 
Fling Bennct, shopkeeper 22 N 6th 
Susan, boarding house 10 N 6th 
William B cab maker 95 d h 93 Walnut 

Flinn Thomas, mariner 12 little Water 
Flint Acliilles, cab maker d h 139 S 5th 

Enustus, cub nir 10 College avenue d h 
52 S lOUi 
Florence widow, 11 n Spruce W 
Flowers George, haydealer N 8tli 1 tloor bcl 

Sassafras > 

Foering Frederick, jr dry good store 164 N 2d 
I'ollunshce John, shopkeeper 24 Lombaixl 
Folwell Charles S, gent 90 N Front 
U F, d h city hotel 
Court land F, tailor 253 High 
T J and R, (hy good mcrs 97 High d 

h 118 1-2 Chesnut 
William 8c son, dry good mci-s 9 N Ft 
Wm, drj- gd mer 9 N Ft dh 233 Miilby 
William, jr diy good mcr 7^ High d 
h 22 Mtdbeny 
Fontagne P F, Walnut ab 9th 
Fontanell Rose, cab & Venetian blind maker 

157 N 3d 
Footc Benjamin E, 29 Dock 
Fobes George W, mer 185 High 151 N 9th 

William, weaver Centre square W 
Force Miss, 75 Midberry 

Rev ManningN 4thfront of the academy 
Forde Charles, S:issafras near Sch 8tli 
E, milliner &c 48 Mulben-y* 
George, house carp 6 Niciiolson 
Gusta\-us, lOtli neai" Sassafras 
John, mer 8 N 7th 
Wdham, silver plater 3 N 4th d h 3 

Frombergcr's ct 
William, baker 92 Cheny 
widow Elizabeth, 7 Hoflfmans al 
widow Jane, raantua mr 211 S 3d 
wid Mary, seamstress 16 Wagner's al 
wid Sarah, dry good store 86 Mulberry 
widow, shopkeeper High neai* Schuyl 
permanent bridge 
Forehand Samuel, printer Lombard bcl 13th 
Forest Catharine, gi-ocer Prosperous al 

Edward, 13th bet Cherry & Mulberrj- 
Edwin, tragedian lOth n Vine 
widow Rebecca, 10th n Vine 
Forrester widow Catharine, b h 63 Chesnut 
Forst Daniel, bricklayer 148 Cherry 

William, A\eaver Walnut W of Sch 8th 
Forsjth J, Lombard E of Sch 8th 
Fort Daniel, bricklayer Cherry n 8th 
L, cordwainer 13 Gaskill 
Louis, accountant 168 Spruce 
j-Forten James, sail mr 95 S whs d h 93 Lomb 
Fosbrook widow Maiy, washerwn 1 2 Jimiper 
-j-Fossett A, porter Lombard bel 10th 
Foster NC, 19 S 7th 

T, ladies shoemaker 45 Pine 
Wm, mer 85 N Front d h 1 1 1 Mulberrj- 
Fotterill S G and Brothers, mers 119 1-2 S Ft 
Foudray Bentlcy, tobacct 17 Fromberges ct 
Fougeray A P, stove manuf 189 N 2d 

George J, stove manuf 111 N 2d 
Rene J, stove manuf 99 N 2d ^ 



Foulke Charles, gentleman 49 Sansom 
Misses, 9 N lltli 
Miss Hannah, gentw 27 Filbert 
Richard P, groc 260 High d h 24 S 8th 
Mrs Sarah, teacher 35 Sansom cor 8th 
Wpi, druggist N E cor 7th & Spruce 
Willim, storekeeper 203 Spruce 
Fouquet wid Mar\-, gentw Mulberry n Sch 2d 
Fourester Ely, mahoganv yard Fetter lame d 

h 12 N 3d 
Foust Michael, watchman N Broad bel Vine 
Fowle W Edward, Sicilian consul gent 411 N 

Jonathan, jr atty at la\v 27 Branch of- 
fice 275 'n 2d 
Nathaniel, hatter 122 High d h 231 
Fox B K, 369 Mulberry 

George, printer Sch 8th first bel Vine 
George, attorney at law 12 S 7th 
George, gentleman 274 Chesnut 
Hiram, grocer 51 S Water 
Jesse, 14 Jones' al 
James, Jones' al near Front 
James, upholsterer 29 Pnme 
Mrs, 23 Sansom 
M, 208 Walnut 
M, brickmaker 12 N 9th 
Samuel, brickmaker 37 Filbert 
8 M. M D 252 Walnut 
Wm L, currier 42 N 7tli d h 367 Mulberry 
widow Elizabeth, gentw 287 Spruce 
Foy ilichael, tailor Pine ab 13th 
Frain Catharine, 84 S 3d 

John, baker 32 Pcnn 
Fraley J, baker 24 Walnut 

John U, baker 17 Church al 
widow Martha, gentw 74 N 7th 
Francis Benjamin, dyer 25 Branch 
Charles, gent 9 Sansom 
John, carter 117 N Juniper 
and CO, lottery brokers 43 S 3d 
John, lottery broker 171 Pine 
John, S E cor Sassafras and Sch 3d 
widow Dorothy, 105 S 3d 
Frankenburg Sarah, teacher M'Culloch's ct 
Franldin Lemuel, boot and shoemaker 59 S 3d 
Samuel R, constable 12 S Broad 
Walter, cab maker 25 Perry- 
Franks Jacob, tailor Frankhn near Vine 
Lewis, carter 38 Crown 
Lewis P, printer 32 N 10th 
Mrs, 32 N 10th 

widow, shopkeeper S W cor of Cres- 
Bon's al and 5th 
Fraser Rebecca, milliner 56 Mulberry 

WiUiam, clock and watchmaker 146 N 
Front d h M'Culloch's ct 
Frazier Mrs Ann, b h 124 Spruce 

Anthonj', house carp 27 Blackberry al 
Herman, gilder 178 Pine 
James P, labourer 10 Fayette 
Mrs, gentlewoman 124 Spruce 
William B, shopkeeper 35 High 
Frasier W W, dry good mer 150 S 3d 

Frederick J G, cabinet maker 5 Fayette 
J, house carp Shield's al 
John, 28 Franklin ct 
Fredericks John H jeweller 5 Cresson's al 

J L, engra 53 S 4th d h 16 S 12th 
Free Benjamin, dry good store 102 N 2d 
Freeburger Peter, hatter 345 Sassafras 
Freeburn James, carter 487 High 
J'reed, David, floiu- mer 97 N 4th 

George M, cork cutter 95 S 5th 
Freedland Chai-les, book binder 3 Myer's ct 
Freeland Aaron, hatter 50 High d h 39 Sassaf 
Davis, S and co, hatters 22 High 
David S, hat 22 High d h 26 Sassafras 
John T, machine mr b of 367 Mulby A and C W, miUiners 70 Mulberry 
Henrv G, attj- at law &. notary public 

49 Walnut d h 197 Spruce 
Jacob, Pine ab 10th 
Joseph, 43 S 3d 

Son and Potter, auctioneers 8 S 3d 
T B and son, auctioneers 8 S 3d 
T B, auctioner 8 S 3d d h Chesnut 2d 

ab 13th S 
T W L, auctiom- 8 S 3d d h Christian 
Freeman's Journal and National Palladium 

(office of) 36 Walnut 
Freeston Robert, silver plater 48 Crown 

Wilham, grocer 86 N 11th 
Frenau Paul, 28 Spruce 
Frenage A M, Walnut ab 9th 
French B F, store keeper 34 and 25 arcade d 
h 45 S 13th 
John, grocer N W cor 12th 8c Chesnut 
John, shoemr Sch Front ab Walnut 
Fre\ tag widow Mary, china and queensware 

store 130 S 9* 
Fribourg widow Susan, 63 N 8th 
Fi-ick Jacob and co, editors apd publishers of 
the American Sentinel 22 Walnut 
James, hatter Garden 
Fricke Mrs, 64 S 11th 

Friend Isaac F, milkman George near S 10th 

Fritz P'rederick, cor of Sassafras and Franklin 

Jacob, cabinet maker 14 S al d h N W 

cor Mulbeny ct and 6th 
John, gentleman 1 1 South al 
P, marble mason 226 &. 214 Sassafras ' 
widow Mar}-, Broad near Vine 
widow, 52 Mulberry 
Frowart John, shoemaker 62 N 5th 
Fry Ann, shopkeeper 88 N Front 

John, block & pump maker 141 N Water 

d h 34 Elfreth's al 
John, accoimtant 104 High 
Thomas, soap and candle manuf 138 S 9th 
Wilham, printer and publisher of National 
Gazette 72 S 2d 8c book printing office 
little George cor of Swan wick 
Fryer and Anderson, dry good mers 50 S 2d 

Wilham, dry good mer 50 S 2d 
Fudge Henn-, book binder 112 S Water and 

113 S Front 
Fullerton Alexander, jr 35 Filbert 
Alexander, sen 35 Filbert 



lullerton ami Claxton, 174 High 
Fult Daniel, conlwiiincr Cresson's ct 
l"^u•long Jaines, grocer 2 little Water 
I'\irraan Abijalj, tia worker 13tli n Mulbciry 
\V side 
David, smitli and coach spring maker 
6 d h 11 Crcin'scl 
FuiTicss Ucv W 11, pastor of the Unitarian ch 

N side Chesnut near IJroad E 
ftuiTcn Joseph, shoe black 39 1-2 S 8tl\ d h 

Acorn al 
Fiirst Frederick, tav keeper 104 Locust 

Fi-ederick, Upholster 16 IJaspbcny al 
M, dye sinker Chesnut 2d door \V of 
Broad N side 
Furey John S, tax collector 101 Spruce 
Futcher MiUiani, boot ;md shoenu- 18 S 4th 

Gadsden Miss Emma, 293 Spruce 
GiUbmitli Andrew, td chandler 13 South al 

P, Spruce ab 12th 
Gale Charles, printer back of 53 High 
and CO, lottery brokers 46 N 3d 
Gales Mrs, 193 Spruce 
Gallagher Bernard, grocer lower 12 S 7th 
Margaret, washerwoman Say 
iL-s Marv, gentw 173 Lombai'd 
Peter, 83 Gaskill 
"WiUiam, M D 77 Spruce 
widow Sai"ah, b h 16 Cartei-'s al 
Galloy Joseph J, ornamental cai-\er 144 Vine 

widow Ann, tobacconist 64 N 2d 
Gamble widow, S5 little Water 

widow Maiy, gentw 216 Spruce 
Gandy Enas S, gi'ocer 254 S 2d 
Gano John, accoujitant 28 North al 
Garden William, printer Locust near 8th 
Gardette E B, dentist S W cor 6th and Little 
James, dentist N W cor S 9th and 
Gardiner John, jr gentleman 88 S 4th 
Gardner George E, dry good store 84 N 2d 
James, grocer 145 S 8th 
Peter, boot cleaner 17 Ehzabeth 
Richard, wheehmght 152 Sassafras 
William, tailor 7 Elmslie's al 
wid Catharine, tailoress 17 Cotes' al 
widow Edy, 24 ^'ine 
Gardom George, drug & colour store 11 S 7th 
Garesche Gabriel, mer 11 Minor d h Chesnut 

N E cor S 6th 
Garachon Francis tav S E c Walnut and 5th 
Garland Charles, ostler Eckfeldts ct 
Garrett Ezi-a T, tailor cor of 5th and Sassafras 
John, lile maker 19 North al 
Joseph, brass foiuidcr 19 North al 
Levi and sons, tobacconists 128 S ¥t 
Philip, watchmr 144 High d h 9 N 6th 
P & son, clock 8c walchnirs 144 High 
William, brass founder 224 Vine 

Garrett Wm, mason 138 N Juniper ab Lambert 

widow. Pine ab lOtli 
Garrctson Felix, watciiman 1 Farmer's row 
George F, druggist N W cor of 5tli 
and Hace 
tianick widow Kli/abeth, Shield's al 
(iiUTigues Abi-ahani M, agent 79 Mulbcri'y 

Edward B, druggist and apothecary 
N W cor High and 6tli 
Isaac B, stone cutter 37 Cherry 
Edward, jr nicr 92 Union 
Samuel P, high consta 239 Mulberry 
William, stone cutter Mark's lane 
William, sen measurer of cai-pen- 

ters work St CWeiT\' 
Williarp, jr grocer UN 6th 
Garrison John, gent 349 Mulberry 
(iarscd Riincs and co, oo N 2d 
Garson wid Theresa, shopkr 2 Blackberry al 
Garlland John, 186 S 11th 

Mrs, boarding house 131 S Front 
Miss, seminaiy 131 S Front 
Gartley wid Elizabeth, teacher 4 little Dock 
Garvin William, lub Lombai'd cor of Sch 7th 
Gaskill Benjamin, book binder 5 bel Walnut 
Edmund, ladies shoemr 200 Chesnut 
Thomas, clotiiing store N W cor Ches- 
nut and Water 
T, Penn 4 Boston row- 
widow Esther, gentw 69 Cherry 
^v^dow Sai-ah, gentw 21 Sassafras 
Gatchell David, labom-er 56 Currant al 

Joseph, blacksmith 13 Decatur d h 
57 N 6th 
Gatteha Martin, Shoemaker 15 Mulberry al 
Gaudechaud Peter, jeweller and fUlagree \vr 

12 Franklin ct 
(Gaul Cliristian, baker 91 Mulberry 

Frederick and son, brewers back of 147 

High d h 17 N 4th 
Martin, brewer d h 28 Appletree al 
Gavin Ellen, shopkeeper 104 S 2d 
Gaw Chambers, insp of the customs 110 New 
Gilbert, 155 N 6th 
James, store keeper 230 S 2d 
Robert, fancy and Windsor chair maker 

179 d h 280 S 2d 
Robert, jr chah- maker 41 L'nion 
William P, insp of the customs Brook's ct 
Gay Joseph B, 137 Cliesnut 
Gaver W B, leather sto S E c Lombard & 3d 
Gavlord Mi-s, 297 Walnut 
Gebhard Lewis P, M D 216 Sassafras 
Geddcs W F, printer 59 Locust 
Geisse George W, mer 79 S whs d h 28 N 3 
Henry, gentlenum 1 S 8th 
John, baker Vine ab 12th 
and Korkhause, mers 213 High 
Lewis, merchant 285 High 
Lewis and co leather store 285 High 
William, mer 213 High 
Gemmill J R, mer 13 1-2 S 2d d h 4 Banket 
Gemtlier Nicholas, laboiu-er 22 N al 



George Andrew, potter 7 Hawes' ct 

Anthony, storekeeper 206 S 2d 
Israel I., cun-icr 256 Sassafras 
John D, deputy naval officer 79 Union 
Joseph, cumer 118 N 2d 
Mary Ann, sliopkeepcr 193 N Front 
Richard, hatter 195 S 2d 
Richard S H, acct customs h42 Union 
widow Mary, cooper 196 S Water 
Gerhard William, hatter 44 N Ft d h 12 N 7th. 
German Mrs, seamstress 142 N Front 
Gerrin Stephen, cabinet maker 64 N 3d 
Gesner George, baker 54 Union 
Gest John, flour mer N W cor High and 10th 

d h 28 N 10th 
Getman Nicholas, tobacconist Jones' al n Ft 
Gettis Wilham, printer 166 S 10th 
Getze Frederick A, musician 9 N 12th 
Geyer Andrew, insjiector of the customs 129 
George S, sugar refiner 5 Sterling al 

d h 129 Sassafras 
John, regr of wills S W c 6th & Race 
John, gentleman 199 S 4th 
John, S W cor 6tli & Sassafi'as 
Wm H. M D S W cor 6th & Sassafras 
Gibbons G W, conveyancer 57 S 5th 

Joseph, conveyancer 84c 16 1-2 S 4th 
d h 149 S 10th 
Gibbs George, mer 7 N 13th 

Hem-y, dry good store 6 S 6th 

■{■James, porter Hunter's ct 

John, lott & exch office 4 1-2 S od 

John W, pi'inter 75 Walnut 

Josiah W, dry good store store N E cor 

4th and MulbciTy 
WiUiam, gentleman 7 N 13th 
<^iberson M and E, dry good store 66 N 3d 
Gibson James, printer 62 Cheriy 

James, counceUor at law 61 S 4th d 

h 78 Walnut 
John J, innkr S E cor High and 11th 
Miss Lydia, shopkeeper Castle n llth 
R G, gi-ocer S W cor 2d uul Mulberry 
Thomas, plumber 267 Miilbeny 
Uriah, 51 S 5th 

Wm M D, Washington square W side 
widow Margaret, il Elmslies al 
Gideon Mi-s, 142 S 4th 

Casper P, mariner Shield's ct 
Giffin Furman, cabinet maker 130 N llth 
Gilbert David, Wagner's al 

Frederick & sons, mers 187 High d h 

395 MulbeiTy 
George, watcnnan 185 S Front 
George, engi-aver on wood 
Henry, 395 Mulbeny 
Henry, potter 6 Branch 
Jacob, sexton of St John's Lutheran 

church N 5th ab Sassafras back 
Joseph, 20 Chester 
John, jeweller rear of 89 Higli 
Morgan, house carp 14 Fayette 

Gilbert Theophilus, chau* maker Clever al 

Thomas, inkeeper 38 S 6th 
Gilclvrist James, 99 Midbeny 
Gjldenfenny Henry, baker 150 S 4th 
Gilder John, house carp S 13th bel Chesnut 

F, 13th ab Walnut W side 
Gilfr}' William, watchman Branch near 3d 
Gill David, acct 3 Farmer's row 

Ford and co, auctioneers 28 N Front 
Ferguson and co, mer 94 High 
George, dyer 13th near Filbert 
George, auctioneer 167 Mulberry 
Joseph, storekeeper 44 N 4th 
Gilkerson Samuel, tav keeper 8 Black horse al 
Gillaspey Andrew, gardener Pine ab 13th 

wid Hannah, dry good store 57 N 2d 
Gillespie & Ellmaker w sale grocers 275 High 
Gllcspy John, ostler Eckfeklts ct 
Gillespie Samuel, wholesale grocer 275 High 

d h 3 Montgomery squai-e 
Gillespy widow. Juniper near Midbeny 
Gillet John E, lampmaker 229 S 5th 
Gilhams Jacob, dentist 35 Mulbeny 

John, wood corder J Brittons wharf 
1st bel Vine 
Gilliard George, cordwainer 15 Carter's al 
Gillies Theodore, comb maker 59 New 
Gillin Hera-v, bottler N W cor 5th & Lombard 
and Hill, bottlers 3 Pear d h 244 S 2d 
William, tavern keeper 81 S Water 
William, tav kr Walnut S bel Water 
Gillingham James, 175 S Front & 174 S AVater 
Mahlon', auctr 127 High d h 172 

Mitchell & co, auctioneers & com- 
mission mers 127 High 
W H, M D 45 N 8th 
Gilmore A, stone cutter Fearis ct . 
Ann, shopkeeper Mercer 
■|- Jacob, confectioner 1 23 S 6th 
Gilpin and co, paper warehouse 149 S Front 
Henry D, atty at law 99 Walnut 
Joshua & Thomas, mers 149 S Front 
Thomas, 14 Dock 
Gilroy Henry, ladies boot & shoemr 58 S 4th 
Gimeny A K, 294 Lombard 
J H, 248 Lombard 
Girard Stephen, banker and mer 21 & 23 N 
Water bankg house old U S bk S 3d op Dock 
Girdon James, sea captain 41 Key's al 
Girault A N, French teacher at Mantua ^ illage 
GJthens William M, shoemaker 152 Mulbeny 
Givan Samuel, tav keeper N W cor Sch 8th 

and Sassafras 
Clacking David, hatter 180 Lombard 
Glasgow S, plasterer Pine ab S 10th 
Glascow Samuel, shoemaker Perry bel Pine 
Gleason J, manuf of shovels spades hoes and 
sheet iron worker 259 High 
Jonas, James 
Gleistine Bernard, sugar- refiner 162 Vine 
Glenn widow, segar maker Marble 

William, cabinetmaker back 22 Dock 
Glentworth George, dniggist 287 Sassafras 



Glentworth James, surveyor of the port 97 
James, jr deputy surveyor of the 
port 1U5 S lOtli 
Gloss H, house cai'i) S lOtli l)el Pine 
Gk)ver IamiiucI J?, liaUor lo4 il h 103 llifj^li 
Goddard Jolui, mcr 61 S Front d h S K cor 

nth and Walnut 
Godcbout Lewis, oystcrman 153 S 6tU 
Gohrccht J, engraver 220 AN'alnut 
Godet John J D G, g-entlcnian 8 Union 
Godfrey Mrs Ann, g-cntlcwonian 145 S lltli 
GotUey Jcssee and co, mers 53 High 

John, 82 Mulbeny 
Gofipean Martha, 130 S 10th 
Gokllnirn Josejih, tailor Randall's ct 
Golder John, atty at law 203 Mulbeny 

John, mimner & oyster cellar 163 S Ft 
Goldey Henry, boot and shoemaker 18 N 10th 
Henry, S Juniper bel Locust 
Jacob, shoemaker 174 Sassafras 
Jolui, shoemaker 344 Sassafras 
widow, S Juniper ab Spruce 
Goldsmltli J M, dealer 19 Chester 

Levi M, 19 Chester 
Goodfellow Elizabeth, pastry cook 134 S 2d 
Goodluu-t John, hatter Market 
Goodin John, liv stab keeper Lodge al d h 5 
S 7tli ' 
John, jr supercargo 32 S 2d 
Goodman John, printer 6 Elmslie's al 
Goods George, baker 126 N Front 
Goodwhi James C, cage & mouse trap maker 
56 N Fro^it* 
John, gi-ocer 56 N Front 
Jonatlian, mer tailor 53 N 6th 
Mrs Mary, grocer S E cor of S 10th 

and Vaux's ct 
Thomas F, letter carrier 301 S 10th 
William, tailor 106 N 8th 
Gordon James, High near Sch 3d 

M L, ch'uggist S E cor Sassafras & 3d 
f Robert C, cake baker 120 Walnut 
•j-Robert C, jr ladies shoemr 133 S 4th 
Thomas F, atty at law 56 S 5th 
\\-idow. Prospect al 
Gorgas Jos h son, lumber mers N 9th bel Vine 
Joseph, lumber mer 9tli N bel Vine d 

h 185 Callowhill 
hmiber mer 9th n Vine d h 154N 9tli 
William, bleeder 53 S Front 
Gorman Archibald, boot & shoemr 53 Gaskill 
James, liv stab keeper Bingham's ct 

d h 123 Pine 
widow Martha, innkr 128 N Water 
James, innkeeper N W cor of Pine 

and Green's ct 
T, tav keeper N E cor High & Bioad 
Goshea John, jeweller 64 Dock 
Gosler Christian, 111 Sassafi-as 
Gossnor John, brass founder 10 little Pine 
Goucher Mary, b h 399 Sassafras 
Gouge James, apotheciwy 304 Sassafras 
John, b h keeper 253 Bigh 

Gouge Jesse W and co, jewellery &c 2 arcade 
Wm M, one of the editors of tl\e iMiilad 
(Jazette 97 S 2d d h 253 High 
(;f)iigan Lewis, turner and innlu' 14 Cherry 
(iould A, stone cutter Fearis ct 

widow, b h 30 Palmyra row 
Goidey Lewis, oyster house and tav 44 N 3d 
Ciourley Hugh, gent 28 Union 
j(;<)ulier Joim, painter k glaz 120 Lombard 
(.Jouvctt widow Eleanor, gentw 52 Filbert 
Govett Isaac, blockmaker back of 112 N 7th 
Joseph, house carp Cedar bel lOtli 
Roiiert, acct 244 Fili)ert 
Milliam, house carp 227 Cedar ab 9th 
AViliiam G, discount clerk in the bank 

of Peims'ylvania 428 Sassafras 
widow, Sarah, gentw 244 Filbert 
Gowen James, wine mer 69 S 3d cor of Dock 
Edward, grocer 180 N Front 
Gowing widow Mary, gentw 48 S 6th 
Grace Edward, printer 10 Green's ct 
Gracey John, tav keeper 35 Palmyra row 
Grambo Michael, 123 Sassafras 
Graeff Scvina, 6 Cheny 
Graft" Baltliazar, baker 156 N 13th 
Charles, gentleman 49 N 6tii 
Fredei'ick, superintendant of the water 
j\ orks d h N 10th N W cor of Cherry 
or 1 Montgomery square 
H, 1 Spruce 

John, gentleman 303 Mulberry 
Graff' J and J, jr mers 439 High 

widow Elizabeth, gentw 29 N 6th 
Graham George A, atty at law 4 N 11th 
James, shopkeeper S 2d 
James, gentleman 4 N 11th 
James, storekeeper 56 S 2d 
John, cabinet maker 94 S 3d 
John, lottery broker 103 S 2d 
John K, grocer 294 High 
and Mandeville, auctioneers and com- 
mis mers S AV cor Chesnut & Front 
M, lab Sassafras neai' Sch 8th 
Peter, mer 71 S Ft d h 250 Chesnut 
Thomas, tobacconist Ann ab 12th 
Thomas, chy good mer 189 High 
AVilliam, gardner 146 N 13th 
Wm C, mer Smith's wharf ab Sassafras, 
Granliy Mrs wid, washenvoman 4 Moore's ct 
Grandom Hart, acct N W cor Sansom &. 7th 
Grant Joseph P, mer 35 S Front d h 116 S 3d. 
Neil, tav kr S E cor AValnut & Water 
Patrick, school 181 Spruce 
Samuel, mer 35 S Front d h 405 High: 
and Sagers, auctioneers 83 Chesnut 
Grants & Stone, mers 55 S Front 
Granville W, vunon glass works w h 10 Minor- 
Grasby Mrs Hannah, bonnet store 21 S 4th 
Gratz Hvman, 219 Chesnut 
Jacolj, 219 Chesnut 
Joseph, mer 125 S Ft d h 219 Chesnut 
S and son, merchants 2 S 7th 
Simon, 15 N 8th 



Gravel Henry, house carpenter 220 Vine 
Gravellc Louisa M, jewelry store 148 Chesnut 

11 L, jewelry manul"117 Chesnut 
Gravcnstine Charles, bi-ushmr North bet 10th 
and 11th 
C, baker 27 Strawbeny 
Georg-e, tui-ner and button mr N 

near 10th d li 131 Sassafras 
widow, 202 Sassafras 
William, housh carp Vine ab 9th 
d h 131 Sassafras 
Graves Alexander, g-rocer Sassafras n Sch 8th 
Bartholomew, 165 Mulberry 
Bazil, soap and candle manuf 18 d li 
16 Spruce 
Gray Caleb, dry good store 467 High 
Charles, shoemaker 385 Sassafras 
David, tailor 66 S Water 
James, cliina queensw.&c mer 205 High 

d h N 9th ab Mulberiy 
Mrs, George ab 10th 
Patrick, tin worker 287 High 
Robert E, brewer 22 S 6th 
Robert E and co, brewers 24 S 6th 
Samuel N, brewer 24 S 6th 
Thomas, boot and shoemr 155 Walnut 
Thomas, cailer Alder al near N 11th 
and Wylies academy Locust al> S 9th 
Greagan Charles, plasterer, 152 S W cor 11th 

and Locust * 

Greble William, bricklayer 235 S 5th 
Green Charles, farmer 83 N 5th 

Charles, mer Quince bel Walnut W 
Mrs Eleanor, 134 S 4th 
George, tav keeper 10 Laetitia ct 
Jacob, prof of chemistry 190 Pine 
J, commedian 10 Raspberry al 
John, innkeeper 8 Latitia ct 
Job, 7 Laetitia ct 
Jonas, M D 79 Walnut 
L, dry good store 62 S 2d 
Michael, bricklayer Spruce bel Broad 
William, house carp back of 164 Ch rry 
widow, b h 11 Gray's al 
Greenbank T K, 64 Spruce 
Greenfield wid Elizabeth, gent 371 Mulberry 
Greenleaf J, 207 Pine 
Greer Mary, 20 Stan- al 

Robert, silk dyer and scourer 120 S 4th 
Mrs widow, 114 Sassafras 
Greeves J R, house carp 47 N 10th 
Gregory John, cab maker 56 Spnice 

clothing store 83 Chesnut 

widow, 21 N 12th 
Greive Alex, groc Sassafras bet Sch 7th & 8th 
Grelaud John^H, 120 S 2d 

Madame, female seminary 120 S 3d 
Maiy, 96 Sassafras 
Gi'iffin Sarah, 34 Mulberry 
Griffinburg Christian, blacksmith 29 Rarron 

Griffith Caleb, 

Ehjah, M D 39 N 5th 

Mattliew, boot & shoemaker 34 N 4th 

R E, M 1) S 12th bel Spruce 

Robert E, merch 123 Walnut d h 106 
» 8tli 

William, tailor 7 Chancery lane 

William V, cab maker 111 S Front 
Griffitts Samuel P, di'uggist and apothecary S 
W cor 8t]i 8c Chesnut d h 31 S 8th 

William F, domestic warehouse 77 S 
Front d h 62 S Front 
Gi-ig-g John, bookseller and stationer 9 N 4th 

d h Yohe's iiotel 6 and 8 N 4th 
Grimm Hcniy, dry good store 148 N 4th 
Grimes John, portrait painter 82 MidbeiTy 

William, baker 8 Littleboys ct 
Grimsliaw William, coun & atty at law Spnice 

ab 12th 
Griner Joseph, coach painter 16 Acorn al 
Grinnell William, atty at law 40 S 6th 
Groff" J & J, jr mers N W cor High and 12th 
Gross Jacob, shoemaker 144 S 12th 

John, shoemaker Cheny bel Sch 8th 
S D, M D S 5th 
Grotjan Peter A, late editor of the public sale 

report 55 Spruce 
Grove Henry, grocer 98 New 
Grover John, sea captain 193 Pine 
Groves Anthony, mere 3 N Front d h 16 N 7th 

& Flemining, weavei's Hig'h W Sch 7th 
Grubb Evan, cleric post office d h 65 Gaskill 

John B, accountant 43 N 3d 

Peter, stone mtson 29 Adams 

\\ illiam M, 58 Vine 

\^'illiam, blacksmith 4 Hai-mony ct 

William, chair maker 12 Green's ct 
Guenat Margaret, 230 Walnut 
Guest Anna &. Elizabeth, gentw 330 Mulbeny 

George, drug-t N E cor Chesnut & 7th 
Guier Benjamin, city watchman 37 Jones' al 

George, mer 6 Minor d h 361 Sassafras 
Guild widow Ann, boarding 124 S 4th 
Guinea J F, M D 157 N Front 
Guilkey S, house carp Castle 
Guinn Wm, tailor 125 S Water d h 289 S Ft 
Gidager widow Maiy, gentw 229 MulbeiTy 
Gullen Uavid, stone cutter 17 Schriver's ct 
John, stone cutter 17 Schriver's ct 
Gummey John, storekeeper 5 N 6tli 
Guin-ey Samuel, grocer 57 Chesnut d h 128 

fGurdner Peter, 17 Elizabeth 
Guy Robert, weaver 123 S 11th 
Guyer Simon, 102 N lltli 

Wilham, currier 165 S 5th 

widow, 102 N 11th 
Guygcr James, tailor 304 Sassafras 
G winner Thomas, 176 Vine 
Gwyn Alexander, tailor 177 Cedar 

William, chair maker 91 S Front 



II:uLS Gcorfjo, innkeeper 176 Sassafras 
Jacol), siif^ar n.-tincr Cliony n 91 1» 
Jolui, su};:UTcii 9 IJreail il h 2'2 Sassafras 
anil Sniitli, sug'tir refiner's 9 Hivacl 
Hackcnliviri;- J L, store keeper 2 N Front 
Hacker Urou n and eo, nnrs 5(i S Front 

Isiuali, mcr 56 S Ftd h 190 Mulberry 
Hackney Joseph, 1) li 6 H:ulung-'s al 
Haccpiin AVilliani, 139 N 2d 
Hadder Wm, watchman 2 Rudolph's ct 
Haffilfinf,'-or Martin, 66 N 6th 
Hagti John, at G Kex's S E cor Vine and 6lli 
Hai^aer William, 8 Stamper's al 
Hag'er Christian, hoot &, shocmr 21 Sassafras al 
Hagerdon Frederick, quill maniif loSChesnut 
Ua^t'-crt Jacob C, bnislnnaker 10 liranch 
Hag'gart John, shoemaker 140 l^ocust 
Hag-stoz Jacob, sug-ar boiler Nicholson 
Ha'hn Christian, baker 148 N 5th 

Peter, mer d h 122 Mulberry 
Haight Christian, g1-ocer 100 Locust 

Charles, printer 10 Hinckles ct 
Mrs, tailorcss Georg'c ab 11th 
ILiincs Ephraim, mahog-a yard Poole's bridge 
d h 172 N Front 
Frederick R, tailor 101 N 9th 
Job C, hatter 124 N 2d 
John, turner 5 Rapin's ct 
J, currier 119 Sassafras 
Joseph, h carp Alder al n Fcaris ct 
Mary, washwoman 155 N 6th 
Nicholas, cordwaiuer 193 l,ombard 
Peter B, shopkeeper 123 S 6th 
R, milliner 5 Strawberry 
Reuben, 79 Mulberry 
Samuel, hatter 168 N 2d 
widow, nurse Sassafius bel 13th 
llains Samuel, city surveyor 317 Mulberry 
Halbach A, mer 81 S. Front d h 105 S 4th 
Brothers, mer 81 S Front 
G, mer 8 York buildings 
Halberstadt widow Ann, gentw 216 Mulbcny 

George, 116 MulbeiTy 
Halcombe Barney, back of 239 S 2d 
Hale &. Davidson, stock & exch brok 71 Dock 
. Thomas, stock and excli brok 71 Dock 
d h 284 Chesnut 
Halenbake G W, teacher 130 S 3d 
Haley Edward, 41 Filbert 

James, saddler 41 Filbert 
Nathan, paper stainer cor of Spruce 
and 11th 
Hall Alexander II, sea capt 9 N 11th 
Sizekiel, commis mer 4 N 8th 
George, brass founder 8 Prospect aJ 
Hannah, Cheny bet lltli and 12th 
Hairison, bookseller and publisher of the 

Port Folio 54 S 12th 
John, house carp 118 S 10th 
John, clock and watch maker 88 Union 
John E, atty at law 54 S 12th 
John, atty at law 112 Walnut 
Margaret, gentw 71 High 

Mall Fclcg, mer 100 S whanes d li 238 S Ft 
jMall IVny, conc.hman George bel 10th 
Itobirt, lav kr 183 S Front 
Sannicl, boarding lioiise 6 Penn 
Tiiomas M 1), 5 1 S 12th 
&. Smitli, storekeepers 205 S 2d 
Samuel, l)ottler 34 Coates' al 
'I'honias, pa])er iianger (Coates' al 
'liiomi's, N Sch 4tli"ab High 
Wilfred, organ builder High E Sch 6th 
William, gent 3 Mull)eiTy ct 
William J, witli Wni Camjiljcll 87 Cedar 
W^iiHam, 224 I'ine 
widow M A, 119 S 8th 
widow Mary, shopkee])er 184 S 4th 
Ilalm Frederick, gent (Jliesnut ab lOth N 
Halliday Alen, dentist Dean ab Spruce E 

Elias II, watchmaker cor Front and 
Ilallman Samuel, In-ush maker 21 Carter's al 
Hallowell Charles T, commis mer 38 N Front 
John, prest judge district court 
William S, hardware mer 162 N 2d 
Halse William, victualler Sch 6th n Spruce 
llaly Jolin, acct 131 Spruce 

William W, atty at law 72 S 6th d h 131 
Hamelin Joseph 196 S 4th 
Hamer Jacob, mer and tailor 13 N 6th 
Ilamerick John, mason b of 171 High 
Hamill Henry H, grocer 31 N lOtli 

James, farrier Locust 4 doors ab Wash- 
ington square 
Robert, cun-ier 81 Dock 
Hamilton Isaac, carter Rose ct 

James, gentleman 260 Walnut 
J, 89 S 3d 

James, salesman 34 S 3d 
and Hood, grocers 4 High 
John, leghonianddrvgd sto 20 S 2d 
John, grocer 4 High d h 18 Sassafras 
Joseph, shoemaker 46 N 3d 
Marj"-, 20 Wasliington square 
Mrs, 64 Union 
Mrs, 16 Sansom 
Mrs, George ab 8th S 
Matthew, printer 10 N al 
R & A B Spencc, com mers 60 S whs 
William, turner Spruce ab 13th 
widow Elizabeth, gentw 187 N 2d 
vvid Ly tlia, mantua mr 22 Branners al 
widow Mary, nui-se 141 N 6th 
widow Sai-ah, Pine n 11th 
Hammar Lewis, confectioner 147 N 3d 
Hammond widow of Crosby, 460 Sassafras 
llannier C, baker 104 N 13th 
Hampton Alexander, house Carp 407 Mulberry 
Alex, lumber mer cor 12th &. Cherry 
Mrs, 165 S Front 
Jonathan, accountant 55 S 11th 
widow, shopkvN E cor Pine and 12th. 
widow Elizabeth, 12 N al 
Hampsiead widow, 7 Biddle's al 



Hance John, 265 S Front 

Hancker A, copperplate printer Shakspeare 

Hancock Ann, shopkeeper 36 N 2d 
AVilliam, gent 37 N 2d 
Wm, h car N W cor Cherrj- and 12th 
Hand Caleb, acct Mulberry al 1st door ab N 
5th N side 
Ezekiel, watchman 3 Chancery lane 
Joseph, 59 S wharves 
Handy George h ware mer 98 High 

SjTTiington and Bird, h w mers 98 High 
Haney widow. Locust bel 13th 
Hank Henrv, shoemr N E cor 12th and Cherry 
Hankin Daiiiel, tailor 112 N 10th 
Hanley WUliam, shopkeeper 138 Lombard 
Hannold George, tailor 23 Coates' al 
Hanse Com-ad, coachmaker S W cor 4th and 
Walnut d h 121 Walnut 
John, coach maker 121 AValnut 
Samuel, booksr and stationer 170 S 2d 
Hansell George, cutler 4 Castle 

Jacob, grave digger 65 N 5th 
James, clock and watch maker 226 

High d h 180 Sassafras 
John, painter 12 HofFman's al 
Joseph, gilder 65 N 5th 
Sarah, shopkeeper 379 High ab 10th 
Thomas, tui-ner Schriver's ct 
WlUium, blacksmith b of 147 Cheny 
William M, mer 67 S 11th 
Wm S saddler 24 High d h 74 Walnut 
widow, 106 N 3d 
Hanson Mrs E, teachei', 165 S 11th 

John, wholesale grocer N E cor High 
and Water d h 33 N 5th 
Harberger Henry, cupr and bleeder 132 S 11th 
Henr}-, jr tin plate manuf High N 
W cor Sch 6ih 
Harbert Charles, lumber mer S W cor 9th and 
Vine d h 9th ab Wood 
John, carter Sch 8th bel Vine 
Isaac, gent 146 N 10th 
Zebedee, dentist 20 N 9th 
Harbeson Hugh, grocer di-awbrldge d h 110 
H and W gi'ocers drawbridc and Ft 
Hardcaslle ^Nliss, 35 Cherry 
Hariicr John G, furrier N 12th ab MulbeiTy 
Harding Charles G, M D 19 Lombard 
Hezekiah, sea captain 85 Pine 
Isaac, house carp 326 Sassafras 
Jesper, printer 36 Carter's al d h 66 


John, grocer 19 Lombard 

John, jr mer 17 S Water 

Hardwick John, painter and glazier 8 Spruce 

Hardy Cliai-les, bar kr at city hotel 43 N 3d 

John, pocket book &. reticule mr 6 S4th 
Hare Mi"s Cliarles, gentw 417 Chesnut 
Miss, 172 Chesnut 
Robert, 417 jr Chesnut 

Hare Robert, M D profes of chemistry in the 
University of Pennsylva 291 Chesnut 
Thomas, dealer 391 Sassafras 
Hargan Carey, bottler 12 Pine 
Harker George, mariner 10 Chesnut 

George, oysterman under 16 S 6th 
J, booksr stationer &c 32 arcade 
Joseph, chair maker N 6th 
Charles, taUor 20 High 
Harlan Edward, mer 33 S Front 
Joshua, mer d h 72 S 3d 
Richard M D, S W cor 9th & George 
Harland John, jr gent 13 Sansom 

Richard, blacksmith 13 Heyde's ct 
William, mer 48 S whar\-es 
Harley Francis, coppersmith 78 d h 82 S Ft 
Geo, coppersm 95 S Ftd h 162 S 4th 
Mrs, boarding house 180 N Water 
Harman Andrew, baker 152 N 4th 
George, 25 Castle 
Jacob, jr sea captain 117 Lombard 
John, baker 152 N 4th 
John, oysterman 15 Norris al 
Mar}', shopkeeper 73 N 4th 
widow, grocer Castle near lOtb 
widow, 223 Lombard 
Harmer James, upholsterer S E cor Pine and 
2d d h 76 Union 
Samuel, upholster 76 Union 
Harmstead James, cabinet maker 65 N 4th 

Lawrence, house carp 150 S 10th 
Martin, ladies shoemaker 35 N4th 
M and A, milliners 56 N 4th 
Hai'ned John, tin plate worker 330 High 
Harold Rev Wm Vincent, rector of St Mary's 

chmxh Willings al 
Hai'per Charles A mer Latimer and Murdocks 
wharf Mulberry ab 10th 
Christopher, tav keeper 28 Caller's al 
James, brickmaker 291 Walnut 
James, lab High near Sch 4th back 
James, bricklayer 9 Prospect al 
John, shomaker 2 N 13th 
Samuel, tailor 30 Strawberry 
Thomas, inland transportation office 

6 S 7th d h Chesnut n Broad E 
T & James, gros & flour sto 455 High 
Thomas, d h 455 High 
Thomas, 34 Sansom 
Waltei', gi-ocer 130 Locust 
Wniiam, bricklayer 3 Prospect al 
wid Eliza, dry good store 205 Cedar 
Harple David, sexton of Zion Lutheran ch 
23 Cherry 
Jacob, teacher 23 Cherry 
Harrall Fi-ancis, jeweller 167 S 2d 
Harrington, Daniel, dentist 120 Mulberry 

D, shopkr cor of 6th and North al 

Harris Benj, lab Raspberry al cor Prior's ct 

Carles B, painter &. glazier 30 Bank d 

h 3 Sassafras al 
Gebluu'd, cabinet mr 6 S Front 



Harris F B, saddler Ann near Sch 7tJi 
James, slioemaker Wilsons ct 
J, 214 VValmit 

J B and F C, <lrug-ffists 223 S 2d 
Jolni \V, house carp Liberty ct 
John, stortkcepcrs 115 N lOtli 
Levitt, jjcntlcman lj8 Chesnut 
Mary, n\n'sc 12 Gray's al 
Nichohus, flovirandfecdstooS Lombard 
Robert, M 1) 159 Mulberry 
Sophia, shopkeeper 203 S 2d 
S, 145 N lOtli 

Thomas, M 1) N W cor Spruce & 9tli 
William, chair mr 131 S 2d » 

saddler 6 Gan-ij^ies ct 
shoemaker 247 S 6th 
wid Ehzabeth, mantua mr 138 Locust 
HaiTison George, navy agent 64 Dock d h 156 
Henry K apothecary d h 15 Fayette 
James, Mulberry near Juniper 
John, watchman 3 little Pine 
Richard G, engraver 62 Union 
Hart Abraliam L, music store 30 S 4th d h 70 
Charles, shoemaker 113 S 5th 
Curtes & CO, comb & fancy store 2 N 5th 
and Flannegan, plumbers 8 Walnut 
Hart G H, one of the editors of U S Gazette 
68 Dock d h 1 Comptroller 
and Chandler, editors of tlie U S gazette 
John, shoemaker 235 Cedar 
John and sons, druggists 18 S 2d d h 

195 MulbeiTv 
Naphtali, gent 70 S 4th 
Mrs Rachael, china store 164 S 3d 
Samuel, shopkeeper 30 Lombard 
S and CO, dry good store S W cor 4th 

and Mulberry- 
William II, plumber 8 Walnut 
Wm, oak cooper 83 S Water d h 92 S Ft 
Wilham, innkeeper 33 Bread 
William H, mer d h 106 Mulberry 
widow, 37 Quince 
widow Esther, 70 S 4th 
Harte Mrs and Miss, voung ladies boarding 

school 225 S l-Yont 
Haitley wdow, 55 New 
Hartman John, 9 Penn 

Pliilip, shopkeeper 148 Sassafras 
Hartshorn Joseph, M D 272 MulbeiTy 

Pattison, gent 304 Mulbeny 
Hartranft Michael, plasterer 393 Sassafras 
Harvey Charles, gentleman 373 High 

Edward, accountant 117 N 11th 

Gabriel, tailor Harmony ct 

George N, hardware mer 62 N Front 

d h Sassafi-as cor Chester ' 
George W, paper hanger 1 1 Pear 
Isaac, jr mer 266 Chesnut 
M & CO, dry good mers 58 S 2d 
Margaret, 85 S 11th 
Robert, tjiilor 106 Gaskill 
Samuel and sons, h ware mei"s 62 N Ft 
Samuel D gent S W cor 12th & George 

Harvey Sarah, 11 Peai- 

widow, Margaret, Broad ali Juniper 
Harwood L, mrr 2 N 4th d h Wood ab 5tli it t 
Ilascltinc Joiin, mer 10 S wharves 
Ilaskins George, accountant 71 Lombard 

widow, gcMtw 302 Chesnut 
Haslet James, house carp 75 S 11th 
Hiislcy Charlos L, bar kr 293 High 
Hassell John, callendcrer 24 Crown 

John, ladies shoemaker 181 N 2d 
Ilassen Joiui, carpenter 14 Sugar al 
Hassiiigcr David S, atty at law S W cor Mul- 
Ijerry and 4th d h 207 High 
Jonathan K, merchant 6 South al 
d h 207 High 
Hastings and Chester, carpet sto 111 Chesnut 
Jonas, Cliesnut ab 13th 
widow, 41 StrawbeiTy 
Hatcher Thomas, shoemaker Loxley's ct 

widow Emma, 5 Watson's al 
Hatfield Adam, mer tailor 84 Vme 
Hathaway Geo, teacher N E c 13th & Locust 
Hathwcll George, comedian 7 little George 
Hatkinson Joseph, b h 29 Midbcny 
Hatton Sarah, teacher Jacoby ab Cherry 
Hause and M'Clelland, mers 80 High 

William, mer d h 49 N 8th 
Haven Joshua, mer 38 S Front d h 178 S 3d 

and Smith, mers 38 S Front 
Haverstick William, jr queenswarc &c store 

250 High 
HavUand John, architect 26 N 5th 
John, plasterer 242 S 7th 
Hawkins Eli, Cherry ab 12th 

William, saddler 7 Elfreth's al 
Hawks William, surveyor of damaged ships &c 

2 Norris' al 
Hawley Abraham, house carp 303 S 10th 

Mrs, gentw 78 S 11th 
Hay Wm Peter, engraver Smith's ct b of 117 

Haydock D, jr 4 Lodge 

Robert, plumber 39 Strawberry d h 

N E cor Spruce and 7tli 
Samuel, plumber 37 Strawbeiry d h 

4 Lodge 
widow Susannah, gentw 4 Lodge 
Hayes I Austin, mcrch 93 S wharves d h 10 
Franklin row S 9th 
P, merchant 10 Franklin row N W cor 

9th and Locust 
Thomas, 67 Spruce 
Haynes Joseph, accountant 17 Pine 
Hays (leorge, weaver Pine ab 9th 

Isaac, M D N E cor Sansom and 8th 
James, cabinet maker 165 N Front 
John, chair maker 21 N 9th 
J, plasterer Ad;uns bet 12th and 13th 
Robert, house carpenter 128 S 13th 
Samuel, mer 82 S Ft d h Chesnut ab 12th 
Samuel, grocer N W cor 11th &. George 
Samuel, 130 S 11th 

Thomas, silk dyer and scourer 4 Cale- 
donian ct 
W^illiam, cabinet maker 282 High 



Hays Wm, shopks S E cor George aod 11th 
Hazard David, uUor 3 Shield's ct 

Samuel, edit Perm register 51 Filbert 
Hazlehurst Samxiel, gent 322 High 
Hazlet >Irs, Wagner's al 
Hazleton John, merchant 43 N 3d 

Joseph, hatter 8 Harmony ct 
]Hrs, 93 Georg-e 
Hazhtt David, tav keeper 11 Decatur 
Hazard Erskine, 35 Filbert 
Head Joseph, mansion house hotel 122 S 3d 
Headman Andrew, coach maker 7 N 8th 
A and J, coachmaki-s 370 High 
David, potter 7 N 8th 
George, potter 17 S 8th 
Jacob, coach maker 9 Prospect al 
WiUiam, watchnu- 9 Prospect al 
WillJam, coach maker 7 >( 8th 
William, potter 75 George 
Hearlett James, storekeepers 236 S 2d 
Heath Charles E, 143 High and 104 S 12th 
Charles P, recorder of deeds office 104 
S 12th 
Heaton Mar)-, milliner 98 N 4th 
Hebbard widow, N 10th bel Castle 
Hebermecht Henrj-, saddler 25 Prune 
Heberton widow, 207 S 4th 

John C, M D accoucheui' 115 S 5th 
witlow, 205 Mulberry 
Hebrew and Stans, 11 Chesnut 

Synagouge, 1 Chei-ry 
Hebrews L B, d.ver 222 Lombard 
Hedrick John, moulder 12th bel Sassas E side 
Heed Jonathan, innkeeper 193 N 3d 
Heel Eli, acct 110 N 8th (back ct) 
Hefty F, mer 38 Chesnut 
HeicUeback Jacob, carpenter 157 N 3d 
Heinicht H E, tobacconist 146 S 11th 
Heines John, tobacconist 101 N Juniper 
Heiss William, acct UN 12th 
HelfFenstein Rev Samuel, of the German Re- 
formed church 39 N 4th 
Helling-s Mrs Rebecca, milliner 69 S 2d 
Helmbold Frederick, innkr and horse market 
420 High 

George, paper warehouse 191 S Ft 
Helmbold J K, paper maker 247 Cedar 

wadow, M'Culloch's ct 
Helmuth Henr}' K, 6 N 11th 

Wm S, M D Spruce bel 13th S side 
Hemble Wilham, jr merchant 17 N Front 
•^Hemmenway James, liair dresser and fancy 

store 51 Pine 
HemmelwTight Samuel, Bread 
Hemphill James, merchant 19 S 7th 
John, merchant 114 S 3d 
Joseph, counselr at law 144 Chesnut 
Hemple Samuel, tobacconist 47 N 4th 
Samuel, weaver Perry 
Thomas, gentlemiin and ladies boot 
and shoemaker 16 GreenleaPs ct 
Henchman Adam, gro S E cor Sch 3d &. High 
Henckle Peter, acct N Chesnut near 6th E 
Henderson Guy, bookbr Baron cor Gaskill 
James, atty at law 59 S 2d 
John, Lombard cor of Sch 7th 

Henderson John, Ann, near Sch 7th 
Joseph, 2 Meyer's ct 
Mrs Mar}-, dry good store 59 S 2d 
Stephen, gentleman 18 N 7th 
S J, att\- at law S W cor 5th and 

Walnut d h 44 S 6th 
William, leecher 383 Sassafras 
widow Ehzabeth, 87 N Juniper 
widow Hannali, layer out of the 
dead 22 Bread 
Hendricks Taylor, Broad ab Spruce E 
Hendy widow Elizabeth, b h 55 S 7th 
Henly E, shopkeeper 4 N 2d 
Hemessey James, trader 9 Frombergers ct 
Henniss J, 7 Whitaker's row 
Hemion Sebastian, confectioner 118 High 
Henr)' Amelia, boarding house 74 S 6th 
Alexander, dry good store 8 S 2d 
Alexander, mer 192 High & 25 Minor 
George, weaver Ann bel 13th 
Henrj-, heut in U S na^y Zii S 13th 
Hugh, drayman Sassafras near Sch 8th 
Jane, N W cor of 7th and St Mary 
John, with Wm Henry 200 Lombard 
John, stone cutr S Juniper bel Chesnut 
John S, mer 120 S 8th 
Manuel, tobacconist 179 N 2d 
Peter, Lombard bel 12th 
Peter, painter and glazier 55 N 8th d 
h 2 Schriver's ct 
Henry T, shop N Chesnut near Juniper E 
William, potter Sch 4th near High 
AVilliam, coppersmith 200 Lombard 
William, blacksmith Green's ct 
widow, 223 Cherry 
widow, 179 S 5th 
Hensebnan Samuel, storekeeper 122 N 2d 
Henshaw William, 9 Marshall's al 
Henszey Joshua, clerk of High Market 46 
widow Margaretta, M'Culloch's ct 
Hent ValentiJie, laboitrer 136 Mulberry 
Heppard Hezekiah 11, innkr 46 N 6th 

John, painter and glazier 67 S Front 
Thomas, 48 Vine 
Heppel Peter, 157 N 3d 
Herbst J G, tavern keeper 111 Sassafras 
Herils F, storekeeper 167 S 2d 
Herkness Adam, stone cutter Filbert ab 11th 
d h 22 N 9th 
and Smith, stone cutters Filbert ab 
Herman widow Elizabeth, gentw 45 N 6th 
Hermstad Joseph,' book binder 7 Elbow lane 

wid Catharine, Elbow lane 
Hemeissen widow, 21 N 7th 
Herrick Jonatlian K, merch9 S Water d h 92 

S 5th 
Herring Robert, merchant 20 Chesnut 
Hertzog Peter, cor Crown and Sassafras 
Hess Abraham, Sassafras ab 13th 

Benjamin, house carpenter 114 N 6th 
John, grocer S E cor Sch 8th and Vine 
John G, importer of French and Swiss 
goods 24 Chesnut 



Hess Philp, grocer 392 Sassafras 

and Pyatt, Rfroccrs 136 N 13th 
Samuel, S K cor Sch Hlh and Vine 
William, tin plate worker 22H \ inc 
William, ilnin-psl ^'ine• al) Scii Htli 
widow .Mar\-, S K cor Sell 8th Si Vine 
widow, 17H N 5th 
Hcsscr Daniel, stone cutter 149 N 6th d h 75 

N 7th 
Hesson Rcrnaitl, High bet Sch 5th and 6(h 
Ilcston AVilliam, tlcputy sheriff 21 N yth 

widow, 26 S 13th 
Hewitt Mrs, 40 Vine 

'rhom;is, sea captain 11 Pine 
Thomas, mcrch 11 Pine 
William, gentleman 409 fligh 
Ilewiings Mrs, b school 289 Clicsmit 
Hcwsoi'i Tliomas, M D Walnut ab 9th 
Ilcwston John, carter 6 AcLims 
Ilcyl (icorgc, atty at law ami notary puldic S 
W cor Front and Walnut d h 25 N 7tli 
John, baker 106 N 2d 
W^illiara, di'uggist 205 High d h Mulberry 
Heyman Wayne, 13 Juniper lane 
Heysham Itobert, accf oust house &. 203 N 9tli 
Hibbcrt Thomas, Hour store S 13tli n Lombiu'd 
Hibkr Samuel, 95 High 
Hibbs Joseph M, bricklayer Fries ct 
Hickcy James, gi-occr 124 Locust 
Hickman Charles, Mulberry W of Sch 3d 
Hicks John, hduse c;u-pcnter Dean 

Richard, house carpenter 21 Union 
Hied John, 394 Sassafius 
Hidelius Andrew, sea captain 67 Pine 
HideUus Charles, merchant 67 Pine 
Hleskell Thomas, City Hotel 43 N 3d 
Higbce Cluu'les, carpenter 13 llaspbeny al 
Higgins Joseph, shoj:) llaspberr}' al 
widow Hannah, 149 S 9 th 
Higginson, tiiilor 92 S 3d 
High David, innkeeper 150 N 4th 

widow, tavern keeper 100 New 
Highlands Finley, stone cutN 10th dh Fries ct 
Hildebuni Samuel, watch and jewellery store 

72 High d h 301 Walnut 
Hiles Peter, piano forte maker 24 Adams 
Hilger Louis, mer 73 S Front d h 119 AValnut 

Wichght and co, mer 73 S Front 
Hill Charles, tailor S W cor Water and Mid- 
berr)' d h 100 N Front 
David, mer S W cor Chcsnut and S whs 
d h 29 N 5th 
Hill Fish and Abbe, Union Une packet office 
Chesnut fii-st wharf S 
James, liatter 3 Blackhorse al 
James, boot and shoemaker 154 S 11th 
John, bottler 3 Poar 
John, 158 Spnice 
Laetitia, 247 1-2 S 2d 
Martin, tobacconist 247 1-2 S 2d 
Mar}-, school 172 Locust 
Peter, mer 229 High 
U K, professor of music 9 Cypress al 
widow Filizabeth, niiUincr 110 N 3 

Hillartl Mary, bonnet maker 11 Church al 
Hillier Thomas A, coach maker &c 40 Prune 
Hills Samuel, painter 2 Pntne 
llilman widow, teacher S 13tli n High 
Hilsee Jolin, tailor 89 S Water 

Joseph, clothing store 140 S Water d 

h 141 S Front 
WilUam, tjiilor 89 S Water 
llilson Mary, 1 Franklin row 
Hilt John, bricklayer ShcaflPs al 
Hilyard Abram, 10 N 6th 

Sarah, gent 117 Lombard 
Himer Joseph, lab N K cor Seii 5tli &. Chcsnut 
Hinchman Ueiijamin, bookl)indcr 66 Vine 
John, gentleman 168 Sassafras 
Hindman F W, atty at law 71 N 6th 

Rev Francis, prof of lang'e 71 N 6th 
Hinckle Peter, porter n Sch 7th 
Hinkle Adam, ship 'chandler 22 S wharves d 

h 31 Sassafras 
•j-llinton F A, peifumer &. hair ch-esser51 S 4th 
Hippie Adam, lab Vine bet 11th and 12th 

Jacob, storekeeper 38 1-2 N 4th 
Hire George, tav keeper S W cor Cheiry and 

N Juniper 
Hirneisan wid Ann Maria, gentw 25 N 7th 
Ilirigoyen Peter, lamp manuf Goforth al 
Hirst) ames M, grocci 26 New 

J M and co, gi'ocers 138 N 2d 
WilUam L, atty at law 34 S 6th 
Hitchcock J Irvine, teacher 82 N 2d 

Richard, tailor 111 N 3d 
Hitner George, printer Peny bel Pine E 
Ilizet S, sho'maker 10 S 10th 
Hoare Robei-t ornamental painter and glazier 

15 N 7th 
Hocker C M, stone cutter 220 Sassafras 

C M & P Fritz, stone cutters 220 Sa^saf 
Samuel, weaver Lomliard bel 12th 
Hobbs Tliomas, shoemaker 75 N 3d 
Ilobson George, tavern keeper 1 Franklin ct 
George, mer 200 N 6th 
Jeremiah, shoemaker 114 S 11th 
J S and G, merchants 26 Chesnut 
R H, fancy store 147 Chesnut 
W T, diy good store 151 Walnut 
WilUam, trader 127 Cedar 
Hodge Andi-ew, gentleman 90 S 8th 
Hugh L, M D 181 Walnut 
John L, c house 89 S Ft d h 90 S Btli 
Hodges widow EUzabctli, gentw 133 Locust 
John C, carpenter 133 Locust 
J, matrass mr N W cor 7tli & Chesnut 
Robert R, storekeeper 42 N 4th 
Hodgson Wm, mer 125 Higli d ii 9 Palmyra r 
Wm, jr druggist 270 Mulbeny 
widow, 126 MulbeiTy 
Hoeckley C F, fringe weaver 173 Pine 
Hockley T, 158 S 10th 
Iloeth Chai'les, ch'j' good store 174 N 2d 
Hofficker John, constable c :NLarshalls al & 5th 
Hoffman Frederick, lab 14 Hoffman's al 
Henry, cooper Fearis' ct 
Jonathan, confectioner 158 N 3d 



Hoffman Philip, baker 14 Chancery lane 

wicl Mary, dealer is combs 262 Sassaf 
wid Susannah, gentw 166 Sassafras 
Hogan James, booksr & stationer 255 High 

James, tavern keeper 138 S 4th 
Hogbin Jolin, tailor 11 Fromberger's ct 
Hogg George, saddler George ab 1 1th 

Mi's J, mantua maker George ab 11th 
Hog^ict AugnstiLS, clock and vvatchmr SOS 4th 
Holahan Amos, tav keeper 195 Chesnut 

Jacob, blacksmith and tav kr S 10th 

N W cor Locust 
John, coach maker 70 Zane 
Holcombe B F, (h-uggist S E cor 2d & Key's al 
Holderness William, stable keeper 29 Union 
Holland Alexander, 100 N 11th 

Charles, mer 28 Chesnut d h 220 Pine 
Nathaniel, hatter 58 S 2d 
Hollermann John F, mer 7 N 4th d h 143 High 
Holhday WiUiam, shopkeeper 192 S Water 
Hollingshead I^enjamin, conimis mer 4 S 4th 
d h 43 Mulberry 
Edmund, h carp 43 MufoeiTy 
Hugh F, 43 N Water d h 237 

Plat & CO, mers 43 N Water 
wJd Hannah, gentw 43 MidbeiTV 
HoUingsworth Chalkley, shoemr 19Elfreths al 
Henry, casliier of the bank of 
N America S 12th bel George 
Paschal, mer 70 S wharves d h 

Washington square S side 
Samuel, cor Front & Lombard 
S and T G, mers 111 S wiiai'ves 
T, merchant 136 S 2d 
widow of Levi, gentw 16 Dock 
Holmes James, barber 368 Hig-h 
John, 15 S 4th 
John C, S 5th 

Wm, shoemr between Sch 7th & 8th 
Zebulon, store keeper 28 Lombard 
Holt widow Mary Ann, tav kr 173 Chesnut 
Homan Abraham, cab maker 332 Sassafras 
Homman J C, professor of music 43 N 7th 
Honey George, house carp 70 N 11th 
Hood Albert, mariner 29 little Water 

George, innkeeper Cheny first ab lOtli 

lower side 
Ii'vine, mer S E c 2d & Mulberry d h 

110 1-2 N Front 
John, grocer 4 High d h 16 Sassafras 
John, 98 N 5th 

Mattliew, shopkr S W c Sch 8th & High 
Nathaniel P acct 142 N 8th 
Samuel, dry good store 369 High 
' Sarah, 20 Mulbeny 

Thomas, gentleman 29 Penn 
Hooker Heniy, tailor 5 Meyer's ct 
Hooper Thomas,* shoraaker Vaux's ct 
Hoopes Bernard, domestic ware li 37 N Ft 

Thomas, iromnonger 209 High 
Hoops Benjamin, 24 S 13th 
Hoover Charles, D D 120 S 5th 

Thomas, Filbert E of Sch 6th 
Hopkins David, attorney 321 Chesnut 

Hopkins Edmund, 83 N 5tli 

Howell, attorney at law 12 Prune 
Johns, sen gentleman 12 Prune 
Johns, jr merchant 12 Pi"une 
John, dealer in books 83 N 5th 
John, 114 S 8th 
Mrs, milliner 311 Walnut 
Mi's, boarding house 68 N 5th 
Nicholas, 304 Chesnut 
Robert, dry good store 182 S 2d 
Samuel, house carp 4 Starr al 
Mrs Sarah, b h 82 S 8th 
Thomas, tobacconist 290 High 
Thomas, h carp 13th bel Walnut 
wid, gentw Chesnut 1 door bel 11th 
Hopkinson Francis, atty at law 196 Chesnut 
Joseph, coun at law 196 Chesnut 
J, M D 196 Chcsmit 
WilHam, 12th bel Sassafras back 
Hopper Jeremiah, Adams W 

Isaac T, tailor and tea store 33 Spnice 
Levis, accoimtant 120 Quince 
Hopton William, cordwainer 163 S 10th 
Horn Homy, silver plater High N W cor 5th 
d h 57 S 7th 
and Hoffman, bakers 1 Chancery lane 
John, coach mr S E cor 8th and T,ocust 

d h 139 S 9th 
Jacolj, Schuylkill bridge hotel High 
Jacob, jr 128 CheiTy 
and Kneass, silver platers 184 High 
Peter, house carp Wright's al 
William, segar mr Say near Sch 8th 
Hombergcr Lewis, hatter 18 Jones' al 
Horburg J H, 111 Sassafras 
Homer Benjamin C, 26 N 3d 
John, mer 378 High 
Josepli P, hard w mer 47 d h 265 Ittgh 

& ]\lartin, cb-uggists 26 N 3d 
William, M D 263 Chesnut 
and Wilson, mers 261 High 
widow Mary, gentw 62 N 3d 
Hornor & Cline, grocers N W c Sassafras & 9th 
Horner & Sliain, 125 High 
Horsey Joseph, book binder 64 Walnut 
Horstman William H, military store 48 N od 

d h 68 Mulljerry 
Horton John, In-icklayer 20 Greenleafs ct 
Hoskins J, teacher 383 High 

John G, gent 180 Mulberry 
widow Eleanor, gentw 180 Mulberry 
Houpt Jacol), gi-ocer 142 N 2cl 
House William, lampmr 1 Pemberton's al 
Houstan James, drayman Sch 8th n Vine 
Joseph, accountant 60 S 6th 
Mrs, 6 Sansom 
R, M D 308 Sassafras 
widow Ann, gentw dO S 6th 
How wid. Sell Front bet Sassafras & Mulberry 
Howarth Samuel, 80 N 7th 
Howell Abntham, M D 105 N 9th 

Amos, coach maker S E cor N 8th & 

MulljciTj' d \\ 66 N 8th 
Asher M, hardware mer d h S 9th 
Benjamin B, merchant 61 Pine 



Howell Edwaitl W, gentleman 12 Prune 
Kzckicl, Uilor 20 CliciTy 
Fcnix, VVog'lom's ct 
IsniLl.ciirr'rlOZChcsnutdh 150 S 9lh 
.lolm, house carpenter 76 N 1 llU 
.loliii A, paper hang'ui' 7-1- N (")(h 
.lolin \i, l)otanic pliysician 74 N fitli 
jDsepli, leatlier iner d li 217 Spruce 
l.enuie!, carp and storekr 73 N 6tl\ 
Uichai-d L, 124 S 4tli and custom Iiouse 
•j-Ricluird, oyster house 6 Locust 
Itobert, boanUn}^- house 31 N 6th 
AVilhuni, 225 Spruce 
wid Elizal)eth, layer out of tlic dead 

16 t'ressons al 
widow, fancy store 44 S 4th 
Howcrth Ann, 179 S 11th 
Howlet t;aUuu-lne, 43 N 4th 
Hubbard \Yni, jjrave digg'er in Friends biuy- 

ing ground Sch 7th and Cheny 
Hubbell F W, atty at law AVali\ut bel 3d 

H, atty at law Locust bcl 13th office 
63 S 5tli 
Hubbcr Isiuic, liouse carp 6 Stampei-s al 
Ilubbs J, 8 Vaux's ct 

raul K, 7 S 9th 
Hubbs & Montelius, domestic ware h 112 Ilig-li 
Huber H and F A, plated siuldlcry 40 N 3d 
and coach makei-s 158 Vine 
Henry, inspt of customs 125 N 6th 
Henry, jr coach mr 158 d h 160 Vine 
James, de])ty sheriff 84 Callowhill 
Tobias, tjdlow chandler 21 Coates' al 
d h 182 Vine 
HuckeU Jacob, dentist 29 Lombard 
Joseph, dentist >35 Pine 
Robert, tailor 164 S Front 
William, gentleman 164 S Front 
Huddle widow llebeccti, gentw 208 Spruce 
Hudson Edward, M D 133 Walnut 
James, t;ulor 22 Swanwick 
William, storekeeper 270 Mulljeny 
Huff John, shoemaker 13th ab Cherry 

Jonathan, tiilor 2 Fromberger's ct 
Hiiffnagle Jolui, mer 197 d U 429 High 
Hufty Joseph, innkeeper 
llugg George, W, liv stab keeper 5 Lombard 

Henr}-, clotliing store 30 Higli 
Hug-gins Benjamin, sea captain 88 S Front 
John, slioi)keeper 9 Franklin ct 
Samuel, morocco manuf 2 1-2 N 3d 
Hughes George, chair maker 6 Peai* 

James, grocer 75 S whs d h 2 Pine 
James, grocery and boarding house 

cor Lombard and Penn 
John, cotton manuf 382 High 
John, lab ChciTy ab 11th 
John, victualler 23 Fnuiklin ct 
Mary, teacher 160 S 3d 
Maiy, school 91 S 8th 
Neil, ostler 7 South al 
S, house carp 40 Ciu-penter 
Mrs Sidney B, boarding h 4 Sansoni 
Thomas H, muiuncr Prospect al 

Huglies William, cabinet maker 139 S 6th 
Huganian D L, 22 Mank 
Hului Daniel, brickniaker 343 Sassafras 
Daniel, jr carpenter 343 Sassafi-as 
lliilit Jolin, weaver 183 N Front 
llidfish Kiizabetli, !)oarding h 202 Sassafras 

Ellas 15, tobac 11 1-2 High dh 14N Ft 
Hulier Joiin L, musician 29 F'ilbei't 
Hulings William E, M 1) 264Chesnut 
Hull A G, M D 28 N 8th * 

Mary, 59 Dock 
Hulme '["honias, gentleman 325 Walnut 
Humes John, Hour inspector 130 S 8th 

Thomas, slioemaker N Broad n Vine 
Humphrey Gideon, M U 215 S 5th 
Humphreys A Y, paper hanging w h 21 S 3d 
James Y, playing card manuf 86 

S Front d h 182 S 3d 
John, confectioner 48 N Front 
Joshua, house cai'p Ann n Sch 8th 
Richard, 32 Swanson 
Solomon, keeper of High st bridge 
widow, tailoress 7 Franklin ct 
Mrs B, house 103 Walnut 
Huneker J, chair maker 59 N Front 
Hunt David, accountimt 58 Vine 

Humphrey, cabinet maker 155 S 5th 
James, acct 3 Pennsylvania avenue 
Paul, morocco dresser 12th ab Pine 
Samuel, liv stable keeper 16 Bank 
Uriah, bookseller 147 High dh 106 N4th 
William, Cherr}' ab Jacoby 
William, bottler 67 N Front 
William, mer 18 Chesnut d h 98 S 3d 
Hunter, skin <h"esser Sch 8th n Vine 
James, storekeeper 157 N 2d 
John, carter Sassafi-as bet Sch 8th & 

J, teacher Mercer 
Robert, tailor 6 Littleboys ct 
William, house carp 13th ab Pine E 
William, shoemaker PeiTy 
widow, Che iTy near llth 
widow Rachael, gentw 98 S 5th 
widoM", Sassafras n Sch 8th 
Huntley John, house carp Cressons ct 

Robert, harness maker 5 Rapiu's ct 
Huntt C S, U S navy Spruce bel 13th 
Huptield Cliarles, musician 26 N 10th 
Hupp Jacob, chaser and dye sinker 1 Quany 
Hm'ley Rev Michael, pastor of St Augustine 

cli 47 Crown 
Hurst Alfred,acct Locust ab 12th 

Edward, atty at law and notaiy public 

office 59 Dock d h Locust W 12th 
John, gi'ocer 10 Cresson's al 
Jonathan H, atty at law Locust ab lltli 
William, labourer 32 S Water 
Hurtill Jolm V, printer 100 S 2d 
Huston Mrs Phoebe, thy good store 122 S lOtU 
O, tav keej)er 163 Locust 
liobci-t, M 1) 8th ab Mulberiy 
Hutchesou John, weaver 6 Juniper lane 



Fliitcheson Thomas, tav keeper 14 N 10th 
Hutchins Hcmy J, loan office 232 Sassafras 
M.ison, 32 Church al 
• Read J, 232 Sassafras 
Hutchinson Benjamin P, stock and exch brok 
48 Walnut d h 113 Pine 
James H, tav keeper Locust bet 

Dean and Quince 
John, bnckh- 11 Meyer's ct n 6th 
Jolin, tailor 145 S 12th 
Joseph, house carp 146 S 7th 
Mahlon, mcr 61 N 2d 
Randall, prothonotary dist court 
of the city & county of Philadel- 
pliia d h Walnut 1st ab 11th S 
Samuel, watclimaker 158 High 
wid Marg-aret, gentw 31 N lOtli 
Huth Charles, oysterman 130 Sassafras 
Hutton David, teacher cor 3d and Union d h 
5 Sliield's ct 
Miss Maria, g-entw 11 Powell 
Rosanna, S ytli bel Lombard 
Samuel, accountant 9 ReUef al 
WiUiam, tailor 112 N 4th 
Hyde Isaac, chair maker S Juniper ab Spruce 
William, bokbinder and stationer 71 

Chesnut d h Bank 
widow Maiy, gentlewoman 85 Locust 
Ilychick Georg-e, house cai'p 34 St Mary 
Hyle George, sailmaker Shield's ct 
Hylct Sarah, spinster 195 Pine 
Hyneman C, shopkeeper 56 N 2d 

Elias, shoplceeper 56 N 2d 
Jonas, Leiper's ct 

Idler Jacob, mer 144 N 8th 
Imbrie James, mer 14 S Front d h 67 Spruce 
Imlay J B_, mer 39 N Water d h 93 N 6th 
Immel Elizabeth, gentw 76 N 3d 

Jacob and co, storekeepers 76 N 2d 
Ingersoll Charles J, coun at law 130 Walnut 
Charles, atty at law 110 S 4tli 
Edward, atty at law 159 Walnut 
Joseph R, coun at law 77 S 4th 
John, acct 137 Sassafras 
Ingleman Daniel W, watclmian Cheny n Sch 

Ingles Joseph, S 12th n Lombard 

Joseph L, treasurer to Frankford and 
Bristol. road ar.d secty to Insurance 
company of Pennsylvania 104 S 3d 
Ingraham Daniel, confectioner Sch 5th neai- 
Edward D, atty at law 116 Walnut 
Ingram Thomas, tailor Vine bet 10th & 11th 
Inskeep John, president of the Ins company 
of Noi-tli America 233 Spruce 
Joseph, 145 S 3d 
Thomas, plasterer 34 Chester 

Inslcc J A, hotel Chesnut 

Ireland Alphonso C, h carp city regulator & 

measurer of cai-ps work 27 Powell , 

James, bottler 121 New 
Irick Catharine, confectioner 114 Spruce i 

Clii-istopher, 176 S 6th 
Irvine C, 42 S 13th 

Ca] lender, commissary gen U S army 
431 High 
Irwin James, tailor 37 N 3d 
J, com]} store 12 arcade 
J H, 194 Midl^eny 
John W, gent 115 Lombard 
widow, 115 Pine 
Isaacs Joseph M, shoemaker 174 S 2d 

Joshua, school 174 S 2d 
Isleton James, tobacconist 96 N 3d J 

Israel Abraham, sexton to the Hebrew church • 1 
back of 1 Cherry 
M E, merchant 32 Wahiut 
Ivanlioft' Theodore, consul-general of Russia 

70 Walnut 
Izard Mi's Alice, gentw 307 Spruce 

Jack C J, atty at law 144 Vine 

William, cai'penter 73 George 
Jacjfson Andi-ew, inspector of the customs 
289 Walnut 
Charles, inspector of the customs 

217 Walnut 
and Baggott, glass ware h 23 Dock 
James, house cai-p 12 Pennsyl avenue 
James and co, grate & fender manuf 

50 Cherry 
J G, domestic w house 30 N Front 
John, gent 8 S 10th 
John, gent S 12tlx bel George E 
Jolm, Spruce ab 12th 
f Joshua, Pleasant avenue 
Plioebe^ shopkeeper 51 Pine 
Richard, tailoc N 5th 2d d ab Mulby 
Samuel M D, N E cor 7th & Walnut 
Thonias, acct at the wardens office 

d h Lombard bel 3d 
Washing-ton, h'on mer 39 N Front 

d h 109 S 3d 
WiUiam, gent 132 Spruce 
Jacobs Alexander J, mer 100 N 2d 
J, teacher 177 S 7th 
Phihp, c^lector 40 Crown 
Thomas H, mer 19 Dock 
Jahns Cluistian, patent wall colourer and 

painter 92 N 9th 
Jaggers William, constable 120 N Front 
James Jacob, silk dyer 34 Bread 

Jeremiah, mer tailor 212 High 
John, comb maker 80 Vine 
John, gent 115 N 5th 
Joseph, gent 201 Pine 



James M, bleeder 159 N 6Ui 

Otto, c;il) niuk 121 S 3d and GG S 4th 
Koberl, hruslnnaker IS X Gtli 
-j-widow Sal-all, wlutcwr 234 Lombard 
Tlionias A, acct 11 Norris' al 
Tliomas C, M 1) profcs of midwifery 7 
York building's W;dmit 
Jamieson John, cabinet and clvairmr 75 Dock 

WiUiam, dyer 47 N 7th 
Jammare Peter, liattcr 1 Uapin's ct 
Janiinay A K, storckr S E c I<omb;u-(l{& 9tli 
Janeway Rev JacoI> J, pastor of tiie 2d Pres- 
byterian cliiircli 185 ,Miiib'.-iTy 
Janner Abi-aiiam, shoemaker Cypress al 
Janiiey Israel, jr morocco and fancy leather 

store 12 N 3d d h 121 Sassafras 
January Hannah, drj' good store 86 N5th 

wid Ann, layer out of dead 86 N 5th 
Jardella, eng-raver in Marble Fries ct 

Andrew 15, sculptor and engraver in 
Marble 162 S Uth 
Jardcn John, stone cutter 346 Sassafras and 
the N W cor of Cedar and Front d 
h 3d bel Spruce 
J, stone cutter 226 S Front 
Robert, chocolate manuf 154 N 3d 
Samuel, stone cutter 391 Sassafras 
Jardon Samuel, laboiu'er back of 198 Cherry 
Jaudon A G and co, mers 8 S wharves 

A G, mer d h 253 Spruce 
Janvier William, thy good mer 85 High 
Jeanes Edmund, storekeeper 25 N 11th d h 

21 Montgomery square 
Jeans Amos, lumber mer S W cor Sch Front 

and High 
JeflPerson Joseph, comedian 14 Powel 

Med college, S 10th ab Walnut 
Jeflries George, coach mr S 5th d h 169 Pine 
James, coach spring mr 82 Locust 
John, soap and candle manuf 25 Union 
Mj'S, corset maker 5 S 6th 
and Nuttle, coach mrs S 5th bel Pine 
■j-Willlam, waiter 216 Lombard 
JefTry John, muffin mr 5 Appletree al 
Jenkins Abisha, captain Philada steamboat 28 
Charles F, mer d h 31 Key's al 
John G, bookbinder Liberty ct n Vine 
Joseph, trader 7 Lactitia ct 
Matthew C, capt of steamboat New 

Castle d h 28 Sassafras 
Samuel, hose manuf Mulberry oppo 
the prison 
Jenks and Downing, mer 76 S wharves 

Joseph R, flour mer 76 S whar\'es d h 
5 Vine 
Jennings John, auctioneer and commis mer 36 
N Front d h Chcsnut bel 12th S 
Susan, bonnet maker 62 Sassafras 
and Thomas, auctioneers and commis 
mers 36 N Front 
Jess Ruth, bonnet maker 1 Church al 

Jewell George, boot and shoemaker Locust 
alj Juniper 
John 1{, mer <1 h 25 S 10th 
John M, jKiintcr & glaz 72 Chesnut 
Kennctli, mer tailor 7b S 3d d h N W 
cor 3d and Walnut 
Johncs Charles, 9 Church al 
Johns David, inn kr sign of the White Horse 
Wilmington stage office 4 Bank 
J, mason 111 Lombard 
Johnson Adam, tallow chandler 467 Sassafras 
IJenjamin, Gamgiies' ct 
IJenjamin, oyster house 59 Jones' al 
C li, 61 S Front 
Caleb, iron store and coal yard cor 

High and Sch 7th d h 19 Sansom 
Charles, jr S E cor 10th & Lombard 
Charles, printer back of 53 High 
(;harles, house carpenter Dean 
Charles, printing ink manuf N W cor 

10th and Lombard 
David, weaver Filbert E of Sch 7th 
David, storekeper S 11th bel Pine 
f Francis, musician 154 Pine 
Francis, cabinet maker 80 Vine 
James, weaver Adams bet 12th ik. 13th 
f James, painter & glazier 265 Spruce 
J, 157 Lombard 
J, teacher 199 Pine 
J G, 201 Lombard 
Jcflcrson, shoemaker 26 Watson's al 
John, shoemaker 110 N 4th 
John, Sassafras bet Sch 7th & 8th 
John, diy good N E cor 2d & High 
John, grocer 35 N 5th 
Jolm, iron founder North Broad bet 

Cheny and Mulberry 
John, regidator of weights & mea- 
sures 1 Norris's al d h 3d n Catha- 
Joseph, ship chandler 77 S wharves 

d h 184 Chesnut 
Josiah, letter earner 22 little George 
J, tavern 16 S 5th 
L, stereotj-pe foimder 146 Chesnut 
M and E, dry good store 28 N 4th 
Mary, Blackbeny al 
Peter, N E cor Cherry and 13th 
and Morris, iron store and coal yard 

S W cor Sch 7th and High 
Philip, N E cor 13th and CheiTy 
Randlill, sea captain 21 Cedar 
Randle, S W cor Penn and Pine 
R, Pleasant avenue 
Mrs R, boarding house 149 S 3d 
R B, turner in general 63 Walnut 
Robert C, iron store 69 and 71 N 

Water dh 115 Vine 
Samuel, sawyer ShcafT's al 
f Samuel, shoemaker 226 Lombard 
Samuel, boot and shoemaker 5 S 6th 
Stephen, shoemaker 25 Lombard 



Johnson and son, printing ink manuf N W cor 
10th and Lombard 
Thomas, tav keeper 77 S Water 
Thomas, shoe store 332 High 
and Thaclier, shoe store 104 High 
and Ting-ley, w sale dry good mers 

179 High 
William, carter Sassafras n Sch 8th 
William, trunk maker 181 N Fi'ont 
William, blacksmith Nonnater's ct b 
of 280 MuUjcny 
• William B, shoe store 104 High d h 
281 Sassafras 
William H, tav kr Chesnut st wharf 
William T, tailor 360 1-2 High 
William P, trcas of the New Theatre 

81 Lombard 
William, shoemaker 14 StaiT al 
widow, seams S Juniper bel Chesnut 
widow, 25 Sassafras al 
wid Margaret, Vine 2d door ab Broad 
widow Sarah S, 176 Mulbeny 
Johnston A W, gent 5 York buildings 

Thomas, 196 S 4th 
Jolly Levin, Pleasant avenue 
Jones A, printer 391 Sassafras 
Abraham, 12 Cresson's al 
Andi-ew M, iron mer 17 S wharves 
Anson, M D 28 N 8th 
Aquilla, 263 Mull>eiTy 
Mrs Arabella, gentw 187 Walnut 
Benjamin, engraver 47 Chesnut d h 50 

Benjamin, glazier 7 Cedar 
Benjamin, iron store 17 S wharves d h 

267 Chesnut 
Benjamin, jr mer 211 d h 234 S Front 
Charles, teacher 308 Sassafras & Broad 

ab Sassafras 
Charles, hosier 60 S 2d d h 76 Vine 
& Carson, gi'occrs N ]5road ab Sassafras 
David, Richardsoii's ct 
David, hatter, 128 N 2d 
David, house carp Non-is' al n 2d 
Elijah, bricklayer Bradey's ct 
Evan, tav kr N W cor Chesnut & Front 
George D, cabinet mr 62 S 4th d h 2 

George W, sign & ornamental painter 

51 Chesnut 
Isaac H, tobacconist 169 N Front 
Isaac and son, tobacconist 169 N Front 
Isaac, call mr 77 N Front d h Smith's ct 
Isaac C, importer &,c 84 High d h 263 

Isaac C Oakford and co, importers of 

dry goods 84 High 
Isaac R, dry good store 20 N 2d 
•Tacob C, merchant 14 N 4th 
Jacob, accountant 7 Church al 
Jacob, storekr S W cor Vine and 9th 
{Jones Jacob, waiter 242 Lombard 

Jones James A, editor of the National Palla- 
dium and Freemans Journal 36 Wal- 
nut d h 98 S 4th 
Jesse, 140 N 3d 
John, dyer 102 1-2 Mulberry d h 27 

John, shoemaker 25 N 6th 
John, saddler 5 Hoffman's al 
John, attendant at the Pluladelphia In- 
surance office d h 
John M, gentleman 20 S 8th 
Joseph W, merchant 20 N 2d 
Joseph, merchant 415 Mulberry 
Joshua, Uvery stable keeper N W c 9th 

and High 
and Mott, commis mers 22 S Front 
Mordecai, suspender mr 16 Strawbeiry 
Mrs, 168 S 3d 
Mrs, George ab 8th S 
M D, 310 Chesnut 
Nathan, gentleman 58 S 2d 
N & C, hoisery sto 60 S 2d cor Chesnut 
Nathan, jr hoiseiy store 60 S 2d d h90 

Mrs Noble W, gentw 297 Spruce 
Philip, umbrella maker 220 S 7th 
Samuel, accountant 13 S 6tli 
Sanniel, 263 Mulberry 
Samuel, cabinet mr Juniper bel Walnut 
Samuel W, mer 103 d h 154 N Front 
Susannah, shop 15 S 10th 
Thomas, mer 25 S 2d 
Thomas, grocer 126 S 8th 
T P, professor 60 S 5th 
William, shopkeeper 26 N 4th 
William, house carp Wilson's ct 
W D, store keeper 25 N 2d • 
Watkens, mariner 20 Cypress al 
William H, 29 S Front 
Wm, com mer 22 S Ft d h Mulberry 
William, cabinet mr 26 N 4tli 
William, japanner of clock dials and 
manuf 50 S Front d h 24 Strawberry 
William, collec of the revenue 27 Pine 
widow, 127 Locust 
widow Catharine, gentw UN 12th 
widow Elizaljeth, 26 N 4th 
widow Jane, b house 79 Walnut 
Jordan G W, shoe store 230 High 
John, grocer 123 N 3d 
Thomas, accountant 4 Libraiy 
Jordan Thomas W, shoemaker 1 Morgan's ct 
Joyce John J, blacksmitli 79 N 4th 

Tliomas, lilacksmitli Sheaff's al 
Jubart Peter, jeweller 2 Gaskill 
Jump Heniy, printer Dean 
Justice Charles, boot & shocmr 474 Sassafras 
Justice George M, hard w mer 149 High d h 
213 N 4th 
G M and G K, h ware mers 149 High 
George W, porter of the Commercial 

bank 27 Coates' al 
William, house carp Sliicld's al 



Kaichcr Samuel, Sch 6tli near Cherry 
Kane Ilernuiil, sliocmr Sassafras n Sell 8l\\ 
Elislia, nicr Jit Walnut 
Jolui K, alty at law lUU S 4tli 
Karr Saiimcl, cdHl-cIoi- I'viry l)rl Mudd (J K 
Katcz J, book l)iMdci- 13 Libnuy d h S K cor 
yth and ClK-riy 
Michai-1, blac.ksh ik bell hanger 28 N 7tli 
William, blacksmith oO N "7th 
widow Dorothy, g-cntw 30 N 7tli 
Kay Ik-nj, grocer 202 N ^^'ater and 205 N Vt 
P'rancis, gui'dcncr Widimt ^V ofSch 8tUN 
Kay J L, capt;iin 113 Lombaixl 
printer 209 Sassaft-as 
Mrs Martha, ijcntw 123 Lombard 
Kays William, cooper Smith's ct 
Kayscr J C, mer 192 liigii d h 19 Elizabeth 
Kean Mrs, 177 S 5th 

Kearney F, en^-aver 16 Library d h 59 S 7tli 
Keating John, gentleman 183 S 5th 

Jerome, enquu-e of Boric and Lagnic- 

Peter, Cherry bet Sch 5tli and 6th 
Thomius, waiter 127 Pine 
Keatting Lambert, innkeep 2 Harmony ct 
Keel Chi'istian, shop 79 Locust 

Jacob, cabinet mr Cresson's al 
John, lab back of 324 Sassafras 
Keeler John, gentleman 98 Sassafras 
Keemle Isaac A, scrivener 25 N 4th 

Samuel, atty at law N E cor Chcny 

and 4th 
widow, 79 N 3d 
Keen Charles, shoemaker 52 Mulberry 

Charles, bricklr Adams bet 12th & 13th 
Harman, tailor 10 S Water d h 7 Chesnut 
J, 247 S 7th 

James C, boot and shoemaker 80 S 3d 
Joseph and sons, cm-riers 61 Chesnut 
William W cumer d h 31 Chesnut 
widow Sarali, 147 S 9th 
Keesey William, tiiilor 103 N 8th 
KefFcr George, shoemaker 123 N Front 
Kehoe D, grocer N E cor High and 9th 
KeifF Joseph, silver smith 14 N Front 
Keighler Catharine, shopkeeper 88 N 5th 
Keill John, tailor Mint ct 
Keim Jacob, coppeqilate printer 187 Cherry 
Keitii Robeii:, cigar mr & hair di'csscr 97 N 2d 
Samuel, president of the Delaware insu 
company 231 S J'"ront 
Kelch WiUiam, gilder 156 N 2d 
Keliskey Frederick, Key's al n 2d 
Keller Com-ad, tinplate worker 64 N Front 
George, 17 Crown 

George, shoemaker b of 392 Sassafras 
Herman, tin plate worker 177 S 3d . 
Kelley Corn's, shoemr Cheny bet 1 1th & 12th 
Daniel, dealer Centre square S AV 
Daniel R, tailor 54 N Front 
EdwiU^l, t;vv keeper Gveenleaf ct 
Edward C, th-iver High W of Sch 6th 
George, grocer George ab 10th 
Hannali, boarding house 103 High 
John W, shopkeeper 90 N 2d 

Kelly J, shopkeeper Fine ab 9th 

Thomas shoe and trunk store 70 High 

d h 301 Chesnut 
Kclsey Ann, tailoress Randall's ct 
Kelsh James, weaver 26 Coombs' al 

harness maker S 5tli 
Kemble Charles, book I^inder 26 (barter's al 
Charles, oak coojjcr 11 South al d h 

221 High 
Geoi-ge, saddler 37 Coates al 
George, boot and shoemr 84 S 3d 
Kcmmey Adgar, 123 Siissafros 
Kemper Rev Jackson, assistant minister of 

Christ &c churches 72 S 5th 
Kempton Moses, mer 43 1-2 N Front d h 188 

N 4t]l N L 

Kendall Christopher, mer 140 Sassafras 
Hcmy, accountant 140 Sassafi"as 
Jessee, printer 4 Trotter's al 
widow, 79 S Water 
Kench'ick David, innkeeper 329 High 

George, weaver Vine ab Sch 8tli 
Kennard Robeit, accoiuitant 43 N 3d 
Kennedy Ann, mantua maker 181 S 11th 

Benjamin, tav keeper 83 S Water 
David, tav kr S E cor Walnut & yth 
Mrs E, school 5 Howard's ct 
Isaac P, const:ible Pine ab 10th 
James, lottandcxch broker 33 S 3d 
and CO, lott and cxch broks 33 S od 
John, shopkeeper 48 N 4th 
John, 293 Walnut 
Peter, blacksmitli Willings al d h 7 

Cypress al 
Robert, gentleman 119 N 9th 
Samuel, hou & sign painter 41 N6th 
S C, ironmonger 70 N 2d 
Thomas, sea captain 265 S Front 
AVilliam, boot & shoemr 46 Spruce 
widow, Lomljard bel 13th 
Kenney John, pi-inter S W cor Chesnut & 2d 
Thomas, Marks lane 
widow, 39 S Juniper 
Kensingcr widow, boarding house 9 N 13th 
Kenton widow Ann B, gentw 155 Cherry 

wid Eliza C, shopkr c 8tli &. Sassafras 
Kenworthy Jolm, painter and glazier 3 S 7th 

d h 10 N 8th 
Kenyon Henry, quarantine mr Indian queen S 

Kcogh Patrick, grocer cor of 3d and Vine 
Keppele widow Catharine, gentw 262 Walnut 
Ker Thomas, 119 Mulberry 

William, rope maker and ship chandler 
S E cor of Sassafras and Water and 84 
S wharves d h 119 Mulbei-ry 
widow of Joseph, gentw 119 Mulberry 
widow, 8 Myei-'s ct 
Kerby Ann, shop 280 High 
Kerforth Geo, shoe mi' Sch 8th ab Sassafras b 
Kern Geoi-ge, livery stable kr George ab 6th 
G jr & CO, clotliing sto 123 1-2 S Water 

and 173 S 2d 
G, jr clothing store 123 1-2 S Water d 
h 126 S Front 



Kern J, tav keeper 7th bel High W 
J G, shopkeeper 173 S 2d 
Jacob, musician 285 High 
John, deputy collector 37 Crown 
William, shopkr High E of Sch 3d S 
Kerr James, saddler 120 Higli 

William, saddler 11 N 5th 
Kerrs Thomas, N W cor 13th and Mulbeny 
Kesselman widow Susan, 166 S 2d 
Kessler Samuel, S Juniper ab Spnice 
Kester William, 23 N Front d h 50 Sansom 
Ketler John, plasterer 13 Strawberry 
Kett Jacob, superint of coal company Jones' al 
Keys Rev Abraham J, 118 Sassafras 

John, stone mason Sch 6th ab Chesnut W 
Keyser Andrew, dry good store 36 N 2d 
Jacob, tavernkeeper 216 High 
Joseph, grocer. 195 N 2d 
Mrs Ann, mantuamr b of 184 Lombard 
Elhannan W, lumber mer 133 N 9th 
J and J, grocer 195 N 2d 
Samuel, di-over Sassafras n Sch 8th 
Kibler Joseph, brush maker 104 N 3d 
Kid Robert, copper mer 91 Walnut 

Robert C, coachmaker Yoi'k ct c 
Kilch James, saddler 3 Prune 
Kille Aaron, mer 43 1-2 N Ft d h 21 Vine n e 
and Kempton, mcrs 43 1-2 N Front 
John, George ab 10th 
Killion Francis, gi-ocer 60 N 8th 
Killegan Maiy, Sugar al 
Kilme Charles, bookbinder 44 StrawbeiTy 
Kilpati'ick M, house carp b of 5& Lombard 
Kimball Charles, cooper 41 N 6th 
Kimber Caleb, printer S W c 5th and Cherry 
d h 46 Chester 
C, factory George n Sch 2d 
and Carpenter, hat store 124 High 
Emmor, jr hatter 124 Market d h 105 

York road 
and Sharpless, booksellers and pub- 
lishers over 8 S 4th 
Thomas, bookseller over 8 S 4th d h 
216 Mulberry 
King C and F, mers 48 S whs d h 76 S Front 
Daniel C, brass founder 76 S Front 
Edward, president judge of court of 

common pleas 208 S 3d 
Henry, sea capt 179 S Front 
John, cooper 88 Vine 
John, gardener Ann n Sch 7th 
John, gold beater S W cor Walnut and 
Kingston Stephen, 59 S 4th 
Kinnan John C, turner 62 Dock 
Kinsey Edmund, gent 27 Caller's al 

widow, tailoress 1 Castle 
Kinsley George, back of 96 N 13th 
Jacob, 96 N 13th 

John, brickmr Scli 6th bel Walnut 
Kinsnvan Israel, mer 359 Arch store 4 Frank- 
lin place 

Kinsman Micliael, mer 33 N Ft d h 82 Mulberry 
Kintzing Adam, labom-er Cedar n Sch 
Ivintzing Abraliam, sen 119 S 9th 

Abraham, jr Chesnut n Broad 
Margaret, dry gd sto Walnut bel 9th 
Kirk Charles H, 153 Chciry 

Isaac D, glasscuttcr 114 N 3d 
Joshua, 7 Meyer's ct 
Miss Priscilla, 129 N 5th 
William, brickmaker 21 Perry 
Kirkham, Wilham, dry good store 7 S 4th 
Kirkpatrick David, cun-ier 97 Chesnut . 
Kirshaw and Deane, woolen manuf 8 Minor 
Kitchen James, 39 Spmce 

James, jr M D 39 Spruce 
Uriah, teacher 51 S 6th n Walnut 
ab 9t]i 
Kite Benjamin and Thomas, booksellers and 
stationers 20 N 3d 
Isaac S, Rooking glass frame maker 24 

James, cabinet maker N 2d n Race d h 

Joseph, jr printer 20 N 3d 
Joseph S, keeper of Prune st prison 
Nathan, accountant 20 N 3d 
Thomas, bookseller and stationer 20 N 

3d d h 137 High 
William, carpenter Vine ab Broad 
Kittera Thomas, counseller at law 140 Walnut 
Kittei'son William, brickmr Sch 3d n High 
Kittinger Leonard, innkr 18 N 4th 
Klemm J G, piano forte and music ware h 

287 1-2 High 
Kline John, watchmaker 98 N 3d 

John, superintendant N E cor Chesnut 

and Sch 8th 
Nicholas, 91 N 7th 
Klosser Henry, gentleman 296 Chesnut 
Klotz Charles, teacher F L 97 Pine 
Kneass Christian, silver plater 19 Filbert 
Frederick F, saddler 19 Filbert 
Michael, plane maker b of 4 Decatur 

d h 67 S 5th 
William, engraver and die sinker for 
the U S mint oS S 4th 
Kneedler Adam, innkeeper 139 N 3d 
Knight Ceplias, bookbinder o6 Zane 

Daniel, sen house cai-p 172 Cherry 
Daniel R, house carp 194 Cherry 
Jessee J, coach painter 17 Jones' al 
James, innkeeper 10 S 5th 
John, cabinet maker 28 Midbeny 
Samuel, impoi-ter of hard w & cutlery 

91 High d h 202 Mulberry 
Wm, sailing master U S navy 275 S Ft 
Knipe Conrad, grocer S E cor 5th and Vine 
Knorr Edmund, clothi'.ig store 39 N 4th 
George, baker 19 N 6th 
George, printer 4 Shepard's al 
George, ehoemaker 18 Bank 
Henry, 137 Locust 
Jacob, gentleman 117 N 5th 



Knorr James, jeweller 113 S llfli 

Siumicl, hatter 128 N 2cl 
Knows Jacob & son, shocstorc S W cor Front 
ami Hi};;-li 
Jacob, shocstorc S W cor Front and 
nigh d li 69 Crown 
Knox and Hog-g^, merchants 201 Hig'h 
Jacob, confectioner 133 S Qth 
John, merchant d h 299 Chesnut 
J K, M 1) 68 S 7ih 
Koakbcrg-er CMiarles, blacksmith Clever al 
Kochler 'I'liomxs, coacli painter 11 Fdizabeth 
Kogle Charles, tailor 5 Ilartung-'s al 
Koluie Kivdk, j^cnt Chesnvit oil door W lOtli 
Konigmachcr &. co, hardware mcrs 141 High 
Samui^l, hanlwarc mer 1-11 High 
d h lO-i MulbeiTy 
Konkle MathiaE, stevadore 1 Fetter lane 
Konkle wid Charlotte, scams 292 Lombard 
Koockogev Jolin, wliip and cane manuf"7 N 

od d h 23 Sassafras :d 
Korckhaviss H, fun-ier 55 N 3d d h 62 New 
Kom Henry, lace Sc fringe weaver Sc fcatlaer 

store 22 N 3d 
Krafft Grcsham, watchm .n 60 Union 
Heniy, ladies slioemr 110 S 2d 
Kraft George, cabinet maker 94 N 7th 

J C, hatter 14 Uasi)bciTy 
Ivrail Emanuel, hair dresser N W cor Walnut 

and 2d d h 1 Elmslie's al 
Kreemer Jacob, mathemat instru mr 4 N 8th 
Kreider widow, 301 Sassafras 
Krepps 8c Chamberlain, cor Spruce and 2d 
Kreymborg John B, quill manuf 95 S 2d 
Krips Mrs, 171 S 2d 
KroU Eai-nest, 28 AValnut 

Peter, Juniper bet Locust and Prune 
Krug Frederick \, acct 175 High d h 65 New 
Krumbhaar Lewis, mer 217 High 

W and L, dmggists 217 High 
Kuemmerlen John U, barber d h Black-horse 

al n 2d shop 1 Laetitia ct 
Kuhl Henry, casliier of the Fai'mers and Me- 
chanics bank 108 S 8th 
Kuhn Charles, gentleman 253 Walimt 
Daniel, dealer 2 Laetitia ct 
Francis, gent Chesnut 2 doors bcl tlie 

Academy of Fine Arts 
and French, store krs 34 and 35 Arcade 
George K, storekr 34 and 35 iVrcade d 

h 31 Sansom 
Hartman, gentleman 134 Chesnut 
Jacob, shoemr b of 290 Sassafras 
Misses, 51 N 10th 
William, shoemaker 2 Laetitia ct d h 

15 Jones' al 
William, coach painter Nonnater's ct b 

of 282 MulbeiTy 
widow, S Juniper ab Locust 
widow Elizabetli, 54 Crown 
Kulp George, Sch 6tli bel "Walnut 
Kurtz Israel A, hatter 49 N 4tli 
Montgomcrj', 4 Locust 

Kyle Conrad, labourer Say n Sch 8th 

David, mer N W cor 10th and Mulberry' 

Labbe V C, teaclier of dancing Wxslungtoii 

hall S 3d ab Spruce W 
I^abullette Adolph, tailor 8 Fromberger's ct 
Lace William, gentleman 17 S 7th 
Lacey Anthony, carter Chesnut W Sch 8tli 
Edward, malstcr 20 Swanwick 
Parnell, washerwn Mulljeny n Broad 
Peter, lab N W cor Sch 6th & Chciry 
Return, brickmr Chesnut VV Sch 8th 
Lacombc Peter, wine & tb-y good sto 232 S 2d 
Ladd wid of Samuel, Filbert bet Sch 7th &. 8tJi 
Lafavres P, boiutUng liouse 20 Strawberry 
Lalfeity Edward, labourer Prosperous al 

Edward, 221 S Front 
Lafitte A, teacher Spruce bel 3d 
Laforgue Lewis, merchant 314 Sassafi-as 

wid Bridget, gent 314 Sassafras 
LafoiTcst J A, storekr cor Perry and Spruce 
Lafoui'cade Peter M, printer and stationer N 

W cor of 2d and Sassafras 
Laguerenne P L, mer 59 S Ft d h 264 Walnut 
Lagin James, 7 Henckle's ct 
Laird Michael, tallow chandler 137 Lombard 

William, tobacconist 102 N 3d 
Lajus Paul, confectioner 64 High d h 165 Pine 
Lake David, sexton of St George ch 118 New 

Joseph, cab maker 11th bel Mulberry 
Lamaric E, haii* di-esser 10th 2d d ab Walnut 
Lamb Lemuel, prest of Mechanics bk 26 S Ft 
Lambdin J K, portrait painter 206 Walnut 
Lambert Eh, shoemr S 10th bel Pine 

and Ma} beriy, w sale mer 23 High, 
Lame Joseph, cooper Lombard bet 9th & 10th 
Lammott Daniel, mer 267 S Front 
Lancaster J B, 66 S whs d h 10 Comptrolleff 
& Jenkins, dry gd mers 35 N 2d 
John, lumber mer d h 176 N 4th 
Thomas, grain mer 66 S wharves d 

h 114 Lombard 
Thomas &, son, grain mers 66 S wha 
Lance John, oyster cellar under 7 S 6th d h 

18 Swamvick 
Land John, hatter 234 S 2d 
Landis David, back of 189 Cheny 
Landreth D and C, nursery and seedsman 85 

Chesnut and Fedei-al n U S arsenal 
Landsdown J P, tailor 160 S Front 
Lane Edward, accountant 141 S 9th 

Jesse, cai'penter Pine bet 12th and 13th 
blacksmith Nicholson 
Lang George, mer 33 N 8th 

Jane, dry g'ood store 35 N 8th 
John C,'mer 67 S 1th d h 1 N 12th 
Lange John G, baker 26 Jones' al 
Langstroth John G, paper manuf 31 d h 415 

Lapsley David, sen gent 144 Mulberry 



Lapsley David, jr carpet ware house N W cor 
of High and 4th d h 115 S 8th 
Joseph B, carpet warehouse 23 S 2d 
d h 217 Chesnut 
Lara Peter, brickmr Wahiut W of Scl\ 4th 
Lai'er Jolui, brewer 50 N 6th 

widow, 50 N 6th 
JLarg-e James, mer 31 Chesnut dh 298 MiUby 
Lai'ge John, gentleman 304 Mulben-y 

%vidow Dorothy, g-entw 167 Walnut 
Larkins Patrick, weaver Say 
Laroche R, M D 215 Walnut 
Lassalle S B, iron foundery High E of Scl\.7th 

d h 51 S 13th 
Latimer -j-Freeman, mainner 201 Lombai-d 
H J, mariner 109 S Water 
James, mer 33 Walnut d h 85 S 6th 
James B, mer 82 S Front d h 2 

Clinton sq Chesnut 
Thomas, mer 67 N Water d h 216 

Mrs widow of George, 85 S 6th 
Latere Amede, captain 72 Lon\bard 
Latou John, merchant 261 S Front 

Latouche eatuig house High 

Laty Lewis, tavern keeper 151 Locust 
Lauch David, cedar cooper Kuglei-'s ct back 

of 128 Sassafras 
Lauderback Harris, bricklayer 51 GaskUl 

bricklayer S E cor 12th &, 

wid, boarding house 174 N 5th 
Laughead James, cooper 14 S wharves 
Lause William, porter Sassafras W Sch 8th 
Laval John, mer and bookseller 118 Chesnut 

dh 210 Pine ■ 
Law Andrew, Spi-uce E of Broad 

Edwai-d E, atty at law AValnut bel 3d 
M, distiller 26 Washington square 
Lawler Matthew, Alderman 34 Walnut 

Thomas, 11 Sassafras al 
Lawrence and Austin, gi-ocers N 5th ah High 
Gorge, 13th first ab CheiTy 
Isaac, diy gd mer 103 d h 118 Mulby 
John, fiinge manuf 39 S 2d 
Peter, laboiu-er Quince n 11th 
J R, gentleman 
R, 289 Spi"uce 

Thomas, painter S 12th bel Spruce 
Thomas, painter &. glaz 20 S 10th 
William, grocer 193 S 4th 
William, fringe maker 39 S 2d 
widow, 5 Jones' al 
'Laws Daniel C, di-uggist and upothccary N E 
cor Spruce and 5th 
Elijah, carpet & bedding w h 312 High 
Williiun, tavern keeper 184 N Water 
Lawson Alexander, engi-avcr Pine ab 9th 
John, paper hanger Patton's al 
John, weaver 477 Sassafras 
I^awton George R, house carp 170 Lombaj'd 
Lawyer Samuel R, merchant 69 N 5th 
William, shoemaker Castle 

Laycock John, Cherry n Juniper 
Layton D, blacksmith Sheaft"'s al 
Lea Isaac, bookseller S Sth 

Joseph, mercliant 100 S Front 
Leabouni Tliomas, Pine bet 12th and 
Leadbeater John, lamp manuf 91 Walnut 
Leaming Furman, li ware mer 106 High d h 
77 Pine 
F, & CO hardware mers 106 High 
J F, merchant 13 Prune 
Thomas, merchs^nt 110 S 3d 
widow Rebecca, "gcntw up 53 Pine 
Leamy John, president of Marine Insurance 
company & Spanish vice consul 79 Dock 
Lears widow, Nonnater's ct 
Le Brun Mrs Adelaide, young ladies seminsiry 
Charles, sworn mterpreter & teacher 
of French and Spanish languages 
221 Mulberry . 
Lechwallier Frederick, tav keeper 20 Dock 
Le Clerk Joseph P, lott broker 119 Chesnut 

d h Spnice 
Le Comte James, oysterman 38 Coates' al 
Lecony Maria, shop 113 S 2d 
Le Count John, oysterman 3 Meyer's ct 

Thomas, kr of oyster cellar 123 S 3d 
Leddy John, weaver N Broad ab Filbert 
Leddy Thomas, tav kr High W 13tli N side 
Lee G R, carver and gilder 198 Cherry 
J, 117 S 8th 

John, carpenter 117 N 11th 
M H, tailor upper 40 N 4th 
Mrs, b house 232 S Front 
Thomas, sailmaker 9 Shield's ct 
Thomas M K, sailmaker 2 Spnice 
William, tailor 30 Sassafras al 
William, cab maker 92 N 11th 
William, hair di'csser Lombard bel 10th 
William, iceman Sch 5tli n Chesnut W 
widow Hannah, gentw 51 Lombard 
Leech Henry, salesman 100 Vine 
Leedom Envin J, gent 29 Pine 

Jonathan, iron mer 210 S Water 211 
S Front d h 29 Pine 
Leeds and Campbell, mercers and tailors S 
W cor Chesnut and 3d 
Josiah W, mc]- tailor S W cor Chesnut 
and 3d d 1\ 1 00 MulbeiTy 
Lees Peter, tailor 107 Vine 
Leese Elizabeth, milkwoman 101 Cherry 
Lefevrc James, agent for the Union line of 

steamboats 23 S whs dh 38 Sassafras 
Leforrest Joseph, coachmaker 7 Castle 
Lehigh coal and Navigation company's office 

64 S Front 
Lehman Charles, at Stevensons 
George, jiorter 99 New 
G F, M D 144 Pine Lazaretto phy- 
sician at the port of Philadelphia 
Isabella, dry good store 59 N 8th 
Peter druggist 320 High 
Wm, cb-uggist 76 S 2d d h320 Mulby 



Lehman William & A S &. E llobcrls, drug 
paint St oil store 76 S 2(1 
Williaiii K, 85 I.ombanl 
Lehr J W, nuTchaiit 85 S I'loiit 
Le HiUTiy Nicliolas, clock ami watch maker' 
N AV cor 2il and New 
Nicljolas, jr clock ^ watch maker 
170 N 2d 
Leib John, tobacconist 111 Sassafras 
Leidy Jimies, shoemaker Watson's al 
Leinau Andrew, liattcr 101 N od 

(ieoi'gc, 18 N 3d 
Leiper James, S W cor 10th and Vine 

\V1Hiam J, tobact & stone me 274 llig-h 
Lcisman A\ illiam, g'roccr 473 High 
Le Jamlire Alpiionso, 85 S 2d 
L.ejcc John H, dry good store 162 S 2d 
LeJand Charles, w sale leg'horn hat store 78 

High d h 24 Washington square 
I.elanne D P, deidcr 73 Lombard 

Vraiicis, shopkeeper 109 N 2d 
Lelar Henr\', c house 64 S wiiarvcs d h 121 

Lemon, Briss, lab 12th bcl Sassafras back 
Lemonier Joseph, cabinet maker 24 Cherry 
Lenfresty widow, Franklin library 98 N 6th 
Lcnnig Nicholas, mercliant 24 S Front 
Lenox David, gent 10th N W cor Chesnut 
Leutz Henrv, gent 4 York buildings 
Jacob, M D 77 N 7th 
Joseph, storckr S W cor Vine and 9tJv 
Leon John, tobacconist 211 Cedar 

V, teacher 105 Chesnut 
Leonard, Ijakcr Sassafras next to S E cor of 

Sassafras and 13th 
Leonard Francis, tailor 5 J'ennsylv'a avenue 

James, teacher 78 Spruce 
I^croux Yves, dyer and scourer 25 Branch 
Le Koy Charles, broker 10 Bread 
Le Roye A, cabinet maker 47 Pino 
Le Sage wid6w Margaret, gcntw 16 Powell 
Lescure Edward P, silversmith 148 S 4th 
Lesh Henry, shoemaker 190 Cheny 

Peter, house carp 38 Zane 
Lesher Clmstian, Iv carp Ce(kir bet 6th & 7tli 
Jacob, tavern High near Sch 3d 
AVilMam, innkeeper 60 S 6th 
Leslie James, accountant 187 S 7th 

James, house carp Locust bel IStli S 
and 12th bel Walnut E 
Lesley and Meredith, h ware mcrs 241 High 

Peter, cab mr 54 N 3d d h 151 Vine 
Leston widow, 129 S 11th 
Letchwortli John, china storekeeper and col- 
lector of accoimts 50 N Front 
Letford Wm, boot & shoemr 10 arcade dh x x 
Letherman John, bricklayer Shepard's al 
Letoimio Clement, stove and gi-ate manuf 76 

Letts Elizabctli, S W cor Gaskill and 4th 
Levering Charles, cim-ier 3 Fetter lane 

Jacob, grocer 5 High and 7 Pine 
John H, grocer S NV cor 13tli and 
Sassafras d h 478 Sassaljras 

Levering Jonathan, lioiiflc carp 478 Sassafras 
LevisHoseaJ, casiiierof Sch bank 153 Walnut 

William, cuirier 242 Filbert 
Leviscm J:mKs, Lombard E of Sch 7tli 
Levy Aaron, sh()pkee])er 69 N 2d. 

Adam J, lottery & exchange broker 89 

Chesnut d hil45 S 9th 
ls;uic J, dealer 87 S 9th 
Israel, 77 N 4th 
Joseph, shopkeeper 69 N 2d 
Joseph, exchange broker 11 S 3d 
Mary, 92 S 8th 
P, storekeeper 58 S 5th 
Sampson, counsellor at law 178 Chesnut 
Uriah P, lieut U S navy 180 N 8th 
widow, 163 Lombard 
widow II, 180 N 8th 
Lewis Abner, 473 High 

David, mer 127 S Front d h 146 S 2d 
David, coachman 54 Quince 
David, printer 3 Norris' al 
David and co, mcrs 127 S Front 
David, jr merchant 127 S Front d h 6 

l'"ranklin row 
Enoch, city sun eyor and regulator 21 

fFrancis, porter 339 Sassafras 
George, bricklayer Sassafi-as n Sch 8th 
George, lab Sch 5th n Chesnut . 
Harvey, gentleman 15 Sansom 
H R, machinist to Chesnut st theatre 

Littleboy's ct 
Jacob C, lab N Broad ab Sassafras 
Job, oak cooper back of 43 New 
Jolui F, auctioneer 20 S Ftdh 148 S 2d 
John, accountant 23 Mulberry 
f Joseph, brickmaker 41 Quince 
Joseph S, mer 25 Dock d h 3 Ritten- 

house place Locust ab 9th 
Laurence, gentleman 109 S 3d 
Mordecai, mer 135 S Ft d h 353 High 

wlute lead mantif 283 Spruce 
M D & Samuel N, mers 159 High d h 

353 High 
Philips and co, cotton raanufs & mei-s 

127 S Front 
Rachacl, 157 S 5th 
Rebecca, teacher N W cor Vine & 4th 
Robert M, gentleman 188 S Front 
Samuel N, mer 135 S F't d h 105 S 4tlit 
Mrs Sarah, 294 Lombard 
William A, coppersmith 7 1-2 N Front 
W^illiam, gentleman 157 S 5th 
wniliam D, mer 36 S Ft d h 100 S 9th 
widow Maiy, perfumer 145 N Front 
widow Rachael, gentw 184 S 11th 
widow, 7 Littleboy's ct 
Lex Charles F, sugai* reiiner 283 High sugar 
house back in Zane 
Henry, car\'er 147 and 149 N 6th 
Jacob, mer 283 High d h 6 N 9th 
Leyden Adam, baker uj) 29 N 9tli 
Lhulier John, professor of music 29 Filbert 
Ligget John, dry good store 36 S 2d 
Lillibridge Chai-lotte 123 New 



Lilly John M, stationer 174 S 2d 
Lima Fi-ancisco Joaquim, Brazilian consul ge- 
nei-al 107 S Front d h 13th ab Chesnut 
Linch John, Broad bet Cherrj' and Mulbcny 
Linck Jolin, dry good store 108 N 8th 
Lincoln E, merchant 33 S whanes 
H, storekeeper 46 S 3d 
and R)ers, mers 33 S whan'es 
widow, 9 N 13th 
Lindsay John, house carp 180 Lombard 

Joseph, mer 1 Carpenters ct d h 4 

Palmj-i-a row 
Thomas, dyer St Marj' 
Thomas, hatter 54 Chesnut 
William, stone cutter Franklin near 

widow Margaret, b h 12 N 6th 
Lingenhalle widow, baker 9 Elfreth's al 
Link Jacob, Cherry near Broad 
Linn John I£, mer 91 S Front d h 229 Spruce 
Lewis, 139 N 8th 
^Nlrs M, boarding' house 98 S 3d 
^Irs, 78 S 3d 
Linnard James M luber mer Pine bet 11th £c 
12th dh Spruce ab 12tli 
T M and J M, lumber mers Pine bet 

11th and 12th 
T M, lumber mer Pine bet llth and 

12th d h Spruce ab 12th N 
William, colonel, quarter master gen 
U S army 205 S 4th 
Linton Alexander, porter Lombard bel 12th 
Benjamin, nail cutter 27 N 10th 
John ^y, 112 Walnut 
Llpman Lewis, 1 N llth 
Lippincott Aaron S, dry^ good store 28 N 2d 
Benjamin, grocer N W cor Mul- 

berrj^ and Front d h 39 New 
John, tanner & currier 29 Chesnut 

d h 13 Vine 
Joshua, auctioneer 34 S Front 10 

Chnton sq 
and Richards, auctioneers 34 S Ft 
Llble Charles P, land agent and conveyancer 
8 S 5th d h Locust ab 12th S 
John, mer Washington square near to 

the cor of Locust 
John, jr Wasliington square 
Miss ]klar}-, gentw 127 S 2d 
Lithgow David, cabinet mr and sexton to the 

Reformed Presbvlerian ch Marble 
LllteU E, bookseller and stationer 88 Chesnut 

d h 179 S 5th 
Little Archibald dealer in 2d hand furniture 
93 Lombard 
Elisha, back of 250 Sassafras 
George P, lottery office Chesnut 
Horace, fishmonger 8 Jones' al 
. John, lab Sassafras 4th doorab Broad 

Mrs, 129 Spruce 
- Otis, tav keeper 9 Laetitia ct 
Thomas, gentleman 144 S 10th 

Little widow Ann, gentw 101 Vine 

widow Margaret, seminary 2- Trotters 

al d h 150 N 5th 
widow, school Vaux's ct 
Littleboy J M, comb mr 8cc 46 N 2d 
Littleton Thomas, cabinet maker 23 Perry 
Litzenberg Jacob, lab Mulberrj' W Sch 3d 
Livezey John, mer S E cor Library and 5th 
John jr and co, mers N E cor Water 

and Sassafras 
widow Mar}-, 50 N Water 
Livingston Ehza, mantua mr 18 Juniper lane 

Rev Gilbert R, 77 N 5th . 
LleweUen Thomas, fminder N ab lOth 
Lloyd G, bootmaker 57 S 5th 

Isaac, mer 53 S wharves d h 86 Union 
Isaac and son, mers 53 S wharves 
Isaac S, merchant 87 High 
N, stove and sheet iron manuf d h 92 

N and son^ stove and sheet iron manuf 

S E cor 7tli and CheiTy 
Samuel, stove and sheet iron manuf d 

h 116 Cherry 
SerrU and Oakford, mers 169 High 
Thomas, drj' good mer 8 W cor High 

and 8th 
Thomas, mer d h 347 High 
Lloyd Thomas, 92 N 7th 

Thomas, stenographer 148 N 8th 
Thomas I, mer UN Front 
Wood, hatter 11 N 3d 
widow Margaret, nurse M'Leod's ct 
Loag David, saddler 18 S 2d 
Lobdell Stetson, hatter 7 N 2d d h N W cor 

Cherry and 8th 
Lobstein J F D, M D 148 Pine 
Lochi-an John, innki- High bet Sch 3d & 4th 
Lochrey James, tav keeper 11 S wharves 

J, Wasliington square W side 
Lock Thomas, shop High E of Sch 7th S side 
Locke Mary, storekeeper 3 N 2d 
Lockin James, bookbr & bookseller 8 S Ft 
Lockwood James, gent N 10th 1st d ab Sassaf 
Locton widow Ehzabeth, store ki* 150 S Front 
Lodge Ehzabeth, milliner 92 N 4th 
Lodor Benjamin, turner 63 N 5th 

Benjamin H, mer taUor 55 Walnut d 
h 16 Almond 
Logan Pati-ick, labourer 26 Sugar al 
WUliam, silk dyer 19 Filbert 
widow, Prosperous al 
Logue John, storekr cor 13tli and Sassafras 

William, dra}-man Sassafras n Sch 8th 
Lohra John, mer 222 Spruce 

John, grocer 158 Spruce 
Loman A'V'iUiam, baker 88 Locust 
London widow, b house 13th n Lawrence 
Long Heniy, shoemaker 405 Sassafras 
John, Middle al 

John, soap boiler N E cor Pine & 7th 
William, clerk in the Philadelphia bank 



Long William, tobacconist 47 C:)cdar 
widow Mill}', shop Shield's al' .laiiiis i}, i-Mgi-avor 148 d h Chcsnut 

Isl al) lioslon row 
Long-cope Samuel, ])rintcr 7 N 7th 
Long'stj-Llh Cliarlrs, jjaptr imr 129 Hig-li fac- 
tory Hartiiii.yj's al d h 3 Cliiircli al 
anil Cook, liardware nier 135 Ilig-li 
Josluia, mcr 21 Church al d h 185 

Mon-is, mcr 137 High d h 1 58 N 5th 
Thomas M, booksi^llt-r and maniif 
of hang'ing- jJupL-r 12y 1-2 lli^li 
widow of Samuel, 183 Mulbcny 
widow, 90 N yth 
Lonton Joseph, lumber mcr d h 3 tircen's ct 
Loone}' 11, patent improved hydrant maker & 

overseer water works up 47 Pine 
Lopez Alexander, merchant 162 Fine 

Matthias, 4 AVillow ct 

Lord James II, biscuit baker 9 Pcnn bakery 
back on S wharves 
Michael, plasterer 299 Walnut 
Williiun, boot nir 2 Hudson's al 
Lorlch Severin, Swedish consul general 218 

Lort Mary, grocer 19 Cherry 
Loud &. Brothers, pianoforte mamif361 High 
w are room 14^1 Chesnut 

John, piano forte manuf 3G1 High d li 

406 Sassafras 
Joseph, pi ana forte manufacturer 361 

Philologus, piano forte manuf d h 361 

High d h 157 S 9th 
Thomas, piano forte manuf 561 High d 
h 38 Palm}Ta square 
Loudenslinger David, victualler 336 Sassafras 

George, do do 

Louderback John, cooper 26 Vine 

Joseph, bricklayer Mercer n Lo- 
Samuel, bricklr Locust bel 13th 
Lovare Jolin, plasterer Juniper bel W^alnut 
Love Alexander, confectioner 186 S 4th 
John, boot maker 59 Chesnut 
William, shoemaker 5 Ehiislies al 
William H, storekeeper 6 Decatur 
Loveridge Joseph, smith and fanier 26 d h 

147 1-2 S 2d 
Lovering Jacob, grocer 5 High d h 170 S Ft 
William, paper hanging manuf 76 
Low Robert, carter N 9th bel Vine 
Lovett George, painter N Broad bel Vine 

John, macliinist 103 Cedar 
Lowber Edward, drugt 144 N 3d d h 57 N 4th 

John C, atty at law 104 Walnut 
Lowe wid Charlotte, teacher 14 Frombergsct 
Lower Joseph, silversmith 6 Rapins ct 
Lownes David, tailor 84 N 4th 

Edward, silversmith 142 Chesnut 
Lowrie widow Ann, 4 Heydes ct 

Lowry Ellen, 210 S Front 

Michael, sljocmaker Say n Sch Stli 
Thomxs, ca])tain 117 N 5tli 
Loxley Henjiunin, currier 115 ik 1 17 Midberry 
Uichard :uul co, ctwi-iers 115 Mulberrjr 
widow Mary, gcntw 117 Mulberry 
Lucas William H, iclass store 90 S 3d 
laiciani John, confectioner 136 High 

P, confectioner 238 High 
Lucy Anthony, carter Chesnut W of Sch 8t 
Luderbcrg Jacob, cor Sch 3d & Mulbeiry 
laike William, mcr 86 S whs d h 98 S 4th 
Lukens Charles M 1), N E cor Chcsnut & 11th 
Isaiah, horologist and meclianician b 

of 173 High 
Jonathan and co, saddlers 102 High 
Joseph, flour merchant 350 High 
wid Elizabetli, milliner 78 Mulberry 
Luney Robert, plumber 49 Pine 
Lutes J, chair maker 175 S 2d 
Lute)' I,, tavern keeper 151 Locust 
•Lutz Frederick, back of 148 S 4th 
Martin, 149 Cheny 
widow, 149 Cheny 
Lybrand Jacol), cngra\er 39 N 8th 

Peter S, coach painter 39 N 8th 
William G, brickmaker 38 Filbert 
Margai-et, gentlewoman 39 N 8th 
Lye Henry, glove maker 238.High 
I-} le & Peltz, hai-d ware and fancy sto 248 S 2d 
Lynch Edward, Accountant 140 N 8th 
George, liouse carp 10 Castle 
Lynd James, domestic ware h 33 N 2d 
A\"m, mer 32 Walnut d h 226 Spruce 
wid Mary, seamstress 12 Raspbeny 9I 
Lyndall David, chair maker 99 N Front 
Jolvn, fanmaker Ban-on 
widow Mary of J, 201 S 4th 
wid of Benjamin, gentw 104 Lombard 
Lynn Simon, mer 152 High d h 69 N 8th 
Lyon Patrick, gentleman Library 
Patrick, tailor 12 Adams 
Philip, N E cor of Sassafi-as and 5tlx 
Lyons John, turner Broad near Sassafras 
Samuel, tinman 33 High 

M'Adams Thomas, school Sch 8th n Walnut 

M'Aleers J, fruiterer 177 S 2d 

M'AlIister James, shoemaker Pine N E cor 


John, grocer S W cor 8th & Sassaf 

John, manuf &c 48 Chesnut d h 87 

John, jr manuf of spectacles whips 

and canes 48 Chesnut 
John and son, manuf of spectacles 

whips and canes 48 Chesnut 
and Yorke, mers 87 S Front 
M'Alpin James, gentleman 122 Chesnu 
M'Alvery J, trader Biddies al 
M'Anley William, coach trimmer £c harness 
maker 9 Heydes ct 



M'Anulty Ilug'h, tavern keeper 416 High 
Samuel, liv stab kr 2 Rapin's ct 
M'Arann John, botani gardener and seedsman 
Filbert bet Sch 5th and 6th 
William, lab N Sch 7th n High 
M 'Arthur Chai-les, silk dyer 31 Union 

Peter, dyer 13 Norris' al 
M'Bride Anch-ew, tav keeper Spruce st whai-f 
Colins, tavern keeper Broadbet Mul- 
berry and Cheny 
Fi'ancis, storekeeper N W cor Cedar 

and 13tli 
James, shoemaker Locust bel 13th 
Wilham, lab 48 Zane 
M'Cafferty James, ostler 373 High 

Patrick, drover Juniper al 
M'Call A, Spruce ab 12th 
Eleanor, 125 S 4th 
George, sea captain 56 Penn 
J G, atty at law 61 S 4th d h 299 Spruce 
James, house carp Jilercer 
Joseph, house carp 13th ab Pine E 
Mrs Barbara, b h 206 S Front 
William C, gentleman 308 Chesnut 
M'Calla Alexander, innkr 104 and 106 Sassa- 
fras (sign of white Swan) 
Chai'les, acct S W cor 11th & Sassafras 
J P, inspector of customs 162 S 10th 

& Lombard st wharf 
John, bottler 94 N 6tli 
Robert, hatter 15 Pemisylva avenue 
William H, acct 173 Cheny 
Rev William L, 102 Lombard 
widow Martha, Sch Front ab Walnut 
M'Callmont George, merch 21 Dock d h 70 

M'Canles and Chambers, grocers 141 N 3d 
James, milkman Vine ab Sch 8th 
John, jr gi'ocer 141 N 3d 
M'Cann Edward, weaver 75 Union 
Michael, baker Eckfeldts ct 
widow Eleanor, cake br 241 1-2 S 2d 
M'Caraher Alexander, w sale grocer 127 N 3d 

Charles, fancy store kr 41 N 2d 
M'Carren Andrew, dravman b 62 Dock 
J, bottler 150 N 13th 
Robert, custom house messenger & 
d h 8 Elmslies al 
M'Carhin Mark, plasterer 30 Prune 
M'Cartle)^ Samuel, shoe maker 181 Lombard 
M'Carty and Davis, printers and booksellers 
171 High 
Thomas, bricklayer 11 Sugar al 
William, booksr & stationer 171 High 
widow, 148 Pine 

widow Ann, washerw 5 Sheaifs al 
M'Cauley D S, mer 117 S Ft d h 328 Chesnut 
Geo, grocer N W c Sassafras & 10th 
J, Chesmit ab 13th 
J, lieut in U S navy 117 S Front 
John, coppersmith 119 S Front 
MHIIausland Alexander, grocer and chocolate 

manuf 185 S 6th 
M'Clane John shoemaker 425 Chesnut 

M'Clane Thomas, tav keeper 366 High 
M'Clare Joseph, lab Sch 8th bel Vine 
M'Claskey ACchael, lab Mai-ble 
M'Clean Archibald, cabinet mr 218 Spruce 
Arch'd, stocking weaver 52 Sassafras 
John, high constable Gaskill n 3d 
Robert, weaver Prosperous al 
Stephen, coach driver 23 Pi-une 
wid, tav kr N E cor 5th and Prune 
M'Cleary Daniel, plasterer Adams bet 12th 
and 13th 
Joseph, brickmaker Lombard E of 
Sch 7th 
M'Clellan George, professor of surgery 1 
York buildings office b of 1 
Samuel, M D office b of 1 York 

James, dyer &c Filbert ab Jumper 
John, acct 256 Mulberry 
Robert H, teacher 128 S 4th 
M'Clelland George W, dry good store cor of 

High and Bank d h 323 Mulberry 
M'Clcnburg M, widow 25 Powell 
M'Clevcr James, jeweller 89 High 
M'Chntock John, dry good store 153 N 3d 
John, storekeeper 28 N 2d 
Joseph A, house carp 28 Chester 
M 'Cloud John, hatter 46 High 
M'Closky J, curb stone setter 22 Castle 
M'Cloy Ralph, distiller 131 N 8th 
M'Clung John, supcrintedant pub work Ann 
n Sch 7th 
Jolin and William, grocers S W cor 
Pine and 2d 
M'Clure David, agent 34 S 3d 

Mrs Ann, fancy feather store 34 S 3d 
Miss Ann, gentw S W cor Mulberry 

and 11th 
James, accountant 324 Sassafras 
John, mer 82 S Front 
M'Clurg Alexander, mer 173 High d h 228 
and Trevor, merchant 173 High 
M'Cluskey John, tav keeper High n Sch 8th 
William, tav keeper S W cor High 
and Centi'e square 
M'CoUom John, mer S whs n Cedar ab 
M'Collin Thomas, clock & watchmr 8 Philad 

arcade d h 18 Greenleafs ct 
M'CoUins John, acct N E cor 3d and Spruce 
M'Connell Arthur, Mercer 

George, baker oo Crown 
J, Chesnut ab 13th S 
J, bootmaker S 11th bel Pine 
R, tailoress 7 Mercer 
M'Cord, Joseph, glass cutr &c N E cor Cherry 
and Jacoby d h 13th ab Cfierry 
and Shiner, glass cutters &c N E cor 
Cherry & Jacoby &. 19 arcade 
M'Corkle Archibald, blacksmith Say n Sch 8th 

widow Catharine, 196 S 4th 
M'Cormick Henry, shopkr 14 Chancery lane 
Henry, stone cutter 63 New 
Henry, shoemaker 35 Powell 



M'Cormick J, weaver Lombard bcl 12tli 

John, grocer 220 S 2J 
Philip, boot maker 35 Wultmt 
M'Corn James, tinman 138 N l.Stli 
M'Cowan Tliomius, weaver 7 Marslr.ills al 
M'Coy Junics, coppiJi-i-plalc printer 311 High 

J, 13 Gray's al 
M'Cracken D, lab N llroacl ab Sassafras 
M'f.'i-ail James, plumber 30 Prune 
M'Crea Ann, store keeper 469 High 

John, mer 101 S Front tl h 348 Hig-h 
Sophia, gentw 161 S 10th 
M'Credy Bermard, manuf 43 N Front d h 179 
Dennis, grocer 7 N Water and N W 

cor 2d and Uuion d h 19 Union 
Francis, grocer 206 S 2d 
Francis, 71 Union 
James, plasterer 198 Lombard 
& Parker, w sale grocers 7 N Water 
WilUam, -weaver Prosperous al 
M'Cullen John, 125 S 3d 
M'CuUey G H, watchmr 193 S 2d 
M'CuUoch widow Ann, gentw 214 Spruce 

widow, 108 N 13th 
M'Curdy Andrew, gi'o S W cor Cherry & 8th 
Daniel, collector of taxes Clover 
Hugh, 243 S 2d 
John, cordwalner 76 Chesnut 
John, jr do 42 Chesnut 
John W, ladies shoemaker 14 S 4th 
and 18 arcade 
M'Cutchen Da%-id, Walnut ab 13th N 
M'Daniel Jolui, coach spring mr 146 S 10th 

Richard, Chcny n Juniper 
M'Dermott widow, 186 Spruce 
M'Deveritt Neale, tav keeper 185 S Front 
M*DevittThom;is, plumber Sch 6th ab Spruce 
M'Donagh widow, 138 S 4tli 
M'Donald Mrs Ann, mangier 14 Sterling al 
M'Donald David, gro S W cor 7th & Lombard 
James, weaver 1 Sliields ct 
James, tailor 21 Strawberry 
James, gro N E cor 7th 8c Mulberry 

d h 18 N 4th 
Jane, seminary 151 S 11th 
John, coach spring mr 146 S 10th 
R, tav keeper 25 Strawberry 
Samuel, turner 2 Howard's ct 
T, 73 Union 
M'Donald widow, shop Prosperous al 
M'Donough A, storekr cor Lombard and 4th 
Jeremiah, tailor 156 Spruce 
Mrs, 148 Spruce 
M'Dowell Ebenezer, house carp 118 N 8th 
Joseph, bookbinder 25 High 
Lydia, drv good store 57 N 2d d 

2d d h i58 N 5th 
Wilham H, clock and watchmaker 
130 S Front 
M'Elroy Hannah, 182 S 4th 
John, 27 Elfreths al 
Robert, weaver Sch Front ab Walnut 

M'Elroy Miss Sarali, b h 138 S 2d 
M'Euen Alexander, printer 440 Sassafras 
Charles, gent 255 Mulberry 
Clement, manuf 121 S Juniper 
wid Hannali, gentw 255 Mulberry 
M'Faddcn R, weaver S Juniper n Chesnut 
Samuel, car|)enler 16 Branners al 
Sarah, I.ombai-d ab 12th 
Wilham, George near 13th 
M'Farland Mary, 101 Spruce 

Thomas, carter I'ine bel 12th 
widow Mary, 6 N 7th 
widow, shop Pine bel 12th 
M'Fee Alexander, 256 Lombai-d 
James, weaver Ann ab 12th 
John, manuf High E of Sch 6tli S 
M'Gaughey James, 87 Cedai' 
M'Gaidey Richard, tavern S W cor Sassafras 

and Water 
M'Gee James, saddler 14 S 12th 

James, weaver 13th ab Pine 
Wilham, weaver St Mary's ab 6th 
widow Elizabeth, Marks lane 
M'Gill James, cooper 47 S Water 
M'Gerough Alexander, teacher Sch 8th ab 

M'Ginley John, baker 389 Sassafras 
Owen, shop 38 St Mary 
William, constable 150 Cherry 
M'Ginnis C, tav kr 142 S Water & 145 S Front 
Margaret, storekr c Spruce and 5th 
M'Goison Thomas, hatter 6 Howard's ct 
M'Gowim widow Mary 70 S Front 

Mrs, huckster 2 Shepard's al 
M'Grath Jolui, tailor 25 N 3d 

John, diy good store 215 S 2d 
& M'Makin, mer tailors 54 Chesnut 
Samuel, tailor 77 New 
M'Gi"aw George, house cai-p St George al 
M'Gregor John, cordwainer Water ab South 
R and D, dry good store 132 High 
M'Ginn Felix, storekeeper 15 High 
M'Guire Phoenix, grocer 10 Chancery lane 
Robert, carpenter 7 Sliields ct 
Thomas, lab Lombard n Sch 
weaver Lombard bel 12th 
M'Gurgh J, grocer 2 Chancery lane 
M'Heran wid Catharine, gentw 19 Sassafras 
M'Henry James, M D and storekr 45 S 2d 
M'Hugh George, soap boiler 6 little Dock 
M'llhenney Joseph E, dentist office 101 Wal- 
Samuel, accountant 69 N 3d 
Wm, secty of tlie Athenaeum U 
S Hotel 
M'llvain Joseph, atty at law S E cor Chesnut 
and [Sthdh 80 Walnut 
Joseph, 100 N 13th 
Joseph B, merch 32 Walnut d h 104 

S Front 
J K, jeweller Locust E of IStli 
Mrs, gentw 11 Prune 
M'llvaine Henry, attorney at law 112 Walnut 



Mllvaine Wm, cashier of bk of U S 11 Prune 
Mlntire H R, boot maker 128 S 2d 

Isaiah, shoemaker 133 S Front 
Marg~dret, mantua maker 214 S 3d 
Mintosh J, labourer 322 Sassafras 
Mlntyre Andrew, accountant 48 Quince 

Archibald, manag-er of the U canal 

lottery office 121 Chesnut 
James, 121 Chesnut 
"William, 214 S 3d 
widow Elizabeth, 64 Vine 
M*Kean Misses, boai-dg and day sch 112 S 3d 
Thomas, gent 117 S 5th 
lieut in U S navy 200 Spruce 
widow Ann, milliner 144 Cherrj- 
Aridow, 200 Spruce 
M'Kee William and co, mers 14 Chesnut 

widow Aim, milliner 115 S 2d 
M'Keen Henry, clock and watclunr 150 High 
M'Kenna Thomas, 5 Mtu-shall's al 
M'Kenzie Charles, tailor 42 Strawberry 

William, gent 36 Union 
M'Keppuck William, shoemi- 256 Lombai-d 
M'Keown George, tav keeper 2 Pine 

Samuel, carpet weaver 118 S 4th 
M'Kibbin Da-vid, gi-ocer 62 High 

William, sea captain 175 Pine 
M'Killey widow, tav 130 1-2 S Water 
M'Kim Russell, 116 N 13th 
M'Kinley James, bottler 44 Zane 

John, baker b of 290 Sassafras 
John, grocer 5 S 3d d h 20 Sassafras 
Wilham, grocer 114 High 
widow Martha, 133 S 9th 
M'Knight John, millstone manufacturer d h 
5 Shepards al 
chemical vapour bath 3 Library 
M, b house 1 Trotters al 
widow, Cressons ct 
M'Koy WiUiam, 1st teller in the bank of N 

America 8 Powel 
M'Lonahan Johnston, merch 26 Chesnut d h 

Yohes hotel 
M'Laren Archibald, -h carp N 13th bel Vine 
M'Laughhn Charles, labourer 41 Cedar 

Daniel, atty at law 5th bel Chesnut 
George, printer 133 Pine 
John, n N W cor Sch 8th &. Cherry 
M'Levan Miles, sea capt 113 Sassafras 
M'Leod George, shoemaker 74 N 5th 

George, stone cutter Noi"man's al 
M'Leran James, acct 155 Cherrj- 
M^Mahon Henr}', gi-ocer S W cor 5th & Pine 

A and co, seed store 13 S 2d 
M'Main WUham W, h ware mer d h 43 N 3d 
M'Makin Dennis, coi'dwainer S W cor 6th & 

M'Makin Michael, manuf S 13th ab Pine 

S E cor 6th and Ehzabeth 

Samuel, chairmr 22 and 24 N 10th 
M*>Ianamy Thomas, tailor 122 FUbert 
M'Manus Henry, weaver Ann n Sch 8th 
M'Manus Owen, tallow chandler Cypress al 
Redman, teacher 44 S 8th 

M 'Manus Thomas, grocer High n Sch 8th 
M'Masters John, constable 84 Union 
M'Menomy Henry, tailor Broad ab Locust 
M'Minamon William, tav keeper 168 S 6th 
M'Minn James, cordwainer 192 Pine 
Misses, milhners N 2d 

Misses, mantua makers N 2d 
Samuel, last & boottree mr 37 Walnut 
WiUiam, lab 147 N Juniper 
M'Mullen James, accountant C}TJress al 
John, porter 21 Fi-anklin ct 
John, silversmith 114 S Front 
Jos, groc 154 S Water & 155 S Ft 
Joseph T, ladies shoemr up 68 S 4th 
Patrick, lab Lombard n Sch 
Rosanna, teacher 52 Zane 
widow Hannah, b h 24 Watsons al 
M'Miulrie Henrj-, M D 169 Pme 
M'Nabb John, weaver Ann n Sch 7th 
M'Namy George, S 6th n Lombard 
M'Neare Wm, watch case mr 3 Hoffmans al 
MTseil Moses, 170 Sassafras 

Wakefield, lab b of 211 Cherry 
M'Nevin Mrs, 190 Pine 
M'Nichol C, shoemaker 120 S 10th 
M'Norton John, weaver Pine bet 12th & 13th 
M'Nutt Robei-t, 17 Cressons al 
ilTherson E, di-uggist N E cor Broad and 
Robert, silversmith 
M'Quic James, weaver George n Sch 3d 
M'Shane Charles, shoemr 7 SVatson's al 

Ezekiel, acct 47 N 6th 
il'Sorley Alex, Centre square S W cor High 

James, N W cor 12th & Mulberry 
M'Williams Arm, shop Pleasant avenue 
He my, 166 Locust 
widow Maiy, miUiner 123 S 5th 
Maas Jacob, engraver 128 Locust office arcade 
Mabeiiy and Pollard, 

Macalaster Chai'les, president of the Insurance 
company of Pennsylvania 142 Midberry 
Macauley Isaac, floor cloth manuf Bush hill 
store 24 S 3d d h 13 Montgomery square 
*Maccoim David, mer 11 S 9th 
ilack Com-ad, watchman 13 Ann 
Macken Thomas, shocim- 410 High 
Mackey John, shopkeeper 258 Mulberry 
Mackie Charles, gi-ocer 7 S 3d 
Henry, Say n Sch 8th 
Peter, accountant 5 S 3d 
Mackinson Mar}-, gentw 25 Sassafras 
Macmalion T P, attornev at law and notary 

pubhc 65 Walnut d h 13 S 2d 
Macquart Mrs Antoniette, shopkr 42 S 4th 
Maddock Ezekiel E, grocer 153 S Front d h 
2 Comptroller 
WiUiam, 134 N 3d 
Wilham L, grocer 49 S 3d 
Magdalen Asylum, Sch 2d n Vine 
I Magee Hugh S, oak cooper 132 Vine 
I and Taber, bar's & whip mrs 3 1 S 4th 

I Magoffen J, 222 Walnut 
I Magrath Alexander, h carp Perry bel Pine E 




Maguire Michael, innkeeper (sign U S bank) 
10 Library 
Thomas, tavern kr 39 S Water 
Mahan Francis, tuilor 148 S lOtli 
Malianv Jamos A, atty at law 89 Sxssafras d 

h ny Mnc 
Main. T Janus, b h cor of \ 1 Itli & Marks lane 
Mahon Micluul, mer 5o S Front 
Maitland John, ffroccr and distiller South n 

4tli d h 119 Lombanl 
Makins James N, sail mr S W cor Spnice & 
S whs d h 9 Norris' al 
Sarali, 127 N 2d 
Malambic Georg-e, shoemr 33 Powel 
Malcomson Joseph, carpet weaver 168 Sassaf 
^Ldazet James, 95 S 4th 

G M, mer S whs c Cedardh 95 Spruce 
Maley John, grocer 105 N Juniper 
M:diiitant J J "r, 57 S 7th 
Mallat F 1), dancing master Locust n 12th 
Mallendcr widow Murj-, milliner 177 S 2d 
Mallet B, cordwainer 8 Coombcs al 

David, cordwaiifer 38 Chester 
Mandeville Chai-les, acct 146 N 8th 
D H, accountant 8 N 8th 
David, accountant 146 N 8th 
n D, mer S W cor Fi-ont &. Ches- 
• riut d h 124 S 8th 

Mandry William, liv stab keeper and health 

officer 100 N 6th 
Mangel widow Miuy, shopki* 37 1-2 Cedar 
Mangin John, coach spring mr b 246 Sassafras 
Manigold Charles, 166 N 9th 
Manly Henrj', gentleman 15 Branch 
Thomas, weaver 59 Juniper 
Man Daniel, 43 Sassafi-as 

Horatio, gent 11 Montgomery square 
Peter, house carp Sch 8th n Sassafras b 
William, teacher S W cor "N'ine and N 
3d d h Duke n Front (N L) 
Mannerfield Charles, 15 Perry 
Manderlield John, cab maker 180 S 4th 
Manning John, 34 Sassafras al 

Thomas S, printer N W cor Cai-pen- 
ter and Decatur d h 11 S 6th 
Manson wid Chi'istiana, seamstress Chesnut 

bet 13th and Juniper 
Mantel Conrad, baker 27 Walnut 
Manuel Albert, 10 Pennsylvania avenue 

Jos E, h cai-p 1 Norris al d h 66 S Ft 
Marcker Andrew C, tailor 75 Lombard 
Margerum Samuel M, comb mr Harmony ct 
Marine Insurance company's office 47 Walnut 
Maris widow Kachael R, i07 S 8th 
Markland John, 297 Sassafras 
Markley Philip S, naval officer 23 Montgo- 
mery sc[uare Sassafi-as 
Markoe John, gentleman 293 Chesnut 

atty at law Walnut 

Marks Girard, grocer 180 Locust 
Marley John, coachmr c Vine and Sch Front 
Rosanna, gentw 15 N 6th 
Wm C, cordwainer b of 119 N 10th 

Marot Joseph bookbr 48 High d M2 Ch al 
Maratte Louis, merchant 79 Lombard 
MaiT^Ie John, b of 96 N 10th 

John grave digger F'ranklinn Sassafras 
Mai-ple Joseph, 104 S 2d 

lime market 44 Cherry 

Marriott William, apothecary and druggist N 

W cor MulbeiT}- and 5th 
Marrot Davenport, chair maker 13 d h 18 

Coombes :d 
Masden Benjamin, gent 128 S 3d 
Marseilas Peter, 10 South al 
Marsh C C, accountant 67 Union 
Elias, merchant 68 N 7tli 
Elisha, S E cqr Sassafras and Broad 
James, merchant 2 Church al d h 24 

James, reed maker 5 S 7th 
John, agent 29 Cherry 
John, cordwainer Unity row 
Joseph, 104 S 2d 

M, kj- of bath house Frombergcrs ct 
Tliomas, brickmr Cedar W of Sch 7th 
Marshall Abraham, house carp and frame mr 
375 Sassafras 
Benjamin, acct 182 S 11th 
Charles, chjmist & dnigt 221 High 
Christopher, dnigt 19 d h 21 N 4th 
Daniel, stone mason 66 Zane 
Mrs Hannah, b h 38 Sansom 
James, house carp and plane maker 

N 11th bel North 
John, bricklayer 3 Gillies al 
John, bricklayer Unity row 
John, plasterer little Pine 
Joseph, jeweh- 87 S 2dd h 107 Cedar 
Joseph Y, wafer manuf 59 Walnut 
Moses D, shoenu'N W cor Mulberry 

and Juniper 
Patience, llO Mulberry 
Samuel, bootmaker 119 S 3d 
Soplija, shop High near Sch 4th 
Thomas, cab maker High ab 13th at 

widow Duncans, 
William, lumber mer 465 Sassafras 
widow Sarah, milliner 7o Mulberry 
Martin Abraham, accountant 138 Mulben-y 
Daniel, Sch 5th n Chesnvit 
Elizabeth, tutoress 38 Church al 
James E, book binder 13 Cressons al 
John, grocer 303 High d h 1 N 8th 
John, sea captain 210 S 4th 
Peter, baker S 12th opposite Ohio 
Robert, umbrcDa mr 7 Harmony ct 
Robert C, gentleman 71 S 11th 
Samuel, hatter 4 Bells ct 
Samuel, clothier 452 Sassafi-as 
Samuel, Sail maker 2 Elmshes al 
Thomas, tallow cliandler S W cor of 

Fi-anklin and Vine 
Mrs, 197Walmit 
Masey widow, 17 N 11th 



Mason Alva, philosophical instrument mr & 
engraver 14 Greenleaf s ct 
• and Baldwin, machinists 14 Minor 
David H, engraver 33 S 4th 
G R, 61 N 7th 
Isaac, g-entleman 135 S 11th 
Isaac N, bookbinder and paper ruler 

129 1-2 High 
James, bricklayer Cedar n Sch 
Joseph, 03-ster cellar 326 High d h 23 

Prospect al 
Joseph, hatter b of 86 Union 
Mrs ^Martha, gentw 66 S 5tli 
Mrs, g-entlewoman 61 N 7th 
Philip, gentleman 131 S 6th 
Robert, distiller 386 High d h 3 N 12th 
Robert, mer d h 157 Pine 
Samuel, jr clock & watchmr 235 High 
T, baker 17 Watson's al 
Thomas A, druggist N W cor 11th & 

William, stone cutter 61 N 7th 
William, oak cooper 9 Decatiu- 
William, grocer S W cor Vine & 13th 
William, cabinet mr 99 N Front d h 7 

Elfreth's al 
W & A, philosophical instrument mrs 

and engravers 13 S 4tli 
widow, boarding house 343 High 
Massey Charles, mer 28 S wharves d h 170 
Jane, storekeeper 5 1-2 N 2d 
Levi, shoemr 130 Locust 
Samuel, hard w mer 16 S 3d d h 37 

123 Sassafras 

widow, 196 N Front 
blaster wid Ehzabeth, dry good sto 68 Spruce 
Matlack John, boot and shoemr 316 Vine 
John, il D 86 Mulbeny 
J R, M D Race n Chester 
Thomas, mei'cli Latimer's wharf ab 

Thomas, 33 Chester & Latimer's wlif 
WiUiam, silver smith 11 Su-awbcny 
Matthew Ammon, cooper 185 S 6tli 

Charles, oysterman 4 Gari-igues ct 
Matthews Deborah, 12 Sterling- al 
James, tailor 395 High 
■j-James, waiter 50 Curi'ant al 
J, tailor Castle 

John, paper ware house 391 High 
Mrs Eleanor, 113 S 3d 
M D, 138 N Front 
Thomas, tailor 395 High 
Thomas, teacher 38 N 6th 
William, store kr 347 Sassafras 
Wm H, baker 89 Cedar & 267 S 2d 
widow, washerwoman Crcssons al 
Matthieu Joseph, M D 5 Lodge 
Mattison Joseph, comb mr 6 Powel 
Maul Caleb, lumb mer 328 N Ft h h 90 Vine 
Maull Jacob, teacher 463 High 

Maull James, sailmaker 111 S 2d 

John, sailmr 7 S whs d h 18 Carters al 
Robert& John, sailmrs leftover 7 S whs 
Robert, sailmr 7 S whs d h 4 Bread 
Sarah, shop 111 S 2d 
Maxfield Stephen, 95 N 5th 
Maxwell Andi-ew, house carp 223 Cedar 

Edward, weaver Filbert n Sch 8th 
Edward, manuf Ann bel 13th 
James, printer office 63 S 5th 
May Francis, 99 N 4th 

Henry, hatter 75 N 10th 

Lewis, 9 Sassafi"as al 

Lewis, house carp Nonnater's ct b of 

182 Mulberry 
Mrs Edith, gentw 174 Locust 
Mayberry Thomas, painter & glaz 11 Crown 
Alaybin John, mer 5 Chesnutdh 124 Mulberry 
Mayer Lewis, commis mer Pratt's wharf d h 
3 N9th 
and Lohman, com mers Pratts wharf 
Rev Philip F, D D pastor of St Johns 
(Lutheran) Montgomery sq ab 10th 
Mayger Heniy, 14 Hinckles ct . 
Ma}'land Jacob, tobact and snuff manuf N W 
cor 3d & Sassafinis d h Wasliington square 
Mays Henrj-, 85 N lOtli 

Mead Charles, teacher b of 10 N Fron1*Shoe- 
makere ct 
tLewis, barber 389 High 
Meal}' Patrick, tav keeper 4 S 4th 
Meany J, 2 Franldin row 
Mears Charles, watclimr 22 N 5th 

Charlotte, seamsts Sch 8th ab Sassafras 
Meary Owen, tavern keeper 319 Spruce 
Mease James, M D 297 Chesnut 
Measer Henrj', gilder 10 Branners al 
Mecaskey Andrew, cby good store 161 S 2d 
Mccasky John, diy good sto cor 2d & Cedar 
Mecke Geoi-ge A, acct 67 S 4tli 
Mecom ^Irs A, boarding house 7i S 6th 
Meer John, tavern, 4 S 7th 
Meeser Chiistian, upholsterer Runner's ct 
Megonegal Roswell, teacher 206 Sassafras 
Megaiy James, brickmr Cedar E of Sch 7th 
Meigs Charles, M D 128 MiUbeiry 
Mellor John, di-uggist N E cor Walnut & 4th 
Mekeal Abraham, house carp Pine n 12th 
Mellish John G, acct Drinkers jd 
Mellizett J M, merch 102 S whanes d h 95 

Mellon Thomas, 79 Pine 
Melson Edward, grocer S E c 11th & Locust 
Mendenhall B Fi-anklin, 29 Elfreths al 

Philip, merch 29 Elfreth's al 
Thomas, capt 29 Elfreths al 
Menge S, importer of Swiss gds 30 Chesnut 
Menige Oliver, oyster cellar under Shaks- 
peare buildings NW cor 6th &CJiesnut 
Mensing F, boot & shoemaker 225 Pine 
Mentz George W, book binder and stationer 

d h 72 Sassafras 
Mentziger Joseph, victualler 10 Gaskill 



Menzics John, clock and watch nir I-IO d li 

142 S Froi\t 
Mercantile Library, 144 Chcsniit 
Mercer CharK-s, confVctioni-r 111 S 3(1 
.lane, 30 I.omhunl 
Hobcrt, };pocir 314 Ilii^h 
m'kIow M:iiy, 161 S Front 
Mcrcicr & Hurtlinj;;, marine lottery and ex- 

chan}>x.' brokere 157 S 2d 
McrediUi Willkun, president of tlie Sch l)ank 
and coun at law 1 S 6th d h S W 
cor 10th and ('licsnut 
"William M, atty 1 S 6th d h S W 

cor 10th and t;hcsnut 
widow, 272 Lombard 
Merino Felix, teacher Jk. ti-anslator of Spanish 

and French langiiag-es 60 Zane 
Mcrklec Comtul, boot and shoemr lOS N 3d 
Merrick and Agiicw, eng^inc manuf St James 
Merrick Sanuiel V, engine manuf St James d 

h 246 "Walnut 
Memman Nelson, acct 34 Mulbeny 
Men-itt Abrahiun, Cherry ab Jacoby 
Sarah, milhner 67 Mvdbeny 
Mcny Michael, domes coffee mamii"127 S 6th 
Mei:vin Rev Samuel, pastor of St Geoj-g'c's 
(Methodist Episcopal) church 176 N 5tli 
Messchert M II, g-entleman 75 Spruce 
Metayer Simon, fruiterer &c 91 N 3d 
Metcalf James, Broad n Cheny 
Thomas, 7 Sassafi-as al 
Metz George, locksmith S 5th 

John, tobacconist 4 Rapins ct 
Metzjjer Abraham, Branch 

John, tronstable 3 Sugar al 
Meyers Henry, innkr S Vt' cor 5th &. Sassafras 
Henry B, carver and gilder S E cor 

5th and Sassafras 
John P, carpet weaver 90 N 5th 
Peter C, shop 133 N 3d 
Mcynie John U, mer 106 S 2d 
Micks Michael, dyer St Marj* 
Mickley Joseph J, piano forte manufacturer 

28p High 
^iiddleton Hudson, mer tailor 39 Mulberry d 
h 27 New 
J, 150 Spruce 
Joshua, h carp 8i packing box mr 

b of 171 High d h 127 Spruce 
William, 70 N 4th 
Micrckcn widow Maria, gentw 208 Pine 
Mifflin Ann, 252 Spnice 

Benjamin, 69 Locust 
B & Pany R, printers Locust ab 8th S 
Mrs Clementina, gentw 226 "Walnut 
George, M D 351 High 
James D, brushmr 115 N 3d 
James L, mer 31 Chesnut d h 351 High 
Lloyd, gentleman 58 S 6th 
Samuel F, gent Walnut 4 d ab 12th 
^v^dow, gentw 351 High 
Milboiim Nicholas, bath house kr 9 Laui'el ct 

Miles Mrs Catharine, gentw 110 S 10th 

Jacol), bootnn- 25 S 4th 
J, house carp 222 S 7th 
John, house curj) Smith's ct funs from 

(;askill bcl 3d 
Robert, silver plater 12 Rjispbcny al 
Robert, house carp 114 S lOtli 
r, 218 "Walnut 
Miley Freilerick, ciytcr 91 N Juniper 

Frederick, jr carter &. innkr 106 N 13th 
Peter, carter 96 N Juniper 
\\ idow, 56 Zane 
Miller Abraham, potter 57 ami 39 Zane 

Alexander J, U S bank Broad bel High 
Charles, baker 146 S Front 
Charles, jr atty at law 6th n Midberry 
Clement Stocker, attorney at law 113 

A\'alnut d h 202 S Front 
and Cooper, drj' good store 11 N 2d 
David, bottler S 13th ab Pine 
Hemy, cordwainer Marks lane 
Henry, engineer 24 Coombs al 
Jacob, baker 8 Adams 
Jacob, tailor S E cor Juniper & Sassaf 
James, weaver Morgan's ct 
James, tailor 88 N 11th 
James, hair dresser S 11th bel Walnut 
J, 221 Lombard 

John, mer 152 High d h 69 N 8th 
John, cordwainer 10th bel Sassafras 
John, pattern mr High W Sch 6th 
John, jr mer 109 d h 202 S Front 
John, baker 40 Gaskill 
John, innkeeper 63 N4th 
John, blacksmith 153 S 5th 
John, saw filer he 56 Vine 
Joseph, linseed oil and grocery store 

152 N 3d 
Matthew, lab 12th ab Chesnut W 
Moses, cordwainer 1 Bells ct 
Moses, woodsawyer 217 Lombai'd 
Mrs B, house 206 Walnut 
Peter, M D 181 Mulbeny 
Robert, blacksmith Budd C bet Juni- 
per and 13th 
William, secretary Philada Insurance 

company 48 Walnut 
Wilham, gold and silver smith 55 S 

2d S E cor of Chesnut 
William A, printer 158 Spruce 
Wm T, tobac 9 S 4th d h 43 Coates al 
wid Barbary, 170 Spruce 
wid Catharine, shopkeeper 92 N 3d 
widow Henrietta, tav kr 56 S Water 
widow Jane, dry gd sto 260 Sassafras 
wid Rachacl & co, dry gd sto 34N 2d 
Milhgan Patrick, cailer 32 St Mary 

Samuel, turner Nonnater's ct b of 
282 MulbeiTy 

Wm, gardener George W of Sch 8th 
Milhken Robert, boot and shoemr 22 Chesnut 

Robert, jr boot 84 shoemr 22 Chesnut 
Milliman John, constable 17 Carters al 



Millman Jesse, shoe store 266 High d h 14 

Mills E W, lottery bro and keeper of the U 
S mail stage office 28 S 3d 
Eliza, 39 Chen-y 
Georg-e, printer Morgan's ct 
George, jr cab and looking glass frame 

mr 44 Ci'own 
Henry, cabinet and looking glass frame 
mr 44 Crown 
Milne Richard, 79 S Front d h 113 S 3d 
Milnor George, carpet weaver 100 N 5th 

Robert, U S ganger office 68 Dock dh 

341 High 
William, alderman 65 Dock 
William, jr atty at law 181 Pine 
widow Eliza, shopkeeper 46 Dock 
Minch James, potter 4 Pennsylvania avenue 
Mingan Miss, Vine ab Broad 
Mingle John, coach spring nu' 263 Sassafras d 
h 65 N 8th 
John, jr coach spring mr 263 Sassafras 
Philip G, coach spring mr 65 N 8th 
Mingle wid Ehzabh, midwife 22 Apple tree al 
Mingus Robert W, broker S 10th 
Minshall J, china store 23 S 4th 
Mint of the U S 27 and 29 N 7th 
fMintus James, currier Raspberry al n Spruce 
MJntzer Peter, coach trimmer Sec 83 N 3d 
Mitchell Elijah, mer 62 New 
H P, 235 Cedar 
H and S, seminary S E cor Sassafras 

and 7th 
Jacob, mahogany mer 131 Cedar 
James, M D 22 Prune 
James, chair St furniture store 135 

John, tailor N Det 10th and 11th 
John, K, M D 119 S 5th 
Joseph B, 1st teller in the Meclianics 

bank 64 Gaskill 
Thomas, conveyancer N W corner 

Spruce and 3d 
William, house carp 6 Knights ct 
William, chairmaker 137 Walnut 
wid Catharine, shopkr3 little Pine 
widow Margaret, 17 Green's ct 
widow, 218 Lombard 
Mitcheson R, grocer 425 High 
Model School, S E cor Chester and Maple 
Molfatt and Killian, grocers 27 High 

Richard, grocer 8 N Water d h 87 

widow, spooler cor Sch 8th and Say 
Mogredge Thomas, currier 44 N 4tli 
Molands E, school 72 Locust 
Mollineux John E, hair divsser 187 Cedar 
Moloy ]\Iichael, boot &, shoemr 111 S Water 
Monaghan John, hatter Walnut n Front 
Mond William, printer Greens ct 
Monell John, mercer and tailor 20 S 3d 
Monfay Benedict, jeweller 13 Quarry 
Monges A, merchant 83 S Front 
Monier Daniel, clock 8c watchmr 240 S 2d 

Matthew, cooper Spruce bel Broad N 

Monier J P, perfumer 22 S 4th 

Monroe C, 5 Unity row 

Montelius Marcus and co, tobact 270 High 

MarcTis, tobacconist 270 High d h 

50 N 7tli 
Wm, tobact 270 High d h 50 N 7tb 
Montgomery Anch-ew, teacher 66 Lombai-d 
d h 129 Cedar 
Charles, gent 123 Spruce 
George, weaver 477 Sassafras 
Rev James, pastor St Stephens 

ch Spruce West of 9th 
J, 4 Prune 

John, bricklr Perry ab Pine E 
Joseph, mer 101 N Front d h 4 

Rittenhouse place 
and son, mers 101 N Front 
Samuel, weaver Ann C ab 12th 
William, mer 101 N Front d h 

128 Mulberry 
William, bootmr 209 Chesnut 
William, dry good store 31 S 2d 
widow Amelia, 14 Franklin 
widow, 34 Union - 
Montant Claudius, gent 149 Pine 
Montier widow Rachael, washerw 5 Acorn al 
Moody John, printer 118 N 11th 

Miss, 20 Sansom 
Moon William, laches shoemaker 12 S 2d 
Mooney Hugh, labourer 4 Juniper lane 
Moore Andrew, tooth Ijrush manuf 119 N 3d 
Benjamin E, 157 N Front 
David, cab maker 36 Sugar al 
Dickinson, mer Del Ins com 60 1-2 

Georg-e, dry good mer 139 1-2 High d 

h 119 Pine 
James, sea captain 132 S 8th 
James, oak cooper 28 Bread 
James S, Mnt ct 

Jeremiah, cordwainer 12 Myer's ct 
J, house carp 229 Cedar 
John, M D 210 Mulbeny 
Johif, brickmaker 279 Sassafras 
John Wilson, M D 63 Spruce 
R R, inspector of cust Lombard n 10th 
Samuel, hatter 279 Sassafras 
Samuel, M D director of the U S mint 

183 Pine 
William, coachmaker 83 S 5th 
and Way, shopkeepers 23 N 2d 
William H, coffin warehouse 102 1-2 

William, cab maker 32 "Vine 
widow, Cheny bet 11th & 12th 
widow, 156 S Front 
widow, dealer 15 Spruce 
widow Sarah, seamstress 118 Quince 
widow Sarah, boai-ding h 19 N 7th 
Moorehead J, labourer 9 Mercer 

William, boat builder 230 S 2d 
Moran Edward, paver Sheafis al 
Moreland Jabez, carter Perry 

Thomas, tailor 25 Lombard 
Morford Stacey, coach trimmer 7^9 Apple- 



Morgiin Anil, drygd store N K cor 2(1 fk. I'inc 
trci- ill 
Henrv, Uihourer 9 I/iltlc Dock 
Joel, ni/.or strop maiuif 148 S 4tli 
NicIioUis, st(>vc'(lorc 14 Mulberry 
■j-S;inili, cook 185 Spruce 
'rhoniiis, labourer (;:xletloniiin ct 
T A, iner i)4 S Front' 
T VV, 9 S whs (I h 45 S 8tli 
^^'m U, carver & g-ilder 279 Iligli 
Morin Alexander C, cliaser jeweller and dye 
sinker 109 Nod 
John, jeweller 23 N 3d 
Mrs. To\\nsend's ct 
Mon-inglon E, storekeeper 145 S 2d 
Mon-ell Abraham, sea cajjtain 207 S Front 
■ Charles, sliopkeeper 47 N 2d 
C, tavern keeper 119 S Water 
Hannah, tailoress 146 Cheny 
James, Brazilian consul 30 Dock d h 

12th 3 doors ab Spruce 
James, hatter 121 N Water 
John, house carp 126 N 11th 
Robert V., ho\ise carp b of 12 S 5th d 

h N bel 6th 
Thomas, acct 27 1-2 S 10th 
Mrs, 88 Union 
Mon-is Anthony P, 19 Church al 
A S, accountant 86 N 2d 
fBcnjamin, Paper al 
C W, g-entw 56 N 4th 
Casper, ]y[ D 184 Mulberry 
George, cordwainer Clever al 
George W, brushmakermannf 19 N3d 
Ilenr)-, iron and coal yard S W cor Sch 

7th and High 
Isaac P, druggist d h 144 S 4th 
Isaac W, gent 144 S 4th 
Jacob G, merchant 209 Spruce 
John, 71 Locust 
Joseph, city commissioner N W cor 

Cheny and 12th 
Joseph, hatter 12 Chancey lane 
Joseph, acct 338 Midbeny 
Luke W, gent 93 S 8th 
^Morris, dealer Sassafras n Sch 8th 
Nathaniel, 209 Sassafras 
Richard H, stock & exch brok & com 

mer 46 Wsdnvit d h 250 Spruce 
Samuel B, merchant 34 S wharves d h. 

2 York buildings 
Simpson, gent 281 Chesnut 
Stephen P, coal grate manuf 79 S 3d 
Thomas, brewer 86 N 2d 
Thomas, cordwainer 5 Filbert 
Thomas, 338 Mulberry 
Thomas W, attorney at law 134 S 3d 
W^arder, wholesale druggist 45 N 3d 
widow Abigail, gentw 338 Mulberry 
widow Ann, gentw 338 Mulberry 
widow Catharine W, 5 N 4th 
widow, seamstress Adams M' 

Moirison Abitiham, 1 Green's ct 

ik CO, lotUry brokers 45 S 3d 
F.van, uccount;int 60 N 3d 
James, weaver Locust bet Dean 8c 

John, stonecutter S Juniper bet 

I^ocust and Walnut 
John, tav kr Cedar bel 10th N 
William, brewer 79 Chesnut d h S 

10th bel Walnut 
William, cordwainer 150 S 4th 
widow of William, 92 Chesnut 
widow Sarah, teacher 142 S 9th 
Morrow Samuel, b smith N E cor Pine & 5th 
widow, N E cor Juniper and Cherry 
Mort William, com mer 5 Franklin place d h 

103 N 5th 
Mortimer John gent 79 S 11th 

John, booksr and stat 61 & 74 S 2d 
Morton Atkin, trunk mr 1 lianstead ct 
John, gent 116 S Front 
Mi-s, b house 25 Sansom 
Samuel G, M D 411 Mulberry 
widow, 147 Locust 
Mory widow Ehzaljcth, 263 S Front 
Moser widow, 157 S 2d 
Moses Emanuel, combmaker 149 S 2d 

Solomon, mer N E cor Walnut &. Front 
d h 166 Chesnut 
Jlosely George, house carp Locust bel 13th 
Moss Jacob, quill manuf pen maker and fancy 
stationer 65 S 3d 
John, gent 189 Spruce 
Joseph L merchant 18 S Front d h 189 

Samuel, mer 6 Grays al dh 191 Spiace 
and Walton, upholsterers 102 Walnut 
Mosslin widow, 2 Fayette 
Mott Aaron, dyer 79 New 

James and co, mers 45 N Front 
James, mer 45 N Front d h 14 Sansom 
MouUe C, storekeeper UN Front 
Moulson Deborah, drawing school 298 High 

John, 298 High 
Moult Jacob, teacher 463 High 

Wm, mer 24 Church al d h 27 N 12th 
Mounley widow, 3 Sugar al 
Mount Isaac, bricklayer Elizabeth 

Timothy B, gent 17 Sassafras 
Moxley Stephen, victualler High W Sch 3dN 
Mo yd Thomas, house carp Mercer 
Mo'yer Esther, 15 Elfreth's al 

James, cooper Sassafras n 12th 
Thomas, saddler 26 High d h 78 N Ft 
Moyes James, gent 119 Pine 
Moyn John, boot and shoemr 88 S 3d 
Muckleston Peter, wheelwright Hanses ct 
Muhlenberg David P, ironfounder and steam 
engine maker 295 Sassafras 
widow, 162 Mulberry 
Muir John, house carp N 13th ab Lawrence 



Muirhcad William, Bum's tavern Bank oppo 

Elbow lane 
Mulford John, jr mer 15 Sassafras 
Mullen John, gToccr Hurst 
Muller Mi's, boarding house 154 S 2d 
Mullen Samuel, tailor Frankhn n Sassafras 
Mulley Joseph, titilor 136 S Water 
Mullhal Henry, baker Prosperous al 
MulUns Edward, mer 23 Minor 
Mumfrey Charles, 13 Knight's ct 
Mundle John, merchant 101 S 5th 
Munday George JI, carver & gilder 64 S 4th 
Mungen John, house carp Vine W Sch 8th 
Munn A T, storekeeper 148 Spruce 
Munroe William F, shoemaker 92 Gaskill 
Murdock James W, sea capt 5 N IStli 
William, mer 1 Boston Row 
Murphy Cornelius, cordwainer 38 Vine 

David, tailor 2 N Water d h 13 Keys al 
Elizabeth, tav keeper 315 Spruce 
James, cab maker 30 S 5th 
John, grocer 29 Quince 
John,. 13 Appletree al 
J, dyer Lombard bel 12tli 
John K, lad shoemr Dean n Walnut 
Joseph, tailor 2 Bryans ct 
Martin, tav keeper 141 Walnut 
Robert, boot and shoemr 34 N 6th 
William, bookbinder 2 Furlongs ct 
William, cordwainer 199 N Front 
William P, tobacconist 24 N 2d 
widow, gentw 2 C'ressons al 
Aliirray Junes, bookbinder 2 Hinckel's ct 
Jane, shopkeeper 81 S Water 
Joseph, boot and shoemr 51 S 3d 
Michael, tav kr 140 N Water 
Margaret, Alder al 
Mary, 166 S 5th 
Mrs, shop 389 Sassafras 
Mrs, 58 Union 
William, actor 179 Lombard 
William, combmr 50 Lombard 

shopkeeper 14 Grays al 

widow Jane, gentw 26 Midbeny 
Murrow Thomas, shopkeeper 149 Walnut 
Murtha Charles, gi-ocer 101 S Water 

Wilham, dry good store 34 S 2d 
Musgrave James, exchange broker S E cor 
Chesnut and 3d d h 234 Spiiice 
John, atty at law 234 Spi"uce 
Joseph P, broker 142 Pine 
WiUiam 152 N 5th 
Musser George, tobacconist 50 N 7th 

William, mer 263 High d h 20 N 7th 
MussI Joseph, merch 372 High 
Mussina M, 153 S 9th 
Mustin Anthony, collector 155 S 11th 
Mustin Ebenezer, jappanner 171 N 2d 

E, thread &. needle sto &c 22 arcade 
Jokn, trimming store 171 N 2d 
Muzzey William M, glass ware h 17 Minor 
Myer Isaac, liouse and sign painter & glazier 
51 Chesnut d h 73 Dock 

Myer and Jones, house and sign painter and 
glazier 51 Chesnut 

Myerle Frederick, store kr 216 S 2d 

Myers Ann, shopkeeper 123 Sassafras 
Anthony, mer 2 Powel 
Catharine, 20 Carter's al 
Daniel, 334 Sassafras 
Elizabeth, teacher 29 Sassafras 
Heniy, wood corder Sassafras wharf d 

h M'Culloch's ct 
IleniyR, M'Culloch's ct 
John, gent S W cor Broad & George 
John H, tav kr 7 Chesnut 
Mar}-, 28 Elfretli's al 
M and H, diy good store 120 N 2d 
Marmaduke, watchman Pattons al 
Rachael, 139 Locust 
Robert, Sassafras n Sch 8th 
Wilham H, capt 28 Elfreth's al 
William, painter 40 Cai'penter 
widow, boarding house 209 S Water 

Mynich Daniel, painter and glazier 85 N 5th 
Jacob, painter and glazier 81 N 5th 

Myrick Jetliro, sea capt 162 Cherry 

Nafest A, house carpenter Castle 
Nagle Ehza, shop Centre 

George, watchman George W Sch 8th 
George, hatter 161 Nod 
P G, boot and shoemr 51 N 3d 
R, silverplater 233 Lombard 
R C, silver plater 7 S 6th 
Samuel R, bookbinder 1 Little Pine 
Nagler Joseph, house carp 101 Filbert 
Nailee Mason, hatter 4 Farmer-'s row 
Nancrede Charles, apothecary and drug^stN 
W cor 5th and Lombard 
Joseph G, M D S E c 10th & Walnut 
Nicholas C, M D 125 S 5th 
Nassau William, tobact 161 High d h 64 S 5th 
Nathans Jacob, 78 N 9th 

Nathan, atty at law 98 Mulberry 
widow Sarah, gentw Walnut n 7th 
National Gazette office, 72 S 2d 
Natt Thomas, looking glass & print store 134 

NavaiTe Peter, baker 212 S 6th 
Navy Agents office, 64 Dock 
Neagle John B, engraver 12 S 12th 

John, portrait painter 282 Chesnut 
Neal Benj T, hatter 108 High d h 27 FUbert 
Daniel, clock and watch mr 80 N 9th 
Samuel, printer 93 Sassafras 
wid Clu-istiana, circula hbra 201 Chesnut 
Neidensetter Lewis, Prussian ambassador 

421 Mulberry 
Needles Edward, apothy and druggist N W 
cor 12th and Sassafras 
Joseph, wireworker 132 N Front d 
h 23 Sassafras 



Needles Joseph and John, wircworkers 132 

N Front 
Neely John, tavirni keeper Says al 

Saniml, t;iv keeper N \V cor loth and 

William, eartcr 13Ui bcl Walnut E 
Nceper John S, CIuitv W of Sch 8th 
NcffJolni, lotti^-y broker 221 S 2d 

J, grocer N W cor Chim and 7th 
John R, jner 37 N Water d h 113 S 4th 
William, hatter 128 N 2d 
Negus John, 104 Vine 

Stephen, ijro 13 S Water d h 31 N 5th 
Stephen C, store keeper 100 iN -itli 
widow Susan, gentw 96 S 5th 
Nell William, innkeeper 71 Dock 
Neill H, M D 116 Spruce 

John W, tailor 9 Pennsylvania avenue 
Lewis, 4 N 9th 
Rev William, D D 4 N 9th 
Nekenis Thomas, com mcr 6 Norris al 
Nelson George, accountant 155 S 6th • 

Martin, vunbrella &. susp mr 158 High 
Noble C, 101 N 5th 
Nelus George, weaver S 12th n Lombard 
Nevins James, stock and exch broker 28 Wal- 
nut d h 300 Mulberry 
Samuel, stock and exch brok 28 Wal- 
nut d h 6 York buildings 
S and J, stoc & exch broks 28 Walnut 
Newbold Caleb, jr gent Spruce n 13th N 
John L, atty at law, 177 AVahmt 
Michael, grazier 77 S 6th 
Samuel, gent 18 Pine 
Wm, gent S W c lltli & Mulberry 
Newcomb Ba)se, atty at law 126 Walnut 
Newell Alexander, tailor Shields ct 

John, grocer Chesnut 1 d W Sch 6th 
Paul W, merchant 140 S 2d 
Robert, storekeeper 162 1-2 S 2d 
Samuel, captain 32 Mulberry 
Stewart, mer 49 d h 8 N Front 
William, wholesale gi-ocer 3 S Water 

d h 215 MulbeiTy 
Wm, grocer S W cor 9th & Cherry 
widow Martha, gentw 32 Mulbcny 
Newhouse Jacob W, hair dresser & bleeder 

156 N 3d 
Newkirk GaiTet, drj' good mcr 75 High d h 
34 N Front 
Matthew, mer 95 High d h 210 1-2 

W^orth &. CO, dry good mers 75 High 
Newlin John, house carp 54 S 10th 

John S, drj' good store 9 N 2d 
Nathaniel, gent 229 MulbeiTy 
Robert, grocer 316 High 
Thomas, merchant 15 S 4tli 
William, tailor 3 Marshall's al 
widow JLirgaret, gi-ocer 50 Spruce 
Newman Benjamin, tailor 21 Cherry 

Caleb K, bricklayer 60 Sassafi-as 
Conrad, tailor 2 Fetter lane 
Eli, plasterer S 12th bel Walnut 

Newman Hugh, accountant 30 N 6th 
Jaini-s, Acorn al 

James, gtnt 18 Washington square 
John B, mer 53 ^^'alIlUt d h 20 Wash- 
ington square 
widow, boartling house 45 S Front 
widow, tav keeper 52 S Water 
Newport and Ellison, cloth store S E cor of 

2d and High 
Newsham Richard, patlern mr 502 Sassafras 
Newton J, mariner 176 S Water 
Nice Joseph, 476 Sassafnis 

. Mathias, tobact 162'S 5th d h 179 Cedar 
Nicholas Samuel, merchant 185 Walnut 
Nichols A St Clair, 30 Walnut d h Walnut ab 
12th S 
Alexandeis Weaver Adam bet 12th St. 

Nicholas Francis C, morocco munuf 

194 d h 204 Vine 
George, watchman 13th ab Filbert 
Jane, spooler Say n Sch 8th 
Jeremiah, weaver Marble 
Margaret, 89 Penn 
widow, 433 Chesnut 
Nicholson IJ, Peny bel Pine E 
Eliza, 117 X 5th 

Jumes, baker Pine bet lltli &. 12th 
Lindzey, lumber mer 254 Chesnut 

d h 326 High 
Thomas, turner 196 Cherrj- 
Nicklin Philip H, law bookseller 175 Chesnut 
wld Julia, Chesnut 2 ds bel Broad N 
Nidelct S F, mer 155 High d h S E cor High 

and 12th 
Niedesnetter L, charge d' affaires for Prussia 

Mulbcny n 12tli 
Nightingale James, sail mr N wharves bel 

Sassafras d h 60 Lombard 
Niles Daniel, cordwainer & shoe finding store 

95 Mulberry 
Nisbet John, carpenter back 193 Chesnut 

Michael, auctioneer and com mer 10 
N Front d h 230 Sassafras 
Nixon Alexander G, coach mr 4 College ave 
lottery broker S 7th 
Henry, presid of bank of N America 
R M, atty at law 12 Walnut 
Noble J, weaver Centre al 

Richard, lottery office 238 Lombard 
Nogues Francisco Hernandez, Spanish consul 

50 S 5di 
Nolen John, tav keeper 198 N Water 
Mrs, boai'ding house 57 Pine 
Spencer, lookg glass munuf 78 Chesnut 
Nones David B, mer 150 S 2d 

Henrv, captain 271 S Front 
H B,'271 S Front 
Nonnater Peter P, victualler 85 N Juniper 

widow, 85 Juniper 
Nooney 'I'liomas, back ol"20i Cherry 
Norcross William W, merchant 61 N Front 



Norcrofls widow Susan, cork cuttei- 40 Straw- 
berry al 
Norcross wid Susan, cork eutter 3 Trotters al 
Norman Lewis, cordwainer 20 Coomb's al 
Norris Isaac, hatter 22 N Front 

Isaac, atty at law S 7th bel George 
Isaac W, rope mr &, ship chandler 137 

N Water d h 218 N Front n l 
James, cordwainer 22 Jones al 
Joseph P, president bank of Pennsyl- 
vania Chesnut 1 d at) 10th 
Joseph P, jr atty at law 187 Chesnut 
Matthew, tailor 22 Jones al 
wid Catharine, marketwn 22 Jones al 
North American Insurance office 40 Walnut 
Caleb, gentleman 279 Chesnut 
Jane & L}'dia, dry gd sto 66 Sassafras 
Mrs Sarah, 277 S Front 
Mrs, 13 Cherry 
Richai'd, stone cutter N E cor 10th 8c 

Filbert d h 53 Filbert 
widow, 63 Cherry 
Northrop Jonathan, grocer 26 Pear 

John H, liouse carp 158 S 11th 
Norton Bai-bara, whitewasher 8 Cressons al 

widow Jane, nurse 11 Cressons al 
Norvell John, editor of the Aurora & Franklin 
Gazette 6 Bank al d h 6 Clinton sq 
NoveHst Culin, house carp 1 St James 
Npwland Thomas, gent 36 S 3d 
Nunes A J, liquor store 435 High 
Nunnelly Nathiel, scrivener 140 S 5th 

Thomas W, upholsterer 140 S 5th 
Nurse Samuel O, S W cor 9th and Vine 
Nutt A jM, lottery broker 71 S 3d 
John, tailor 170 N Water 
William, plasterer 27 Elizabeth 
Nuttle Robert E, coachnu- 98 S 5th 
Nutter Robert W, house carp 207 Locust 
Nutz Ebenezer, store keeper 174 Vine 

Oakford Richard, mer d h 315 Mulberry 
William, dry good mer 7 S 2d 
Oakley George, gent 22 Dock 
Obrey George, jr blTicksmith 206 S 6th 
O'Brien George A, seacapt 122 N 5th 
James, weaver Prosperous al 
Joseph, jr mer 154 High 
Patrick, 'lab Mulberry W Sch 2d 
Samuel, lab 2 Franklin row 
O'Conwa)' Matthias J, teacher of the French 
and Spanish languages and sworn inter- 
preter 128 Locust 
O 'Daniel John, atty at law 6 Librai-y 
O'Donnell Ann, tav keeper 182 N Water 

James, cordwainer 135 N 3d 
O'Driscol Dennis, cordwainer 17 Strawbeny 
O'Ellers James, lieut commandant U S navy 
177 Pine 
Miss M L, b h N W cor 4th & Spruce 
O'Hara Charles, 162 S 3d 

Patrick, tav keeper 412 High 

O'Mcara, teacher S 12th ab Chesnut W 
O'Neal George, tailor 38 Sti-awberry 
John, house carp 103 Spruce 
John, 209 Sassafras 
Michael, malster 218 Vine 
Mary, fancy store 197 S 2d 
Robert, house carpenter 197 S 2d 
O'Neill Daniel, tailor 177 N Front 

John, cordwainer 114 Spruce 
John, grocer 191 Cedar 
John, tav keeper and bottler 150 N 3d 
John, whitesmith Vaux's ct 

chy good store 78 S 4th 

Mrs, circulating libraiy Chesnut 
Robert, tailor 93 MulbeiTy 
Robert, 20 Montgomery square 
widow Louisa, 119 N 11th 
OdcU John, blacksmith 20 Branners al 
Odenheimer John W, mer 163 High d h 124 

Office of the City Water Works, 200 Cherry 
Ogden Miss EUzabetli, seamst 442 Sassafras 
Francis, innkeeper 38 Pine 
Jesse, h w store N W c Sassafras & 4th 
Robert, Juniper bet Mulby & Cherry 
widow, shop 37 Elizabeth 
Ogle Tliomas, coach mr S 6th op 'Carpenter 

d h 1 Sansom 
William, watch maker 9 S 6th 
Ohl John F, mer 100 S wharves d h N E cor 

liOmbard and 3d 
Okie A, merchant 83 High 
Olden James, commis mer 30 Crown 
Oldenbiu-gh Daniel, hatter 43 High 
Oldfield G S, mer 9 d h 68 S Front 

and CO, merchants 9 S Front 
Oldmixon Mrs M, Washington square W 
Oliphant widow Mar}', 25 Jones al 
Oliver G L, dry good mer 181 High d h 90 
Wood N L 
John, house carp Beaver ct 
John, cordwainer Rudolph's ct 
Joseph, carpenter 5 Ranstead ct 
Joshua C, mer 93 High d h 43 New 
Reuben, clothing store 13 dh43 Spruce 
and Rogers, clotliing store N E cor 

Water and Spruce 
Thomas P, tailor 72 N 11th 
Whitney and co, mers 19 S Front 
Olmstead Mrs, boarding house 98 S 4th 
Olson John, waterman 48 Penn 
Omensetter Winard, 98 S 7th 
Ommarle George, baker 5 Black horse al 
Onderdonk rt revd H W, asst bishop diocese 

of Pennsylvania 326 Chesnut 
Oi'd George, ship chandler 99 S wharves d h 

354 S Front (Southwark) 
Ore Caleb A, boot and shoe sto N W c 7th 

and Zane 
Orman Henry, tav keeper N E cor 7th & Pine 
Orne James, mer 172 1-2 d h 310 High 
James and B, mers 172 1-2 High 
Thomas, carpenter 315 Sassafras 
Orr John, co*ch mr S W cor Cherry and 6th 
d h 1 Castle 



Orr John, liouse carp Stampers al 
Robert, 313 Walnut 
widow, 73 N 9th 

widow, board house 7 Grecnleaf s ct 
Ortclctt C E, jeweller and fancy sto 151 S Ft 
Ortis Alexander, baker 100 N 7lli 
Orum Davis, dry good store 52 N 4th 

Gadesby, ladies shoemaker 2 N 8th 
Osborne (leorg'e C, manuf of water colours 
for lU'tists 137 Sassafras 
Jeremiah, drayman 41 Cedar 
Mi's Maria, young- lad semi 32 Powell 
Osboiime Randolph, 1 llowai-ds ct 

Sai-ah, gcntw 1 Locust 
Otis B, portrait painter 142 Chesnut 
Ott Francis, brush maker 22 Currant al 
Georg-e, weaver Sch 8th n Chesimt 
Jacob C, turner Old York road ab Wood 

N L d h 86 N 6th 
widow Catharine, gentw 86 N 6th 
Otto John C, M I) 139 MulbeiTj 
Oudinot Henry A, hair di'esscr 265 Sassafras 
Ouram Wm, black & white smith Prime n 6th 
OvuT S, tiTUik mr N Jvmiper ab Sassafras 
Ourt Lewis, N W cor Juniper and Cherry 
Overman William, com broker 188 Pine 
Owen Henry, mer tailor 73 S 3d 

widow Ann, whitewashcr 26 Branch 
Owens Edward, gentlemaji Nicholson 
James, Middle al 
John, 153 N 2d 
John, teacher 133 Lombard 
John, weaver 233 Cedar 
John P, aty at law 74 S 6th d h 370 High 
Thomas, inn keeper 4 Laetitia ct 
widow, shopkr Sassafras n Sch 8th 

Packer Edward, blacksmith St James 
Page Charles M, atty gen agent & conveyan- 
cer 3 and 46 N 6th 
G Washington, 35 S 13th 
James, atty at law 53 S 5th d h 35 S lotli 
James H, manufactm-er 13 S Ft 
Joseph, ladies shomaker Filbert n 11th 
S, bi'oker and conveyancer 20 Franklin 

W'ilham, mer 16 S Ft d h 268 Chesnut 
Paillet Heniy, merchant 109 High 
Paine Burgess & co, lotty and exch brokers 

137 Chesnut 
Painter Henry, merchant 118 Spi-uce 

AVilliam, labom-er Lombard ab 12th 
widow, mantua mr Randall's ct 
Palbright Martin, shop 94 Vine 
Paleskie Lewis, sea captain 84 Lombard 
Palethorp John H, ink powder and pewter 

manuf 50 N 2d 
Palm Henry, printer 11 Hydes ct 
Palmer Amos, liquor store High E Sch 6th 
Ann, 219 Lombard 
Ant'y A, grocer 4 High d h 176 S Ft 
Edwin A, dry good mer 22 S 2d 
E H, store keeper 26 S 2d 

Palmer George, mahogany sawyer 18 N 13tli 
Henry, coach maker 30 Cheny 
John B, secretai-}' to the mutual In- 

sunip.ce company 54 Wahnit 
Jonathan, mer 25 S whs d h 1 Union 
Jonathan, jr teacher 193 Pine 
Mrs, Chesiiut hrst door ab 12th S 
R, shoemaker 189 S Front 
Samuel, di-uggist 99 Pine 
Thomas, gentleman 206 Spruce 
William T, connnis mer Carters al 
widow Ann, midwife "N AV cor Mul- 
berry and Juniper 
widow Mary, china store S W cor of 
7th and Sassafras 
Pancoast Samuel, gent 40 Sansom 
Papcgtvy Miss, 149 S 10th 
Parham John, house carp 62 S 11th 
Parke Awlev M, shoe store 388 High 

D S, gro 331 High d h 42 Filbert 
Park and Espy, leather store 55 Chesnut 
Parke James P, gent 1 Rittenhouse place 
Joshua C, gent 141 Mulbeny 
Samuel, gi'ocer 42 Filbert 
Thomas, M D 1 Rittenhouse place 
William, printer 181 S 11th 
AA' illiam, hatter 20 Vine 
Parker Alice and Hannah, milliners 21 N 3d 
Andrew, watchman 7 Bird's al 
B, boarding house 137 Mulbeny 
Daniel, stable keeper 14 Bread 
Esther, boarding house 71 N 5th 
Isaac, watchman 20 Swanwick 
John, 71 N 5th 
John, hardware store 70 N 2d 
John, tiiv keeper 112 N 6th 
John, jr carpenter 226 S 5th 
J, painter 89 Locust 
J, oyster cellar 28 S 6th 
Joseph, gentleman 32 Sassafras 
Richard,' M D High n Sch 3d 
|Richard, shoebk S 11th bel Lombard 
Samuel, grocer 23 Pine 
Sarah, Chester 

Simeon, cordwainer 303 Walnut 
Thomas, house carp S 10th n Cedar 
Thomas, clock and watch mr 13 S 3d 
Thomas, jr dry good store 28 S 2d 
W^illiam, printer Vaux's ct 
W^illiam, printer 12 Swanwick 
William W, accountant 84 Sassafias 
widow Hannah, seamstress 26 N 10th 
wid, sempstress Midbeny W Sch 2d 
Parkins Richard, cab maker Goforth al 
Parkinson George, cake baker & confectioner 
■ &c 174 Chesnut 
Joseph, 122 N 2d 
Moses, 25 Mulbeny aJ 
Parmentier C> trader 121 S 6th 
Pan- John, tailor 26 N 9tli 
Parris Benjamin, turner Fearis' ct 

Gabriel, callenderer 42 Mulberry 
Parrish Joseph, M D 109 Mulberrj' 
Parry and Cobb, tailors 240 High 



Parr>' Edward, b h S W cor Ft and Walnut 
John J, clock and watch mr 319 High d 

h 74 S 4tli 
Mrs, circulating- lilimiy 74 S 4th 
R, printer Locust ab 8th S 
Thomas, storekeeper 57 N 2d 
Partenheimer Adam, brewer 9 Bread d h 77 
and Brctz, brewers 9 Bread 
P, upholsterer 100 N 3d 
Pasey Thomas, store keeper 57 N 2d 
Patrullo Miss Josepliine, gent 222 Spruce 

Nicholas, merch 119 S I"ront d h 
Washington square S 
Patten John W and co, leather store S W cor 

Vine and 3d d h 186 N 4th 
Patterson Daniel, 151 S 2d 

E, grocer S W cor Lombard & 8th 
Isaac, innkeeper (Robinson Ci-u- 

soe) 23 S 3d 
Jonatlmn, acct 109 S 9th 
John, house cai-p 259 Sassafras 
John, gi-o S E cor -ith & Sassafras 

d h 61 N 4th 

Joseph, inspcc of the cust 104 Vine 

Robert >I, M D vice provost and 

pi'of of natural pliilosophy in tlie 

Universit}- of Pennsyl 1 S 9th 

Robert, mercht. 286 High d h 334 

Robert, house carp 81 George 
T, weaver S 12th bel Walnut E 
T, grocer S E cor 6th and Powel 
Thomas, weaver cor Sch 3d and 

Walter, lab Chesnut n Sch 3d N 
William, S Juniper bel Walnut 
William and co, grocei-s N E cor 

Water and ;\IulbeiTy 
William, 61 N 4th 
Wilham, grocer 84 N Front 
widow, school Dock n 2d 
wid of Stephen, gent^v 63 Locust 
wid Mary S, juniper n Locust 
Pattison J, store keeper 151 S 2d 

and Duncan, mers N E c Front and 
Patton D, weaver Locust E of 13th 

Miss Grace, teacher 169 S 11th 
James, jr mer Smith's wharf ab Sassa- 
fras d h 293 Sassafras 
John, merchant Dock 
John, turner 8 College avenue 
John, mer 'oc> N Water d h 65 Cedar 
John W, leather sto 166 d h 163 N 3d 
JuHus, waiter 14 Cmrant al 
Robert, cordwainer Locust n Dean 
Samuel, accountant 13 N 10th 
Samuel, giocer 138 S Water d h 139 

S Front 
Thomxs, weaver S 12th bel Walnut E 
Wilham, china store 65 Cedar 
William, jr acct Ehzabcth n 7th N 
widow, 108 S lOtli 

Paul and Clarke, clothing store 48 High 

David, deput\ corder drawbridge d h 8 

N Front 
David, flour and feed store 3 Spruce d 

h 14 Lombard 
James, merchant 176 S 3d 
J, 11 1-2 High 
John, gent 162 N 5th 
Joseph M, gent 60 N 4th 
>L-s, 40 Sassafi-as 

Robert, victualling house 180 S M'ater 
William, house carp back of 36 N od 
Wilham S, carter 6 Fetter lane 
Paulhn George, tailor 49 CiUTant al 
Pavenamus John, cooper 102 N 6th 
PawHng Abi-aham, blacksmith 17 N 9th 
Jesse, black smith 158 Sassafras 
Paxson Benj, mef 40 N Ft d h 107 Walnut 
Edward, atty at law 158 N Front 
Richard, hardware mer 245 High d h 

328 Mulbeny 
Samuel, letter carrier 62 Zane 
Timotliy & son, flour mers 65 N Water 
Timothv, floui' mer 65 N- Water d h 
158 x\ Front 
Pavne John, mariner 30 Carters al 
John; 21 Chm-chal 
P, 74 Lombard 
William, mariner 26 N 9th 
Wilham, house carp Ic 1 S 5th 
Paynter Lem.uel, gTocer 47 Pine 
Peace widow, 78 S 6th 
Peais Joseph, 102 N 13th 
Peale Anna C, ininiature painter 228 Spruce 
Charles L, 137 S 10th 
James, jr acct 24 Fowe! 
James, poilrait painter 228 Spruce 
Sai-ali M, portrait painter 228 Spruce 
Titian, artist Montgomer}- sq Sassafi-as 
&. Philadelphia museum 
Pearce John, plim:iber and water closet manuf 
7^ S 4th 1 Sober al and 293 N 3d 
d.h 244 Spnice 
Mrs, b house 122 High 
R T, fancy store 16 Arcade 
J, 25 N 6th 
Pearsall Robert, jrdi-ugt 115High d h 4 N 11th 
Albert, acct 471 High 
Misses Ann and Martha, gentw 237 
Pearson Elijah, hatter 2 Hoffman's al 
Isaac, wliip maker 3 S 3d 
Isaac L, 18 Montgomery square 
John, gent Cherry ab 12th 
Joshua, hatter 471 High d h 3 N I2th 

saddler 30 N 4th 

Marj, dr^ good store 16 N 7th 
widow, 387 Sassafras 
Pease Margaret, gentw 1 N 12th 
Pechetti Andrew, confectioner 334 High 
Pechin John, collector of taxes 74 S 11th 

Wm, taimer cor Willing and Ash ton 
widow, 12 Elfreth's al 
Peckford John, store keeper 98 N 2d 



I'eddJc Hcnrj', seaman 37 Pcnn 

Josluia, oak cooper 10 Vcuw ami 7 

l.ittk- \VaUT(l h 37 Peiui 

William A, oak coopi r and jcawg'cr 63 

N WaUrd h H EUVctli's A 

I'cfl Shiiuk.-!, lab Sfh 8tli al) Sas.saf' hack 

PeiHcr wiilow, Ilij^h 2 doors ab 12tli N side 

Ptircc t'alob, hardware nier ID (Jliurcli al • 

C and C aiul \\, niers 51 S whanes d 

]\ 136 S Front 
C'liai-les, };vnt318 Chcsnut 
Peirsol Jeremiah, steward of the idms house 
Robert, {j^eat 214 Mulberry' 
\\u\, iron uierch 56 N 3d d h 131 N 9tli 
Peixotto A V, mer 14 Walnut d h S 4th 
Penibertoii Henry, clerk in the Philadel bank 

dh61N3d ^ 
Pendaga:>t T, tavcr^cecpcr 32 S Water 
Penderjfast Joseph L, cabinet mr S E cor 3d 

anil Vine d h 134 Vine 
Pcnewill David, blacksmith N E cor Pine and 

13tli d h Perry bet Spruce and Pine 
Pennebeckcr Benjamin, b h 77 N 4th 
Pennell E S, 19 Dean 

Joseph, house carp Raspbeny al 
Penninjfton Edward, sugar refiner 155 Sassa- 
fras d h 14 Moatg'omery square 
Edward, S 7th 

Mrs Martha, b house 51 Sansom 
Pcnnock Abraham L, mer 231 d h 4 S 12th 
Caspar W, M D ^6 Mulberry 
Sarah, gintw 336 Mulberry 
Pennsylvania Fire Insurance company's office 
134 V.'alnut 
Infinnary for the disease of the 

eye and the ear 4 S 7th 
Insur comp N E cor 2d &, Dock 
Institution for the deaf and dumb 
Broad bet Spi-uce and Pine . 
life insu and annuity company 
173 Chesnut 
Penny John, cider dealer 8tc Brooks ct 
Penot Francis and sons, ladies shoemr 185 S 2d 
Penrose John, house cai-p Sheaft''s al 

William, oak cooper 435 High 
Pepard James, bottler 162 Sassafras 
Pepper George, brewer S 5th N W cor Minor 
d h 225 Chesnut 
George J, mer 147 S Front d h 

Orange bel 8th 
Joseph, tooth brush manuf 8 Pcnn- 
sj'lvania avenue 
Percival Joshua, mer 97 S Front d h 89 Pine 
Thomas, apothecaiy 89 Pine 
Thomas C, mer 97 S Front 
Percyra Joseph, dealer 5 Brjan's ct 
Perdi'iaux Peter, fanc%^ store 53 S 2d 
Pereria Chevalier Joachim Banoza, cliarge des 

affaires from Portugid 218 Chesnut 
Pent and Cahot, mers 123 S Front 

John W, mer 123 S Ft d h 105 Mulberry 
Perkins Fi-ancis, 138 Sassafras 

Henry, blacksmith 302 Sassafras 
M D 55 N 4th 

i'erkins Samuel H, atty &t counsellor at law 46 

S 6th 
'1' R & A R, diy good store 130 High 
widow Maiy, 17 (;heny 
Pernier John, confectioner High W of Sch 

8th S side 
Perot Cluu-les, mer 39 N Water d li 297 High 
Charles and Joseph, mers 39 N Water 
EUiston, mer 41 N Water d h 299 High 
Francis, brewer 105 d h 88 New 
Francis and W S, brewers 105 New and 

120 ^'ine 
James, mer 41 N Water d li 297 High 
James and Sansom, mers 41 N Water 
John, mer 41 N Water d h 297 High 
Joseph, mer 39 N Water d h 299 High 
Sansom, mer 41 N Water d h 299 High 
Wm S, brewer 105 & 107 New 120 Vine 
Perott Jacob, coi-dwaincr 128 S 2d 
Pesoa Da*id, saddler 105 N Front 

Gustavus, bookbinder 104 N Front 
Phila wid of Isaac, gentw 105 N Front 
Perrine Daniel, brickhn cr 15 Fayette 
H'-nry G, atty at law 46 S 5th 
Perroteau B, agent for the Union line steam 

boats 5 S whs d h 16 Lombard 
Perry Charles, coach mr 28 Watsons al 
Robeit, weaver 26 Quince 
Thomas, weaver 30 Quince 
William, cun-ier 38 Carter's al 
wid Sarah, silk and woolen dyer 135 
Pci-sico G, port and miniature painter 64 S 8th 
Perril widow, N 13th bel Vine 
Peternian Geoi-ge, grocerv and flour store 366 
High d h 106 Filbert 
Jacob, gent 59 S 11th 
Peters Ann, confectioner N 6th 

Benjamin, lumber mer Sassafras cor 
Juniper d h 10 Castle 
Charles, book binder 203 Cherry 
George, accountant 152 N 8th 
James, gold Sc silver smith & thimble 

manuf 89 N 2d 
John, bncklayer 148 Cherry 
John, seaman Jones' al n Front 
f John, cook 82 Gaskill 
f John, hair dresser 12 S 6th 
J W, accountant 33 S 10th 
and ^!arshall, lumber mei-s Sassafras. 

n Broad 
Philip, brickmr Walnut AV Sch 4th 
Peters Richard, jr counsellor at law S E cor 
Chesnut and 9th office 152 Chesnut 
widow Man-, gent N lOtli bel Castle 
Peterson Daniel, clothier 153 S 6th 

. George, grocer S 3d d h 103 Mul- 
Jeremiah, portr Sassafras ab Sch 8th 
John, tanner and cunier 95 Chesnut 

d h 331 Mulberry 
and M'Kinley, w sale grocers lower 
3 S3d 



Peterson William, seaman S E cor Lombard 
and Penn back 
William, gent 58 N 3d 
Pettaliigar Ph, fruiterer 278 High 
Fetters Anthony, bottler 35 S 4th 
Pettit Andrew, aldei-man 12 S 5th d h 69 S 6th 
Charles, mercliant 69 S 6th 
E, shoemr 24 Franklin ct 
Nicholas, tailor 119 N 2d 
Robert, merchant 69 vS 6th 
Robeit, Bread n Mulberry 
Thomas, gi-ate mr 50 S Ft d h 93 N 9th 
. Thomas M, atty at law 191 Walnut 
William G, confectioner 121 N 2d 
Peusch Jacob, tav keeper 192 N Water and 

197 N;Front 
PfaflT Conrad, cordwainer 90 N Water 
Pfeiffer and co, confectioners and distillers of 

cordials &.c 12 Decatur 
Phelps John F, stove finisher &c 131 N 2d 
Philadelphia contributionship office for insur 
against fire 25 Dock 
Gazette, office 97 S 2d 
Insurance comps office 94 S 2d 
Museum, Arcade 
Pliilip A L, fivncy store 46 N 2d 
PJiilips Ann, S 9th bel Lombard 
Phillppi George, 209 Sassafras 
Phillips Benjamin, ^lulberry n Sch Front 
Henry, gent 140 S 2d 
Isaac, mer 75 S Front d h Washing- 
ton square 
J Altaniant, atty at law 140 S 2d 
Jonas B, atty at law S 5th bel Chcs- 

nut d h 41 N 4th 
James, b house 113 N Water 
J, lottery broker S 7th bel High W 
John S and co, cotton manuf 127 S Ft 
Jonas B, atty at law 59 S 5th 
John, sugar refiner 73 Vine d h 200 

S Front 
Joseph, accountant 41 N 4th 
J B, broker 14 Walnut 
Levi, 22 N 4th 
R and J, mers 75 S Frjnt 
Samuel, coach mr 4 Blackben-y al 
Samuel, last & boot tree mr 25 Walnut 
William, gent 200 S Front 
, AVm, last and boot tree mr 61 Dock 
William, sea captain 19 Pine 
Zalegman, coun at law 140 S 2d 
widow Rebeca, gentw 41 N 4th 
widow, 15 Powel 
Phipps Thomas, gent 11 N 8th 
Phoenix Insurance compan3s office 96 S 2d 
Physic Phihp Syng, M D profes &c 123 S 4th 
Piatt James, grocer 134 N 13th 
Picard widow, 266 Lombai-d 
Pichin Eliza, 90 Spnice 

Pickels Casp er, coach lamp manuf 111 Walnut 
Pickering E J & S P, dry good mers 35 High 
Pickford John, grocer 98 N 2d 

Picot Charles, vice consul for Rome Wash- 
ington square n 7th 
M, Washington square S side 
Pidgeon David, hardware store 126 N 3d 

James, tiiv kr N E c 7th and Cedar 
w^idow Rachael, shoe store 2 N 5th 
Pierce E J, umbrella mr S E cor High & 3d 
Pieriie Wm, cunier 81 Dock d h 38 Carters al 

widow, 3 Knights ct 
Pierie John, bleeder cor Spruce & Greens ct 
Pierpont Robert, silk dyer and scourer Fil- 
bert ab 10th 
Piersol Jeremiah, stewai-d at the alms house 
Pierson J B, weaver Lombard ab 12th 
Martha Ann, 235 MulbeiTy 
widow, 1 Knight's ct 
Pike Marinus W, carvea*nd gilder 35 N 6th 

Samuel, 2 Sassafras al 
Pillavoine Alexi' consul for France 44 Pine 
Pinchin William, manuf military trimmings & 
ornaments 438 Sassafras d h Jacoby 
next to cor of Sassafras 
widow, seamstress Randalls ct 
Pinckney M B, camels hair pencil manufact 

Pcny bel Pine 
Pine Benjamin, hatter 196 S 2d d h 194 S 5th 
Pinker John, blacksmith Say 
Pinkerton Robert, weaver Pine E Broad N 

William, printer 10 S Alley 
PintardT II, 118 Spruce 
Pittinos Peter, gent Chester n Sassafras 
Pippitt Isaac, cal)inet mr 148 Spruce 
Pisanell P'rancis, hair dresser 27 S Front 
Place James, N W cor Cherry and Jacoby 
Plankinhorn Susan, school 8th ab Sassafras 
Plankinton J and R, storekeepers 4 N 5th 
Plantou Anthony, siu'geon dentist 110 S 4th 
Mrs Julia, portrait painter 110 S 4tli 
Piatt William, mer d h 201 Mulbeny 

William, hatter 4 Hinckles ct 
Pleasants Charles, gent 5 S 11th 

and Graeff, druggists 6 N 3d 
Mary T, 14 N 11th 
Mrs, 166 Cheny 
Pleis John F, stove manuf 131 N 2d d h 25 

Coates al 
Plitt Mi-s, 68 N 9th 
Plumb Joseph, grocer 142 Cherry 
Poalk Robert, auctioneer 34 d h 96 S Front 
Pohlman Frederich, hair di-esser 8 Hydes ct 
Point John, pimip mr 3 Richardson's ct 
Polaskie Lewis, captain 84 Lombard 
Polhemus Mrs Ann, boai-ding h 82 Mulberry 
John, 178 Pine 
John II, acct 82 Mulberry 
Pollard A F, 9 S Water 

Joseph, watchman cor S al and 6th 
Pollock J R,. teacher 7 Pear d h S E cor 6th 
and Spruce 
Moses, dealer 150 N 4th 
wid Esther, milUner Mulberry bel 3d 
Pollen widow, seamstress 122 N 13th 



Pommcr Charles, piano forte maker 103 N 3d 
I'omfTHyc Ue Lii Tcxiur, ttaclier Pine 
I'onicroy B V, tviriitr 6;> VVulimt 

H W, grocer S E cor 2d and Wacc 
Pond Abel, cordwuincr 154 S 5tli 

Joseph, comb nir and looking^jflass store 
2 N od d 1\ 155 Green n l 
Pool Joseph, comb nir G.3 N 6th 

A>'illi;un, tavern and ferry house keeper 
(old feiTy) 45 N Water 
Poole Mrs, b and day school 300 Chesnut 

William C, M U and drug'jjist S E cor 

Sassafras and yth 
widow, 29 Cherry 
Porter F W, 146 Chesnut d ii Chesniit n Broad 
Henry, g-rocer Spruce ab 12tli 
J, printer Emlen's ct 
James, cop plate printer 23 Cartel's al 
John, sadiUer 4o Filbert 
John, M D 81 S 6th 
Ahirjfaret, shojikeeper 24 Carters al 
Nicholas, weaver Budd C bet 13th and 

Samuel, blacksmith and stove finisher 

25 N 10th d h Prospect al 
Samuel, tin plate manuf N W cor 13th 

and J'ilbert 
widow Elizabeth, shopkr 110 Cheny 
Potter Caroline, b house 2 Lodg'e 
James, merchant 71 N 3d 
John, mer 32 S Front d h 156 S 9th 
Richard C, mer 186 High d h 26 N 7th 
Sheldon, auctioneer and com mer 8 S 

3d d h S E cor 5th and Pine 
William, mer 13 S Front 
William W, proprietor of tlie vegetable 
catliollcon 13 S 9th 
Potts Anna, gentw 3 N 13th 

Rev George C, pastor of 4tli presbyte- 

rian ch 206 Pine • 
James, oak cooper 63 d h 73 N Water 
James, jr 59 N Water 
Nathan R, atty at law 97 Mulbeny 
Nathaniel, mer 5 N Water d h 26 N 7th 
& Peddle, guag's Sc coojjers 63 N Water 
Robert T, w sale dry gd mer 105 High 
Mrs Sarah, circidg library 281 Walnut 
Stacy, accountant 153 N 9th 
Thomas, student of divinity 10 Soutli al 
William B, 22 New 
William L, iron store 153 N 2d 
Pogue Joseph, mercli 97 High 
Poulson Amor, house carp Vaux's ct 
Charles A, gent 96 S 4th 
George, bricklayer 179 South 
John, printer 37 S 4th 
Zachariah, edit and propr of Amen 
Daily Advertiser 106 Chesnut 
Poultney James, gent 150 S 7th 
John, gent 178 S 11th 
Povall Richard, M D Spruce ab 12th 
Powell Jacob, stove manuf 238 S Front d h 
46 Pine 

Powell John, livery stable keeper 86 S 11th 
Joiin, turner 1 Littleboys ct 
John Hare, gent Walnut ab 9th N 
Uicliard, cab maker 154 N 2d 
widow Elizabeth, gentw 207 Chesnut 
widow, Eii/.aljetli 
Powis James, painter and glazier 3 Ranstead ct 
Piiiger George, saddle)- and harness mr High 
E of Sell Front 
Mark, stock and exch brok 63 Dock 
d h 42 S 6th 
Prall Edward, chair maker N W cor 6tli and 
Mulberry d h 278 Sassafi-as 
and Fritz, chair mrs N W cor 6th and 
Pratt Charles T, accountant 112 N Front 

and Davis, lotterj- brokers 62 Chesnut 
Henry, mer 95 N whs d h 112 N Front 
L and co, diy good store 31 S 2d 
Thomas, mer d h 58 S 11th 
Pray M and co, lottery biokers 1 S 3d 
Prescott David W, mer 65 S Ft d h 121 Cedar 
Preston *^d\\ard, weaver Walnut n Sch 4th 
Edward, manuf Sch 2d n George 
Jonas, M D 250 MulbeiTy 
Pretner Hannah, 8 Library 
Prevost Andrew M, stock & exch broker 45 
d h 171 Walnut 
A M & J H, stock and exch brokers 

45 \\'alnut 
wid of Henry M, b house 59 S 4th 
Price Eli K, atty at law 114 Mulbeny 

F H, carpenter S 12th ab Pine W 

Joiin, Marks lane • 

John mer 195 High 

Joseph, gent N 12th n Mulberry 

Joseph, xipholsterer 96 N 2d 

and Morgan, merchs 41 Dock 

PhiUp, jr copper plate printer &c 66 

Richard, mer 133 High d h 143 Mulberry 
S M, 46 N 5th 
Thomas, teacher 47 N 8th 
Thomas C, hardware mer 157 High 
f William, mariner 197 Lombard 

3 Hawes ct 

widow Elizabeth, boai'ding h 58 S 6th 
widow, boarding h 341 High 
Prichett Charles, flour merch 25 S wharves d 
h 198 S 8th 
Thomas B, gent 171 S 5th 
Thomas, floui* mer 31 S Water d h 

201 Pine 
Thomas and John, flour merchs 31 

S W^ater 
Thomas, minter 381 Sassafras 
William, gent 98 S 8th 
WilUam, currier 112 Chesnut d h N 

W^ cor 8th and Spruce 
W and James, cun-iers 112 Chesnut 
Priest Benjamin, blacksmith 10 Hydee ct 

John, tailor 37 N 4th 
Priestman William, gent 300 High 



Primrose V, sadcUcr and harness nir 291 High 

Prince Abner, 209 Sassafras 

Pringle, widow 212 Pine 

Probasco Peter, plane maker 125 N 2d 

Procter Sarah, Pine n 12th 

Prosser Jacob, baker 207 Lombard 

-[■James, oyster celhir liig-h n 8th d h 

15 Elizabeth • 

Providence (R I) packet whf Smith's whf ab 

Provident Society's house and deposit for lost 

chikben 3 South al 
Pryor Joseph, ck of bd of health 26 Elfreths al 
Richard, hatter 58 N 2d 
widow Margery, g-entw 47 Union 
Pue Hugh, constable 39 S Juniper 
James, brickmaker 39 S Juniper 
Thomas, soap boiler 35 S Juniper 
Pugh Isaac, paper hanging manuf 8 S 4th d h 
S E cor 5th and Wood 
Michael, 4 Littleboys ct 
Samuel, innkeeper 80 High 
widow Rebecca, shopkeeper K)2 N 5th 
Pugha J P, intei-preter 80 Spruce 
PuUen Robert, gent 2 Locust op Wash square 
Purcell John, S E cor Lombard and Hui'st 
Purdon John, atty at law 104 S 4th 

Rachael, boarding house 62 S 6th 
Pui'dy William, labom-er lOth n Sassafras 
Purl E, tailor 18 Watsons al 
fPurnell Daniel, sawyer 23 little Pine 
Purvis widow of Alexander, 60 S 7th 
Pusey Caleb anil co, ttoiu- factors 19 S Water 
and 13 S^vhai'vcs 

James, waiter 60 S 4th 
Pyle and Pedrick, bookbrs up 146 Chesnut 

Quain WilUam S, hatter Loxleys ct Midbeny 
Quandale Louis, 92 High d h 10 N 6th 
Quantrell William, storekeeper 90 Sassafras 
•j-Quard John, hair dresser 109 Pine 
Quei-velle Anthony G, cabinet mr 126 S 2d 
Quick Arthur, lab cor Mulbeny and Sch 3d 

wid Margaret, gentw 68 Union 
Qviig Henry, tallow chandler 5 Quarry 
Quiggs Thomas S, tavern Walnut bet Water 

and Front 
Quigley John, boot and shoemr up 49 Pine 
Quinn Andi-ew, innkeeper 9 N al 

Rarnett, gro N E cor Lombard and 5th 

E and C, storekrs cor Lombard and 5th 

Terence, b h S E c High and Sch 8th 

Quinby Moses, house carp 15 d h 41 Chesnut 

Rabson widow Mary, b house 143 High 
Rafferty James, wea^'er St Mary 

Thomas, carter Cedar n 10th 
Raguct Condy, gent 58 S 6th 
Rainey E B, bakeiy Cuthbert's whf ab Cedar 

John, carter Jones al 
Rain* John, linen store 53 N 2d 

Rairdon Darias, stone cutter Sheaff's al 
Rakestraw John, tailor 279 S Front 
Ralston Archibald brick mr High E Sch 7th 
A and G, mers 103 S Front 
George, mer S W cor 12th and Walnut 
and I>yman, mers and marine and Fire 

Insurance office 9 S Front 
Heniy, atty at law 72 S Fouilh 
M C, mers 103 S Ft d h 83 Walnut 
Robert, mer 103 S Ft d h 189 Mulby 
Robert, jr mer and consul for Saxony 
9 S Front d h 333 MulbeiTy 
Ramage Adam, pressmaker &c Library d h 94 
Amer plasterer 427 High 
Rambler Bernard, tav keeper N W cor Cherry 

and 9th 
Ramborger and co, lottery brokers N E cor 
Decatur and Carpenter 
John J, sea capt 311 Mulberry 
Rambow John, blacksh 10 Laui-el C d h 35 

Rampson George, house carp 1 Strawberry 
Ramsay J P, mer 25 Powell 

Robert, Sch Navigation inn kr S E cor 
High and Sch Front 
Rand Benjamin H, writing master 36 S 6tli 
Randall Archibald, atty at law lower 10 S 7th 
d h 298 High 
Joseph, house cai-p 103 S 9th 
Joseph C, storekeeper 203 S 2d 
Josiah, atty at law 491 Chesnut 
Matthew, Prothonotary of the court 
com pleas 9 W wing of the state 
house d h 22 Sansom 
and Vodges, attys at law 10 S 7th 
widow Margaret, 167 S 5th 
Randolph Edward, gent 126 N 2d 

Edward, jr mer 63 S Front d h 214 

N 4!.h N L 

G F, mer 63 S Front d h 182 Mulby 
G F and E, mers 63 S Front 
Jacob, M D 77 Spruce 
Robert, cab maker 60 Gaskill 
Rankin and Adams, grocers 49 Chesnut 
David, grocer 49 Chesnut 
George and son, cab mrs 20 Walnut 
George, jr ladies shoe mr 9 N 8th 
Ransom Da\id, lab 450 Sassafras 
Rapp George, cooper 93 S Front 

William, Jeweller 254 Sassafi-as 
Raser Matthias, printer 33 Carters al d h 41 
Thomas M, teacher 87 Locust 
Rasp George, brick mr Lombard E Sch 7th 
Raster AVilliam, watchman Prospect al 
Rawle Samuel B, mer 40 S Front d h 95 S 4th 
William, jr atty at law 129 Walnut 
William, coun at lawl69 Walnut 
Ray James, cordwainer 218 S 2d 

M and co, dry good store 4 S 2d 
fThomas, waiter 38 Middle al 
William, dry good store 36 S 2d 
Wm, dry gd & grocery sto 5 &i.7 High 
Raybold Jo^jn, cor Sch Front and Mulberry 
Rayneo, labourer HolTman's al 



Itazt-n Joseph, dyer 132 S 6th 
Rca AIoxuikUi-, umbrella mamif 38 S 3d 
(Miarlts, 7-^ \ ine 

Joliii, upliolstercr and carppt ware ho\u»c 
Spruce 2d d ah 3d S d li S W cop* 
Spnice ?<, 3d 
Read ElinioUcls innkr and boUk-r 95 N 3d 
AUx, china nur 205 Hifch d h 57 S 10th 
Elizabctli, shop 255 Spruce 
and Gni}-, cliina nici-s 205 High 
.Hannali, chy j^ood store S 2d 
Henry M, M D 176 Chesniit 
John, storekeeper 37 S 2d 
John, president of'tlie bank of Philadel- 
phia 176 Chesnut 
John, jr atty at law 307 Wahiut 
John, cordwainer 3 Littleboys ct 
and CO tlr}- ii:ood store 6 S 2d 
John M, atty at law 176 Chesnut 
Samuel, labourer Juniper n Higi^ 
Wm, mer and vice, consvd for Naples & 

Sicily 64- Wock d h 307 Walnut 
■William, tailor 68 S Water d h 69 S Ft 
Reath Thomas, gvo N W cor 8th and Walnut 
Reddock James, tav keeper 2 little Dock 
Rcckefas David, coixlwainer Smiths ct 
Rebold L, ,^'Ocer and confectioner High bel 

11th S and 1 Arcade 
Rcdles Adiun, turner 23 Strawberry 
Redman B, bookseller and stationer 121 S 5th 
James, grocer S W cor 6th and Pine 
James, weaver Man-iot's lane 
T, M D 188 Chesnut 
wid Mary, dry good store 68 S 4th 
Redner Lewis, cab mr 6 Laurel ct 
Redsti-eke J, cab maker 123 S 2d 
Redwood WiUiam, gent 98 S 3d 
Reed Jacob, tailor 133 S Water 
Jacob, tailor 166 S Water 
John, comb maker 1 Sassafras al 
John, inspector customs 299 Sassafras 
Joseph, recorder of city 187 Spruce 
Michael, diy good store 78 N 2d 
Moses, groc 482 S W c Sassaf & Juniper 
Patrick, painter and glazier 46 S 5th 
Robert, S ^A' cor Sassafi-as and Juniper 
Samuel, tailor 11 Raspbeny al 
Samuel, grocer S E cor 7th and Pine 
Samuel H, grocer 400 High 
Thomas, painter and glazier 2 S 9th d 

h 108 Cherry 
and Wallace, store keepers 18 S 8th 
William, tav keeper 102 Chcny 
William AV B, atty at law 100 S 4th d 

h 187 Spruce 
AVilliam, tailor 68 S Water d h 69 S Ft 
widow Elizabeth, b h 20 Bread 
widow Mary, b h 58 Sassafras 
widow Sarah, shop kr 45 Lombard 
widow, baker 6 Fetter lane 
Reeder Isiiac, agent for the U S mall stage 115 

N 5th 
Rees Charles B, cordwainer 314 Vine 
Henry, tailor 75 N 4th 

Rees Henry, blacksmith b of 13 N 13tli 
John, boUltr 155 N 2d 
\sidow Ellen, boarding h 22 Carters al 
wid Elizabetli, iniikecp«->r 97 S 5th 
Reese Jacob, cedar (-oopcr 77 Mulberry 

Jacob, victualler Vine W of Sch 7th 

James, 124 N 4th 

James, harness maker S Juniper bel 

Mahuit ■ 
John, grocer 115 S;i3safnis 
John, blacksmith cor Broad and Locust 

d h Juniper n Locust 
John L, storekeeper 133 N 2d 
ii, bricklayer Mercer 
Mrs, 34 Chester 
William, 399 Mulberry 
wid Susan, 103 N 5th 
Rcesmault C, paper hanger 122 Locust 
Reeves A R, hardware mer 167 High 

Benjamin, innkeeper and ferryman up 

cor Market st M'hf 
Buck and co, hardware mers 167 High 
Enos, cordwainer Wistare ct Sassafi-as 

V, corset maker 8 S 4th 
Nehemiah, ladies shoemr 8 Little Pine 
Sheppard A, teacher 1 Bread 
Thomas, jr wholesale grocer N W cor 
2d and Mulberry d h 355 Mulberry 
Refoixl Elizabeth, 241 Spruce 
l^cfand Joseph, tailor 24 Cuirant al 
Rehn Casper, flour store 352 High 
Reiley Bernard, tav kr 157 S Ft & 156 S Water 

Paul, coi'dwainer 41 S Front 
Reinboth John, cooper 27 N al 
Reineck Lewis, bvickmr High bel Sch 3d 
Reinhail George, labourer back of 26 Branch 
Reisky James, fin* store 77 N 3d 
Relf wid of Samuel, gentw 12 Clinton sq 
Remick Daniel, storekeeper 245 S 2d 
Remington J B, gentw 334 Mulbeiry 
Renshaw Mi's Francis, gentw 67 Locust 

Benjamin, U S hotel 151 Chesnut 
Repburn John, fancy chair nu- Smith's ct from 

Gasklll bel 3d 
Resides I, U S mail contractor office 30 S 3d 
Rex George, innkeeper (lime market) S E c 

6th and Vine 
RejTiolds Margaret, milliner '37 N 2d 
Samuel, 175 S 5tli 
& AVarren, grocers S E cor Locust 

and 10th 
AVilliam, 125 High d h city hotel 
Rheeu Jacob, flour mer 371 High 
Rhecs Benjamin Rush, M D 61 Union 
Morg-an J, atty at law 28 S 5th 
Rhinehart Michael, cordwainer 15 Sugar al 
Rhoads Joseph, cab maker 479 Sassafras 
John, N E cor 4th and Cedar 
Mark, house carp 246 Sassafras 
S, merchant 223 Spruce 
Thomas, dry good store 44 N 2d 
Rhodes Samuel, 4<rN10th 
Rianhard John, mer 58 Filbert 
Rice James, tar kr sign AVhite horse 21 N5th 



Rice Joseph S, machine maker 23 N 10th 
Martin, ladies shoemaker 121 N od 
Michael, gent 140 High 
Robert, distiller High next to S W cor 
of Sch 8th 
Richards Ann, 117 N 6th 

A G, cleaner of Merino shawls and 

Canton crapes 90 Cherry 
Augustus, attj- at law 387 High 
Benjamin W, auctioneer and commis 

mer 34 S Front d h 387 High 
Isaac, shop Vine ab Sch 8th 
John, printer 20 Church a] 
Joseph, shoemr 29 Strawberry 
Joseph, grocer 22 N 2d 
Mark, iron and com mer and manuf 
127 N 3d d h S E c 8th 8c Chesnut 
Richard, watchman 26 Uttle Water 
Samuel, iron mer 111 N Water d h 

347 Mulberrj^ • 

Thomas J, auctioneer 357 Mulberrj- 
T J, 111 N Water 
W and S R, watchmakere and silver 

smiths 136 S Front 
Wilham, merchant 136 S Front 
William H, china glass and queens- 
ware store 182 High 
widow Catharine, 116 N Water 
RichardsoK Ann, dry good store 211 Chesnut 
B and son, cutler file cutter &c 

77 S 2d 
Henrj', mer 351 Mulberry 
John, merchant 43 N 3d 
J, locksmith Noms al n 2d 
John, locksmith 18 Gray's al 
J, Orange 

John, bookseller N E cor Carpen- 
ter and 7th 
Joseph, assajer in the U S mint d 

h 359 High 
Martha, diy good store 31 S 3d 
Nathaniel, gent 359 High 
R B, 166 N 8th 
Westall, cutler 366 High 
Wilham, house carp 92 GaskJll 
William, umbrella manuf 6 S 3d 
Isaac, captain of the city watch 
469 Sassafras 
Richman Isaac, capt city watch 469 Sassafrr.s 
Richmond widow ^Mary, gentw 94 N 9th 
Rickards and Dubosq, 48 High 
Ricketts Andrew, furniture store 364 High 

Philip, gent 152 S 3d 
Ricks Henr}-, labourer 10 Quince 
Ridabock Philip, blacksmith 18 S 5th d h 147 

Riddle Adam, turner 21 Strawberrj- al 
John cak maker 7 Prune 
Samuel, shoemaker N E cor Sassafras 
and Front 
Ridgely Lot, 193 Walnut 
Sidgway Jacob, gent 183 d h 131 Chesnut 
John, 76 N 9th 
Joseph, &. son tailors 10 S 3d 
and Lirezey, flour meis 51 N Water 

Ridgway Rebecca, b h 141 Mulbeny 

Thomas, flour merchs 51 N Water d 
h 52 Vine 
Riehle William, tanner S E cor Noble and 4th 
?« L d h 53 X 4th 
William, merchant 53 N 4th 
Riesch widow, boarding house 38 Dock 
Rieskey James, furrier 77 N 3d 
Rigby Robert, gent Cherry ab 12th 
Riggs R and E and co, mers 96 High 

R, merch 96 High d h 122 1-2 S 4th 
William H C, clock and watchmaker 34 
Rigler John, victualler Sch 5th n Cherry E 
RUey Charles, 54 Sassafras 

Christopher, grocer S W cor 5th and 

James, grocer S 12th ab Spruce E 
Michaei, packer 8 Bell's ct 
Peter, printer 125 Pine 
Tobias, baker 391 Sassafras 
widow, shopkeeper 15 Strawbeny 
Rimer Thomas, 10 Carters al 
Rind Samuel, grocer 400 High 
Rinebold widow, Mulberry al ab 5th 
Rinker John, labourer Peny- N bet Sassafras 

and Vine 
Rinout, upliolsterer Townsends ct 
Ripperger C, bleeder N W cor little George 
and 6th 
Wilham, dentist 160 S 4th 
Rlsbrough John, dn- good store 164 S 2d 
Rising Da\-id B, mer 68 Highdh212N4th?T l 
Eiisdon and Lukens, mercers and taUors 19 S 

Risley Richard S, china glass and queensware 

store 68 X 3d 
Ritchie James, grocer cor Mulberry & Broad 
James S, acct 172 S Front 
Jane, shop Sassafras ab Sch 8th 
WUliam, merchant 117 High 
Riter George W, recorders office E wing of 
state house Chesnut d h Walnut bel 
13th S 
Ritter Abraham, mer 196 High d h 16 S 7th 
George, cabinet mr 72 N 4th 
Hemy, baker 129 S 4th 
J and A, mers 196 High 
Jacob, shopkeeper 70 X Front 
Thomas, tobacconist 4 Fetter lane 
William, baker 24 N 5th 
widow, 24 N^ 5th 
Ritze John Z, cordwainer 112 Vine 
Rivers Charles, gent 10 Montgomeiy square 
Roach Isa;ic B, lumber mer S W cor Dean and 
Spruce d h Spruce bel 13th S 
L, Spruce ab 12th S 
and Wilhamson, lumber mers S W cor 
Dean and Spruce 
Roatch Wilham B, tailor 198 High d h 204 

Robb Alexander, letter carEier 84 S 5th 

Charles, merch taUor 100 Chesnut d h 
62 S 5th 



Robb James, letter carrier 84 S 5th 

James, groc N K cor 5th and Sassafras 
Jolm, carter 28 Quince 
and Winebrencrmcr tailors 100 Chesnut 
Robbins Enoch, bricklayer Filbert bet Sch 
7th and 8th ' 
John, confectioner 84 Locust 
John, chair mr bo f 17 N 8th 
Peter, pi-ocer 74 N 3(1 
Samuel .1, mer 173 Hig'h d h 89 N 5th 
Roberjot John H, accountant 89 S 3d 
Roberts Algernon and Kdward S, druggists 
76 d h 85 S 2d 
Allen, acct 144 S 11th 
Charles, gent 174 Mulberry 
Charles F, gent 252 Chesnut 

C, 144 S 11th 

Daniel, bricklayer 26 Crown 

D, painter 21 Fine 
Edward, 5 Franklin row 

F, manufacturer of patent mantle 

clocks 46 N 5lh 
George, gent 252 Chesnut 
Israel, copper smith 11 Branch d h 

132 N 3d 
James, Walnut n Sch 
John, measurer of grain S 10th 
John, cab and chair mr 25 N 8th 
John, constable 36 Quince 
John P, chair mr BlackbeiT)' al 
Joseph, cashier of S Girard's bank d 

h 104 Chesnut 
Joseph, jrteacher in friends academy 

d h 2 Library 
M K A, diy good store 1 1-2 S 4th 
M and S, dry good store 72 N 7th 
Miss, gentw 248 Chesnut 
Mrs H and co, fancy dry good store 

20 Arcade 
Mrs, boai'ding house 72 S 4th 
Owen, blacksmith 47 S wharves 
Samuel, cordwainer S 12th n Pine 
Thomas, potter d h 25 N 8th 
WiUiam, house carp 38 Zane 
William, tailor 42 Carpenter 
Wilham, teacher 205 S 5th 
widow Hannah, 285 Spruce 
widow Rachael, gentw 12 N 4th 
widow Tacey, 123 N 9Lh 
Robertson Gilbert, H B M consul 4 Libraiy d 
h 273 Chesnut 

J, stock and exch broker conrunvi- 
nications left 49 S 13th 

and Little, lott brok 120 Chesnut 

Rebecca, female semin 88 Spnice 

Watson, smith 3 Bell's ct 

widow, 159 S 11th 
Robinet A and co, dry good mers 178 High 
Robinett Ferguson, atty at law 5 Powel 

Richard, acct 5 Powel 
Robinson Arthur, ostler 4 Furlong's ct 

Benjamin, jeweller 71 High d h 2 
Frombergers ct 

Robinson Charles, sea cap S 12th bel Walnut E 

Charles N, carv andf^ld 86 (3hesnut 
D, turner 11th bcl Pine 
D, turnei'. Harmony ct 
MaiHiel E, M D 319 Chesnut 
George, currier 80 Cnesnut d h 35 

J, cai-])enter 14 Jones al 
Jehu, house carp 18 Church al d h 

53 High 
John, tin plate worker Shields ct 
John, distil and lifiuor sto 207 Cedar 
John, hib Vine W of Sch 8th 
Joseph D, tvu-ncr 111 Chesnut d h 

42 Gaskill 
M, Walnut ab 12th S side 
Mrs, 46 Cheny 
Mrs, 504 Sassafras 
Mrs, b house 255 High 
Samuel, labourer Caledonian ct 
Samuel and son, hatters 36 High 
Samuel, h carpenter Fearis' ct 
Thomas, \-ictualler Vine W Sch 8th 
Thomas, grocer Vine W Sch 8th 
William, hatter 36 High 
widow, gentw 319 Chesnut 
widow, seamstress 212 S 7th 
widow A, diy good store S W cor 
5th and LombiU'd 
Roch Christian, china &c store 99 N 9th 
Roche M, teacher of mathematics N E cor 5th 

and Gaskill 
Rockhill Tliomas C, diy good merch 162 1-2 

High d h 246 Chesnut 
Roderfield William, clerk to the county com- 
missioners 143 S 6th 
Roderford Jafre}-, engine mr 10 Fromljergers ct 
Iloderigues Andrew, merch N W cor 7th and 
wid Catharine, fancy sto 93 N 3d 
Rodman John, mer 191 High 

Thomas, merchant 98 S 3d 
Rogers and Brothers, importers of hardware 
Esther, boarding house 85 Chesnut 
Samuel, grocer High W Sch 7th 
Thomas, brass founder 61 Midbeny 
Thomas, gent 411 Mvdbeny 
William, coixiwainer 64 N 5th 
Benjamin, copper plate printer b of 

115 Chesnut d h 60 N 5th 
Elizabeth, 89 Mulberry 
Enoch, bar keeper at Reeve's ferry N 

side High st wharf 
Evans, hardware mer 52 High 
George N, hardware mer 52 High d h 

132 S 2d 
Hugh, labourer N Broad bel Vine 
James, hardwai-e mer 2 Ranstead ct 

d h 98 S 4th 
J, tailor Chesnut ab I3th S 
J, merchant 12 S 4th 
J, cordwainer b of 121 Lombard 
Ohver, storekeeper 131 Spruce 



Rogers and Pag-c, Sliakspcarc clothing store 
N W cor (Jlicsiuit and 6th 
Richard W, morocco store 14 N 3d 
William E, hardware- mer 52 High 
William, tinman JJlackbeny al 
Wm, jr nitre hall gun powder manuf 

3 Minor 
widow, 2 Whitaker's row 
widow, seamstress 7 Prosperous al 
widow, 177 Sass:ifras 
widow, S Jumper ab Spmce 
Rohrman Adam, baker'Greenleaf s ct 
John L, Sch 8th n Sassafras 
Sarah, Sassafras n Sch 8th 
Roland and I-'ord, wholesale grocers 206 High 

John, mer 206 High d h 14 N 7th 
Rolof Rev Francis, pastor of the holy Trinity 

ch 181 Spruce b of the ch 
Ronald Mary, tavern Sch 6th ab Spruce 
Roney Josiah, 70 Lombard 

Thomas, innkeeper 1 Laetitia ct 
Thomas, currier N E cor Dock and 3d 
d h 8 Prune 
Roork William, corner §ch 7th and Cheny 
Root Edward, blacksmith Jones al 
Rorcr John, cutler and surgeons instrument 
maker 28 N 6th 
Samuel, cutler 78 Sassafras 
Rose Alexander, 20 Prosperous al 
Elhs, hatter 3 Jones al 
Jacob S, M D N E cor Mulberr>-and 10th 
Jane, midwife 7o New 
Jonathan, carpenter 73 New 
Jonathan, carpenter 4 Furlong's ct 
widow, boarding house 33 N 10th 
Roset and Bicking, mers 181 High 

John, dry good store 170 High 
Rosingarten G 13, chemist 67 N 8th laboratory 

Broad ab Vine 
Rosmond Eli, teacher 4 Harting's al 
Ross Aaron, saddler 38 N 3d d h 87 Sassafras 
David, house carp 81 N 9th 
E, 231 Lombard 
James, saddler and harness maker S 1 1th 

ab Lombard 
Joseph, painter and glazier 203 Lombard 
Lehman, broker 79 N 2d 
Mi's M, boarding house 205 High 
Samuel, deputy weigher 28 Powel 
Samuel, accountant 291 Sassafras 
Samuel, 153 N 3d 
Samuel, U S public appraiser at the cust 

house d h 127 Powel 
Samuel, bricklayer 98 N 9th 
William, drayman High E of Sch 7th 
Wilham, storekeeper 112 N 3d 
Wilham, 92 S Front 
widow Sarah, 31 Cressons al 
Rossetter Timothy and co, agTicultural imple- 
ment manuf 394 High 
widow, 13 Mercer 
Rostain Fournier, gent N W cor 5th and Pine 
Rotch Thos, enquire at 181 Chesnut 
Sourk William, 34 Crown 

Rom-k widow Rachael, grand pectoral gjTup 

manuf 34 Crown 
Rousseau Clement V, dmggist 210 Spruce 
John C, M D 210 Spruce 
Joseph, tailor 24 Spinice 
Row Peter, 109 Sassafras 
fRowen E W, hair dresser 32 N 6th 
Rowland Jamc^s, ii-on store 46 Mulberry d h 5 
P'l'ombergers ct 
James, jr iron store 14 Frombs ct 
Wm, saw manuf 54 Zane d h 24 N 9th 
Rowley and Alberger, plumbers N W cor l)e- 
' catur and Carpenter 

Rowley Horatio G, plumber cor Decatur and 
Richard, wholesale dry good store 10 
N 3d d h 108 S 3d 
Ruan John, M D 45 N 8th 
llubicam Daniel, innkr Washington hotel 20 S 
Jonathan, house carp 8 Nicholsons ct 
Joseph, confectioner 105 N 3d 
Justice, 20 S 6th 
Rudolph George, \v house cai'p shop Fries ct 
Filbert bet 10th and 11th 
Jacob, labourer 12 Stampers al 
J, hatter N Broad bel Vine 
W S, house carp 32 Strawberry d h 

19 N 8th 
William, house carp Sheaff' al 
Rudy Jacob, innkeeper 373 High 
Rugan Charles, sea capt 68 N 6th 

John, collector of the city water tax 

248 Sassafras 
Wilham, sea capt 248 Sassafras 
Ruggles T, brass founder 106 Chen-y 
Ruld George, coach nu- 14 Myers ct n 6th 

John E, coach and wooden spring maker 
d h 23 Lombard 
Ruhhnan John C, Ijottler 14 Franklin' 
Ride John, tallow chancUer 213 S 6th 
Runchey widow Mary, tav keeper N E cor Ft 

and Mulberry 
Rundle Georg'e, stock and exxh broker 1 York 

ct d h 3 Rittenhouse place 
Rimyan and Wells, store keepers 45 N 2d 
Rnschenberger A, Pine n 9th 
Rush George, house carp 211 CheiT)' 
James, M U 179 Chesnut 
Lewis, gent 125 Sassafras 
the Misses, 3 Powel 
Samuel, atty at law 70 S 4th 

& AValn, I>ocust st M'haif Schuylkill 
Samuel W, register to watering commit- 
tee 59 N 10th 
Thomas, 170 N Front 
Wilham, house carp 3 Howard's ct 
William, carver 170 N Front 
William, M D 65 S 4th 
wid of lienjamin, M I) 98 1-2 S 4th 
Rushton Abraham W, 3d n (Jedar 

widow Jane, bandbox mr 95 N Front 
Russel Francis, grocer 155 S 2d 



Russell Abiii, jr liut store N W c Chesnut 6t 3(1 
Ciooi"go, s;ul(lkr 7 MulbciTy ul 
James, printer 8 Non-is :il 
.loliii, ]Kiinter Hi;;li l>et Seh oil and -Itli 
John, MoMi- iner J21- lli};"li 
Jolm, lihick :inil\\ liilc smitli 476 Sass;it" 
Josipli S, oil ;uul lamp store 6H Clus- 

nut <1 h S K eor lOtli ami Cliesinit 
and Martiun, iirintcrs 22 1-2 Walnut 
Rolni-I, 7 little I'ine 
Stephen, nier 100 S whs d h 77 Union 
Ruth Jacob, house carp Ann n Sell 8th 

Samuel M, aect 43 N 3d 
Kuthei-fbrd John, drover Locust 3<l ab Jvmiper 
Rutter Clement S, g-roccr 2U0 S '3d 

widow Hannah, 5 Rcll's ct 
R} ;m Daniel, shoemaker 207 Cherry 
Francis A, acct 355 Sassafras 
James, bootmaker 163' Cedar 
James, gentleman 355 Sassafras 
Rev John, past St Mary's ch AVillintj's al 
Lewis, boot and shoemr 50 S 3d 
Patrick, china and glass store 8 N 3d d 
h 335 Sassafras 
Richard, paper sellei' 247 Cedar 
Sanuiel, house carp 15 Cray's al 
Timothy, house carp 15 Penn 
AVilliam, cun-ier 85 S 5th d h Cedar n 

^Vm, brickmr cor Sch 3d and Sassafras 
Ryckman L, tavern keeper 206 S 4th 
Ryers C H, mer Sch &. Locvist d h 243 Walnut 
J W, mer 33 S whs d h.223 Walnut 
and Wain, Locust st whai-f Schuylkill 

Saffoitl Ebenczer, tailor 8 Shield's al 
Sadlers l-Ueanor, 169 Midbcrry 
Sager Michael, baker 274 Mulbeny 

wld, innkr sign of the Camel 146 N 2d 
Sagers Samuel D, acct 120 N 9th 
Sailor Henry, house painter and glazier 105 
Heniy, tobacconist 15 N 5th 
John, cab and chair maker 267 Mulbeny 

d h 57 N 8th 
John, tiiilor 14 N Water 
Washington, clock and watch mr 3 1-2 

N3ddh 14 N Water 
and Wells, stone cutters S E cor 10th 
and Ainc 
Saint Daniel P, Congress Hall hotel 27 S 3d 
Sainte Douglass, shopkeeper 41 Cedar 
Salaignac Augusta C, merch over 234 High 

d h 44 Filbert 
Stdmon II, 19 Perry 
Saltzbiu'g Andrew, Cheny n Juniper 

widow, Sch Front bet Mulbeny and 
" Sassafras 
Sal\ in Mrs, teacher N E cor 10th and Cheny 
Samson Hazadiah P, gi'ocer S W cor Front 
and Sassafras 
Joseph, sacking bottom mr 7 S Front 
Samuel F and D, hatting and shipping fur mer 

Sanders Ann, teacher 83 N 6th 

Sanderson Joiin, classical leaclier 3.55 High 

Joseph M, kei|)ii- of mers Coffee 

housi- S 2d cor Hunk ul 
Williani, 6 Castle 
Sandiford It, 154 N 13th 
Sands John, 486 Sassafi-as 
Sansuni William, gent 96 Midbeny 
Sapp William, 33 Cressons al 
Sappington S W, drygood store 160 S 2d 
Sarchetjohn.tinandslieitiron wr 145 1-2 N2d ■ 

J F, smith 109 N Water d h 124 N Ft 
Sarer Rcnj, h caip N W cor Uth and Siissafras 
Sargent Tliomas, M D 144 Sassafras 
Satunlay Evening Post, 112 Chesnut 
Saulnler Joseph, 4-38 Sassafras 
Saunders Jeremiah, acct 19 1-2 Cressons al 
Joseph, mariner 9 Lombard 

J W, 143 S 6th 
Samuel, 8 Fetters lane 
Saurbier, hatter 140 N 3d 
Saurman Josi])h E, hatter 67 Cheny 

Yerkes, (b'v good store 190 N 5th 
Savage John, gent 182 S Uth 
John, 156 S 11th 
widow, 137 Cherry 
Savery William, lumber mer 20 N 5th. 

widow Elizabeth, 20 N 5th 
Savidge Reuben, h carp 389 d h 381 Sassafras 
William, house carp b of 381 Sassafras 
Savillc widow Mary, siiop 227 Walnut 
Saving Funil ]5ank, 66 Walnut 
Savoy Francis, paj^er hanger b of 80 N 5th 

John R, card mr and paper stainer 18 
Raspbeny al 
Sawyer James, gent 151 S 5th 

Mrs, 7 Laurel ct 
Saxson Joseph, nuisician 285 High 
Saxton William, wheelwright Locust ab 8th 

d h 38 Cheny 
Saycrs Ethan, tailor 187 MulbeiTy 
Scantling William, victualler Sch 8th bel Vine 
Scattergood John, tav keeper 9 N Water 

Sarah, cU-v good store 1 S 10th 
Thomas F, h carp b of 187 d h 

156 Midbeny 
widow, S 12tli bel Spruce W 
Schaefl'er Andrew, baker 44 Sassafras 
Casper, M D 137 Siiss;ifras 
Charles, clerk in alms h 66 S llth 
Geo, watchman Sch 8th ab Sassafras- 
Henry, tallow chandler 2 Harmony ct 
Hemy, victualler N Broad bel Vine 
John, paper hanger 100 Sassafras 
widow, shop Sch 4t]i n High 
Schank A, lively stable S 4th 
Schen- Emelius N, piano forte ik. organ builder- 

264 High 
Schalliol Peter, baker 225 Wahiut 
Scheel Andrew, baker 46 Vine 

John, baker 75 S 5th 
Scheerer Gotleib, cordwainer 20 N 6th 
Schell Isaac, segar mr N Broad bel Vine 
Henry, grocer 191 N2d 
Henry, jr Knights ct 



Schell Margaret 8c Catharine, shopkrs 50 New 
Schetky Gcorg-e, professor of music 61 Locust 

Miss, miniature painter 61 Locust 
Scheurman David, cordwainer 79 S 5th 


Schiff M H, lottery broker 1 N 6th 
Schippcr Benedict J, teacher of Greek and 

Latin classics 155 S 9th 
Schiveley Heniy, cutler and surgeons instru- 
ment mr 75 Chesnut 
Joshua, gro 5 N 4th d h 121 N 9th 
Schleigh Charles, cordwainer 131 N Juniper 
Schneider Henry, accountant 84 Spruce 

Henry, baker 148 Locust 
Schnider Chai-les, tyler of the grand lodge 50 

Schober Frederick, baker 166 N 2d 
Schoch George, carter 14 Hoffman's al 
George, innkeeper 12 Decatur 
Schofield J, teacher 20 Castle 

Lane, blacksmith 12th bel Locust 
Schooley Ameha, 119 S 2d 
Schott George S, M D 61 S 7th 

James, mer 54 S Ft d h 385 Mulberry 
James and John P, mers 54 S Front 
John P, mer 54 S Front d h 43 N 6th 
Joseph, N W cor 4th and Sassafras 
Schrack Abraham, innkr 38 High 

Christian, oil and colour store and 
coach painter 80 N 4th 
Schrader John H, turner in general and ma- 
chinist 33 Dock 
Sclirank George, 110 N 13th 

widow Jacoby ab Cheny 
Schreiner Charles W, ck & watch mr 78 N 3d 
Joseph H, hardware mer S W cor 

2d and Sassafras 
Wilham, book binder 27 Jones al 
widow Elizabeth, gent 11 Cheiry 
widow Susan, washw 448 Sassafras 
Schriver Thomas, painter Pine ab 10th 
Schultkeis John N, baker 85 New 
Schuylkill Navigation cos office, 8 S 7th 
Schwartz J E, merchant 6 Minor 
Scofield Frederick, teacher 24 Castle 

L, blacksmith & wheelwright S 12th 

bet Locust and Spruce 
Samuel watchman Mercer 
Scolston William, 344 Siussafras 
Scott Alexander, grocer 340 High 
Andrew, 63 N 10th 
Edwin T, g)-ocer and book publisher N 

E cor 8th and Cherry d h 63 N 8th 
Freeman, grocer and paper dealer N W 

cor Sassafras and 10th 
George, innkeeper 10 Mulberry 
George, oak cooper 119 N Water 
fHeniy, boot cleaner 144 Locust 
James, grocer 433 Hig'h 
James 15, tav keeper 129 S Water 
Jane, store keeper 84 S 2d 
John, measurer of salt tav kr 159 S Ft 
and 158 S Water 

Scott John M, atty at law 148 Chesnut 
Rev John W, 81 S 2d 
Nixon, loom and lathe mr Pine bet 12th 

and 13th 
plasterer Sheppards al 
Patrick, cai-ter 30 Chester 
Uobert, cordwainer Sch 3d n Chesnut 
Susan, widow milliner 60 Mulberry 
Thomas, agent lower 192 High d h 343 

William, labourer b of 340 Sassafras 
William, mer 17 S 4th 
William -H, dry good store 5 S Front 
William T, accountant 66 N 5th 
wid EUzabeth, tallow chandler 40 Bread 
widow Mary, gentw 147 S 8th 
wid Sarah, dry good store 67 Cedar 
Scotton Samuel, carpenter Decatur 
Scravendike James, tallow chandler 237 S 2d 
Scrogg John, cordwainer Acorn al 
Scroggins Thomas, tav kr &. bottler 69 S 11th 
Scull Gideon, agent for the Sch coal comp 6 
Minor and Callowliill st whf Sch 
William, private watchman 170 S Water 

and 171 S Front 
William, drayman ChciTy bet 11th & 12th 
William B, fishing and fowhng tackhng 
store 96 N 3d 
Scurra Ann, 95 George 
Seaborn widow Elizabeth, 76 Mulberry 
Seabury Charles, hair dresser 65 N 3d 
Seal Joseph H, dry good store 177 1-2 High 
Search Wm, wheelwright Sch 8th n Sassafras 
Seckel Adam, brewer 16 httle George d h 8 

N 8th 
Seckel Frederick, brewer 164 S 9th 
George D, grazier 8 N 8th 
Henrv D, mer 16 little George d h 8 

N 8th 
L D, gentleman 8 N 8th 
Sedgwick Ann, boarding house 28 Sansom 
See Richard, mer 2d ab High d h lower 119 

Seed Simon, weaver Ann ab 12th 
Seeger David, 18 S 7th 

Frederick C, silver plater 10 N 6th 
Seeler Godfrey, cooper 6 Cressons al 
Seeley E W, dry good store 148 High 

and liaggs, mercers & tailors S E cor 

High and Decatur 
John, tailor 62 S 4th 
Wm, tailor S E cor Decatur & High 
Seelhorst Frederick. D, accountant 67 N 8th 
Sees George, constable 306 George ab 13th 
Seguine Mrs, seminary 128 Pine 
Seipe Peter, accoimtant 1 Sterling al 
Seltjy widow Mar}', gentw 207 Spruce 
Selkeld Job, mariner 47 little Water 
Selkirk John, suspender & webb nrtanuf High 
n Sch 8th communications left at 10 N 3d 
Sellers Coleman, wire worker 231 High 

& Davis, grocers 97 Sassafras N E cor 3d 
Frederick, accountant 155 Locust 



Sellers James, wiiv worker 2.31 U\^h d h S 
12th n llig-h i: 
Jesse, RToc 97 Sussafrai il h Old York 

road n Cinxii 
Josepli, silver plater 20 Adams 
N &. 1), wire workers 231 Ilij^li 
& I'ennoek, pattnt rlxet liose and firo 
eng-ine luaimf "iJl High & Sell 7tli 1 
door S of liigli W 
Samuel, wire wr 231 High d h 8 N 6th 
Senat P L, mer 109 Hi:<ii d h 371 Sassafras 
Sergeant Jolui, coun at law 89 d h 91 S 4th 
Mi-s, geutw Chesnut 1st hel 13th S 
Thomas, atty at law 70 S 6tii 
widow Klizabcth, 74 S 8th 
widow of Spcneer E, Chesnut near 

Broad E 
widow, 24 N 7tli 
Semll Pearson, mer. 169 High d h 32 N 9th 
Service misses Christiana & Mai'gavet, tailor- 
esses Juniper lane 
Servoss Charles K, hardware store 60 N 2d 
fSetli William, porter 228 S 7th 
Seveke Godfrey, baker 86 N Front 
Sevelinge Joseph, wine mer 63 S 2d 
Sewell John B, scrivener 36 S 5th 
Sexton Cenj, auctioneer 35 S Ft d h 36 N 7th 
C, coachmaker 12 Greens ct 
Joseph S, mer 40 N 8th 
Silas W, clothing store 28 High 
Seybert Eckhart, S 13th bcl Pine 
Seyfert Anthony, printer 10 Pear 
Shackleford widow, 65 N 10th 
Shade John, tav keeper 356 High 

Peter, bnishmr 2 N Ft d h 41 Almond 
Shaffer &. Bird, 324 High 

Casper, M D 137 Sassafras 
Shanks George, tobacconist 163 N 2d 
Shannon John, painter 8c glazier 168 S 5th 

John, weaver cor Mulbeny & Sch 3d 
Peter, wTiting academy N W cor 4th 

and Cedar 
& Tyson, milliners 29 N 4th 
Sharp & Cannon, grocers 273 High 

John, jr mer 17 S 4th d h 154 S 9th 
Joseph, di-y good store 9 S 2d 
Joseph L, grocer 18 N 9th 
& Sleeper, mer tailors 39 N 3d 
Thomas, tailor 18 Keys al 
Thomas, 96 S 4th 
Sharpe Abiah, 12 Lombai-d 
Benjamin, 76 Locust 
Daniel, brigade inspector 1st brigade 

31 S Jumper 
Ludwig, gent 18 N 9th 
Sharpless Blatey, bookseller over 8 S 4th d 
h 178 S Front 
Jesse, upper 9 N 4ih 
Joseph, 11 N 4th 
Joseph J, dry good store 14 S 2d 
J and M, storekeepers 48 High 
J T, M D upper 9 N 4th 
Mary, mantua maker 34 Sugar al 
Thomas, storekeepei 196 N 4th 

SliarpIessThoiiuis, labourer 113 Cherry 

Tow iiscnd, dry good store 30 S 2d 
Sharswood Jauu s, gent 92 N 6tli 

William, dry good ston- 40 S 2d 
Sliaw Joseph, upholsterer and bedding ware 
house 134 N 3d & 173 N Front 
Mary, china store 17 N 7lh 
>Villiam, M I) upper 237 Mulberry 
William, 163 N Front 
widow Ann, gentw 163 N I'ront 
widow Ann, gentw 173 N Front 
widow Mary, gentw 31 S 10 
Shay widow liVilia, confectioner 143 Locust 
ShcalT" (ieo 1), atty at law ofl' 93 d h 116 Mulby 
John D, gent 162 MulbeiTy 
wid Elizabeth, 14 Pennsylvania avenue 
Shible Adam, cooper 22 Spruce 
Adam, 152 N 2d 
John, dealer 79 N 5th 
Thomas, dealer 79 N 5th 
Shedaker James, cooper 146 Spmce 
Sheepshanks William, mer 17 S 4th 
Shelmcrdine Edward, hatmanuf&. warehouse 
159 Chesnut 
Jane, 4 AVhitaker's row 
Shelmire Joseph, 2 Oan-igues ct 
Shepherd Charles, boot &, shoemaker 76 S 4th 
Elizabeth, shopkeeper 100 N 11th 
Sheppaixl C, cotton store 308 High 

John W, cab maker 79 Cedar 
Murks C, blacksmith Prospect al 
S C, ajioth 8c druggist 107 S 8th 
Wm, grain measurer Ft ab Market 
widow of William, 250 Sassafi-as 
Sherbourne Thomas, cab mr 196 Pine 
Sheridan James, tailor Sassafras W Sch 8th 
Sheiidan Owen, grocer & lively stable keeper 

7 and 9 Filbert 
Sherman William, gent 205 Mulbeny 
W^illiam E, sea capt 16 Pine 
bookbinder 174 N 5th 
Shermer James, carver & gilder 5 Sterling al 
John, cordwainer 218 S 7th 
John, sexton of the 5th Presbyterian 
ch Randall's ct 
Shermer William, carver 8c gilder 30 Mulbeny 

widow Maiy, 5 Sterling al 
SheiTerd John, weigh master 43 Gaskill 
Shewell Thomas, merchant 223 High 
Shields Isaac, teacher 127 N 11th 
John,, gent Pine ab 10th 
Martha, mantua maker 17 Strawberry 
Robert, gent 35 N 2d 
S, teacher 127 N 11th 
widow Maiy, gentw Sassafras ab 13th 
wid Marj', shoe binder 10 Knights ct 
Shindler Eliza, 1 Acorn al 
Shiner Joseph, glass cutter N loth ab Cherry 
Shinn Earl, bricklayer 29 Elizabeth 
Mrs E, boarding h 110 S 3d 
Samuel, labourer b of 324 Sassafras 
Samuel, bricklayer 134 Pine 
Shinney Mar}^ vashw 42 Crown 



Shipky and Bartram, h ware mers S7 High 

Thomas, h ware mer 57 High d h 202 
Shippen Miss Elizabeth, 155 Pine 
Ships Catharine, Vine 1st ab Broad 
Shivers Adam, Sch 6th ab Spi\ice 
T, M D 4 Frankhn row 
M D 140 S lOtli 
Shober and Bunting, mers 26 S wharves 

Samuel L, mer 26 S whs d h N W cor 
Spruce and 3d 
Shocker Thomas, Walnut W Sch 4th 
Shoemaker Abraham, alderman 100 S 4th d h 
208 Spmce 
Charles M, h carp Raspberry lane 
Edward M, diy gd mer 6 Decatur 

d h 104 St John n i 
Francis, merchant 126 S 4th 
George, hatter Peny 
Henry, atty at law 126 S 4th 
Jane, 50 Mulbeny 
J, druggist S 12th bei Walnut 
John J, tobacconist 219 S 2d 
Jonatlian, com merch 12 S Water 

d h 25 N 12th 
Joseph, storeki- cor Perry & Pine 
Joseph, jr druggist Pine bet 12th 

and 13th 
L and F, mer 51 S wharves 
Nathan, M D 210 Chesnut 
Thomas, bottling cellar under 86 

N2ddh8N 11th 
Deborah wid of Abm, 126 S 4th 
widow, 27 N 12th 
Short William, gent 158 Chesnut 
Shotwell T, hatter 42 S Front 
Shourds David H, cordwainer 92 1-2 Vine 
Shrank Joseph, carter 142 N 13th 
Shreve Caleb, mer 20 N Front 
Shuff William, cab maker 165 N Front 
Shufflebottom Wm, cliina 8c glass sto 44 N2d 
Shultz Charles, cordwainer 122 S 5th 

Frederick, cab maker 16 Graj^'s al 
N, shop N E cor S Juniper & Chesnut 
William, cordwainer b of 75 N 8th 
Shidtzenbach & Marx, dealers 354 High 
iShuster Ancbew, inspector of staves &c 164 
Jacob, oak cooper 7S N A^^ater d h 30 

Joseph, acct Jones al n Front 
Peter, accountant Coombs al 
Siamon George, mariner 54 Penn 
Sibbald Cliarles F, mer Pine st whai-f d h 159 

t^.ibbet Mrs, grcceiy N W cor 5th and Sprace 
Sibert Mrs, Wagners al 
Sickles J T, printer 78 Locust 
Siddall Joseph, ciiUico printer N Broad near 

Mulberry d h 23 Palmp-a row n l 
Siddons Joseph, lott and exch broker 40 S 2d 
d h 193 S 2d 
Jos, tailor 25 N 3d d h 112 Green m i. 

Siddons 8c M'Grath, mer tailors 25 N 3d 
Side widow, shop Walnut n Sch 
Sider Jacob, cordwainer 50 N 3d 
Siemen Paul, gent 286 Chesnut 
Sigi-est Lewis, Cheny bet Sch 5th and 6th 
Sill Joseph, fancy store 177 Chesnut 
Silvea Henry, Pleasant avenue 
Silveira Alexander, woollen di-aper &. tjulor S 
W cor 2d & Chesnut d h 7 Norris' al 
M'Grath & M'Makin, tailors S W cor 
Chesnut and 2d 
Silverthorn John, sail maker 5 Miller's ct 
Silvester N, lottery bi-oker 12 S 3d 
Simes James W, druggist 459 High 

John W, di-uggist N W cor High and 

Sch 5th 
Miss, miniatui-e painter 228 Spruce 
Simmons Anthony, jr atty at law 50 S 8th 
Antimony, sen 44 Prune 
Edward, lumber mer 145 N 3d 
Henry, acct 28 N 3d 
Jacob, bricklr Quince be! Walnut W 
James, h carp S Juniper bel Walnut 
John, painter Nonnaters ct and 280 

John, lumber mer N 2d n Vine W 
John, hair dresr bleeder &c 189 S Ft 
John, tin plate worker and japanner 

22 and 24 N Front 
J, tinman 1 S 4th 
John G, 145 N 3d 
Joseph, 12 Sclu-ivers ct 
Joseph, acct 85 Chesnut 
Joseph, silver smitli Clever al 
Rebecca, seamstress Vine bel 13th 
Stephen H, ornamental chair painter 

67 Gaskill 
William, weigh master 3 Nonis' al d 
h 77 Tammany 
Simms Robert, 98 S Front 
Simons Godfrey, lab 403 Sassafras 

John, cordwainer 13 Hinckles ct 
John P, hatter Hunter's ct 
Simpson Anthony, wood sawyer b 200 Cherry 
David, cooper 153 N Water & 18 Vine 
Ellen, gentw 130 N 10th 
Hood, weaver 13th bel Pine 
Henry, agent 33 N Ft d h 130 N 10th 
James, accountant inquire of Tower 

and Hogan 
James, tailor 9 WilUngs al 
James, hatter 4 Gray's al 
James, comb maker 24 S 4th 
James, comb maker 70 New 
Michael, 2 Hawes ct 
S, tavern keeper 8 Strawberry 
Thomas, comb mr 71 New 
William, fancy store 66 Chesnut 
William, cordwainer 125 Locust 
widow, 10th bel Castle 
Sims David, 1 Jones' al 

Jacob, painter and glazier 96 N 11th 



Sims James C, painter & glazier 419 Mulberry 
dh 18N llUj 
Josepl), Spnice bet 12tJi and lotli S 
and Siiowdin, painters and jjiazitrs 419 

widow Margnirct, tailoivss 1 HoiTmans ct 
Singer Jolin, gentleman 413 High 
John jr Sc co, mcrs 263 High 
John, jr nicr 263 d h 413 High 
John, couch trimmer 26 lUackbcnT al 
Singleton Williain, clonus \v house 75 N Front 
Sinixon Tiiomxs, boot maktr 120 Locust 
Sink A, militiiry and mnsic store 21 High 
A, grocer 173 N 9tli 
Ann, gentw 136 S 10th 
John, baker 473 Sassafras 
Sinn widow Susann;i, sliopkeeper70 Sassafras 
Sinniff G, 100 S 13th 
Sisty Benj P, pocket book ma 10 S Front 

John, pocket bookmak 10 S Front 
Siter John, jr merch 133 High d h 355 High 

Price and co, merchant 133 High 
3ixte Stephen, tav keeper 12 J'ilbeii 
Skerrett David C, M D 153 S 10th 

George A, book binder 20 Watsons al 
James, smith 100 Locust d h 135 S 9th 
J James, first teller in Philada bank 
Joseph, jeweller 146 S 9th 
R A, printer Raspby al d h 144 S 9tb 
"Wm A, grocer S E cor 13th 8c George 
Skinner Johnson, sea capt 210 S 3d 
Taber, 75 S Water 
Rev Thomas, pastor of the Presbyte- 
rian ch Midbeny ab lOtli 344 Mulby 
wido%v, Perry 
Skyren Mrs, 79 S 6th 
Slack E, fancy store 38 S 4th 

Heniy, accountant 57 S 11th 

James E, teacher 125 Vine n l d h 31 

John, grocer 232 S 7th 
accountant Sch bank 11th bel Chesnut 
Slahter Jacob, tobacconist 143 N 3d 
Slater Anthony, merchant 278 AValnut 
Slaughter John, cooper 119 N Water 
Sleeper James, stove factory 94 N Front d h 
24 Elfreth's al 
Jonathan, china store &c 66 N 2d d h 

283 Sassafras 
Nehemiah, umbrella manuf 45 N 2d 
Slesman Miss, 319 High 
Slight John, tav keeper 60 N 6th 
Sloan James, wholesale and retail grocer High 
E of Sch Front S 
John, wholesale and retail grocer N W 

cor High and Sch 5th 
John, cordwainer 70 High d h Carters al 
John, d h Schrivers ct 
& Kelly, shoe and trunk ware h 70 High 
Slom Hugh, tav keeper 252 Sassafras 
Slough John, sugar refiner 1 Crown 
Small Abraham, gent 165 Chesnut 

Small Robert II, bookseller 8c stat 165 Chesnut 
wid Maty, gr<)c<T S W cor 8tl\ & Sassafras 

Smart Charles, baibcr 218 High 

Smedley Jacob, hanl ware sion; 6 1-2 N 5th 

Smelt/. Rcinhart, painter & glazier 4 Cherry 

Smiley John, tailor 76 New 

John, harness miker Castle 

Tlionuu? T, actuary at lift* ins company 

68 New 
wid of William, Pine ab 2d 

Smith A, tav keeper 117 S Water 

A, store keeper 65 N 2d 
Archibald, briekmr Lombard E Sch 7th 
and Bu'key, dentists 99 S 5th 
Benjamin, accwmtant 277 Walnut 
Benjamin M, infirmary 18 S 12th 

B. njamin P, cashier of the Commercial 
bank d h 7tli ab Filbert 

& Bi-own, mers 21 Chesnut 

Daniel B, di-uggist and paint store N 

E cor MulbeiTy &. 6tli d h 45 N 6tli 
Charles house carp 63 S Juniper 
Charles, button mr North bel 11th 
Charles, weaver Sch 8th bei Vine 
Charles, grocer 96 S 11th 
Charles L, gi-o 37 S 3d d h 113 Mulby 
C S, h ware mer 239 High d h Spruce 

bet 12th and 13tli 
Charles S, mer 80 Becks new wharves 

d h 167 S 3d 
C S & T W, hardware mers 239 High 
Chailes W, mer 103 N Front d h 251 

C AV & J R, mers 103 N Front 
Christian, baker 3 Laetitia ct 
Cliftord, mer 19 N Front d h 205 Spruce 
Daniel, gent 181 S 3d 
Daniel, jr mer 80 S whfs (Beck's new 

wharf) d h 44 Lombard 
Daniel G, grocer 79 N 3d 
Dockery, mer 189 Walnut " 

D, cordwainer 171 Sassafras 

E, merchant 20 S wharves 

Ed\\ ard, iron mer Summer's whf d h 

156 N Front 
Edwai'd & son, iron mers Summer's wf 
Elizabeth, shopkeeper Chesnut ab 8th 
Emanuel, dealer 141 Locust 
Francis, coach and harness mr 45 S 4th 
Francis, leghoni & fancy dry good store 

21 S 2d 
F Gumey, mer 27 S Ft d h 42 Lombard 
George, saddler 3 Fa)ctte 
Geo Fredk, type founder 299 S 10th 
George H, coach trimmer 3 F'ayette 
Geo R, 1st teller in bk of Pa 15 N llih 
George W, attv at law 38 S 6th d h 128 

S 8th 
George W, diy good store 175 N 2d 
George W, gent 69 N od 
(iurne)-, atty at law 12 S 7th d h S W 

cor Lombaid and Front 
H W & RH, 18 S wharves 



Smith Hannah C, dry good stoic 65 N 2tl 
Henry, tailor 88 S 3d 
Hiram, shop, 214 Lombard 
Hugh, painter &. glazier 99 Cheriy 
Isaac, jr grain mer Pine st wharf d h 1 

Jacob, drayman N E cor Sch 7th and 

Jacob R, mcrch 103 N Front d h 249 

Jacob AV, stove maniif 104 N 2d d h 

94 Sassafras 
James, woolen factory Spruce n Sch 
J, painter 48 N 7th 
J, painter 90 S 5th 
James, tinman 91 Cedar 
Rev James, 47 Crown 
- Rev Jamesj 27 N 11th 

James B, gent 340 Mulberry 

James E, gent 82 Lombard 

J C, 126 S 8th 

James S, jr cashier Southwark bank. 82 

James S, atty at law 101 S 4th 
Jesse, baker 184 vSassufi'as 
John, upholsterer 73 Walnut 
John plasterer Filbert n Sch 8th 
John, labourer 4 Cresson's al 
John, accountant 240 Filbert 
John, grocer 32 S whs and tav keeper 

Windmill Island 
J, stone mason 213 Lombard 
John, paper hanger 112 Cherry 
John C, brushmi-28 1-2 N 3d d h 89 New 
John C &. William H, mers 30 Dock 
John E, gi'ocer 233 S 5th 
John George, cuirier 87 N 3d 
J H, stone cutter 98 Mulberry 
John J, jr edit of Pennsylvania gazette 

135 Mulbei-ry 
Jacob, dentist 99 S 5th 
J H, flour store 76 Lnmbai-d 
John L, tobacconist 26 N 6th 
John P, gent 253 Mulbeiry 
John R, atty at law 68 S 8th 
John T, N W cor Race and 4th 
Jonathan, secretary of the Pennsylvania 

insurance company 134 Walnut 
Joseph, weaver N Broad ab Sassafras 
Joseph hatter 70 N 5th 
Joseph hatter 27 Lombard 
Joseph B, shoe store 336 High 
Joseph F, flour 55 N Water d h 

88 1-2 N Front 
Joseph, flour mer 55 N Water 
Joseph H, bricklayer Fries ct 
Joseph H, acct Farmer and Mechanics 

bank 1 Shiivers ct 
J and W, storekeepers 289 High 
Kenderton, attorney 48 S 6th 
Mary Ann, milliner 59 ?vlajberry 
Mar}-, rnilhner 154 N 4th 
& Mason, oak coopers Decatur n High 
Miss, mantua maker 22 >r8th 

Smith Morris, merch Girard's wharf d h 319 

Nathan, commis mer 116 Mulberry 
Noah, caiter Sch 8th bel Vine 
Oliver, exch brok 4 S 3d d h 2 Chester 
Peter, merchant 51 Spmce 
Philip, grocer 165 S Ft dh 120 Spruce 
Plijlip J, grocer 338 High 
P B, 136 N 8th 
Philip and son, grocers 165 S Front 

store keeper 35 High 

P, 143 Locust 

Ralph II, house carp 77 Cherry 
Richard, bookseller 42 N 2d 
Richard, merchant 80 S Front 
Richard Penn, editor Chesnut W of 

Broad N 
Richard S, mer 38 S Ft d h 40 Lombard 
Robert, silver smith and jeweller 12 Lit- 
tle George 
Robert, mer 33 S Front d h 83 Pine 
Robert H, city clerk 219 Pine 
Rowland, insp of the cust 110 N 10th 
R, saddler 1 Whjtakers row 
R, cal'^^er 4 Powell 
Samuel, mahog'any sawyer 11 Gaskill 
Samuel gent 131 S 3d 
Samuel storekeeper 7 1-2 S 2d 
Seth, teacher 98 Mulberry 
Solomon, store keeper 13 N 2d 
Stephen W, mer 1 03 N d h 174 S Front 
Stevenson & William M Gouge, editors 

Sc proprietors of the Philadelphia 

Gazette 97 S 2d 
Stevenson, oneof theeditof the Philada 

Gazette 97 S 2d d h 139 Walnut 
& Stewardson mer Girard's wharf 
Theobald, blacksmith N 8th n Sassafras 
Thomas, keeper of the lab jTinth garden 

& tav N E cor Mulberry & Sch 7th 

to Cherry 
Thomas, mer 156 N Front 
Thomas, 43 Cedar 
Thomas, accountant 13 N 12th 
Thomas L, M D 285 Chesnut 
Thomas W, h ware mer 239 High d h 

Spruce bet 12th and 13th 
Thomas, blacksm Cheriy W of Sch 8th 
Thomas S, att)- at law 74 S 6th 
William, atty at law 81 Walnut 
Wilham, fur merchant 4 Minor 
William, distiller 205 Cedar 
William, mason Sch 8th n Sassafras 
William, atty at law 295 High 
William, house carp Sheaft's al 
W^illiam, store keejjer 173 N 2d 
William, house carp Marks lane 
Wilham H, sugar refiner 9 Bread 
Wm 1', atiorne}' at law 17 N 5th 
W-J B, grocer 4th opposite Union 
V/ituam Penn, teacher 152 S 10th 
William S and co, mers 80 S (Beck's 

new) wharves & 161^ Water 



Smith Wm S, mer 80 S (Beck's new) wharves 
&. 161 S Water d h 181 S 3d 
W W, morchuut 43 Dock 
porter Cun-ant aJ 
widow C":ithiirine, 3 Osmonds ct 
widow K, S AV cor Front &. [.oiuhavtl 
widow F, g-ciitw 104 N 7tli 
widow Hannah, 5 CJaskill 
widow Jane, teacher 15 Cresson's al 
widow R, 112 Walnut 
widow S, g'cntw 73 Chciry 
widow of James, gcntw 253 Mulberry 
widow, 18 little Pine 
widow, washwoman 6 Moorcs ct 
widow 2 N 11th 
widow b of 381 Hijjh 
widow boarding' house 138 N Front 
widow 178 Locust 
\%-idow Sch 8th bel Vine 
widow N E cor Hig-h and 9th 
widow mantua maker 16 Starr al 
Smull ^^■iHiam, cordwainer 6 Harmony ct 
Smyth Edwuixl, printer 198 Cherry 

Isaac & CO, dry good r.iers 172 High 
Snellbaker Philip, Uiv keeper 190 N Water 
Sneyd Samuel S, apMhecaiy 139 N 2d 
Snider Jacob, bookfolder and binder Cherry 
n 9th N 
M & G, printers booksellers Sec 6 N 5th 
Snoble Jacob, blacksmith 255 Sassafras 
Snow James, M D 454 Sassafras 

James F, >1 1) & druggist S E cor 10th 

and ^'ine d h 454 Sassafi-as 
Silas, house carp 76 N 9th 
Snowden Charles, sea capt 106 S 5th 
Isaac C, M D 195 Walnut 
Miles, china store 55 N Front d h 26 

Wood X L 
Thomas, 32 Chester 
. Thomas, cutler 15 N 5th 
widow Rebecca, gentw 106 S 5th 
widow Sophia, seamsti-ess 85 N 9th 
Snyder Aaron, tobacconist 162 Cheny 
Enoch, wheelwright 156 N 8th 
George, accountant 3 Comptroller 
George C, shopkeeper Cedar ab 2d N 
John, brickmaker S 13th S E cor Lyn- 

dalls al yard Cedar op Sch 2d 
John, grocer S E cor 6di & Spruce 
John, cab maker 198 Pine 
John, gilder 5 Pleasant avenue 
John, grocer 321 High 
John, 54 N 4th 
John, Spruce bel 13th S 
Joseph, chair mr & gilder 105 Walnut 
Mrs Mary, fancy store 113 Chesnut 
Peter, tailor 176 I^ombard 
Snyder >Irs Mary, S E cor 6th and Spruce 
Soby Nicholas, tobacconist 133 Midberry 

Walter, painter &. glazier Rehef al 
Solms J, merchant 58 S Front 
Solliday John, Cherry W of Sch 6th 

Solliday William, Cherry W of Sch 6th 
Solomon Samuel M, acct 161 Cedar 

Sarah, 175 S 7th 
Somei-dike J, Jiv stab kr N E cor Locust 8s. 8th 
Somers & CrowU y, clock & watdimr 132 S Ft 

Lydia, storekeeper 56 S 2d 
Somervillc Arthur, weaver Hch 6tli ab Spruce 
Mary, sliop cor Sassafi-os & Sch 8th 
William, ostler Kckfelds ct 
Songster William, N E cor Cheny &. Broad 
Sonyster Joseph, laboiuer 39 Quince 
Souder Casper, cordw ainer 36 Chesnut 

Charles, cooper and deputy inspector 

of salt provisions 143 N Water 
Godfrey, grocer 173 Mulbeny 
Jacob W, clothing store 220 High 
Thomas M, bnckla}er &c 163 Cedar 
Thomas R, apotliecary and druggist N 
E cor 4tli and Pine 
Souffrain John, cupper bleeder &c 106 N Ft 
Souher J M, 132 S 5th 

. Mary, 132 S 5th 
South Geo W, store kr 98 Chesnut d h S 5th 
William, jeweller 163 Cedar 
widow, 151 S 3d 
Southan John, agent to Brookh'n glass works 

23 Dock 
Southwell Mr, comedian S 12tli n Chesnut 
Southwick James, cordwr Sch 8th bel Vine 
Sower widow Hannah, gentw 61 CheiTy 
Sowerby Mary, shopkeeper 90 N 4tli 
Sowerman Wilham, 170 Cherry 
Yerkes, 15 South al 
Spackman Sanmel, mer 21 Church al d h 308 
widow, 178 Mulbeny 
Spaffbrd C, shopkeeper 29 S 2d 
Spalding John, shop 10 St Mary's 
Spimier M, dealer 70 S 4th 
Spannenberg widow Chai-lotte, drj- good store 

16 S 2d and 7 Arcade 
Spai-gella J B, gent 60 New 
Sparhawk Thomas, acct 19 Chesnut 
Sparks Barman, mariner Brooks ct 

Thomas, plumber and shot manuf49 
S wharves d h 478 S Front and shot 
tower 21 Johns (S) 
w idow Sarah, gentw 163 S 2d 
Spearman John, 22 Franklin ct 
Spears Geo, tav kr N W cor 10th and Walnut 

Henry, N W cor 4th and Sassafras 
Speck Frederick, 154 Vine 

wid of C A, tav keeper 154 Vine 
Speel M, teacher 34 Strawberry 
Spence Andrew B, mer 60 S wharves 

Charles, S W cor Walnut and 8th 
James, wheelwright \A'alnut n Sch 4th 
James, house carp Walnut W Sch 7th 
Robert, shopkeeper 160 S 5th 
Spencer Asa, engraver 43 Zane 

Mrs, S W cor 8th & Wahiut 
widow Elmina, teacher 249 High 



Sperry C & co, ladies shoe mrs S W cor 5tJi 
and North al 
Jacob, mer and consul for Prussia 99 

S Front d Iv 99 S 4th 
wid of Frederick W, gcntw 119 S 9tli 
Spiegel John R, potter Filbert n Sch 5th 
Spohn WiHiam, wholesale grocer 133 N 2d d 

h 230 Sassafras 
Spooner C S, 120 N 2d 

William, shoe store 67 N 3d 
William, tav keeper 4 Chesnut 
Spotswood Thomas C, 61 N 8th 
Spragg Richard, dealer 19 IJranch 
Springer Benj H, inspec of customs 157 N 9th 
Spratson William, lab Sassafi-us W Sch 8th 
Springel Fred, millwr Mulberiy W Sch 2d 

widow, 212 Pine 
Springer widow Hannah, 66 Union 
Sproat Peter VV, military and naval intelli- 
gence office 62 Spnice 
Sprogel widow Mary, gent 232 Walnut 
Sprong David, h carp 3 NoitIs' al d h Beach 
n Maiden (K) 
John, cordwainer 93 New 
Stacey Davis B, mer 220 Spruce 

James G, mer & agent for the N York 
line of packets 22 S whf d h 130 S 3d 
Stackhouse Hastings, china store 113 N 13th 
Powell, pattern maker 22 Vine 
Samuel P, 60 Vine 
Stage widow, Marble 
Stager Cornelius, cordwainer 175 N J'ront 
Stagg Josiah, biickmaker 104 N Juniper 
Stalder J, weaver 2 Quince 
Stallard James, shop keeper 10 Stampers al 
Stamper widow Sarah, gentw 68 Pine 
StancUff Benjamin, mathematical and optical 

instrument maker 128 S Front 
Stanbridge John, mer N 4th d h 5 S 9th 
Stanbro Ann, shop 188 N Water 
Stanly Non-is, merchant 130 S Front 
Stant William, tailor Loxley's ct 
Stanton and Brothers, mers 24 S wharves 
James, tav keeper 130 N 11th 
T P, mer 24 S \\]iar\^es 
Stappen Henry J,' cordwainer 197 N 2d 
Stark Robert, taller 9 Hannony ct 
Starr Henry, type cutter 172 S 9th 

Isaac, mer 56 S whar^-c's d h 109 Spruce 
John, saddler 575 High 
Samuel, merchant 43 Walnut i 
Starrit Reuben, 116 N 13th 
Stavely William, piinter 99 S 2d 
Stedimore John, lab Sch 5th n Cheny E 
Stedman Isaac, stone cutter Quince bel Walnut 
Steel James, house carp 16 Juniper lane 

James, flour and grain mer 67 S whar\'es 

d h 29 Walnut 
James W, portrait and historic engraver 

43 Sansom 
John, brass founder 48 New 
John labom'er Feaiis' ct 
John, manuf cotton goods N W cor 6tl 

and St Mary's 
& M'Alpin, mers 34 N Front 

Steel Robert, gent 1 17 Spruce 
Robert, 196 Spruce 
Robert, gent 247 Spruce 
Thomas, 48 New 
William, merchant 72 S wharves 
William, merchant 7 Union 
William N, mer 71 S Front d h 62 Vine 
William S, mer 71 S Ft d h 125 S 9th 
widow Elizabeth, gent 122 S 2d 
Steele John, jr weigher 196 Spruce 

widow of Gen John, gentw 196 Spruce 
Steer, v. idow tav keeper 41 Prune 
Steen Robert, grocer High n Sch 4th 
Stegagnine L, ornamental sculptor S E cor 9th 

and George d h 97 George 
Stein Abraham, watchmaker 84 N 3d 

Ann, 23 N.9th 
Steiner George, baker 27 Walnut 
Jacob, 3 Schiivers ct 
John, cutler 48 1-2 Mulberry d. h 5 
Littleboys ct 
Steinhauer D, teacher 124 S 6th & 218 Pine 
Steinmetz Daniel, acct at the Commercial bk 

Miss Eliza, 270 Chesnut 
Stelor Catharine, 88 N 4th 
Stelts E, labourei- Sch Sth ab Sassafras 

John, baker 1 19 N 9th 
Stelwaggon Charles, 137 N 8th 

Jessee L, iron store and coal yard 
S W cor old York road & Cal- 
lowhiU N L d h 277 Sassafras 
Joseph, h carp 2 Nicholsons ct 
Stephens Alexander, manuf 470 Sassafras 
David, S W cor Sassafras and 9th 
John, tobacconist Shcaff's al 
Robert S, secy of the North America 

Insurance company 49 N 6th 
William, house caip 268 Lombai'd 
widow, tiiv keeper S W cor & Sassa- 
fras and 9th 
SteiT Georg-e, thy good store 154 N 8th 
Sten-ett Joseph, d\GT High- E of Sch 6th 

William, lab N Broad bel Vine E 
Steth widow, box maker Sch 8Ui bel Vine 
Stevens Catharine boarding h 433 High 
Tliomas, cordwainer 62 Penn 
William, tav keeper 122 S Fi-ont 
Stevenson Aaron, diy good store 221 S 5th 
Charles, jr 4 Laurel ct 
Cornehus, tax collector 28 N9th 
Da\ Id, hatter 40 Cherry 
James, storekeeper 238 S 2d 
J, blacksmith 213 Lombard 
J H, mer 35 N Water d h 115 S 4th 
Mrs, 4 Laurel ct 
Thomas, soap and candle manuf 

203 S 6th 
William, gent 288 Chesnut 
Wm, jr cuM-ier 38 Chesnut d h 28 

Wilham, lab Sch 6tli ab Spnice 
widow Mar>- C, gentw"78 S 5th 
Stever Henry, flour mei- 407 High 
Henry acct 127 N 3d 



Stewardson (icorgc, 92 Muibeny 

Tlioniius, j;vi\t 90 Miilht'iiy 
Stewart A, hair divsscr &.c 42U Iligli 
CluiiKs, Sch 8th ii Siissiifras 
niiviil, (IcuIcT JUS S Otii 
David, shop S llighVV Sell jlli 
PV.mcis, blucksniitli 373 Siussaf'ras 
G 11, stoi-okt.-ii)cr 217 S 2d 
Henry 15, moroc dresser S E cor Vine 

&, Crown d li 29 Julianna x i 
Janus, cordwr Pine bet 12th & loth 
Si Janic's, cabinet makers 107 AVahuit 
James, {"^-occr 207 S 2d 
Jolm, mer 7 S whiu'vcs d h 206 Spruce 
John, teacher 18 Bread 
J, \(eavcr Aim ab 12th 
J B, storekeeper N W cor Pine & 2d 
J &, CO, house carps 2 Hlaekhorse al 
Joseph, house carp 113 N 10th 
Josiah, M D 100 S 8tli 
Matliias, tinsmith 146 Sassafras 
Mary, ,s^entw Chesnut ab 12th 
P, teacher 105 Chesnnt 
Samuel M, stationer and manuf paper 
hangings &c 122 Chesnut d h 91 S 
Thomas, painter 6 Lodge 
Thomas, U S appraiser 15 N lltli 
M'illiam, att)" at law state house 
WilHam, house carp 11 Knights ct 
WiUiam H, fancy cliair maker 108 N 

Front d li 2d be] Pine 
AVilUani, shop Lombard bel 13th S 
widow Elizabetli, gentw 394 Sassafras 
widow Mar)-, grocer 73 Locust 
widow Mary, gentw 479 Sassafras 
widow Rachel, shopkr 3 Acorn al 
widow, 87 N 2d 
widow, 462 Sassafras 
St Felix J ohn K, merch 38 Chesnut d h 237 

StiefT John, baker 17 N Btli 
Stiles John, portable desk and dressing case 
manuf 89 S 2d & 23 Arcade 
Robert E, house carp Quince bet Locust 

and Walnut 
Thomas T, city commisr 142 S lltli 
widow Cathai'ine, 44 Vine 
Stell James, 125 S 9th 

Stille Benjamin, mer 33 S Water d h Chesnut 

Benjamin & Samuel, mers 33 S Water 
H, shopkeeper 61 Union 
John, gent Chesnut 1st bel 13tli S 
John, ]r atty at law 65 S 5tli d h Walnut 

widow Catliarine, gentw 204 AValnut 
Stilly John H, ladies smoemaker 80 Sassafras 
Stiltz John D, baker 115 N lOtli 
Stinger Eve 127 New 

wid Elizabeth, shop 16 Pennsylvania 
Stimmell Phihp, tobacconist Caledonian ct 

StiUi Townsend, 96 S 8th 

Stitzel Peter, Uiv keeper Walnut W Sch 7th 

Stock widow Maiy, 15 Cheny 

widow, 4 liodinan's a! 
Stocker Anthony, gent 118 Pine 

John (;, mer 10 Pnnie 
Stockley &, Birch, meres &. tailors 149 Chesnut 
Stockley Thomas, cordwainer 317 Spruce 

William, mer tailor 149 Cliesnut d h 
182 Sassafras 
Stockman Jacob, gold h silver thimble manuf 
46 Chusnut d h 61 Gaskill 
& Pepper, gold and silver tliimble 
niunuf 46 Cliesnut 
Stockton Charles, mer tiiilor 251 High 
Sarah, ^entw 258 'Walnut 
Wm, acctatalmsh Spioice ab 10th 
William, store keeper 22 N 5th 
Stoddail A &. J, dry good store 13 N Front 
& Athcrton, com mers 60 N Front 
Isiutc, Walnut n Sch 4th 
John, agent for the New York coal 
company 60 N Front d h 65 N 6th 
John, weaver Sassafras W Sch 8th 
Sarah, store keeper 5 N 7tli 
Stoever Frederick, mer 29 Dock d h Locust W 
of 12th 
and Foote, mers 29 Dock 
Susan, school 24 Branch 
Stokes and Busby, wholesale diy good mers- 
96 1-2 High 
Caleb, boarding h 132 N 11th 
Charles, grocer N E cor 4th & Branch 
Charles, fancy dry good store 54 S 2d 
C M & W H, storekeepers 57 N 4th 
Isaiah, house carp N E cor Pine & 7tli 
Mordecai, tailor 64 Chesnut 
Samuel, watchman Loxley's ct N from 

Samuel, tailor 35 Chester 
S, milliner 6 Sti-awberry 
Thomas, house carp b of 3 Decatur d h 

14 Moore's ct 
Thomas, jr plasterer 45 Chester 
Thomas, sen collector 51 Chester 
William, constable 50 Sassafras 
Stone Andi-ew J, plumber 61 Walnut 

Dexter, mer S E cor Libi-aiy and 5th & . 

35 S Front 
John, lab Sch 6tli ab Spinice 
John, fancy btore 41 S 2d 
Mary, milliner 103 N 2d 
Stones Samuel, mer d h 111 S 10th 
Storer Samuel, sea capt 74 Lombard 
Stork Aai'on, grocer wine & liquor mer 1 S ■ 
Water d h 9 S Front 
F and S, store keepers 131 S 2d 
Story George P, bk binder & folder 159 N 3d 
StotJiart widow of William, gentw 349 High 
Stotsenberg Samuel, lab Sassafras n Sch 8th 
Stout Brothers, engraver 63 Chesnut 
Charles, dr}' good store 159 N 2d 
Henry, Crown n Vine 
Jacob C, liattcr 30 Sassafi'as al 



Stout Jolin, whip maker 52 Crown 
John, jr 52 Crown 
doctor, 179 Pine 
Stow Cliarles, diy good store 38 N 6th 
John, turner 76 Sassafras 
Samuel, bricklayer 40 Zane 
Stowers widow Ann, N W cor Sch 6th & High 
Strahan Joseph, house carp Lombard n 10th 
widow Margaret, tav keeper cor Lom- 
bai"d and 8th 
Strattan Ebenezer, ta'rlor 1 Sliields ct 
Henry, mer tailor 10 ReUef al 
John, 174 Lombard 
Wimam A, 8 High 
Streaper John, S W cor Sch 7th & Sassafras 
John, tobacconist 139 S 4th 
Ricliard, baker 96 N 3d 
Street Thomas, cordwainer 108 N 2d 
Strembeck Jacob, high sheriff of the city and 
county of Philadelphia office W wing of 
the state house d h 60 S 11th 
Stretch William, acct 143 High 
Stretcher F, house carp 129 S 6th 
Strickland Hugh, innkeeper 150 Sassafras 
J, house carp 174 Pine 
Thomas, lab Broad bel Vine 
Wilham, architect d h 117 S 9th 
Stringfield William, mariner Locust n Dean 
Strobel Benjamin, gent 170 S 11th 
Stroud George M, atty at law S W cor Mul- 
berry and 4th d h 85 Mulberry 
Thomas, merchant 10 N 6tli 
Stroup Jacob, tailor 5 Castle 

John, tailor 4 and 8 N Water d h 205 

N 2d N L 
John, sen gent S W cor Mulberry & 4th 
Struthers Alexander, teacher Ann ab 12th 

John, stone cutter 360 High d h 1 
. N 10th 
Strjker John B, 142 Sassafi-as 

anS Progue, merchs 97 High 
Stubbs & Allen, blacking manuf 396 High 
Stuble A, 13 Chancer}' lane 
Stuckert Hem-)-, apothy &. drug^st 33 N 4th 
Stull John, carter 214 Vine 

William, cordwainer up 115 N lOth 
Sturgess Anthony D, Sturgess ct 

Stephen, dry good store 165 S 2d 
widow Anna, shop 476 High 
Stum John, baker 225 S 5th 
Stutler Philip, blacksmith Say n Sch 8th 
Stutzell Peter, 'SA'alnut W of Sch 4th 
Stutzenberg Chi-istopher, Sassafras bet Sch 
7tli and 8th 
John, bi-ickmr Sassafras bet Sch 
7th and 8th 
Sulger Jacob, jr acct 161 Mulberry 
Sullivan Charles, teacher of drawing 162 Cherry 
Florence, grocer cor 13th & Cedar 
John, grocer 195 Lombard 

Sullivan John T, book binder & stationer N W 
cor Front 8c High d h 237 Spruce 
N H, house cai-p 61 S Juniper 
Sully Thomas, portrait painter 204 Spruce 
Summers Eliza, shop 134 N I3th 

Geo, oak cooper Sch 6th ab Chesnut 
John, minter 154 N 13tli 
Lydia, dry gd & fancy sto 54 S 4th 
widow Rachael, gentw 19 Sassafras 
Sumpton Rebecca, b h 22 Pine 
Super Wilham, cab mr N W cor Front & New 
d h 13 New 
widow Jane, cab mr N W cor Front 8c 
New d h 13 New 
Suplee Jonas, h carp & sto kr 10 S al &. 21 N 8th 
Surveyors office, cust house S 2d bel Dock W 
Suter Daniel, gent 97 New 

John, accountant 30 N 6th 
widow Ann, gentw 30 N 6th 
Sutherland John, plumber 128 Sassafras 
Swaim William, discoverer and proprietor of 
tlie celebrated Panacea 221 Chesnut 
Sw£um's bath house, N E cor 7th & Geoi-ge 
Swain Abi"aliam, cordwainer 28 Vine 
Deboiah, 81 Mulberry 
Edward H, diy good store 28 N 2d 
Elijah, 111 Spruce 
Swan, M D 144 S Front 
Margaret, 43 Chesnut 
Robert, silver sm & umbrella mr 75 S 2d 
Swartz George, tailor 124 N Water 
Sweeny A, dry good store 100 Locust 
David, lab Lombard ab 12th 
Frederick M, storekeeper 63 N 2d 
Sarah, milUner 81 N 2d 
Wilham, house carp 2 Bells ct 
Sweetzer Simon, cab maker 124 Sassafras 
Swett J B, 175 Walnut 
Swever HeniTj^O N 7th 
Swift Caleb, 16 N 8th 
Charles, 16 N 8th 
Joh , attorney at law 60 S 6th 
John, 130 N 2d 
John AV, gent 103 Pine. 
J, Blackbeiry al 
Joseph, 109 Spruce 
Lewis, 98 N 13th 
Robei-t, confectioner 102 S 10th 
widow, 161 N 8th 
Swingston James, b of 479 Sassafras 
Sword Mrs, b h 70 Walnut 
Sykes Robert W, atty at law 49 S 5th 
Sylvester N & S, lott & exch brokers 12 S 3d 
Brothers & co, fur skin dressers 
aiid dyers 20 Penn 
Syme George, 106 Union 
Symington Alexander, hardware mer 98 High 

d h 210 "VA'alnut 
Syng John, cordwainer 172 Pine 



Tack CliarlcH, tailor 213 Lonib:u-(l 
'I'iicknian (JhrisUim F, baker 46 Killnit 
Tacoii Don Francisco, Sp»nisli minister 270 

Tag-c William, tailor 26 S 3d 
Tagg Gtorge, mer 1 S 2d 
Ta^rt .losopli, prest Farmers & Mechanics bk 

76 S 6tli 
Tagggrt Hunr)-, drayman Prospect al 

Jolm, weaver X lOUi n Sassafnis 
John, mer 143 Spi-uce 
Jolni, weaver Lombai"d E Sch 7th 
J, dr\- good mer 116 S 8th 
J n, mer 143 Spruce 
Mrs, 143 Spiaice 
Robert, carpet weaver 87 N 10th 
Tait William, pocket book nu" 225 Mulberry & 

f;mCy store 17 Arcade 
Talbot Henry, house carp Pine ab 13th N 

William, 7 Pennsylvania avenue 
Tallieno Francis, wool scoiu*er 15 Lombai-d 

widow, 80 Sassafras 
Tallman Joseph, cordwainer 71 S 2d 

widow Patty, gentw 128 AValnut 
Talmage "William, cordwainer 172 Sassafras 
Tams and Brothers, china mers 243 Hig'h 

James, china mer 243 Hig-h d h 43 N 3d 
William, china mer &c 243 High 
Tanner Benjamin, engraver 74 S 8th 

Heniy S, engraver &. map h chart seller 
S W cor 7th & Chesnut d h 8 Sansom 
Tappan William B, 170 S 3d 
Tarr Augustus G, & co, lottery brokers 1 
E I) & CO, gros N E cor Mulberiy Sc 5tli 
Tate widov\- Jane, 185 S 7th 
Tatem Allen W, 102 Vine 
Mar>- M, 102 Vine 
widow Ann A, b h 303 Sassafras 
Taws Charles, musical instnunentmr74 Union 

John, oi-ganist &c 7 Powel 
Taylor Alexander, sea capt 3 Elfreths al 

Amos, mer 47 N Water d h 199 Mulby 
Bankson, mer 6 N whs d h 50 Sassafras 
Benjamin, brushmakcr 4 N 3d d h 2 

Montgomeiy squai-e 
Benjamin, accountant 130 N 2d 
Catharine, gentw 37 Sansom 
Charles, cordwainer 163 N Front 
Chai-les T, teacher 37 Mulberry 
Ebenezer, carter Adam W 
Enoch, cai-ver Willings ct b 112 N 8th 
Enoch, bricklayer EUreth's al 
and Ford, storekeepers 149 S 2d 
George, smith 6 Bells ct 
George, linplate worker 116 N 2d 
George, oyster cellar S E cor Chesnut 

and 3d 
George, 21 Bank 

Geo W, shoe store S E cor High &. oth 
and Harmar, mers 269 High 
James, innkeeper 145 Cedar 
Rev James, 246 Walnnt 

Taylor Jane, diy good store 25 N Front 
Jeremiali, saddler 8 8 Broad 
John M, 3 S 12th 

Joseph, i)lacksmith Sch 8tli bel Vine 
Joseph, innkrr western hotel High ab 

J, mini Perry N bet Sxssafras 8c Vine 
J R, bricklayer 8 Castle 
and Krohns, grocers 164 Locust 
Levi, grocer 216 S 2d . 
Lewis, shoesto 168 S E cor High & 5th 
Lewis and son, shoestore 168 S E cor 

High and 5tii 
Louther, clock & watch mr 132 Locust 
Lrdia, 211 Pine 
Martha, teacher of painting on velvet 

Moses, S W cor 10th and Vine 
Moses, teacher 22 N 5tli 
O H, M D 325 Sasstifras 
Robert, mer 269 High d h 206 Mulberry 
R G, confectioner 187 S 2d 
Samuel, Richarclsons ct 
and Teese, 69 Chesnut 
Thomas, cordwainer 247 S Front 
Thomas, currier 39 Walnut 
Thomas, innkeeper 218 High 
Thomas, tailor 150 N Water d h 155 N 

William, tinplate worker 135 N 2d d h 

55 Sassafi-as 
W^illiam, Juniper n Cherry 
W'illiani, jr merchant 184 High 
William N, 2 Montgomeiy square 
Wm, ladies slioe store 149 Walnut 
Wilson, acct 16 Peny 
widow Hannah, 62 Spruce 
widow Jane, grocer 106 N 7th 
widow, 18 Sassafi"as al 
widow, seamstress 126 S 13th 
Tayntor L, dry good store 130 S 2d d h 2 Or- 
Tees Daniel, spinning wheel and chair maker 

150 N Front 
Teill George, fringe maker 42 N 6tli 
Telfare Mrs, 212 Chesnut 
Tempest Robert, jeweller 89 S 2d d h 22 

Temple Daniel G, 69 New 

and Harker, mers 123 High 
Solomon, 44 S 6th 
Tenbrook Mrs E, boarding house 10 S 7th 
Tennant Christopher, dry good store & stone 
cutter 443 High 
& Highland, stone cutters S W cor N 

10th and Cheny 
John, stay 8c corset mr 77 S 3d 
Teisseire Anthony, merch 23 S Front d h 294 

Tevis Benjamin, gent 393 Mulberry 

J, gent d h 3 Boston row 
Thackara James, engraver Pennsylvania Acad 
Fine Arts Chesnut bel 11th 
James, M D N E c Chesnut & Broad 



Thackara Mark, clotliing store 81 S Water 

William W, conveyancer S E cor 3d 

& Walnut d h 127 S 9th 
William W & Samuel, conveyancers 
S E cor 3d and Walnut 
Thatcher Margaret, milliner 12 S 10th 

widow Jane, b h 118 1-2 Chesnut 
Tliibaidt & Brotliers, wholesale & retail jew- 
ellers &. silver smiths 150 Chesnut 
S E cor 5th 

Cecile, gentw 29 1-2 Powel 
Fehx, jeweller and silver smith 150 

Chesnut dh 159 Pine 
Francis, jeweller & silver smith 150 

Frederick, jeweller & silver smith 

150 Chesnut d h 94 S 5th 
wsid Mary, mantua mr 4 Hoffman's al 
Thiell Henry, printer 245 Cedar 
Tliirion Lewis, jeweller 8 Franklin ct 
Thomas Anna, mantua maker 133 N 6th 

Amos, wheelwright Sch 7th n Spruce 

Asa, shoe store 123 N 2d 

and Baldwin, grocers and liv sta krs 

14 S 4tli 
Benjamin, cordwainer 108 Union 
& Baldwin, gi'ocers & stable keepers 

11 S4th 
Charles J, dry good store 31 N 2d 
David, cordwainer 66 N 9tli 
David, shop 214 S 7th 
David, N Sch 4th n High 
E, cabinet maker 19 Jones al 
Evans, tailor 197 N Front 
George, mer 36 N J't d h 27 Mulberry 
George, 209 S 4tli 
Jacob, gent 25 S lOdi 
Jacob M, mercli 51 N Front d h 181 

Callowhill N I, 
James, mariner 2 Castle 
Jesse, 323 Sassafras 
John, cordwainer 44 S 3d 
John, mer 51 N Ft d h 165 N 5th n t 
John J D, M D 163 Sassafras 
John G, gent 97 N 9th 
Jonathan, commis mer 431 Chesnut 
J M, French teacher 20 Prune 
Joseph, salt merch N E cor Vine and 

Water n l d h 97 N 5th 
Joseph W, cordwainer 51 N 3d 
&. Martin, mers and Providence R I 

packet office 51 N Front 
Maiy, bakei- 13 Franklin ct 
Moses, auctioneer 87 Chesnut d h 61 

Robert, carter 444 Sassafras 
Robert, coach painter 213 S 5tli d h 

4 Elizabeth 
Samuel &. co, lotteiT brokers 32 N 3d 
Samuel H, mer 100 S Front d h 246 

William, coal mer 47 S wharves d h 

23 Key's al (New) 
W J, corder Morgans ct 

Thomas Zebulori, stable kr & grocer 11 S 4th 
coachmaker Library 
widow Sarah, shoe store 123 N 2d 
widow Susannah, cook 189 S 7th 
widow, 10 Franklin ct 
Thompson Alexander, grocer S W cor 4th & 
Alex, weaver Sch 8th ab Sassafras 
Andrew, cordwainer 155 N 2d 
Benjamin, cabinet mr 28 Mulberry 
David, gi-ocer and tavern keeper 

Locust E of 13th 
David, hatter 6 Trotters al 
Edward, marble mason Mulberry n 

Francis, mer 36 Chtirch al d h 114 

Francis & nephew, mers 36 Ch al 
George, oak cooper and gauger 39 

Isaac, druggist N W cor High and 

2d d h 59 N 4th 
James, printer 1 Hydes ct 
James, cordwainer 25 Lombard 
James C, grocer 303 High d h 31 

James C & co, grocers 303 High 
John, lab Sassafras ab Sch 8th 
John, 47 Penn 

John, tavern kr cor Sch 8th & Say 
John, turner 6 Vaxix's ct 
John, weaver Lombard n 12th 
John W, grocer 254 S 2d 
John, hatter 8 Hinckel's ct 
Jonali, 221 Walnut 
Joseph, Sassafras n to Juniper • 
Lydia, gentw 221 Walnut 
Maik, labourer Ann bel 13th 
N B, accountant 29 Mulbeny 
Robert, w sale grocdh 188 Spruce 
R R, S W cor 9th and Mulberry 
Samuel, tav keeper 67 N 6th 
Samuel, mer 26 N Front d h 221 

Samuel, weaver 18 S Broad 
Sarah, gentw 5 Boston row 
Sai-ah, 119 N 6th 
William, house carp 120 N 11th 
Wm, S E cor Sassafras & Juniper 
William, oak cooper & gauger 25 

d h 47 Penn 
William R, mer 11 N Water d h 66 

AVilliam R & co, mers 11 N Water 
widow Margaret, 97 Gaskill 
widow Maiy, 8 Pear 
widow Maiy Ann, 119 N 11th 
widow, seamsti-ess Gray's al 
Thomson A H, atty at law 40 N 6th 
Charles W, 81 Mulbeny 
Jcssec, M D 2 Thomson's ct 
Peter, conveyancer 197 Mulberry 
Peter, jr druggist 34 Sassafras 



Thomson widow Jane, gentw 81 Mulberry 
Thorn Daniel, house carp 119 S llUi 

J, house c:yj) 26 Adams 
Thonihill Uichurd, ]»l; 11 Willing's al 
Tliornton Janu-s, we:ivcT 381 Sassafnus 

James M, nier 189 High 
Thorp James, tav kr Merino Hotel 3 Cherry 
Thouron Nicholas, mcr 109 Hi.nh d ii 18 Powel 

Nicholxs &. CO, mer 1U9 High 
Tlirockmorton Joseph W, mer d h 285 Sassaf 
Thum Chai-lcs, watchmaker 4 N 6th 

widow, 160 N 3d 
Ticket George, bi-ewer 79 Chesnut 
Tiemey Thomas, gro S E cor Cedar & Crabb 
Tiers Cornelius, block and pump maker d h 
115 S Water 
James D, rope maker and ship chandler 
50 S wharves 
Tilglunan Benjamin, atty at law 185 Chesnut 
fwid Betsey, whitewasher 17 Gaskill 
wid of Edward, gentw 234 Walnut 
widow R, 80 S 4th 
Tiller Robert, jr engraver 18 N 3d 

Samuel, copper plate printer 32 Church 
al d h Spruce ab 13tli S 
Tillinghast J C, acct Commercial bk 35 S 10th 
Timmons Francis,, tailor 157 S Front d h 37 

Tingle Jonathan, saddler 142 High 
Tingley B W, mer d h 105 N 7tli 
Tinker Joseph A, coach maker 46,QuJnce 
Tisdall Charles, groc N E cor Walnut &. Water 
Tittle Moses, coi-dwainer 135 N 6tli 
Tobias Solomon, malster 11 Marshall's al 
Toby Simon, sea capt 15 Pine 
Tod William H, atty at law 163 Wahiut 
Todd J, weaver Ann ab 12th 

M D 131 S lOtli 

Todhunter Joseph, hoisery glove & lace stove 
123 Chesnut 
R, fancv dress mr 2 Ramstead ct 
S 4th' 
To d George W', attv at law 1 S 5th d h 
296 Walnut 
Henry, mer 166 Highd h 122 S 8th 
Hugh, tailor 4 Branners al 
Robert, mer 180 High d h 83 S 6th 
Tolbert John, accountant 61 S 11th 
Tolon Don Jose, Mexican consul 38 Walnut 
Tomkins Thomas, bricklr 30 Washington sq 
Tomlin Charles, drj' good store 42 1-2 N 4th 

Enoch, chair maker 79 N Front 
Tomlinson Benjamin, house carp 225 Cedar 
Jesse, tavern & stable keeper and 
Lancaster stage office 284 High 
Tompkins Samuel, bricklr Sch 8th ab Sassafras 
Tooker L, 146 Chesnut 
Topham John, 12th ab Spruce 

Reuben, MulbeiT}" n Broad 
Toram S, painter 9 Dean 

Torbass book binder StrawbeiTj' 

Torr Jabael, tailor 48 Filben 

Willbm S, storekeeper 5 N 2d 

Torrance George, inn kr N W cor Lombard 

and 6th 
ToiTence Abraham, labourer 66 N Juniper 
Torrj- Hamilton, tallow ciiandkr 125 S lltli 
Taurison Stephen, ship caip 188 Lombard 
Towar Alexander, bookseller &, stationer 255 
High d h 199 Spi-ucc 
& Hogan, booksrs & stationers255 High 
Town Benjamin, chair maker N E cor High & 
Sch 5th 
Thomas, printer b of 112 Walnut d h 
177 S 11th 
Townsend Charles, clock & watchmaker S E 
cor 10th and Chesnut 
E, druggist S E cor Chesnut & 10th 
Ehsha, watchmr Chesnut ab 13th 
Godfrey, cord wainer 1 1 ^Lu^halls al 
John, 195 N Front 
John, jr clock and watch maker 90 

S 2d d h 86 Spruce 
Joseph, plumber 65 N 5tli 
Tourtillot Augustus, Powell 
I'owson widow, b h S W cor Walnut and 5tli 
Toy Buddell, bricklayer 126 Locust 

John, bricklayer 87 N 5tli 
Tracy Edw^u-d, tav keeper 427 Chesnut 
Edwai'd, bootmaker 42 S 3d 
Hugh, innkeeper 2 1-2 N 3d 
John, turner 183 Cedar 
Ti-ainer James, blacksmith 19 N 7th 
Traquair Adam, 35 Chester 
Travilla James, cordwainer 137 1-2 Sassafras 

widow Abigail, 8 Sterling al 
Tree Lambert, sail maker loft over 33 & 34 S 

wharves d h 1 58 S Front 
Trego Chai-les B, teacher 173 Pine 
Treichle Chaa-les, acct 67 N 8th 
TrendaU J, 21 S 7th 
Tre\or James, weaver 225 Cedar 

John B, mer 173 High d h 11 N 10th 
Tricken Wilhani, saddler 420 High d h Mul- 

beny n Juniper 
Trimble Nadianiel, innkeeper 6 Stampers al 

widow, 81 New 
Tripple Anthony, cordwainer 58 N 5th 
Troth Ann, 267* Sassafras 

Henry & co, diiiggists 222 High 
Samuel F, druggist 222 High 
Trotter Nathan, 47 d h 170 N Front 
Troubat Francis J, attorney at law 72 S 6th d 
h 108 S 2d 
Johti, mer tailor 108 S 2d 
Trout John, collector of taxes 14 Castle 
Troutman George, grocer 292 High 
Troutwine William, cooper 24 N Wattr 
Truchet, 1 Marshall's al 
Trucfitt Henry P, commis mer and broker 17 

Norris' al d li 182 Spruce 
Trueman John, currier 16 Jones al 

Joseph M, tin plate worker 15 N 7th 
and Poole, cor Spmce and 2d 
widow, 9 Biddies al 
widow Hannah, 83 New 
Truet James, 81 Locust 



Truher Willkuii, saddler 418 High 
Tniitt Thomas, 46 N 8th 
Trump Daniel, oak coopei- Frees ct 
f Ti-usty Jonathan, sweep master 245 Spruce 
Truxton William, mariner 30 N 8th 
Tryon & M'Kinle)^, hardwai-e mers 54 High 
Geo, tin plate & sheet iron \vr 152 N 2d 
George W, gun & rifle manuf 165 N2d 
J A, storekr 54 High d h 26 Garden n l 
Joseph, atty at law 152 N 2d 
Tucker A B, M D 146 S 4th 

Benjamin, Pliilada select academy S W 

cor 5th & Mulberry d h 44 N 5th 
Heniy M, M D 230 Mulben-y 
S, M D 104 MulbeiTV 
Thomas S, tailor 19 S 3d d h 2 S 8th 
William, engTaver over cor 4tli and 

W E, teacher 44 N 5th 
Tumbelston Henrv, clotliing store 154 S Water 

d h 106 S Front 
Tunis & Morris, mers 58 S whan-es 

Thomas R, merch 58 S wharves d h 17 
Tupman George, dom hoisery 16 Walnut 
Turbinson Thomas, watchman 57 Gaskill 
Turner and Gemmile, 13 1-2 S 2d 

• J G T, mer 13 1-2 S 2(1 d h 107 Chesnut 
J G and R, mers 13 1-2 S 2d 
John, brushmaker 13 Sugar al 
Mary, boarding house 28 N 3d 
Mi's Susan, boai-ding house 1 Pnmc 
fSamuel, porter 238 Lombard 
William, accountant 69 Cheiiy 
William A, atty at law Chesnut 4 doors 

bel 11th N 
wid, gentw Chesnut 4 doors bel 11th N 
widow, boarding house 2 Castle 
wid Maiy, cordwainer 11 Hinckle's ct 
widow Sarah, 1 Mulberry 
Turnpenny John, mer 145 S 6th 
Tustin John, innkeeper sign Black Bear b of 
3 Soth 
widow, Lombard bel 1 1th 
Tuttle widow Mary, 29 Keys v.\ 
Tuttles Edward, shoestore 32 High 
Twaddle James S, woolen and cotton machine 
maker High 3 doors ab Sch 7th d h 
S W cor Sch 8th and Filbert 
Twelbib M, jeweller 21 Powel 
Twells Edward, 269 Chesnut 
E, mer 175 High 
Stanley, 177 High 
widow Sarah, gc-ntw 27 Branch 
Tyler Rufus, macliinlst &c 87 New 
Tyndall Henrj^, acct 34 Cheny 
Tvndall Robinson, china &c sto 12 N 3d & 21 

Ty;;on Charles M, mer 3 Sansom 
E, storekeeper 28 1-2 N 2d 
Job R, atty at law 3 Sansom 
Reese, 334 Sassafras 
Mrs, 3 Ransom 

Tyson S H, house carp Fayette n Mulberry 
Ubcr Daniel, grocer 15 N 9th 
Uhle Wilham, hatter 45 N 4th 

wid Catharine, chy good store 45 N 4th 
Ular)' Anst, boarding house 5 Penn 
Ulrich A & H, tobacts 38 High & 199 N 3d 
Henry, tobact 38 High d h 3 Brown 
Ulmstead John, house cm-p 141 N 11th • 
Underwood James, manuf of mustxrd &c7 S 6th 
James, bricklayer P>ees ct 
James, merchant 19 Powel 
John, bricklayer 134 N 11th 
M, milliner 345 Sassafras 
Unison widow, shop Sassafras ab Sch 8tli 
United States Bank, Chesnut bet 4th & 5th S 
Gazette, office Dock fu'st bel 

Gangers office 8 Little Dock 
Insurance office 26 Walnut 
Union Canal, office 6 Carpenters ct 

Insm-ance Company's olHce, 45 Walnut 
Upton John, innkeeper 66 Dock 
Usher iirs, 51 S 5th 

\"ail Daniel, fur and hat store 17 S 3d d h 
48 N 5th 
Hannah, gentw 48 N 5th 
and Marseilles, fur and hat store 17 'S 3d 
Valentine, B E, agent for tlie Schuylkill coal 
company 154 Mulbe;Ty 
H, weaver 13th ab Pine E 
John, ladies shoemr 131 Mulberry 
Samuel, carter Perry bel Budd E 
Vallance widow, shopkeeper 138 S 5th 
Vallee John F, gent 146 3 5th 

Prosper, gunsmith 101 S 2d 
Vallette Thomas, acct M'CuUoch's ct 
Van Amringe Augustus & co, groc 57 Chesnut 
George O, grocer 10 Chesnut d 
h 88-S Front 
Vanarsdale Aai-on, S E cor 7th and Mulberry 
Van Buren Henry, stable keeper Bread oppo 

fVan Brakle and Davis, cabinet makers 267 
fSamuel, cab maker 267 Spruce 
d h Acorn al 
Vanbuskirk John, tiivern keeper 244 High 
Vandegi'ist Sarah, Cherr}' n Broad 
Vanderkemp John J, agent for the Holland 

land company 132 Walnut 
Vandershco George, haif dresser 91 Sassafras 
George, cordwainer 40 Chester 
Joseph H, hair di'esser 174 Sassaf 
Vandover Wilham, bookbr N Juniper n Vine 
Vandyke John, saddler 35 Elizabeth 

Thomas, wheelwright 18 Gaskill 
Vangilder wid Sussannab, gentw 57 1-2 Union 
Vanharhngen John M, drj' gd sto 146 Chesnut. 
Vanhees, watchman b of 99 Cherry 



Vanholt Joseph, hatter Wiigncr's al 

Joseph, 209 Sassafras 
Vanhorii Abniliam, patent siispender manuf 
H;iiik S VV c Uiph d h 16 Franklin 
Monlicai, oOPowil 
Rtdinan, coach inukcr 53 Qoorfco 
Robert, upliolsterer and fcatlu-r store 
27 S Front d li 104 N Front 
Vanlioy A, M n 167 Pine 
Van & Black, N H'ti^h W of Sch 5th 
Van Meter Henry, blucksniith M'CuUoch's ct 

John, papei- hang'er 48 Claskill 
Van Osten Daniel, house carp 49 Mulberry 

M J, house carpenter 49 Midberry 
William, house ctu-p Wog'loms ct 
Van Pelt Alexander S, dentist 101 Walnut 

P, dentist N F, cor 4th and S])ruce 
& M'Uhenny, dentists & manuf of 

incorruptible teeth 101 Walnut 
Rev Peter, N E cor 4th & Spruce 
Vansent James, woodcoi-der 145 N Water 
Vansyckel Elijah, grocery and liquor store 130 

N"2d d h 79 N Front 
Vansickle and Gairison, groceiy and liquor 
store 130 N 2d *■ 

Vanstavoren James, tav keeper 165 N 6tli 
Van Tnunp Mrs, 72 Dock 
Van "S^clthoun Lambert, lab 54 Lombai'd 
Vauclain James L, gent 115 N 5th 
Vaughan John, mer & vice consul for Sweden 
Norway & Portugal S E cor Wahuit & Ft 
Vaux George, coun at law 14* Midberry 
James, gent 155 Mulberry 
Roberts, gent 346 Mulbcny 
Velez Alexander, ckarge d' affaires & consul 

gen for Columbia office c 5th & Library 
Venable Robert, 79 N 6th » 

Veacock widow, S 4tli n Cedar 
Velez Alejandro, Columbian charge d'aflfViires 

cor 5th and Library 
Verchaux Henrj^ T, acct 133 S 4tli 
Vemou John, segar maker & perfumer 3 S Ft 
Veron Jane, 155 Pine 

Lewis, fancy hardware &c store 98 d h 

130 Chesnut 
Lewis and co, fancy hardware &c store 

98 Chesnut 
Samuel, wheelwright 128 Filbert 
Vezin Charles, mer 69 Walnut d h 132 Pine 
and Von Lengerke, niers 69 Walnut 
Vezey Hezekiah, tiilor 25 Gaskill 
Vickerman Ann, innkeeper 1 Fronibergers ct 
Vickers David, mer 17 N Water 

Marg-aretjFIigh W of Sch 6th 
VUlegrain widow, toy store 51 S 2d 
Vincent Mrs, S 12tli n Lombard 
Vintine J L, 122 S 3d 
Vinton Abel, mer 164 High d h 287 Chesnut 

T and A, mers 164 High 
Vinyard James, sail maker Flintham's wharf d 
h 47 Vine w i, 

Vinyard & Shindler, sail mrs FlintJiam's wharf 
Viti Veto importer of alabaster &c Pine n 6t)i 
Vitiy Anthony, lace & fringe weaver 88 Sassaf 
Vivant Charles, caner 8c gilder 127 S 4th 
Vizer Thomas P, gent 130 S 6th 
Vogdc s John R, iitty at law 10 S 7th 
Vogcl (;corgc-, innkeeper 39 N 2d 
Voight Heiuy, plumber 47 S wharves d h 91 

Thomas H, clock and watch maker 44 
S 7tli d h 58 Zane 
Volans Samuel, gent 324 MulbeiTy 
Vollum Henry, house carp 17 Dean 

John, house carpenter 19 Dean 
Von Lengerke Heniy, mer 69 Walnvit d h 75 


Wade Benjamin, storekeeper 153 S 2d 

Francis, grocer S W cor 5th & Minor 
Horatio, innkr Golden Swan 69 N 3d 
Waddel R, ornamental carver 143 S 4th 
Wager Peter, wine and liquor store 3 S 5th d 
h 210 Sassafras 
William, S E cor MulbeiTy and 12tli 
wid Hannah, gentw S E cor Mulberry 
and 12th 
Wagner Adam, tavern keeper 222 Vine 

& Brother, merchants 29 N Eront 
George W, coopei* 30 Bread 
Grace, gentw 32 Bread 
John, Franklin n Vine 
John, gent 13 N 8th 
John, jr grave digger 90 N 5th 
Samuel, auctioneer 29 and 31 N Front 
d h 252 Mulberry 
Toliias, merchant 29 N Frontd h 13 

T & S, auctioneers 29 & 31 N Front 
William, painter and glazier 216 d h 

Vine ab 13th 
Wm, naval store & com mer Swanson 
oppo Swedes ch (S) d h 74 S 5th 
Wainwright C B & co, com mer 207 High 
Isaac, gent N 10th bel North 
Jonathan^ block & pump mr 61 N 
Water d h Beach (Kensington) 
Wm, grocer 75 N 2d d h 81 N Ft 
Waldie A & co, printers cor 5th & Clierry 
Walker Ambrose, publisher 24 Mulberry 

David, cordwainer SassaiVas n Sch 8th 

George, 85 Chesnut 

James, cuirier 11 Peai' 

John, saddler Cedar n 10th 

John, grocer 156 S 3d 

J, 6 Whitekar's row 

Lewis, hatter 358 High 

Martin, weigher 129 1-2 S Front d h 

176 S 11th 
Mari% tav keeper 20 S Water 



Walker Nathaniel, oyster cellar 10 and 12 
Robert, oyster cellar under 120 Ches- 
Thomas E and co, mers 15 N 4th 
Thomas, acct Philadelphia bank 
Wilham, tailor 150 Locust 
wid, S 10th bel Pine 
■wid Mary, shopkr Sassafras W Sch 8th 
Wall George, chair maker 10 Powel 

John, chair maker 87 d h 107 N Front 
Richard, chair and bellows maker 28 
Coombes al 
Wallace Benjamin, sand paper manuf Paper 
al n N Broad 
Daniel, h carp Walnut c Juniper lane 
Daniel, lathe & loom mr 89 S 11th 
Eleazer, saddler 79 N 2d d h 95 

Isaac, boarding' h 64 Penn 
James, weaver 223 Cedar 
John, victualler 12th ab Sassafras 
Thomas, bookbinder & paper nder 

70 N 3d 
Thomas, tailor 458 Sassafras 
Thomas, house carp 458 Sassafras 
Wallace Thomas K, iron store 177 N 2d 

Thomas S, 19 S whs d h 275 Sassafras 
William, blacksmith 162 S 6th 
Wilham, soap boiler North ab 10th 
Wilham, leg'horn hat store 22 S 3d 
Wm, groc N W cor 4tli d h 25 New 
widow, 10th n Mulberry 
Wallington Edward, 230 S 2d 

Isaac D, comb mr 8 Hydes ct 
wid Sarali C, b h 55 S 5th 
wid Sai-ah M, juu'se 11 H) des ct ' 
Walrasley Wilham Mason, cxchang-e l:)roker 

55 Walnut d h 98 S 4th 
Walhs George W, mer 19 Minor 
Wain Miss Ehzabeth, gentw 223 Walnut 
Jacob, atty at law 193 Pine 
Jacob S, mer 34 S whiU'ves d h 257 

Jesse, merchant 138 S 2d 
Lewis, merchant 98 S 4tli 
andLeaming, mers 41 N Front 
and Morris, mers 34 S wliar;os 
Walnut Thomas, hair dresser 29 S 3d 
Walraven Joseph, cabinet maker 14 Minor 
Walsh Christopher, accountant 175 Lombard 
Robert, jr editor of National Gazette 
100 S 3d 
Walter Edwin, secretary to Lehigh coal navi- 
gation company 72 S 6th 
Isaac, bricklayer Sassafi-as bel 13th S 
James, tailor 35 Crown 
Thomas, teacher 72 S 6th 
Walters A G & co, 23 S Water d h 11 Norris al 
Adam, bottler 123 MalbeiTy 
A G & CO, mers 25 S Water 
George, minter Sch 8th bel Vine 
John, watchman Smith's ct 
Michael, glover 59 N 4th 

Walters widow, 133 N Front 

wid Barbara, washwn 96 N Juniper 
widow, 4 Franklin ct 
Waltman widow, 20 Currant al 
Walton Benjamin, 130 N 2d 

Enoch, dry good store 192 S 2d 
James, cordwainer 42 Chester 
Joseph, I)ooksellcr 43 1-2 N Front 
Lewis, ironmonger 209 S 2d 
Thomas, wood corder Britton's wharf 
d h Sassafras n 9th 
Wampole Isaac, conveyancer 163 Mulberry 
Wands Alexander H, cordwainer 127 Walnut 
Ward Allen, 6tli bel Chesnut 

Charles P, Manchester theatre 2 Juni- 
per al • 
John, silver smith & watchmr 42 High 
John, lottery broker cor Powel & 6th 
William, accountant 128 Spi-uce 
William, 2 Juniper al 
Wardell Henry, gi-ocer 8 High 

R and C, tavern keeper 8 High 
Wardle Thomas, importer of books 13 Minor 

d h 230 MulbeiTV 
Wardens office, 20 Walnut 
Warder Benj H, mer S side Sasssafi-as wharf 
d h 179 Vine jt l 
Sc Brothers, mers S side Sassafras whf 
G W, 14 N 9th 
John, gent 117 Sassafras 
Warder John H, mer d h 85 N 7th 
John R* 14 N 9th 
M & Elizabetli, young ladies seminary 

14 N 9th' 
R, Shields al 

Wilham S, mer d h 117 Sassafras 
• wid Hannah, gentw 14 N 9th 
Ware Charles, l^rickmaker Walnut n Sch 
Philip, baker 333 Sassafras 
Samuel, labourer 7 Jones' al 
Warner and Carter, painters & glazs34 S 4th 
John S, watch case manuf and gilder 

134 Market d h 21 Greenleafs ct 
Joseph, silver manuf 22 Greenleafs ct 
Mark, sea capt 12 Callers al 
Philip, cordwainer 41 Zane 
Stephen, painter & glazier 34 S 4tli 
William, watch case maker 7 Cherry 
widow Ann, 19 N 9th 
wid Martha, gentw 65 New 
widow, 426 Sassafras 
widow, 1 Cressons al 
Wai-nock John, cut nail manuf 10 d h 61 N 10th 
WaiT John, engraver 51 Arcade E avenue d 
h 7 Wood 
Wilham & co, 96 N 7th 
Wari'ance Frederick, coach mr 3 Laurel ct 

Wm, coach mr 119 d h 105 Spruce 
Warren Heniy, scene painter &c 175 S 11th 
James, painter k glazier N E cor 3d 

and Fetter lane 
John C, tailor 77 N 7th 
& Miller tobacconists 20 N 4th 



Wun-eu Philip, cabinet maker N 8th 

Uriah, 20 N 4tli d li 52 Sassafras 

Willium, (kukr 163- S 3d 

WiHi;un, conudiun &. manager of the 

New Thcativ 63 S 7tli 
wid, shop 9 C^ 
wid, Normans al 
>\unini(lon J &. co, clock and watch makers 
58 High 
Fcrncl, store keeper 252 S 2d 
Samuel I{, clock & watch maker 

6 Cluirch al 
& Smith, store krs 137 S Water 
\\':u-tenby Itichard, victualler 15 N 9th 

Thomas, silver smith 33 N 3d 
Warwick Nathaniel, tailor 80 N 6tli 

Tliomas, bricklayer 26 Cheiry 
'vid, cor Harmony ct h Coates al 
Wassinger wid, back of 40 Crmvu 
Waternan Jesse, tea vvai-e house and teacher 
of French 8c EnglJIh 88 S 5th 
J S, groc S E cor Sassiifras and 6th 
J T, store keeper 95 N 6th 
P, cordwainer Sheaflfs al 
wid, Geoi-ge ab 11th N 
Watei-s Charles, distilr 389 High d h 34 N 9tli 
Avid, of capt William, sliop kr 32 N 4tli 
Watkins Edmund, acct 43 N 3d 
Watkinson R &. W B, tailors 19 S 4th 
Watmough Edwaid C, atty at law 215 Chesnut 

wid Ann, gentw 215 Chesnut 
Watson Anna, mantua maker 263 S 3d 

and Bunting, lumber merchs S E cor 

Pine and 8th 
Charles C, mercer &. merch tailor 92 

C C, jr 68 S 5th 
Charles C & sons, mercei-s and merch 

tailors 92 Chesnut and 45 S 3d 
Charles F, comedian 127 N 6tli 
David, letter earner S W c Filbert 

and 11th 
Gavin, M D 433 High 
Henry, dyer Adimis bet 12th & 13th 
James, teacher 73 Pine 
James, clock &. watch mr 72 High d h 
41 Sassafras 
John &. CO, mercers and inerch tailors 

46 S 3d 
Joseph, mayor of the cit)' 136 Pine 
Miss Margaret, stay and corset maker 

174 Spioice 
Philip, carter cor Sch 5th & P'ilbert 
Susan, 16 ELlfretli's al 
Thomas, teacher 73 Pine 
Thomas, biscuit baker 129 d h 132 N 

Thomas D, teacher 222 S 4tli 
T D & E F, teachers 222 S 4th 
Wasliington, cumer c Sassafras & 4th 
William J, 180 S 3d 
widow, grocer 323 Spruce 
widow Hannah, 105 S 8th 

Watt David, manuf 137 S lltli 

Editli, mantua maker Filbeil ab 10th 
James, weaver 121 S lltli 
WiUiam, manuf 123 S 11th 
Watts Ann, cby good store 83 S 3d 
James, broker 100 Lombard 
Way William, city and county weigh maister 

3 Norris' id d h 37 Wood x l 
Wayman Jennett, N E cor ]?aiTon 8c Cedar 
Wayne Caleb P, looking glass &. fancy store 
130 Higlidli38 l-2N4tli 
Jacob, cab maker 156 dh 166 N Front 
Samuel, cabinet maker 166 N Front 
Tiiomas, sea captain 11 Waliuit 
Wilham, hardware mer 257 High 
Weal Uobcrt, h ciu-p N W cor Sassafras & 4th 
Weatlierby J L, 19 S Water 
Weatherly David, clock & watch mr 81 N 3d 
\\'eaver Amos, corder 68 Vine 

Elijah, bookseller and stationer 5 N 

Emmor T, .silversmith and jeweller 

11 N4th 
George, coach mr 21 d h 23 S 8th 
John, cordwainer Locust bet Dean 

and 13th 
Matthew, 114 N 7th 
Michael, rope maker 8c ship chandler 
20 N Water 
Wilham, baker 60 N 10th 
William, hardware mer 101 High d h 

16 Frombergers ct 
widow, CiUTant al 
Webb John, mercer and tailor 10 S 3d 

J ohn 8c son, mercers 8c tailors 10 S 3d 
Reuben, currier 78 N 4th 
Sanuiel, tailor 3 Wliitakers row 
Samviel, conveyancei* 305 Mulberry 
William, gent 4 Bank 
wid Isabella, mangier 35 Key's al (New) 
Weber Godfrey, importer of French goods 
160 1-2 S 2d 
and Kendall, dry good mei-s 142 High 
Webster & Alden, shoe store 6 Chesnut 

James, publisher of the American 

Recorder 8cc 24 S 8th 
James, jr M D 24 S 8th 
Phineas, shoe store 6 Chesnut d h 

Crown n Sassafras 
Thomas, bricklayer 8 Chester 
Weckerly wid, gentw 30 Cressons al 
Weeks Benjamin, storekeeper 210 S 2d 
Joseph, ladies shoemaker 2 N 8th 
Mary, dry good store 5 S 4th 
William, printer 134 Locust 
Weems Elizabeth, tailoyess M'CuUoch's ct 
Weer William, 179 Cheny 
AVeikell Samuel G, dry good store 92 N 2d 
Weightman and Fowle, blacksmiths S E cor 
Broad 8c Cherry 
Hcnr}', blacksmith Say n Sch 8th 
Weimer Samuel, tinplate worker 125 New 
Weir Lew is 8i co, auctioneers 20 S Front 



Weir Silas E, auctioneer 20 S Front d h 
Washin^on square 
wd, 239 Lombard 
Weisman Samuel C, cordwainer S W cor 10th 

and Juniper al 
Wertheym J A, Green's ct 
Weller George, 49 S 13th 
Wellford Robert original American composi- 
tion manuf 145 S 10th 
Wells Benjamin, grocer 264 MulbeiTy 
Charles, merchant 26 N 5tli 
J D;ig\voi-tliy, atty at law 137 Mulbeny 
Josiah, labourer Coombes al 
M, school 12 Pear 
Richard W, merch 62 S Front d h 192 

Wilham, 26 N 5th 
Zenas, Western hotel 288 High 
Welsh Ehza, 227 Cedar 

John, mer 50 S wharves d h 91 Pine 
John, plasterer 10 Adams 
Samuel, mer 50 S whanesdh 91 Pine 
wid, S 12th bel Spmce W 
Werner John, 119 AValnut 
Wemys Francis C, comedian S 11th 1st ub 

Chesnut E 
Wentworth Thaddeus 1 Myers ct 
Wentz Albert, 126 N 4th 

John, saddler 157 N 3d 
Samuel, tailor 112 N 13th 
Wernwag William, baker 48 Sti*awberry 
Wessel H, 19 N 2d 
Wessels F, M D 138 S 10th 
West Budd, apothecary and di-uggist 77 S 3d 
Chajies C, di-ap & mertailor45 MulbeiTy 
Edward J, cabinet maker 203 S 2d 
Francis, gent 108 S Front 
Heniy, cordwainer 104 S 10th 
West James, gent 5 Montgomeiy square 
James, painter & glazier 132 S 5tli 
John, painter and glazier 132 N 4th 
John, cord\\'ainer 42 Curi-ant al 
Mrs A, milliner 59 Spruce 
Robert, cab mr 127 Walnut d h S 4th 
Wilham, sea capt 249 Spnice 
Wilham, gent 345 !MulbeiTV 
jWilham C, clotliier under 120 S 2d d 

h Middle al 
Wilham, shoe store 67 N 3d 
AVestall James, laboui-cr 15 Coombs al 
Westcoat Cliarles, hatter 15 N 6th 
Westfall wid, 88 Lombai-d 
Weston Samuel, Mulberry n Sch Front 

S, public school Sch 6th bel Walnut 
wid Elizabeth, shop 109 N 9th 
WetherilJ Ashfield, druggist 22 Coombes al 
Charles, di-ugt &c 65 & 80 N Front 
Christopher, grocer 310 Vine 
George D, di-uggist S E cor Front 

and Mulberr}' d h 16 Mulberry 
John P, manuf of white lead &c N 
Front n Mulberry 

A\'etherill E, c 12tli and Cherry d h 12th ab 
John P and Wm, manuf of patent 
lead pipe N E cor Cherry & 12th 
Misses, gentw 170 S 4th 
Samuel, di-uggist 65 N Front d h 
419 High 
. Samuel P, druggist 65 d h 76 N Ft 
Samuel P & co, dniggists & colour 

mers manut 65 N Front 
Wm, M D N E c 12th and Cherry 

d h 421 High 
widow Catliai'ine, b h 98 N 4th 
Wevill George, upholsterer & Venetian bUnd 
maker 167 Chesnut d h 2 Pnine 
M, 98 Locust 
Whale H, dancing master N W c 5th and 

Whaiton Charles, gent 136 S 2d 

Claries, jr d h 237 S Front 
Enoch, house carp 211 Lombard 
Fishboum, commis mer 60 S 4thdh 

240 Spmce 
F R, 242 Walnut & 273 Chesnut 
Hester, gentw 186 Chesnut 
John, cordwainer 93 S Fsont 
John, stock & exchange broker d h 

Chesnut 3 door ab I2th 
K, broker & commission merchant S 

W cor "\\'alnnt and Dock 
Lewis, 109 S 3d 
Robert, alderman 135 S 3d 
Robert O, atty at law 135 S 3d 
Sai-ali, widow of Joseph, 161 S 5th 
Thomas, M D 240 Spmce 
Thomas I, coun at law 106 Walnut 
Thomas F, 

William, gent 130 Spruce 
wid, ilargaret, gentw 242 Walnut 
wid Mar}-, North bel 11th 
Wheeler Charles, atty at law 66 S 6th 

John, blacksm N 11th ab Sassafras 
Wheeler J, mer d h 195 Spruce 
Whelan Wm, giocer N W cor Chesnut & 4th 
widow of Israel, 399 High 
Wheelan P E, broker and commission 
merchant 12 Carter's al 
Whener BenecUct J, cordwainer 57 Sassafi-as 
WhlUden Wasliington, coach mr 40 Lombard 
Wilman, capt steam boat Delaware 

224 S Front 
Wilman, jr 224 S Front 
wid Mar}-, N Ft ab MulbeiTy W 
"^^'hipple Job, ship carp 273 S Front 
Whisten Joseph, -storekeeper N W cor 11th 

and Cherry 
Whistler David, merch tailor 136 High d h 87 

old York road n l 
Whitaker Wilham, tailor 6 Hinckles ct 

widow 6 Hinckles ct 
Whitall Hannali &. Sarali M, boarding sahool 
244 Sassafras 



White Ambrose, mer 183 Highd h 365 Miilby 
Ambrose & co, mcrs 183 High 
Brittiiin, sect to Union ins com 22 S 6tti 
Charles, victualler 96 N 5th 
|Charles, coiichinan 1 H Ciinant al 
Cliarles If, cab &. chair mr 109 Wiilnul 
David, house eaq) 321 Spnice 
David H, merchant 183 Hi}jh d h 134 

Elihu, cordw.'uner 124 Cheny 
Geo, lace & fring'c weaver 12 1-2 N 5th 
& Hai-ding-, w side grocers 17 S Water 
Heiu-y, wholesale grocer & mcrcli 23 S 

Water dh 111 S 4th 
ttenry & Wm R & co, grocs 21 S Water 
John, wholesale gi-ocer 17 S Water d 
h 115 S 3d 

county commissioner 

John, fancy painter 122 N Front 
John, tav keeper 135 S Water 
Joseph, confecliouer 370 High 
J, labourer 12th n Lombard 
Margaret, 176 Locust 
Nathaniel, tiiilor N 13th n High 
Samuel, tobact 383 High d h Hunters ct 
Sarah, 161 S 11th 
Thomas, bookbinder 13 Sterling al 
Thomas H, wine merch cor Dock and 

Pear d h 89 Walnut 
Right Rev William, D D bishop o£the 
Protestant Episcopal ch Pennsylva- 
nia 89 Walnut 
William, accountant 29 Mulberry 
William, shop 6 Currant al 
William, labourer 6 Cypress al 
WilUam, dry good store 4 S 6th 
William, coach painter Ann n Sch 8th 
wid, 237 Lombaid 
Whitehead wid M, 158 N 5th 
WhitemanAbel, stone cutter b of 381 Sassafras 
Charles, carter S E cor Sch 4th & 

Henrj', acct Philadelphia bank 
John, acct Pennsylvania bank 
John, carter Say n Sch 8th 
Michael, accountant 56 Filbert 
Nathan, gi'ocer 107 N 2d 
Peter, ladies shoemr 196 ^Mulbeny 
wid Ann, seamstress 84 N 1 Idi 
Whitesides WilUam, mer 43 Walnut d h 178 

Whitney Lebbeus, acct 158 Cherry 

R M, mer 19 S Front d h 93 S 4th 
R M 81 CO, mers 19 S Front 
Thomas J, comb maker 109 S 2d 
Whittendale Robert, cordwainer 224 S 2d 
Whittle Samuel, hoisery store 15 S 2d 

wid, 327 Sassafi-as 
Whortonby John, N 3d n Mulberry 
Whyte Isaac H, tavern keeper 2 Decatur 
Wickes EUzabeth, shopkeeper 210 S 2d 
Wickersham Thomas, mer c h 41 Dock d h 

161 Pine 
Wickham & co hardware mers 7 Minor 

Wlckliam M T, hardware merch 7 Minor d h 
228 Mulbcny 
wid Jane, gentlewoman 230 Pine 
Wickman Sarah, 60 Walnut 
Widdificld James, house carp 97 S 8th 

John, mer 29 S whs d h 245 Higli 
William, hai'd>vare mer 42 N 3d d 

h 160 Mulberry 
Wm, and co grocers 242 High 
Widdows Peter, teacher 4 Stiawberry 
Widencr David, merch tailor 107 Sassafras 
Widgery Wm, lottery broker N E cor Ches- 

nut and 4th d h 181 S 7th 
Widman F W, ornamental sword mounter & 

dye sinker 98 N 3d 
Wiegand Conrad, blacksmith 340 Sassafras 
John, cutler &.c 17 N 5th 
&. Snowden, cuttlers surgical instru- 
ment makers &c 15 N 5th 
Wigmore Hannah, 72 Walnut 
Wilcox Edmund, di-ygdmer d h 132 Mulberry 
E, 113 S 8tli 

Miss Elizabetli, 301 Spruce 
H, 291 Spi-uce 
Wildey Jonathan, Mulbeny W of Sch 7th 
Wilds Edward, school Spruce n Sch 7t)i 
Wile Com-ad, county commis 112 Sassafras 
wid Maiy, shopkeeper 12 Bread 
wid, Rebecca, 59 CheiTy 
Wiley Alexander, tailor 117 New 

Benjamin, house carp 266 Sassafras 
John, grocer 29 N 3d 
John, 7 Mulberry 
Joseph, 7 Mulbeny 
Robert, tav keeper 39 S wharves 
Wilkins Hemy, watchman 124 N 13th 

Jacob F, cabinet maker 83 Dock d h 

55 Walnut 
Richaixl, mer 237 Mulberry 
Wilkinson Christopher, storekr 284 Sassafras 
Thomas, chair makei- 74 Mulberry 
Willard Ann, Fearis' ct 
wid, 9 Jones' al 
Willetts John, bricklayer 79 N lOth' 

John, teacher 
Willey Ehzabeth, weaver S 13th bel Locust 

wid, hotel 17 Dock 
Williams & Albei-tson, dry good mers 19 High 
N W cor Front 
Andrew, silk dyer Si scourer 13 Pixine 
Charles, book shop 196 S Front 
Charles, mahogany and limiber mei' 

219 ^Valnut 
C P, mer 22 S Water 
Ennion, acct 54 Filbert 
E H, tinware manuf 256 High 
George, gent 71 N 7tli 
George, biicklr N 11th n Sassafras E 
Henry J, atty at law 98 1-2 S 4th 
H St (;, mahogany and lumber vai"d 

211 Walnut 
H, mahogany and lumber mer 211 

Hiram, 209 Sassafi-aa 



Williams Isaac, boarding house 209 Sassafras 
James W, sign 8t ornamental painter 

31 Chesnut 
Jesse, boarding house 298 Sassafrt- s 
John, grocer 12 Strawberry 
John, acct SheaflTs al 
John, house cai-p 7 Howard's ct 
J Woi-thington, atty at law 50 S 6th 
Joseph, labourer b of 29 Mulberry 
-f-Judith washwoman 157 N 6th 
Mary, mantua maker 22 N 8th 
Mr & Mrs, seminaiy Coatcs al 
fMoses, profile cutter 47 arcade d 

h 10 Sterling al 
Richard, dry good mer 19 High d h 

14 Church al 
Robert, weaver Sch 8th n Sassafras 
Samuel, 107 N 9th 
Sarah, 219 Walnut 
Samuel J, comb im' 9 Knights ct 
• Thomas, school master 8 Union 

Thomas, leather mer d h 14 Lombard 
Thomas, cabinet maker 75 Sassafras 
Thomas, grocer N W cor Cedai' and 

William, private watchman 220 S 3d 
William, watchman 24 Little Water 
William, stone cutter 2 N 11th 
William J, gent 102 S 5th 
wid Catharine, 8 Cypress al 
■j-widow, 246 LombiU'd 
Williamson David, dry good mer 67 High 
Edward, bricklayer Randal's ct 
Isaac, hatter 193 N 2d dh 76 Vine 
Jesse, sail maker Sassafras sti'eet 

wharfd h 93 N Water 
Joseph, distiller N W cor 11th & 

Sassafras d h N ab 10th 
J V, storekeeper 9 N 2d 
Michael, Front ab Chesnut 
Mrs, grocer S W c 10th & George 
Robert, ladies shoe mr 116 N 3d 
Samuel, house carp 209 Cherry 
widow, 93 N Water 
Willig George, music store 171 Chesnut 
Willing Francis, 50 Pine 

George C, atty at law 34 S 6th 
Richard, mer d h 42 Pine 
Robert, merchant 64 Pine 
S, storekeeper N 10th 2 d bel Vine 
Willis Jonathan, mer 332 Mulberry 
L, 7 Relief al 

bricklayer 114 Cherry 

Susannah, shopkr S 13th ab WaJnut W 

5 & L, storekeepers 13th ab George 

6 Yardley, 31 S Water & 21 S whs 
widow E, b h 89' N 9th 

Wills Josiah, labourer 4 Black Horse al 

S and S, b of 381 High 
Wilmer James, mer 8 N Front d h 417 High 

J and P, mers 8 N Front 
Wilmer John, accountant 113 N 5th 

Peregrine, mer 8 N Ft d h 417 High 
*ccmmtant 59 N 7th 

Wilmer Thomas, shopkeeper 48 N 2d 
Wilson Benjamin, fur mer 4 Minor 

Charles, house cai-p Liberty ct 
Charles W, dniggist 100 S 2d 
Enoch, 194 S F'ront ' 
George, acct 223 S Front 
George, stone cutter 137 Pine 
George, morocco leather manuf store 

35 N 3 d h and factory 608 N 3d 
George, hatter 1 02 N Front 
George, boot & shoe mr 32 S 3d 
J and J, dry good store 38 N 2d 
James, mer N W cor 8th & Sassafras 
James, pmnter and glazier 52 Walnut 
James, printer 70 Union 
James, labourer Cleavers al 
James, cordwainer 3 Bryan's ct 
James R, atty at law 100. Mulberry 
Rev James P, D D pastor of the first 

Presbyterian ch 24 Sansom 
J, S 13th bel Pine 
John, boot & shoemaker & constable 

d h Penn 
John, innkeeper 293 High 
John, baker High W Sch 5th S 
John, 37 S 13th 
John B, acct 56 Union 
Joseph, shopkeeper 38 N 2d 
Joseph, tailor 40 St Mary 
Mihdei-t, Rotterdam hotel 124 N 4th 
Doyleston Easton and Bethlehem 
stage office. 
Robert cotton manuf cor Ann (C) 8c 

Robei-t, tobacconist 147 N 2d 
Robert & Wm, sih'er spoon manuf 
82 N 5tli N W cor Cherry d h 100 
Robert, cordwainer Sch 8tli n Vine 
Samuel P, M D 24 Sansom 
Thomas, coach painter 12 Library d h 

44 Chester 
Thomas, panacea man 66 Dock 
Thomas, mai-ble mason Fries ct 
T, 130 Mulberry 
William, 48.CuiTant al 
William, paper hanger 148 S 4th 
William, grocer 323 High 
wid Mai-garct, tailoress 5 Laetitia ct 
widow, Wilsons ct 
Wilstack G B, lott broker 173 Sassafras 
G B, acct 28 Cherry 
widow, S W cor Vine and 2d 
Wiltbank Rev James, 283 Chesnut 
John, M D 163 N 9th 
John, brass founder 262 High 
Wiltberger Charlotte, Cheriy n 9th N 

Chi'istian, collector 170 Cherry 
Isaac & Lassalle S B, iron foondery 

High E of Sch 7th S 
Peter, foundery 236 Filbert 
Thomas, di-uggist 169 N 2d 
Wiltbohn J, lott brok N E cor Walnut & 2d 
d h 3 ab Green 
widow Catharine, gentw 143 N 6th 



Winard Mrs B, hoiise 151 S 9th 
Winebremr Da^ id, mcrch Uiilor 100 Chesnut 

d h 172 S 4tlj 
Windett 'Wniiam, shopkeeper 189 ChciTy 
Winjrate F B, comniis mer over 1 N 4t]i 
Whin Peter, labourer Filbert n Sch 8th 
Winnemore Thomas, luitter 212 S 2d 

wid Ann B, 100 Union 
Winrow John, lUtli 2d door N of Walnut 
Winter AbnJiam C, pattern nir 125 N Water 
James, scourer & band box maker '2>7 

J and S, clothing' store 6 S Water 
Joseph, tiulor 6 S AVater d h 21 Keys al 
Stacy, tailor 6 S Water d h back of 21 
Keys al 
AVinters Mark, grocer S W cor Vine & loth 
Wirtz Wyncoop, teacher b of 90 N 9th 
Wise John 8t ti, painters &, glaziers 190 Vine 
Philip, baker 341 Sassafras 
William, house carp 117 N 3d 
Wiser Leonard, shopkeeper 19 Mulbeiry 
Wistar Bartliolomcw, mer 133 High d h Mul- 
beiT}' S W cor N 7tli 
Casper, M D resident physician at the 
Pennsylvania Hospital 184 Mulbeny 
Richard, jr merch 117 High d h 110 

Slter & Price, mers 133 High 
Thomas, gent 377 High 
wid Ehza, gentw Washington square 
wid Sarali, genlw 377 High 
Witham A, jeweller 74 Locust 

widow, mai'kct woman 32 Coatcs al 
Withington Samuel, jeweller 119 Chesnut d 

h S Sch 8di n High W 
Withy H J, bookseller 31 N 4th 

Hannali L, young ladies seminaiy and 

boarding school 95 Pine 
Samuel J, teacher 31 N 4th 
Witmer Henry, innkeeper 30 N 5th 
Henry, shop 91 S Water 
John, 128 N 4th 
J &. H, storekeepers 321 High 
Witsel G, cooper George W Sch 3d & High 
Witzeman J, baker 182 Locust 
V/oglom John, 149 N 9th 

wid Jane, gentw 75 N 8th 
Wolbert Jacob, 10 Littleboys cl 
Wolff Aaron, acct at navy yard d h 6 Union 
Wolf Abraliam, mer 213 Cherry 
Benjamin, distiller 167 Cedar 
E D & J, storekeeper 226 S 2d 
Jacob, baker 140 N Front 
Jacob, house carp 9 Cypress al 
J, jeweller 7 Nonis al 
Lewis, dentist 30 Sugar al 
Peter, musician 206 Cherry 
WUham B, h£u-dware mer d h 55 N 6th 
widow Sjirah, tailoress 13 Willings al 
Womrath George, furrier 24 N.4th 
Wonderly John, grazier 177 Cherry- 
Joseph, grazier 102 N 8th 

Wonderly Samuel, comb maker 1 N 4th d h 98 
Crown N L 
Mrs, 102 N 8di 
widow, 262 Lombard . 
Wood & Abbott, mers 89 High 

Chailes, coixlw'ainer 163 S Front 
Charles J, grocer 47 Currant al 
Klijali, blacksmith 95 N 7tJi 
George, suspender manuf Sch 6th n 

Chesnut W 
George B, M D 122 Mulberry 
Henry, tailor 33 Cheiry' 
James, saw & shovel manuf 161 N2dd 

h 20 new market n l 
James, lace & fringe weaver 65 Chesnut 
James B, wheelwright 42 d h 44 Spruce 
Jehn, tobacconist 111 Sassafras 
John, accountant o5 Sassafras 
John, weaver George n Sch 3d 
John & Thomas, morocco manuf 108 

J & T ik, CO, dry good mers 65 High 
Joseph, accountant 10 N 8th 
Joseph, mer 65 High d h 47 Mulberry 
Margaret, seamstress 22 1-2 Walnut 
& Morgan, mer 'o5 High 
Richard, druggist 65 Mulberry 
Richai-d C, atty at law 58 S 6th & 70 

Samuel, storekeeper 27 N 9th 
Samuel C, mer 121 High d h 72 S 4th 
Samuel R, tanner S W cor Noble and 

4th X L d h 108 Wahiut • 
Thomas, mer 65 High d h 23 Mulbeny 
Thomas, morocco dresser 108 Walnut 
Thomas & Pai-ke, tailors 92 Sassafras 
WiUiam, cordwainer 57 Midberry 
William, grocer 55 High 
W'iUiam h. co, mers 8 N 2d 
WiUiam B, comedian George ab 9th S 
widow Barbara, 159 N Front 
widow, 285 Chesnut 
widow Ehzabeth, gentw 92 Sassafras 
\vidow, 100 S 5th 
Woodhouse Samuel, capt U S navy 26 Sansom 
Woodin John, capt 197 S 4th 
Woodman George, carter 144 Spruce 

wid, dry good store 55 High 
Woodruff Archibald, Zane 
Jacob, Little Pine 
Moses, grocer 4 Sassafras 
Woods Daniel, stable keeper 252>^ Sassafras 
Thomas, innkeeper 226 s' 6th 
W 8c J, mers 277 High 
William, mer 277 High d h 10 N 7th 
Woodskie John A, sign &. ornamental painter 
61 S 5th 
M, storekeeper 44 S 2d 
Woodward Charles, tobacconist and dry good 
store 122 High d h 89 N 6th 
Charles, printer UN 4th 
J J, booksr &. stationer 279 High 
Samuel, tobacconist 17 S 4th 



Woodward W(m W, printer St booksr 47 S 8th 
widow Ann, seamstress 92 Cherry 
Wooley Robert, 10 Frombergers ct 
Woolman Charles, plasterer 36 Chester 
WoUe Peter, D U pastor of tlie Moravian ch 

S E cor of Broad and Sassafras 
Woolmer John, cooper 3 Harmony ct 

William, paper hanger Coates al 
Woolston Benjanjin, gent 74 S 6th 
Woolworth Richard, 279 High 
Wooster Isaac, sea capt 188 S 2d 
Workman George, 14 S 10th 

John, drayman 18 Sugar al 
Works Frazier K, storekeeper 155 Cedar 
Worley Francis, mer 131 High d h 118 S 3d 

and Welsh, mers 131 High 
Worn Philip, bookbinder 110 Vine • 

Thomas, house cai-p 315 Sassafras 
Worrell Ann, milhner N E cor 8th & Spruce 
George W, tailor 17 N 6th 
J R, 219 Spruce 
Worrells & Richai-dson, mers 177 High 

Wm, mer 177 High d h 68 N llth 
Woi-thington Thomas H, carter 15 Crown 
Wray Wilham, tailor 160 N Water 
Wright Aaron P, mer 57 d h 160 N Front 
Charles, mer 160 N Front 
Enoch, mer tailor 80 Mulberry 
Isaac, cordwainer 41 Coates al 
James, groc S W cor Ft &. Mulbeny 
James, tobacconist 142 N Water 
Jarvis, house cai-j) S 12th bel Spruce 
John, umbrella maker 56 High 
John, cheriiist 154 Lombard 
Jonathan M, storekeeper 10 N 3d 
Joseph, blacksmith Hartiuigs al 
Joshua, mer 160 N Front 
J & L, umbrella manuf 56 High 
J M, hardware mer 10 N 3d d h 49 

Patrick, tallow chandler Cypress 
Peter, china &c mer 27 N 3d d h 153 
Peter F and co, commis leather store 
40 Chesnut 
Robert, printer 64 Walnut d h 161 S 

Samuel, blacksmith Sch 8th bel Vine 
Samuel, dry good store 184 S 2d 
. Samuel G, mer 13 S dh 160 K Front 
Tliomas, salt merch 123 N Water d h 
?03 N 4th ?r L 
Thomas 8c co, salt mers 123 N Water 
William, blacksmith Sch 8th bel Vine 
William,, accountant 24 Pear 
Wilham, cab mr 8 Whitakers row 
Wilham St James, gi-ocer S W cor N 

Front & Midbeny 
William W, mer d h 161 Walnut 
■ w idow, milliner 135 S 6th 
widow, 68 Midberry 
Wiirner widow, boarding house 20 Bank 
AVuns Charles S, merchant 126 S 3d 
& CO, dry good mei's 175 High 

Wurts John, atty at law 36 N 5th d h 91 S 3d 
Wm, mer 175 High d h 7 Fi-anklin row 
Wylie Rev Samuel B, D D classical academy 
d h Francisville inquire at 213 Wal- 
Wj'man Abel, mer 13 S Front 
Wynkoop 8t Shippen, agent Sch coal com- 
pany 41 Dock 

Wm, tailor S E cor Lombard & Ft 
Wytlie Mrs, 126 CheiTy 

Yard Charles P, lotty broker 129 Chesnut 
Edmund, tax collector 5 Laurel ct 
Elizabeth, shopkeeper 3 N 7th 
James, merch Walnut st wharf d h 240 

John, cabinet maker 30 N 4th 
John, jr comb & button mr 123 Mulberry 
Pearson, dry good store 151 N 3d 
Yardley Isaac, accountant y^ S 2d 

J J, bookbinder zfiVIidberry 
Thomas, mer 142 S 2d 
William, mer 142 S 2d 
widow Rachael, milliner 42 Mulberry 
Yaiuiall Benjamin H, u'oiunonger 91 High d h 
34 Sansom 
EUis, gent 557 Higii 
E St C & CO, druggists 39 High 
Israel, 104 N 2d 
John, dry good store 35 S 2d 
Yates and co, lottery brokers 127 Chesnut 
and M'lntp-e, managers Union Canal 

lotteiy 121 Chesnut 
Wilham, Mint ct 
Yatman John, Venetian bhnd mr 104 N 5th d 

h Coates n 7th n l 
Yeager Casper, comb maker 5 Cherry 
Charles, 174 Vine 
Hemy, Cherry n Wagners al 
Joseph, engraver 37 Chester 
Nicholas, labourer 446 Sassafras 
Peter, cordwainer 8 Branners al 
Wilham, 153 N 6th 
Yeates Edmund, sen merch 76 1-2 High d h 
154 Spruce 
Edmund, tin plate worker 166 S 6th 
Yerkes Jonathan, Normans al 

Titus, innkeeper Red Lion hotel 200 
Yohe Catharine, innkeeper Washington hotel 

6 St 8 N 4tli 
York Edward, auctioneer 146 Mulberry 
Bower, Sassafras bet Sch 7th & 8th 
wid Mary, gentw 146 Mulberry 
Young Chai'les, watchman Wagners al 

St Durnell, blacksmiths 156 Sassafras 
Edwin, teacher Union academy 27 N 

5th d h 35 S 10th 
Francis, tailor Fearis ct 
George, labourer b of 17 N 8th 
Henry, cooper 207 S Front 
Henry, S W cor Sch 8th 8i Sassafj-ai 


Young Henry, carver & pkler 104 Union 

Isaac, tin plate worker 6 Penmi avenue 
Jacob, coachsmiUi Millers ct d h 166 

Janies, silk dyer 13 Lombanl 
James H, engraver d h 73 Gaskiil 
John G, storekr 13 Fennsylva avenue 
John L, innkr 50 N 4tli cor Appletree al 
John, printer Hlackliorse al 
Mari;^ 127 S ytii 

Mark, atty at tiie mayors offi 133 S llUi 
Philf]), coi"d\v;uncr 2 Littleboys ct 
Kobei-t, drover 35 S Juniper 
Siunuel, tmiterer N E cor Keys al &2d 
Sanih, S W cor 6th and Prune 
Thomas, h carp 8c di'um mi" 43 S Front 
Thomas, boot & shoemr 155 N 3d 
William, printer 87 N 7tli 
■William, manuf 15 Bank d li 18 S 3d 
William Son 8c co, manuf ot' superfine 
clotli cassimeres &c Delaware wool- 
en manul' warehouse 15 Bank 
William, gent 27 Pine 
widow Rosanua, marketw 28 Sugur al 
widow Sai-ali, confectioner 259 S 2d 

Young widow, 78 High 

Zane James, house carp 15 N 6th 

Jesse, weigh master 91 S Front d h 19 

Zane John, house carp 7 Hoffmans al 
Zantzinger Thomas B, atty at law ^ruce ab 

Zcbley Benjamin F, b of 455 Mulberry 
Zeckcndorfi" W S C, toy store 44 N 4th 
Zehnder Jolni, baker 120 Sassafras 
Zell Christopher, grocer and flour dealer S £ 

cor Sassafras £c Mulberry al 
Thomas, haixlware mer 272 High 
Zeller Peter, cordwainer 6 Franklin ct 

Jacob, wood corder Smitli's wharf 
Zelley Catliai-ine, hat binder 13 Mulberry al 

John G, tailor 329 Sassafras 
Zentler Conrad, printer 28 N 3d 
Ziglcr widow Ann, 74 New 
Zimmerman Godfrey, baker 86 S 3d 
Zollickoffer Henry M, druggist & apothecary 

Pine N E cor 6th 
Zottman Ann, dry good store 76 N 4th 


Abbatt John, near 71 Budd 

Abbott Eihvarcl, sea cap 214 N Front 

Jolin, stoiv kr c Callow liill & R road 
Abel Antliony, shoemaker 82 Budd 

John, door keeper conimissioncrs hall 
John, glass-blower, Kensington g-lass h 
Joseph, sh maker I'oplar lane near 4th 
Peter, capt of the watch 
Abraham widow Hann:ili, victualler Apple n 

Poplar lane 
Abram Abmliam, br mak Poplar lane n 4th. 
Adams Alexander, groceiy & tavern S E cor 
Laurel and Hudd 
Benjamin, h carpenter Mintzer's ct 
Daniel, drayman 10 Kessler's al 
widow Marg-:u'et, mant maker 79 Budd 
Zephaniah, wharf br Beach u Shack- 

and Simmons, lum mer 217 N Water 
Adcock WiUiam, clerk Coates n 7th 

\vidow Elizabeth, Coates n 7th 
Albrecht Charles, g'ent 97 Vine 
Allison widow Bernice, g'entlew'n 218 N 4th 
widow Sarali, tailoress, S E cor Brown 
and Stoiits' alley 
Alexander William, 188 N 5th 
AUman widow Marg-aret, seamstress Wood 2 

doors E Gaixkn 
Allchin Geo, back g'amnionboai-dmr 163 Vine 
Allen Georg'e AV, merchant 81 Wood 
Alsop Othneil, \'ineg-ar mer 149 d h 167 Vine 
Altemus James, wheelwright N W comer of 
2d and Beaver 

, keeper of city hospital comer 

Sch 4tli and Francis's lane 
Thomas, porter in the Philadelphia 
bank d h cor Schuylkill 4tli and 
Francis's lane 
Samuel, wheelwrig-ht Klett's ct 
Alter S storekeeper 243 N 2d 
Ama Jacob, blacksmitli 70 Frankford road 
Andreese Catharine E St John n Poplar lane 
Andress Georg-e, tobacconist Frankfoixl road 

Michael, bricklayer 7 Pratt's ct 
Andrews 8c Povalthon 

Jacob, bncklayer Frankford road ab 

Joseph &, Sons, 259 N 2d S E cor 

Andrews Isaac, carter 175 St Johns 

Thos. cunier 5 Wood (Brewer's al) 
William, tobacconist 470 N 3d 
Annadow'n Thomas, ladles' shoemaker 207 N 

Front N E corner Vine 
Anstice Wm. liv sta keeper N Front n Maiden 

WilUam, cor 3d and Green 
Anthony Georg'e, plasterer Pascall's al near 
Old York road 
Jacob, shipwrig'ht, 57 Coates 
Joseph, house carp 57 Coates 
App Charles, saddler back 207 Coates 
Apple John, shoemaker ciSS N 3d 
Applcton Cluistopher, cai-ver and frett cutter 

167 N 4th 
Arbuckle James, intersec of 2d and Ger road 
Archard Charles, brushmaker 124 Coates 
Aixher Job, labourer Lilly alley near Green 
Ambruster Jacob, brushmaker 220 N 3d 

Nicliolas, grocer 361 N 2d 
Armour Wm diy gd sto 3d n Coates 
Armstrong Andrew, groc d h 6 ab Callowhill 
Geo. H. mari Maiden n Front (K) 
Henr}% plasterer 133 Green 
John, house car])enter 95 Budd 
Wilham, tailor 343 N Front 
Arthur widow Margaret, nurse 12 Budd. 
Asai John, shoemaker Witman's alley 
Asay John, shoemaker 5 bel Callowhill 
Ashbrook Th. C. tailor 27 Wood (Brewer'ral) 
Ashbiuner Adam, supercargo 321 N 2d 

Benjamin, jun tanner 315 N 2d d 

h 321 N 2d 
John, tanner N 2d 
W, mer 7 S wharve d h 321 N 2d 
Ashman Charles, ladies shoemaker 260 N 2d 
Ashton George, boatbuilder b of 294 N Front 

widow Susanna, 94 Crown 
Atherton Humprev, merch 108 St. John's 
Atkinson C L & E A, milliners 284 N 2d 

James, Uv sta keep 99 Poplar lane 
Samuel S, liv stable keep 468 N 2d 
Auner J G & C H, booksel & sta'rs 229 N 3d 
Austin James A, druggist 273 d h 258 N 3d 

^vid Rebecca L, bonnet mak 335 N2d 
Aydelot Rev Mr, Wood n 10th 
Ayers Da\'id B, apothecary & druggist Beach 
opposite tlie market house (K) 
Jonathan D, teacher 373 N Front 



Bach Frederick, house carp Kesslere al 
Bachelor William, carter Ton-'s court 
Bacon David, hack-master 8c carp 192 N Front 
stables 1 New Market (Cable la) 
Joseph, g-entleman 190 N Front 
Richard, cabinet maker Queen near 

Samuel & Co, ironmongeiy & fishing 

tackle store 188 N Front 
Thomas, ironmon d h 25 New Market 
Badger Bela, inspector of domestic distilled 

spirits, 10 Ann 
Baggs Hemy, hatter Mentzer's court 

James B, 6th ab Willow 
Bailey Samuel S, 222 Green 

Robert, pocket book mak 8 Magnolia 
Baines Artehus, M D & diiiggist Beach near 

Maiden (K) opposite the market 
Bams Richard W, weaver 120 Coates 
Baker George N, lum merch d h 432 N Front 
George, victualler 122 Budd 
Geo Cj bi-ass founder Budd ab Sassafras 
George, house carp b of 143 Vine 
Henrv, liv st:ib keeper 51 Noble 
Jacob, victualler 32 Browne 
Jacob, victualler 47 Budd 
John, tav keep N E cor Front & Otter 
Joseph, 34 Old York road 
Michael & sons, lum mer N W cor 2d 

and Brown 
Michael sen lum mer 74 Brown 
Michael jr 127 N 3d d h 330 N Front 
Mrs shopkeeper 114 St John 
■wid !Mar}", victualler 123 Old York road 
Samuel, shoemaker Rose al n Coates 
William, auctioneer d h N E cor Law- 
rence and Vine 
Wilham J, clerk 221 N 6th 
wid Christiana, m:uk wo 236 St Jolui's 
wd Elizabeth, 126 Browne 
Bald Adam, gi-ocer 472 N 2d cor Poplar lane 
Bait Frederick, labourer Hanover n Prince 

Hemy, victualler Hanover n Prince 
Ball George, acc't 232 Green 
Balhnger Catharine, nurse 137 N 5th 
Baner^Mark, porter 218 N 4th 
Barbazet widow Mary, niu'se Ton-'s ct 
Barclay Andrew C, merch and Boston Packet 
office 38 S whan-es d h 248 N 2d 
widow Jane, gentlew 224 N 3d 
widow of John, gentlew 227 N 3d 
Barcroft Stacy, drygood sto c CaUowhiU £c 3d 
Barger \\'m, rigger 78 Budd 
Barlow Asliton, grocer Vine bet 11th & 12th 

Wm, weaver 8 Poplar lane ■ 
Barnard Lewis, mariner and ia\ keep S E cor 

Water and Ciillowhill 
Barnes Isaac, tailor N W comer Kunkle and 
wid Mary, keeper of dr.iys 183 Green 
Bamhoit Frederick, \ ictualler 237 St John's 
George, victualler 237 Callowhill 

Barnholt George, tav keep N E cor James & 

Ridge road 
Barnitt Tho, tiumer & mac mak 198 N Front 
BarrasJohnB, tailor 1 99 Noddh 40 Tammany 

widow Sarah, 122 Callo\\-hill 
Ban-ett Robert, whipmaker 419 N 2d 
Ban-olet Miss Matilda, mantuamak 221 Vine 
BaiTy Samuel S, planemaker 183 St John's 
Bart Gotleib, wliite and locksmith 283 N 2d 
Baitholomew Peter, victualler 9 Carlton 
Bartle H Rudolph & co stonecutters cor Ridge 

road and Callowhill 
Bartlett ^largaret, bandbox mak 66 Coates 
Henr\' cabinetmaker 485 N 2d 
& Ke'hi-, cabinetmakers 269 N 2d 
Bart?am Isaac, late druggist 13 Julianna 
Barwell John, painter & gla 105 Old York rd 
Basset Samuel, sea capt 81 Green 

Jolin, house carpenter Cobb's court 
Battle John, dep flour insp S John ab Beaver 
Bauchnian Jacob, house carp Rose al 
Baxter Josh, weaver N E cor Allen & Frank- 
ford road 
Bayliss Benjamin, tailor 484 N 2d 
Beagle Henr}', blacksmltii 5th ab Callowhill 
Beal Wm house carp Rose al near Green 
BeUer Tobias, sugar refiner 36 Ann 
Beam Jacob C, collector 41 Brown 
Bean James, gent Vine n 8th 
Beans Benj J, stove manufacturer 70 N 6th 

d h 249 Vine 
Beard Nichohis, victualler 36 Charlotte 
Bewley James, clerk 82 Tanraiany 
Bechtel George, shoemaker 29 Duke 
Beck Daniel B, painter and glazier intersec 
of Old York rd &. 4th d h Ridge rd 
Hemy A &. Son, druggists 248 N Front 
Lewis, 34 Ridge road 
Beckenback Jacob, shoemaker 85 Green 
Bcdaux Sarah, 326 N 5th 
Bedford Thos, h painter & glazier 114 Dillwyn 
Bedwell Tho, druggist S W cor 2d & Tammany 
Geo, acc't S W cor 2d and Tammany 
Beebe Hemy, printer 155 Vine 
Beer John, house caqo Brooke near Coates' 
Beideman John, shoemaker 349 N Front 
Beighauser Jacob, accountant Wood (Brew- 
er's aUey) op K\mckle 
Belair Lewis D, justice of the peace od bel 

Bell widow Ehzabeth, 101 Crown 
J, cor Brown and Oak 
Wm R, wliip manufactiu^r 79 St John's 
Beltzner Mi-s Catharine, shopk'r 264 N 4th 
Bender Charles, shoemaker 154 St Johns 
John, house carp 122 Callowhill 

, shoemak Stout's al n Coates 

Benezet wid Catiiai-ine, board'g ho 280 N 2d 
Benfer J C, tailor 359 N Front 
Benner Geo, baker Frankfoi-d rd n Queen (K) 
Hannali, shopk S E c 4th & Poplar la 
Henrj-, grocer and tav keeper S W 
cor Beaver and Pitt 



Banner John, chemist 289 Vine 

John, biscuit liaker 300 N Front 
Jacob, jr siuUler N 3d :ib Wood 
John &. (ieo, bis bakers 300 N Front 
Peter, oak cooper 365 N 2d 
Renners Georg'e, su]h icai>(o 200 N 4tii 
Hennet Jacob, merchant 303 N 2d 
Nicholas, carter 38 Juliana 
M id Elizabeth, nurse llfi St John's 
Rcnnett John, shipw Reach n Marlboro' (K) 

Lewis, watchman 13 Laurel 
Bennis Mitchell, acct Julianna ii Wood 
BentJey Clmstian, tobacconist 348 N 2d 
Berg Henn-, tailor 14 Rudd 

Henrj', jr tobacconist 14 Budd 
J, hairdresser 121 Browne 
Berklvimer Henrj-, waterman Lilly al 
Bergcr Jacob, house carj) 56 Callowhill 
Berks John jr, grocer N W corner Rudd and 

Poplar lane d h 605 N 2d 
Bernard Lewis, seaman 5 Callowhill 
Bideman Henr}', Quince ab Rishop (K) 
Biggard John, oystennan 62 Green 
Bigler Jacob t:\ilor 1 Rodger's ct 
Binder Danl, cabinet maker 75 Green N W 
c or Lilly al 

Wm, hatter 286 N Front 
Wm jr, hatter 375 N Front 
Bisslaimmer Martin, 3d ab Poplar lane 
Bird Geo, agent for the Union line of N York 
packets 22 S Wharves d h S W corner 
Coates and 2d 
John G, confectioner 72 Budd 
Blsbing George, oak cooper 200 N 5th 
Bishop Benj, cab mr 192 Callowhill n Julianna 
Edwin, jeweller 73 St John's 
Nathaniel, oyster-cellar 6 AVaiTcii 
Bispham Harriet, shopkeeper Francisville 
Bitting Lewis tavern keepc r 78 Green 
Blackman Enoch, inkeeper 337 N Front 
Blair James, grocer N 3(1 at the intersection 
of the Germantown road 
James, 174 N 3d ab A'ine 
Blanchard wid Barbara, tailoress 105 Noble 
Blatchford Stephen, licensed pawnbroker 
money lent on watches. silver plate jewelry 
&c on low terms 117 N 5th 
Blanchard John, shipw Hanover n Queen (K) 
Bleeker Heniy, ced coop Ridge rd op Wood 
Bleyler John, taveni keeper 235 N 3d 
Bhght John, shipwright 28 Rrowne 
Blinn Jacob, house carpenter 408 N 4th 
Blood Eleanor, tavern keeper N W cor Marsh 

and Beach (K) 
Blye John H, sea captain 403 N 3d 
Boate wid of Horatio, d h 133 N 5th c Wood 
Bockius Wm, cor Poplar lane and 4th 

Jacob, brush maniifac 212 N 2d 
Boileau Isa;\c, jus of peace 2d ab Reaver 
Boishart John, cedar cooper 42 Old York rd 
Boehm Wm, 207 St John 
Boley Frederick, cedar cooper d h 280 N 3d 
Bolt John, victualler 17 Charlotte 
Bond Jacob, saddler, 231 N 2<1 
Bonnell Samuel, hard w store 2d bel Callowhill 

Bonsai 1 Ilcnrj' L, grocer 146 N 4tli d h 43 

Ol<i Yoixl road n Green 
Boon Anflrew, wood-conler Reach (K) 
Rnoth George, wiaver 15 Rudd 

Wm, coachmaker 115 Rrowne 
Wm, weaver 14 Rudd 
Rorer Jacob, sock manf Crown bel Callowliill 
Roreaf Henry, victualler cor 6th and Green 
Ronkn Josc])h, shoeniuker 31 Coates 
Rornman John, sen victualler Juliana ab Cal- 
John jr, victualler 16 Frankford rd 
Boustead James, currier 276 N Front d h 12 

Emlen's ct 
Boureau Henry, ironmonger cor 2d & Coates 

d h Front ab Laurel 
Bowen AVm, 13 Wood (Brewer's al) 
Rowers Daniel, tav keep N W cor Cliaries & 
David, grocer Callowhill op Charles 
Frederick, nail cutter 100 Coates' 
George, cor Front & Maiden 
John, labourer 4U Fi-ankford road 
Jos M, ship build Penn n Maiden (K) 
Joshua, ship builder Reach n Shack- 

amaxon (K) 
^^■id Maiy, shopk 425 N 3d 
Michael, surgeon-barber 403 N 3d 
Rower Samuel, ship build Penn n Maid (K) 

Samncl S, Penn n Maiden (K) 
Rowles Renjamin, stone cutter 3 Union ct 
Rowman Jac, Avood sa'yr Stout's al n Coates' 
Michael, comb-maker 390 N 3d 
Michael J, N 4th ab Brown 
Tliomas, accountant 9 Pfeiffcr's al 
wid Sai-ah, seamstres 105 Noble 
Boys wid Mary, drygood store 287 N 2d 
Royd Alexander, leatlier gilder 228 N 6th 
Rev George, Coates n 8th 
wid Susannah, shopk 3 Wood 
Boyer Jacob, laborer N 9th ab Wood 

James, acct 4 Wood Brewer's al 
Royle & Jones, 200 Callowhill 
Rrackin wid Margaret, milliner 44 Wood 
Brackney Samuel, tailor 86 Green 
Rradfonl Thomas, laborer 473 N 2d ♦ 
Rraeutigam Daniel, books &, hware 194 N 2d 
Brandt John, house carp Coates bet 2d & 3d 
Rrannan Edward, umbrella maker 231 N 2d 
Rray & Rarcroft, w sale dry gdsto 217 N 3d 

Daniel, merchant d h 184 N 3d 
Rrazier John, blacksmith 171 Green 
Rresslaw Ann, 382 N 2d 
Bricker Jacob, weaver 473 N 3d 
Bridwell Charles, shoemaker 56 Budd 
Briggs Russel T, machine maker 13 Pratt's ct 

\\ id Elizabetli, 55 Tammany 
Brindlc James, groc Frankford road bel Otter 
Britton James B, storekr 57 New Market 
John, gentleman ?>Ian'a;a Village 
Broadbent John, mercli 45 Old York road 
Brock Charles, storekeeper S W cor Callow- 
liill and 2d 
Brockennan Wm, tobacconist 50 Tammany 
Rrodie Andrew, grocer S E c 2d & Coates 
Brooke Caleb & John, blacksm's 88 Callowhill 



Brooke James, blacksmith Charlotte n Brown 

Ignatius, innkeeper 295 N 3d 
Brook wid Susannah, board h 6 Chailotte 
Brookovert John, carter 64 N Juniper 
Brooks John, house carp 32 Garden 

John, accountant 179 Callowhill 
Brooks James E, 218 N 7th 

Lewis, blacksmith 54 Noble 
Oliver, broker 228 N 6th 
Broom wid Elizabeth, grocer 104 Budd 
Brown Adam, brewer 363 N 3d 
Francis, tailor Francisville 
Henry, cooper 40 Julianna 
James, gunsmitli Front ab Callowhill 
Jacob, grocery & tavern S W corner | 

Oak & Noble 
wid Elizabetli, 126 Callowliill 
■ wid Hannali, gentlewoman 250 N 2d 
John T, bnis'h mak 182 St. John's 
Wm, printer Wagner's al d h 6 John 
Browne John C, sbjp smith 334 N Front d h 
John G, apothy &, drugt N E cor Vine 

and 3d 
-j-Lunar, sweep master 147 Browne 
Michael, rigger 8 Margaretta 
Peter, brush mr 11 Wood Brewer's al 
William, Budd ab Poplar Lane 
Wm, 21 Green 
Wm, tanner Penn n Marsh (K) d h 

Frankford road n Otter 
Wm, laboui-er Beach n March (K) 
wid Mary, shopkeeper Noble 
wid Mar^^, shopkeeper 237 St John 
I-iberty, justice of the peace S W cor 

3d and Noble 
•j-Thos oyster cellar under 220 N 3d 
Bruff Robert, tnmk maker 297 N 2d 
Brulte Peter, 241 N 2d 
Bninell Andrew, rigger 12 Margaretta 
Bruner Adam, skin dresser 2 Margaretta 

Benjamin G, blacksmith Ridge road n 
Ann d h Ann n Ridge road 
Brush J, tav keep Poplar lane bet 3d &. 4th 
Brusstar Samuel B, Inn kr Beach (K) 
Bryant H, druggist 205 N 8th 

Moses H, tailor 83 Browne 

Bryant M Y, superintendent of water Ann n 
Tiberius J, justice of the peace 205 

N 8th 
Wm, cabinet maker 34 Garden 
Buck Christopher, shoemaker 367 N 4tli <,: 
Leoniu'd, cedar cooper 331 N 3d • 
Buckwalter Jacob, grocer 148 Sassafras d h 

1 Wood 
Bulfinch wid Mary, layer out of the dead 107 

Benjamin, wool merchant 32 N 3d d 
h 5 Browne 
Bullock, Davis & co wool & woollen ware- 
house 32 N 3d & 473 N front 
Bumbach Mai-tin, boanling h 333 N 3d 
Bui'chell wid, Jackson house Garden ab Wood 
Burke Tlios, coach trim Callowliill n 13th 
BiU'khart Isa;ic, sea captain 6th ab Willow 
Burkleback Jacob, house cai"p 226 Green 
Burkellow Isaac, broker, 258 N 2d 
Burn John, cliina store 262 N 2d 

Josejih, dry good st 244 N Front 
BiUT Geo H, mer d h N W c Front & Vine 
Samuel, h carp Julianna 2 d bel G^een 
widow Rebeca, gentw N W c Front & 
Burras J, shoemaker St John n Poplar lane 
BmTOUgh Levi, taylor 482 N 2d 

W'illiam, gentleman 11 Vine 
Burrows John W, 243 N 3d 
Bushell John J, morocco dresser Lawrence n 
&, Graff, morocco dressers 210 Vine 
Busher captain Moses, Coates n 8th 
Buskill David, plasterer 152 Callowliill 
Butler John, ^mariner 32 Duke 

John, shoemaker 116 DLLl\vyn 
Joseph, tailor 88 Crown 
Wm, lumber mer 368 N Front 
wid Jane, tav keeper 44 S 8th * 

wid Isabella, 14 Margaretta 
Butterworth John, tin plate worker 448 N 2d 
Butz George, innkeeper sign of the Pennsyl- 
vania Farmer 216 N 3d 
Buzby wid F W, diygood store 268 N 2d 
Buzzard Peter, brewer 204 Noble 
Byerly J, sliipwright Hanover n Beach (K) 



Cafruy James, storekeeper 192 N 2d 
Cain Robert, tiiilor 60 St John 
Caldwell David, clerk U S dist 8c circt courts 
office I'l-anklin Institute d h N 6di 
neai' Noble 
James, bhicksmitli Browne bel Ft 
John, weaver 26 JJudd 
John, tiiv keeper S VV cor Maiden & 

Samuel W, 2d teller N I- bank 40 N 

lOtli I'ldmyra scjiiare 
■md Eliza, Browne bel Front 
Calhoun F and C, store kr N K cor Vine 8t 4th 
Call Stephen, slioemaker b of 85 Browne 
Callaphan Ciiarlcs, measurer of gniia 9 Wood 
Camblo Charles, 33 ^'iiie 
Camp David, cor N 4di and Maiia 
Campbell A, 305 N 2d 

wid Catharine, nurse 18 Vine 
James, tailor 268 St Jolms 
lYistinim, tiiilor 341 N Front 
Cantrell wid Abbott, tiv keeper 313 N Front 
Carben Augustus, oyster house 267 N Front 
Carland George, bricklayer 219 St Jolm 
Carlisle Abraham, g-ent 219 N 4th 
David, cor 6th and Coates 
Carmack wid Mary, tav keeper 163 N "Water 
Carmalt James, conveyancer 298 N 3d 

Jonatlian, gent 302 N 3d 
Cam Jacob, Callowhill n 4t]i 
Caniell William, Gennantown road n 5th 
Carpenter Bcnjanun E, grocer 230 and 232 N 
3d ab Calowhill d h 213 N 3d 
& Gorgas, wholesde gi-ocers 230 & 

232 N 3d ab CaUowliill 
Miles N, grocer 232 N 3d d h 81 

Powell, bricklayer 95 Callowhill 
Carr Samuel, tailor 68 Noble 

wid Elizabeth, boarding h 22 Knuckle 
Cartwright Matthew, tinman 29 Rrown 
Carver Jacob, trunk and shoemaker 377 N 2d 

Jacob, clock & watch mr 126 St John 
Cash Andrew D, scrivener N 6th ab Callowhill 
Casner Cliristopher, mariner 4 Callowhill 
Cassey wid Hannah, siiopkecper 178 Coates 
Cassaday John, baker 172 Coates 
Cassin William, Callowhill n Gaiden 
Castner wid Susan, mantua maker 81 Browne 
Cathcart wid Laetitia, shopkeeper 7 Duke 
Cathrall Ceorge, paper hanger 5 Poplar lane 
CaufFman Lawrence, cliina store 207 d h 207 

1-2 N 3d 
Chamberlin John, house carj) 50 Kunckle 
Chamberlain Lydia, dry good store 278 N 2d 
wid Mary, gentw 353 N 3d 
W and B N, grocers 355 N 3d 
Richai*d, house carp 246 N 3d 
Chambers wid Mary, 71 Coates 
Chandler George, shoemaker 79 Green 

Joseph, teacher 164 N 3d d h 25 Old 
York road 
Chardon Anthony, gent Frankford road 
Chase wid Ann, shop keeper 388 N Front 

Chatfield John, shoemaker 177 St John 

•f Chavers wid Amilia, shopkeeper Ridge road 

dear CaUowliill , 

Cheevens wid Ann, 11 Duke 
Chevallior Clement E, jeweller 6 Palmyra sq 
(;hew Isaiic A, slioemr Queen n I'rankfonl r 
(;hild John, clock St watchmaker 452 N 2d 
Cliristman Henry, shoemaker 235 N 2d 
Chumiu'd James, waterman Peim n Maiden (K) 
Chu-k Daniel, black St whitesmith Poplar lane 
ab St John 
Davkl W, cai-penter n Buttonwood 8t 8th 
John, weaver Beach n Maiden (K) in- 
quire at 270 S 2d 
Isaac S, upholsterer St bedding ware h 

2 Old York road N W cor of Yine 

Robert S, gent Ridge rd ab Green 

Thomas, stone mason Francisvillc 

Clai'ke Joseph A, merchant d h 249 Vine 

Clay Geo F, drayman 200 St John's n Coates 

Claypole Josiah, dep keeper Walnut st prison 

183 Coates 
Clayton David, h carp Beach n Maiden (K) 
Clever wid Elizabctli, gentw 103 St John 

wid Maiy, 215 N 8th 
Clemens Mrs Ann, midwife 70 Green 

Benjamin S, musical instnunent mr 

49 Callowhill 
Jacob, 70 Green 

Joseph, inn kr Haraiony hall Fair- 
view Bush-liill 
Clemmons William, victualler 103 Garden 
Clement widow Elizabeth, 70 Crown 
Clifton Isaac, luitter 1 Wood Brewer's al 
Ciine widow Mary, 397 N Front 
Clinton Robert, acct n stone bridge (K) 

Wm, sliipwTight Maiden n Penn (K) 
Clopp John, 174 N 4th 
Close Henry, grocer 385 N 3d 
Clotliier wid Barbara Ann, 365 N Front 
Cloussen Nicholas, skin ch'esser21 Murgaretta 
Cluley Francis, wire -worker 107 Dihvyn 
Clulen Daniel, tailor rear of 21 Callowhill 
Clymer Jacob, house carp 75 Crown 
Coalscott Otlineil, house carp S W cor Noble 

and Lawi'cnce 
Coates Thomas, house csLvp 99 Dillwyn 

wid Margai'et, gentw S W cor Front & 
Coats Thomas, jr justice of the peace 316 N 3d 
Cobb William, house carp N 10th 1 door bel 
W, cabinet maker 108 Frankford road 
Coclu-an widow Catliarine, gentw 39 N 10th 

(Palmyra square) 
Coe James, storekeeper 202 N Water 
Richaid, merchant Callowhill n 5th 
Robert, 427' N 2d 
Coffee Jonathan, blacksmith intersection Vine 

N 9th & Ridge road d h 292 Vine 
Coffin Mrs Martlia, morocco hat mr 9 Wood 

(Brewer's al) 
Coyles Daniel, tallow chandler 102 Crown 
Cole John G, tailor 28 Tammany 



Cole Samuel T, house carp 10 Kunckle 
William, tailor 62 Tammany 
,. wid Ann, N 9th ab Wood 
Coleman James, whip manufact 70 N d h 115 
Jacob, 419 N 2d 
Philip, glue mamif 22 Noble 
wid Margai-et, shopkeeper 63 Coates 
Colewater wid Ann, marketwoman 211 N 8th 
Coller Jacob, cor Quince and Cheny (K) 
Collin wid Margaret, gi'ocer & taveni keeper 

184 N 2d 
Collins Moses, weaver 15 Laurel 

wid Sai-ah, tailoress Stouts al n Browne 
Collom CjTus, gi'ocer 160 Coates 

John, clei'k N L market 122 Coates 
Jonathan, teacher 132 Coates 
Wm, upper storv N L commissioners 
hall 325 N 3d d'h 116 Green 
Colms Seth Q, teacher 273 Callowliill 
Colson Jonathan, china merch 11 N Front d h 

136 Dillwjai 
Combes John R, gi"oc Oak c Noble dh 44 Oak 
Condall Thomas, tallow chand 233 Callowliill 
Condon wid Sarah, b house Penn n Marsh 
Conger John, shoemaker 261 N Front 

wid Ehzabeth, marketw 53 Browne 
Connell John, steel manuf 3d n Tammany 
Connelly Jacob, blacksti Callowhill n Ridge 
Conner wid Eleanor, shop kr 232 N Water 
Conrad John, clerk of the court of Quarter 
Sessions office W wing of the state house d 
h N E cor 5tli and Callowhill 
Cook George, plane maker 30 Lam-el 
John, dealer 199 Callowhill 
Lewis, cigar manuf 82 Browne 
Cooper Benjamin C, tailor 76 Crown 

Conrad, shoemaker 256 N Front 
widow Hannah, gentw 194 N Front . 
Henry, printer 188 N 5th 
Isaac, gent Vine ab 6th 
James, gent 249 N Front 

M D 125 N 5th 

Coupar D, collector 110 Old York road 
Cope Godfrey G, victualler N W cor Tamma- 
ny and 4th 
Jacob, acct Tammany n Old York road 
John, 366 N 2d 
Samuel, tailor 272 N 2d 
Samuel, tailor 51 Browne 
Copeland Nathaniel, inspec of flour 159 Vine 
Corfield Edward D, justice of the peace N E 
cor Front & Callowliill d h 2d bel Noble 
Corndaffer John, employed at a brewery 115 

Cornish Henry, 273 N 8d 
Cornman Adam, sugar refiner 28 & 30 Wood 

Brewer's al 
CornweU Robert, blacksmith 410 N Front 
Cosfeldt Francis, whitesmith 449 N Front d h 

264 St John 
Cossart wid Mary, seamstress St John n Po - 
lar lane 

Coste 8c Raymond, tallow chandlers 198 Cal- 
Coston Benton, cabinet maker 438 N 4th 
wid Ehzabeth, Cobb's ct 
wid Mary, tailoress Cobb's ct 
CoudenJohn, stone cutter Old York road n 

Coulston Bernard, Vine n 8tli 

George W, innkeeper 271 Vine 
Councel Thomas, hatter Juliana bet Wood 8c 

Comlney Samuel P, ^ueen bel Hanover (K) 
Coward James, acct rear of 33 Vine 

E, N W cor Wood and Crown 
Cowperthwaite Joseph, acct 82 Dillwyn 

Samuel, mer 15 d h 204 N Ft 
wid Sarah, gentw 204 N Ft 
Cox James, boatman 11 CallowliHl 

Isaac, shoemaker 365 N 3d 
Couzens John, ch-ajTuan 166 St John 
Craige, Huston and co, saddleiy Sc Globe mill 

wai'ehouse 110 High 
Craig Andrew, laboiu-er N 10th ab Wood 
Miss Msa-y, tutoress 194 St John 
Thomas, saddler 520 N Front 
Cragg George, dyer 529 N 3d 
Cramer Joseph, teacher 121 Coates' d h 407 

Crane Avid Elizabeth, spooler 16 I^aurel 
Crap George W, tin plate worker 2 Wood 

Brewer's al 
Crayen Ishi, acct 422 N 2d 
Crawford Alexander, tailor 28 Kunckle . 

Henry M, cunier Chesnut bel 2d d h 

Noble n Front 
Samuel H, boat builder 326 N Front 
Cress Alexander, shoemaker 85 Budd 

George, jr harness maker 249 Vine 
Cresson Richard C, grocer 406 d h 391 N Ft 
Crilly James, Gennantwn road intersection 3d 
Crispin Hcitty, gentw 215 N 6th 

Peter, waterman Budd n Browne 
Croasdill AVilliam, acct 88 Crown 
Crock Bai-tliolomew, dra} man N W c Coates 

and 7tli 
Croman John, painter 8c glazier 123 Coates 
Cromwell Oliver, bricklayer 134 Dillwyn 
Crooks Geo R, currier 216 N 2d dh 127 N 5th 
Crowell Samuel, diy good store 186 N 2d 
Cnicy William, house carp Juliana bet Wood 

and Callowhill 
Crum Samuel, labourer Rose al 
Cugar Samuel, shoemaker 62 Noble 
Culin George, book binder 244 N 2d 
Culnan Daniel, cuiricr Coates n Ridge road 

George, tailor 40 Ann 
Cidp Jacob, wholesale and ret:iil grocer 222 8c 

224 N 2d d h 32 New Market Cable lane 
Cummins Abraliam, weaver 495 N 2d 
Cummings Enoch, grocer 453 N 2d d h 396 

Cummins John, house carp 152 Coates 
Gumming wid Martha, gentw 276 N 2d 



t-'uniming Richard V, tin plutc worker 270i d h 
299 N 2tl 
Samuel S & co, drujr{,nsts 288 N 2d 
Oumniin}^ Solomon, milkman 368 N od 
Cnnninj;li:iiii .lolm II, printer h of 13 N 7tli d 

h N W cor NN'ood is. 9tli 
Ciipps Francis, 18.? Oallowliill 
Curran A K, t^rocery & tav keeper N W cor 

Oak and Wliiteliall 
Curi'v Joshua, hatUr 17 Julianna 
Curtis Asa, wholesale & retail gi-ocer 282 N 2d 
d h 15 Vine 
•lonathan, weaver 23 Duke 
Curving- Ileniy, mariner Poplar ct 
Cutlibert Mrs EUzabctli, 397 N Front 

Datfey Dennis, grocer 22 Poplai' lane 
Dale Mrs Mary, circ libraiy 296 N Front 
Dallman John, blacksmith and pump maker 

202 N 8d\ 
Damon wid Elizabeth, tailoress 97 St John 
Dance widow Sarali, b house 23 Old York r 
Dannaker Georg-c, 2 West al 
Danncnhowcr Jolui, flour insp 116 St John 
Daniel F.phraim N, clotliier 339 N Front 
Daniels Georg-c, jr h carp 16 Franktbrd road 

John L, shoemaker 106 Crown 
Dardine John L, 0}ster cellar Ilig-h ab 4tli d h 

177 Green 
Davidson Nathan, merchant 239 Vine 
Davis Anthon}', merchant 47 Browne 
Benjamin, merchant 177 Vine 
Benjamin, biickmaker Coatcs & 6th 
David M, India silk warehouse 82 Hig-h 
d h 89 Wood 
Edward, carter 34 Budd 
Elnatlxan, pilot 68 Coatcs 
Jesse, ciu-ter 179 Coates 
John, cor Callowhill and 10th 
John, hatter Wood 1 door E of 9th 
Joseph, inn kr Hamilton villag-e 
Isaac, tanner &. cnmer 200 d h 202 N 3d 
Mrs Margaret, g^entw 98 Wood ab 7th 
Robert, house carp 19 Garden 
Thomas, bookseller & statr 171 High d 
h 83 Tammany 

Thomas, cai'pet weaver 29 Browne 
Thomas, house carp 369 N 3d 

stone mason Francisville 

wid Mary, shop keeper 77 Budd 
Davies William, flour and feed store N W cor 

Browne and Front 
Davison William, grocer N E cor Tammany 

and Old York road 
Day Michael, collector Marlborough ab Queen 

Dcffenbach Charles, skin di-csser S E c Cal- 
lowhill & 9th d h 9th 1 d bel Callowhill 
Deal Charles, grocer 46 Wood Brewer's al 

John, baker Charles n Buttonwood 
Dean John, laboui'er 19 Vine 

Dean wid Jennet, markctw 194 St John's 
Deck Anthony, hairdresser 204 N 8lh 
Dedaker Catluu-inc, teacher 1'13 Coates 
Deeves Trial, blacksmith d li 105 Dillwyn 
l)t forest C E, gentw N 13th c Buttonwood al 
Deg'aii Jolm (i, slioinuiker Wood n 6th 
Dehaven John W, tobact Callowhill n Ridge r 
Delacroix L & J Donath, cortUal distillers 8c 

liquor store 388 N 2d 
Dcmme Rev Charles R, 184 N 4tli 
Dennison James, potter 131 St John's 
Denny Samuel, victualler Front ab Beaver 

wid Susannah, nurse Stout al nBrowne 
DeiT George L, comb mr Poplai- lane n Old 
York road 
John, silver plater 83 Browne 
John, sugar boiler 33 Ciarden 
Derringer Henry, gun & rifle manuf 370 NFt 
Deschamjjs Edward, dom manuf 408 N Front 
Dcveney C, grocer cor Coates and Brook 
Devis Thomas, painter b of 132 Callowliill 
Dewey wid Mary, 20 Budd 
Dcwine Maiy, Queen (K) 
Dewitt wid Mar)', 2 Green 
Dickens Fowler, gun sm N Fi-ont ab Browne 
Dickey William, weaver Lilly al 
Dickerson John, lumber mer 11 Browne 
Dickinson Daniel, miniature painter 107 Vine 
Hugh, shomaker 185 St John's 
Jesse, jr collector Noble bel New 

Joseph, flour and feed merch 208 
Callowhill d h LawTence 
Dillin Joseph, shoemaker 111 Poplar lane 
DiUing-er David, dry good store 196 N 2d 
Dillingham wid Margt, gentw 11 Pfeiffersal 
Dihiman Christopher, hair ch-esser 437 N 2d 
Dobbins Joseph, tav and ferry house keeper 
Pcnn n Maiden (K) 
wid Abigail, seamstress 51 Browne 
Dodd Joseph, drayman 8 York ct 
Domseler Lewis, house & sign painter 87 Budd 
Donagan Thomas, storekeeper S W cor 6th 

and Buttonwood 
Donahay John, shoemaker Beach n Marsh (K) 
Donaldson Andrew, mast mr Penn n Maiden 
(K) d h 308 N Front 
widow Mary, gentw Beach near 
Maiden (K) 
Donath J jr, distiller 264 N 2d 
Donnehower Charles, tobacconist 4 Charlotte 
Donnelly James, painter & glaz 168 Coates 
Matthew W T, store N W c Wood 
and 12tli 
Dood Richard, weaver Callo\\hill n 9th 
Dorman John, paper stainer 48 Callowhill 
Dorsey Jeremiali, tailor 25 Garden 

Thos, shoem S W c 6th &, Buttonwood 
Dotterer Adam, currier 451 N Front d h 91 
&. Fell, curriers 451 N Front 
Dougherty wid Susannah, 117 Callowhill 
Douglass Peter, brush maker 13 Wood 



Douglass Thomas, tailor b of 13th Callowhill 
Doughty John, ironmonger Vhie bel 6th 
Doidar John, gunsmith 174 Coates 
Doule Thos B, grocer S E cor 2d and Green 
Dover Joseph, Gennantown road n 5tli 
Dowden Thos C, pr 125 Callowhill 
Dowell wid Catharine, teach Frankford road 
Dowling John, plasterer b of 48 Kunckle 
Downer & Stackhouse N 4th n Vine 
Drafts Wm victualler ChiU'les n Pleasant 
Driivkhouse Jacob, tin plate wr under 1 1-2 

S 5th d h N 6th ab Callowhill 
Drla John, weaver 466 N 2d 
Di'um John, victualler Spring Garden 

William, victualler 8th ab Callowhill 
Dnuy Michael, merchant 85 Wood 
Duffield wid Betsy 460 N 2d 
Dungan Jacob, tobacconist 254 N Front 
Dunn R, S E c Tammany & 4th 

James H, trader 10 Lawrence 

Thomas, M D 171 Vine 
Dunlap Wm gro N E c 4th & Noble 
Dunnot Charles house carp 114 Dillwyn 
Dunton George, sea capt 30 Green 
Duplain wid Rachel C, gentlvv 202 N 4th 
•j-Durham wid Sarah, washw Wood c Garden 
Duy Lambert, drygood nier 1 N 5th d h 5th 
ab Callowliill ^ 

Dyer Wm brewer 121 Green 

Eakin Wm, tav keep Beach n Maiden (K) 
Earick Henry, house carp 47 Wood (Palmyra 

square) ab 10th 
Earl wid Elizabetli, store keep 393 N Front 
Eastman Thomas, S E cor Wood & Lawrence 
Ebertli Conrad, gentleman 23 JuUanna 

Joseph, house carp and measurer 210 

N 5tli d h 143 Vine 
Ebhng Robert, shoemaker 83 Budd 
Eckart Michael, cor Frankford i-oad & Crown 
Ecker Christian, tav k Coates n Old York r 
Eckhard Adam, labourer 271 Callowhill 
Eckhardt Chas H, soap & tal chand 336 N3d 

Frederick, tav keep 193 Callowhill 
Eckle & Warn-en, 1 80 N 2d 
Eckhn Samuel, printer 175 N 4th 
Eckstein Jolin, grocer & tav k 199 N Water 

Samuel, paper store 206 N 3d d h 
4th ab Callowhill 
Edel Wm, labourer 19 Charlotte 
Edenborn Phihp S, currier Tammany n 4tli 
Edgar John, ])rinter, Callowhill n Ridge r 
Edle Josiah, cor Poplar la & Apple 
Edle Mathias, stocking weaver 5 Kunckel 
Edwards Charles acc't 270 N Front 

Edward, gent 28 Green 

Edward jr, flour merch 221 N Front 
d h 28 Callowhill 

Jghn tav keep 222 N Front 

Edwards wid Sarah, tailoress 459 N 3d 
Egert wid Mary, storekeeper 214 N 2d 
Eggleton John, team-mas Allen n Frakford r 
Eginton Wm, tav keep 240 N Front S W cor 

Einwechter Wm, brickl'r St John n Beaver 
Eisen Daniel, tallow chand 90 Green 
Eisenhut John D, coppersmith N E cor 2d & 

Elberson John, l9,bourer 4 Pratt's ct 
Elder AVm T, merch d h 241 Vine 
Eldi-idge Eli, cabinet mak 241 N Front 

wid Phoebe, b house 188 Callowhill 
Elfreth Jacob R, acc't 15 Wood 
Elfridge wid Elizabeth, tailoress 48 Duke 
Elkinton Geo M, soap 8c tal chand 202 N 2d 
Elias Henry, dry good store 200 N 2d 
Ellicott Thos, millwright 30 Peg 
Elliott Chas, store keep 431 N 2d 

John, inn keep intersec of Bridge and 
Lancaster turnpike road 
EUis Daniel C, acct 11th n Callowliill 

George, bottler 350 tav keep 327 N 2d 
Wm. house carp 84 Dilwyn 
Ely Benjamin, gent 185 Green 

John, lottery brok d h 10 Palmyra row 
Enicrick Henry, shoemak 14 Pratt's ct 
, Jacob, stoi-ekeeper 218 N 3d 
P K, china st 210 N 2d d h 10 Old 
York rqad 
Engard Adam, shopkeeper 180 St John 

John, tav keep 418 N 2d 
Engle Martin, tailor 408 N 3d 

Richard tanner 529 N Front 
Engles Wm, whaf buikl Maiden n Penn (K) 
Enghsh Elisha, house carp 110 Crown 

John, inn & feny kr N E c Marsh n 
Enters Lewis, inn keep and gun stock manuf 

54 Callowhill 
Epplesheimer Lewis, sugar refiner 168 N 5tli 

d h 157 Vine 
Epstein Jacob, dealer N 4tli n Tammany 
Erdman David H, house carp N 9th n Morgan 

d h FrancisviUe 
Erwin Casper, bottler 229 Callowhill N E c 
Edw teacher 8 Frankford road 
wid Mary, band box makr 231 N 6th 
Esderton Andrew, grocer 51 Bedford 
Esewein Chai-les, tobacconist 267 N 2d 
Esling Nicholas, trader Callowhill ab 8th 
Essig Christian, baker 443 N Front 
Etress James, blacksmith 130 St John 
Ettinger Wm, bricklayer 129 Callowhill 
Evans Charles, gent Wood 2 doors bel 9th 
N side 
David, grocer 11 Budd 
David R luin mer d h 79 Tammany 
& Dungan, wholesale 8c retail grocers 
210 N 3d 



Evans Jolm &. son, lumber yard 6th n Noble 
John, hinihcr mcr c 6lh & Noble d h 

145 \ Gtli 
Owen, t;illow chandler 39U N Front 
llobi- i-L, bricklayer 28 Uid},'-e Road 
Thomas, g-rocer N \V c Hcucli & Man- 

dcrson (K) 
wid An)elia, shop ki- 119 Browne 
wkl Ann, 171. N 4th 
wid Charlotte, 171 St John 
wid Kllen, 64 Tammanj- 
Ruth 471 N 2d 
Kveng'cr Wni sliocmakcr 180 Coates 
Evcrhait wid Miu-g^aret, cake baker209 N 2d 
Everett Jolui, shoe maker 13 York ct 
Everly Samuel, pocket book maker 55 Wood 
Everson Thos, coach ti-imr 151 N 6tli 
Eyre Frankhn, ship build Roucli n lianover 
Isaac, ship wright Ueach op M:a'k('t(K) 
Jehu, ship build Beach n Hanover 
& Landel, boat and sliip builders Penn 
n Maiden (K) 
Eyres John, tav keeper 354 N 3d 
Eytinge B:u"net, wholesale fancy store 16 N 
Front d h 28 Callowliill 

FagTindus Jacob, brass founder 99 Noble 

Fairman Jabez, comb mkr 358 N 3d 

Falbright Mai-tin, shopk 94 Vine 

Faring widLydia, gentlw Beach n Maiden (K) 

Farland Hester, boai-ding h 212 N Water 

FiU'ley James, tailor 351 N Front 

FaiT John, chemist 91 Crown 

& Kunze, chemists Coates' n 4th 
Farrell John B, acct N L Bank d h Old York 

road n Willow 
Fearis Wilham, dealer Vine n 13th 
Feg-enbush Deti-ick. shoemaker 429 N 2d 

Jacob, snoemaker 420 N 2d 
Fell Christian, cunner 109 Poplar la 

Jacob, tanner 109 Poplar la 
Felter PhiUp, brewer 185 St John 
Fennimore Joseph H, innkr S W cor Front 

and Green 
Fenimore Wm &. Gerhat 8c co, N Front 
Fanner John F, tobacconist oSS N 2d 
Fenton Andrew, sail mr 68 N Water d h 234 
N Front * ' 

Peter, di'ayman Kessler's al 
Ferguson Edward cor Quince & Bishops 
Fess John E, cabinet maker 85 Browne 
Fetters Peter, sliipwiig-ht 43 Budd 

Richai'd, ferr\'man Camden N J 
Field David, gio S E c Callowhill & Ridge r 
James, gro 8c tav keeper Ridge road n 
Ann Francisville 
Finn Hemy, baker Cobb's ct 

wid Sophia shop kr 127 Green 
Firth Preston C, house carp 28 Ann 
Fisher Andrew, victualler 15 Julianna 
Frederick, baker 341 Callowhill 

Fisher Jacob, house carp 50 Browne 
John, coach mkr 606 N 3d 
Jolm, comb ndcr 341 N 3d 
John, victualler b of 32 Ridge ro«ul 
John, tav keep S E c Oak & Browne 
Jolm, victualler 90 Giuxlen 
Jolm, liouse carp 50 Browne 
Pliillip Jr, cabinet mkr 606 N 3d d h 

Poplar Lane 
widow, Elizabetli, 146 Coates 
Flsmire Snyder, 11 Budd 
Fiss Geo, slioemr 6 York ct 

Wm, blacksmitli 158 St John 
Fithian .Mathias, printer 29 New Market Ca- 
ble lane 
Fitler Daniel, victualler Germantown r n 5tli 
William, insp of bark d h c 2d &. Otter 
Fitzgerald Thos, store kr 217 N 2d 
Fizzel wid Ann, 209 Callowhill 
Fyan wid Catlj^-inc, 39 Coates 
Fysmicr Christ, cabinet mkr Callowhill n 9th 
Flaherty Jolm, weaver 442 N 3d 
Flanagan James, tav keep 403 N Front 

wid Margai'et, shop kp Charlotte n 
Poplar la 
Flegel Geo, di-}good store 420 N 2d 
Fhnn Patiick, laborer Rose al n Green 
J'hnn Robert, plasterer 216 N 6th 
Flint Almond, house cai-p Green n 3d 
Flintliam wid Elizabeth, gentlw N s of Wood 

bel Ridge road & lOtli 
Foering Abra'ni P, measurer of grain 109 Vine 
Frederick, cuixier 6 n Gei-mantown r 
SamueljCollector of tiixes 109 Vine 
Fogg Aiu-on, bricklayer N s of Wood be Ridge 

road 8c N 10th 
FolweU Job, shoemaker 312 N Front 

T I Sc R, dn good merchts 97 High 
d h 343 N 3d 
Foote Nisan, comb mkr 262 N 4th 

widow, Innkeep Callowliill n Juniper 
Foi-d Jesse, house carpenter Wood ab 10th 
Forepaugh Wm, cuirier 42 N 7tli d h 261 N 
wid Cliristianna, washwoman 12 

wid Mar}, drjgood sto 261 N 3d 
Forst Abraham, victualler 62 Garden 
Fortner 8c Gorgas, wood cor Oak n Browne 
Foster John, tobacconist 155 Coates 
Fouse Matthias, shoe mkr 271 N Front 
I'oust Henrj', saddler 186 Callowhill 
Fowle Jonatlian, attv at law 275 N 2d 
Fowe AVm, victuidler b of 298 N 7th 
Fowler Samuel, tobacconist 341 N 2d d h N 
3d n Poplar la 
Stacy, gunsmitli Poplar la n St John's 
d h St John's ab Poplar la 
Fox Christian, wafer manuf 8c weaver 113 
John, cabinet mkr 107 Budd 
John, victualler 54 Browne 
Joseph, teacher d h Wood ab N 10th 
wid Frances, cabinet ware rm 175 N 3e 



Fraley Enoch, boot & shoe mkr 353 N Front 
Franck Geo, button mki- 3X7 N 2cl 

Geo C, tobacconist 317 N 2d 
John, laborer 175 St Jolm's 
Frankhn wid I.ydia, tailoress 217 St John's 
franks Henry, tobacconist 365 N 4th 

Jacob, house carp N 6tli n Noble 
Wm, tobacconist 369 4tli 
Fraser Thos, h carp Poplar la n St Jolm's 
Frederick Wm S, grocer 354 Callowhill d h 

Callowhill n 8th 
Fredi-ickson Henr}-, gi-ocer Ft n Callowhill 
wid Cathai'ine, g-rocer N W c 
Sch 4th & Callowhill 
Free Geo, looking- g-lass silverer 339 N 3d 
Freedly Samuel, M D 280 N 2d 
French Wm H, bricklayer 98 Dillwyn 
Freshmuth Jacob, tobacconist 225 Callowhill 
Mich, cedar cooper 227 Callowhill 
Fricke Frederick, cabinet raki" 209 St John's 

Henry, 3 Pfciffer's al 
Frick Jacob, one of the editors of the Ameri- 
can Sentinel and clei'k to the boai'd 
of Commiss of Fenn township d h Pal- 
myi-a Row n 1 1th 
Michael, brass founder 364 N 3d 
Flicker John, cabinet mkr 69 Green 

Mar)', shopk 33 Green 
Fries Conrad, g-rocer 16 Frankford road 
Fritez Peter F, acct 14 Lawrence n Wood 
Fromberg-erJohn, tobac 9 1-2 S 6tlidh 30 Ann 

Fi-yer wid , sliopk 356 N 3d 

Fullerton Wm carter 119 Callowhill 
Fulmer Wm, groc S W c4th & Coatesd h338 

Fultz Jacob, baker 137 Green 
Fulwiller John, house carp Mag-nolia 
Funston Joseph, weaver 374 N Front 

Tiios, gro N W c Beach & Marlbo- 
rough (K) 

Gabel Jacob, shoe peg mkr 21 Browne 
Peter, insp of lumber 9 Browne 
Peter jr, house carp 9 Browne 
Galbraith wid Margaret, 93 Dillwvn 
Gaily Joseph, tobac N W c Callowliill & 13th 
Gamble John, skin dresser & morocco manuf 

Margaretta n Front d h 253 N 2d 
Gammell James, weaver 8 Pratt's ct 
Gantz Geo W, Penn n Marsh (K) 
Gardner Richard, whet- 1 wht b of 158 Sassa- 
fras d h 32 Wood (Brewer's al) 
Henry, coachmaker Wood be 9th & 

Garden N side 
Jacob, gi-azier 293 Vine 
Wm, skin dresser 291 Vine 
Gamett Michael, house carp 49 Wood 
Garrigues Isaac B, stone cutter 39 Zane d h 

91 Wood 
Garrison Abraham, hair dresser 239 N Front 
Benj, carter St John's n Poplai- la 

Garrison Clement, house carp 200 N 8th 

Eli, mast mr Queen n Shakamaxon 
John, M. D. Beach op the Mkt (K) 
Gatchell Geo, druggist N W c lltli & Vine 
Gates T R, editor of tlie Refoi-mer 290 N 3d 
Gavd Frederick jr, brewer cor of New Mkt &c 
Callowhill d h cor 2d and Pegg 
John F, house carp 180 Coates' 
Gaimtt Charles, lieut U S navy 8 Palmyra sq 
Gauss Jacob F, baker 258 N Fron.t 
Gay James, gi-ocer 264 N 2d 
Gearson Joseph, gunlock filer 85 Dillwyn 
George Joseph, carpenter Callowhill ^n Hth 
M and L Bragg, milliner 123'n 5th 
Germon Greenbury D, gold & silver smith 

248 N 2d 
Gen-ish Levi, flour & feed store 2 N Wharves 

d h 92 Poplar la 
Gesner Geo, baker 277 N 3d 
Getz Geo A, victualler 156 St John 
Gcyer George, house carp 77 Garden 
Ghrisky Lewis, ship chandler & turpentine 

cUstiller Marsh n Front 
Gibbs Job, house carp 193 Green 
Gibson John, house carp 30 Garden 

Sarah, washw 20 Kunckel 
Gideon Geo, chair maker 202 N 8tli 

wid Mary, victualler 202 N 8th 
GifTord Alpheus, mariner 263 N Front 

Ely, shoem 276 N 3d 
Gilbert Geo, engraver on wood 139 N 6th d 
h 84 Tammany 
Jacob, innkr(Lion & his Den)300 N 2d 
John G, tailor CallowhiU n 2d 
Peter, innkeeper cor Buttonwood 

and Garden 
Samuel, tobacconist 208 N 2d 
V/m, waterman 460 N 2d 
Giles Wm, accountant 19 Green 
Gill Edward, accountant 165 N 4th 

Robt jr, wliitesmith N E c Wood & N 4th 
Morris, ch'ayman Mai-garetta 
Gillam Jesse, cordcr Callowliill wliaif d h 2 

Gillaspig Thomas, drover 17 Lawrence 
Gillespie John, St John ab Brown 
Gillet Adna, h & sign painter 202 N Front 
Giliiams Lewis, gent 43 Noble 
tiiUingJiam James, 368 N 2d 
Gilinan- Isaac, t Noble & 4th 
Gilmorc Jolin, drayman 181 Coates 
Ginther David, insp of salt provisions 137 N 
Water d h'38 Budd 
wid Frances, victualler 42 Budd 
Glazier David, blacksmith 191 St John's 

Henry, shoemaker 81 Budd 
Goddard Geo, gent 313 N2d 
Golf John C, c Frankford road & Marlborough 

wid Maiy, shoebinclcr 373N 4tli 
Gogier Henry, cigar maker Cobb's ct 
Goldsmith Cieo, plane mr 38 Laurel 

I'hos, plane mr 349 N 2d d h N 4tli 
ab Poplar la 



Coming'er wid As'nes, 83 Callowhill 
Good David, c Cidlowhill & AVuU-r 
Goodnun Cliurles, :iltv :it hiw :27.) N 3d 
Geo F, pr 87 Cidlowliill 
John, justice of tlic pi;ici' &. notary 

pubVic H7 Cidlowliill 
John, printer 12 Kunckel 
wid Miirv, g'cntlw 12 Ivuncki I 
Goodricli M'ni, hatter 176 N 3d 
Gorgas (ico, hinihor nierch 282 N 2d 

Geo, ckrk in a };t() Wood :ib Ciiirden 
Josc'])h (', j;-r()ocT d ii HI Wood 
Joseph, lumber nicr N 9tli bcl Vined 
• h 185 Callowhill 
• Peter K, luinbcr mer N 9th bcl Vine 
d h 18.5 CallowluU 
Gossman John, victualler 20 Ganlen 
Gossncr Joseph, potter 205 Coatcs 
Gould wid Sarah, teacher 83 Duke 
Goulker wid Marg^.u-et, 1.16 Callowhill 
Grace Gcorg'e, tanner Urooke n IJrowne 

John, weaver Wood n 13th 
Gracey John, constable Vine :uid 12th 
Graeff John, tav keep N W c Callowhill and 

St John's 
Graff Henrv', baker 474 N 2d 

Jacob, victualler Callowhill i\ Ridge rd 
Graham James, ostler Julianna bcl Callowhill 
Eliza niu'se 81 Browne 
Martha, nurse 386 N 3d 
Gransback Geo, shoem 31 Browne 
Grant Horace, oak cooper 203 N 3d 
GraiJ John, baker 334 N 2d 

Wm, grocery &. tav 15 Queen (K) 
Gray Caleb, di-y good sto Vine n N 12tli 
Henry M, mai'iner 126 Coates 
James, teacher 351 N 3d 
John, carter 13t]i n Callowhill 
Robert, dmyman 13 Pojdar la 
Wm shoem Morgan's ct 
Wm, cor of 3d & Franklin (K) 
Grear John, t:iv keep Callowhill n 8th 

Nicholas victualler 234 N Stli 
Greaves wid of Thos, drygood sto 478 N 3d 
Green Benj, house carp 99 Crown 
Jacob, millwright 191 N 8th 
John, shoem N W c 4th & Noble 
Joseph, plasterer 128 Dillwyn 
Stephen, fisherman 135 Green 
Greensley John, wood corder Beach n Shack- 

Casper, mariner 8 Callowliill 
Wilson, shoem 66 Noble 
wid Margai-et, g-entlw 165 Green 
Gresimer Jonah, tailor 284 N 2d 
Grlce Samuel, ship builder Penn n Marsh(K) 
Griffin Da^•id, mei-chant 92 Wood 

Isaac, gent 138 Dillwyn 
'Griffing Moses, sea capt N K c Vine & Ann 
Griffith Mary, milliner 363 N 2d d h 134 St Jno 
(iriffiths Klijah, cor Green and 4th 

. Jesse, M D 363 N 4th 1 d ab Green 
office 258 N 3d 

GrilFiths John R, slater slate yard N 6th ab 

Noble d h 191 N 6th 
Gnggs Anthony, pr Whitehall d h 16 Ridge 

(irim Peter, brick mr 480 N 3d 
Grieuer Wiu, acet 35 Wood 
(iriscom Samuel, grazier 20 Noble 
Groves Daniel, bricklayer 169 Vine 
Michael, house carp 31 Ann 
Grub wid Catharine, Beach n Mars h(K) 
Guest Jonatlian, merch 13 (Jarlton sq 
Gunil Nathaniel, teaclun- N W c 4th &: Vine 
Guy Jonathan, caipenter c (> Y K and Noble 

Haas Frederick, stocking weaver 361 N 3d 
Frederick, carp Spring Garden n 8th 
John, oak cooper 3d ab Coates 
Hacker Geocge, stoi-ckeei)er 427N*2d 

Leonaixl, shipw Penn n Maiden (K) 
Haig Robert, potter Poplar lane n 5th 

Thomas, manuf crockery ware 4th ab 
Poplar lane d h 4th n Brown 
Hain John, packer of China &c w^are Hinc- 

kles's covu-t b of 249 Vine 
Haines John, ship builder intersection 2d st 
of Germantowu road 
Samuel, hatter 214 N 2d 
llalberstadt wid Ann, gentw 247 N Front 
Haklei-man Joseph, tav keep N W c Laurel 

& Front 
Hall Isaac, wood corder 73 Noble 

James, hav & cow market 6th ab Cal- 
lowliill ' 
Joseph, c George & 2d (K) 
Maiy, 256 N 2d 

Wm, blacksm Coates' n Oak d h 12 Budd 
wid Margaret, stokr 307 Callowliill 
Hallowell Edward, mer Callowhill n Crown 
John, assistant judge of the district 
court near the first gate Ridge ^ 
Jolin, drayman 168 Coates' 
William, gent 197 N 3d 
Wm, S hardware mer 192 N 3d 
wid Rachel, 66 Tammany 
Hallrich A H tobacct 38 High d h 7 Browne 
Halzel Pliilip, fancy chair nianuf 515 N Front 
llama Godfrey, grocer S E c Green & St John 
Hamilton Alexander, L) trunk mr 348 N Ft 
John, hatter 46 Duke 
John, slilpwr'ght 16 Browne 
William, shoe'naker 34 Garden 
William, lahoiner N lOth ab Vine 
Hamm Phineas,. E engraver 30 Ridg'e road 
Hammitt John, shipwi-ight Beach (K) 
Hanabercv 'I'homus, ;;ail Uiaker b of 351 N 3d 
Hancock Robert, silk dyer &c 91 & 93 Vine 
Robert, jun dyer &c 161 N 4th 
SamiiL-l, wood corder wliarf oj) 70 
Oak d h Beach n Maiden (K) 
Hand Jeremiah, tavern keeper 13 Callowhill 



Hand Thomas, tav kr Callowhill n the wharf 
Handbach, widow Elizabeth St John 
Hankinson Samuel, bricklayer Lawrence ab 

Thomas, bricklayer 139 Coates 
Hanly John, team keeper 167 Coates' 

Wm, druggist &, apothecary 210 N Ttli 
Hannon William, shoemaker 373 N 3d 
Hanse Jeremiah, grocery & feed st 90 Biidd 
Hansell Charles, T combmaker 204 N 8th 

John, combmaker AVood bet Gai-den 
and 8th 
Harbert Charles, lumber mer S W cor 10th 

and Callowhill d h 9th ab Wood 
Hardman Richard, neat's foot oil glue and but- 
ton manuf near Prince and West (K) 
Harker George, mariner 9 Kessler's alley 

Thomas, carter Oak 
Harkman Christian, labourer 263 St John 
Harley Rudolph, tanner and cun-ier Maiden n 

Frankford road 
Hai-man widow Mar}', seamstress 40 Wood 

(Brewer's Alley) 
Harmoning Heniy A, baker 95 Crown 
Harp Abraham, shoemaker 194 Callowhill 
Hai-pel Jeremiah, teacher Callowliill n Gai-den 
Harper Peter, blacksmith 243 St John 

Peter, dealer 444 N 2d 
Harris widow Ann, tavern keeper 88 Green 
Harrison Henry H, c 4th and St. Tammany 

Hamilton, house carp b of 212 NSth 
Joseph, grocer Browne ab 2d 
Richard, shoemaker Poplar lane n 

St John 
Richai'd G, engraver Wood bel lOth 
William, shipwright Duke n Front 
W'ilHam, F tavern keeper Geiraan- 
town road n Otter 
Hart Abraham, saddler N 4th ab Wood 
James M, innkeeper 184 N 3d 
John V, merchant d h Callowhill n 5th 
Thomas, wholesale g-rocer 231 N 2d d h 

Vine ab 6th 
Thomas & AVm, wholesale gro 231 N 3d 
wid Cathai-ine, shopkr 337 Callowliill 
Hartman Sebastian, brickmr Callowhill n 13th 
Harver Richard, carter Frankford road 
Haslam Thomas, weaver b of 150 St John 
Haslett William D, potter 314 N 3d 
Hassinger Jonathan K, millstone manuf 6 Sth 

al and 28 Old York road 
Hatfield Abraham, shoemaker Hinckle's ct 

b of 249 Vine 
Hause John, house carpenter 18 Garden 

John, ostler b of 125 N 4th 
Hawkins widow Lydia, g-entw 372 N 3d 
Haworth widow Mary, g-entw 9 Vine 
Hay John, oak cooper Beacli n Maiden 

Peter, printer 30 New Market Cable la 
Kays Addis, superintendant of Spring Garden 
Hayward John, baker 79 Callowhill 
Hazlet William, b of 314 N 2d 
Hazleton Bernard, hatter Pegg Willow n 2d 
Heatons Joseph, dyer 371 N 4th 

Heatons Thomas, house carp Pascall's al 
Heckman George M, 206 N Water & 208 N 

Heimberger wid Henrietta, teacher 7 Pfeiff- 

er's al 
Heinold Samuel, tailor 138 Callowhill 
Heisinger wid Mary, tav kr 195 Callowhill 
Heiss Wm, coppersmith and coppei-plate ma- 
ker 213 N 2d , 
Hellerman John, house carp Browne n 4th 
Hellings widow Ehzabeth, 6th n Callowhill 
Helt Lewis, shoemaker 45 Coates 
Helverson Nicholas, cabinet maker N E cor 

St Jolui and Coates 
Hemback J, shoemaker 114 Oak 
Henderson widow Sarah, mantua maker Budd 

n Browne 
Hendricks Levi, shoemi' 120 Frankford road 
Henricks Solomon, lamp reflector manufacto- 

rv, N 8th n Callowliill 
Henk George U, baker 475 N 2d 
Henry Peter, oysterman 410 N 4th 

, cabinet maker 329 N 3d 

Samuel C, carver b of 99 Old York r 
Henszey Samuel, accountant 8 John 
Hentz Jacob, grocer Callowliill n Lawrence 
Hei-iges John J, tobacconist 471 N 2d 
Hersel John G, baker c 5th and noble 
Hen-ington widow Mary, 64 Garden 
Hesketh John, weaver 27 Duke 
Hess Elisha M, tin plate worker under 188 

John C, potter 26 Duke 
Peter, shoemaker 193 N 3d 
Philip, oak cooper 96 St Johns 
Samuel, grocer c of Vine and Sch 8th 
widow Susannah, shopkr 247 St. John 
Hesse Peter, cigar maker Vine ab 2d 
Hesselback Henry, 3d ab Brown 
Hestel John, oak cooper 340 N 2d 
Hester Conrad, accountant 73 Crown 
Heston A, c Budd and Brown 
Hetzell John, baker 91 Browne 
Hewitt Andi-ew, shoemaker Queen n Frank- 
ford road 

B R, diiigt 8 Ridge rd 4 doors ab Vme 
widow Elizabeth, milliner 182 Coates 
Jidiana, teacher 99 Wood 
widow Susannah, 58 Browne 
Heyberger Jacob, grocer 505 N 2d d h 96 
Poplar lane 
widow Mary, gentw 6 Noble 
Heyl John jr, brush maker 6 n Noble 

Philip, house carpenter 173 Green 
Heylin Isaac, M D 1 Palmyra row 

Lucius, gentleman 1 Palmyra row 
Heysham Robert, naval clerk at the custom 

house 9 ab Wood 
Hiatt Andrew, victualler 49 Garden 
Hicks Charles, house carpenter 17 Duke 
Higgins Joseph, cumer St John n Poplai- la 
Hilbum Benjamin, wheelright Callowhill n Sth 

Thomas, milkman 125 Dillwyn 
Hildebrandt Augustus, 89 Crown 
Hiles Peter, g-rocer 387 N Front 



lilies Joseph C, combmakcr 7th ab Noble 
M, 110 St John 

Samuel, house carpenter Coatcs n 7th 
Samuel, tallow cliamllerN E c Callowhill 

and Uug"an 
William, tin jjhvte worker 3 Duke 
Uillman Eliakim, mariner Scott's ct 

wlflow Miu-y, teacher 4;) A^inc 
Hilsec Elizabeth, store kr 68 Frankfonl roarj 
Ililton Wm W, musician cor of Wood and 

Hinchman Joseph B, labourer Maiden n 

Marsh (K) 
Hinckel Adam sen, victualler N E c Callowliill 
and Lawrence 

Adam, jr \'ictualler LawTcnce ab Cal- 
Henr}-, drayman Callowliill n 9th 
John, blacksmitli 29 Lawrence 
Peter, victualler 269 Callowlvill 
widow Elizabeth, nurse 40 Ganlen 
Hipperstell John, shoemaker 349 N Front 
Hippie William S, 12 Lawrence 
Hii-st Thomas, tin plate worker 170 N 4tli 
Hobson Wliitton, grocer and tav kr 68 Oak 
Hooker John, stone cutter 342 N 3d 
Hockreiter Bartliolomew, 44 New Mal-ket Ca- 
ble lane 
Hodges Benjamin O, upholsterer and import- 
er of bed ticking- 270 & 272 N 2d 
Hodg-son Bobert, hatter Shackamaxon near 
Queen (K) 

William, tailor Maiden n Front 
Hoeckley Jacob F, scrivener 312 N 2d 
HofF John, shoemaker 16 York ct 

John, gent 179 Vine 
Hoffman Frederick, silversmith Toit's ct 
John, stocking weaver 99 Green 
John, distiller S W c Old York road 
and Noble, d h 35 Old York road 
John S, blacksmith Callowliill n 8th 
Philip, baker 8th n Callowliill 
widow Margaret, market woman 

Beach n Maiden (K) 
widow Mary, grocer 24 Kunckel 
Hogg Thomas T, sign painter 246 N 3d 
Holby Wm, carver 4 New Market Cable lane 
Holgate Jacob, county commissr Noble n 5tli 
Hollaway Jacob, deputy kr of prison 78 Crown 
Thomas, steam engine and machine 
maker 109 d h 106 Budd 
Hollowbush Mary, shop keeper 339 St John's 
Holme James C, drj- good store 395 N Front 
Holmes John, cotton manuf globe mill Ger- 
mantown road 
John, machine maker 23 Green 
Joseph, 2d ab Coates 
Roswell, pawn broker 133 Vine 
Holt Seth, grocer 353 N 2d 
Hook widow Elizabeth, gentw 312 N 3d 
Hooker James, victualler 92 St John's 
Hookey Anthony, cabinet maker 395 N 3d 
Anthony, 101 Green 
Nicholas, grocer 349 N 3d 

Hoover John, labourer Charlotte n Pophu- lane 
Lawrence, mast mr Pcnrt n Miu-sh (K) 
Hopper Joseph M, acct N E c 4tli k. Noble 
Horn John, clniggist N E c 3d and Browne 
widow Mary, lajer out of the dead 81 
Hornc William, 40 Nol)lc 
1 lornebergcr l'i;ter, victualler Blockley 
Hotz Daniel, %-ictualler 235 Callowliill 
Johti, victualler Spring Garden 
Peter, sen c Spring Garden & 8th 
Peter, jr sea captiiin Itidge r n Green 
Hough Benjamin, 49 ^^'ood ab lOtli 

Constant, sea cajitiiin 17 Coates 
John, shoop keeper 237 N Front 
Houpt Jacob, diy good store 190 N 2d 
House William, mariner 131 Budd 
Householder Acbim, looking glass and picture 

frame maker Poplar lane n 3d 
Houseman Daniel, victualler 26 Margaretta 
Houser widow Sarali, victualler Wood bet 

Garden and 8th 
Howe James, house cafpenter 129 N 4th 

Jedediali, stereotj-pe founder c Crown 
and CaUowhill, d h 220 N 5th 
How John, measurer of carpenters work 1 29 
DsLxid H, currier 129 N 4th 
Joseph, dealer 58 Tammany 
Howard widov/ Catharine, boai'dlng house 

Beach n Shackamaxon (K) 
Howell Israel, curr'r 107 Chesnut d h 240 Nod 
James, store keeper 449 N 2d 
Joseph, carter 201 N 6tli 
Lemuel, dry good str 24 Ridge road 
William, blacksm Beach n >Ltrsh (K) 
ZaclmriaJi, house carp 6 Poplar lane 
Hoy Thomas, shoemr Stout's al n Coates 
Hubbeil Benjamin, shoemaker Pascall's al 

Christian, cabinet maker 494 N 2d 
Huber Frederick A, 27 Old Y'ork road 

George, vict Buttonwood n Garden 
James S, gent 84 Callowhill 
Hukill Jeremiali, saddler Callowliill n 9th 
Huffnagle George, 42 Tammany ' 

Huggins Samuel, morocco manuf 2 1-2 N 3d 

d h 3d ab Coates 
Hugh John, storekeeper 239 N Front 
Hulinn, Jonathan, baker 485 N 3d 
Hulfish Obadiah, shoemr Chiirlotte n Browne 
Humburg Peter, Callowhill & Gai'den 
Hummill Casper, tailor 365 N Front d h 102 
Jocob, skin dresser N 3d n Beaver 
Huneker John, dry good store 371 N 2d 
Hunter W M, capt U S navy 19 Palmyra row 
widow Margaret, nurse Stout's al n 
Hurley Thomas, jr accountant 178 N 4th 
Hustler John_, commission mer 21 N Front 
and dr\' good store 244. N 3d 

widow ElJzabctli, gentw 206 N 4tk 
Hutchinson Charles, carter 266 N 4th 



■j-Hutchinson David, labourer 25 Charlotte 
Hute wid Catharine, grocer 202 N Water 
Iljoner Steplicn, watchman 23 Charlotte 
Hyn^man John, innkeeper 242 N 2d 

VVilli:inl, gi'ocer 121 Browne 

Ingard Christopher, watchroan 57 Charlotte 
Ing-rahani John, shoemr Poplai- la ri 6th 
Ireland Geo, vineg-ar mr 48 Browne 
James, bottler 188 N 8th 
James, carter Oak n Coates 
John, caiter Jame's n Rug-an 
Jackson George W, c:trp Lawrence ab Noble 
John W, cordwainer 127 Browne c 2d 
■ Jonatlian, laborer 11 Callowliill 
Jonathan, 17 Tammany 
Joseph, wood corder 2d wharf bel 

Callowhill d h 245 N Front 
Wm B, cordwainer 127 Biidd 
Jacobs Alexander J, merchant 10 Noble 
Wm blacksmith 263 N Front 
Wm, h carp 34 Wood (Brewer's al) 
Jacoby Francis, gent Frankford r n Harts tav 

Martin, house carp 258 St Johns 
Jahns Christian, (baker) patent wall colourer 

& painter 210 N 8th 
James Charles W, fancy chair mr 337 N 3d 
Isaac, M D cor Vine and 8tli 
James, comb maker 214 Gi'een 
John, grocer 360 N Front 
John H, house carp Apple n Poplar la 
J F & F P, c Vine & 8th 
Mason, stone mason 8 Union ct 
Thos, laborer Penn uMaiden (K) 

Wm, cottan master (K) 

Janny Benj S, M D 312 N 3d 

Jarden Robert, chocolate and mustard manuf 

154 N 3d d h 10th ab Vine 
Jai-man Ezekiel, sto keeper 443 N 2d 
Reuben, store keep 435 N 2d 
Jasper James, sea capt 323 N 2d 
Jaiu-etche J P, coilfectionor 201 N 3d 
Jeans Jacob, M D 208 N Front 
Jeanes Joshua T, merch 155 N Water 

Isaiah, salt merch 155 N Water d h 208 
N Front 
Jeffrey wid Barbara, milk wo Coates n 4th 
Wm, laborer 17 Poplar la 
Charles, waterman 112 Fi'ankford rd 
Joseph G, capt Fi'ankhn steam Boat 
2 New Marlcet 
Jenks John, pr Callowhill n Ridge rd 

Jonathan, turpentine manuf Penn n 
Maiden d h Beach n the Market (K) 
Joseph R, floiu* merch 76 S Wharves d 
h 5 Vine 
Jennings Joseph, gent 46 Old York rd 
•j-Jerome, John S, hair di-esser 295 Vine 
Jester Elias, dry gqod store S E cor 5th and 
Callowhill and Old York road 

Jeyde Leonard, tailor '^5 St John's 
Jobson Samuel, glue manuf 273 N 3d 

Samuel jr glue manuf 273 N 3d . 
Johnes Charles, mi-rch 69 Vine 
Johns Daniel, jjaintcr & glazier 187 Mulberry 
d h 94 Tammany 
Wm and Daniel, painters* and glaziers 

cor Callowliill 
Wm, painter & glazier 187 Mulberry d 
h 41 Old York rd 
Johnson Andrew, box maker 149 St John's 
Ann, teacher Penn n Maidfen 
Charles, liouse ciu-p 185 Coates' 
James, blacksh Penn n Maiden (K) 
John, dealer 49 Noble 
J H &. R H, coachmrs 349 N 2d 
Jonatlian, h carp CidlowlilU ab Crown 
N & I, steam engine manuf Penn n 

Mai-sh (K) 
Nicholas, blacksh d h Penn n Mai- 
den (K) 
Robert S, iron store 69 & 71 N Wa- 

terdh 115 Vine 
Wm, lumber merch d h 90 Dillwyn 
Wm, Gei-mantown rd ab Master 
wid Hannah T, gentlw 225 N 4th 
wid Sopliia, 98 Coates 
Jones Abraham, turner 48 Tammany 
Daniel, blacksh 207 Coates 
David, blacksmith Old York rd n Tam- 

Edward, silk dyer 264 N 2d 
Jesse, tailor 72 Callowhill 
John, floiu- & feed store 228 N Front 
John, tailor 123 Budd 
John F, plane mr 219 St John's 
John K, coach mr 219 St John's 
Joseph, turner 322 N 2d 
Joseph, mercli 231 Vine 
Robert, weaver Morgan's ct 
Samuel, mariner 45 Green 
Samuel S, acco\intant 299 Vine 
Thos, shoemaker 69 Budd 
Catharine, Queen bel Marlborough (K) 
wid Ehzabeth, b h 205 Callowliill 
wid Mary, shopkr Charlotte n Browne 
Jordan, Fi-ederick, brass founder N 4th above 
Poplar la 
Henry, shoemr & leather' sto 229 N 2d 
Tlios W, shoemr 1 Morgan's ct 
Josler & Heaton, c Front and Green 
Joules wid Sarali, milliner 480 N 2d 
Joyant Charles, surgeon barber 405 N Front 
Justice Geo M, liardwaa-e merch 149 High d 
h 213 N 4th n Tammany 
Jacob, hardw merch d h 117 Vine 
Joseph, engraver 314 N 2d 
Josepli P, printer 481 N 2d 
Justus Pliilip, house c:u-p 24 Wood 

wid Susannah, gentlw 481 N 2d 
Juvenall Barth, starch manuf 392 N Front 

Jacob, starch manuf Ridge r n Green 



Kumpman Francis (', lirewer N 4Ui ab Wood 

d h York io;ul nh Cullowliill 
Karsten Jolm II, M 1) 298 N Kronl 
Katcz widow Dorotliy, j^cntw 30 N 7tli 
Katz Gf<Mf^o, wood colder 195 N VVaUr 
Jacol), plum- inr DiUwyn ii T;uuniun> 
.loliii, 247 N 2d 

MIcImicI, wood coixkr 41 Kimckle 
William, (.li;ilcr in wood 145 N Water 
Kauderer \\ illRlmiiui, cake baker 329 N 2d 
Kay Heiij );r() 2uO N Water and 2U5 N Front 
Keenile Isaac A, scrivener 18 Callowlull 
Keen Charles, cashier of the Kensinjfton bank 
F,li, shoemaker Smith's al n Cootes' 
llarinan, tailor 189 St John's 
James C, s;ul maker 
James, cotton manuf Beach n Shacka- 

Jocol), shipwrig-ht Penn n Maiden (K) . 
John E, 511 N Front 
Joseph, cun-ier d h 27 New Market 
Robert, tailor lU S Water d h 189 St 
Kehr Samuel, cabinet maker 440 N 3d 
Keichline John, potter 314 N 2d d h 44 Duke 
Keim John, turn ik coal jd 125 &. 127 N 4tli 
Keintzley Cotkib, baker 46 Green 
Keitli How^e, saddle tree nu- 130 Frankfordrd 
Keller Sanmel, shoemaker Juliana ab Vine b 
Ke pton Aaron, mer 43 1-2 JS Front d h 221 
Moses, mer d h 188 N 4th 
Samuel, accountant 101 Wood 
Kendeirlinc Jacob, house cai-])enter 314 N 3d 
Kennard Anthony, house carp 208 St John 

f James, waiter c Poplar ct and 
Miles's al 
Kennedy Robert, g-entlemau 471 N Front 

Wm M, starch manuf Cold Springs 
W c Otter &. Front d h 471 N Ft 
wddovv Catharine, Scott's ct 
Kensell George, h carp St John bel Beaver 
Lewis, carter 270 St Johns 
widow Margaret, 7 Kunckle 
Kenworthy James, cor Old York r and Coates 
Kerlin widow Elizabetli, tav kr N W c 3d & 

Kem George, labom-er 127 Old York road 

John, taylor 3 Hickon ct 
Kessler D, comb maker 206 St John's 
Kessler John, just of the peace 386 N 4tli 
. John, jr gent 166 Coates 

William, victualler, Poplar lane 
w idow Mar}-, gentw 202 N 4th 
Ketler Joseph, teaclier of the public school N 

3d ab Browne d h 111 Old York road 
Keyser Charles, teacher 28 Palm}Ta row 

and Dickinson, lumber merchants Oak 

& Gorgas, lumber mei-s 235 N Water 

John, grocer N E c Coates' h Budd 

John, iimkeepcr 34 Lawrence 

J G, 367 N 3d 

Joseph, watchmaker 226 N 2d 

Kcyscr Andrew, gauger 265 N 2d 

Nathan L, lumber nier d h 232 N Ft 
I'cter, lumber mer d ii 35 Callowlull 
William, oak eoopi r 204 St John's 
wid EJizabc ih, shopkr 266 St Jolms 
wid Mad«;line, sliopkeejier S W c St 
Johns and Taminany 
Kiel Coni-ad, carpet weaver 418 Coates' 
Kiker Jacob, victualler Coblj's ct 
Killie A:u-on, mer 4-3 1-2 N Front d h 27 Vine 
Killi)atrick Francis, tiiUow chandler 320Cal- 

Kimball Edwaixl \V, shoe & domestic store 54 

High, d h 75 Wood 
Kindall w idow Mary, 209 Old York road 
King Charles, ca]-|)enler Callowliill n 11th 
King Francis, currier 304 N 3d 
Hennanus, tailor 301 Vine 
James, gent 210 N Front 
John, gold beater d h 216 N 5th 
wid Cathaiine, seamstress 187 Coates' 
wid Mary, shopkeejier 115 Callowlull 
Kirchofi" Jacob, tobacconist 394 N 3d 
Kiik Miss Priscilla, 155 N 4th 

and Schlatter, storekeepei-s 183 N 3d 
AVm J, drygood store 183 N 3d 
Kirkpatrick Mi-s S:u-ah, Wood bel Garden 
Kissick John, engineer of Fair Mouut water 

Kitchiu wid Ann, teacher Callowhill n 9th 
Kite ls;uic S, house carpenter 13th n Y'ine 
Kithciul James, n c Germantbwn road and 2d 
Kitts Rev Thomas, Coates ab 4tli 
Klett Andrew, printer 24 Rose al 

Frederick, di-ugt N E c 2d & Callowlull 
Gollieb, shoemaker 52 Browne 
Kline Benjamin, bricklayer 109 Dillwyn 
Jolm G, tiivern keeper 492 N 3d 
Peter, bricklayer 374 N 3d 
Wm O, 599 N 3d attorney at law 
Kliiigle Geoi-ge, il D 226 N 2d 
Ivlotz John, cai-pet weaver Rose al n Green 

widow Elizabeth, shopkeeper 2 York ct 
Kncss Christian, weaver 295 Callowhill 
Knecht John Geo, victu'r Callowhill Juliannjt 
Knicht Gabel, drover 67 G;u'den 

Jonathan, gentleman 305 N 2d 
Joseph, ii-on and coal mer 219 N 2d 
Knipe John R, storekr S W cor 3d & Wood 
Kjuttel wid Catharine, Rugau n Callowliill 
Knower Abraliam, Hanover below Quince 
Knowles Thomas, grocer Beach opposite tlie 

market (K) 
Knows Jacob, shoemaker 69 Crown 

Joseph, shoe seller d h 84 Crown 
w id Mary, sho.pkeeper 30 Kynckel 
Knox Cornelius, 451 N 2d 

John, grocer 294 N 2d 
widow Sar;vli, storekeeper 451 N 2d 
Kochei-sperger Daniel, innkeeper Francisville 
Kockci-sperger George, hair di-esser 410 N 4th 
John, engineer Penn n Maiden 
Koecliling wid Aim, cake baker 26 Callowhill 
Koehler Frederick, c Coates' and 4tli 



Kohl Georg-e, tavern keeper N E c Franklbrd 

road and Alanderson (K) 
Kohlcnkanip Nicholas, tin plate worker 226 

N Front 
Kohler John, hardware store 328 N 2d 
KonigTnacher wid Elizabeth, g-entw 221 N 4th 
Koons Isaac, w sale gTo d h 284 N od 
Korklaauss Andi-e\v, mer d h 76 Wood 
Kramer Conrad, baker Budd n Coates' 

Mattliias, Marlborough ab Queen 
Ki-ebs wid Elizabeth, gentw 6th n Callowhill 
Kreider Heiuy, liatter 255 N 2d 
Krips Jacob, cliairmaker 462 N 2d 
Ki'ips wid Marg-aretta, store keeper 464 N 2d 
Kritzer Jacob, oak cooper 207 Callowhill 
Ki'omer John, surveyor Callowhill bel 2d 

wid Margaret, inn keeper Callowhill 
bel 2d 
Kroom Heniy, -victualler James n Charles 
Kucher Jacob, silversmitli Liberty ct n A'ine 

and 11th 
Kuen Samuel, comb maker 399 N 3d 
Kuhn Frederick, victualler 75 Garden 
Kugler wid Catliarine, g-entw 89 Cidlowhill 
Kuhn widow Ehzabcth, 54 Crown 
Kunzi A, chemist d h 185 Coates' 
Kuilz Georg-e, painter &. g-lazier 9 Carlton sq 

Labarthe Michael, hatter N 4th n Browne 
Lace Jacob, blacksmith Lilly al 
LafFerty Arcliibald, shoemr 8 York ct 
Edward, sea capt 52 Coates' 
Lake Lucas, blacksmith Penn ab Marsh d h 

Marsh n Poplar la 
Lamarzella Peter, hair dresser 44 Duke 
Lamb Wm, malster 97 St John 
Lambert Geo, g-unsmith N lOtlxS E c Wood 
Gersliom W, merch d h 6th ab Vine 
John, N E c Tiu-ner's la and Ridge r 
Lancaster John, lumber merch 6th ab Vine d 
h 176 N 4th 
Levi, carter 32 Garden 
Moses, house carp Old York road 
Land Michael, laborer To Green 
Landv John, house carp 59 Coates 
Landell wid Mary, 377 N Front 
Lane wid Ann, 173 N 4th 
Langebartel wid Elizalietli, gTO 95 Coates 
Lange John, M D 256 N Front 
Joseph Langer, manuf Shakamaxon n Queen 
Laning Richard G, h & sign painter 269 N 2d 
Lan>on Thos 1, saddler 281 N 3d 
Laplanck John B, cake baker 336 N 2d 
Lapp Catharine, milliner 446 N 3d 
Lappin John, weaver Frankford r n Queen(K) 
Lai'e John, boat builder 49 Duke 
Larkins Edw, teacher PaschaU n Old York r 
LasaUe Joseph, dealer & trader 303 N 2d 
Lasky John, baker 169 N 4tU 
Lauck Joseph, baker 130 Callowhill 
Laudenslager Adam, victualler 39 Garden 
Lavjck Deborah, c 4th h. Callowhill 

Law James, gent 5 Wood (Brewer's al) 
Lawrence Cluistian, vict James n Rugau 
Geo W, blacksmitli 275 Vine 
wid Mary, gi-o 471 N 3d 
Laws George, tanner 7th ab Callowhill dh 80 
James, tanner N E c Noble and 7th d h 

84 Wood 
James tanner 10 John 
John, silver plater 61 Tammany d h 8c 
groceiy 153 St Johns 
Lawson Thos, dealer N E c Browne & Budd 
Lazarus Abraham, dealer 246 N 2d 
Leatherman Michael, drayman 7 Lilly al 
LeatherbeiTy Abel, shoemr 246 St John's 

Wm, shoemr Queen (K) 
Lechler Geo, victualler 426 N 4th 
Jacob, gunsmith Lilly al 
Joseph, storekeeper 442 N 2d 
Lee David B, attorney at law Wood n 7th 
Franklin, tax eollecter Poplar lane bel 2d 
Jacob, morocco di-esser 20 Poplar la 
Leedom Benj J, 180 Callowhill 
Leeds wid Ann, 5 Duke 
Leely F T, oi Vine 
Lees Jacob, victualler 117 Old York r 

Peter, tailor 107 Vine 
Lcgg Isabella, milHner 303 Callowhill 
Lehman David, stocking weaver 181 St Johns 
Geo, trader 28 Lawrence 
Peter, blacksmith 306 N Front 
Pliilip, tax col Beach n Maiden (K) 
Samuel 8c sons, shipsmiths Penn n 

Maiden (K) 
Samuel, blacksmith 296 N Front 
Lehr Henry, storekeeper 288 N Front 
Leib wid s"usan, gentlw204 N 4tli 
Lelbrandt Andrew, skin dresser 264 N 3d 
Frederick, shopkr 199 St Johns 
John A, skin di-esser 490 N 2d 
Lewis H, skin dresser 490 N 2d 
Leichtel Philip, drayman 133 Coates' 
Leidy Com-ad, shoemaker 196 N 3d 

Phihp, hatter 180 N 3d 
LeiflFberry John, shipwTight Bishop (K) 
Leinau George, hatter 97 Wood 
Leiper James, gro c Callowhill Sc loth 
Leitmann Hemy, gro 181 N 3d d h 59 Tam- 
Lenard Thos gro Callowhill at tl-ie inters of 

10th and Ridge road 
Lentz Christian, house cai-p b 314 N 2d 
Geo, victualler 137 Coates 
Geo, Callowhill n Garden 
John, cabinet maker 444 N 3d / 

Joseph, victualler 137 Coates 
Leonard wid Susan, seamstress Wood ab 8th 
Lesher Charles, coach nu- d h 52 Tammany 
Wm, milhvTight Beaver b of 37 & 39 
Lesly Joseph, accountant 22 Wood 

Peter, cabinet maker 54 N 3d d h 151 

Robert, acct 22 Wood 



Lcvan Wni, gro 195 N 3d d h 217 N 6th 

l.i vcriiig- Cluu-Ics, ^occr97 C:illowhlllbcl3d 

& Ciiuio, 182 Callowliill 
l.cxick Kbcnczer, ciiitkt aiulUutlier store N 
N\ c 2d ami Callowhill 

U R G V'ansant St co, shoestorc 2d n 
wis John, victualler 56 (iardcn 
John, C Noidc .and lijirdcn 
Joseph, c;utcr 210 St John 
Mrs Calharine, 2 Union ct 
w id Hachcl, boarding- h 371 N 4th 
Kchcccii, teacher N ^V c \h\c & 4tli 
Lex ChiU-les, conibnir 430 N 4tli 

Chai-les, victualler CallowliiU n Piig-an 
Heniv, can-er Hinckles ct b of 249 dh 

151 Vine 
Ricluu-d, skin dresser 335 Callowhill 
wid M:a-garct, victualler 61 Gaixlen 
Life Richard, 47 Wood 
LJmeburner Geo, book binder 88 Poplar lane 

John, innkeeper 459 N 2d 
lindall Daniel, chaimiuker 99 N Front d h 

278 N 3d 
Lindner Ad:un, tallow cliandler 56 Browne 
Linker Daniel, potter 64 Noble 
John, constable 5 Wood 
John and Daniel, potters 302 N 2d 
Mm, potter Noble n 2d 
Linn E & M A, 203 Callowhill 

Simon, g-ent 203 Callowhill 
Linnanl Jno, wootl cor N Front n Poplar la 

John, Mast maker d h 24 Callowliill 
Linton John, tobaccomst 55 Tammany 
Lippincott Benj, shoemr 11 York ct 

wid Amelia, boarding' h 288 N 2d 
Little Da\'id, teacher Brooke n Browne 

John, weaver Frankford r n Queen(K) 
Livensetter John, teacher 18 New Market 
LlewelUn Tliomas, trader n 8th Sc Buttonwood 
Lloyd Richard L, iiouse carp 201 N 4th 
Lockwood George, house ciu-p b of 212 N 8tli 
Lodge Isaac, lumber merch Penn n ^L^den 

Leo Robert, carter Rugan n James 

Logan Thomas, tanner 107 Poplar lane 

Logo Joseph, tailor 60 M'^ood 

I nng Andrew, shoemr N 4th n Tammany 
John, tallow chandler 193 N 6th 
Samuel, tallow chandler 193 N 6th 
Stephen, major in tlie U States army 32 

Long wid Mary, innkeeper 159 N 4tli 
Loughead James, oak cooper 2 Pcgg 

Joseph, teacher d h N 4th ab Pop 

lar lane 
Thomas, sea captain 54 Green 
Love James, laborer 29 Duke 

"W'm, shoena- 21 Cljarlotte 
Luffijcrn, John, sliipwriglit 96 Budd 
Lovcjoy John, blacksmitli Witman's al 
Loveiing Joseph S, sugar refiner 73 Vined h 
4th ab Cidlowhill 
Wni, paper hanging manufd h 97 
Lo^^•be^ Bowers, shoe store 207 N 2d 

Wm &: Daniel, tanners 251 N 3d 
Daiiiel, tanner d h 243 N 3d 
Lower AbrJiam, cabinet nir260N3ddh 98 
St John's 
wid Elizabetli, teacher 11 Callowhill 
Lowr>- Andrew, victualler b of 32 Ridge road 
Crozier, tav keeper 94 Coates 
Geo, gro & tav kr 48 c Poplar lane 8c 3d 
Lewis, ^■ictuallcr >"ine and 10th 
Pliilip, victualler Stli ab Callowhill 
Abigxiil, upholsterer 29 Callowhill 
Margaret, shop keeper 29 Callowhill 
Luders Kampman &. co, brewers N 4th above 
Vine op tlie Indian 
and Kampman, 4 ab Wood 
Thos C, brewer d h 55 Wood 
Ludwlck Geo, innkeeper forks of the Lancas- 
ter road 
wid Sophia, 105 Vine 
Luebben wid Catharine, cake baker 316 N 2d 
Lukemyers Charles, carter 21 Duke 
Lukens Ephraim, sign Benj Franklin 318 N 3d 
Joseph, gent 181 Green 
Reuben, flour & feed sto S E c 3d and 
Tammany d h 59 Tammany 
Lumbemy John, bottler 204 N 6th 
Lupton James, tiulor 463 N Front 
Lutz Conrad, ship carp Hanover n Queen (K) 
George, ship carp Sliakamaxon (K) 
Hemy, cedar cooper 467 N 2d 
Philip, victualler James's 
Lybrandt Frederick, locksmith 198 N 2d 

rev Joseph, 194 N 5th 
Ljnnan Edward, paper stainer 32 Kunckle 
Lyniing Wm watennan Lilly al 
LpidaU David, chairmr 278 N 3d 

wid Maria, dry good sto 360 N 2d 



M'Adam Wm, innkeeper S W c of Y R and 

M'Allister David, grocer 88 Oak 

Jdlin, wlijp manuf 34 p'l-ankford rd 
M'Analy Patrick, tanner 36 Kunckel 
M'Avoy Richard, grocer S E c of Budd and 

M'Bride Andrew, tavern keeper 528 N Front 
Robert Y, saddler 257 N 2d 
"William, tavern keeper, 528 N Front 
M'CafFerty James, tailor & storekr 192 N 2d 
M'Cann Aaron, tanner b of 6 Noble 
M'Carthy John, c Queen and iLtiden (K) 
M'Calla William H, clerk Ridge rd n Wood 
M'Cleery Hiig-li, weaver 6 Pratt's ct 
M'Chne Robert, cordwainer 87 St Johns 
M'Clintock Thomas, artist 107 Coates 

Tiiomas, druggist c 5th and Cal- 
M'Clurg Samuel, oak cooper N E c of New 

Market and ilargaretta d h 45 Callowliill 
M'Callister widow Elizabeth, cake baker 335 

N 3d 
M'Connell Anthony, drover Vine n 8th 
M'Cray Thomas, weaver Lilly al n Green 
M'Crea Thomas, star h manuf ilaiden n stone 

bridge (K) 
M'CreUish Archibald, soap and tallow chand- 
ler 267 N 3d 
M'Culley John, M D Emlen's ct 
M'DaniJls John, assistant kr criminal depart- 

mejit Arch st prison d h 152 Wood 
MTDevitt Thomas, plumber 7 Umon ct 
M'Donald John, cedar cooper St John n Pop- 
lar lane 
McDowell Jolin, Budd n Browne 

John, cordwainer 279 N 3d 
Joseph, bookbinder 12 Ann 
M'Elroy Robert, weaver 26 Green 
M'Ewen James, lively stable keeper 357 N 2d 
M'Ferran Mar}', gentlewoman 424 N 2d 
William, gentleman 454 N 3d 
wld Hannah, teacher 61 Charlotte 
M'Gill Michael, grocer 322 N Front 
M'Ginlcy Daniel, paper seller 265 N 3d 
M'Gowan Wilham, umbrella maker 255 N 2d 
M'Guire John, c 4th and CallowhiE 
M'lllienney Samuel, accountant 49 Old York r 
M'Kee Andrew, saddler N 10th bet Wood 8c 

M'Keever Charles, oak cooper 15 York ct 
M'Keighan Marv, seamstress John ab CaUow- 

M'Kinlcy John, g^o 5 S 3d d h 47 Tammany 
M'Koy Thomas, shipwright Beach n Shacka- 

maxon (K) 
M'Lane John, tailor 388 N 3d 
M' Archibald, gi-ocer 196 N Gth 

James, weaver 14 Browne 
M'Laughlin G.;orge W* fringe and military 
store 2bl N ^d 

M'LaughLn J M, painter and glazier. 108 Budd 
M'Michael John diy gd store Callowhill n 6tli 
M'Michael Martin, attorney at law Callowhill 

bel 6th 
M^Mullin Neal, tavern keeper 319 N Front 
M'Murray Alexander, weaver 10 York ct 
M'Murdy Jonathan, 442 N 2d 
M'Murry John, grocer 334 N Front 
M'Neal Isaac, bookbinder Rose al n Green 
M'Toy Wm, shopkeeper 4th ab Poplar lane 
M'Quaid P'elix, tallow chandler Old York road 

c of Noble 
M'Quinn Archibald, rigger N 2d bel Coates 

John d h 5 St Tammany 
Macauly Isaac, floor cloth manuf Bushhill 
Mack Conrad, watchman 13 Ann 

George, cordwainer 47 New Market 

Cable Lane 
Jacob, cordwainer 47 N Market C lane 
Nicholas, tavern keeper 315 N 3d 
Mackerson widow Hannah, 22 Duke 
Macklot John, gent 206 N 6th 
Madarj- George, carter Rugan n James 
Maddlin widow Grace, 34 Juliana 
Magrady John, tavern keeper 10 Chailotte 
Magrath Michael, tallow chandler 25 Wood 

Brewer's al d h 34 Ann 
Maguire John, grocer 143 N 4th S E c Cal- 
Maguire Thomas, innkeeper & carter opposite 

new penitentiary Francisville 
Mahany James A, attorney at law 89 Sassafras 

d h 119 Vine 
Main James, shipwright Maiden n Front (K) 
Manderson Andrew, dry good store 445 N 2d 
and Peale, gros and tav krs S W c 
St Jolms and Poplar lane 
Manheimer Jacob, trader Maiden n Beach (K) 
j Manloff Robert, coachman Poplar court op 

Miles's al 
Mann Benjamin, house car 49 Wood ab 10th 
John, wheelwTight Callowhill n 9th d 

h 72 Garden 
Peter, house carpenter 78 Garden 
William, teacher S W c Vine and N 3d 

d h Coates bel 2d 
widow Catharine, mantua mr 79 Vine 
widow Elizabeth, 72 Garden 
Manual Andrew, baker 144 Coates 
^lannepenny widow Lois, tailoress 66 Noble 
Maneficld John G, 425 N 2d 
Marcer Nathaniel, house carpenter 17 Juliana 
Mariner Andrew, watennan 33 Coates 
Marker Philip, blacksmith John n Front 
Markle Jacob, house carpenter 96 Tammany 

widow Maiy, 132 DillwjTi 
Marlin Thomas, di'uyman 36 Laiu-el 
MarUn Vance, weaver N E c Poplar laane 8t 

Marlsberger James, 364 N 2d 



Marot Joseph, bookseller 87 Hiph d h 10 Ann 
Samufl, cftbiiKt mftkor 4C^7 N oil 
AVm, bk biiulir y.> Hipb d h 111 Vine 
Marsludl ls:uic, c 4th ami IJrowue 

Mosis 1), conlwiiiniT 396 N Front 
M:in>ton Jolui, g;iuisniitli 179 N 4th 

willow Catluiriiie 179 N 4tli 
Miirtin Abniham, acct 1 13 Wood 
Edward, plasterer 17 Budd 
Edwjird, saw maker 31 New Market 

Cable hinc 
and Hart, g-rocers 233 N 3d 
Jacob, grocer 287 N 3d 
James, merchun 183 Vine n 6th 
Joseph, M D 8 Carlton sq Callowhill 
Joseph, M D 272 N 2d 
and Piu-ham, cabinet makers 343 N 2d 
Prosper, 91 St John 
Willi;un, cabinet maker 101 Noble 
Wm, iron founder Maiden n Beach 
Mason James, house carpenter Browne n 4tli 
Mussey James W, plane maker Kunckel n 
Robert V, currier 245 N 3d 
wid Elizabeth, store kr 316 N Front 
Master William, ladies' shoemaker 145 Vine 
Matcher John, 231 Callowhill 
Matthews John, waterman Lilly al n Green 

widow Lucy, 15 Browne 
Matthias Abel, liouse carpenter 94 St Johns 
Mattingley Lewis, cortlwainer 212 N 8th 
Matts wid I^Lory, tailoress Stout's al n Browne 
Maul Caleb & co, lumber yard 323 N Front 
Maull Israel, house carpenter 14 John P T 
Maurer Fredk tav keep S W c 3d & Browne 

widow, M D 27 Lawrence 
Maxfield Joseph, accountant 208 N 4th 
Maxwell Robert, Queen bel Marlboroug-h 
Wm, weaver Beacli ab St John's 
May John, brickmaker Beaver ab St John's 
Mayberry Jeremiah W, gi-ocer 268 N Front 
Mayhew Hazel, combniaker Browne bel 2d 
Mayhoffer widow Ann, E of 216 N 8Ui 
Mayland James, tobacconist and cig'ar maker 

120 Budd 
Mayne William, ladies' shoemaker 233 N 2d 
Mayweg John, ^n smitli 52 Callowhill 

John & Wm, gim smiths Dillwyn n 
Meade ^vid >Lar}-, drj- good store 202 N 6th 
Mears Wasliington, M D 69 Vine 
Mecke John, cabinet maker 408 N 2d 
Medary Samuel, ship chandler 337 N Front d 

h Frankford road 
Metcalf Wm, teacher 174 Germanto\\ni road 
Meeker Corj', constable Margaretta n Front 
Meeser Christian, upholsterer Runners ct 
Megee Andrew, house painter and glazier 97 

Megraw Thomas, cordwainer 159 Coates 
Meinecka Clu-istian, coixiwainer 277 Vine 
Melchor John, oak cooper 12 South al d h N 
4th ab Poplar lane 

Mcnns Joscpli, victualler S W c Charles and 

Mentz Charles, tobacconist 55 Green 
Mentzer John G, tavern keeper 406 N 2d 
Meredith Benjamin, gentleman 98 Crown 
Benjamin A, accountant 51 Duke 
wid .Margaret, tivern keeper But- 
tonwocxl n 5th 
Merkel Christian B, accoiintant 34 Garden 
Merritt George, ship smith Beach (K) 
Metier Samuel, ju.stice of peace c 2d & Green 
Mettler Wm, Bucks county hotel 2d n Coates 
Metz George, house Cio-p Tammany n 5th 
John, toljacconist Button wood n 6th 
Metzgcr John M, tailor 479 N 2d 
Meyer Jacob, cordwainer 96 Crown 
Meyci-s Tliomas, receiving teller in Farmers' 
and Mechanics' Bank 82 Wood 

wid Hannah, innkeeper 269 Vine 
Middleton Allen, iron mer 2d ab Marietta d h 
Noble n Front 
Charles R, h c:.rp 37 Old York rd 
Enoch, bricklayer 78 Dillwyn 
Gabriel, lumber mer d h 188 N 4th 
Joseph, tailor 22 Union al 
Lewis, cabinet maker 151 N 4th 
and Woolley, lumber merchants S 

W c Green and 4tli 
wid Hannal), teacher 101 Dillwyn 
Miles John, attorney at law 86 Callowhill 
Mrs Catliarine, gentw 429 N 3d 
wid Catharine, store kr 429 N 3d 
wid Maiy, gentw 84 Callowhill 
Millas Wm, shoemaker Lilly al n Tammany 
Millard Charles, sliip carp Beach n Maiden . 

James, teacher 70 Budd 
Miller Chiu-les, chocolate manuf and grocer 
172 N 3d ab Vine 
Charles, cabinet mr Charlotte n Browne 
C M & CO 290 N 2d 
Conrad, tailor 345 N Front 
Daniel, gent Browne bel 2d 
Daniel K, earthen w &c manuf 310 N 2d 
Daniel H, merch Coates ab 7tii 
David, cedar cooper 18 I>aurcl 
George, ship joiner 33 Charlotte 
George, cordwainer 275 St John 
Hannah, teacher 238 St John 
Henr), sawtiler42 Mvdberr)', d h 106 9t 

Henrj H, victualler 8th n Noble 
James, oyster cellar under 216 N 3d 
John, constable 126 Callowhill 
John, tobacconist 350 N 3d 
John, weaver 136 St John 
John, sea captain -426 N Front 
John, 13 Kunckle 

John, saw filer 7 N Maiket (Cable lan.e) 
Jonathan, tailor 5 Pratt's ct 
and Moses, earthenwiUe and portable 
e.irthe II furnace nianiifs 3l0 N 2d and 
131 St John 



Miller Samuel, house carpenter 47 Green 
Susan, marketwoman Coates n 4th 
Wm, sig-n of the wag-on, 340 N 5d 
widow Elizabeth, 59 Garden 
widow Margaret, grocer 348 N 3d 
wid Sarah, marketwoman 10 Margaretta 
Minis Nehemiah, cabinet maker 108 Crown 
Milliman James M, h carp Wood n Garden 
Millman William, shoemaker 369 N 2d 
Mills widow of Smith, 33 Vine 
Milward William, mast maker 15 Duke 
Milwood John, ship car Maiden n Bridg'e (K) 
Mink Adam, carter b of 269 N 2d 
Mintzer Adam, jr ladies' shoemr 217 St John 
Adam, cai-ter 321 N 3d 
Ehzabeth, Mintzer's ct 
widow Deborah, 313 N 3d 
Mitchell Abraham, accountant 74 Dillw}'n 

Francis, just of peace Wood n 10th 
Georg'e, clerk Wood n 10th 
and Brooks, flour store 4th ab Vine 
James, grocer 8 Old York road 
Samuel, weaver Morg-an's ct d h 8 

Old York road 
and Sheetz, grocers 12 Old Y'ork rd 
widow Margaret, gentw 51 Wood 
Mitcheson Robert, distiller &c 275 N 3d 
Moffit Spencer, weaver 283 N 3d 
Mon widow Elizabeth, boarchng house 367 N 

Montgomery John, house carpenter Noble ab 
6th d h N W c 9th and Wood 

Thomas, gent N E c Wood and 

William J, 3d above Tammany 
Montmollin wid Hannah, gentw Wood 1 door 

EofN 10th 
Mooney Jacob, victr St John ab Poplar lane 
Patrick, dyer & bleecher 23 Laiu-el 
Moore Anthony, cordwainer 53 Browne 

Bethuel, house carp 1 Carlton square 
Charles, drayman Kesslcr's al 
Jacob, millwright Sarah (K) 
John, storekeeper 248 N 2d 
John, shipwright 316 N Front 
John, house carpenter 120 Dillwyn 
John, victualler 41 Garden 
Isaac, waterman 94 Frankford road 
Margaret, milliner 364 N 2d 
Moore Robert, labourer N 10th c of Wood 

Robert M, accountant 22 New Market 

Moore V/illiam, house carpenter 120 Dillwyn 
Moorhead Turner B, mcr 135 Vine 
Morgan James, pictiu'e frame mr 198 N 8th 
John, glue manuf Wood bel 12t]i 
William, glue manuf Wood bel 12th 
Wm, tanner Beach n Maiden (K) 
Morris Aaron, dra}-man 98 Budd 

Benjamin, cordwainer 5 York ct 
John, printer 137 N 5th 
Reese, agent N W c 5th and Wood 
widow Rachel, seamstress 15 Pratt's ct 
Morrison Jehu, ladies shoemr 97 Poplar lane 

John, coal merchant 8 Noble 
Morton Isaac, rope maker. Shakamaxon (K) 

Joseph, boat builder Maiden opposite 
Ffankford road 
Moser George, earthenware manufr 131 John 
Henry vict Hanover u Queen (K) 
Mott WilUam B, cliina store 223 n 2d 
d h 360 N 3d 
Moulder Wm, county treasurer office W wing 

of the state house d h 330 N 2d 
Moui'ev wid Hannah, shopkeeper 80 Green 
Mower wid M, seamstress 100 Wood 
Mowiy Andi'ew, victualler Callowhill n 8th 
Aloyers wid Catharine, 141 N 5th 
Moza Isaac, weaver 103 Budd 
Mulligan widow Magdalen, boarding house 91 

Mulhnson John,, bricklayer 63 Tammany 
Mulock E, cordwainer 33 LawTcnce 
Muquet Francis, hair dresser 236 N Front 
Murdock wid Ann, Maiden op tlie Market (K) 
Murdock James, W sea capt 2 Carlton square 
Mui'phy Arthur, brickla}er 4 ab Callov.-hill 

Charles, shipwright Marlborough n 

Bedford (K) 
Daniel, storekeeper 12 Frankford rd 
Henrietta, St John n Poplar lane 
Patrick, inn kr and tallow chandler 

N W cor 3d and Coates 
AVm, waterman 120 Frankford road 
MuiTy Mrs Mary, 97 Crown 

Michael, tailor 19 Noble 
Musgrave Joseph P, gent 87 Wood 
Myei's Jacob, merchant 73 Wood 

Warnet, house and sign painter and 

glazier 287 N 2d 
William, hair ch*esser 99 Callowhill 
viad Margaret, nurse 105 Vine 



Nag«l Georpe, dry good store 209 N 3d 
Niiglcc Ik'ii), Imuber nicrcli Viird llcach (K) 
II iiit^li lhn(l},'c d li 434 N 2d 
John, lunilxT incrcli yard Ucuch (K) 

n Hif^h Hridge d h 413 N Front 
Jost'pli, nicrch 446 N 2il 
wid Marj^arct, giiitlw 446 N 2d 
Naphous Cornelius O, h ciu'p Wood 1 door 

ub 10th 
Norris James, store keeper c 6th and Wood • 
Nash \f\d SiU'ah, wcnthv 12 Kuncklc 
Nathans David, mcrch 252 N 2d 

Isaiali, dry j^ood mcrch 252 N 2d 
Jacob, brushmaker 252 N 2d 
Naylcr wid Cliai'lotte, tailoress Sansom's al 
Naylor Samuel, shipw rij^ht 10 Pratt's ct 
Ncagle Johj\ B, engraver N 10th 2 doors S of 

Neal John, clerk in Kensington bank Beach 
n Sliakamaxon 
wid Ann C, sliop keeper 306 N 2d 
wid Elizabeth, cai-pet weaver Vcgg n 

Front • 
■wid Sai-ah, 16 Nobie 
Neeling Mary Ann, mantua mr 1 Pratts ct 
Neft' Jacob, tailor N 4tii ab Green 

Jacob, turner ^lagnolia n Noble 
Rudolph, gro N W c of 8th & ^'ine 
Neill Samuel, c Geniiantown road &. 2d 
Neimann H, merchant 81 ■^^■ood 
Nelson Wm, victualler Pleasant n Charles 
Nemand Caspar, blacksmith 285 N 3d d h 95 
& Smith, blacksmitlis285 N 3d 
New Wm, fisherman Queen n Warlboi'h (K) 
Newberry James W, clock and watch maker 
18 Frankford road 
Robei-t, g;i'ocer 392 N Front 
Newbum Sarah, tailoress 89 Old York r 
Newcomb H, tanner cor ith. and Noble d h 

Old York road n Willow 
NewUn Daniel, tav keep Beach n Shakamas- 

on (K) 
Newman Daniel, 8tl\ ab Callowhill 
John, distiller 75 St John 
Jacob, acct 214 N 6tli 
wid Lucy, shop kr 294 N Front 
Newport Benj, wheelwright next to the S E 
c of 3d )k Tammany d h 217 N 4th 
Jesse, N 2d n Noble 
Newsom Thos, cordwainer N E c of 6th and 

Newton Richard, blacking & heel ball manuf 
N AV cor Coates and Front 
wid Margaret, gro S E c of 8th and 
Nice Frederick, cordwainer 100 Poplar lane 
James, gauger 26 Wood (Brewers al) 

d h ba 201 N 3d 
Levi, turner and machine maker 51 Old 

York road d h b 201 N 3d 
Washington, b 201 N 3d 
Wm, currier 129 Coates 
Nicholson John, house carp 117 N 5th 

Nicholson Samuel, laborer Noble n 6th 
Ninesteel Jolin D, victutiUcr 81 Garden 
Nippcs Abm, 111 Dillwyn 

Wm, gunsmilli 127 Dillwyn 

will Maria, 262 St Johns 
Nisbit John, grocir 381 N 2d 
Noble Samuel, N 3d' 

Samuel, cordwainer 111 Browne 
Nolan Jos, sliingie cb-css 27 Wood Brewers al 
Nolcn wid Mary, shop kr Oak n Coates 
Nonemakcr John, coach driver 339 (Jaliowhill 
Norbury Joseph B, atty at law 71 Wood 
Norman Joseph, flour and feed sto Lawrence 

n Callowhill 
Norris Isaac W, rope maker and ship chand- 
ler 137 N Water d h 218 Front 

Joseph, ship chandler Beacii u Shaka. 
maxon (K) 
North Anthony, saddler 202 Noblo 
John, teacher 159 Green 

Josiah, shijnvright Marlborough above 
• Beach (K) 
Norton James, wheelwright 444 N Front 

Thomas, brass founder Beaver N 2d 
Nugent wid Mary, Frankford road ab Otter 
Nuskey John, rope mr 132 Frankford road 
Nutz wid Susan, seamstr.. ss 263 N 3d 

Oakfovd & Penrose, tanners St Jno n Beavr 
Oat Gcorg-e H, acct N 10th 1 door ab Vine 

Joseph, coppcrsmitli 199 N 4th 
O'Brist Abraham, whipstock mr Tammany n 

O'Conner Peter, gro N W^ c of Wood &. Gar- 
O'Dear Sprogel, wheelwright Ridge r c of 

•I'on's ct 
O'Donald Hugh, carter N W c of Old York r 

and Noble 
O' Neill John, c Geitnantown r Sc Green (K) 
Odcnheimer wid Barbara, gentlw 492 N 2d 
Oft'erman Fredei-ick, hair dresser 445 N 3d 
Ogden John M, house carp Vine bel 10th 
Micliael, mariner 41 Noble 
Robert, cashr Camden Bank Camden 
Ohler Henry, victualler 101 Garden 
Ohver George, merchant 90 W^ood 

Philip, rope mr 8th n Buttonwood 
Wm G, teacher Kensington academy 
Beach (K) 
Ord John, teacher 57 Tammany 
On-ell Wm 8c Son, reed mr 502 N 2d 
Osterheldt Fredk hog victualler 100 Garden 
Ott Jacob C, turner O York road ab Wood d 

h 86 N 6th 
Otto John, comb mr 153 Coates 
John, sen 8 Charlotte 
Samuel, china packer 7 Garden 
Ourts Charles, comb maker 452 N 2d 
Overholt J;icob, dealer 28 New Market 



Owen John, silver smith Callowhill n 2d 

wid Mary, grocer 71 Budd 

widow Sarah Ann, tailoress St Johns n 

, Poplar lane 

Packer Amos, house carp 135 N 5th 
Painter George, caulker Marlborough near 
Queen (K) 
Henry, brass founder Gerraantown r 

Isaac, tav keep 312 Callowhill 
Jacob, late grocer 42 Garden 
Jacob, inn keeper 476 N 3d 
John, house carp Poplar lane 
Nathan, shipwright Hanover (K) 
Philip, cordwainer Oak n Browne 
Wm, cordwainer Marlborough (K) 
wid Mary, 488 N 3d 
wid Mary, Prince n Hanover (K) 
Palmer Aaron, comb mr 57 Browne 

Amos, liquor store 149 N 4th d h 21 

Old York road 
wid Sarah, Otto (K) 
Pancoast Charles, cordwainer 35 Coates 

Samuel, gent 181 Vine 
Parham Robert, cabinet maker N 2d d h 39 

Parke Charles B, iron founder Beach d h 
Perm n Maiden (K) 
& Tiers, brass and bell founders Penn 
n Maiden (K) 
Parker Edward, farmer N E c of 8th & Cal- 
Edward, bookseller 173 Vine 
James, oystermau 260 St Johns 
Jos, justice of the peace 86 Wood 
Peter, hatter 249 N 2d 
Parrish Robert A, hardware merch 238 N 3d 
Parry Isaac, plasterer 300 N 3d 
Par\'in John, merch N 7th n Callowhill 
Pastorius John, N 5th n Button^\'ood 
Patterson Alexander, CallowliiU i> 13th 
Abner, grocer Coates ab Oak 
rev James, 304 N 3d 
John, weaver Callowhill n 13th 
John, fancy chair mr N 2d ab Coates 
Samuel, 402 N 2d 
Patterson Wm, gro N E c of Water and Mul- 
berry d h 29 Vine 
Samuel, rule mr 14 1-2 Grays al d 

h 200 N 5th 
wid Margaret, seamstress Torrs ct 
wid Rachel, gro 20 PalmjTa row 
wid Sophia, weaver 2 Pratts ct 
Patton Robert A, acct Johns n Front 
Paughbaugh wid mary, victualler James n Ru- 

Paul Joseph, tailor 14 Franktord road 

Jos, blacksmith St Johns n Tammany 
wid Alice, wentlw 12 Green 
wid Jane, shopkeeper 405 N 3d 

Paxson James, shipwright Shackamaxon (K) 
James, shipwright 20 Browne 
James, shipwTight Duke n 2d 
Peacock James, house carp 20 Coates 
Peal Robert, c Coates and Budd 
Peale Rubens, portrait painter 7 Palmyra row 
Pearce wid Maiy, mautua mr 87 Brewer 
Pearl James, deputy measurer 20 S Wharves 
d h 316 N Front 
John, box maker Lilly al n Green 
Pearson David, skin dresser 8th ab Callowhill 
David, jr 8th ab Callowhill 
John, tanner 445 N Front 
Samuel J, teacher 8th ab Callowhill 
Peart wid Susannah, teacher 432 N 4th 
Peck Levi, gimsmith 137 Green 
Pedrick wid Hannah, Liberty ct 
Peel James, c Sarrel & Budd 
Pciffer Fredk, c Prince 8t Marlborough (K) 
Peiffer John, 11 Laurel 
Peirce James L & co, grocers S E cor Noble 
and 3d 
Timothy, cordwainer Rodgers ct 

Pelham , Brooke n Browne 

Pelitit John, skin dresser 291 Callowhill 
Peltz Susan, marketwoman 80 Browne 
Pember Christian, cordwain b of 30 Kunckle 
Pennington Wm, shipwright Beach n Maiden 
Pennock Honitio B, 137 S^ine 
Penrose Thomas N, tanner 94 Dillwyn 
Pepper H I, silver smith d h 38 Kunckle 
Perkenpine George, cedar cooper N Front n 
John, skin dresser Rugan n Cal- 
Perkins Benj, wharf builder Frankford road n 
Queen (K) 
Henry, wheelwright Frankford road 
n Queen (K) 
Peterman Lewis C, grocer 139 Poplar lane 
Peters Chai'k-s, book binder 153 N 4th 

George, oak cooper Riigan n James 
Michael, laborer b of 198 N 8th 
Nicholas, oyster shop 3 High d h cor 
Coates and Front 
Peterson Thomas, keeper of drays 152 Wood 

wid , 93 Callowhill 

Pfeil John, cabinet maker 338 N 2d 
Pliilhps Jacob, tlealer 90 Cro\vn 

Jacob, patent balance mr 39 N Mar- 
John, confectioner 326 N 2d 
& Lovering, suger refiners 73 Vine 
Thomas, cordwainer 175 Coates 
Wm, hatter 231 N 6th 
wid G, boanhng house 33 Callowhill 
Philson Robert A, di'uggist S W c of 3d and 

Phipps Stephen, ironmonger 237 N 3d d h 
Old York road 
Stephen &c Thomas, ironmongei-s 237 



Phipps Mary & Sai-ali, gx;iitw 139 Dillw) ii 
Pliysic Mi-s Abigail, i,'-cntlw 210 N 4lli 
I'ickcniif; Klilui, im reliant d li 198 N 6th 
lieoriyc, tailor 103 Coatcs 
Joseph, clock & watch maker 315 
N Front 
ridfjcon John, bniss founder 11 Pratts ct 
Pierce J L &. co, S E c Noble and 3d 
Pierson Favctte, printer 33 Vine 

John, tanner 370 N 2d 
i'ifer Chiules, dealer in bark Lilly al n Green 
Piper l-'redcrick, tiinner 2d bel Coates 

John, victualler Ciiarles n Jluttonwood 
Phinclc John, oak cooper 277 N Front 
Pleiss Mathias, th-ugt &. apotJiecary 460 N 2d 
Plish wid llebecca, wasiiw Hose al n Coates 
Plowman Thomas L, oil store Callowlull S E 

c Juliunna 
Pliuidej- Chai-Ies, pewterer 9 Kiinckle 
Poachiu John, 323 N 2d 

John, grocer and baker op tlie Mar- 
ket (K) 
Point Pleasant packing machine, Pcnn (K) 
Polack Hynuui, merchant 72 Wood 
Pond Joseph, comb mr &. looking' glass store 

2 N 3d d h 155 Green 
Pool John, tailor Juhanna be Wood and Cal- 

Poppe Heniy, 67 Noble 
Porter Isaac, tii\ phite worker 375 "N 2d 

Wm, mer dh 3 New Mkt (Cable lane) 
wid Elizabeth, shop keeper 11 Wood 
Post John, laborer b of 286 St Johns 
Pote Cluistian, glass blower Wood ab Queen 

Henrj' P, house carp Bishop (K) 
Peter H, fishennan Queen n Bishop (K) 
Peter M, fisherman Wood n Queen (K) 
Potts Wm, button manuf Julianna bet AVood 

and CiUlowliill 
Poulson Samuel, tanner 32 Callowhill d h 3 

New Market (Cable lane) 
Pounder Jonathan, physician Front bel Noble 
PoweU John, tin plate worker 51 Callowhill 
Pray John, victualler Charlotte n Poplar lane 
Prestman Jacob, carter Poplar lane n 4th 
Preston Samuel, laborer 12 Pratts ct 

wid Catharine, 52 Duke 
Prettyman wid EUzabeth, nurse 37 Charlotte 
Price Abijah, asst keeper of Walnut street pri- 
son 71 Crown 
John, grinder of medicine N E cor Cal- 
lowhill &. St John d h Mintzers ct 
Philip M, sur\eyor Callowhill n Ridge r 
Prichett wid Marj-^, gentlw Beach n Shaka- 

maxon (K) 
Prime Daniel, bricklayer 5 Carlton sq 
Pringle Mrs, shopkeeper Frankford road 
Prise Joseph, tobacconist 370 N 3d 
Probasco Simon, print<;r 350 N 2d 
Prj or Edmund, drug^st and apothecaiy 373 
N Front 
Samuel, grocer 2 Pfeiffers al 

Pryor Thos E, druggist and apothecary 375 

N Front 
Thomas W, merch 575 N Front 
Purcil John, Gennantown road n 5th 
Purfil ls:il)clla, tav keeper 355 N Front 
Pursell Thos C, c Brown and 2d 

Quinton Joscpli, tav keep N E c of Maiden 

and Beach (K) 
Quaid Edward, c Prince & Palmer (K) 
Quinn B, grocer 2d 

Daniel, weaver 19 Laurel 
Quinton Alex, c Beach and Manderson (K) 
Thomas, c Frankford road and Man- 
derson (K) 

Rabjohn George, oak cooper 229 St John 
Uaborg wid Mar}', gentw 3 Palmyra row Vine 
liaff'ort}- James, weaver 420 N 4tli 
Rainold Frederick, baker Garden n Vine 
Ralston Edward, weaver 3 Pratt's ct 
Rambo widow Hannah, 43 Green 

Philip, shipwright Hanover n Bed- 
ford (K) 
Randall David, carter 207 Callowhill 

James, gioccr Beach n Maiden (K) 
Robert, cordwainer Browne n 4t]i 
Riindolph Edward, jr N 6th ab Callowhill 
Richard, mercliant d h 243 Vine 
Robert, shoemaker 31 Callowhill 
Wm, lumber merchant 223 N Wa- 
ter, d h 14 Juliana 
Rankin Alexander, combmaker N Front n 
Poplar lane 

William, blacksmith 328 N Front 
Rasinger George, cordwainer b of 10 Budd 
Riiwley widow Sarah, nurse 1 Pratt's ct 
Ray David, stone cutter Liberty ct 

James, laboiu-er Rugan n Callowhill 
John, shopkeeper 417 N Front 
Raymer John, Poplar lane n 2d 
Rca Daniel, sea captain 30 Budd 
Read Christian, grocer 48 Budd 
John, gi-occr 439 N 2d 
Joseplis, apothecary and druggist N 
E c 3d and Callowhill 
Reath Samuel, grocer 340 Callowhill 
Rechel George, gi-ocer 290 N 3d 
Redman Jolin E, teacher 6 New Market 
Reed Aiidi-ew, cordwainer Coates n 7th 

Isaac, clock St watch maker 176 N 2d 
widow Catharine, teacher 25 Callowhill 
Rccdman William, brewer 119 Green 
Rees Hopkins, gi-ocer 277 St John 
Reese Adam, cordwainer 33 Browne 
Evan, collector 19 Budd 
John, c Old York road and Green 
widow Mailha, shopkeeper 246 N Ft 
Reeves Biddle, plasterer N 9th ab Wood 



Reeves Timoth}', tav keeper 333 N Front 
Reiff" Daniel, S E c Noble and Front 
Reid llainuili, milliner 7 Carlton 

Samviel, gun stocker 91 Dillwyn 
Reift'Abraliam, tav keep 125 Old York roatl 
Matthias S, gro & tav keep N W c Pop- 
lar lane and Fi'ont 
Reilly Bernard, tavern keeper Bush hill 

Conrad, c Frankford road & Queen 
Reinsimav Charles, cotton spinner Charlotte 

n Poplar lane 
Reip Philip, house carpenter 100 Budd 
Reiter John, glover 239 N 2d 
Remington Charles, lumber merchant N W c 
6th and Vine 

Clement, gent 192 N 6th 
Isaac, M U 190 N 6th 
Remmcy John, cordwainer 286 St John 
llennals Michael, shopkeeper Wood n 6th 
Renz Christian F, baker 122 Dillwyn 
Repsher Joseph, tavern keeper N W cor 
Browne and St Johns 

Rex widow , 32 Old York road 

Reynolds Charles, dmggist 491 N 2d 
Rhener John, Germantown road n 5th 
Rhine Joseph & Thomas, grinders of medi- 
cine 69 St John 
Rhoades Charles, cake baker 18 Ridge road 
Rice James, house carp Crown n Callow hill 
Joseph, blacksmith 93 Old York road 
Michael, gro N E c 6th and Callowhill 
Peter, fishennan Hanover bcK-iucen (K) 
Win, fishennan Hanover n Beach (K) 
Wm, coppersmith 341 N 2d 
William, 43 Browne 
Rich George, gi'ocer 477 N 3d 
Richard Adam 

Richards Lewis W, grocer 27 Old York road 
Samuel, brush finisher S7 Noble 128 

Thomas, gi-ocer N 4th ab Callowliill 
Richardson OUvcr, cordwainer 121 N 4th 

Ross B, bellows and brush maker 
273 Callowliill d h 166 N 8th 
•)- Ricketts Cato, porter 18 Kunckel 
Rickhow Daniel, sliipwight 38 Frankford rd 
Riday John, Ijiickmaker 193 N 8th 
Richie Robert, currier 240 d h 256 N 3d 
Riclmiond John, carver &. g-ilder 428 N Front 
wid Maiy, shop keeper 269 St John 
Ridgway Jiicob, plasterer 220 N 4th 

Bichard, livery stable keeper Poplar 

R S, innkeeper, c Green '.and Old 
York road 
Riebel John, grocer 22 -Charlotte 
Riehlc Wm, tanner S E c of Noble and 4th d 

h 53 N 4th 
Klhl Heniy , house carpenter 248 St John 
Rihl & Sti-aun, cabinet mr N 3d n Poplar lane 
Riley Edward, tavern keeper N E c Queen 
8t Frankford road (K) 
Jacob, baker 165 Vine 
Joseph S, currier 171 N 3d d h 81 Vine 

Riley Jacob J, mast and spai" mr d h 9 Duke 

Samuel, shipwright 12 Budd 

Rink Jacob, tavern keeper S W c Charlotte 

and Poplar lane ' 

wid Juliana, teacher 2 Wood Brewers al 

Risdcll Isaac, tailor 15 S 5th d h 66 Tammany 

Ristine Jacob, tailor 82 Oak 

John, comb mr Penn ab Marsh (K) 
Riter Cieorg-c, horse auctioneer 131 Vine 

Michael, gi-o 180 CallowhUl dh 216 N 5th 
Rittenberger Richmond, weaver 3 Kessler's al 
Rittenhouse Benjamin, gent N 9th ab Vine 
Charles, tav keep 452 N Front 
Henry, house c:u'p 77 Crown 
Ritter Edward, cliair maker 317 N 3d 

John G, printer and German booksel- 
ler 263 N 3d 
Rizer George, teacher 389 N 3d 
Roach I, book binder 14 Poplar lane 
Roat Jacob, doorkeeper commissioners hall 

Spring Ciardcn 
Robbins Benjamin, h(»^se carpenter S W cor 
Buttonwood and 7th 
widow Ami, 25 Wood 
Roberts Charles, house carpenter 375 N 4th 
George, drayman 209 Old York road 
Jonathan, coUcc of taxes 38 Kunckel 
Thomas P, treasurer Union Canal 
company 7 Palmyra square 
William, cordwainer 329 N 3d 
William, cordwainer Rose al n Tam- 
Wni G, cordwainer 9 York ct 
Robinson Benjamin, rigger Penn n Maiden 
Charles, waterman 30 Duke 
Matthew, boot and shoemaker 427 

N Front 
Septimus, mariner 72 Crown 
AYatsoii, blacksmith 22 Giu'den 
Rockenburgh George, painter and glazier 251 

Rockhill widow Mary, b of 20 Budd 
Rockwell Justus, smitli & farrier Ridge road 

c Wood d h Callowhill ab 9th 
Roe and Kay, storekeepers 186 N 2d 
Rogers Josepli, glue and cowskin whip and 
neats foot oil manuf 4 Pegg 
Solomon, blacksmith Poplai" la n 3d 
Rogers Josepli, c Poplar lane and St John 
Roiir Charles, M D 345 1-2 N 3d 
Rohrman Adam, baker Lilly al n Tammany 
Henry, sen wheelwright back of 441 

Hemy, jr tin plate worker 441 N 2d 
Roney John, taimer and currier S W c Beaver 

and N 2d 
Rookstol Jacob, bricklayer 150 Coates 

Samuel, house carp 4 Kessler's al 
Rootc Nicholas, Brooke n Browne 
Rose Francis, shopkeeper 30 New Market 
Jacob S, M D S E c Callowhill 8c Juliana 
wid Ann, midwife 63 Wood (Brewer's 
al) near 2d 
Ross John, grocer 426 N 2d 

William, accountant 46 Browne 



UouU Andrew victualler Garden n Pleasant 
KQVoudt Peter, cliinu and queen's ware store 
4 d li 18 Old York road 
Wni, dru^;^ist and apotliccary 18 
Old York road S \V c of Wood 
Uow George, sugiu- boiler b of 214 N 8th 
Kowe Henry, toll jjatliercr upper feiTy bridge 

Rubicam Cliarlcs, hatter 387 N 2d 
Rudolpli Christian, turner St .loim n Poplar la 
John, oak cooper 96 Green 
Joseph, oak cooper Rose al 
Uumsey John gentleman, 284 N 3d 

Wiliiiun, gentleman 284 N 3d 
William, ivi D 284 N 3d 
Runner John, victualler 121 Old Y'ork road 

wid Sarah, victualler 121 Old Y'ork r 
Rush James, ii-on founder Bush hill d h 12 
Palmyra row Vine 
John, siilp carver 469 N Front 
8c iluhlenburg, iron founders Bush liill 
c house cyr 9th and Vine 
Rusk wid M:ugaret, marketw 245 St John 
Russel Philip M, merchant 118 St John 
Thomas, carter Jidiana n Wood 
William, sliipwTight Marlborough (K) 
Ruth James, accountant 51 Tammany 
Rutlierford Jacob, team master 44 Ann 
Rutter Tliomas, sea captain 211 N 6th 
Ryan W^illiam, labourer N 10th op Wood 

Sabma Ellis, Getmantown g op Globe mill 
Sackriter David, cabinet maker 259 N 7th 
Saeltzer Benjamin, grocer 445 N 2d 
Sagee Andrew, furrier 459 N 3d 

Luther, United States inspector of 
arms 41 Green 
Sager Thomas, cabinet maker 87 DillwjTi 
Sailor Henrj-, stonecutter Palmyra row Vine 

ab 11th 

Thomas, draptian 87 Coates 
S;unt Jean Catharine, wid 8 Palmyra sq Y''ine 
Sallade Frederick, weaver Lilly al rvj Green 
Salter Samuel, gent n West & Prince (K) 
Saltzman Jacob, tavern keeper 303 Vine 
Sampson John, grocer c Mai-sh & Penn (K) 
Sanders John, house carp 544 N 2d n Beaver 
Sands Nathan, cordwitiuer 36 Juliana 
Sanno Frederick D, brass founder n Marsh (K) 
Sansbury Horatio, M D 426 N Front (K) 
Sansom John, whai-f builder Maiden n Penn 
Baring Nicholas, wheelwright Callowhill n 

Savage \Vm, house carp 4th ab Poplar lane 
Savery Wm and Thomas, lumber merchants 

yard S W c 5th and Buttonwood 
Saville W'ilham, silver plater 129 Green 
Savin Samuel," sea captain 13 Duke 
Savmg John, grocer N W c Browne & Front 
Savitz George, grocer 224 N Front 
Sawyer James, gentleman 151 N 5th 
Peter, gent 366 N 3d 

Sawyer Robert, blacksmith d h 29 Noble 
Scantling Patrick, bricklr Juliana n Callowhill 
Scattergood \N illiam, victualler 27 Garden 
Tiiomxs, cordwainer 460 N 2d 
Wiiliiui), 354 X 2d 
wid Aiui, gentlewoman 278 N Ft 
SchaefTer Charles, tav kr S E c Browne &4th 
Schatmienkesser Frederick, gent 352 N 2d 
Scheetz Conrad, hatter 103 Noble 

Daniel, grocer Old York road n 
Wood, d h 129 Vine 
Scheide Chi-istian, baker 89 Callowliill 
Schell IIcuiT, jr brush manuf 54 High d h 
68 JS'oblc 
John G, sugar baker Lilly al n Green 
Shenck Christian, cordwainer 406 N 3d 
Wm F, cordwainer 145 Coates 
Schively George C, Queen bel Marlborough 
SchUchter Andrew, gentleman 345 N 3d 

Jacob, vict Coates bet 4th and 5th 
Schmeiding Frederick, turner d h 130 Browne 
Schnatz Fi-ederick, baker 215 Callowhill 
Schneck Pliilip, victualler James n Ridge road 
Schnider wid Rachel, tav keep 290 N Front 
Schobcr Michael, beer house 56 Green 
Schoch widow Mai-garet, boarding house 13 

Schocn widow Deboi-ah, teacher 99 Coates 
Scotield 8c Law, looking glass & picture frame 

makers Beach n Maish (K) 
Schrack Heiir)', skindresser b of 281 N 2d d 
h Margaretta n 2d 
Joseph, tavern keeper (Red lion) 

Wood n 4th 
wid Cathai'ine, b house 65 St John 
Schreiner Joseph H, hardware mer 296 N 2d 
Nicholas, turner Luke bel 2d d h 8 
Jones' al 
Schreyer John, collector 143 Coates 
Schi'iver Peter, victualler James n Rugan 

wddow , vict Cliarles n James 

Schroeder Heivrv-, innkeeper 50 Callowhill 
Schronk wid Cathaiine, shopk 2l'0 Coates 
Schrver George, skin di-esscr glue & cowskin 
whip and neats foot oil manufactory, 333 
Shultz John, groceiy store & tav 283 N 3d 
Schweitzer Wm, hau- dresser 187 Callowhill 
Schweppenheiser Nicholas, tailor 435 N 3d 

John, Pitt ab Beaver 
Sch\vikkai'd Mary, wafer and sealing wax 

manuf 127 Vine 
Scott John, lathe and shuttle maker b of 449 
N 3d d h 105 Coates 
Job, tavern keep N W c Browne 5c Oak 
Scull Gideon, mercht cor Callowhill and 11th 
wid Ann, tavern keeper 335 X Front 
widow Elizabeth, tutoress 3 Carlton 
Searl Enos, draymaji 92 Frankford road 
Seiser John, tailor 2 ab Callowhill 
Searight wid Mary, shopkeeper 57 Budd 
Seckel Joshua C, distiller and manufacturer 

of Varnish il? Vine 
Seddinger Wm J, cordwainer Queeo n Marl- 
borough (K) 



Segel Jacob F, labourer 255 St John 
Sell Elizabetli, shopkeeper Beach n Shaka- 
maxon (K) 
Solomon, tailor 76 Browne 
Sellers Jesse, g-ro 97 Sassafras d h 178 N 4th 
Sellins John, paper stahicr b of 48 Kunckcl 
Senn Henry,cordw^ner 151 Green 
Sensfield widow S;irali, 3 Ann 
Severn William, victualler 220 N 8th 
Sexton Johji, wood dealer Penn n Marsh (K) 
John, whaifbuilder Beach n Marsh (K) 
Seybert John, bi-ushmaker 122 St John 
Hemy, labourer 77 Green 
AViUiam, sea captain 91 Green 
Sej-ferheld John, shipwright Shakamaxon ab 
Queen (K) 
John C, shipuTight 53 Green 
Seyfeit John, blacksmith 90 St John 

John H, blacksmith 90 St John 
Shade Georg-e, hatter 256 N 2d 
Shaeffer Christian, victualler 8 n Buttenwood 
Shaft'er George, cordwainer LUly al 
Jolin, bricklayer Coates n 7th 
John, house carpenter 401 N 3d 
Michael, house cai-penter 199 Green 
Shefler John, blacksmith St John n Beaver 
Shaine Benjamin J, supercargo 216 Green 
Shane Thomas, store kr d h Tanunany n 4th 

AVm, weaver Coates n Ridge road 
Shanks Abi-aham, taUor 211 St John 
Shannon Benjamin, sliip cai-penter Hanover 
n Prince (K) 
Henr}', shipwright Queen n Marlbo- 
rough (K) 
Sharpe Benjamin, sen gent 213 N 6th 
Shai-pless Joseph J, diy good store 16 1-2 S 

2d d h Callowhill n Kunckel 
Shaw Abel, sa^^yer 1 Pratt's ct 

Edward G, silversmith 67 Tammany 
John, justice of the peace 409 N 2d 
Lucretia, weaver 1 Pratt's ct 
Sheaff Charles, house carp b of 118 Dillwyn 
Shearer Clunstian, cordwainer 86 Budd 
Sheed Wra W, sea captain 3d ab CallowhiU 
Sheepshanks Wm, merchant 275 High d h 18 

PalmjTa row 
Sheetzllne Michael, carter 9 Laiu'el 
Shehnerdine William, 475 N 2d 
Shelmire Wrn, livery stables 16 Old York rd 
d h S E c 4th and Vme 

, cabinet maker N 9th ab Wood 

Shepherd Jacob, victualler James n Ridge rd 
James, caulker Marlborough n 

Prince (K) 
John, gun lock filer 135 Green 
John, victualler James n Rugan 
wid Catharine, milliner .6th ab Cal- 
.Sheppard wid Catharine, gentw 57 Vine 
Sherburne Wilham V, baker 2d ab Browne 
Sherer Isaac, house carp Brooke n Coates 
Shenner A & J, cab & pegg mrs 42 Browne 
Jacob, cabinet maker 44 Browne 
wid Elizabeth, milliner 433 N 3d . 

Shetzline John, cordwainer 52 Green 
Shewell John K, coach maker Callowhill ab 

6th d h 24 Budd 
Shields Mrs Ehzabetli, N 13th n Button- 
wood al 
wndow EUzabeth, 205 N 4th 
Shillingsford Thomas, caulker Vienna n Duke 
Thomas, blacksmith 517 N 3d 
Shindler John, sailor d h 11 Emlen's ct 
Shinkle Jacob, ^^ctualler Vine and 10th 
Sliimiick Louis, bricklayer 21 Juhana 
Shipley W^Uson, 302 N 2d 

wid Ann, teacher Palmyra row n 12th 
Shirkey wid Ann, shopkeeper 24 Bedford (K) 
Shivcly Matthias, victualler 7th ab Coates 
Shoch George P, laches' shoemr 78 Browne 
Samuel P, ladies' shoemaker Poplar 
lane n St Jolin 
Shocker wid Margaret, washerwoman Char- 
lotte n Browne 
Shoemaker Christian, labourer 61 Coates 

Henrj', cordwainer Hanover n 

Prince (K) 
J, silversmith 2d ab Green 
Samuel, gent 104 St John 
Samuel P, druggist 288 N 2d 
William, 13 Palmyra square 
Shorty Mar}-, cigar maker 55 Browne 
Shotwell Edmund, bricklr 4th ab Tammany 
Shoui'ds Benj, cabinet mr N W c Vine and 3d 
Showaker Jacob, comb maker Old York rd 

ab Green 
Shreeve John jr, rigger Becks wharf 1 bel 

High d h 50 Green 
Sliriver 'N^'illiam, victualler 51 Garden 

wid Christiana seamstress 19 Garden 
Shubard George, fisherman Hanover n Prince 

Shubert George, cordwainer 102 Wood 

John, cordwainer 5 Union ct 
Shugart George S, hardware store 385 N 2d 
Shutz Gustavus, clock and watch maker 331 

N 2d 
Shultz Wm, cordwainer mechanic n Vine 
Shuster Lawrence, victualler 22 Lawrence 

Peter, victualler 32 LawTence 
Shute Wm, turner and umbrella maker N 4th 

n Browne 
Sidbottom Thomas, weaver Callowhill n 9th 
Sidd:ill Joseph, calico printer 211 N 2d 
J H, surveyor 3d bel Tammany 
Siddons Joseph, tailor 25 N 3d d h 112 Green 
Side Joseph R, cordwainer 438 N 3d 
Sicser Frederick, tailor 179 St John 
SUzelman S, storekeeper 188 N 2d 
Simmons Edward, jr merchant 85 Wood 

John, bookseller S W c 3d & Tam- 
Mordecai teacher 172 N 4th 
Stephen, lumber merchant 179 N 

Water d h 253 Vine 
Wm, weighmaster 77 Tanunany 



Simmons wld Ann, g'entw 67 Wood 
widow Mar)', Coates n 7th 
Simon John, grocor S W c (Janal and Frank- 
fort 1 road 
Joseph, Frankford road ali Otter 
Michat!, shipwright Frankford road n 

Quetn (K) 
Wilham, c Queen and Wood 
Simons Henry, wlieclwrig^ht Oak op Circen 

William, hatter 3ii7 N 2d 
Simpson Andrew, weaver 261 St Jolm 

Georg'e, wood mcrcht 6 Poplar lane 
Wm, tiivern keeper Wartman's row 

Old York road 
widow Hanjiah, nurse 193 Green 
Singerly George, tavern keeper 400 N 3d 
Singleton wid Phoebe, shopkeeper 499 N Ft 
Sink Abraham, jr 6 Union ct 
Sittler Richard, rigger 19 Coates 
Skinner Wm, house carpenter 6 Rodgers's ct 
Slack Daniel, wharf builder 12 Browne 
Slater James, cotton manuf 272 N Front 
Sleeper John R, broker and commission mer- 
chant 274 N 2d 
Slingluff Joseph, flour & feed store 400 N 3d 
Slusher EU^abeth T, gentw 60 Wood 
Small wid Mary, gro S W c 8th & Callowhill 
SmaJJwood widow Pnscilla, 93 Dillwyn 
Smashey James, cordwainer 244 St John 
Smiley John, tailor Hinckle's ct b of 249 Vine 
Smith Alexander, tailor 13 Pfeiffer's al 
Arthur, c Maiden and Penn 
Catharine A, teacher 201 Callowhill 
Cliristian, shipwright 90 Poplar lane 
ComeUus, mariner 222 Green 
Daniel, house carpenter 222 Green 
-j- Diamond, 34 Coates 
Eleazer, shoemaker 141 Vine 
EVi, carter Old York road n Green 
Frederick, blind match mr 144 St John 
George, carter Stout's al 
George, silversmith 279 Vine 
& Gibbons, ship smiths Beach (K) 
Henry, blacksm 54 Oak d B heuch (K) 
H F, storekeeper 219 N 2d 
f Horatio, labourer Browne n 4th 
Jacob, gent 224 Callowhill 
John, stone cutter Callowhill n Ridge r 
John, victualler 66 Garden 
John A, accountant 31 Duke 
Jonathan P, bricklayer 7th ab Noble 
Joseph, innkeeper 191 N 3d 
Joseph, house carpenter 179 Green 
Justin, nail manuf 221 N 2d d h c New 

Market and Mai-garetta 
Newberr\% gent 227 Vine 
Peter, tailor 137 Callowhill 
Samuel, teacher N 4th n Callowhill 
Thomas, labourer Pitt ab Bread 
T & H, lumber merchants yard S E c 

Queen and Old Y'ork road 
Thomas, lumber merch Vine n 7th 
Wm, tobacconist 197 Callowhill 
Wm, carter 142 Browne 

SmiUi Wm, sea captain 10 Emlen's ct 

Wm, morocco dresser Ke»sler's al 
Wm E, currier, 355 N 3d 
Wm W, gent Wood n 11th 
widow Catliarine, gentw 314 N 2d 
wid Grisckla, gcntw 233 Vine 
widow, baker 113 Vine 
widow Susannah, shopkeeper N E c 
Vine and lOtlt 
Smyth John, c Maiden and Penn 
Snare George, carter 118 Browne 

Wm, innkeeper N W c Callowhill & 3d 
Wm, innkeeper Buttonwood n 6th 
Snell wid Elizabeth, tav keep 159 Callowhill 
Snethen David J, grocer 309 Callowhill 
Wade, distiller 339 Callowhill 
Snowden Joseph, china mer d h 242 N 3d 
Leonard, gent 242 N 3d 
Miles, cliina &c store 55 N Front d 
h 26 Wood 
Snyder Adam, chair maker 120 Browne 
Christian, grocer 215 N 3d 
David, bricklayer Allen n Fi-ankford r 
George, shopkeeper 251 N 2d 
George, accountant 125 N 5th 
George, c Old York r & St Tammany 
Jacob, tailor 25 Juhana 
John, cabinet maker 379 d h 389 N Ft 
Peter, oak cooper 404 N 3d 
Thomas, brigade inspector and inn- 
keeper 322 N 2d 
Wm, c Queen and Marlborough 
f Solomon John, liair dresser Poplar lane n St 

Somerville Wm, iron founder d h Beach op 

the market (K) 
Song Lamb, Frankford road ab Otter 
Sorber Jacob, blacksmith 481 N 2d 
Souder Charles, just of tlie peace 212 N 6th 
Charles, cooper Noble n Front 
Ehzabeth, milliner 278 N 2d 
Jacob, bricklayer 2d n German 
John, innkeeper 50 Callowhill 
Wm, plane maker 134 St John 
widow Elizabeth, 386 N 3d 
Sowers J, merchant 6 ab ^'ine • 

widow Clmstiana, di"ay keeper Law- 
rence n Noble 
Sowerman Frederick, b of 440 N 2d 
Sowerwalt widow Margaret, 7 Kunckel 
Spackman Samuel C, bricklayer Callowhill 

bet UthantU'-th 
Sparks Joseph, watchman Oak 

widow Sarah, 154 Coates 
Speace Wm, hair di-esser Beach n Maiden (K) 
Speel George, baker 130 Callowhill 
Spencer James S, gent 13 Palmyra row 

Joseph, gent 18 Palmyra row 
Spiegel John R, combmaker Old Y'ork road 

N E c Paschall's al 
Spiers Moses, dealer 66 Callowhill 
Spriggs \vidow Margaret, gentw 313 N 3d 
Springer Peter, hatter 36 Kunckel 
Sprong David, house carpenter 3 NoitIs' al d 
h Beach n Maiden (K) 



Sprong John, h carp Beach n Maiden (K) 
Stainrook David, black and whitesmith 131 
N 4th d h 26 Old York road 

Stall wid , marketwonian b of 32 Ridge r 

Stanton Richard, dealer in second hand goods 

190 N 3d 
Stark Christian, victualler 215 N 8th 
Starne Maurice, cvu-rier 52 Duke 
Starr Charles, house carpenter 92 Dillwyn 
Isaac, carter b of 34 Budd 
Joseph, druggist 31 Vine 
Moses, blacksmith and boiler maker 101 
Stearly Jacob, comb maker 236 Coates 
Steel Robert, hatter Noble n 4th 
Steele \vidow Catharine, b of 18 Ann 
Steinbeck Adam, victualler 13 Lawrence 
Steiner wid Elizabeth, shop keep 97 Coates 
Steinhauer Michael, cordwainer S3 Vine 
Steinman Frederick, gunsmith 31 Green 

John, gunsmith 59 Green 
Steinmetz wid Elizabeth, innkeeper N W c 

Rugan and Callowhill 
Stelwaggon Jesse L, iron store S W c Old 
York road &. Callowliill d h Sassafras ab 8th 
Stephens Benjamin, accountant 93 Green 

David, 139 Gi-een 
Stetler Philip, blacksmith Pitt ab Beaver 

widow Susan, tavern keeper Callow- 
hill n Broad 
Stevens Samuel, heut of city watch 373 N 2d 

wid Mary, tailoress 373 N Front 
Stevenson Augustus, diygood mer 225 N 3d 
d h S E c Callowliill & Kunckel 
Daniel, 11 Carlton sq Callowhill 
and Hart, wholesale drygood store 

225 N 3d 
John, ship joiner 8 Emlen's ct 
John, ship joiner Beach bel Marl- 
borough (K) 
Robert C, 3d and Poplai* lane 
Samuel, grocer N W cor Callow- 
hill & Water 
William, currier 252 N 3d 
Williaju, cedar cooper 226 N 3d 
wid Ann, mantua uu- 81 Browne 
Steward Charles, teacher N E c Budd and 

wid , seamsti-ess 265 St John 

Stewart Charles, leather store 196 Callowhil, 
d h Oak n Wood 
Henry B, morocco dresser S E c of 

Vine and Crown d h 29 Juliana 
John, shipwrig-ht 22 Duke 
John, house carp 86 Poplar lane 
John M, teacher over 125 Vine 
wid Elizabeth, Lilly al n Green 
wid Hester, artificial florist 379 N 3d 
Stiles H & J, lumber mers 1st whf ab Coates 
Henry, hmiber mer 1st wharf ab Coates 

d h 386 N Froot 
James, tanner 426 N Front 
John, umber mer 1st wharf ab Coat6s 
d h 384 N Front 

Stiles wid Ann, shopkeeper 8 Callowhill 

widow Nancy, gentw 23 Coates 
Still Francis, tin plate worker 44 Green 
StiUman Richard, blacksmith 487 N 2d 
StDtz Michael, cordwainer 486 N 2d 
Stimble Bcnj, bricklayer Tammany n Dillwyn 
Stimell George, bricklayer 148 St John 
Stinchman Caspar, rope maker Hanover n 

Queen (K) 
Stock Frederick, house carp Tammany n 4th 
Stockton John, tailor Callowhill n Ridge rd 
Samuel W, clock and watchmaker 
371 N Front 
Stoddart John, gent 208 N 3d 
Stokes Aquila, flour and feed store NW c 
Front and Callowhill 
Joshua, house carp 23 New Market 
Mordecai, china &c store 49 N 3d d h 
25 Wood 
Stolz Micliael, cordwainer 447 N 3d 
Stone wid Nancy, nurse Frankford road 
Stoneman Wm,^ sawyer 53 Charlotte 
Stoopes James, drayman Charlotte n Browne 
Stop wid Maiy, innkeeper, Callowhill n New 

Storit George, bricklayer 125 Coates 
Stouse Joseph, druggist 417 N 2d 
Stout George, Pfeiffer's al - ^ 

George, whipmaker 84 Crown 
Jacob, brickmaker 95 Green 
James, cigar maker 2 Poplar lane 
John, wliip maker 52 Crown 
John L, cabinet maker 180 Coates 
Stow John, shipwi'ight Marlborough (K) 
Stoy Henry, shipwright Beach n ^Marlborough 
Stratton Levi, house cai-penter 75 Budd 
Strawn Daniel, house carp.Pitt ab Beaver 

Jacob, plasterer 15 Carlton 
Straws Michael, tailor 48 Wood 

Stravline wid , milkwoman Ridge road n 

Streeper John, 3d ab Poplar lane 
Street Robert, finding shop 48 Green 
Stretch Nathan, bricklayer 14 York ct 
Strieker widow Bai'bai-a, 16 Ann 

Leonard, G9 Green 
Strleby Joseph, brass founder 402 N Front 
Strobet John, cordwainer 420 N Front 
Stroup John, jr tailor 4 and 8 N Water d h 

205 N 2d 
Stuart John, cab maker 176 3d ab Vine 
Stuckert David grocer, 205 N 3d d h 36 Old 
York road 
George, baker 362 N 3d 
Wm druggist c Gerraantown rd & 2d 
Stull Adam, victualler Buttonwood n Ridge r 

Adam, vict Wood bet 8tli & Garden 
Sturges Lemuel, cordwainer 93 St John 
Stykes George, cabmet maker Beach n Mai- 
den (K) 
Sulger Cliristian, baker 194 N 3d 
Summers widow Catharine, 69 Noble 
Super John, blacksmith c New Market and 
Margaretta d h 13 New 



Supplee and Goldey, tavern keepers S W c 

Coates and Oak 
Suter Charles J, tobacconist 222 N 3d 

wid Mary, boarding house 286 N 3d 
Sutton Edward, shipwrijjht Hanover n Prince 

Georfjo, shipwright Marlborough n 

Prince (K) 
John, shipwright Queen n Shacka- 

maxon (K) 
Thomas, 202 N 3d 

WLUiam, ship builder Beach n Shack- 
Swain John, painter and glazier 301 N 2d 

Thomtis C, umbrella maker 363 N 2d 
Swan Andrew and sons, tanners Beach n High 
bridge (K) 
Andrew, tanner Beach n High bridge 

Da\-id, tanner Beach n High bridge (K) 
John, tanner Beach n High bridge (K) 
Swartz Daniel, carpet weaver 282 N 3d 
George, carpet weaver 189 N 3d 
Jacob, sliip joiner Shackamaxon (K) 
Joseph, carpet weaver 319 N 3d 
Swectzer Jacob, combmaker 254 St John 
Swindle Wilham, Beach ab Maiden (K) 
Swink John, house carpenter 48 Kunckel 

♦Taber Benjamin, caulker Queen n Shacka- 
maxon (K) 
Tacy Joseph M, hair dresser 324 N 2d 
Tallman Joseph V, mcr S W c ilargai-ctta & Ft 
wid Mary, boarding house 275 N 2d 
widow Mary, 262 N Front 
Taxis John, cabinet maker 32 Green * 
Taylor Abraham, tallow chandler 124 St John 
Adam, mariner 21 Duke 
Chirles, bricklayer Wood n Garden 
Curtis, tallow chandler d h Palmyra row 
Taylor Isaac P, teacher 3 Carlton sq 

John, gent S W c Front & Margaretta 
Joseph, gent 6th. n Noble 
Moses, teacher 1 Carlton square 
Nathan, cordwainer 11 Tammany 
Tracy, justice of the peace and iron- 
monger S E c Beach & Maiden (K) 
wid Mary, shopkeeper 56 Tammany 
Teal LycMa, 18 Poplar lane 
Teany Jacob, house carpenter Wood 2 doors 

ab N 10th 
Tees Jacob, shipwiight Beach n Shackamax- 
on (K) 
John, shipwright Cherry n Prince (K) 
Matthias, rope maker Shackamaxon (K) 
Peter, shipwright Beach n Marlborough 
Teese Frederick, farmer Point Read 
Templin Samuel, grocer 479 N 3d 
Terrier Fredericks, gent 297 N 3d 
Terry David, dealer Paachall's al 

Wm, worsted yam manuf 28 Budd 

Test John, brush maker 209 N 2d 
Thackara R A, c 3d and Franklin 
Thatcher wid Mary, gentw 309 N 3d 
wid Sarah, geiitw 396 N 3d 
Thaw Charles, accountant 69 Coates 

Wni, accountant 4th ab Tammany 
Thomas Ann, teacher Vine N W c Old York 
road, entrance Vine 
Erasmus, M D 223 N 6*1 
Ezra C, shipwright 10 Frankford rd • 
George, cordwainer S E c St John 

and Browne 
Jacob M, merchant 45 N Front d h 

181 CallowhiU 
James, tavern keeper N W c Browne 

and 4th 
Jonathan & co salt merchants N E c 

Vine and Water 
Jonathan, salt merchant do d h 212 

N Front 
Joseph L, M D 254 N 2d 
Joseph W, cordwainer Liberty ct 
Samuel, ferryman 391 N Front 
Wm, cabinet maker"154 Coates 
V/m, cedar cooper b of 116 DillwjTi 
William, labourer 46 Budd 
Thomasson Augustus G, lock and white smith 

Willing's al d h 17 Browne 
Thomman Frederick, grocer S W c Wood 

and Crown 
Thompson Chavles, shipwright Penn n Maid- 
en (K) 
John, printer c St John and Noble 
Wm, carter S E c Allen & Frank- 
ford road 
wid Hannah, Callowhill n 13th 
v/id Rebecca, seamstress 205 N 4th 
Thoniton James, weaver 10 Garden 
James, carter 4 Garden 
John, jr, silver plater Broad & Wood 
Thorp John, accountant 342 N 2d ' ' 
Thudium Christian, baker 210 N 2d 
Thumbert George, cordwainer 242 St John 
Tichcnor Richard, dep sheriff N 5tii ab But- 

tonwood ♦ 

Tiller Robert, bricklayer 139 Green 
Timings Charles P, druggist 185 N 3d 

& Holme, dry good mers 395 N 3 Ft 
Thomas, clerk to the N L commis- 
sioners, 395 N Front 
Todd Samuel P, purser in^e U S navy 11 

Palmyra row 
Tomlin Hudson, drayman 102 Budd 

Samuel, drayman 76 Budd 
Townsend J, wood corder Oak n Browne d h 
47 Duke 
Joseph, plumber d h 216 N 4th 
Toy Isaac, fisherman Queen n Beach (K) 

John, shipw Queen n Shackamaxon (K) 
Matthias, rope maker Shackamaxon (K) 
Train widow Catharine, S W c Noble & 4th 
Trank Peter, cordwainer 10 Browne 
Trask Josiah W, tavern keeper 40 Browne 
Treddle Jacob, caulker Beach n Shackamax- 
on (K) 



Treft Christian, baker 423 N 3d 

Treviller John, house carp Ridge rd op Wood 

Triebels Peter W, hatter 387 N 2d 

Trimnul Cornelius, soccer}' and liquor store 

277 N 2d d h 85 St John 
Trinkle John, cun-ier 72 Wood Brewer's al 
Tripler Jacob, & co wholesale and retail gro- 
cers 240 N 2d 
Jacob, wholesale and retail grocer 240 
N 2d d h 292 N 3d 
Tripple Daniel, \-ict Charles n CaUowhiU 
Tripner George, ^ict Charles n Callowhill 
Troost Gerard, M D Coates n 4th 
Trost Martin, brass founder 118 Crown 
Trotter Joseph, accountant 215 N 4th 

Mary", gentw 223 X 4th 
Trout Henry, -vict Buttonwood n Ridge road 
Trowzel John, house carp 113 Browne 
Tull James, house carp N 6th n Buttonwood 
John, shipw Beach n Shackamaxon (K) 
Tully Patrick, tallow chandler 157 N 4th 
Tumea widow Hannah, confectioner N 6th n 

Tumbull George, baker 173 Coates 
Turner Edward, h carp shop Paschall's al 

Isaiah, cordw Smith's ct b of 117 N 5th 
Jenkins P, shoemaker Poplar la n 3d 
Joseph, tavern keeper N E c Penn & 

Maiden (K) 
Wm, shipw Hanover ab Queen (K) 
widow Rosanna, 51 Wood 
Tuttle James, shipw Queen (K) 

John, shipw Marlborough (K) 
Richai'd, shipwi-ight Beach n Marlbo- 
rough (K) 
Wm, caulker Queen (K) 
Twamley \ndow Elizabeth, gentw 14 Palmy- 
ra row Vine 
Tyson Isaac, dry good store 371 N 3d 

Leech, clock and watch mr 368 X 3d 
* Philip, drayman 2 Kessler's al 
widow Martha, 21 Callowhill 

Uber wid Elizabeth, market woman b of 54 
wid Ehzabeth, shopki' James n Rugan 

Uhee Spencer, morocco dresser 4 York ct 

Uhler George, ^I D 414 N Front 
John, juu M D 416 N Front 
John, baker 199 N 3d 

Ulrick Abraham, tobacconist Sd ab Bro-wne 
Abraham H, tobacconist 199 N 3d 
Frederick, drover 203 N 8th 
Henn', tobacconist 7 Brownie 
>Irs Mar\-, 192 St John 

Ulmer David, sugar boiler 

John D, c Beach and Marlborough 
George, cordwainer 456 N 3d 

Umpleby John, weaver 318 N Front 

Unger George Germantown road n Master 

Union Glass Works c Beach and Warren 
Upman Matthias, saddler 128 Callowhill 
Upperman Adam, milkman Duke n 2d 
Urwiler Benjamin, 2d n Master (K) 
Usher wid Elizabeth, market woman 39 Char- 

Vallette Eli, accountant 102 Poplar lane 

Eh A F, na\'y officer 308 N 2d 
Van Arsdall John, collector N E c 4th and 

Vanbaun Wm D, 28 Kunckle 
Vandergrifl wid Elizabeth, iseamst Smith's ct 

b ofll7N 5th 
Vanderjlice Charles coach mr S W c of New 
Market & Margaretta d h 105 Sassafras 
Geoi-ge, cordwainer Garden n 

Hemy, ship joiner 350 N Front 
Vandusen Matthew, ship carpenter HanoTer 

n Beach (K) 
Vandiventer Joshua, h carp 122 Frankford r 

wid , of Peter, N 6th ab Pop- 
lar lane 
Vandyke Wm, c of Hanover & Frankford rd 

Mrs , nurse Poplar lane n 2d 

Von Forsen Thomas, h carp 42 Juliana 
Vanhoff Abraham, tav keep 431 N Front 
Vanhook Wm, shipwright Queen n Marlbo- 
rough (K) 
Vanholt S''alentine, en^eer at Fair mount 

water works 
Vanhom John, coach driver b of 48 Kunckle 
Vansise wid Jane, gentw 196 N Front 
Vansciver Jacob, 252 N Front 
Vansciver Charles H, 

Vanstavoren Cornelius, h carp cor 42 Juliana 

Varrest wid Philomina, confectioner 334 N 2d 

Vaughan James, shipwright Marlborough ab 

Beach (K) 

John, sliipwu'ight Kensington 

Thomas, shipw Chcrrj' n Prince (K) 

Thomas, jr shipwright Chcrrj' n 

Prince (K) 
Wm, shipw Queen n Marlborough 
Vice David, shipw Marlborough ab Beach 
Vickerv' Benjamin, comwainer 241 St John 
^'inyard James, sailmaker Flintham's wharf d 

h 47 Vine 
Vogel Frederick, bricklayer N 6th ab Callow- 
hiU • 

John, currier 46 Tammany 
Voight wid ilarj', 6th ab Camac 
Vonnelder Jacob, tav keep. 440 N 2d 
AVackerly Jacob, ^-ictualler Germantown road 

Waddington Jonathan, mariner Coates n St 

N\'ade Lewis, cigar maker 20 Browne 
Wadlow Moses, saddler 212 Green 




Wagiier Jacob, tanner 19 Lawrence 

Wni, house ciu-p N 6th n Noble 
Wiiinwright Jonatlian, block 8c pump maker 

d li Kensington 
\Vakehani Thomas, (icrniantow n road n 5Ui 
Walbran wid Man, 297 \ine 
>\ lUker Henry, innkeeper S E c 3d & Coates 
Uenr\', tavern keeper 104 N 3d , 
Jolin't;, tailor 297 Callowhili 
Matthew, grocer 302 N 3d 
HolHrt, shopkeeper 112 Crown 
Robert, hcadtloek cleaner, 12 York ct 
Wallace John, house cari)euter Shackamaxon 
n Prince (K) 
Uobcrt, lumber merch 517 N Front d 

h N E c Front and- Haddock 
Sampson, {jhic boiler c of Vcgg and 

Emleu's ct 
Wm, oak cooper 204 N Water 
Wm, potter N 2il N Camac 
Wm, shipw Hanover n Prince (K) 
Wm, tiivern keeper 441 N Front 
Wallhimer widow EUzabeth, boai-ding house 

363 N Front 
Wallover John, shipNyinght Bradford n Marl- 

boroug'h (K) 
Wallow Wm, storekeeper 209 N Water 
W'alter EUwood, bookseller d h 145 N 5th 
Joseph S, bricklayer 23-7 Vine 
wid Maiy, 332 Sjf Front 
Walters James (J, mer tailor 412 N Front 

Philip, 16 Poplar lane 
Walton Benjamin, gi-ocer N W c Mtuden and 
Penn (K) 
Darnel, looking- g-lass frame maker'C 

6th & Green 
George, house carpenter Adelpliia al 
James, coi-dwainer 104 Crown 
Jeremiah, cord\\ainer 427 Browne 
Walz Rev John, of the Lutheran church 19 

Juliana i 

Ward Nathan C, ttulor 249 St John 
Ware John T, sliip joiner Rodgers's ct 
Wai-ner Jacob, collector 189 Green 

John F, justice of the peace and gro- 
cer Rising- Sun 
John, vict N W c Callowhili & 8th 
Philip, blacksmith 41 Callowhili 
Wm, victualler 24 Lawrence 
W^arnock Albert, chair mr Lilly al n Green 
Francis, house cai'penter Wood ab 
Garden . 
Warr John, jr engraver 7 W'ood 

M'illiam W, eng-raver 7th n Race 
widow, tavern keeper 305 Vine 
Warren David, 548 N 3d 
John, 86 Crown 
Joseph, hatter 198 N 2d d h Wood n 

Uriah, tobacconist 26 N 4th d h 198 

William, coixlwainer 296 N 6th 
William, house and sign painter and 
ijlazier 245 N 2d 

Wartman Abi-aham, vict cor 5th & Noble 
Abraham, victualler 96 Garden 
Adam, drayman 96 (Joatcs 
Edward, victualler Wartman's row 

Old York loud n 5th 
George, victualler Wartman's row 
Old York road n 5th 
Waterman John, paper store 456 N 2d 
J S, d h 262 N Front 
Lewis, weaver Co!>b's ct 
and Osbournc, grocers 290 N 2d 
Watkins Robert, innkeeper Falls of Sell 
Watson Benjamin, labourer 260 St John 
Charles, gent 6th ab Vine 
George, jji-inter Lilly ally n Green 
Samuel, cabinet maker Paschall's al 
Samuel, consUiIile 4th ab Coates 
Way Joseph, accountant 31 New Market 
Le\sis, wheelwright 57 Budd 
Wm, city and county weig-hmaster 37 
Wayne Joseph, acct 34 New Alarket n Vine 
Weaver Chitrles, & co stove manuf 325 N 2d 
Daniel, Pojilar lane and 8th 
Hemy, combmaker 134 Coates 
Jacob, weaver 393 N 3d 
John P, innkeeper N W c Old York 

road and Green 
Joseph, dry good store 190 N 2d 
Michael, rope maker and ship chand- 
ler 20 N Water d h n the intersec- 
tion of Germantown 8c Frankford r 
William, stove manuf 325 N 2d 
Webb Georg-e and Wm, weavers Frankford 
road n Queen (K) 
Henrj-, engineer 5 Carlton square 
widow Rebecca, gentw 140 DiUwyn 
wid Rebecca, g^entw 137 Callowhili 
Webber Jacob, gi-ave digg-er 44 Tammany 
Webster Moses, iimkeepern new prison 

William, carter Poplar lane n N Ft 
Weckerly Abraham, victualler 131 Coates 
Abraham, victualler 177 Coates 
Conrad, gent 205 N 3d 
John, victualler 127 Coates 
Ulrich, oak cooper 153 Coates 
Weeks Caleb, d h 274. N 3d livery stable c 2d 
& Tammany lotty office 3d ab Noble 
Esther, tailoress 115 Green 
Joshua, n;ul cutter 483 N 2d 
Weir James, gi-ocer c CaUowliiU and 6th 
Weill Henry J, trader 192 N 5th 
Weir Joseph, labourer 48 Callowliill 
Wclkcl P St J, lott office N E c 3d 8s Wood 
Welsh Ilezekiah, printer 98 Wood 

John, saddler and harness maker Cal- 
lowhili n Front 
Wells John, coach maker b of 216 N 8th 
Wentling David, pohce officer of Spring Gar- 
George, farmer Coates n Schuyl- 
Wentz Dilworth, grocer 6th n Noble 
Wescoate Joel, wood corder N E c Oak and 
Coates d h 401 N Front 



West Benjamin, bricklayer 89 Budd 
G, c Coates and 4th 
widow Hannah, druggist Queen n Marl- 

boroug-h (K) 
widow Mary, gentw 16 Lawrence 
Wetlicrstine Adam, gi-ocer and tavern keeper 

Tammany n 5th 
Weyman Daniel, tavern keeper 308 N Front 
Wharton Isaiah, coixlwainer Kessler's'al 
James S, cordwainer 193 N 3d 
Wheaton William, sea captain 391 N Front 

%vidow Marj^, 54 Tammany 
Wheeler Enoch, gent 99 Vine 

John, musician N E c Budd & York 

Jonathan J, sea capt 5 Pfeiffer's al 
wid Lytlia, seamstress Ton-^s ct 
Whetherstine Samuel, nail cutter 9 Lilly al 
Wliistlcr David, mer tailor 87 Old York road 
Wl^taker James, -j-on merch d h 107 Old 
York road S E c Tammany 
James, 202 N 4th 
J 8c J, nail and iron store bet Vine 
& Callowhill & 4th &. Old York r 
Joseph, accountant 8 Ann 
Thomas, blacksmith Beach n 

Shackamason (K) 
wid Jane, shopkeeper Noble ab 5th 
White and Blummer, turners and machine 
makers 352 N Front 
Hannah, 380 N 2d 
Jacob, plane maker cor Old York road 

and Callowhill 
James, nail cutter b of 24 Duke 
James B, house carp 4th ab Poplar la 
Dr John, chemist n new Prison 
John, blacksmith 54 Frankford road 
' John, combmaker 339 N 3d 

Joseph, hardware merch 103 Old York 

road - 
Lemuel, teacher of elocution 141 N 5th 
Samuel, house carp, Noble n 6th 
Thomas, teacher 369 N Front 
William, tallow chandler 236 N 3d 
William K, c 4tli and Poplar lane 
widow Sarah, gentw 97 Green 
Wliitehall printing office Ridge road ab Cal- 
Whiteman wid Rachel, mantua mr 17 Green 
Whiteside Alexandei', plasterer 156 CallowluU 
Whiteman Charles, dl'ayman Lawrence n No- 
Jacob, 32 Ann 
Peter, carter 35 Lawrence 
Whitton Abeduego T, grocer Queen (K) 
Whittlesey widow Mary, gentw 352 N 3d 
Wiall John, tailor 347 N Front 
Wibel Thomas; boat builder Queen n Frank- 
ford road 
Widdifield George, house carp 106 St John 
shop b of 171 High 
. Widener Mrs P, b of 205 N 4th 
Wiegand and Snowden, surgical instrument 

makers 49 N 7th d h 209 Callowhill 
Wight Thomas, cordwainer 217 N 8th 

Wilbank John, printer James op Rugan 

Wilcox Samuel, gent 72 Wood 

Wildey Richard, ship joiner Oak n Coates d h 

172 St John 
Wile Charles, victualler Buttonwood S W c 

George, cabinet maker 6th n Coates 
Wiley Ewen, door keeper at the U S Mint 
134 Callowhill 
Isaiah, carter Oak n Coates 
Samuel B, Francisville 
Wilkinson W, atty at law 258 N 3d 
Willett Ebenezer, c Prince and Hanover 
Jeremiah, plasterer 6 Ridge road 
. Joseph B, bricklayer n Wood 8c 7th 
Williams Charles, currier 463 d h 457 N 2d 
Daniel, accountant 23 LawTence 
John, lumber mer Buttonwood n 6th 
John A, 286 N 2d 
Rhoda, seamstress 45 Charlotte 
Samuel, currier 247 N 3d d h 273 

N 2d 
Samuel, cordwainer Callowhill n 9th 
S 8c A, dry good store 459 N 2d 
8c Wilson, milhners 297 N 2d 
Williamson Eden, hatter 311 N 2d 

widow Jane, gentw 311 N 2d 
Wilson Andrew, weaver 17 Laurel 

Benjamin, cabinet maker 55 Browne 
widow Beulah, quilter and mantua mr 

4 Budd 
widow Catharine, teacher 35 Vine 
David, stone cutter Noble n 6th 
George, morocco leather manuf store 

35 N 3d d h 608 N 3d 
George, ston^ cutter 6th n Callowhill 
James, grocer Coates n 6th 
Joseph, boat builder 27 Callowhill 
R T, 19 Browne 

Wm, stone cutter c 4th and Callow- 
hill d h Wood 1 door bel N 10th 
William, house carpenter 14 Budd 
Wm,.whipmr Hanover n Beach (K) 
W^m, carter Queen n Marlborough (K) 
widow Mary, grocer d h 28 Wood 
widow Mary Ann, gentw 61 Budd 
widow Susan, teacher 19 Budd 
Wilt Abraham, gent 3d n Green 

Jacob, ship joiner b of 57 Coates 
Wiltberger T 8c M 8c co, druggists 8c apothe- 
caries S E cor Callowhill a,nd 6th 
Wiltsee 8c Turner, comb mrs 28 Garden 
Wineberg Jonas, mariner 34 Noble 
Winter and Mason, c Vine and 13th 
Winters Garret, coal and wood merchant 1st 
wharf ab Coates d h 424 N Front 

Nicliolas, sugar boiler 39 Callowliill 
Wipple George, cordwainer 84 Budd 
Wireman John, cordwainer Charlotte n Pop- 
lar lane 
Wise Elias, baker 4th n Poplar lane 
Wiser George, cordwainer 187 St John 
Wltham Joseph, wool coihber b of 40 Coates 
Withey wid Elizabeth, washwoman 10 Budd 



Woelppcr David, justice of tlic peace and vic- 

ijalltr 18 Lawrence 
Uoelpper Aduni, victualler 18 Lawrence 
Georf^f, victualler 247 Vint- 
widow Mary, g-entw 80 Cfown 
Wolbcrt C J, auctioneer 72 Green 

Frederick, justice of the pcaca 406 

Catharine, layer out of the dead 193 
St John 
"Woolf Daniel, cordwaiaer 477 N|2d 
Wolf John L, justice of the peace N 10th 3 
doors bcl Callowhill 
wid Elizabeth, Shackamaxon n Frank- 
ford road 
Wonder Samuel, victualler Wartman's row 

Old York road 
Wood Isaac, boat builder 10 Green 
Jacob, last maker 379 N 4th 
James, saw shovel and spade manufac 

161 N 2d d h 20 New Market 
John wheelwright Queen n the Frank- 
ford road (K) 
Samuel R, tanner S W, c Noble &. 4th 

d h 108 Walnut 
Wm, stone mason Frankford road 
Wm, cordwaincr Coates n 3d . 
wid Marg-aret, shop keeper 55 Coates 
wid Martha, boarding h 88 St John 
wid Sarah, nurse Rose al n Green 
Woods James, house carpenter 18 Ann 
Woodside John packing box mr 150 St John 
Woodward John G, shipwright Frankford rd 
ab Bedford 
widow Mary, 197 Green 
Woollev George, lumber merchant d h 168 

Wooley wid S, boarding house 14 Green 
Worl George, cedar cooper 179 N 3d 
Worman John, labourer 57 Noble 
Worn John, cabinet maker 178 N 3d 
Worrell wid Sarah, gentw 273 St John 
Worrell William, 178 N 2d 
Worstal Arnos T, currier 55 Chesnut d h 37 

Worthington Thomas H, carter 21 Laurel 
Wray Andrew, saddler 319 N 3d 

William tailor 170 Coates 
Wright Ellis, house carpenter 3 Duke 

George, shipwright Prince n Marlbo- 

foiigh (K) 
Isaac, grocer 29 Coates 
Mary, shopkeeper Marlborough n 

Queen (K) 
Nathan, house carpenter 76 Green 
Peter, china &c merchant 27 N 3d d 
h 153 Vine 
Wunder George, vict Germantown rd n 4th 
Jacob, victualler Germantown road 

n 4th ■ • 

Samuel, victualler Baker^s ct 
"Wurtz John, vict Charles Spring Garden 
AVyant George, cigar mr 62 Coates 
' S . " 

Wyant I'ettr, h larf) Pegg d h 124 Dillwyn 
Wyle Charles, teacher Rose al n Green 
Wynkoop Abraham, 128 St John 

John, com mer Vine n Broad 

Yager lienjamin, victualler 53 Garden 
Valkc Klias, hair dresser maiden n Kensington 

Yard wid Charlotte, gentw 169 Green 
Yardley Joshua, house carp Tarnmany n 6th 
Yarnali Wm jun sea captain 186* N 4th 
Yarnell l«rael, 278 N 2d 
Yates Jacob, waterman 175 Coates 
Y tnian John, venitian blind maker 104 N 5th 

d h Coates n 7th 
Ye age r George, skin dresser Torr*s ct 
Yenser George, constable Poplar Ian Ridge rd 
Yerg-er John, skin dresser 284 N Front 
Yerkes Harman, stable keeper 85 Tammany 

Silas, flour merchant 333 & 335 N 2d 
Yetter Charles, house carpenter 128 Browne 
Yockle widow Mary, 2 Oak 
Yohe Samuel, house carpenter b of 198 N 8th 
j Youck Wm, house carpenter 30 Garden 
Young Andrew, tailor 284 St John 

Andrew, labourer Kensington n glaa* 

Benjamin, shipwright Hanover n 

Queen (K) 
Clayton, tanner 279 N 3d 
Daniel, watchman Orange (K) 
&. Felton, coach painter 210 Callowhill 
John, c Poplar lane and Budd 
John, plasterer 7 Pfeiffer's al 
Joseph, blacksmith Frankford road 
Peter, tanner 196 N 4th 
Peter, baker 191 N 4th - 
Peter, milkman Broad n Ridge road 
Philip, cordwainer 110 Crown 
Wm, coach painter 210 Callowhill d h 

210 Noble 
widow Elizabeth, 81 Callowhill 
wid Mary, Vienna n Duke (K) 

Zane Aaron, house carp b of 216 N 8th 

William, tanner Scott's ct 
Zargable Anthony, cordwainer Frankford rd 
Zeugubel Godfrey, labourer Callowhill n 

Ridge road 
Zcll Jacob, drover 7 John 
Zeller Jacob, wood corder Smith's wharf N 

d h 42 New Market 
Ziegler Geo, tav kr 116 c Callowhill & Crown 

Samuel, innkeeper 224 N 2d 
Ziller Peter, cordwainer 398 N Front 
Zimmerman John G, S E c Green and 3d 

^ Sebastian, grocer 6th n German- 
town road 
Zimmus Margaret, storekeeper 367 N Front 
Zitler Charles, Frankford road op Queen 



Abbott wid Mary, g^lover 8 Catharine 
Abcnictliv John, 109 Prime 
Adair Ann, 293 S 4th 

AViUiam, bootmaker 76 German 
Adams Robert, sail maker 18 Ahnond 

Robert, 3d bel Christian 
Aiken Rol)crt, tailor 283 S Front 
Albcrson Gilbert, g-ent 103 Swanson 

William, mariner 119 Swanson 
Alexander Austin, 2 Shippen 

Georg-c, mariner 17 Swanson 
John, mariner 43 Moyameiising' r 
AVilliam, 271 S 4th 
"William 83 George 
W G, g-rocer 284 S 2d cor Shippcn 
wid Eleanor, 29 Shippen 
Algeo James, grocer 2d and Clu'istian 

James, 353 S 2d 
Albriglit Jacob, watchman 80 German 
Allen Adam, house carp 657 S 2d 
Albertis, 3d bel Christian 
David, shoemaker & sexton 3d Presby- 
terian church 34 Christian 
John, M 1) 308 S 4th 
John, S W cor (christian & 6tl\ 
Robert, distiller 286 S 3d 
Thomas, 67 Plumb 
Wm, 150 Catharine 
wid Mary, boarding house 458 S Fi"ont 
AUig'ood Thomas, mariner 567 S Front 
Allison James, sail mr S 2d 1 door bel Prime 

John, house cai'p 13 Catharine 
AUogood WilUam, mariner 307 S Front 
Alloway Daniel, oak cooper 32 Swanson 
Ames Josiah, sea captain 52 Mead al 
Anderson Charles, victualler Washing-ton 
John, 287 S 4th 

Matthew, N W c Christian & 2d 
James, mai-iner 58 Catharine 
wid Elizabeth, g-entw 65 Shippen 
Annesley William, 265 S 5th 
Anthony Joseph, mtu'iner S E c 3d and Plum 
Joseph, tavern and oyster house 2d 
near Plum 
Apker Henry, hackney coachman b of 365 S 2d 
Applegate David, cnrter 180 Swanson 
Ardis John, houie carp 563 S 2d 
Armltage wid Sarah, teacher 125 Moyamen- 

sing road 
Arnold capt Thomas, nautical academy 295 

S Front 
Ash Jonathan, hog victualler S Front bel navy 
yard and Whailon 3t 

Ash Joseph, grazier 144 Swanson 
Joshua, grazier 54 Christian 
Ashley Thomas, mariner (mate) 98 German 

'I'homas, 99 German 
Ashmead Thomas, acct 154 Cedar 
A.shton Samuel, cab &. cbair maker 273 S 2d 
Aston Frances wid of James, shopkr 37 Queen 
Atkinson Andrew, g-ent 68 Queen st 
Augustin Joseph, stevadorc 140 Swanson 
Austin Hosea, oysterman 122 Swanson 
James, cailer back of 37 Queen S 
wid Margaret, teacher 364 S 2d 
Avis Joseph, saw-sharpener 20 Shippen 

Babington James, shoemaker 11 Mead al 

John, brush maker 163 Cliristian 
Bachelor Elizabeth, 114 Shippen 
Backer Thomas, 95 German 
Badhm .1, soap & candle manuf 10 Vernon 
Bag-ge John G, 10 John 
Bailey wid .lane, seamstress Christian bel 6th 

wid Jane, glover 28 Catliarine 

John, dyer and scourer 216 Cedar 
Bakely wid Ann, shopkeeper 322 S 3d 
Baker John, tavern keeper 42 Cedar 

wid Abigail, seamstress 31 Christian 
Balelot Arnaud, merchant 72 Christian 
Ballanette Adolph, grocer 195 Cedar 
BalUnger Amariah, shoemaker 166 Shippen 
Banckert George F, morocco dresser 328 S 3d 
Bane James, 77 Pass} unk rd 
Banks Heddin, shoemaker 272 S 5th 

William, shallopman 500 S Front 
Baptiste John, labourer 276 S 6th 
Parbazet Jacob, cabinet maker 114 German 

Jacob, 308 S 4th 
Barber Thomas, 232 S 3d 

William L, coixlwainer 23 Christian 
Barbour John, blacksn)ith 525 S 2d 
Barcla}^ wid Elizabeth, 324 S 3d 

John, shoemaker 551 S 2d 
Barker Francis, S W c Blunib & 4th 

Jacob, 3d bel Clu-istian 
Barnard John, house carp 491 S Front 
Barnes, sea captain 30 Catharine 

George W, shipwright 5 S Front 
John F, 108 Shippen 
Barnhart A, boarding- house 45 Mead al 
Bamett Joseph, labourer 1 5 Fitzwater 

and Pearson, sliip builders Queen st 
wharf lower side 



Bamett Thomas, staich manufacturer S 8th n 

Passyunk road 
Barret John, weaver 300 Cedar ab 7th 
j-Barrett Thomas, coachman 201 Sliippen 
Barrington Samuel, M D 268 S 2d 
Barry WmK, 386 S 2d 

William, tobacconist 285 S 4th 
AVilham, labourer 100 Plumb 
wid Ann, g-entlewoman 134 .German 
BaiT Samuel J, Carpenter 
Barton and Akins, shoemakers 122 Cedar 
Barti-am David, 300 S 3d 
Barton Arnold, Carpenter 
Bateman wid Ann, boarding house 41 Plumb 
Rates wid EHzabeth, nurse 440 S Front 
Baton Augustine, jr jeweller cor Christian & 

Battis Nicholas, fisherman 96 Swanson 
Nicholas, innkeeper 37 Swanson 
Baxter William, jrxipholsterer 244 S Front 
Bayai'd George, tin plate worker 304 S 3d 
Bayne James, bookbinder 77 Passyunk road 
Joseph, rulemaker Chi-istian n 3d 
Nathaniel, shoemaker St John bel 2d 
Samuel, ladies shoe maker 350 S 2d 
Beackley Edward, house carp 77 Queen 
Bean William, shoemaker 249 S 3d 
Beatty James, weaver 310 S 7tli 
Beattes W' dliam, 35 German 
Beatlie Arthur, liquor store 464 S Front 

Samuel, grocer S W cor Cedar and 3d 
William, gent 308 S 2d 
Beck Henry, shoemaker Wharton bet 2d and 
Moyamensing road 
Peter, 192 Shippen 

wid Ehzaljeth, gentw S 2d 2 doors ab 
Beckhorn GaiTet, collector 62 Shippen 
Behncke John C, tavern keeper 24 Swanson 
Bell Alexander, grocer cor Cedar Sc "N'ernon 
John, tav keeper &. grocer 308 S 3d S W 

cor German 
James, cordwainer and sexton of the new 

Ebenezer ch 157 Clmstian 
Samuel, grocer 236 Cedar 
wid Mary, g-entw Christian 3 doors bel 6th 
|Bend Thomas, porter S 4th bel German 
Bener Wm, painter and glazier Little Wash- 
ington bet Front & 2d n navy yard 
Benezet Anthony, M D 50 Shippen 
Benners John L, tailor 180 Shippen 
Bennett James, dealer 493 S Fi-ont 

Joshua, housf carp 37 Moyamensing r 
wid Mary, shopkeeper 274 S 7th 
Bennet WiUiam, sawyer 321 S 3d 
Benson Wm, gi-oc S 3d bet German &, Queen 
Beirell wid Mary, millinery store 198 Cedar 
Beriy widow, innkeeper S W cor Cedar and 

Benyman Richard, shipwright 31 Mar}^ 
Berne William, 336 S 2d 
Besselievre F P, groceiy store SB Fitzwater 

John, jeweller 9 Fitzwater 
BeiBswicke Ann wid of John, diy good store 
366 S Front 

Beterton George, Carpenter 
Bickerton Thomas, oak cooper 45 Christian 
Bickham wid Sarah, gentw 254 S Front 
Biddle James, blacksmith 245 South 
Biderman Peter, 305 S 5th 
Bidgood Mary, 336 S 2d 
Bigart Wilham, house carp 10 Mary 
Biggs Augustus, 544 S Front op navy yard 
Bigley and Sweeney, tav keeper 175 Shippen 
Biglow Thomas, Crab 
Bilt:iton George, cor 6th 8c Carpenter 
Bishop WlUiam, house carp 58 Moyamensing r 
Bissel wid Laetitia, 520 S Front 
Black Alex, gi-ocer N E cor Sliippen and 6th 
Da\id, morocco dresser b of 198 Cedar 
James, plasterer 244 1-2 S 3d 
John, weaver 8 S 9ih bel Sliippen 
Isaac C, tav keeper 22 Passyunk road 
Joseph, laboiu-er 86 Swanson 
Thomas, hatter 42 Passyunk road 
Thomas, collector 102 Plumb 
William, weaver S 7tli cor Fitzwater 
Blackburn John, 51 Plumb 
Blackford Joseph, bricklayer 208 S 5th 
Blackston John, sea capt 49 George 
Blackson Thomas, house carp 584 S Front bel 

the navy 3ard 
Blakey Jolm, cab mr Swanson bel Swedes ch 
Blanchai-d Ebenezai", upper 25 Mead al 
Blunt Leven, weaver 219 Christian 
Bockius John, sea capt 381 S Front 
Bode Rudolph, 138 Cedar 
Bodet Anthony, cor 5th & Queen 
fBohonnon Charles, jr 2d hand clothes cellar 
S 2d bet Pine & Lombardd h 220 Shippen 
Bond Wm, clock dial mr 159 Moyamensing r 
Boone Cornehus, labourer 57 Cathaiine 
Booth James, 78 Plmnb 
Borie Simon, paper st^iiner 192 Cedar 
Bost wid Cadiarine, milkwoman Catharine bet 

Passyunk road and 7th 
Boughre Simon, 234 S 5th 
Boughman Peter B, 271 S 5th 
Bourke Hugh, shipsmith Swanson cor Beck's 

al d h 30 Christian 
Bovier Peter, victualler S W cor of Moyamen- 
sing roiid and Prime 
Bowen Ananias, cabinet maker 3 S^eorge d h 
Cai-penter 4 doors ab 4th 
•|;WiHiam, waiter Clu'istian bel 4th 
Bower John, baker 253 S 7th 

Solomon, segar manuf 203 Cedar 
Bowers Henry, cordwainer 325 S Front 

John, baker 72 Swanson 
Bowie wid Jane, cby good store 282 S 2d 
Bwoles Wm, block & pump mr 13 Swanson 
Bowman Charles, mjuiner 36 Mead al 
Boyd John, Man-iott's lane 
Boyle Barney, Chi-istian bel Third 

William Pass\amk road 
Bracelin Jeremiah, tailor Washington b of 57 
Moyamensing road 
John, Venetian blind manufacturer & 
upholsterer Washington b of 57 



BracclJn Moyamcnsing- i-oail 
Bradley John, tailor '3d bcl iMiini 

Micluici, lal)ouivr 84 Gcori^c 
Thomas, OKI 2d & Moyamcnsinef roiwl 
Rradstctul Conudiiis, shoemaker 28 Hcdlbrd 
limy KIkanah, sea cai)tniii ,M3 S '2d 

J r, sign painter 142 South 
IJrazzilhv H, S K cor Almond &. Swanson 
Ihvarly Wni, sliipwrig-ht Almond St wliarf 
Urcamer Miss Sarah, china store \\p 52 Cedar 
Hrelsfbrd John, shipw riglit 33 C.ln-islian 
Brewton Daniel, sea captain 444 S Front 
Broailhead Joseph, mariner 44 Mead al 
Bi-ock William, 69 Passyiuik road 
Broker Joiui, mariner 48 Mead al 
Bronson John, I'urrier 92 Swanson 
Brooker Benjamin, pawnbroker 180 S E cor 

Cedar and 5th 
Brooklyn George, labourer 250 Cedar 
Broom Thomas, 118 South 

wid Hannal), gentlewoman 118 Cedar 
Brown Ancb-ew, innkeeper 36 Cedar 
Adam, 136 Gei-njan 
Daniel, 184 George 
David, sea captain 332 S Front 
George, oyster house 196 Cedar 
Gowan, cordwainer 16 Carpenter 
James, labourer cor Queen and 4th 
John, stevadore George bel Sliip]3en 
John, blacksmith Prime bel I'ront 
John, 122 Queen 

Joel, saddletree maker 142 Swanson 
wid Isabella, gentw 130 Phmib 
■j-Mon-is, shoemaker Sliippen ab 7th 
Alichael, Bovlc's al Passjiuik 
Rev M, 241 Shippen 
Richard, combmaker 353 S 2d 
Sarali, 92 Shippen 
Thomas, 8 Prime 
"William, bottler 48 George 
Wilham, 61 Plum 
mai'iner Galbraith's ct Queen 
wid Christiana, 440 S Front 
Deborah wid of Dr, midwife 42 George 
Brotherton Hugh, boot and shocmr 314 S 2d 
Bryan Hugh, maiiner 13 Chiistian 

John, 314 S 3d 
Buck & ElUott, smiths &. famers 1 76 Shippen 
Hugh, smith and fanier 176 Sliippen d 
h 12 Crabb 
Bucknell Samuel, lapidary 566 S 2d 
Bull Francis F, porter S 5th bel German 
Bullard Mrs Catliarine, shopkr 54 Shippen 
Bundick John S, 90 German 
Bunker Charles, confectioner and frmterer 106 

Buntin John, 139 Catharine 
Biuxlen wid Haimah, shopkeeper 529 S Front 
Burge John, confectioner 480 S Front 
Burgess wid Mary, gentlewoman 280 S 6th 
Burk Thomas, 33 Plum 
Burkart Frederick, shoemaker 469 S Front 
Burkhart George, baker 433 S Front 
Burkhardt Jolui G, shoemaker 377 S 3d 
Burman Ciodfrey, victualler 269 S 5th 
Bum Peter, cabinet maker 134 (;edur 

Burns Margaret, S W cor Front h Queen 
Mrs, Queen bet 2d and 3d 
Peter, 404 S 4th 
Burton Charles, shipwright 549 S 2d 

Uobert, shij) builder 260 Swanson 
Bnsby William, 268 S 4tli 

Hush sea captain ('hristian ab 2d 

John, 113 (Christian 
Bussicr Burtlioloniew, 272 S 4th 

F, tin i)latc worker 241 d h 321 S 2d 
wid (JathariMC, gentw 37 Almond 
Butcher John, tin plate worker 383 S Front 

Sunniel, ladies shoemaker 80 Shippen 
Buverc Peter, c Prime & Moyamensing rd 
Buzzell Daniel, button manufacturer S 4th 2 
doors bel Catliainne 

Caldwell James, 76 German 
John, 85 Old 2d 

Jonathan, printer 18 Moyamensing r 
Ninian, S W c Almond and Swanson 
Thomas, sea captain 22 Christian 

Callard Abraham, baker 473 S Front 

Calvert John W, 34 Calvert 
Nathaniel, 34 Gennan 

Campbell Antliony, carter 294 S 3d 
Catliarine, Queen n 6th 
James, tailor 245 S Front 
James, labourer 121 Queen 
James A, house carp 156 Cedar 
Joshua, grocer 284 S 7th c Shippen 
Micliael, 54 Phim 
Patrick, 295 S 4^1 
wid Catharine, 208 Queen 

Cannon John, cor Catharine & 2d 

Carlley Jeremiah, shoemaker 70 Shippen 
wid Rebecca, midwife 53 Sliippen 

Carey Edwai-d, 4th bel Christian 

Cary James, S 4th • 

Carman wid Ann, dry good store 462 S Front 

Cai-nes wid Elizabeth, 96 Christian 

CaiT James, innkeeper 87 Plum 

Carre Chai-les, blacksmldi 395 S 2d d h 52 
Moyamensing road 

Carrel John, Galbraith's ct 

Thomas, S W c 2d and German 

CaiTcr Richaitl, weaver 37 Mead al 

Carroll gixjcer S E cor Plum and 4th 

Carson Geoi-ge, shoemaker 192 Cedar 

Robert, slioe store 251 S 2d d li Prime 

Carter Joseph, cut nail manuf 331 S 2d 

Thomas, mast maker 104 Swanson 

Carteret Joseph W, cab maker 399 S Front 

Cartwright Mrs Mary, marketwo 44 George 

Carty Jereniiali, shoemaker 1 Federal 

Casady Henrj', tobacconist. Crab 
widow, 78 German 

Cassady Mary, dry good store 387 S Ft 

Cassidy Hugh, b 17 German 

John, tavern 218 Cedar 

Cassan wid Hannah, gentw 279 S 2d 

Cavenaugh Hugh, corder Almond st wharf 
Micliael, S E cor Queen & 2d 



Cecil wid Eliza, seamst 5 S 9th bel Shippen 
Chaloner Thomas, cracker's earner b of 102 

Chamberlain Lewis J, tailor 39 Plnni 
Chambers Joseph, grocer lower 166 Swansea 
Robert, sea captain 68 Swansoo 
Sarah, 281 S 6th 
Chance Walton, sea capt 60 Jfoyamensin^ r 
Chanceaulme Martin, cabinet mr 44 German 
Chappusa Henry, and co 148 S 4th 
Chauvenet Anthony, grocer 254 S 6th 

M William, 81 Sliippen 
Cheeks Catharine, 131 Catharine 

Henr)', apothecary and drug'gist S E 
cor 6tli and Sliippen 
Chew J, confectioner 262 S 5th 

Jeffrey, 328 S 4th 
■{•Christian Daniel, oyster cellar d h 254 S 5th 

John, mariner 67 Catharine 
Christy Archibald, cor German and 3d 
WUliam, cordwainer 46 Cedar 
Churchill Stephen, sea captain 33 Almond 
Clampliill Cook, pUot 94 Swanson 
Clark Georg-e, boatman 257 S Front 

James, tavern 182 S W c Cedar and 5th 
Jesse, 289 S 4th 
Mary, 273 S 2d 
Robert, 156 Christian 
Robert, grocer 120 Swanson 
Timothy, tailor 490 S 2d 
William, tailor 17 German 
William W, 17 German 
wid Jane, cotton winder 115 Christian 
wid Juliana, seamstress 31 Chi-istian 
wid Susan, seamstress 200 S 5th 
wid Susan, mantua maker 12 John 
Clayton Curtis, shoemaker 247 S Front 
Clevenger William, S W c Catharine and 3d 
Cleavenger W S, teacher of the Lombard st 

pubhc school d h 143 Catharine" 
Clement Joha, house carpenter 231 Shippen 
Chfford George, 224 S 3d 
Clinton Francis, soap boiler 292 S 3d 

John, liquor sto 272 c Cedar and 7th 
Clover Thomas, tailor 7 Shippen 
Clymer Andi-ew B, cui-rier 76 Chiistian 

Arcliibald, tailor 317 S 4tli 
Coates John, printer Almond 

AVilliam, shipwright 158 Swanson 
Cob Samuel, house carp and joiner cor Chris- 

istian and 4th 
Coburn Robert, distiller 74 and 119 Cedar 
Cochran John, 72 Plum 
Cog'ill Arnold, cordwainer 470 S Froot 
Cohen Barnett, cabinet maker 272 S 7th 
Coit Richard, cordwainer 7 Bedfoixi 
Colcord John F, printer 47 Catharine 
Cole Joseph, (mate) mariner b of 500 S Front 
Coleman Thomas, grocer 127 Plum 

William, labourer 264 S 5th 
Colhoun J, boot and shoe maker 306 S Front 
Colligan Bernard, 82 George 
CoUin rev Nicholas, D D lector of the Swedish 
Lutheran ch Swanson n S W c Christian 

Colling James, shoemaker 13 Pass5runk road 
Collins John, acct S 4th 3 doors bel Catharine 

Robert, fanner 120 German 
Collinson Joseph, sea capt 17 Shippen 
George, boatman 288 S 4th 
Samuel, block maker Almond bel 2d 
CoUom William, teacher 152 Cedar 
Cohnan William, 264 S 5th 
Colnenn John, jeweller 26 Catharine 
Colvin James,- labourer 229 S 4th 
Condic D F, M D 153 Catharine 
Connelly Jacob, blacksmith 274 S 3d 

Petei', cordwainer 119 Swanson 
Connery Thomas, labourer 268 S 5th 
Connor Edmund, slioemaker Wharton bet 2d 
and Mox^amensing road 
wid Margaret, gentw 280 S Front 
Conrad Joseph, bricklayer b of 22 Plum 
Constable WilUam, boot and shoemr 403 S 2d 
Conway Edward, 89 Plimi 
George, 260 S 3d 
Cook wid Hannah, tutoress 40 George 
John, labourer 14 Shippen 
John, stevadore 33 Penn 
William, boot maker 334 S 3d 
Coombs Benjamin, teacher 50 German 

David, teacher & justice of the peace 
3d bel Gei-man d h 50 German 
Cooper James, oak cooper 204 S AVater &. 205 
S Front 
Michael, Sliippen 
Cope Daniel, watemian 29 Catharine 
Hannah, Old 2d 

wid Hannah, shopkr 90 Moyamensing r 
wid Maiy, 18 Moyamensing road 
Copeland wid Ameha, 524 S Front 

Asa, sliipwright 524 S Front 
Connick David, (mate) mariner 29 German 

David, 279 S 3d 
Cornell Joseph, pilot 16 Chi-istian 
Cosker Jacob, Marriott's lane bet 5th and 6th 
Cotton John S, carter & tav kr 34 Passyunk r 
Countryman wid Elizabeth, German ab 5th 
Countrjman wid Elizabeth, German ab 5th 
Court John, 16 German 
Cowan wid Hannah', seamstress 32 Almond 
John, shoemaker 274 S 6th 
John, tailor 64 Cedar 
Cox John R, shoemaker 435 S 2d 
Cozens Benjamin, carter 559 S 2d 
Crance Peter, 39 S 5th 
Cranston wid Sarah, china store 32 Almond 
Crawford John, 162 Swanson 

u-idow 332 S 2d 
Cribbins wid Mary, shopkeeper 394 S 2d 
Crispin Benjamin, shipwright b of 63 Q,ueen 
Cristy Hug'h, Marriott's lane 
Crocket m id Mai'ia, gentw 78 Christian 
Crombeck widow 3 Merriott's nin 
Cross Shall, 107 Prune 
Crouble Smith, Old 2d 
Crouse wid Elizabetii, 13 Federal 
Crow wid Jane, 126 Plum 
Crozier Andrew, grocer 424 S Front 



Cnimback Godfrey, tavern keeper Swanson n 

niivy yiuxl 
Ciiblcr George, carter Clirislian ah 5tli 
('ortVc James, V2 (.icorg-e 
Culipi'iin Ik-riuird, labourer 82 (ieorgc 
Culin C'loorjcf I, 155 Catharine 

Isaac X, tailor N F- cor 4th Sc Catharine 
Samuel, ladies sJioemaker 42 iMuin 
Cirilin .lolm, shallopman 30 John 
Cullen Thomas, sea capt 348 S Front 
Ciimmiiig's ANilliam, 26 Fhim 
CunnJng'hani, William, shallopman 227 S 5th 
Curnjin wiilow, 264 S 4th 
Cun-ey William, 88 South 
Cuirie Vt'm, M D 570 S Front op na^•y yard 
Cuny William, type founder 198 Shippeu 
Cui-tis , potter b of 407 S Front 

Hera-y W, 407 S Front 

John, 405 and 407 S Front 

John, 409 S Front 

John II, tobacconist 448 S Front 

•j-wid Rebecca, sweep mistress 24 Powcl 
d h Shippen ab 5tli 

wid Rosctta, 211 Shippen 
Cushuig wid Marg-ai'ct, gcntw 423 S Front 
Cutlibert Samuel, 47 German 

Elizabetli, 397 N Front 
Cuskaden G, 118 German 

Dale Peter, sfen carpenter ab 4th 

Peter, jr rope mr Carpenter ab 5th 

Mai-j-, circulating' library 296 S Ft 
Daley Joseph, mariner 220 Cedar 
Dallas Alexander James, shoemaker 2 Car- 
penter ab Moyamensing road 
Alexander, boot and shocmr 14 Mary 
Dalrymple Evan, ladies shoe maker 380 S 2d ' 
James, ladies shoe maker 379 S 2d 
Dalton James, storekeejier d h 144 S Front 
Dalzell WilUam, grocer S E c 5th and German 
Daniels John R, tailor 368 S Front 
Davis Amos, Man-iott's lane 

C K, 61 Almond 

Jehu, hatter 392 S 2d 

John, Taylor's ct Plum 

John P, S W cor Catharine and 4th 

John, tailor 62 Plum 

Lewis, 223 S 5th 

Samuel, labourer 5 Fitzvvater 

Samuel B, 440 S Front 

Thomas, 40 Plum 

wid Hetty, spinner 113 Christian 
Davison Alexander sail maker bel Wharton S 
2d and Moyamensing road 
Robert, 116 South 
Dawes Timotliy, sea capt 568 S Front 
Dawson A, boot and shoemaker 168 Shippen 

George, chandler 377 S 2d 
Dawson Job, acct 51 Almond 
Day William, 282 S 2d 
Deamer wid of Lewis, gentw 395 S 2d 
Deaves James, sign 8s, ornamental painter S 4th 

Dcbender William, Iif)usc carp 158 Hwanson 
Deckhart Jacob, victualler 586 S Front 
l)e Grass Jeremiah, hulies shoe mr 361 S 2d 
De Patron John, coi-dwiiiner 426 S 2d 
Dtmpscy Thomas, coixlwainer 136 Swansea 
Dennis James, 321 S 4th 
Kobert, 273 S 5th 

Elizabeth, widow innkeeper Jersey 
hotel N W c Almond and Swanson 
Derham Joseph, bleeder & tooUi di-awer 220 

Develin Arthur, weaver 215 Cliristian 
Dever wid Ellen, 9 Redford 
Devereux John, mer 446 S Front 
Dewey Paul, shoonaker S 3d bel Christian 
Dewry \\ id Catharine, shopkeeper 96 i'lum 
Diamond Ilug-h, carpenter 96 Cedar 

John, distiller 172 Cedai- 
Dick John, tailor 50 Moyamensing road 
John B, S AA' c Carpenter and 3d 
Peter, tailor 50 Moyamensing road 
Peter, Carpenter 
Wilham, tailor 123 Queen 
Diels George, dver and scourer 23 Sliippen 
Digcns John, 268 S 5th 
Dilkes Cliester, cai-ter 558 S Front 
Dill Josepli H, sea captain 32 Catliarine 
Dillin wid Susan, shopkeeper 37 Passyunk r 
Dillon James, grocer cor Passyunk r & Plum 
John, cor Carpenter and 5th 
Robert, weaver 234 S 4th 
Dimon Hugh, carpenter 96 South 
Dixey William, pump maker b of 298 S 7tli 
Dixon John, 154 Christian 
Dobelbower Chai'les, printer 332 S 2d 
Docey Simon, jeweller Christian bet7t]i & 8th 
Dolby John, lottery broker 18 Plum 

Joseph, oak cooper 372 S Front 
wid Marj', shopkeeper 338 S Front 
Dolman John W, boot & shoemi' 136 Gennan 
DomeUy John, tavern keeper c Penn & Cedar 
Donaldson John, stone mason 310 S 6tli 
and Evans, 307 S 2d 
and Lang's mast yard 69 Swanson 
Donalson AYeston, mast yard 60 Swanson d h 

427 S Front 
Donley Alex, carter 5S Moyamensing road 
Donnelly Peter, tav keeper 258 S 3d 

Philip C, drygood store 208 S 5th 
wid Jane, seamstress 52 Bedfoixl 
wid Mary, nurse 323 S 6th 
Donlevy Robert, 29 Gennan 
Donaghy James,. S E cor 4th and Shippen 
Dougherty Edward, blacksmith 122 Shippen 
John, labourer S Bedfoixl 
Joseph, messenger of the Pliila- 

delphia Ins company 22 Oak 
Joseph, 22 Oak 
John, 224 Catharine 
Michael, tav keeper 222 Cedar 
Thomas, tavern 278 Cedar 
William, shoemaker 500 S 2d 
Douglass Samuel L, 36 George 
Donnell L F, mariner 107 Swanson 



DoughU', widow 

Dowling' John, pawn broker 288 S 6th 

Downie James, 120 South 

Downing' wid Sarah, tailoress 105 Catharine 

Doyle wid Elizabeth, seamstress 89 German 

Georg-e, mariner (mate) 553 S 2d 
Drebe Christian, Pass}Tjnk road 
Dubois John, 60 Plum 

Samuel, bootmaker 305 S 2d 

William, Laetitia ct 
Dubosq, 13 Somers' ct South 2d 

Theodore, 148 Catharine 
Duboy John, back of 116 Christian" 
Duffield John, ship carpenter Catharine n the 

public school house 
Dug'gin Peter, grocer 257 S 7th 
Dukes Thomas, cordwainer Shippen n front 
Duling- Philip, S 5th bet South and Siuppen 
Dunn John, spar mr S E c Christian & Church 
Dunbar A, merchant 145 Catharine 
Duncan Jolin, Marriott's lane 
Dunlap Robert, 2nd hand furniture store 72 

■j-Dunmore John, carter cor 9th and Christian 
Dunnohue Charles, black -mith cor Christian & 

Swanson d h N E cor Federal and 2d 
Dunseeth wid ilaria, teacher 109 Queen 
Dupree Staten R, carv and gilder 94 Plum 
Dupuy Charles, 320 S Front 
Durand Francis, paper hanger 88 Christian 
Dumey John, biscuit baker 303 S 2d 

Paul, accountant 303 S 2d 

Tobias, confectioner 278 S 2d 
Dusha wid Jane, gentlewoman 22 Catharine 
Dutts Sandy, tavern keeper 94 Swanson 

Eack Ann, widow 443 S Front 
Eaden Sarah, tavern keeper 94 Swanson 
Edwards John, 150 Catharine 
Robert, acct 45 Plum 
William, 66 Swanson 
Marj% widow 14 Parham's al 
Ksenminger wid ElLzabetli, carpet weaver cor 

6th and Passjimk road 
Elberson Francis, pilot 442 S Front 
Eldridge Anthony, sea captain Queen bel Ft 
James M, sea capt Federal 4 doors 
bel Moyamensing road 
Isaiah, sea capt 79 Christian 
Isaiah, sea capt Christian bel 2d 
Phineas, coy Carpenter and 5th 
widow Jane» cor Carpenter and 5th 
Elliott James, gent Christian cor Passyunk r 
James, boot and shoe store S E c 2d 

and Cedar 
Robert, acct S 4th 1 door bel Catharine 
. Thomas, blacksmith & farrier 176 Ship- 
pen dh 312 S 6th 
■^Ellison Andrew, waiter S 7th bel Shippen 
Elwell Heniy, ship smith 8 Mead al d h 380 S 

Emerick wid Hannah, grocer 429 S 2d 

Emery Edward, labourer 300 S 7th 
Enders Henrj-, baker 49 Moyamensing road 
Eneu James, jr justice of the peace 200 Ship- 
pen d h 2 Fitzwater 
Samuel, constable 284 8 6th ■ 
Engels John, 113 German 
Engles widow, 265 S 5th 

XCcliael, ship joiner 29 Mary 
England Erasmus, grocer 255 S 5th 

William, feed store intersection of S 

5th and Passyunk road 
William, flour L feed store 56 Cedar 
Engles Henrj, justice of the peace 349 S 2d 
Ennis wid Susannah, grocer 288 S Front 
Erben Henry, patent bal weigher 9 John 
Erwin wid ^Margaret, cotton manuf 109 Plum 
Esher Conrad M, keeper of teams Christian bet 

5th and 6th 
Essex John, bookseller 350 S 2d 
Estlcr William, carter .\lmond st wharf 
Etris Samuel, cabinet maker 501 S Front 
Evans Britton, justice peace 262 S 4th mt 

EUis, 326 S 4th ■ ' "f 

307 S 2d 
wid >Iary, 125 Swanson 
Thomas, messenger of the Marine Ins 

company 51 George 
wid Hannah, china & queensware store 
Everhart Anthony, oak cooper 21 Swanson 
Everly William, 3d bel Christian 
Ewing wid Maiy, gentw 72 George 

Fagan Patrick, 17 South 5th. 

Fair John, gunner U S navy 35 Federal 

Fairfowl James, mariner Parham's al 

Fairweather Robert, mariner (mate) 19 Mead al 

Fallin Peter, grocer 87 Sliippen 

Farrell Andrew, labourer 196 Shippen 

Farren John, boot and shoemr 105 German 

Neal, dealer 4 Shippen 
Farrow Wm, b of 300 S 3d 
Farthing George, Pine al 

James, lottery broker S 5th 
Fanille Ehzabeth, grocer 104 Swanson 
Fawl wid Ehzabeth, tav keeper 287 S Front 
Fearis Francis, 62 South 
Feno John, Queen n 5th 
Fenner wid Ehzabeth, gentw 350 S Front 

John H, mer S whs bel Spruce d h 350 

S Front 
Ferat Charles, confectr & coffee h 78 Cedar 
Ferguson Ebenezer, justice of the peace and 
inspector of lumber 83 Shippen 

John, weaver b of 39 Christian 

John L, sea capt 304 S Front 

W D, baker 58 Swanson 
Ferman, machine maker 262 S Front 
Femandes Joseph, hairdresser 60 Cedar 
Field Charles, house carp c Moyamensing road 

and Prime 
Rllej' Andrew, Carpenter 
Finney Charles, hat manuf 270 S 2d 
Fisher David, 247 S 4th 



Fisher Samuel 80 riiiin 
Fitch S S, surfCfon dentist 54 Almond 
Fithian John M, furrier 122 Swanson. 
Fit/.patriek (uorpe, gurdirier 60 f'assyxnik r 
Fitzininidns nern;uxl, ship chand 251 Swanson 
Flanag'an Owi n, trader S E cor (Jiiristuin and 
Stepiien, pilot 444 S Front 
\Nm, eordwainer ("Inistian n 5th 
Flenapui \Vm, S \V c Queen and 5th 
Fkniiu}^ Aiexandir, sea capt S W cor Cedai' 

^\m, 200 (iueen and Front 
Flemmiufc .losepli, 1;> Queen' 

N\illiam, sia capt 19 Catharine 
F'letcher Hin jarain, 103 1-2 Ciu-istian 
Thomas S, 103 1-2 Clu-istian . 
'l'iu)nias, machine maker 162 1-2 
f liekwir Henry, iiouse carp 24 German 

JeremiaJi, chiig' and apotliccaiy 351 

S E cor Mead al and 2d 
wid Rebecca, g-entw 24 German 
Flidc Sm-ali, 382 S 2d 
Flin Thomas, Uoyle's al Passyunk road 
Flintou Francis, 300 S 3d 
FlomeHelt Gcoi-g'e, broker 58 Cedar, d h 121 

Plorence David, boat bviilder 30 Swanson d h 
Queen bel 2d 
and Sheetz, boat builders 30 Swanson 
Sarah, 111 Queen 
Flo}d John, jr g-ro S E cor 4th and German 

John, 3d bet Plum and Sliippen 
Foley John, baker 354 S 2d 

John, 390 S 2d 
F'ollanshee John, slioemaker 58 Queen 
Foi-d wid Ann, grocer 337 S Front 

•j-Jacob, waiter 199 Shippcn 
Forman M'illiam, sliopkeeper 291 S 7th 
Forsytli James, stone mason 225 Shippcn 

wid Elizabeth, g-entw 16 Swanson 
F"orth Lewis, shoemaker 58 Queen 
Fortescuc Thom:is, house caip Cliristian oppo 

tile new Ebenezer 
Foster wid Ljdia, nurse 11 Passyimk road 

Silas, sea capt 36 Almond 
Fowler wid Rebecca, niu'se 63 Catharine 
F'ox Nicholas, grocer 206 Cedar 
Francis Christoplier, 27 Sliippen 
F'l-anklbrd wid Jane, 348 S Front 
grazer John, starch maker cor Clu-istian and 
Marriott's lane 
William, mariner 217 Swanson 
William, S 6th 
Fi-celand John, ladies shoemaker 31 German 
Freeman J W E, 134 Christian 
Freytag- M, justice of tlie peace 198 S 5th 
F'riel w id Catliarine, grocer 244 Shippcn 
Fritz Clu-istopher, 249 S 3d 
FuUen Barnet, boot and shoemr 26 Christian 
Fulton Alexander, g-aixlener Bedfoi-d n 8th 
Funk w id Louisa, 509 S 2d 
Furber Jonatiian, carter 101 Swanson 
Furst Ephsam, dealer 210 S 3th 

liale Malachi, cotton nianuf 85 Passyunk. 

Gakr Philip, 322 S 2d 

(;alaway J<)se[)h 1), 158 S 2d 

(iall I'hilip, tav keeper 37 Swaiiioii 

William, 279 S 5th 
Gallag-her Ann, 251 S 5th 

Peter, faiijier 67 Bedford 
Gamble James, ship joiner 80 Christian 

widow Jane, upper 14 Queen 
Gampher Micliael, 274 S 5th 

Michael, 5tli ab Carpenter 
Gandy S, grocer S K c Catliarine and 2d 
(iarchner Daniel, 99 Prime 

Jonathan, baker 100 Catharine 
^\ id Mary, g-entw 341 S 2d 
Gamson, pawnbroker 3d near Shippen 

Samuel, dealer 51 Catharine 
Garvin John J, sea capt 132 Christian 
John, 132 Christian 
Tliomas, 89 (ieorg-e 
Gai-wood John, shoemaker Carpenter ab 4th 
Richai-d, sea capt 420 S F'ront 
wid 15arl)ary, 9 Mary 
wid Elizabeth, 549 S Front 
Catchall John, 281 S 5th 
Gates Mattliias, house carp Moore's ct b of 111 

Gavin, widow 5th n German 
Gaw John, black and white smitli 223 dh 260 
Robert, sen 280 S 2d 
Geislngcr David, lieut U S navy 316 S Front 
Richard S H, acct at the custom-house 
454 S Front 
Gibbs James, grocer 46 Passyunk 
Gibson Jacob, tin plate worker 334 S 2d 
John, 196 Queen 
James, distiller 87 Shippen 
wid Sarah, boarcUng- house 4 Swanson 
Gilder Reuben, tavern 240 Swanson 
Gilfert Dinkworth, shopkeeper 80 Plum 
Gilfry V\i]liam, laboiu-cr 590 S Front 
(iilham Georg-e, hatter 107 Christian 
Gilkey John, cai-ter 49 Fitzw^ater 
Gillan Ai-tluir, Gidbreath's ct Queen 
Ilug-h, Galbreath's ct Queen 
Gillct Thomas, Prime bet Old and New 2d 
Gillingham, 107 Christian 
Gillis Robert, S 5th 
Gih-oy John, bootmaker 106 Christian 
Givan Thomas, caiter 160 Shippen 
Givin Andrew, 240 S 4th 

WiUiam, 160 Christian 
Glading- John, oak cooper 23 Swanson d h 73 

Godshaw Paul, caiter b of Mo)amensing road 
Godshal William, Passyunk road 
Godfrey widow. Carpenter 
Goftwid Elizabeth, nurse? 18 Mary 
Gordon David, house carp 108 German 
Heniy, baker 163 Shippen 
James, porter 382 S 2d bel Catharine 
widow , 296 S 4th 
Goring w id Catharine, shopkeeper 296 S 4th 



Gorley James, 244 S 4tli 

Good John, innkeeper 577 S Front 

John, cor Front and Prime 
Graham John, shopkeeper 166 Swanson 
John, 5th and Moyamensing- road 
Thomas, tobacconist 83 Plum 
Graves Jacob, carter 522 S Front 

John, sea capt 334 S Front 
Gray William, gi-ocer N E c 5th and Plum 
Greaves Alexander, mer 376 S Front 
Green Daniel, laches shoemaker 3d n Catharine 

Mar}-, milliner 427 S 2d 

Samuel, saw sharper 327 S Front d h 

Stephen, fisherman 135 Green 

sea captain 17 Queen 

Wilham, broker 306 S 6th 

wid Hester, sliopkeeper200 Cedar 
Grew James, shoemaker 91 Cluistian 

James, 15 Somers's ct S 2d 
Gribel James, 130 Christian 
Grice wid Maiy, boarding- house 446 S Front 
Griffinburg- Christian, 49 Georg^e 
Griffiths Wilham, baker 125 Swanson 
Grimes wid Catharine, tailoress 497 S Front 
Grimshur "Wilham, rigger 97 German 
Grouer Thomas D, wharf builder 21 Christian 
Gm-ley James, 244 S 4th 

Haas Norbit, grocer 468 S Front 

wid Barbara, shopkeeper 298 S 7th 
Habbick J Heiuy, plajing card manuf"2 Plum 
Hackal Matthew, labourer 110 Plum 
Hacket Matthew, 81 Plum 
Hackel John, 91 Plum 
Hagerson Marj', spooler 3 Bedford 
Haines John, blacksmith 125 Swanson 

Lawrence, mariner 4 Moore's ct b of 
111 GeiTnan 
Hains Wm, 4th bel Chiistian 
Haynes David, ladies shoemr 326 S 3d 

John, 326 S 3d 
Hall Alexander, grocer S W c Penn & Cedar 
James, printer 353 S 5th 
Peleg, sea captain 238 S Front 
Robert S, grocer S E c Christian and 2d 
Wilham, waterman 94 Catliarine 
Halfoi-d Henry, hotel keeper 221 S 6th 
Halzel wid Maiy, shopkeeper 555 S 2d 
Hamer Peter, mariner 98 Cedar 
Hamilton Andrew, cor 5th and Christian 
George, mariner 76 Bedford 
Mary, 5 Crab 

Stephen, shoemr Carpenter ab 4th 
Wm, iron founder 323 S 6th n Cath 
wid Ann, seamsti-ess 124 German 
Hamley George, baker 240 Cedar 
Hamlin Thomas, 234 S 3d 
Hamm Anthony, shipwright 94 Swanson 
Hammell Butler, gent 28 Almond 
Hammet John, New Jersey Hotel 44 Cedar 
Hampton John H, sea capt 318 S Front 

Hamrick Jolm, bricklayer 276 S 7th 
Hance David, 326 S 3d • 

Joseph, 326 S 3d 
Hand EUjali, sea capt 72 Catharine 
t Ezi-a, sea capt 34 Almond 

John, stevedore 452 S Front 
Handren wid Murj-, siiopkeeper 224 Cedar 
llunnali Wm, hquor store 255 S Front 
Haney Michael, carter 266 Cedar 

wid Judith, S 4tli bel German 
Hanna Daniel, mai-iner 567 S Front 
Hanker Abraham, copper plate piinter 106 

Hansen John, wheelwright 215 Queen 
Harbm-n Joseph, mariner 11 Shippen 
Harden widow, 5 Plum 
Hardie David, sea capt 28 Oak 
Hardy Charles G, Dr 280 S 2d 

Fi-ancis A, cor Old 2d and Carpenter 

Francis, S W cor Carpenter and Moy- 
amensing road 

John C, gent 362 S 2d 

Patrick, cai-ter 97 Plum 
Harding wid Mary, gentw 366 S 2d 
Harker Benjamin, bricklayer 24 Almond 
Harkin Edward, carter 74 Plum 
Hai-per WiUiam, accountant 47 Shippen 
Harris John, 312 S 2d 

John, 121 German 

Thomas, M D 230 SMppen 
Hamson Henry K, druggist 472 S Front 
Jolm, 142 Shippen 
Tiiomas, sea captain 72 Almond 
Thomas, locksmith Queen 
HarrLzell Martine, mai'Lner 43 Catharine 
HaiTod widow Jaiie, layer out of the dead 20 

Hiulley Joseph, bedding wai-e h 264 S 2d 
Hartnett William, boot and shoemaker Cedar 

widow, Cedar n 7th 
Hartman John, dentist 272 S 2d 
Hassall w'id Margai-etta, nurse 409 S 2d 
Haven wid Miu'v, 112 Swanson 
Haw Hoffman 278 S 3d 
Ha\bui-ner John 
Haydon Frederick, tailor 310 S Front 

wid Elizabeth, grocer 472 S Front 
Hays Stephen, labourer 115 Swanson 
Haylon William 
Hazard John, tobacconist b of 145 German 

Patrick, tallow chandler 235 c Shippen 
and 7th 
Hazlett John, grocer cor Almond and Front 
Hazzard Ebenezer, labourer 445 S Front 
Healy James, shoemaker 241 S 4th 
Heidelman William, b of 93 Christian 
Heighton Vvilham, 325 S 4th 
Hendricks Gteorge, mariner 38 Christian 
Henry Henderson, 9 German 

Heziah, 304 S 4th 

James, Carpenter 

John, S 4th 

Patrick, 284 S 4th 



Havwanl John, baker 4th bel Cedar 

Wil]i:im, ouk cooper 208 S Wat. r h 
3,1 (;;itlim'iiie 
Hophiirn Charli's, h:ittor 64 (ieorgc 
llcpphcrd Cli:iilis, 64 Shippt-n 
Herbivt William, .". Somcrs's ct S '2d 
HeiTOaii EzekicI, lU-aler in 2(1 haml clothes 
under 69 S 2d d h 293 S 2d 
wid Hiinn:Ui, 69 MoviimcnsingToad 
widow, cor Ohristian and 2d 
Ilcirin John, cor 4th and Sl)i])pen 
Heitz Charles, 272 S 5th 

Peter, 392 S 2d 
Heiiwood Abraham, carter 66 Plum 
Hcse James, 264 S Sth 
Hess William, mariner 21 Maiy 
Ilewit IJ H, P;ussyvu\k road 
Hickman wid iVIarg-aretta, 88 Gemian 
Hig^g-inson John, carjiet weaver 7 Mary 
Hildreth Uanlel, grocer 101 Swanson 
Hilsee Charles, button maker 111 Christian 
Hinds wid Ann, seamstress 238 S 5\h 
Hines James, stevadore b of 118 Swanson 
Jani*s, b of 10 Christian 
widow 5th ab Shippen 
Hodg-es Kdward, boot & shoenir 108 Christian 
Hofinian Georg-e, victualler 14 Bedford 

Noah, mast 'maker 107 Swanson 
Hogg' Clu"istopher, Passyunk road 

James, weaver 93 Passjunk road 
Holbrook Benjamin, sea capt 562 S Front 
Holden Isaac, 5th n Carpenter 
Holgate Samuel, jr shoemaker 389 S Front 
Holland James J, pilot 345 S 2d 

WilUam, weaver 227 Shippen 
Holhday W'illiam, shopkeeper 88 Cedar 
Holmes James, 112 Shippen 
Holscomb Mar)', boarding- house 306 S 2d 
Holt Jacob, cabinet maker 65 Queen 

Jacob, cabinet maker 304 S 2d w 

Hood Geoi-ge, 148 Christian 
James, 198 Queen 
Wm H, 148 Christian 
Hook John, 254 S 3d 
Hooton Andrew, dep keeper crim depart Arch 

St prison 264 S 6th 
Hoover Chi-istopher, S 2d 

Jacob, rope maker 49 Moyamensing r 
John, New 2d bel Carpenter 
John, rope maker 62 Moyamensing r 
Hoppel John, Passyunk road 
Homer Mrs, Chiistian bel 2d 
Hortpn William, shoemaker 492 S 2d 
Hosack Joseph, innkeeper 28 Swanson 
Houser wid Martha, shop keeper c Fitzwater 

and Passyunk road 
How Philip, tavkeeper 2 Bedford 
Howell Samuel L, M F 201 S 5th 

and Merrit, ship smiths 168 Swanson 
wid Mary, shopkeeper 38 Mary 
Howland Isaac, sea captain 160 Swanson 

John, jeweller 168 Swanson 
tlubbel Robert A, sea capt 307 S Front 

Samuel, h cai-p 79 Moyamensing road 

Ihibbel Samuel, 83 Old 2d 

liuckel Fmncis, chair maker 38 Cedar 

Robert, tailor 79 S Water 

Samuel, watchmaker 38 Cedar 
Ilucklott Frederick, fjent 82 Christian 
Hudson William, superintendant of tlie district 

of Southwark 109 Moyamensing^ road 
Hufty Samuel, 261 S 3(1 
Hughes Amos, shoemaker Queen bel 5th 

Benjamin, i^ent Moyamensing road 

Benjamin, jr grazier 33 I'lum 
Humble William, (mate) 12 Parham's al 

James W, la(hes shoemaker b of 108 
Hull)c rt Kbenezer, labourer 1 Federal 
Iluley John, luboiu'er 70 Christian 
Humes James, grocer 298 S 4tli 

widow, 77 Plumb 
Ilumplu'ies Richard, 32 Swanson 
Hunt Joseph, cun-ier 12 Oak 
Hunter James, mariner (mate) 293 S Front 

James, shoemaker 48 German 

John, justice of the peace 186 S 5th 
Huntcrson John, Marriott's lane 
Hurley George, confectioner 318 S 2d 
Hurriil wid Mary, 7 Gennan 

wid Biddy, shopkeeper 2 Oak 
Hurst Joseph, labourer 183 Shippen 
Hushfelt Barbara, 3 Plumb 
Ilusto!! Richaixl, Queen n 6th 
Hutton Benjamin, sliipwright 70 Queen 

Nathaniel, shipwright 70 Queen 

Ingram Jacob, 19 Plum 

Innis Cornelius, boot and shoemr 125 Plum 

James, 3d bel German 
Irwin J N, 257 S 4th 
John, 296 S 3d 
Jackson Jacob, stevadore 53 Catharine 
Samuel, 226 S 3d 
Wilham, mariner 10 Shippen 
wid Ann, gentw 95 Christian 
Jameson Robert, shipwright 547 S Front 
Jarman Daniel, constable 2d n German 
JaiTet wid Ann, baker 255 S Front 
Jermin Charles, 32 Plumb 

James, 287 S 3d 
Jeffries wid Rachel, tailoress b 116 Cathaiine 
Jennings Jacob, sausage maker 182 Shippen 
John Frederick, labourer b of 364 S 2d 
Johnson Andi-ew, mariner 53 Mead al 
Andi'ew, 119 German 
Catharine, 21 Plumb 
George, shoemaker 283 S 3d 
George, cordwainer German bel 4th 
Henry, waiter 304 S 7th 
Henry, turner 287 S 3d 
Henry, 154 South 
John, painter 38 Catliarine 
Joseph, sea captain 59 Queen 
Mary, 47 Plum 



Johnson Henry, gro 154 S E c Cedar Sc 4th 
P, 88 German 

Robei-t, shopkeeper 72 Shippen 
Thomas, manner S 3d bel Sliippen 
\vid Sarah, washw b of 109 Christian 
Johnston Benjamin, tailor 101 German 
Benjamin B, 32 German 
Ernest, 248 S 5th 
Peter, mariner b of 77 Cliristian 
Thomas, grocer 81 Passyunk road 
A^' illiam, 248 S 5th 
Jones ^David, tailor 8 Queen 

David, house cai-p Christian n 4th 

David, 168 Christian 

Edward, cor 3d and Catharine 

Elizabeth, 326 S 2d 

Jeremiah, shoemr 534 S Ft cor Federal 

John, carter S 9th bel Shippen 

John, pawnbroker 192 Cedar 

Joseph, wheeh\Tiglit N E cor Moyamen- 

sing- road and Piime 
Peter, plasterer 45 George 
Phenice E, S 2d 
Robert, sea captain 152 Cedar 
Samuel, blacksmitli and wheelwTnght 
blacksmith shop Penn below Cedar 
wheelwrig-ht shop 309 d h 303 S Ft 
Samuel P, 330 S 3d 
Samuel, 265 Catharine 
Tliomas, tailor 98 Christian 
wid Mary Ann, gentw 43 Almond 
vvid Patience, seamstress 265 Catharine 
Jordan Richard, di-ug-gt N W c Christian & 2d 
Jourdan Sai-ah, g-entw 34 Queen 
Justice Samuel, 268 S 5tli 

Kamerly John L, liaker 56 Plum 

Kamly George, 354 S 2d ( 

Kane George, 354 S 2d 

Karney Plulip, upholsterer 244 S 3d 

Kay Mrs Hestei-, boai-ding house 563 S Front 

Kean John, 234 S 5th 

Edwai'd, labourer 298 Cedar 
and M'Eean, 234 S 4th 
Rogei', milkman 89 Shippen 
Kearny Rachel, 20 Oak 
Keatin widow, 284 S 4th 
Keating' Joseph, 83 Shippen 

John, 289 S 4th 
Kehrum William, tav keep c Shippen and Ft 
Keefe John, merchant 9 Federal 

John & James, vermicelli manuf Prime 
ab Front 
Kelch James, shoemaker 21 Plum 
Kelley Cornelius, shoemaker 5th bel Shippen 
Edward, Christian 
John, 288 S 3d 
John, carter 297 S 5th 
William, ship\\Tight 9 Christian 
Kelly Hugh, Man-iott's lane 
John, tailor 128 Plum 
William, 265 S 5th 
Kelsey Mary, milliner 309 S 2cJ 

Keltz James, 24 Plimib 

Kelter David, combmr 140 Cedar 

Kendall Josliua, oak cooper 328 S Front 

Robert, Old 2d bel Wharton market 
wid Ann, milliner 25 Plum 
wid Francis, gentAV 350 S Front 
Kennedy wid Hannah, board house 302 S 2d 
Keogh Nicholas, acct 146 Swanson 
Keran P'rancis, type founder 178 Shippen 
Kernan James, boot and shoe maker Passyunk 

road n German 
Ketler PhiUp, boot and shoemr 269 Catharine 
Klnnim Thomas, mariner (mate) 1 Shippen 
Keziah, wid 15 German 
Kiernan wid Margai-et, 264 S 4th 
Kimball James, ovster cellar Sliippen 2 doors 

bel 4tli 
Kimmy Abraham, sea capt 38 Almond 
Kiner Hemy, labourer 37 Moyamensing road 
King George, Buck road 

John, grocer 330 S Front 
Richai-d, house carp 24 Oak 
William, acct 72 Almond 
wid Jane, teacher 105 Christian 
Kingston Stephen B, 145 Catharine 

Thomas, 328 S 4th 
Kinney John, imikeeper 202 Cedar 
Kirkpatrick Ferguson,- grocer 188 Cedar 

Georg-e, grocer 242 S 6th 
Kinsley John, tailor Almond 
Klapp Harvev, M D 292 S 2d 
Joseph, M D 290 S 2d 
Kline John, late porter 31 Fitzwater 
Khng-man Mrs Leali, carpet weaver 5 Shippen 
Kloz Dr G F, 260 S 4th 
Knight James, wheelwright 372 S Front 

Wilham, sailing master U S navy 275 
S Front 
Knowles James B, house carp 163 Christian 

Sarah, nurse 277 S Front 
Knox Jacob, mariner 22 Mead al 
Jolm, ^'ocer 294 S 3d 
Joseph, 7 Plum 
Kollock David H, cabinet mr 316 S 2d 

Pliihp, boarding house 26 Swanson 
Krider John J, biscuit baker 70 Swanson 

widow, 246 S 4th 
Krown Gabriel, S W c Marriott's lane and 4th 
Kiidl George, 94 Shippen 
Kugler Jolui, cooper 45 Passyunk road 

Lackey widow, tav keeper 36 Plum 
LafFerty widow, tailoress 260 S 3d 
Lake Ann, 47 George 

Thomas, acct 47 George 
Lamb James, grocer 174 South 

Peter, sea capt 24 Catharine 
Lambert wid Elizabeth, grocer 148 Swanson 

cor of Queen 
Lame Joseph, 278 S 5th 
Lanagan, tailor 3d bel German 
Lancaster Wilham, 258 S 3d 
Landine Lucy, confectioner 375 S Front 
Lane John, mariner 50 Swanson 



Lane John, shocmakrr b of 31 Fitzwatcr 
Lapslcy Mosvs, ciirtcr 54 Passyiiiik road 
J.uroclu- Inmcis 1', mariner N K cor Christian 

and l''n)nl 
I^assoiir Sanuifl, 75) 
Lascy Jessy, I'Jt Queen 
Ijitinier Thomas, l,i I'liini 
Laiiphliii Tl\omas, sliojikeeper 217 S 6th 
Lauderhack H;UTis, hricklayer 279 S 2d 
Lavallc Josej)!!, ropemaker S Trent bcl tlic 
na\)' \M\l 
Widow, S Front Iicl the navy yard 
Law Samuel, Cln-istian liel od 
Lawrence Jacob, carter 357 S 2d 

James, ropemaker 569 S 2d 
Jolin, paper haiig'cr 20 Mary 
William, g'rocer oOO S 2d 
Lawton Daniel, bricklayer 500 S Front 
Leach |{ichard, N E cor Cliristian and 2d 
Thomas, Carpenter 
William, mariner 25 Catliarine 
Leathcrman wid Ann, washw Catharine n 7tli 
Lechler I'^lizabcth, 238 S 4th 
Lecter William, 67 Moyamensing" road 
Lee Henrj', watcnman 9 German 
John, mariner 565 S Front 
Kol)ert, bellows maker o5 Shippen 
Leich Richard, tailor 437 S 2d 
Lejee John R, dry g-ood store 262 S 2d 
Leland Jolm, cabinet maker 20 Queen 
Leon Philip, toy shop 54 Ced;ir 
Lesher Christian, h carp Cedar bet 6tli 8c 7th 
John, grazier Christian n 7th 
Samuel, mariner 25 Catharine 
Levering N, 100 Swanson 
Levis M M, 372 S 2d 

wid Theresa, gentw 330 S 2d 
Levy Andrew, 2d hand clothing sto 214 Cedar 
Lewis Benjamin, teacher b of the old Ebene- 
zer ch d h 469 S 2d 
Benjamin, 3d bel Christian 
George, shopkeeper 397 S Front 
Job, fishmonger S W c Small and 5tli 
wid Ehzabeth, gentw 260 S Front 
Liddle wid Comfort, weaver 32 Fitzwatcr 
Liech FYederick, 161 Clii-istian 
LilJey John, 324 S 4th 
Lingo Levi, 90 South 
Linn Henry, 8 German 

Robert, mariner 49 Btead al 
Linton wid Martha, shop keep 221 Swanson 
Little Charles, cooper 29 Swanson 
John, 43 Shippen 
Wm, cor South and Ball al 
WUham, N E cor 3d and German 
Lister Thomas S, 300 S 4th 
Livezely Jacob, wheelwright and blacksmith 

61 Plumb 
Lloyd Thomas, newspaper canier 378 S Ft 
Lockhart John, sea captain 256 S Front 
Lockwood Oliver, Queen n 4th 
Lodor Benjamin H, merchant tailor 55 Wal- 
nut d h 16 Almond 
Lodcrs Edward, weaver 298 S 10th 

Logan John, weaver 312 S 7th 
Loghrey Daniel, 291 S 4th 
Logue l'',(lwaitl, carter 5-1 J'assyunk road 
l.oiigaker William, carpenter 96 Plum 
I .oiigmier Natlianiel, 48 George 
I^onginire Francis B, S 2d 
I^ongstreth Abraham, 237 Sliippcn 
Lott Henry, dr}g(K)d store 386 S Front 
Louden John, tobacconist 311 S 2d 
Longhead Robert L, justice of the peace 248 
S 6tli 
widow Jane, shopkeeper 74 Bed- 
Louderback James, 5 Somers's ct, S 2d 
Love James, gi'ocer 2 Christian 
Low Bennet, 32 Gennan 

widow Marian, 125 Swanson 
Lowden Henry, 262 S 5th 

Thomas, 262 S 5th 
Lowry Geort,e, victualler 469 S Front 
Lower John, S 4th 

Loyd wid Sarah, shopkeeper 232 S 3d 
Liunber Samuel, watennan 88 German 
Lutz Mary, Old 2d 

Liizenburg Joseph, teacher of French 40 Ce- 
Lyle Thomas, sea captain 328 S Front 
L,yons E J, 250 S 4th 
Lynch David, grocer 38 S Front 

David, 83 Shippen 

Michael, 83 Shippen 

M'Affee Jolm, carter 130 German 

wid Mary, gentw 483 S 2d 
M'Afee Robert, turner b of 198 Cedar 
M'Alister Charles, Carpenter 
M'Arthur Alexander, shipwright 521 S 2d 

Daniel, tailor 3d near Shippen 
M'AIeer Daniel, grocer and tavern keeper 

254 Cedar 
M'Bride William, Queen 

William, shoemakfer 
M'Bryan Jacob, carter 310 S Front 
M'Cafferty Isabella, 39 German 
M'Call John, grocer 368 S, Front 
James, cor Queen and 6th 
Wn» and son, cor 6th and Queen 
Williiim, c 5th and Maniott's lane 
M'Cawley Neal, morocco manuf 174 South n 

M'Calagan Samuel, 84 Sliippen 
M*Cann Daniel, pilot 310 S Front 

Henry, bank watchman 233 S 3d 
M 'Carter Ja:mcs, 273 S 4th 
M'Cartney Patrick, labourer 5 Federal 
M'Carty w id Mary, 502 S Front 
M'Caslin John, storekeeper 310 S Front 
M'Cauley James, lieutenant U S navy yard S 
Wm, weaver 293 S 4th 
M'Clean Areliibald, cabinet mr 496 S Tront 



M'Clellan David, tin pedlar 304 S 3d 
M'Claskey widow Lydia, circulating library 

249 S Front 
M'Cloud Daniel, mariner 102 Swanson 
M'Closkey James, house carp 218 Cedar 
M'Ciun Samuel, 41 S 5th 
M'Comb James, weaver 30 Federal 
Robert, weaver 124 Plum 
William 165 Clmstian 
wid Elizabeth, tailoress 124 Plum 
wid J, 30 Fede]'al 
M'Connomey Michael, 291 S 4th 
M, tailor 290 S 4th 
M'Conochy Emery, 12 Crab 
M'Conog'hy John, plasterer 111 Christian 
M'Connell George, weaver 50 Passyunk rd 
M'Cormick Dominick, carter 89 Plum 

Francis, boiu-ding house 415 S Ft 
John, mariner 13 ?vread al 
Patrick, grocer 254 N W cor 6tli 
and Shippcn 
M'Coy John, tallow chandler N E c Mead al 

and Front 
M'Culin Mary, 23 Crab 
M'Culloch Henry, 67 Plum 

Joseph, shoemaker 87 Shippen 
Robert, 332 -S 3d 
Samuel, 302 S 3d 
wid Rachel, 24 Mead al 
M'Dermot wid Catharine, teacher 272 S 7th 
M'Devitt William, cordwainer 272 S 2d 
M'Donald Daniel, silversmith 23 Mary 

James, house carpenter 483 S Ft 
William, 13 German 
M'Dowel Andi'ew, Queen n 6th 
M'Dowell James, tailor 10 Oak 
M'Donnough Thomas, 261 S 5th 
M'Elwaine John, Carpenter 
M'Elwee Ann G, 114 German 

wid Catharine, teacher 348 S Front 
M'Euen James, cabinet maker 20 Vernon d h 

280 S Front 
M'Farland James, gent 212 Sliippen 

Robert, steel manuf 69 Christian 
wid Charlotte, teacher 292 S Ft 
M'Fee widow Alice 15 Plum 
M'Ferran John, cqrdwainer Cathamne bet 3d 

and 4th 
M'Gaffigen PhiHp, tailor 222 S 5th 
M'Garvey, widow 236 S 5th 
M'Gauley wid Mary, grocer 428 S Front 
M'Gee Patrick, 114 Plum 

Patrick carter 86 Shippen 
Fannv, milliner c 2d & Almond 
M'Gilly James, S 4th 
M'Ginnis James, 249 S 4th 
Neal, 110 Plum 
William, Passyunk road 
M'Ginley Hugh, c Swanson and Primp 
M'Glaughhn John, 130 German 
M'Glathery widow, 53 George 
M'Glensey Patrick, grocer 67 Cedar 

William, drygood store S W cor 
2d and Cedar 
N'Gonnigle Nicholas, 83 Plum 

M'Gonnigle Mary, widow grocer 222 Cedar 

M'Gonnag'h Patrick, 74 Pkun 

M'Gowen M, 111 Plum 

M'Gown Ambrose, 267 S 5th 

M'Grath Andrew, S W c Shippen and 4th 

Patrick 227 S 3d 
M'Guigan Ann, fancy store 52 Cedar 

Patrick, type founder 205 Shippen 
M'Guire Edmund, 70 Plum 

John, carter 283 S 4th 
M'Harg James, cordwainer 545 S 2d 

Francis, 207 S 4tli 
M'llvain George, printer 119 German 
M'Intire James, draj-man 17 Fitz\vater 

Isaiah, cordwainer 133 S Front 
M'lver widow 62 Shippen 
M'Kaig cai'penter74 Passyunk 
M'Kay Ricliard, cor 2d and Federal 
M'Kee Joseph, Carpenter 
M'Keever J & J B, gi-ocers N E cor 2d and 
wid Jemima, gentw 45 Almond 
M'Kenrick James, weaver 300 Cedar 
M'Kerney Abraham, house carpenter Plum 
M'Kenzie Hugh, sea captain 126 Christian 
M'Kinley Alexander, cordwainer 324 S 3d 
David, cordwainer 283 S 4th 
James, plasterer, 324 S 3d 
Nathaniel, 116 German 
M'Kinla James, 324 S 3d 

Thomas, S 5tlii 
M'Kinzie John, 60 Sluppen 
M'Lanahan Thomi'.s, mer 221 Swanson 
M 'Learn Samuel, jr tailor 47 Passyunk road 
M'Laren Samuel, house cai-p 41 P,assyunk rd 
M'Laughlin Henry, boatman Plum bel 5th 

James, c Fitzwater and Passyunk 
Patrick, tav keeper 54 Cedai' 
M'Lear Daniel, tavern keeper30 Prime 
M'Lean John, S W c Cedar and 4th 

Samuel, 225 S 5th 
M'Leod J, Queen bel Front 
M'Manamy Thomas, grocer 226 S 5th 
M'Mullin Archibald, cU-ayman 288 S 7th 

Mrs Jane, shopkeeper 12 Christian 
John R, sliipsmith Swanson n the 

navy yard d h 25 Prune 
Joseph, mer c Almond and Swanson 
Robert, 23 Prime 
Robert, ^en lumber merch 161 d h 

62 Swanson 
Robert, jun lumber merchant d h 

361 S Front 
Wilham, 97 Prime 
widow, 227 S 3d 
M'Nalley Bernard, tobacconist 298 S Front 
Wm, coach trimmer etc n the N E 
c 7th and Pine ' 
M'Nally Georg-e, tavern 89 Shippen 
M'Namer Ma\irice, smith 105 Shippen 
M'Namara Henry, 109 Prime 
Joshua, 103 Prime 
M'Neale Malcolm, 234 S 4th 
M'Neely Thomas, carter 216 Shippen 
M'Neilledge Alexander, sea capt JOG Chrstian 



M'Nelly Gcorg«, 89 Sliippen 

John, '282 S 6th 
M'Nenim Mulcomb, ijont 3;>6 S I-Yonl 
M'rlierson llii}>li, si-:i capt 464 S 2d 
M'Quillin Abniliam, ^ ictualkr Mary 
M'Quin Janii's, grocer J14 S 2cl 
M'Williams wid .M:u\ , milliner 123 S 5th 
M.ias Uavid, dealer J';issviink road c GeiTnan 
Mackoy Hichaixl, N W c Fedend and Moya- 

mcnsing i-oad 
Macomb William, labourer 165 Christian 
Maddox Josi;di, Phlladclphiu bank watchman 

560 S Front 
Maflet Uavid, master waixlen 274 S Front 
Mag^arvy Jolm, bellman 26 Shippen 
Aragoody wid Ann, waslnv b 14 Oak 
Mag'raw William, weaver 197 Christian 
Mag"y Anthony, house painter 302 S od 
Mailer John, bottler 522 S Front 
Mahlen Daniel, 238 S 3d 
Mahlon Philip, trunk maker 86 Plum 
Main Charles, mariner 75 Christian 
M:dr James, warper 47 Fitzwater 
Major Robert, house carpenter 76 Almond 
Mallender Mid Mary, store keep 374 S Fi'ont 
MiUlet John L, mariner 497 S Front 
M:dseed John, coi-dwainer 66 Shippen 
Mandei-field Henry, constable 39 Mary 
Manly Reuben, 198 South 
Mann John, 263 S 3d 

Thomas, macliine maker 263 S 3d 
Manneiy Enoch, 85 Prime 

John, maiincr 542 S Front 
Mansfield Thomas, tiiilor 266 S 5th 
Mapes Wm, cordwainer Oak 
Mai-ker John, dealer 278 S 7th 

Thomas L, b of 385 S 5th 
Marott wid Ehzabeth, seamstress 19 Christian 
Marselis Isaac N, M D N E cor Catharine and 

Marsh James, a^ent 50 Almond 
Martui Benjamin, 

Henry, S 4th 

Robert, coachmaker 303 S 5th 

Silvester 281 S 4th 

Thomas, tavern keeper 91 Sliippen 

, mai-iner 384 S Front 

William, 62 German 
W^illiam, Carpenter 
W S, printer 276 S Front 
Maas D, auctioneer Passpmk 

wid Saridi, shop keeper 24 Mead al 
Mason Ehas, tailor 449 S Front 
George, 294 S 4th 
W^ilham, 164 Chi-istian 
William G, 144 Christian 
wid Elizabeth, nm'se 11 German 
wid Sarah, Swanson n the navy yard 
Massey Lemuel, gi-o N W c Shippen and 5th 

Samuel, coach maker 68 Almond 
Matlack Abraham, 330 S 2d 
Matthews John, mariner 137 Pbim 
John, waiter 35 Q»ieen 

Matthews Wm, weaver 44 Passyunk road 
Mattliews William H, l)akcr 89 Cedar and 267 

Maull William, shipwrif,dit 567 S 2d 

wid Mary, seamstress 19 Christian 
Maxwell John, fjrocer 240 S 4th 

John, house carpenter 116 Christian 
Mead Rev William C, 302 S 2d 
Meade widow Elizabeth, mantua mr 291 S 3d 
Meg'eh John, saddler 364 S 2d 
Melchor John, 46 Plum 
MellieiTan Gcorg-e, baker 277 S 4th 
Mercer Bemawl, house carpenter 114 Swanson 
Robert, sea captain 1 Mary 
Tliomas, S W c Christian & Swanson 
Mercier (^liarlcs, wood coi-der Queen st wharf 

d h 53 Queen 
Meriman wid S, AV cor Queen and 3d 
Merrick Alexander P, sea captain 254 S Ft 
Meny John, tavern c Wasliington and Front 
Merwine widow, 81 Plum 
Metz Lawrence, 11 Plum 
Meyers Thomas, mariner 507 S 2d 
Michael wid Rachel, nurse 100 Swanson 
Middleton Ann, shopkeeper 186 Cedar 
Midlen Walter, sea captain 379 S Front 
Miercken John W, sea captain 20 German 
Mierly David, 192 Passyunk 
Miles Thomas, mariner 384 S Front 

William, mariner 275 S 4th 
Miller Elizabeth, 68 George 
Frederick, 34 German 
George, Mamott's lane 
Georg-e, drayman 58 Almond 
John, 356 S 2d 
John B, stevedore 275 S 3d 
John C, tavern keeper 568 S Front 
John C, mariner 176 Swanson 
Cornelius, Queen 

James, tobacconist b of 116 German 
James, labourer 298 Cedar 
John, labourer 570 S 2d 
Thomas, sea captain 40 Almond 
William, grocer 368 S Front 
William, sea captain 485 S Front 

, sea captain 15 Queen 

widow Hannah, 572 S 2d 
Jlilon Thomas, S 5th 
Millette Joseph, type founder 273 S 7th 
Mills widow Ann, 419 S Fi-ont 
Mittchel wid Ann, gentw 491 S Front 
Mitchell Ann, grocer 36 CedJir 

George, shipwright 42 Christian 
Jolin, 30 Plum 

James, professor of music 22 Shippen 
Joseph, labourer b of 106 Christian 
Moffat David, master warden 274 S Front 
Moffit Thomas, carter 554 S Front 
Moliere Henry, merchant 37 Shippen 

L, 27 Shippen 
Moloney James, bootmaker 92 Cedar 
Monacb wid Mary, drygxxxi store 386 S 2d 



Money Joseph J, corder Queen st wharf d h 

140 Swanson 
Montgomery James, mariner b of 106 Christian 
Mooney Cornelius 270 S 4th 

John, pedlar 293 S 5th 
Moore Da\-id, mariner (mate) 12 Gennan 
James M, grocer 166 Swanson 
James, flour store S W cor Christian 

and Front 
James, keeper of carts 111 German 
John, plasterer 27 Mary 
John, ladies' shoemr 98 Cathai-ine 
Robert M, 366 S 2d 
Robert, grocer 270 S 7th 
Samuel, coidvvainer 91 Passyunk road 
Wm, morocco dresser Queen n 3d 
WiUiam, gi-ocer 27 Fhmi 
Wilham, printer 5tli bel Christian back 
widow Mary, nurse 10 German 
Moorehead W, bookseller 315 S 2d 
Moose John, tavern 326 S Front 
Morgan Avery, niai-iner 14 Christian 
Da\'id, b of 10 German 
George, sea captain 55 Queen 
George, cordwainer 561 S Front 
John, mariner 11 Mead al 
Solomon, c South and 4th 
Thomas, painter 92 Cedar 
Morion wid Priscilla, washw 12 Swanson 
Morrel John AV, 152 Christian 
Morris George, sprig cutter 244 S 5th 
J George, 45 Shippen 
■j- Simeon, porter Christian bet 5th and 

widow Ann, seamstress 42 German 
Morton Benjamin, hatter 343 S 2d 
James, printer 212 S 5th 
John, grocer 222 S 5th 
widow Elizabeth, 49 Catharine 
Moses Aaron, 2d hand clothing sto 186 Cedar 
Mosley Samuel, cabinet maker 301 S Fi'Ont 
Moss John, dyer and scourer 200 S 5th 
Moulder Joseph, sliipwright 516 S Front 
Moimtain James M, 306 S 4tli 

James, mariner 278 S 3d 
John, gTOcer 306 S 4th 
Much Adam, shipwright 502 S Front 
Muir Daniel, cordwainer 38 Christian 
Mullan Edward, 122 Plum 
Mullin Edward, mariner 13 Mead al 
"William, shoemaker 14 Oak 
Murdock Samuel, grazier Moyamensiug road 

bel Wharton 
Murphy Arcliibald, soap and tallow chandler 
144. Cedar 
Matthew, distiller Marriott's lane 
Richard, tailor 41 Almond 
"William, 91 Sliippen 
William P, grocer cor Oak and 5th 
widow Mary, nui"se 41 Almond 
Murray John, 265 S 5th 

James G, tavern keeper 30 Cedar 
John, ship watchman 83 Swanson 
John, coniwainer 495 S 2d 

Mun-ay Lewis, smith and farrier 159 Shippen 
Murrow Peter, grocer S E c Moyamensing rd 

and Federal 
Murta Chai-les, grocer 106 Plum 
M} ers .lames, house cari^cnter 266 S 4th 
Joseph S, gi-ocer 391 S 2d 
WiUiam, sliipsmith 457 S Eront 
widow Mar}-, S 6th n Fitzwater 
wid Rachel, gentw 32 Claristian 
IMjTtelius wid Susannah, seamst 43 Christian 
Myrtolus Christopher, oak cooper 43 Chrisdah 

Naglee Wm, shipwright 127 Moj'amensing rd 

Naper ^\■idow, Marriott's lane 

Nautical Academy, 295 S Front 

Navan-e Peter, baker 212 S 6th 

Jiavy Yai-d and oflices, entrance S Front 

Nealy widow, 100 Plum 

Neff" Jacob, 268 S 2d 

John D:u-id, baker 207 S 6di 
Rachel, drygood store 268 S 2d 
Negley William, pilot 460 S Front 
Nigley Wm, vict c Aloyamensing and Federal 
Nelson widow Jlary, seamstress 3 Sluppen 
Nerth widow Jane, nurse 65 Mead al 
Nesbitt W^m, diygood store 416 S Front 
Newell James, Chiistian bel 3d 
Newkirk Isimc, house carpenter 144 Moya- 
mensiug road 
Ne^rton Charles H, drover 6 Almond 
j Nicholson John, sweep master 219 Ship- 
Mary, 20 Oak 
Nletscke Joh»^. S, cordwainer 16 Vernon 
Nisbcy John, mariner 59 Mead al 
Noble Helen, drygood store 381 S 2d 

Willi;im, 128 German 
Noe Ehas, 10 Prime 

Noi-grave Jeremiah, sea captain 282 S Front 
Norris William, cordwainer 122 Shippen 
Norton William L, justice of the peace 272 S 

Nooerr Jolui, bread baker 340 S Front 

Oakford John, 45 George 

widow Rebecca, 319 S 2d 
O 'Boyle Bernard, grocer 94 Christian 
O'Conncr Daniel, bottler 15 Mead al 
0'Da%-is John, g^io S W cor 4th & Catharine 
O'Donnell Dennis, boarding house 24 Prime 
Edward, tavern 191 Cedar 
Hugh, distiller 392 S 2d 
O'Kane DavicC 246 S 4th 

David, tavern keeper 244 S 4th 
O'Neil Ai-thur, tavern keeper 287 S 4th 
O'Neal Arthur S 5th 

K\Tan, gi-ocer 204 Shippen 
Luke, 7 German 

Robert, hoiise carpenter 9 Gftsldll d h 
cor Cedar and George 



O'Neal, cor Cedar and (icorgp 

widow Susan, 82 Ccdiir 
t)d() Liwis, 78 Soutli 
Odonluinicr Jacol), pent 267 ratliarinc 
O^i^dtn Z, jcrsrv hotel c '2d and >\'asliini^ton 
Ogilby Joscpli, slupwriglit 59 Swanson 

'riionnas 1), slnpwri}cl\t 5-20 S Fi-ont 
Oliver Hobei-t, tavern keeper 28 iMum 

I'honias, apothecaiy and drugj^st 413 
S Front 

William, sea ea])tain 42 Almond 
Oniidt "William, mariner 14 (lerman 
Ord Henrietta, g-entw 354 S Front 
Orrman Hemy, tavern 270 S 6th 
o-l>orne Ebenezer, liouse carpuntter 52 Cedar 
rev Freeman, 1st I'reshvterian clun-eh 
Southwark tl li 3 doors bel Catha- 
Owen John S, 4th bet Shippen and South 

Peter, 228 Catharine 
Owens James, house carpenter 272 S 6th 

John, mariner (mate) 73 Christian 

Samuel, sea captiiin 14 John 

Packer John, livery stable keeper 335 S 2d 
I*ugc John, Carpenter 

John, S 6th ab Fltzwater 
Painter John, house carpenter 119 Swanson 

Julia, gentw 147 Catharine 
Paisley John, innkeeper 203 Shippen 
Palmer Richard, justice of peace 64 Sliippen 

Simeon, pilot 118 Swansea 
Pap pal \ViUium 

Park Cuthbert, Johnson's ct Passyunk road 
Pai'ker Benjamin, cabinet maker 258 Cedar 
John, watcnnan S 3d bel Cluistian 
John, pawnbroker 14 Fitzwater 
Joseph, bricklayer 137 Catharine 
Lewis, mariner 32 Catharine 
f Mar}-, whitewasher 4th bel German 
t Silas, porter S 4th n Gennan 
Thomas, shopkeeper 338 S Front 
widow Hannah, giocer 34 7th S E c 

widow, 263 Catliarine 
Parrish capt Ebenezer, surveyor 115 Swanson 
Pany David, flour store c Catharine and Ft 
Pascall John, Lebanon garden S E c 10th and 

Pastorius Abraham, sea captain 452 S Fixjnt 
Patereon Hugh, Marriott's lane 
Patterson Joseph, ship joiner 57 Mead al 

Thomas, block and piunp maker 63 

and 65 Swanson 
Wm, mai-iner (mate) 42 Catharine 
Patton Francis, mariner 375 S Front 

Henrietta, shopkeeper 218 S 3d 
R A, acct 260 S Front 
Samuel, accoimtuit 47 Plum 
Pattrick Margaret, 202 Queen 
Paul Wm B, mariner (mate) 72 Queen 

Wm W, sea captiiin 72 Queen 
Paxon James, shipwright 29 Swanson 

Payntor f^emucl, grocer 117 German 

William, house carpenter 126 German 
I'ayren Stephen, hatter 22 Swanson 
Peake Thomas, shipwright Swanson n the na- 

vv janl 
Peal'e Charles W, 269 S 3d 

Edmund, 269 S 3d 
Pearson Geo, regulator of Southwark 399 S 2d 
James S, shij) joiner 138 Swanson 
John, house carpenter 446 S Front 
Thomas, saddler and trunk maker 24 
i'ei-1 Henry, pewtcier 294 S 2d 
Pcirce Peter, umbrella mr b of 294 S 4th 
Peloux PcHer, gunsmith 190 Cedar 
Pelt/, Pliilip, jun M I) 324 S 2d 
Peni-ose Charles, g-cnt 93 Penn 
Pepper Amos, nailor 534 S Front 
Peppers Michael, ship joiner and house car- 
penter 232 Catharine 
Peril Stephen, 80 South 
Perkins Benjamin, labourer 3 Shippen 
Pcn'in WiUiam, dealer 50 Cediir 

f Henry, porter 226 Shippen 
John, rigger b of 136 Swanson 
Jonas, miu'iner 5 Mead al 
Thomas, 513 S 3d 
widow Abigail, seamstress 55 Ca- 
widow Elizabeth 44 Christian 
Pew Ezekiel, constable 

Robert, tailor 46 German 
Philler Andrew, jun boot and shoemr269 S 2d 
Philips John, 390 S 2d 
Pliillips .lohn, coi-dwauier 390 S 2d 

^^'illiam, sea captain 258 S Front 
widow Mary, 137 Moyamensing road 
Phipps Lewis, 397 S Front 
Pickel captain, 126 Cedar 

widow Ann, gentw 126 Cedar 
Pickering Thomas, 300 S 4th 
Pidgeon Da\ id, 2d bel Mead al 

Robert, wheehvTight Galbraith's ct 
Wm, deputy keeper Walnut st pri- 
son 352 S" 2d 
John, 352 S 2d 
T^rce John, gent 36 Christian 
^^ Joseph M, mariner 166 Sw'anson 

widow Retjecca, gentw 104 Swanson 

Pinyard William, inspector at the navy yard 

425 S Front 

widow Elizabeth, 93 Christian 

Plumb Joscpk, tavern keeper Christian bet 

7th and Passyunk road 
Plummer, (eldei-) Frederick, 13 Shippen and 

Poalk Solomon, bottler 244 S 3d 
Pleiss Jacob F, stove manuf 272 S 2d 
Pollai'd John, cordwaincr 48 German 
Polls Mar}-, 248 S 5th 
Poole William AV, jeweller 144 Swanson 
Poppal George, victualler 178 Cedar 
Powell EH, chair maker 113 Christian 
George, 67 Plum 



Powell Jacob, stove manuf 238 S Front d h 
46 Venn 
wid Rhoda, tailoress 13 Queen 
Powers Pierce, gent 17 Mead al 

, glass blower 384 S Front 

Pouner Francis, porter of the Mechanics' bank 

3 Fitzwater 
Pratt James, tobacconist 128 Cedar 
Price Ann, 7 Somers's ct S 2(1 

David, sea captain 303 S Front 
William, pawnbroker 84 South 
Prentis John, broker S W c Shippen and 5th 
Preston John, painter and glazier 110 Swanson 
Prichett WilUam B, brewer 367" S Front 
Pricket William, carter 577 S 2d 
Priest Emanuel, caulker 12 Mary 
Primoner E, store and tavern 221 Shippen 
Putney Richard, 87 George 
Puti'on John D, boot & shoemaker 426 S 2d 

Quas John, cabinet maker 46 Plum 
Queen William, cordwainer 489 S 2d 

wid Mary, 67 Queen 
Quinn Bernard, 243 South 

Felix, tavern and store Cedar 

Radcliff George, grocer 395 S Front 
Ramage WiUiam, S E c 6th and Catharine 
Rambow David, Moyamensing road 
■j- Randolph Joseph, painter and glazier 212 

Rawhns wid Catharine, dealer 15 Shippen 
Ray David, tailor 241 S 6th 

Robert, sea captain 33 Almond 
widow Sarali, gentw 17 Christian 
Raybold John, house carpenter 51 Fitzwater 
Joshua, prothonotory of the supr ct 
state house d h 51 Fitzwater 
Read Joel, labourer b of 364 S 2d 
Reaves Abraham, 49 German 
Reckles Antliony, rope maker 570 S 2d 
Redman James, weaver Man-iott's lane 
Reed Alexander W, gro S W c Cedai"and6th 
Samuel, watcliman 315 S 2d 
William, gTocer 35 Pass}'unk road 
widow Jane, 320 S 2d 
Rees George, bootmaker 276 S 2d 
Reeve John P, 3d bel Christian 
Reid Alexander J, grocer 251 S 3d N E c of 
Shippen, d h Sluppen 
and Merriman, grocers Sliippen ab 2d 
wid Jane, tavern and grocery 320 S 2d 
Reilly John, tavern 130 Cedar 
M, 245 

Matthew, cordwainer 243 S 4th 
Pliilip, grocer S W c Sliippen and 2d 
Reinhart John E, sbipsmith 116 Swanson 
Remington wid Sarah, store keep 308 S 2d 
Renick Cornelius, mast inaker 9 Mead al 

Renshaw Richard, justice of the peace and no- 
tary public 302 S 2d 
Reynolds James, tailor 310 S Front 
Rhlnehart John, shoestore Cedar n 4th 
Rliume Henry, baker 447 S Front 
Richards George, 136 Christian 

James, 9 Somers's ct S 2d 
Joseph, waterman S 3d bel Christian 
William, 138 Catharine 
Rickerds Nuttei-, 143 Catharine 
Rickson Andi-ew, rigger 69 Queen 
Ridel Jolui, Queen 
Rigeway Richard S, 4th bel Queen 
Riley James, 575 S Front 

Matthew, 4th bet South and Shippen 
Rinehart Joseph, 150 Cedar 
Rink John, button maker 74 Queen 
Rinker wid Cathai*ine gentw 574 S Front 
Ritchie Thomas, M D 264 S Front 
Rite John, Sliippen 

Rivel George, shipwright 55 Moyamensing i-d 
Rizer Charles, apotliecary and di'uggist junc- 
tion of 5th antl Passyunk 
f Roach Benjamin, mariner 112 Christian 
Roach Rev Mailing B, 128 Christian 
Robb James, Catharine and 2d 

widow, 10 Plum 
Robbins Isaiah, labourer Wharton bet Moya- 
mensing road and Federal 
William, mariner 34 Mead al 
Robeno Andrew, 142 Catharine 

John, 144 Catharine 
, John, tailor N W c Front and Cedar 

d h 96 Ctu-istian 
Roberts Jacob, cordwainer 25 Christian 

Jeremiali, Marriotts lane bet 5th & 6th 
Lewis, g^-ocer and boarding house 322 

S Front 
Nicholas, mariner 289 S 4th 
Samuel, gi-o S W c 5th and Shippen 
Seth, Moyamensing i-oad 
Sylvester, printer 66 George 
widow Ann, doctress 161 Cliristian 
Robinson Andrew, giocer S W cor 6th. and 
George, sea capt 15 Catharine 
James, mariner 65 Catharine 
John, mariner 15 Christian 
mariner, 2d bel German 
John, rigger 2 Almond st wharf d h 

41 Clii'istian 
Joseph, sea captain 45 Swanson 
Joshua, l40 Catharine 
Sarah Ann, 244 1-2 S 3d 
f Rodgers WiUiam, steward of the steam boat 

Delaware Christian n 4th 
Rohan Michael, 248 S 4th 
Rolph Wm, flmcy chair mr Queen bet od & 4th 
Rolland John, 44 German 
Ronaldson James, type founder Cedar bet 9th 
and 10th 
Richiu-d, type founder Cedar bet 
9th and 10th 
Room Barzillai, waterman S E c Swanson and 
Almond St wharf 



Hooncy Jiimes, N E cor 4th and Gentian 
Ross Fnilcrlck, pointer uiid i^Lizicr 012 S 2(1 

Joseph, },'-focci- 221 Shi]>pcn 

Oliver, 12 IMum 

wul Kli/.;il)tth, cig^r maker 121 I'luin 

widow Man', o42 S 2d 
Roiisseuii Joseph, tailor .^2 Cedar 
Row Geor^^e, conlwa'iner 2d np AVhai'loii mkt 
Rowan wid Amelia, luii'se 28 Queen 
Rowland Sarah, ch'j gvotl store 102 Swanson 
Roy Uernard, grocer 1G.> Shippcn 
Ruilenian William, 29 Gemiaii 
Rue John, shipwi'ight 498 S Front 
Rule John, tdlow chandler 104 Plum 

and Ton-ens, distillers 222 S 5th 
Rumel Jacol), jdasteier 6th n Marriot's lane 
Itunip Voter, Carpenter 
Runipf I'cter-, Carpenter bet 5tli and 6th 
Rusha wid Elizahctli, gentw 112 Catharine 
Rutcr Henry, 572 S 2d 
Ruttei-s Mary Ann, Moyamcnshig' road 
Ryan William, drj' good store 146 Cedar 
Kyerson Thomas, gent 370 S 2d 

Sagnier Henry A, riding' master 353 S Front 
Sailor Samuel, painterand glazier 272 S od 
, Selby James, sea captaiii 47 Ahtiond 
1 _ James, jun sea captain 28 Almond 
Thomas, sea captain Almond 
Sampson Samuel, tavern keeper 15 Swanson 
Sandei-s John, house carpenter 135 Catliarine 

Richanl, Moyamensing i-oad 
Sandgrave Charles, sea captain 477 S Front 
Saunders John W, Front ab Cathaiine 
Savage John R, 60 Cedar 

Mattliew, weaver 229 Shippen 
Saxton Charles, wheelwTight 238 Cedar 
William, wheelwright 238 Cedar 
Scanlan Matthew, grocery and tav 279 S 4tli 
Scantlin Jeremiah, S W c Soutli and Crab 
Scheffel Christian, baker c Queen and 5tl» 
Schellinger Joseph, sea capt 74 Catharine 

WiUiam, pilot 105 Swanson 
Sliade Peter, gentleman 41 Almond 
Shenk Nicholas, weaver b of 386 S Front 
Schilling Jacob, baker lower 490 S 2d 
Scholefield JoJm, cai-pet manuf 176 Cedar 
Schooles widow Ehzabcth, 41 S Front 
Scofield Thomas, grocer 90 Swanson 
Scott Hamilton, shipwright 60 Swanson 

Simon, rope maker 145 Moyamensing r 
William, tailor Christian bel 5tli 
Seafoss Benjamin, 125 Queen 
Sedgwick Ann, boanling h6use 28 Swanson 
Seer Joseph, sea captain 523 S 2d 
- 1 Semon M, 2d hand clotliing store 224 Cctlar 
Secton John, soa]) &, tallow chandler 43 Plum 
Seib Jacob, deider 80 Shippen 
Seip Jacob, jun 91 German 
Sementa Catliarine, 88 Shippen 
Shaffer Com-ad, carter 133 Carpenter 
Erwin, 9 Plum 

Shaffer John, carter S W c Cedar and 12th 
Mre l.ydia, 217 Christian 
widow Hannah, shoemaker 9 Plum 
Shafer George W, Piissyuiik road 
Shafer Henr}, Passyiink road 
Shanakan wid Mary, gentw 305 S Front 
Siiane Daniel, I'assyunk roiul 
Shankland Charles H, sea captain 11 NLu*y 
Shanklin WiUiam, sea captain 393 S Front 
Siiannon wid Ann, washw b of 13 German 
Sharp Henry, sea captain 306 S 2d 

John, tailor 317 S 2d 

John, pilot 40 Queen 

Jonah, fancy chair maker 62 Plum 
Shaw Joshuii, artist 142 Chlrstian 

Charles, coUcctjOr 103 Swanson 
Shear John, shipwright 446 S l->ont 
Sheer Frederick, victualler Federal n Moya- 
mensing road 

wielow Elizabeth, gentw 22 PKun 
Sheetz Jacob, boat builder 30 Swanson 
Shercr widow Hannah, 63 Queen 
Shei'iff Charles, coach maker c Plum and 5th 
Shennan Conger, printer 203 S 5tli 
Sherwood William, shipwright 565 S 2d 
Sliibe William, shipwright 496 S Front 
Sliindler Michael, c 5th and Shippen 
Shingle John, mariner 35 Mead al 
Shirke John, 106 Plum 
Shirley widow U, cake baker 300 S 3d 
Sliced George, 275 S 5th 

Thomas, 274 S 5th 
Shutc Sarah, 338 S 2d 
Shuts Jacob, boat builder 454 S Front 
Shrlver Henr), 411^ Front 
Sibbald Charles F, naval store Swanson 
Sickles John,>tavern keeper 110 Cedar ♦ 
Side John N, S 5th 
Silva Francisco, supercargo 23 Plum 
Simes Peter, Carpenter 

William, Carpenter 
Simmons Edward, coach maker 54 Almond 
Noali, shopkeeper Mead al 
wid Elizabeth, shop kr 25 Mead al 
Simons Margaret, 252 S 5tli 
Simpson Mrs Elizabeth, 23 Bedford 

Isaac, cabinet maker 6 Shippen 
Thomas, 266 S '4th 
James, carter 62 Catharine 

■>' RichaKl, csrdwaincr 21 Fitzwater 
wid Deborah, teacher 3 Mead al 
Sinclair Jolin, ship joiner 212^ Swanson 
Singleton David, coi-dwainer 499 S Front 
Jiunes, sliijiwrigjit 30 Mary 
James, 95 Prime 
Skill John, b of 116 Christian 
Slack Benjamin, S W^ cor German and 3d 
Slide Sarali, siiojikeeper 378 S 2d 
Smith Andrew, 5th n Christian 

Benjamin, 103 Christian 

Edward, feed store 257 S 5th intersec- 
tion of I'assyunk road 

Edwartl, S E c Christian and 2d 

Edward, gent 4 Mo) amensing road 

and Evans, 223 South 



Smith F M 8c co, brewers 223 S 3d 
F M, brewer 223 d h 267 S 3(1 
George, coach trimmer 60 Plum 
Smith George A, b of 116 Christian 
George, 166 Christian 
Hear)-, cooper 224 S 3d 
Houston, tobacconist 278 S 4th 
James E, cor Christian and 3d 
James D, 104 Christian 
John, cordwainer 417 S Front 
John, tavern keeper 72 German 
John A, 296 S 3d 
, John D, 159 Christian 
Joseph, rigger 50 Mead al 
Mrs Lydia, 491 S 2d 
Patrick, shoemaker 245 S 6th 
Robert, Catharine n 4th 
Robert, sea captain 395 S Front 
Robert, victualler 16 Passyunk road 
Roger, sea captain 391 S Front 
Samuel, 61 Plum 
Samuel, carter 55 Bedford 
Thomas M, mariner (mate) b of 71 

Thomas, coach owner 300 S 4th 
Wilham, 115 German 
Wilham, marmer 8 Almond 
wid Barbara M, 142 Cedar 
wid Ehzabeth, grocer c Passyunk and 

Ellen, shopkeeper 573 S Front 
wid ilaigaret, 117 Moyamensing road 
wid Mary, tailoress 38 Mead al 
wid Marj', shopkeeper 326 S 6th 
widow Susan, 3d bel Plum 
Snedgrass wid Sarah, nurse 9 Mary 
SneD Benjamin, mariner (mate) 103 Chiistian 
Crawford, shopkeeper N E c 6th and 
Snow Samuel P, accountant 116 German 
Snowden Joseph S, commission merch Swan- 
son bel Swedes' Church 
Snyder Henry, painter 566 S Front 
Snider Joseph, blacksmitli c Chi-istian and 

Swanson d h 352 S Front 
Solomon widow Frances, umbrella maker 100 

Southern Dispensarj", 98 Shippen 
Southwark B*nk, 266 S 2d 
Spangler Hemy, blacksmith 32 Cedar 

George, sen blacksmith and stove 

manufactory 250 S Front 
George, jr blacksmith etc 248 S Ft 
Sparks Peter, druggist 258 S 2d 

Sinnickson, carter 7 Queen 
Thomas, plumber and shot manuf 49 
S wharves d h 478 S Front and shot 
tower 21 Jolm 
widow Elizabeth, 286 S 4th 
Speck Charles W, baker 60 Almond 
Speer Andrew, tavern keeper Ozea's wharf n 

Spence Abraham, 257 S 4th 

Spencer James, victualler 113 Moyamensmg r 

James, Old 2d bel Federal 
Spencer Nicholas, 326 S 4th 
Springer Wm F, 1 Somers's ct S 2d 

William, house carp b 116 Christian 
Sprogell Marshall D, 356 S Front 
Stafford Patrick, weaver 113 Plum 
Stancliff John, cordwainer 56 Passyunk road 
Stead Hem-y, pi-inter 22 Cedar 
Steed Henry, 113 Queen 
Steel John, tav keeper Yellow Cottage inn 
London, carter S 7th n Fitzwater 
William, pilot 475 S Front 
\vidow Keziah, 15 Gemian 
Steelman Nicodemus, waterman 84 Swanson 
Steenberg wid Mary, shopkeeper 118 Plum 
Steenbergh wid Mary, seamstress 200 S 5th 
Stelwaggon Daniel, sailing master U S navy 12 

Stephens Jas R, flour and feed sto 232 S 5th 
James, labourer 488 S 2d 
John, waterman 14 'Mary 
f Stevens Wm, kbom-er b of 70 Bedford 

wid Amelia, drygood sto 70 Almond 
Stevenson John, cor Prime and Old 2d 

Peter, 47 George 
Sterret James, carter 83 Bedfoi-d 
Stewart Alexander, secretary to the U S In- 
sm-ance Company 278 S Front 
Isabella, 102 Sliippen 
James, S W c Cluistian and 4th 
James, house cai-penter 17 Plmn 
John, wood corder Queen st wharf d 
h Swanson bet Catharine and Queen 
Robert, Pine al 
Robert D, 328 S 2d 
\vid Sarah, 17 Plum 
widow, Shippen 
Stiles Daniel, pilot 32 Queen 
Stilton Robert, 102 Phun 
Stinceman Jacob, coi-dwahicr 568 S 2d 
Stitt Alexander, sexton of the 4th Presbyteri- 

rian Church 26 Oak 
Stockdale Gei-aldus, teacher 8 Plum 

John, select academy for young 
gentlemen b of 6 d h 8 Plum 
Stocker Abi-aham, 256 S 5th j 

Stockley John G, shipm-ight 438 S Front 

P, cordwainer 363 S Front 
Stockman Cliristopher, mariner 297 S Front 
Stokeley Scarborough, tailor S Water ab the 

drawbridge d h 327 S Front 
Stone Andrew, plumber Chiistian 

John, Federal 
Story Benjamin, bet South and Shippen 

Avidow Ehzabeth, 293 S 3d 
Stout John, harness maker 342 S 6th 
Stranaghur James, grocer 245 Shippen 
Stratton John, laboiu-er 5th bel Sluppen _ 

Street George, cordwainer 40 Passyunk road -J 
Strine John< Moyamensing road " 

Stretch wid Emma, grocer 112 Swanson 
Strickland x\braham, house carp 262 S 3d 



Strickknd James, cor Christian and 4Ui 
Peter, 229 S 3d 

wid Isabella, g-roccr 102 Sliippen 
SuirjjLon Rohi-rt, mariner 134 Swanson 
Stur>^es w id Mary, shopkeeper 93 Swanson 
Sliirg-is Jolm, paper hanj,'er 127 tiueen 
Suai-ez Josejih, merch 341 S Front 
Snmmers William, 380 S 2d 
Summer Andivw, 150 ChrLstian 
Sutherland Jot;l B, attorney at law 41 Gcorg-e 
Sutler Thomas, 13 German 
Sutton John H, 454 S Front 
Swain John, 29 German 

Shul)crt, 137 Catharine . 
Swan James, wea\er 30 Mead al 
Swanson Andrew, bottler 18 Swanson 
Swartz and Loudcrbach, sliip joiners 214 

Sweeney Archibald, tavern keeper 330 S 6th 
James, rope maker Carpenter bel 5th 
Samuel, gro N W c 3d and Geiman 
Terence, carter 74 Plum 
Sweeny Daniel, 57 Piissyunk road 
John, 177 Passjiink road 
James, Carpenter 
Sweeter WilUiuii, Coombs's ct German 
Swing Samuel, 306 S 3d 
Swope AValtcr, carter 580 S Front 

Tack John C, tailor 162 Shippen 
Tag'gert wid Ann, ta'doress 13 Vernon 
Tanner widow, Carpenter 
Tarrant Thomas, pUot 127 Swanson 
Tarris John, sea captain 489 S I'l-ont 
Tate Robert, tav keep 4th bel Shippen 
Tatem wid Mar\', midwife 62 Almond 
Taylor Charles, Christian n 5th 

Isaac, 43 Passyunk road 

Isaac, 43 S 5th 

John W, 101 Prime 

James, 6 4th and Carpenter 

John, bricklayer b of 77 Cliristian 

Johji, baker 52 Swanson 

Philip, saddler 223 Swanson 

Richard, 104 Cedar 

Richard G, confectioner 104 Cedar 

Richaixi, 418 S Front 

Thomas, cordwainer 291 S Front 

Thomas, coixiwainer c Carpenter and 

T, 258 S Front 

Wm, jr Carpenter n 4th 

widow Maiy, 111 Christian 
Teeple John, cordwainer b of 161 Christian 
Teer widow Maiy, 88 Shippen 
Tees John, shipwright 25 Federal 
Teese Wm, cooper 177 Shippen 
Tempest Wm, t\ pe founder 94 South 
Tennery Eleazer il, accountant 55 Mead al 
Tennison Thomas, coixiwainer 163 Christian 
Thaw Chai'les, 3d bel Christian 

Thomas Amor, tailor 60 Shippen 

Benjamin, Johnston's lane and 5th 

Charles, hair dresser 273 S 3d 

Frcilcrick, Marriott's lane 

James, grocer 265 S 3d 

Jacob, house car]) S 11th bel Cedar 

Janus, tav keup b W c Br<jwne fit 4th 

Richanl, painter and glazier b of 13 

wid Clu'istiana, gcntw 138 Swanson 
Thompson David P, 225 S 3d 
David, 85 George 
James, cordwainer 66 f assj-unk r 
John, weaver 223 Queen 
John, just of the peace 242 S 4tli 
Jolin, jr deputy sheriff' 76 Plum 
Weaker, grocer 262 S 2d 
f Wm, waiter 70 Bedford 
widow 85 George 
Thomson Wm, mast maker 29 Prime 
ThornliiU Patrick, t;dlow chandler 75 Plum 
Thornton Heniy, tcdlow cliandler 47 Mead al 
Thniston Robert, sea captain 128 Christian 
Tiiuin Margaret, 267 S 2d 
Tiers Cornelius, block and pump maker 115 
S Water rope maker and ship chand- 
ler 50 S wharves d h 74 Swanson 
James D, 74 Swanson 
Tilge Henrj-, 269 S 3d 

John, hatter 289 S 3d 
f Tilghman Daniel, porter b of 68 Bedford 
f Till wid Rachel, washwoman 532 S 3d 
IJlly widow Mar\ , 561 S 2d 
Tilton wid Eunice, teacher 370 S Front 
Tittermary R, 10 Plum 

wid Ann, teacher 450 S Front 
Toland John, mariner 20 Mead al 
Tool Arthur, twern S E c Cedar and 6th 
Tone Gabriel, maiiner 46 Mead al 
Tonkins W, 90 Sliippen 
Ton-ens Aaron, cai-ter 293 S 5th 

Daniel, soap and candle man 10 Pas- 

sjiink road 
wid Catliarine, shopkeeper 222 S 5th 
Town John, sail maker Swanson be! the 
Swedes' church 
Nicholas, cooper 23 John 
Richartl, drug store N E c Cedar h Ft 
Toy Andrew, shipwright 13 Mary 
Trainer Samuel H, tavern 170 Swanson 
Traner Fehx, grocer 179 Swanson 
Travers widow Cathai-ine, 462 S 2d 
Traviss I, ink maker 210 Cedar 
Trebit William, 193 Carpenter 
Trefls George Adam, baker 240 Cedar 
Trimble Samuel, 11 Cluistian 
t Tripple Stephen, 290 S 7th 
Troll widow Mary, baker 340 S Front 
Trott Frederick, 5th n Christian 

Wm, rope mr 159 Moyamensing road 
Truitt Wm, innkeeper 155 Swanson 
Truss Thomas, lioiise carpenter 146 Catharine 
Trumper Henry, 1 1 Fitzwater 



Tubman John, sea capt 54 Moyamcnsing n)ad 
Tucker wid Priscilla, 4 Maiy 
Tully Anthony, cordwainer Oak 

Thompson, house carp 117 Catliarine 
Thomas, cordwainer 50 Moyamensing r 
Turnbull Alexander, 43 Gei-man 
Turner John, sea captain 392 S Front 

John, and co merchants 33 S Front 

and 251 Swanson 
John & CO, ship chandlers 251 Swanson 
■ John, merchant 33 S Front and 251 
Swanson d h 64 Queen 
widow Mary, gentw S E c Christian 
and Front 
Turpin Benjamin, oysterman 14 Shippen 
Twigs Levi, capt U S marines 442 S 2d 

Ulary Anst, boarding house 365 S Front 
Ulman Mayer, tavern keeper 57 Shippen 
Urquhai-t widow Mary, gentlewoman 31 Ca- 

Vaccoch Ann, widow 423 S Front 

Veacock Saml S, Moyamcnsing bel Carpenter 

Valleau Henry, select academy 219 S Front d 

h 3d bel Catliarine 
Vallence William, Law's ct b 110 Christian 

William, pUot 134 Swanson 
Vallentine Jacol), Man-iott's laijp 
Van Amring Samuel, 265 S 3d* 

Beil Harman, broker store Shippen S E 

c Crabb 
Blonk Richard, mast mr 480 S Front 
Vance Arthur, shipwright 10 Federal 

John, 87 Prime 
Vanclave H Aaron, lottery office 271 S 2d 
Vandeever Peter, mariner 17 Mary 
Vannenian Frederick, tailor 347 S 2d 
Vanzolc, doctor 103 Gernian 
Vanzylc John, M D 95 Plum 
VaiTO Henry, teacher S Front op Shippen d 

h 3d bel Christian 
Varmerman John M, tailor 358 S Front 
Velthoven Richard, tavern keeper 270 S Ft 
Venalile Josiah, labourer 145 Moyamcnsing r 
Verdier widow Pliilippa, gi'ocer and tavern 

keeper 91 Christian 
Vincent wid Elizabeth, gentw 9 Federal 
Vinyard William, 425 S Front 
Virtue James, cordwainer 400 S 4th 
Voorhes James J, clothier 39 Moyamcnsing r 

Wackcr Christopher, baker 559 S Front 

Christopher, jr baker 559 S Front 
Wade John, gi'ocer c of German & 5th 
Wade wid Mary I), shopkeeper 254 S Front 
Wagnej' Wm, mer Swimson n the navy yard 
William, lu6 German 

Wagner wid Priscilla, cigar maker 504 S Ft 
WauivvTight wid Elizabeth, 13 Federal 
Walker David, N E c S Front & Almond 
John, silversmith 305 S 2d 
John, b of N E c 6tli and Carpenter 
Wall George, tailor 6 Swanson d h 61 Penn. 
Patrick, gi-ocer S E cor Catliarine and 
Wallace Thomas, 1 8 Almond 

Thomas, weaver 273 S 7th 
William, gi'ocer 248 Cedar 
Wallin Isaac, labom-er 37 Queen 
Wallwork Joshua, grocer c Queen & Swanson 
Walmut John, Carpenter 
Walpool Thomas, Queen n 6tli 
Walsh Christopher, Moyamcnsing rpad 

John, tavern keeper cor Queen & 2d 
Walter Samuel, 39 George 

widow. Carpenter 
Walters George A,- cordwainer 246 S Front 
Walton Boaz, cabinet maker 330 S Front 
I Wand vi^idow Christiana, 137 Plum 
Ward James, 14 Crabb 
Ware Isaac, b of 116 Christian 
Job, 270 S 5th 

James, cordwainer 534 S Front 
Warner John H, 144 Shippen 
Jacob, 76 Catharine 
Joseph, sea captain 518 S Front 
Robert, 4 b of George 
Warnick William, constable 258 S 6th 
Wart wid Lydia, gi-occr S E c Plum & 5th 
Waterman George, c Man-iott's lane and Pas- 

syunk road 
AVaters George A, coi-dwainer 246 S Front 
Watkins John, rope maker 573 S 2d 

Samuel R, se?, capt 96 Catharine 
Watson Anna, mantua maker 363 S 3d 
John, S W c Christian & 3d 
John, shipwright 18 Mary 
John D, waterman 23 Catharine 
Samuel F, teacher 271 S 3d 
Waval Josliua, labourer 6 Federal 
Way Joseph, sen pilot 10 Cedar 

William, clothing store 1 Swanson 
Weaver George, grocery and tav keeper S W 
c of Shippen and 3d d h 252 S 3d 

. Jacob, lathes' shoemaker 336 S 3d 
James, 252 S 3d 

James, apothecary for the Southern 
Dispensary 98 Shippen d h 252 S 3d 
Webb Burkitt, cliina store N E c Queen 8c Ft 
Buakitt, provision store 431 S Front 
Mrs Eleanor, 34 Cathaiine 
William, 149 Catharine 
widow Rebecca, gentw 443 S 2d 
t Webber Isaac, porter 290 S 7th 
Wectoat wid Ann, i^arber 280 S 4th 
Weems Patrick, shopkeeper 242 S 6th 
Welden George, cordwainer 3 Federal 
James, cordu ainer 36 Catharine 
John, lai)Ourer 3 Federal 
John, cordwainer 429 S Front 



Welden Tliomtis, rope maker " Fctleral 
M'clls Levi, l:itc tiirmir 117 Swunson 

wid M;irv, biilorcss 100 ClirisUaii 
widow, 110 CiuistiaM 
Welsli ChristJiin, carter Fcdci-al n Moyamcn- 
siiigf roiul 
E Richanl, 35 German 
James, grocer S W c Hcdfoiil and 7tli 
Jolui, S W c Queen and 2d 
John, mariner 64 (.'atharinc 
John,.dnig-gist S E c 6tii and Shippen 
West William, jun 8 German 

William, jun sea captain 18 German 
Westcoat Ajin, 272 S 4th 
Weston Ahi-aham, Christian 

bmshmaker 12o Plum 
Westney Charles Al, mariner (mate) 7 Mead al 
Wetlierill Joseph, button manuf 324 S Front 

wid Elizabetli, j^entw 324 S Fi-ont 
Wetherly William, 21 Plum 
Wharft' Abraham, mariner (mate) 19 Vernon 
Whai-ton Cliarles, jr grocer cor Cliristian and 

Whcaton Joseph, mariner 14 Cedar 
Wheeler, widow Carpenter 
Whilldin Oliver, 360 S 2d 
White James, collector 107 Moyamensing rd 
John, plinnbef- b of 116 Clmstian 
John, tavern keeper 122 Cedar 
-(■ Lewis, miuiner 306 S 7th 
Miles, sawj'er Christian ab 5th 
Samuel, dyer and scoui'cr 40 Christian 
Deborah, 236 S 4th 
Whltebi-ead Joseph, house cai'p b 71 Christian 
Whitehead Caleb, coKlw;uncr 294 S 4tli 

WiUet, 330 S 4th 
Wluteman John, Carpenter 
Wiggins Wm, tavern keeper lower 232 S 3d 

Wilcr , watchman 92 Chi'istian . 

Wiley George, shipwright 35 Plum 
Wilkinson George, 138 Queen 
Williams Jolni, rigger 110 Catliarine 

John, carter b of 110 Catharine 
W, 318 S Front 

■j- wid Ann, washwoman 7 Crabb 
Wightsman Jacol), 87 Old 2d 
Williamson Abraliam, 234 Catliarine 

IJcnjamin, carpenter op lOtli 
Edwaixl, 45 German 
Jesse, house c;u'p 22 German 
Peter, druggist N E cor 2d and 

Wm, sea captain 506 S Front 
widow Aima, nui-sf^ 246 Cedar 
Willing Eobeit H, 136 Catliaiiue 
Wilsey John, labourer 5 Federal 
W^ilson Adam, Ball al 

-j- UenjiuTiin, porter 300 S 7th 
James, weaker Cedar ab 12th 
James, mariner 28 Shippen 
Wilson Joseph, cordwainer 12.6 Queen 
Uobert, weaver 213 Queen . 

Wilson wid Margjiret, gentw 236 S 3d 
wiow M;u-y, nui-se 110 Cluistion 
widow, 151 Cuthai'ine 
Wimer Henry, 83 George 

John, 280 S 3d 
Wing Jacob, sea captain 401 S Front 
^Vinnemore Charles, Soutli 

Hemy, sea captain 29 Jolrn 
Winner Rachel, 158 Christian 

widow Maj-garet, 280 S 2d 
Winright James D, hatter 311 S 2d 
Winslow Robert, weaver 232 Cedar 
Winter Tliomas, 246 S 5tli 
Winters wid Ann, 90 Swanson 
Wise William, Iilacksmith 142 Swanson 
Wiseman Jacob, ropemr 83 Moyamcnising rd 
Witham Thomas, cabinet maker 165 Sliippcn 
Wolf wid S avail, taUoress 10 German 
Wolverton Jacob, house carp 22 Fitz water 
Wood Isaiic, cabinet maker 25 Plum 
Hugh, 302 S 4th 

John, of the U S navy 467 S Front 
Robert, sea captain 85 Chiistian 
William, 380 S 2d 
Woods & Quigg, dry good store 258 S 4th 
Woodi-uff Harriet, b of 300 S 2d 
Woodward John, sliipwright 3 Mary 
Woolbcrt Frederick, 27 Shippen 
AVooten John, 285 S 3d 
Work Samuel, jr house cai-p 277 S 3d 
Workman John, lumber merchant 67 Swanson 
d h 314 S Fi-ont 
Wniiam B, lumber merchant 67 
Swanson d h 314 S Front 
Wray, widow Carpenter 
Wright Elisha H, carp Queen 1 door bel 4th 
John, gent 42 Sliippen 
John, weaver 89 Passyunk road 
John, sawyer 149 Swanson 
widow Ann, g-entw 293 S Front 
widow Ann, teacher 53 Almond 
Elizabeth, b of 108 Christian 
Writer wid Sai'ah, 3 dooi-s ab Front 

Yardley Isaac, tallow chandler 108 Plum 
Yates David, 

Yeardslcy Samuel, sea captain 3 Swanson 
Yhost Ezekiel, blacksmith c 6th and Passyunk 

road d h Carpenter 
Yockle Miss Marj', milliner 108 Cedar 
Yorke Samuel, sea captain 17 Cathai"ine 
Young Alexander, distiller 2 Passyunk road 
Alexander, 95 Plum 
& Cake, painters and glaziers 252 S Ft 
Daniel, grocer S W c Sliijipen & Crabb> 
George, basket maker 4 Federal 
Jeremiah, cabinet maker 266 S 2d 
Jeremiah, 388 S 2d 
Jacob, jr Queen n 6th 
John, Hansen's i-un 



Yoreous Henry, baker 18 Christian 
Young Nicholas, house carp 5th bel German 

Nicholas, 327 S 4th 

Philip, 113 Queen 

William, tailor 29 Passyunk road 

William, ir 229 S 3d 

William, 229 S 3d 

widow EHzabeth, 304 S 2d 

Young widow Sarah, confectioner 259 S 2d 

Ziegler widow Ann, gentw 74 New 
Zimmerman William, tailor 8 Federal 
Zobel William, morocco dresser Marriotts 


CrsTOM riocsE, 
^ViUiarn Jones, collector. 
John Kern, deputy collector, 
riiilip S. Miirkley, nuv;il officer. 
Jolin 1). George, deputy naval ofiiccr. 
James Glcntwortli, surveyor. 
James (ilentworth, jr., deputy surveyor. 
John Steele, jr., weigher. 
Samuel Uoss and George Dannecker, deputy 

Robert Milnor and William Tlethell, gaugers. 
John Scott, Joseph Abbot, James U. Scott, and 
Samuel L. Palmer, measurers of salt 
and coal. 
Samuel Uoss and Thomas Stewart, appraisers. 

Desk, No. 1. Thomas F. Vallctte. Registering 
desk, as also for entering and 
clearing vessels from and to fo- 
reign ports. ■*' 
No. 2. Robert Steele. Cashier, as also 
entering and clearing vessels 
from and to ports in the United 
No. 3. Richard L. Howell and Thomas 
Latimer. Ascertaining duties and 
No. 4. Cliarles Treichel, import book- 
No. 5. David Gibson, bonds for duties 

granted, and pennlts taken. 
No. 6. Jolm C. Pechin, debentures 

No. 7. Tiiomas Ashmead.exportbonds 
taken, and export permits grunt- 
No. 8. Richard S. II. George, record 

of exports. 
No. 9. Abraham Martin, cash book- 
No. 10. J. Henry, issue of protections. 

Inspectors of the Customs. 
Charles Anderson "^ ^ 

Thomas Cash 
Chambers Gaw 
William P. Gaw 
John P. Schott /* ^ ^ 

Jacob II. Visler ct o' 

John Heed 
Joseph Patterson 
Benjamin A. Meridlth _ 
Benjamin Ashmead ~\ 
Joseph R. Dickson 
John Davis 
John W. Durant 
Henry Ihibor 
I3enj.unin H. Springer 
Ctn-tis Gvubb 
Benjamin Uache | 

John Sutcr J 

5 ^ re' 

^ S- CI. 

-• - 2. 
C!5 ft J* 


Wm. Dazcll "^ 

Robert Hopkins ^ 

Andrew Jackson >-i n 

Joseph Kobinsou 

John Boyd 

John Dichl 

Daniel Adgate 

Robinson R. Moore 

Robert S. M'Calla 

Charles J. Hopkins J 
Joseph Brown, measurer of dry goods. 
Job Whipple, captain of revenue bai-gc. 
Andrew Geyer, keeper of public stores. 
David Rose, at Lazaretto. 
Frederick Shull, at Marcus Hook. 
William Anderson, at Chester. 
Rowland Smith, at Schuylkill. 



PrtEsiDENT. — Joseph P. Norris. 
CASHiEn — Elihu Chauncey. 
Wm. Samsom. Jacob Rldgway- 

Abraham Sharpless. Charles Penrose. 
Joseph Hemphill. Joseph Hiester, 
Tobias TFagner. P. L. Laguerennc. 

George Vaux. Anthony Stocker. 

John White. Jonas PrestonL 

William Brown. Abraham Okie. 

Thomas Cave. Peter Wager. 

Mark Richards. John R. Neff. 

Robert Ralston, jr. William Coleman 
George IV. Morgan. John T. SuUivan. 
John H. Palethorp. William J. Leiper. 

Discount Days, fFednesdays & Saturdays. 

Notaut, C. C. Biddle, 39 Dock, below- 
Second St. 

Directors of the Farmers find Mechanics' Bank. 

Joseph Tagert, President 

J. J. Borie 

Nathan Bunker 

Seth Craig 

William W. Fisher 

William Gerhard 

Charles A. Harper 

Joseph Howell 

Hugh F. Ilollingshead 

James M'Alpin 

John Purdon 

Sanniel Richards 

Robert Toland 

Henry Kuhl, Cashier 
Discount days Tuesdays and Fridays. 
Dividend, May and November. 
Notary, II. G. Freeman, No. 49, Walnut 


IHreclors of the J}ank of the United States, ] 
Kicholas Ciddle, President. 
Horace Binney 
John Bohlen 
Henry Pratt 
Thomas Cadwalader 
Richard Willing 
Henry Toland 
Ambrose White 
Matthew L. Bevan 
John Hemphill 
Manuel Eyre 
Paul Beck, jr. 
Lewis Clapier 
Samuel B. Morris 
John Potter, of South Carolina 
George Hoffman, of Maryland 
Roswel L. Colt, of Maryland 
Walter Bowne, of Nev) York 
William B. Astor, ofNc-ui York 
Nathaniel Silsbee, of Massachusetts 
Daniel Webster, of Massachusetts 

Directors of the Bank of North America. 
Henry Nixon, Esq., President 
John Morton 
Daniel Smith 
Timothy Passon 
George Fox 
George M'Callmont 
Charles Macalester 
Jacob S. Wain 
Alexander Elmslia 
Richard Randolph 
Charles H. Baker 
Coleman Fisher 

DirectoTB of the JMechanics' Bank. 
Lemuel Lamb, President 
-Timothy Caldwell 
George Peterson 
W. S. Crothers 
Joseph Solms 
Charles Watson 
Thomas W. Pryoi 
James M'GuIloch 
Thomaa G. Hollingsworth 
Jonathan K. Hassinger 
Allen Armstrong 
Nicholas Thouron 
John W. Downing 

Directors of the Commercial Bank of Pennsijl- 
Andrew Bayard, President 
Caleb P. Wayne 
Edward Hallowell 
Lawrence Lewis 
Bankson Taylor 
James Dundaa 
Thomas Reeves, jr. 
William Wilson 
David R. Sergeant 
William Lynch 
Robert S. Johnson 

John Moss j 

Thomas Earp < 

Directors of the Kensington Bank. 
John C. Browne, President 
Michael Day 
George Wilson 
W'illiam G. M'Cahan 
Jonathan Wainwright { 

Robert Earp 
Daniel J. Rhoads 
Thomas W. Duffield 
John Vaughan 
Joseph Baker 
John E. Keen 
Edmund Pryor 
Thomas Wickersham 

Directors of the South-cvark Bank. 
Samuel Comly, President 
Daniel Smith, jr. 
Benjamin Jones, jr. 
Benjamin Tevis 
Joseph Huddell 
Peter Williamson 
James Spencer 
Thomas Sparks 
William M'GUnsey 
William G. Alexander 
William Cummings 
Walter Thompson 
Robert M'MuUin, jr. 

Directors of the Bank of the J^orthern Liber- 
James Whitehead, President 
Andrew C. Barclay 
Samuel Grant 
George Gorgaa 
Thomas Hart 
Joseph R, Jenks 
Jonathan Knight 
Thomas Latimer 
Thomas Loyd, jr. 
Isaac W. Norris 
James Paul 
John Ta)lor 
Joseph Thomas 
John Naglee 
Isaiah Jeanes 

Directors of the Schuylkill Bank. 

William >Ieredith, President 

Edward Smith 

Aaron Denman 

Joseph Montgomery 

Bartholomew Wistar 

Edward Burd 

Robert Flemming 

Frederick Brown 

Samuel Breck 

James Boggs 

John Holmes 

John Ford 

Samuel P. W^thenll 


Directors of the rhiladdplHa Ikmk, 
John Head, President 
Jacob S perry 
John Wclsli 
Samuel Smith 
Samuel W. Jones 
J. U. Evans 
Benjamin Stillc 
Charles GrafT 
William Yardley 
John M. Price 
William Philips 
Joshua Long'strcth 
Kobert Patterson 
J. M. Linnard 
Alexander M'Carraher 
Michael liiter 

jyiscount Day."-. 
United States, Tuesdays and Fridays. 
Fennsylvania, Wednesdays and Saturdays. 
Philadelphia, Mondays and Thursdays. 
Farm. & Mechan. Tuesdays and Frida}'9. 
North America, Mondays and Thursdays. 
Commercial, Tuesdays and Fridays. 

Mechanics, Tuesdays and Fridays. 

Schuylkill, Tuesdays and Fridays. 

North. Lib. Tuesdays and Fridays. 

Girard's, Wednesdays and Saturdays. 

Sonthivark, Wednesdays and Saturdays. 

Kensington Bank, Wednesdays and Saturdays. 

IjrsunANCE Offices. 
Directors of the Office of the Pennsylvania Com- 
pany for Insurances on Lives, &c. 
Thomas Astley, President 
William Boyd 
Hyman Gratz 
William Parker 
Silas E. Weir 
William Kirkham 
John Moss 
Clement S. Miller 
Benjamin Masden 
Levi Ellmaker 
Dr. John K. Mitchell 
John li. Newman 
John Cos 

Directors of the Atlantic Inajirance Covipaiiy. 
Daniel W. Coxe, President 
Jacob Sperry 
Charles Massey, jr. 
Jacob S. Wain 
Joseph Gratz 
John M'Crea 
Jacob U. Smith 
Richard Oakford 
William Piatt 
J. B. M'llvaine 
P. G. Laguerenne 
Ashbel G. Ralston 
Charles Vezin 

Directors of the Jifanne Insjirancc Compavj. 
John Leamy, President 

I'lihu Cliaunocy 
Peter Halm 
f ohn B. Newman 
Georgo M'Callrmwit 
Samuel N. Lewis 
Isaac W. Norris 
William Head 
John Latour 
Arthur St. Clair Nichols 
Benjamin Chew * 
Norris Stanley 
Jonathan K. Ilassingcv 

Directors oftfie Insurance Company of the State 
of Pennsylva7iia. 
Charles M'Alcster, President 
Daniel Smith 
Henry Pratt 
Henry Nixon 
Paul Siemen 
George Fox 
Simeon Toby 
Anthony Stocker 
John Markoe 
Gustavus Colhoun 
John Cox 
William Redwood 
James Schott 

Directors of the Union Insrurance Company of 
Hugh Colhoun, President 
Matthew Lawler 
Lewis Clapier 
John Bohlen 
Stephen Girard 
William Davis 
William Lynch 
Bankson Taylor 
Austin Montgomery 
Chailes GrafT 
John R. Neflf 
Samuel Wetherill 
William T. Birch 

Directors of the Insurance Office ofJVhrth Ame- 
John Inskeep, President 
Alexander Henry 
.lohn Stille 
Samuel Mifflin 
Thomas Astley 
Andrew Petit 
Samuel W, Jones 
Jacob C. WikofF 
Edward Smith 
Samuel Archer 
Matthew L. Bevan 
Silas E. Weir 
John A. Brown 
John White 
Charles A. Harper 

Officers of the Philadelphia Dispensary. 
William White, President, 89, Walnut street. 



Eobert Sihith, Union, corner of Front street. 
Joseph Crukshank, No. 16, Church Alley. 
Elliston Perot, No. 299, Market street. 
Roberts Vaux, No. 346, Mulbery street. 
Joseph Parish, No. 109, Mulberry street. 
Thomas Cadvvalader, corner of Ninth and Arch 

John Markoe, No. 293, Chesnut street. 
Philip F. Mayer, Ny. 87, Sassafras street. 
William Davidson, No. 268, Walnut street. 
Robert Toland, No. 168, Chesnut street. 
Samuel Emlen, jr., corner of Seventh and Arch 


Mtending Physicians and Surgeons, 

For the c%.— Doctors John Bell, No. 148, 
south Fourth street; Charles F. Matlack, No. 
85, Arch street; Jonas Green, No. 79, Walnut 
street; Andrew Comstock, No. 98, Arch street; 
William D. Gallaher, No. 67, Spruce street; 
Caspar Wistar, No. 184, Arch street. 

North Western District. — George Mifflin, 
No. 351, Market street. 

South Western District. — Thomas Wharton, 
No. 240, Spruce street. 

Consulting Physicians and Surgeons. — Doc- 
tors Thomas Parke, Thomas C. James, Philip 
Syng Physic, Thomas T. Hewson. 

Treasurer. — Joseph M. Paul, No. 60, north 
Front street. 

Jlpothecary. — Joshua W. Asb, at the Dispen- 



Vice Presid. 

Officers of the Historical Society, 
WiUiam Rawle, President 
Roberts Vaux 
Dr. T, C. James 
James Ross, of Pittsburg 
J. B. Gibson, of CarlisleJ 
T. I. Wharton, Corresponding Secret. 
Wm. B. Reed, Recording Secretary 
W. M. Walmsley, Ti'easurer 
Gerard Ralston, Curator 
Thomas II. White ^ 
C. J. Ingersoll 
Wm. Rawle, jr. 
Dr. B. H. Coates 
Edward Bettle 
G. Washington Smith 
Thomas M. Pettit 
William B. Davidson 
John Hare Powell 
Edward Pennington 
Dr. Isaac C. Snowden 
Dr. George B. Wood 
Joshua F. Fisher J 

Officers of the Franklin Ivstitute.- 
James Ronaldson, President 

Mathew Carey 1 yice Presidents 

T. Pletcher 3 

Isaac Hays, Corresponding Secretary 

Thomas P. Jones, Recording Secretary 

Samuel V. Merrick, Treasurer 

John Harrison 

Abraham Miller 

Adam Ramage 

James M'Alpin 

Isaac B. Garrigues 

A. G. Ralston 

llufus Tyler 

John Struthers 

John O'Neal 

M. W. Baldwin 

Joseph H. Schreiner 

Samuel J. Robbins 

Isaiah Lukens 

William Strickland 

Henry Horn 

M. \j. Lewis 

W. Rowland 

Jacob Souder 

Charles H. White * 

G. Emerson 

George Fox 

W. Stevenson 

Andrew Young 

Christian Gobrecht 

Directors of the dthenaKm. 
Roberts Vaux 
Thomas L. VVhaxton 
George Vaux 
William Smith 
Jacob Gratz 
William Lehman 
Quintin Campbell 
Benjamin Tilghman 
John Vaughan 
Clement C Biddle 
Peter S. Duponceau 
Edward Ingersoll 
John M. Scott 
James S. Smith 
Samuel Norris 

Philadelphia College of Pharmacy, 
Instituted in March, 1821, and incorporated in 
February, 1822, is held in the lower room of 
the German Society's Hall, between Nos. 10 
and 12 south Seventh street. The manage- 
ment of the institution, and regulation of the 
School of Pharmacy are committed to sixteen 
trustees, one half of whom are elected semi- 
annually, and the officers of the college areer 
officio members of the board. The annual 
election for officers is held on the last Tues- 
day in March. The lectures commence in the 
first week in November, and continue thrice a 
week until finished. The present officers are 
WiUiam Lehman, President 
Charles Marshall ^ yice Presidents 

Samuel Jackson, M. D. 3 
Edward B. Garrigues, Treasurer 
Daniel B. Smith, Secretary 
George B. Wood M. D. Professor of Chemis- 
Benj. Ellis, M. D., Professor of Materia Medica 

Henry Troth, Chairman 
Alexander Fullerton, jr.. Secretary 


Fetcr Lehman 
Charles Yaniall 
Jacob Digonet 
A. S. Itobcrts 
Warder Morris 
Joseph Heukirt 
Edmund Pryor 
BenjanVin Kllis, M. I). 
Samuel P. (Irithtts 
Abraliam Kunzi 
I'eter Tliomson, jr. 
Charles Ellis 
Elisha Crowell 
Caleb E. Pleasants 

Good Intent Fire Hose Company. 
The 2nd Company, formed in Philadelphia, 
(instituted, March 8, 1804.) 

The stated meeting's are held the lat Tues- 
day in every month at the Resolution Hose 

George Jeffries, President 

George K. Childs, Vice President 

W'illiam Cliew, Secretary 

Jacob C. Tomkins, Treasurer 

Adam Farris 

James Bayne 

"William P. Thompson 

George Clark 

George Kane 

John Turney 

Scots Thistle Society. 
Adam Ramage, President 
George Hogg, Vice President 
John Cochran, Treasurer 
Adam Waldie, Secretary 

D. Watson 
William Black 
George M'Leod 
^ Samuel White 
Thomas Duncan 

The America Beneficial Society. 
Robert Ralston, President 
J. F. Sparks, Vice President 
Thomas Taylor, Treasurer 
Charles Show, Secretary 
Meet the first Tuesday in every month. 
Annual Meeting, January. 

Columbia Beneficial Society. 
Thomas Taylor, President 
Capt. E. Wallington, Vice President 
John Cuny, Treasurer 
Robert Ralston, Secretary 
Meet the fourth Thursday in every month. 
Annual meetings, February. 

Pennsylvania Beneficial Society of the city and 
Couuty of Philadelphia. 
Incorporated, April, 1827. 

G. W. Twibill, President, No. 151, south Front 

(leorge Snyder, Vice President, N. Liberties 
Anliiony Scyfert, Secretary, No. 10, Pear st. 
George Haws, Treasurer, Rticc, between Fifth 

and Si>:tl» streets 
John Reel, Messenger 

Meet every first Thursday in the month, at 
George Haws', Hacc street. 

United States Beneficial Society of Philadelphia . 
Instituted, Nov. 1323, and incorporated, 
March, 1824. Meet the lat Wednesday of 
each month, at the N. Vf. corner of Sixth and 
Carpenter Btreets. Initiation fee, from twenty 
to twenty-five, ip3; and 50 cents for every year 
to forty; above, no man can be admitted. 
Montiily dues 50 cents. Allowance to sick, 
from $3 to S>5 par week. To member, on 
decease of his wife, ^2Q\ and to widow, 5540. 
Election in December, annually. The follow- 
ing ai'e the oflicers for the present year: — 

Isaac Attemus, President 
Wm. Edwards, Vice President 
W. T. Flanagan, Secretary 
Thos. Stokes, Assist. Secretary 
H. B. Stewart, Treasurer 
George Fox, Messenger 
John Field -> q..„.„d„ 
Jacob Centers ^^^^^'^'^^ 

Officers of the American Philosophical Society, 
P. S. Du Ponceau, President 
Zaccheus CoHins"j^ 
R. M. Patterson > Vice Presidents 
N. Chapman j 
George Ord "^ 
C. C. Biddle I ^ 
Franklin Bachc ^&^<='-etarics 

J. K. KaTie J 

John O. Adams~\ 

Wilham Short I -^ „ r o 

John Sergeant [^Counsellors for o years 

Samuel ]^Ioore J 

Robert Adrian, Counsellor for 1 year 

James Mease "^ 

W. E. Horner C Curators 

Samuel P. "W'etherillJ 

John Vaughan, Treasurer 

Officers of the Pennsylvania Literary Association 
of Philadelphia. 
Instituted in 1820 — number of members li- 
mited to 25. Meet once a week at Harmony 
Hall, south Fifth street. 

Objects — Debating and improvement in lite- 
rary composition. 

Wm. R. Mansfield, President 
Henry C. Corbit, Vice President 
William Maulc, Secretary 
Samuel F. Troth, Treasurer 
Caleb Ash, Recording Secretary 
Joseph Gill, Corresponding Secretary 



Samuel F. Troth "^ 

Samuel C. Sheppard j 

Marshall Attraore >Stand. Committee 

Joseph Corbit j 

Benjamin S. Wilson J 

Officers of the Society oftlie Sons of St. George, 
Established at Philadelphia, for the advice 
and assistance of Englishmen in distress. 

Robert E. Griffith, President 

Joseph Bel], Vice President 

William Page, Treasurer 

Joseph Todhunter, Secretary 

Richard North 

James Kitchen 

William Young Birch 

William C. Cardwell 

John Moss 

Horatio Mann 

Lawrence Brown 

John Haviland 

Richard Peters, jr."^ 

William Meredith V Counsellors 

George M. Dallas J> 

Thomas T. Hewson T 

Robert E. Griffith, jr. V. Physicians 

James Kitchen, jr. J 

Jeremiah Biggs, Messenger 

■Officers of the Philadelphia Samng Fund Society, 
" Incorporated, February 26, 1819. Open for 
deposites and payments, on Mondays and 
Thursdays, only, between the hours of 4 and 7, 
P. M. Office, No. 66, Walnut street. 

Andrew Bayard, President 

Samuel Grant, Secretary 

George Eillington, Treasurer 

John M'Crea "^ 

Thomas Hale 

Clement C. Biddle, 

Richard Peters, jr. 

Samuel Archer 

Daniel B. Smith 

J. J. Vanderkemp 

Samuel R. Wood 

Lawrence Lewis 

John C. Lowber 

John Wharton 

John R. Neff )>Managers. 

Thomas Fassitt 

Ashbel G. Ralston 

Quintin Campbell 

John C. Smith 

George Vaux 

John A. Brown 

Francis R. Wharton 

Francis Gurney Smith 

Thomas H. White 

William Davidson 

William Smith 

Officers of the Pennsylvania MoUtion Society. 
William Rawle, President 
Jonas Preston, M. D. ? y Presidents 
Benjamm Tucker 3 

Edwin P. Atlee, M. D. ^ gecretarieB. 
Edward B. Garrigues 5 «^<^'^^^^®''' 



Henry Troth, Treasurer 
John Sergeant "\ 

D. P. Brown { 

J. C. Lowber ^ Counsellors 

Joseph P. Norris, jr. 

William Rawle, jr. 

Thomas Earle 

Washington Hopkins, for Lancaiter Cctmti/ 

Mattliias Morris, Bucks 

Joseph W. Rowland, Montgomery 

Samuel Edwards, Delaware 

James M. Porter, Northampton 

John Gardner, York 

Board of Education. 
Isaac Barton 
George Peterson 
Thomas Ridgway 

D. Weatherly 
T. Earl 

E. P. Atlee 
Joseph Evans 
M. Attmore 
Thomas Parker, jr. 
Peter Wright 

C. S. Cope 
Joseph Parker 
John Bouvier 
Joseph Todhunter 
William Jones 
Joseph M. Truman 

D. C. Wood 
Jesse Stanley 
James Mott 
p. Stackhouse 
Robert Murphy 
Robert Evans 
Edwin Walter 
W. S. Hallowell 

Officers of the German Society, contnbiiting for 
the relief of distressed Germans in the state nf 

Isaac Wampole, President 

William Spohn, Vice President 

Andrew Korkhauss, Treasurer 

Samuel Keemle, Solicitor ♦ 

John C. Lowber 

George Fox 


F. Erringer 
F. Shober 
J. H. Fisler 
Lewis Mayer 
Wm. Montelius 
Jacob Alter 


Officers of the Provident Society. 
Right Rev. Dr. White, President 
Joseph Watson ? ^^^ presidents 
Roberts Vaux > 
Richard Price, Treasurer 
John C. Lowber, Secretary 

Thomas Astley 


Silas E. Weir 
Jacob Duntoii 
Pliilip Garrett 
John S. Henry 
Dcnjamin Tucker 
Ambrose >Vliitc 
nichard Price 
John «. Ncff 
Jamea Kerr 
A. M. Buckley 
Charles Bird 
Solomon Allen 
l-'urman Learning 
Frederick Erringet 
Abraham llilyard 
John B. Ellison 
Thomas Zcll 
Wilham Kitchio 
Isaac Lawrence 
Samuel Hildeburn 
William H. Richards 
Samuel Bispham 
James Fassitt 

Officers of the Society for the commemoration of 

the landing of IVilliam Penn, 
Honourable Richard Peters, President 
Joseph P. Norris, Vice President 
Peter S. Duponceau, Corresponding Secretary 
Thomas I. Wharton, Recording Secretary 
John Bacon, Treasurer 
John F. Watson, Curator 


Dr. Thomas Parke 

George Vaux 

Roberts Vaux 

Dr. Thomas C. James 

Zaccheus Collins 

Charles J. Ingersoll 

Richard Peters, jr. 

William Smith 

Joseph Watson 

Joseph S. Lewis 

Thomas Morris 

Clement C. Biddle 

William Mason Walmsley 

Officers of the Philadelpkia Society for Alleviat- 
ing the Miseries of Public Prisons. 
Wm. White, D. D., President 
Thomas Wistar ') 

Nicholas Collin, D. D. 5 
Roberts Vaux, ■> Secretaries and Corn- 

Bartholomew Wistar 3 niit. of correspondence 
Joseph M. Paul, Treasurer 
James Gibson ? Counsellors 
James J. Barclay 3 

Electing Committee. 
James J. Barclay 
Roberts Vaux 
William H. Delancey 
George Williams 
John Paul 
Edward Yarnall 
Benjamin IjL. Coates 

■Vice Presidents. 

Philip Garrett 
William Wayne 

Officers of the Northern Difipcnsury. 
George Boyd, President 
Joseph S. Riley, Secretary 
John C. Brown, Treasurer 
Edmund Pryor, Apothecary 
John Kessler, jr., Collector 

Rev. George Boyd 
Ilev. James Patterson 
Joseph Townsend 
Jonathan Roberts 
Jiobert A. Parrish 
Joseph S. Riley 
Henry Stiles 
William S. Stevenson 
Dr. George Ulder 
Dr. Jacob Jeans 
Thomas W. Pryor 
Dr. E. P. Atlee 

Directors of Public Schools. 
1st Section. 
By the Select and Common Councils of the 
City of Philadelphia, on the 10th inst. 

1. Roberts Vaux 

2. Wm. W. Fisher 

3. Thomas Leaming 

4. Francis G. Smith 

5. Philip Garrett 

6. Benjamin W. Richards 

7. Clements S. Miller 

8. William Wharton 

9. IL M. ZoUickolTer 

10. Thomas Dunlap 

11. Richard Price 

12. Samuel Paton 

13. Joseph L. Inglis 

14. Dr. G. Emerson 

15. George M. Stroud 

16. Joseph Watson. 

17. Geo. W. Toland 

18. John A. Leamy 

19. Thomas Yardley 

20. George Fox 

21. James Carstairs 

22. Isaac Starr 

23. Richard S. Smith 

24. Jacob Lex 

25. Charles F. Jenkins 

26. Thomas Earp 

27. Robert Murphy 

28. Rev. W. H. Furncss 

29. John Pemberton 

30. Isaac Norris 

31. Rev. W. H. Delancey 

32. T. G. llollingsworth 

33. Alex. Benson 

34. Lawrence Lewis 

35. Gerard Ralston 

36. Elliott Cresson 

Scamd Section. 
By the commi^ioners of the Kensington 



District of the Northern Liberties on the 2nd 

1. John C. Browne 

2. Adam Richard 

3. Michael Day 

4. George V/ilson 

5. Hugh Roberts 

6. Charles Non-is 

By the commissioners of the Incorporated 
Disti'lct of the Northern Liberties, on the lOtli 

7. Isaac W. Norris 

8. Joseph Warner 

9. Benjamhi Naglee 
10. John Child 

11- John Ileyl, jr. 
12. John C. Dacosta 

Third Section. 
By the commissioners of tlie District of 
Southwark, on the 17th Inst. 

1. Richard Palmer 

2. Robert -r'ilullin, jr. 
S. Ebenezer Ferguson 

4. George M'Leod 

5. John Cowan 

6. "William II. Hood 

Fourth Section. 
By the commissioners of the District of 
Spring Garden, on the Tth inst. 

1. Rev. George Boyd 

2. Frederick Haas 
S. "William Warner 

4. John F. Warner 

5. Thomas Meyere 

6. John M. Ogiien 

Ninth Section. 
By the commissioners of the Township of 
Moyamensing, on the I8th inst. 

1. James Ronaldson 

2. Francis Huckle 
S. James M'Cann 

4. Joshua Raybold 

5. John K. M'llvaine 

6. F. A. Raybold 
Roberts Vaus, President 
T. M. Pettit, Secretary 

District of Spring Garden. 

Justices of the Peace. — Tiberius Jefferson 
Bryant, David Woelpper, Joseph Parker, 
Francis Mitchell, John L. Wolf, Charles Sou- 
der, Thomas M. Rush. 

David Wentlig, High Constable 

Corporation of Spring Garden. 

1. Lawrence Shuster, President; 2. John 
M. Ogden; 3. Isaac B. Garrigues; 4. Daniel 
C. Ellis; 5. Isaac Shunk; 6. Jacob Gardner; 
7. Frederick Haas; 8. Henry Miller; 9. Henry 
Boreaf; 10. George Schryer; 11. DanielHotz; 
12. Isaac M'Caulley; 13. Charles Souder. 

Jacob Frick, Clerk— Peter Shuster, Trea- 
surer — P. M. Price, Surveyor — Addis Hayes, 
Superintendent — Isaac Remington, Vaccine 
Physician — Jacob Roat, Messenger. 

The Commissioners meet on the first Mon- 
day in every month, at their Hall, in Vine, 
near Ninth street. 

Managers of the Union Canal Company of 
Samuel Mifflin, President 
I. P. Roberts, Treasurer 

William Lehman 
George Vaux 
William Boyd 
William Read 
Charles Graff 
John C. Stocker 
William W. Fisher 
Jacob Gratz 
Francis G. Smith 
Peter Hahn 
WiUiam Y. Birch 
Samuel Baird, of Reading 

Officers of the Pudge Turnpike Company, 
William Rawle, President 
Thomas H. White, Treasurer 

John Patterson 
George Esher 
Robert Watkin 
Peter Robeson 
Matthias Holstein 
John Markley 
Robert Evans 
John Elliott • 
John Davis, (Miller) 
Frederic Stoever 
Andrew Crawford 
John Tkliller 

Officers of the Lancaster Schuylkill Bridge Co.n 
Jacob Ridgway, President 
Thomas P. Roberts, Secret. &. Tieasurcr- 

Samuel Richards 
Henry Nixon 
Thomas Biddle 
Thomas Hart 
Henry J. Williams 
Charles Roberts 


Officers of the Chamber of Commerce. 
Robert Ralston, President 
Lewis Clapier 
Thomas P. Cope ; 
Robert Smith, Treasurer 
John Vaughan, Secretary 

Vice Presidents 

I Officers of the Protestant Episcopal Sunday and 
[ Adult School Society of Philadelphia. 

Right Rev. Bishop AVhite, Patron 
Right Rev. Bishop Onderdonk, President 
Thomas H. White, Vice President 
George Hawkins, Treasurer • 

Rev. William Delancey, Corresponding Sccl'y 
William Robinsoiji, Recording Secretary 


University of Pennsylvania. 

This institution has obtained a just distinc- 
tion for its Mtdiral Lectures. They bepin on 
the first Monday of November, in eacli yc:ir, 
and terminate about the 4tli day of Marcli. It 
is the oUlest and the most frequented medical 
scliool in tliis country, and its celelM-ity has 
been widely estabiislied upon the labours of 
its medical faculty. JJeginning- in liie year 
1761, through the enterprise of l)rs. Morgan 
and Shippen, who found themselves, at first, 
surrounded by only about a dozen students, 
the Medical Lectures have been frequented 
for the last twenty-five or thirty years, by aa 
average number of more than four hundred 
young men, representing all the states in the 
union, the British provinces in North America 
and the West Indies. Notwithstanding the 
numerous medical schools which have been 
established since, in the United States, amount- 
ing, probably, to twenty or thirty, its numbers 
are undiminished, and the intellectual and mo- 
ral characters of its students have improved 

Tiie course of instruction consists in — 

Six lectures a week on Anatomy, by P. S. 
Physick, JI. D. and W. E.Horner, M. D., con- 

Six lectures a week on the Practice of Me- 
dicine, by Nathaniel Chapman, M. 1). 

Four lectures a week on Materia Medica, by 
J. 1{. Coxe, M. D. 

Four lectures a week on Midwifery, and the 
Diseases of women and children, by Thomas 
C. James, M. D. and AV. P. Dewees, M. D., con- 

Four lectures a week on Chemistry, by Ro- 
bert Hare, AL D. 

Four lectures a week on Surgery, by Wm. 
Gibson, M. D. 

I'wo lectures a week on the Institutes of 
Medicine, by Samuel Jackson, M. D. 

•Two lectures a week on Clinical Medicine, 
by N. Chapman, M. D. 

•Two lectures a week on Clinical Surgery, 
by W. Gibson, M. D. 

Besides which, a course of Practical Ana- 
tomy is conducted under the direction of Dr. 
Horner, beginning early in November, and 
ending the last of February. 

A very extensive and valuable cabinet of 
Anatomy is open to the inspection of students, 
twice a week. Its foundations were laid by 
numerous dried preparations and models, made 
and collected by the late celebrated Ur. Wis- 
tar, and generously jiresented, at his death, by 
his widow to the University for the use of the 
Medical Faculty. Their numbers have been 
increased by a similar act of munificence on 
the part of the Pennsylvania Hospital. In ad- 

• These lectures are delivered on Wednes- 
days and Saturdays at the Infirmary, belonging 
to the Philadelphia Alms House, an institution, 
from its extent, abounding in the most inte- 
resting cases of Medicine. 


dition to which, the collection lias been more 
than doubled by contributions from the pre- 
sent professors of anatomy, in numerous and 
varied preparations in spirits of wine, 8iC. il- 
lustrative of the morbid altei-ations of tlie hu- 
man body, as well as of its natural condition. 

A vahiyJjlc cal)inct of wax models and oil 
paintings is also possessed by the professor of 
surgery, and intended to illustrate his course of 

The Commencement, for conferring medi- 
cal degrees, is held once a year, about the first 
day of April, 'llie number of graduates varies 
from one hundred to one hundred and thirty. 

Medical Institute of Philadelphia. 

This institution, having for its objects the 
improvement of medical education in this 
country, began in the year 1817, under the 
auspices of N. Chapman, M. D. The course 
of instruction lasts for a whole year, begin- 
ning about the first or second Monday of April, 
and ending about, the last of the following 
March. It is divided into two terms, one ex- 
tends from April to the last Saturday of Octo- 
ber, a vacation being allowed during August, 
and consists in lectures. The second term be- 
gins early in November, and is continued to 
the end of March; it consists in examinations. 

From inconsiderable beginnings, the Medical 
Institute has reached to the condition of a sys- 
tematic and popular course of instruction. For- 
some years past, more than one hundred stu- 
dents "have been annually registered on its list. 
Students are riot permitted to enter for one 
set of lectures only, but must engage in the 
whole, as it induces them to adopt an exten- 
sive and varied course of medical scftoohng, 
much to their advantage. 

A degree in medicine is not conferred, but a 
certificate, signed by the lecwrers, respective- 
ly, is issued, indicating the time, during 
wiiich the lectures have been followed. _ It 
has been thought inexpedient to issue medical 
degrees upon this course of instruction, be- 
cause, emanating originally from one of the 
professors of the University, the Institute has 
been intended, invariably, as subsidiary to the 
course of instruction there; and has heretofore 
been conducted with Ih .at view. 

The lectures are as follows, viz. 

N. Chapman, M. D., on the Practice of Me- 

W. E. Horner, M. U-, on Anatomy. 

W.P. Dewees. M.D., on Midwifery. 

Samuel Jackson, M. D., on Materia Medica. 

John Bell, M. D., on the Institutes of Medi- 

John K. MitchlsU, M. D., on Chemistry. 

Hugh L. Hodge, M. D., on the Principles 
of Surgery. 

Thomas Harris, 51. D., (Surgeon of the Unit- 
ed States Naval Hospital, at Philadelphia,) 
on Operative Ljurgery. 

From ten to twelve o'clock every day, dur- 
ing the course of lectures, is left for cUnicul 



instruction, at the Philadelphia Alms House 
Infirmary, and at the Pennsylvania Hospital. 

During" the course of Lectures in the Uni- 
versity, Drs. Jackson, Bell, Mitchell, Hodg-e, 
and Harris conduct tlie examinations on the 
several branches of Medicine. 

A further Supplement to an Ordinance, entitled 
an Ordinance for the Regulation of the Own- 
ers and Drivers of llachuy Coaches, Wa- 
gons, Carts, and Drays, within the City of 
Philadelphia. Passed April 16, 1812. 

Sect. 1. Be it ordained and enacted hy the ci- 
tizens of Philadlephia, in Select and Common 
Councils assembled. That from and after the 
period of ten days, after the passing- of this Or- 
dinance, the rates or prices to be taken by the 
owners or drivers of Hackney Coaches or Car- 
riages for the conveyance of passengers shall 
be as follows, viz: — 

For conveying one passeng-er from any 
place within the city limits, east of the centre 
of Broad street, to any other place within the 
said limits, and east of the centre of Broad 
street, or from any place within the city limits, 
west of the centre of Broad street, to any otlier 
place within the said limits, west of the centre 
of Broad street, twenty-five cents; and twenty- 
five cents for each additional passeng'er, pro- 
vided that not more than four passages shall be 
charged for any one carriage. 

For conveying- one or more passengers in 
any other direction within the limits of the 
pavement, twenty -five cents per mile for each 
passenger. And if any trunk, box, case, port- 
manteau, or other baggage, of sufficient size 
or weight to exclude a passenger, be placed 
inside the carriage, at the request of the owner 
of such bagi^ao-e, twenty-five cents for each 
passenger that miglit be excluded thereby; 
and twelve and a hdf cents for every trunk, 
box, case, portmanteau, or other baggage, that 
may be placed on the ouWide of said carriage; 
provided, that no greater sum than twenty-five 
cents, in the whole, shall be' charged or paid 
for so conveying such baggage on the outside 
of such carriage. 

For conveying one passenger fi-om any place 
within the city limits, east of the centre o'fBroad 
street, to any other place within the said limits, 
west of the centre of Broad street, or from any 
place within the city limits, west of the centre 
of Broad street, to any other place within the 
said limits, east of the centra of Broad street, 
fifty cents, and if there is more than one pass- 
senger, twenty-five cents for each passenger, 
with the same charge for luggage as is allowed 

For conveying one or more passengers, when 
a carriage is employed by the hour, one dollar 
per hour; and the same rate for a longer pe- 

Sect. 2. Jlnd be it further ordained and en- 
acted by the authority aforesaid, That if any 
Owner or driver of any -of the said hackney 

coaches or carriages, shall ask, demand or re- 
ceive any larger sum than he may be entitled 
to receive as prescril)ed by the first section of 
tl>is opdinanc,e, he shall forfeit and pay for such 
ofience the sum of five dollars, and may be dc- 
pvlv^d of his license at the pleasure of the 
Mayor. • 

Sect. 3. And he it further ordained and en- 
acted by the authority aforesaid. That no driver 
of ;my hackney coach or carriage, wliile wait- 
ing for employment on any stand, which is or 
may be appointed for coaches or ciu-riages, or 
on the public streets or wharves of the city, 
sliall crack or flourish his whip, or shall molest 
or disturb any person passing, or'sliall stand or 
remain on the side walk, or shall be more than 
fifteen feet from his carriage, except when he 
sli-all be necessarily absent therefrom in the 
course of his duty and business; and whoever 
sliall ofi'end against any provision of this sec- 
tion, shall forfeit and pay for each offence one 

Sect. 4. And be it further ordained and en- 
acted by the authority aforesaid. That there shall 
be fixed up, in a conspicuous place, within 
each hackney coach or carriage, in such a man- 
ner as can be conveniently read by any person 
in the same, a card or paper, containing the 
number of the license, the name and residence 
of the owner, together with the whole of the 
first section of this ordinance, under a penalty 
of three dollars for every time such carriage 
shall go upon either of the public stands, or 
the public streets or wharves of the city, or 
shall convey a passenger or passengers, with- 
out having such card or paper so placed, 
which penalty may be recovered of the owner 
or driver of' such hackney coach or carriage. 

Sect. 5. And be it further ordained and en- 
acted by the authority aforesaid. That no driver 
of an}' hackney coach or carriage, licensed 
in pursuance of the ordinance, to whicJi 
this is afurther supplement, sliall, while stand- 
ing unemployed on an}- of the puiilic streets 
or wharves of the city, refuse or neglect to con- 
vey any person or persons, or their baggage, 
to anyplace or places witiiin the limits of the 
pavement, upon being applied to for that pur- 
pose, imder penalty of five dollars for every 
such offence, provided, that notliing contained 
in this ordinance shall be so construed as to 
extend to coaches or cain-iagcs whicii, though 
kept for hire, are not upon any occasion sent 
by t!\eir projirietorsupon tlie public stands, or 
upon any of the wharves for hire, but which 
are only let for hire upon special application 
to the proprietors, and upon special agree- 

Sect. 6. And be it further ordained and en- 
acted by the authority aforesaid. That the city 
clerk shall cause to be printed, on cards or 
paper, a sufficient number of copies of the first 
section of this ordinance, togctlierwith a blank 
form for the niunber of the license and name 
and residence of the owner; and it shall be his 
duty, immediately after the passing of this or- 



tlinance, and on tlie granting or renewing- of 
every license, :inn\i;illy, to tiirnisili to tlie oWncr 
of'siicli hue kiiey coach or carriage, two copies 
of the same for eveiy licensed coach or car- 
riaf^e; and, in case of loss or acciileiit, to fur- 
nish the same whenever specially ai)|)lied to, 
by any such owner or owners, free of cost. 

Sect. 7. JInd he it furlhcr onlainrtl and en- 
acted bf/ the autliorily r/forcsaid, 'I'iiat all and 
every fine and lines, penalty and penalliis, ini- 
])osed by this ordinance, shall be recovered 
with costs, !)y any person who will sue iur the 
sjime, in the manner, and for the uses pre- 
scribed in relation to the penalty inflicted by 
the seventh section of the ordinance lowliich 
this is a. supplement. 
Enacted into an Ordinance at the {;ity of I'hi- 

ladel|)hia, the twenty-fourth tlay of .laiuiary, 

in the year of our Lord eighteen hunihed 

and twenty-eight. 

President of the Common Council. 

President of the Select Council. 

Natiiax I{. Hotts, 

Clerk of- the Common ■Council. 

Wardens of the Port of Philadelphia. 

David Maffet, Muster Warden; Stephen Gi- 
rard, AVilliam West, Samuel Votans, Uunkson 
Taylor, Charles Peni'ose, Joseph llejnokls, 

Caleb Earle, Harbour Master. 

HARBGUn nEGrLATiojrs. 

Every vessel arriving from, or bound to a 
foreign port, is required by law to receive a 
pilot; or, to pay half pilotage in the Warden's 
office, where the master of every such ves- 
sel is required, under a penalty of 10 dollars, 
to make report within 36 hours after his ar- 
rival, and again before his departure, signing 
his name to said report in the Warden's book. 

Every vessel of 75 tons and upwards, ar- 
riving from, or bound to, any port within the 
United States, and the masters of all such ves- 
sels are bound as above. 

The pilot of every vessel is required to in- 
from the master of bis having to report at the 
Warden's offlce. 

All vessels obliged to receive a pilot, are re- 
quired to pay SlO in addition as winter jiilot- 
age from the 20tli of November to the 10th of 
March, l)0th days inclusive. 

Foreign vessels, i, e. French, Spanish, Por- 
tuguese, Neapolitan, Danish, llussian, South 
American, and Ilaytien, to pay ;p2 67 cents in 
-•addition to other pilotage. 

Every pilot, detained more than 24 hours, 
by any master, owner, or consignee, is enti- 
tled to §2 per day for every day he is so de- 

Every pilot detained more than 48 hours by 
the ice, after he has conducteil his vessel to a 
place of safety, is entitled to §2 per day for 
every day he is so detained. 

Every pilot, compelled to perform quaran- 

tine, is entitled to $2 per day for every day he 
is so detained, and cannot be discharged in 
less than six days witlH)Ut his consent. 

Every pilot, obliged by the ice, or stress of 
weather, to proceed to another po^-t, is, when 
there, entitled to his pilotage; and if there 
discharged, to 8 cents a mile for every mile he 
has to travel home. 

Every pilot is required, under a penalty of 
$\'2, to make report within 48 lioiu's, at the 
^^'arden's ofhce, of every vessel he conducts 
to the city. 

If any master, or captain of any ship or ves- 
sel, oi' otlier person, shall refuse or neglect to 
^omply with the directions of the harbour 
master, in matters within the jurisdiction of 
his olhcc; such person shall, for each and 
every such offence, severally forfeit and pay 
any sum not exceeding ^100. And the said 
harbour master shall, in full compensation for 
his services, be entitled to have, recover, and 
receive, from the master, captain, owner, or 
consignee, of each and every ship or vessel, 
arriving at the port of Philadelphia (coasting 
vessels not exceeding the burtlien of 75 tons 
excepted) the sum of •t'l for each and every 
voyage by such ship or vessel performed, and 
no more. 

Every ship or vessel tliat may arrive in this 
harbour, and that shall come to anchor in the 
stream, any where between Almorid and Vine 
streets, having previously caused her gun- 
])o\vder, if any she had on board, to be landed 
as tlie law directs, may remain in that situation 
24 hours, and no longer, taking care to lay as 
near to the island, or sand bar, as may be con- 
sistent with lier safety. But if, from the cir- 
cumstance of a vessel having servants on board, 
or from any other cause, it may be thought 
necessary or convenient to lay a longer time 
in the stream, then, and in every such case, the 
owner, master, pilot, or other person, having 
the charge or direction of such vessel, shall re- 
move her from opposite the city, and shall 
moor her, or cause her to be moored to the 
northward of Yine street, with one anchor and 
cable up, and one anchor and cable down the 
stream, and in both the above-mentioned situa- 
tions, the regulation contained in the next suc- 
ceeding article t^ be duly attended to. 

If any vessel, properly moored in the stream, 
shall have her anclior or cable overlaid by an- 
other vessel, in anclioring or mooring, the 
master or person having the care Or direction 
of such, last mentioned vessel, shall immedi- 
ately, or as soon as may be, after application 
made to him by the parly aggrieved, cause the 
said anchor or cable, so overlaying, to be taken 
up and cleared.. 

When any ship or vessel shall be hauled in 
to any wharf or dock, or alongside of another 
vessel that may be lying at sucli wharf or dock, 
the owjici', master, pilot, or whoever may have 
tlie command, care, or direction of her, shall 
have her securely made fast; and if outside of 
another vessel,- shall get one good fast from 
each end of the vessel to the shore, with sufR- 



cient fenders between them and the Inside 
vessel, and shall cause the flews of tlieir an- 
chors to be taken on board, and within 24 
hours thereafter to cause her jib-boom, sprit- 
sail yard, main boom, spanker and ring'-tail 
booms, if any they have, to be rig-j^cd in, and 
their lower yards topped up, in such a man- 
ner as least to interfere with vessels passing-. 

If the fasts of vessels when moored at a 
•wharf, shall extend across a dock, so as to ob- 
struct the passing and repassing- of shallops, 
lighter, or other craft or vessel, the master, or 
other person having the command of such sliip 
or vessel, shall, upon the first application, im- 
mediately cause such fast or fasts to be ca|j; 
oflT, or slacked down. 

No outward-bound vessel, putting off from 
a wharf, shall lay longer in the stream between 
Vine street and Almond, in the district of 
Southwark, above-mentioned, than '-24 hours. 
And if vessels, lying at the end of wharves, so 
much interlock with each other as to prevent 
vessels hauling in and out of the docks, the 
master, owner, pilot, or other person having 
the charge of the same, shall, immedi.ately on 
application from any person so wanting to iiaul 
his vessel in or out of the dock aforesaid, have 
the vessel or vessels, so interfering, moved in 
such a manner as to accommodate the one ap- 
plied for; in which case the vessel making 
room for another to haul in or out, shall have 
liberty to make her warps fast to the most con- 
venient place adjacent, for a reasonable time, 
and that all sea vessels, when transporting, or 
w^anting to haul in to a wharf or dock, or to 
make sail in order to proceed to sea, shall have 
the same privilege. 

When any ship or vessel may be lying along- 
side any wharf, and not actually taking in or 
discharging, she shall make way for, and per- 
mit any vessel, .that wants to unload or load, 
to come inside next the wharf, until she dis- 
charges or loads her cargo; and the said ves- 
sel, when so discharged or lo.aded, shall haul 
outside and give way to tlie vessel that first 
occupied the wharf; provided, that from the 
10th day of December to the Ist of j\Iarch, 
no vessel shall be compelled to move from her 
birth, (only those at Gloucester Foint Piers,) 
excepting to let vessels in apd out of dgcks. 

No ship or vessel lo.iding or dischari^iiig 
hemp at any wharf, or within any dock, shall 
be allowed to have any fire on board; neither 
shall any vessel laying outside or near her, be 
permitted to have fire on board, while it may 
be considered dangerous. And no tar, turpen- 
tine, rosin, or pitch, shall be heated on the 
wharf, or on board any vessel lying at any 
wharf, within the limits of the city. 

Annual return,' of the Marriages^ Baptisms and 
Buriah of the Episcopal Churches in Phila- 
. delpkin, by the Ckrks and Sexlons of said 
Churches, together with an abstract of the 
Marriages, Baptisms and Burials in the va- 
rious congregations in the city and suburbs. 

from December 25, 1826, to December 25, 

Eeiscoi'Ai. Chcbches. 

Christ Church, St. Peter*s and St. James'. — 
The Right Rev. Bishop White, Rector. Rev. 
Dr. Abercrombie, Rev. Mr. Kemper, and Rev. 
Mr. Delancey, Assistant Ministers. — Marriages, 
61; baptisms, 54; burials, 77. | 

St. BauPs Episcopal Church. — Rev. Mr. Al- Ij 
len, Rector. — Marriages, 20; baptisms, 24; bu- 
rials, 31. 

St. John's Episcopal Church, .V. L. — Rev. 
Mr, IJoyd, Rector. — Marriages, 5; baptisms, 
25; burials, 12. 

St. Stfjjhen's Church. — Rev. Mr. Montgo- 
m.ery. Rector. — Marriages, 10; baptisms, 25; 
burials, 9. 

St. Andrew's Church. — Tlev. Mr. Bedell, 
Rector. — Marriages, 10;. baptisms, 28; burials, 

Trinity Church, Southwark. — Rev. Mr. Meade, 
Rector. — Marriages, 8; baptisms, 49; burials, 

—Rev. Dr. Collin, 
itisms, 38; burials, j 

;.— Rev. Dr. Schaf- A 
.—Baptisms, 198; \ 

Swedish Lutheran Church. — Rev. Dr. Collin, 
Rector. — Marriages, 39; baptisms, 38; burials, 

German Lutheran Churches.- 
fer and Mr. Demme, Pastors. — Baptisms, 
burials, 108. 

Evangelical Lutheran Church of St. John. — 
Rev. Dr. Mayer, Pastor — Baptisms, 70; burials, 

Moravian Church, or United Brethren. — Rev. 
]Mr. Wolle, Pastor. — Marriages, 9; baptisms, 
11; burials, 10. 

Ro^tATT Catholic CHrncHES. 

St. Mary's Church. — The Right Rev. Bishop 
Conwell, Uector. Rev. Wm. Vincent Harold, 
and Rev. John Ryan, Assistant Rectors. 

St. Joseph's Church.— Rev. .John Hughes, 
Rev. T. J. Donahoe, Rev. John Reilly, Pastors 
of St. Joseph's, and occasional Pastors of St. 
Mary's. — Marriages, (both included,) 100; 
b.aptisms, do. 300; burials, do. 150. 

St. .Augustine's Church. — Rev. Michael Hur- 
ley, Superior Pastor. Rev. Edward Mayne, 
Rev. Geo. Carroll, Assistants.— Marriages, 22; 
baptisms, 14.1; burials, SO. 

Ilo/y Trinity Church. — Rev. Francis T{olof, 
Pastor. — Marriages, 6; baptisms, 76; burials, 


German Reformed Church. — Rev. Mr. Hel- 
fcnstein. Pastor.— Baptisms, 48; burials, 78. 

German Befurmed Church, N. L. — Rev. Mr. 
Bibighaus, Pastor. — Marriages, 19; baptisms, J 
83; burials, 39. 

First Befurmed Dutch Church of Spring Gar. 
dtr.. — R(;v. Mr. Sears, Pastor. — Marriages, 10; 
baptisms, 10; burials, 14. 

First Reformed Dutch Church, (Crown 
street.) — Rev. Dr. R.G.Livingston, Pastor. — 
Marriages, 33; baptisms, 19; burials, 28. 



Pnr.siiTTEBiAN CiifncnES. 

Firs\ Prcslnjienan Chiircfi.—Ucv. Dr.'Wil- 
8on, Pastor.— -Marriages, 13; baptisms, 28; 
burials, SO. 

Second rrcsln/tcriun Church.— Jlev. Dr. Jane- 
way, I'astor. — .Marriages, 23; baptisms, 43;bu- 
. rials, 37. 

Third Presbyterian Church.— Uev. Dr. Ely, 
Pastor— Marriages, 28; baptisms, 56; burials, 

Fourth Preshi/ierian Church, — Rev. Mr. 
Potts, Pastor.— Baptisms, 53; burials, 37. 

Fifth Presfji/tcriun Church. — Kcv. Mr. Skin- 
ner, Pastor.— Marriages, 24; burials, 4. 

Sixth Presbiittrian Church. — IJcv. Mr. Ken- 
nedy, Pastor.— Mairiagcs, 5; baptisms, 20; bu- 
rials, 9. 

Seventh Prcf^lii/fcrian Church or Tuhermtrk. 
— IJev. Mr. Eng-lcs, Pastor. — Marriages, 10; 
baptisiTW, 18; burials, 16. 

Kii-hth Pre!>biitciian Church. — Rev. Mr. 
M'Calla, Pastor.— Marriages, 25; baptisms, 18; 
burials, 26. 

J\'iitlh Presbyterian Church. — Re v. Mr. Cham- 
bers, Pastor.— Marriages, 50; baptisms, 70; bu- 
rials, 39. 

Fird Presbyterian Church, N. L. — Rev. Mr. 
Patterson, Pastor. — Marriages, 15; burials, 14. 

Firat lieforiiied J^rcsbyterian Church. — Rev. 
Mr. "Wiley, Pastor.- Marriages, 11; baptisms, 
38; burials, 16. 

.flssuciute Church. — Rev. Mr. Beveridge, Pas- 
tor. — Marriages, 3; baptisms, 6; burials, 11. 

Friends' Meeting. — Burials, 116. 

Baptist CHcncnES, 

First Baptist Church. — Rev, Mr. Brantly, 
Pastor, Second street, between High and Mul- 
berry streets. — Marriages, 15; baptisms, 44. 

Second Baptist Church.— llev. Mr. Kitts, Pas- 
tor. — Marriages, 62; baptisms, 30; burials, 36. 

7'hird Baptist Church. — Rev. Mr. Ashton, 
Pastor.— Baptisms, 17; burials, 43. 

Fifth Baptist Church, Sanso/n Street. — Rev. 
Mr. Uagg, Pastor.— Marriages, 19; baptisms, 
23; burials, 22.- 

JVtu^ Market Street, Baptist Church. — Rev. 
Mr. Cushman, Pastor.— Marriages, 68; burials, 

Iklr.TiioBisT Episcopal CiiunciiF.s. 

Union Md/iod/st.Cintr:h.—]lr\. Mr. Manning 
Force, Pastoi". — Marriages, 35; baptisms, 9; 
burials, 26. 

St. John's .iretbodi.ll Episcopal Church, ^'. 

L. — Rev. Mr. MilKr, Pastor. — Marriages, 7; 

baptisms, 35; burials, 150. 

^ Universalist Churches, \st and 2nd.— llev. 

Messrs. Fisk and Smith, Pastors. — Burials, 32. 

Christian Church. — Rev. Mr. Plummer, Pas- 
tor. — Marriages, 27; baptisms, 5; burials, 34. 

Unitarian Church. — !!ev. Mr. Furness, Pas- 
tor. — Marriages, 4; bajjtisms, 3; burials, 11. 

Nevj Jerusalem Society of Suuthwurk. — Rev. 
M.B. Roche, Pastor.— JIarriages, 30; baptisms, 
37; burials, 24. 

Christ Church, N. I..— Rev. W. Metcalfe, 

Pastor.— Marriages, 4; baptisms, 6; burials, 43. 

ArnicATf CncncHT-B. 

St. Thomas' Epixcopal Church: — Rev. Mr. 
Vanpclt. — Baptisms, 5; bin-ials, 28. .Ifricun Baptist Church.— Ilcv. Mr. 
Simmons, Pastor. — Marriages, 16; baptisms, 
16; burials, 16. 

.African Mcl/mdisl Church.— Hqv. Richard 
Allen, Pastor.— Marriages, 54; baptisms, 154; 
burials, 108. 

Jlfrican Union Methodist Church. — Rev. Mr. 
Coinish, Pastor. — Burials, 17. 

African Presbyterian Church. — Burials, 1. j 

Hebrew Synagogue.— 'Rnrhh, 1. 

. Marriages this year, as far as obtained, 881 this year 1879 

Burials this year 1841 

Increase of marriages this year 137 

Increase of baptisms this year 428 

Decrease of burials this year 634 

Post Officf, PhiiadeIiPHIA. 
Establishment of the Mails for the year 1828. 


Mails for New York Citv, arrive, daily, at 
6 A. M.— Close, daily, at 2"p. M. , 

For New Yoi-k, Connecticut, Massachusetts, 
New Hampshire, Rhode Island, Vermont and 
Maine States, arrive, daily, at 6 A. M. — (;lose, 
daily, at 2 P. M. 

For Andalusia, Bristol, Tullytown and Mor- 
risville, Pa., Burlington, Trenton, Princeton, 
New Brunswick, Woodbridge, Rahway, Eliza- 
bethtown, Newark, Jersey City, Amboy, and 
Morristown, New Jersey, arrive, daily, at 6 \. 
M., except Monday. — Close, daily, at 2 P. M., 
except Sunday. 

For Kensington, Frankford, Holmesburg, 
Bustletonand Byberry, arrive, daily, at 11 A. 
M., except Monday. — Close, daily, at 3 P. M., 
except Stmday. 

For Newtown and Attleboro', arrive, Thurs- 
day, at 6 A. M.— Close, Tuesday, at 2 P. M. 

For Newton, Attleboro', New Hope, Lum- 
berville, Erwinna and Durham, when the steam- 
boats are running, arrive, Tuesdays, Thursdays 
and Saturdays, at 6 A. M.— Closes, Monday, 
Wednesday and Friday, at 2 P. M. 

For Bordentown, New Egypt, Pittstown, 
Vansvcklcs, New Hampton and Hunterdon 
and Monmouth Counties, N. J. arrive, Wed- 
nesday, at 6 A. M.— Close, Saturday, at 2 P. M. 

Via" Easton, Pa., for Sussex and AVarren 
counties, and Schooley's Mountain, Morris 
countv, N. J., arrive, Tuesday, at 6 P. M. — 
Closej Sunday, Tuesday and Thursday, at 3 

All other places in East New Jersey, arrive, 
Wednesday, at 6 A. M.— Close, Monday, at 2 
P. M. 

sorTHr.n:^ mail. 

Mails for Delaware State, and the Eastern 



shore of Maryland and Virginia, arrive, daily, 
at 1 P. M.— Close, dally, at 7 A. M. 

, For Maryland, Virginia, North Carolina, 
South Carolina, Georgia, Mississippi and Lou- 
isiana States, and Arkansas and Florida Terri- 
tories, arrive, daily, from 8 to 11 A. M. by 
steamboats, according to the tide and weather. 
— Close, daily, at lialf-past 11, A. M. 

For Nashville, Ten. and the Soutli and Wes- 
tern partof 'I'ennesse.e State, Oliio State, South 
Kentucky, Indiann, and Missouri States, and 
Washington, Brownsville, Union Town, Pa. 
and Wheeling, Va., arrive, daily, at 1 P. M. — 
When the steamboats stop running, the south- 
ern mail will arrive at 1 P. M. and close at 7 
A. M. 

For the Eastern part of Tennessee State, 
arrive, Sundajs, Tuesdays and Fridays, at 1 
p, M. — Close, Sundays, Tuesdays and Fridays, 
at half-past U A. M. 


Mail for Pittsburg, Pa. and intermediate of- 
fices, and via Pittsburgh, for Ohio State, west, 
and Michigan Territory, arrive, daily, at 9 P. 
I^. —Close, daily, at 5 A. M. 

Via Harrishurgh, Pa. for Sunbury and.North- 
iimberlund, daily, except Sunday, at 9 P. M.— 
Close, dailv, except Saturday, at 5 A. M. 

ViaHarr'isburgh, Pa. for Mifflin, Peny, Hun- 
tingdon, Cambria and Indiana counties, arrive, 
Tuesdays, Thursdays and Saturdays, at 9 P. M. 
Close, Monday, Wednesday and Friday, at 5 

A. M. 

Via Harrisburgh, for Danville, Milton, Wd- 
liamsporl:, Bellefonte, and Union, Columbia, 
Centre and Clearfield counties, arrive, Mon- 
day, Wednesday and Friday, at 9 P. M.— Close, 
Monday, Wednesday and Frld.ay, at 5 A. M. 

Via Columbia, for York and Adams counties, 
arrive, Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday, at 9 
p. M.— Close, Monday, Wednesday and Fri- 
day, at 5 A. M. 

Via Downingstown, Pa. for Kennett Square, 
New London >< Roads, Oxford, [Ch. Cy,] and 
Marshalton, arrive, Wednesday, at 9 P. M.— 
Close, Tuesday, at 5 A. M. 

West Chester, Edgmont, Russelville, Clin- 
gansand Mount Vernon, arrive, Monday, Wed- 
nesday and Friday, at 2 P. ]\L— Close, Tues- 
day, Thursday and Saturday, at 6 A. M. 

West Ciiester via Downington, arrive, Tues- 
day, Thursday and Saturday, at 9 P. M. — 
Close, INlonday, Wednesday and Friday, at 5 

A. M. 

Kimbcrton, Valley V/oiks, Chester Springs, 
Morgantown, New Holland and Leacock, ar- 
rive, Monday, Wednesday and Friday, at 9 P. 
M.— Close, Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday, 
at 5 A. M. 

Mads for Reading and intermediate offices, 
and Berks and Lebanon counties, arrive, dally, 
at 6 P. M.— Close, daily, at 3 A. M. 

Via Reading, for Schuylkill county, arrive, 
Monday and 'Thursday, at 6 P. M.— Close, 
Tuesday and Friday, at 3 A. M. 
Via Harrisburgh, for Potter and M'Kean coun- 

ties, arrive, Monday, at 6 P. M. — Close, Satur- 
da}', at 3 A. M. 

Jlails for Easton, Pa. and intermediate ofii- 
ces, arrive, Monday, Wednesday and I-Viday, 
at 6 P. M. — Close, Sunday, Tuesday and Thurs- 
day, at 3 A. M. 

Via Easton, Pa. for Pike and Wayne coun- 
ties, arrive, Monday and Friday', at 6 P. M. — 
Close, 'J'uesday and Thui-sday, at 3 A. M. 
. Malls for Bctlilehem, and intermediate of- 
fices, arrive, daily, except Sunday, at 6 P. M. — 
Close, daily, except Sunday, at 3 A. M. 

Via Bethlehem, for Nazareth, Wilkesbarre, 
Luzerne, Susquehanna and Bradford counties, 
arrive, Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday, at 
6 P. M. — Close, Monday, Wednesday and Fri- 
day, at 3 A. M. 

Mails for Skippaclc, Sumnytown, Sellers- 
ville, Trexlertown and Kutztown, arrive, I'l'i- 
day, at 2 P. M. — Close, Wednesday, at half- 
past 2 P. M. 

Mails for Rising Sun and Germantbwn, arrive, ' 
daily, except Sunday, at 8 A. M. — Close, daily, 
except Sunday, at 4 P. M. 

Mails for Manayunk, lloxborough and Nor- 
rlstown, arrive, daily, except Sunday, at 11 
A. M. — Close, dally, except Sunday, at half- 
past 12 P. M. 

Mails for Mount Holly and Moore's Town, 
N. ,T., arrive, daily, at lialf-past 12 P. M. — 
Close, daily, at half-past 12 P. M. 

Mails for Malaga, Glassboro, Melville, JEtna 
Furnace and Beesly's, N. J., arrive, Tuesday 
and Friday, at 6 A. M. — Close, Wednesday and 
Saturda}^ at 3 A. M. 

Mails for Pemberton (or New Mills') and 
Vincentovvn, arrive, Monday and Friday, at 4 P. . 
M. — Close, Tuesday and Saturday, at 10 A. M. 

Mails for Bridgetown, [W. N. J.] and inter- 
mediate offices, dally, except Sunday, at 3 P. 
M. — Close, daily, except Sunda}-, at 10 A. M. 

Via Bridgetown, for Cedarville, Fairton and 
Dividing Creek, arrive, Monday, Wednesday 
and Friday, at 3 P. M. — Close, Tuesday, Thurs- 
day and Saturday, at 10 A. M. 

Via Bridgetown, for Port Elizabeth, Dennis' 
Creek, Cape May, C. H. and (^ape Island, ar- 
rive, Monday and Friday, at 3 P. M. — Close, 
Tuesday and Friday, at 10 A. M. 

Mails for Roadstown, Alloway's Town and 
Greenwich, N. J., arrive, Tuesday and Friday, 
at 3 P. M. — Close, Wednesday and Saturday, •^ 
at 10 A. M. J 

Mails for Sweedsboro, Sharptown, Woods- 
1?ovvn and Salem, N. J., arrive, dally, except 
Sunday, at 3 P. JL-— Close, daily, except Sun- ■ 
day, at 10 A. M. ''\ 

Mails for Hamington Glass Works, Pleasant's > 
Mills, Gloucester Furnace, Gravelly Landing 
and Leeds Point, N. J., arrive, Tuesdays and 
Fridays, at 3. P. M. — Close, Wednesday and 
Satvu-(la)% at 10 A. M. 

Mails for Evesham, Medford, Sooy's Inn and 
Tuckerton, arrive, Tuesday, at 3 P. M — Close, 
Thursday, at 10 A. M. 

Mails for Haddonfield, Absecom, May's Land- 



ing' an<l Somer's Point, N. J., arrive, Tuesday, 
at ;> P. M.— Close, Thursday, at 10 A. M. 

Mails for (Mk-w's Luiid'mi;', (JuiupbcU's Ta- 
vern, Cross Ki ys^ Stcplicn's Crct-k, ami 'I'lick- 
alioe, N. .1., iiii'ive, Tuesday aiul 'llitirsday, at 
3 l*. M. — Close, Wednesday and Saturday, at 
10 A. M. 

Svvif'tsure ]\Iail, via llranchlown, Ilatboro, 
Ilartville, Jonkintown and New Hope, Pa.; 
L:i!nl)ertsville, IJiiij^oc's Bound IJrook, Somer- 
ville and Scotch Plains, N. J., arrive, Tuesday, 
Tluirsday and Saturday, at 9 P. M. — Close, 
Monday, Wednesday and Friday, at 6 A. M. 

Letters must be left at tli'e Post Office 
williin the time specified, to insure Jj'oinjjf in 
tile mail of the daj'; and newspapers half an 
hour before that time. As there are several 
places of the same name in the United Slates, 
it is necessary that the directions should be 
particular; the states should be distinguished. 

and when it mipht be doubtful, the counties. 
When letters are not for a Post Town, the 
nearest I'ost Town ouf^lil to be mentioned. 

The oilice is open daily, from sun-rise to 8 
P. -M. except Sundays, tlie I'ourth of July, and 
(;hristmas day, when it is open from 8 to 9 A. 
M. and from 1 to 2 P. M. 

Persons wishing* to pay postage when the 
office is shut, can enclose the money with the 
letter, directed to "The Post OIKce." •Those 
who keep accounts with the carriers, or offifce, 
will please to enclose the letter, directed in 
tile same manner, wit,li a request that the post- 
ag'e be charg'ed to their account. 

All notes or letters deposited In this office, 
directed to any part of this city, this side of 
Rroad Street, and to the populous parts of the 
Northern Liberties and Southwark, will be 
carried out with the Eastern, Southern and 
Western Letters. 


Rates of Commissions, vecommended ffli' puneval ndopiion, ami allowed by ilie Pliiladelpliia Chamber of Commerce, 
when no agreeiueiii subsists to the contrary, established at a stated meeting on the lOth March, 1S23. 

Mf.hchandisk, Sales, - - . - . 

Purchase and Siiipment, or accepting Bills for Purchases, 
Landing and reshipping goods from vessels in distress, 
Receiving and forwarding, ... 


Vessels, Sale or Purchase, .... 
Procuring Freight or Chartering to proceed to another 

Collecting Freight or general Average, 
Paying outfits or disbursements, 

Mahine Lvsuhances, effecting, when'the premium does 
not exceed 10 per cent. 
When the premium exceeds 10 percent. - 
Adjusting and collecting losses witliout litigation, 

Fire Insuuancks, eflTccting, .... 
Adjusting and collecting losses, 

Foreigx and inland bills of exchakge and notes of 


Drawing or F.ndorsing, and negotiating in all cases, 

PiU'chase, witiiout Endorsing, ... 

Sale, do. do. .... 

Collecting, ...... 

P.ay ing over the amount, .... 

Remitting, ...... 

Public stocks, specie, bank notes oa drafts not cur- 

Sale, . - . . . . 

Purchase, ...... 

Collecting Dividends on Public Stock, 
Advances, in money, or by coming under acceptances, in 

all cases, ..... 

Accounts, Collecting disputed or litig.ated accounts, or 

claims on ijisolvent estates, 
Moneys, Receiving, from which no other commission is de- 
rived, ..... 

Paying, do. do. do. - 

Paying and receiving, do. do. - 
Guarantee, in all cases, ... 




































































on gross amount, 
on cost and charges, 
on currfent value, 
on do. do. 
on responsibilities incur- 
on gross amount, [red. 

on do. do. 

on amount collected. 

on aggregate amount. 

on amount insured, 
on amount of premiun>. 
on amount recovered, 
on amount of jiremium. 
on amount recovered. 

on the proceeds, 
on cost and charges, 
on the proceeds, 
on amount collected, 
on amount paid over, 
on amount remitted. 

on proceeds. 

on cost and charges. 

on amount collected. 

on amount advanced. 

on amount recovered. 

on amount received, 
on amount paid, 
on amount received, 
on amount guaranteed. 



Ob billt remitted for collection under protest for non-acceptance or non-payment, half commission to be charged. 

On consigrnment of merchandise, withdrawn or re-shipped, full commission lobe charged to the extent of advances 
or resp»nsibilitii's incurred, and half commission on the current value of ihe residue. 

On sales ofmerchaiulisc oritcinallj- consipnt d to auothtr house, but withdrawn, and where no responsibilities are 
incurred, only half commission to be charced 'ju llie curi- nt value. 

The current value, in all pases, to be settled by ccrtifieales of two respectable merchants, auctioneers or brokers. 

The above C'.>Himissions to be exclusive of Kuaranlee,'brokerape, storage, aud every other charge actually incurred. 

The risk of loss by fire, unless insurance be ordered, and of robbery, theft, and other unavoidable occurrences, if 
the usual care be taken to secure the property, is in all cases te be borne by the proprietor of the gaods. 


Do. -' - - 

2S per hogshead. 

6 per bag. 


25 per hogshead. 

Do. - - - 

12i per tierce. 


S i>er bag. 

Ashes, ... 

61 per barrel. 

Bagging, - 

li per piece. 

Bark, quercitron, 

30 per hoi;shead. 

Beef, ... 

t\ per barrel. 

Bottles, - 

8 per gross. 


25 per pipe. 

Bristles, - 

25 do. 


1| per firkin. 

Candles, - 

14 per box. 

Cassia, - - - 

6.^ per do. 

Do. - . 

^ per mat. 

Chocolate, - 

11 per box. 

Cloves and Nutmegs, 8' per ease. 

Coals, - 

14 per bushel. 


2 per bag. 

Do. - - - 

20 per hogshead. 

Do. - - - 

12i per tierce. 

Codfish, - 

25' per hogshead. 

Do. - - - 

2 per box. 


20 per hogshead. 

Do. - - . 

12j per tierce. 

Do, - - - 

5 per barrel. 

Do. - - . 

2 per bag. 

Copper, in pigs, 

15 per ton. 

Do. in sheets or 


30 do. 

Do. brazier's bot- 


50 do. - 


25 per hogshead. 


S7i per ton. 

Cotton, round, - 

15 per bale. 

Do. square. 

121 do. 

Do. East India, 

8 do. 

6J per barrel 

1 per box. 

2 per cwt. 
62J per ton. 
10 per tierce, 

3 per barrel 
25 i»fcr pipe. 

2 jier case. 
2 per hair. 
1 per bushel. 

Dry Goods, in boxes 

or bales 

Fish, pickled, 
no. dry, - 
Do. in bulk. 
Gin, - 
Do. - 

Grain, - > 
Hardware, - 

Hempen Yarns, 

Hops, • . . 

Do. - - 

Iron, in pigs, - 

Do. in bolls, bars, 

hoops, sheet*, or 

nail rods, - - 20 do. 

Lard, - - 12i per firkin. 
Lead, in pigs or 

sheets, - - 15 per ton. 
Do. dry, or g^'ound 

[Do. - 

1 per cubic foot. Paints, 

1 per bolt. Paper, wrapping, 

15 per crate. Pepper, 

25 per hogshead. Pimento, -• 


Do. - 
Rum, - 



25 per hosrshead. Soap, imported. 

621 per ton. 
20 per reel. 

I pc-r box. 

II per hide. 
15 per bale. 
SO per ICOO. 

4 per seroon. 
8 Jier box. 
15 per ton. 

in oil. 
Leather, - 
Molasses, - 
Nails, - 
Nuunegs, - 

30 do. 

1 per side. 

6J per box. 
25 per hogshead, 
30 per ton. 

see cloves. 
30 per pipe. 

Steel, in bars or bun- 
Steel, in tubs. 

Do - 

Do. - 

Do. Havana, 


Do. - 

'lin, biBck, 
Tin Plates, - 
Tobacco, - 

Do. - - 

Do. - - 

Do. - 

Do. - 

Do. - 

Do. bottled, 
Wood, dying, 

li per dozen. 
30 per ton. 

1 per ream. 

2 per bag. 
2i per bag, 
6J per barrel. 
2 per keg. 

i per box. 
12j per tierce. 
25 per puncheon 
ei per barrel. 

i per keg. 

1 per bnshel. 

2 per bag. 
6| i)er keg. 

4 per bos. 

20 per ton. 

2 per tub. 

25 per hogshead. 

5 per barrel. 

2 per bag. 
8 per box. 

25 per hogshead. 
6| per seroon. 

3 per qr. chest. 
15 per ton. 

IJper box. 
25 per hogshead. 

6J per seroon. 

2 per keg. 
25 per hogshead. 

6i per barrel. 
25 per hogshead. 
25 per pipe. 
12i per hogshead. 

(>\ per qr. cask. 

1 4 per dozen. 
30 per ton. 

All articles not herein enumerated, to pay according to measurement, at the rate of 2^ cents per square or super- 
ficial foot of proui'.d floor occupied. 

The proprietors ol the goods, in all cases, to be at the expense of pfltting them in store, stowing away, and turning 
out of siore. 

All goods taken on storage, to pay one month's storage; 
monlli, to pay full month's storage. 

Board of Health. 
Cornelius Comegys, President; R. E. Grif- 
fith, Secretary; James Kitclien,. Treasurer. 
City Members. 
Cornelius Comegys, S. I. liobbins, Edward 
Wallington, James Kitchen, Charles Lukens, 
M. D., R. E. Griffith, HI. 1). 

j\''orthern Liberties. 
"William Binder, George Gorgaus. 

John Harrison. 

Penn Township. 
Charles Souder, Esq. 

J. R. Burden, M. D. 

R. L. Loughead, Esq. 

Officers of Board of Health. 
Joseph Pryor, Clerk; John Buckingham and 
Alex. AVliithym, Messengers; John Robbins, 
Steward of the Lazaretto. 

Officers appointed by the Governor. 
George F. Leliman, M. D., Lazaretto Phy- 
sician; Josiah Stewart, M. D., Port Physician; 

if remaining in store one day after the expiration of the 

Henry Kenyon, Quarantine Master; William 
Mandry, Healtli Officer. 

St. Patrick's Beneficial Society of Pennsylvania. 

John Waters, President; Paul Reilly, Vice 
President; Charles Tisdall, Treasurer; James 
Akin, Secretary. Doorkeeper, Patrick Reilly. 

Stated Meetings, the first Monday in every 
month, at the I'hocnix Hall, in Zane Street, 
between Seventh and Eighth streets. 

Officers of the Lehigh Coal and Navigation 
Jonathan Fell, President 

John Cox 

Josiah White 
Erskine Hazatd 
James Bchot 
John Moss 
Hartman Kuhn 
Thomas Earp 
Timothy Abbott 
Epliraim Haines 
John Cook, Ches. st. _, 
Otis Ammidon, Treasurer 
Edwin Walter, Secretary 

> Manager 

])ijjlumatic Department-. 




Ureal nritain, viiciint. 

U illiuin U. Lawrence, secretary of le- 
.lames Brown, to France. 

Daniel Sheldon, secretary of legation. 
Henry Miildleton, to Russia. 

Charley Pinkney, secretary of lega- 
-\. H. Everett, to Spain. 

John A, Smitli, secretary of legation. 
Joel U. Poinsett, to Mexico. 

John Mason, jr. secretary of legation. 
Ileman Allen, to Chili. 

Samuel Larned, secretary of legation. 


^Vi^iam Shaler, consul general to Al- 

Samuel D. Heap, consul, Tunis. 

Charles D. Coxe, consul, Tripoli. 

John MwUowny, consul, Tangier, Mo- 


Thomas L. L. Brent, to Portugal. 
Christopher Hughes, to the Netherlands 
John J. Appleton, to Sweden. 
Beaufort T. Walts, to Colombia. 
Wi!liam Tudor, to Brazil. 
Wm. B. Rochester, to Central America. 
John M. Forbes, to Buenos Ayres. 
James Cooley, to Peru. 
Henry Wheaten, to Denmark. 


GREAT BlilTJiLX, IRELA^rn,&c. 

London — Thomas Aspinwall. 

Liverpool — James Maury. 

Bristol — Herman Visger. 

Falmouth— Robert W. For. 

Plymouth — Thomas W. Fox. 

Kingston-upon-HuU — William Davy, 

Isle of Wight— Robert R. Hunter. 

Leilh— Joel Hart. 

Glasgow — David Walker. 

Dublin — Thomas Wilson. 

Cork — Reuben Harvey. 

Belfast — Samuel Luke. 

Gibralter — Bernard Henry. 

Isle of France — 

Turks Island — Thomas Wynns. 

r.ermuda — William R. Higinbotham,* 

Nassau, N. P. — John Storr. 

St. ChristoTDher and Antigua — 

Demarara — Edmund Roberts. 

Kingston, Jamaica — Peter Lanman. 

Island of Trinidad — Charles L. Bartletl:" 

Barbadoes — John M. Kankey.* 

Paris — Isaac Cox Harnett. 

Bordeaux — Daniel Slrobel. 

Marseilles — Joshua Dodge. 

Nantes— F. C. Fenwick. 

L'Orient — Edward Church. 

Havre de Grace— R. G. Beasley. 

Lyons — James F. Cooper. 

Cette — Alex de Tubeuf. 

La Rochelle — .las. Jos. Debesse. 

Giiadaioupe Island— Francis B. Feur.gS. 

Martinique Island— Silas Mareau. 

St. Petersburg.— Abraham P. Gibsoo. 

Cadiz— Alexander Burton. 

Barcelona — C. Douglass. 

Valencia — Obadiah Rich. 

Malaga — George G. Barrell. 

Alicante — R. Montgomery. 

Bilboa-F. X. de Ealo. 
Island of Manilla — George W. IlubbeJJ, 
Island of Tennerifle— Payton Gay, 
Balearic Islands — George P. Ladico. 

Havana, Cuba — Thomas M. Rodney.* 

Trinidad, Cuba — Robert R. Stewart." 

St. Jago, Cuba — Thomas Backus.* 
Baracoa, Cuba— Henry K. Stearns.* 
Malanzas, Cuba — Lewis Shoemaker." 
Porto Ricco — William Simmons, jr.* 

Lisbon— I. P. Hutchinson. 
Oporto — 

Island of Madeira— John H. Marsh. 
Fayal — Charles W. Dabney 
Cape de V. Islands— Samuel Hodges, Jr. 

Amsterdam — John W. Parker. 
Rotterdam— E. Wambersie. 
Antwerp— Charles Barnett. 
Surinam — Thomas Trask. 
Island of Curacoa-Lewis Palmboeuf. 
Batavia— John Shillaber. 
Ostend — Louis Mark. 
St, Eustatia-J. HoUingsworth.* 

Stockholm, — David Erskinc. 
Gottenburg— C. A. Murray, 
Christiansand— Henry Janson, jr. 
St. Bartholomews— -ilobert M. Harrison 

Diplomatic Deparlmtrit, 

Mexico — James S. AVilcoks. 
I'ampico — George K. Iiiobertson. 
Aguatulco— 'riionias Keiley. 
Acapiilco — Harvey Gregg. 
Vera Crtizand Alvarado- Win. Taylor. 
Refugio on Rio Grande — Dan. W. Smilh 
Chiliiialuia— Charles W. Webber. 
Santa Fe — 

Saltillo— James W. M'Goffin. 
{Jampeachy — Henry Perrins. 
Mazp.tlan — James L. Kennedy. 
San Antonio Mexico — Uavid D'xon. 
Carthagena — John Macpherson. 
La Giiayra — J. G. A Williamson. 
Santa Martha — William J. Seaver. 
Giiyaquil — AVilliam Wheelwriglil. 
Maracaybo -Abraham B Nonts. 
Forto Cabello — Francis Litchfield. 
Panama — 

■Rio de Janeiro— W. II. D. C. Wright. 
San Salvador — WooObridge Odlin. 
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Maranhao— J. de S. Montiero. 
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Isle of Maranham- -Leonard Corning. 
Guatam.ala — Charles Savage. 
Buenos Ayres— George W. Slacum. 

Valjiaraisr. — Michael Hognn. 
St. Jago de Chili. — Daniel Wvnne. 

Qtiilca and Africa. — William F. Taylor. 
Lima — William Radchff". 

Copenhagen — John livnals. 
Isle of Santa Cruz — Robert l^aques. 
Island of St. Tliomas — Nathan Levy. 
Island of St. Croix — Joseph Ridgwav, 

Eli)crfield — John (i. Boker. 

Leipzig — C. F. Goehring. 

Hamburg — Jolin Cuthbert. 
Bremen — F. J. Wicheihausen. 
Lubec — Joseph H. Clark. 

Leghorn, Tuscany — Thomas Appleton. 
Florence, Tuscany — James Ombrosio. 
Genoa, Sardania — Robert Campbell. 
Kice, Sardania — V. A. Sasserno. 
Ti'ieste, Austria — George Moore. 

Eome — Feijx Cigognani. 

Naples — Ale.x. Ilammet. 
Palermo — Benjamin Gardner. 
Messina— John L. Pavson. 
Smvrna — David Offlev. 

Port au Prince — A. Armstrong.* 
Aux Cayes — James A. Holden.* 
Cape Havtien — James E. Brice.* 
Sandwich Islands — John C. Jones, jr.* 

Canton — John H. Grosvenor. 
J\'o!t. — Agents for Commerce and Sea- 
men are distinguished by an aslerisk.(*) 

Jlinisters, Consuls, and Commis- 
saries of Foreign Powers. 


From FRAjYCE. 
Count de Menon, charge d'affaires. 
Mr. D. St. Andre, consul general. 
Mr. Signet, consular agent, Boston. 
Count d'Espinville, consul, New York. 
Mr, Pillavoine, consul, 44 Pine street, 

Mr. Henri, considar agent, Baltimore. 
Marquis de Fougeres, consul, Charles- 
Mr. Deseze, vice-consul, Norfolk. 
Mr. Thomasson. vice-consul. Savannah. 
Mr. Batre, consular agent. Mobile. 
Mr. Guiilemin, consul, New Orleans. 

Charles Richard Vaughan, minister pie- 
nipotentiary and envoy extraordinary. 
Ciiarles Bankhead, esq. secretary of le- 
W. G. Ouseley, esq. and Percy W. 
Doyle, esq. attached to the legation, 
A. St. Jolin Baker, esq. consul general, 

at Wasliington. 
Donald M'Intosh, esq. consul, Ports- 
mouth, N. H. 
George Manners, esq. consul, Boston, 

John B. Gilpin, esq, Newport, R. I. 
Jas. Steward, esq. New London, Conn. 
Jas, Buchanan, esq. consul for the state 

and city of New York. 
Gilbert Robertson, esq. consul 4 Libra- 

ry street, Philadelphia. 
John Crawford, esq. consul, Baltimore. 
Charles J. Peshall, esq. consul, Wilmingf 

ton, N. C. 
^V■m. Gray, esq. consul, Norfolk, Va. 
Henry Newman, esq. consul, Charleston 
South Carolina. 

Diplomatic Department. 

Anthony N. I,. Molincnx, esq. consul, l{ene (iotlard, vice-consul for South 

Savannali, lico. Oarolina, Cliarlcston. 

George Salkeld, esq. conMil, N. Orleans F.lias Uacd, vice-consul for Georgia, 

consul, Pensucota. Savannali. 

James Baker, esq. vice-consul, Alexan- IIcnr\ Mutton, vlce-consulfor Louisiana 

dria, I). C. and Gulf ot Mexico, N. Ovii^ans. 

James C. Uuclianan, vioe-consul,N. Y. From jlUSTHLL 

Fiom RUSSIA. Baron de Ledercr, coi..;ul ior N. York, 

Baron Krudner. envoy extraordinary New Jcisev, Pennsylvania, Maryland 

and miiiisiei plenipotentiary. and Virginia. 

Baron Maltilz, first secretary of lega- From PRUSST.i. 

tion, acting now as charg-e.d'aH'aircs L. Neiderstetter, cliarjied'aliaircK, Arch 

Prince Lieven, second secretary of le- str-jet, n^ ar TweiRIi, PhiladelpUia. 

gation. T. Searle. ctnsul, Boston. 

Mr. \\allenstein. attached to tlie lega'n. J. W. ^chnl^dl, consul. New York. 

'J'he>)dore Ivanofl", consul general, 70, Jacob Sparry, consid, 99 soiith Front 

Valnut St. Pliiladflphia. street, PhdHcielpliia. 

J. Prince, agent, Salem. Louis Tranman, consul, Cliar!eston. 

E. Mayo, agent, Portland. Aom HJMBUJiGII 

J. G. Bogert, vice-consul. New York. Charles N. Buck, consul general, 30 

Thomas H. lleas, agent, Charleston. Walnut st. Fliladelphia. 

F«rtescue Whittle, agent, Norfolk. Vincent Nolte, consul. New Orleans. 

Charles Pindar, vice-consul, Pensacola. Fredeiick Christian Graf, vice-consul, 

E. Hollander, vice-consul, N. Orleans. Baltimore. 

From SPjlIJK''. Anthony C. Cazenove, vice-consul, Al- 

Don Francisco Tacon, envoy extraordi- exandria. 

nary and minister plenipotentiary, Jacob Wulff, vice-consul, Charleston. 

270, Walnut st. Philadelphia. John VV. Schmidt, vice-consul, N. York, 

Don Hilario de Rivas y Salmon, secre- From FRAA' k'FOlil). 

tary of legation. A. Halbach, consul, 81 south Front st. 

Don Miguel Tacon, attached to the le- Philadelphia. 

gation. From DEJ^MJRK. 
Don Francisco Hernandez de Nogues, Steen Bille. charge d'affaires and con- 
consul, 50, south Fifth St. Philada. sul general, ad interim, until the re- 
Don Raynnindo Chacon, consul, Boston. turn of P. Pederson, esq. Philada. 
Don Francisco Slaughton, consul, N.Y'. William Ritchie, vice-consul, Boston. 
Don Juan Bautista de Bernabeu, con- K. E. Peterson, vice-consul. New York. 

sul, Baltimore. John Bohlen, vice-consul, 67 south 4th 

Don Pablo Chacon, consul, Norfolk. street, Philadelphia. 

Don Antonia Argote Villababos, consul, Lewis Brantz, vice-consul, Baltimore. 

New Orleans. Jonathan Swift, vice-consul. Alexandria 

From PORTUGAL. Moses Myers, vice-consul, T orfolk. 

Chevalier Joachim Barroza Pereira, Hanson Kelly, vice-consul, Wilmington, 

charge d'affaires and consul general. North Carolina. 

218, Ciiesnut st. Philadelphia. James L. Ladsden, vice-consul, Charles- 
Philip Marett, vice-consul for the New ton. South Carolina. 

England states, Boston. W. Scarbrough, vice-consul. Savannah. 

Chevalier J. C. de Figaniere e ^lorao, W. Wver, vice-con'^ul. New r.rleans. 

consulforN.Y. and' East Jersey. 'From WIRTEMRERG. 

John Vaughan, vice-consul for Pennsyl- Christian Mayer, esq, consul general, 

vania, Delaware, and West Jersey, residence Baltimore. Inquire of May- 

107, south Front st. Philadelphia. er &. Lohmaii back of 95 north Wa- 

John S. M'Kim, vice-consul for Mary- ter street, Philadelphia. 

land, Baltimore. From SAXOJ\'Y, 

Christopher Neale, vice-consul for Dis- Charles Augustus Davis consul general. 

Irict of Columbia, Alexandria. Frederick Augustus Meusch, consul 

Walter de Lacy, vice-consul for Virgi- New York. 

nia, Norfolk. Robert Ra'ston. jun. consul, 9, South 

John P. Calhorda, vice-consul for North Front street, Philadelphia. 

Carolina, Wilnungton. R% JL Douglass, consul, Baltimore. 

Diplomatic Department. 

Baron Stackleberg', charg'e daflaires, 

Wash! nif ton. 
Cl)f-valier S. Lonch, consil g^cneral, 

218, Chesnut street, Philadetpliia. 
\V. Rollins, vice-consul, Boston. 
II. Gatin. consi;l, New York. 
John Vaiiq-han, 107, South Front st 

S. Law'son, vice-consul, Baltimore. 
C. Neale, vice-cons'il, Alexandria. 
J. Brette, vice-consul, Norfolk. 
Jos. Winthrop, vice-consul Charleston. 
A. Foster, jr. vice-consul Savannah. 
John A. Merle, vice-consul, N. Orleans. 

Chevalier Haug'einan Huyt^ens, envoy 

extraordinary and minister plenipo- 
T. C. Zimmerman, consul. New York. 
J. J. Hag's '.erft, consul, Baltimore. 
Mr. Casanove, consul, Alexandria. 
Moses Myers, consul. Norfolk. 
Lewis KiTimbhaar, Agent, No. 217, 

Market street. 

H. Castro, vice-consul. Providence. 
Martin Mantin, vice-consul. New York. 
A. O Hammond, vice-consul, Charleston 
N. Edward Fowle, consul general, 41 

Nr)rth Eighth street, Philadelphia. 
■William Reed, vice-consul. Dock above 

Second street, Piiiladelphia. 
Charles Picot, vice-consul, Washington 

square above Seventh st. Philada. 
Chevalier Don Y'gnace, Caravadnssy de 

Thoet, consul general, 394 \\a!nut 

street, Philadelphia. 
C. Cazenove, consul, Boston. 
S. V. Bouland, consul. New Y'ork. 
A. Garibaldi, consul, I'hilatlelpliia, 
C Valdor, consul, Baltimore. 
y. F. Brette, consul, Norfolk. 
Y. Auze, consul, Savannnii. 
Y'. Y. Viel, consul, Ciiarlesiori. 
A. F. George, consul. Mobile-. 
V. V. Dubourg, consul, New Orleans. 

Don Pablo Orbregon, minister plenipo. 
iJon Ignacio Montoya,sec'ry of iegalirin 
Don Sebastian Mcrcado, second sccic- 

tarv of legJtion. 

Don Isidro Delqado, consul, Boston. 
Don ^■entura Obregon, consul, N. \. 
Don Jose I'olon, consul, 58 Walnut st. 

Luke Tiernan, esq. consul, Baltimore, 
Richard W. Cogdell, esq. consul 

Don Francisco Pizarro Martinez, con- 
sul, New Orleans. 


Alejandro Y'ekz, charge d'aH'aires and 
consul general, corner of Fifth and 
Library streets, Philadelphia. 

Juan Antonio, Rauseo, Juan de laCrna 
Dominguez, and Francisco Davila, 
officers of legation. 

James Andrews, vice-consul, Boston. 

Peter Geilineau, commercial agent. 
Con. and Rhode Island. 

Javier de Medina, vice-consul, N. Y. 

Edward Barry, vice-consul, 33 Walnut 
street, Piiiladelphia, 

Robert W. Glil, vice-consul. Baltimore. 

Tho. Middleton, vice-consul, Charleston 

John Myers, vice-consul, Norfolk. 

Robert Goodwin, vice-consul. Savannah 

Isaac N. Cos, do. St. Augustine. 

AY. H. Robertson, do. Mobile. 

Samuel P. Morgan, do. New Orleans. 

Jose Sllvestre liebello, charge d'aflPaires 

Andre da Silva Lisboa, sec'ry of legation 

F'r.incisco Jcaquim de Lima, consul gen- 
eral, lOS, South Front street, Philada. 

Archibald Forte, do. Massaciiusettb 
New Hampshire and Maine, 

C. GrifTen, do. New London. 

Samuel Snow, do. Providence. 

Herman Bruen, do. New York. 

James Morrell, vice-consul, Philada. 

Edward J. Coale, do. Maryland. 

Christopher Neale, do. Alexandria D C. 

John P. Calhorde, do. Wilmington, 

Frederick Myers do. Norfolk. 

Samuel Chadwick, do. Charleston. 

John W. Anderson, do. Savannah. 

James Waters Zacharie, do. N. Orleans 

General Alvear,minist. plenipotentiary. 

Colonel Yriarte, <:eretarv of legation. 

Anthony J. Canas, envoy extraordinary 
and minister plenipotentiary. 




United States^ Almanac. 










COURTS, &c. 

Selected in order to be extensively useful throughout the Country, 
In Travellers and Residents. 






Desilver^s Almanai 


Fixst ^out\\, 



Moon's Phases. 


C Last 
% New 
1) First 
O New 














ets' Places 





on Mer. 



»2 :il 
05 ti^ 






H. M. 










5 S 

5 59 










3 S 

5 33 



22 28 








5 7 











4 41 


!^52^ 15 13 





2 S 

4 16 


slow dec S place 




Sun rises and sets. 

New I Phila- Wash. &| New 

York. I dclphia. Lexin. | Orleans. 




6: Sun 

7\ M 

8 Tu 

9l W 

10: Th 

Hi F 

12| Sa 

Vo Sun 

14i M 

151 Tu 

16; w 






$ sets 6 15 
T) runs high 

day 9 14 

Ij opposition 

Sirius S 11 2 
]) runs low 

j) in perigee 
returns rises 
[10 59 
^ conjunction 

h south 10 54 

2/ rises 3 2 
4th Sun af Eph 
Spica rises 114 









^ 11 

^ 8 



47, SI 
41 1 

11 56 


10 35 

11 37 









S! 8 09|18 
20i 8 57I19 

ll 9 44I19 
13 10 3l|l7 
25:11 17|16 


57 N 
39 N 
36 N 
55 N 
41 N 
3 N 

3 S 

8 S 

4 S 
49 S 

29 S 

30 S 

9 S 
45 S 
54 S 
47 S 


\7 26 

S7 20 
22 S7 19 
42 s!7 18 
51 N|7 18 

3n!7 17 
45 N|7 15 
47 N:7 15 

5 n!7 14 

35 m 13 

13 N7 12 

2 N7 10 

58N7 9 

11 Ni7 8 

41 N7 7 

26 57 

26 5J7 
25 ob 
25 5:7 
24 5|7 

7 21 
7 20 
7 19 
7 19 
7 18 




13 57 
12 57 
11 57 

10 5'7 

10 57 

8 57 

8 57 

6 5 
5 5 


3 57 




20 516 


Be it remkmberki), that on the nineteenth day of September, in the fifty-first year of 
the independence of the United States of America, A' D. i8'27, Robert Desii-ver, of the said 
district, hath deposited in ll>is office the title of a book, the right whereof he claims as proprietor, 
in the words fo'lowinof, to wit: 

"TAe United States'' .Almanac, comprising Calculations for the Latitudes and Meridians of the J^orlhern, 
Southern, and Western States, with a variety <>j public information aiid interesting Masonic matter; to- 
gether with a correct list of the ^rmy and .iVav;/ of the United Stales. Members of Congress, Courts, Sfc. Se- 
lected in order to be extensively useful throughout the Country to Travellers and Residents.^^ Calculated by 
Seth Smith. 

In conformity to the act of the congress of the United Slates, intituled " An act for the en- 
couragement of learning, by securing the copies of maps, charts, aud books, to the authors and 
proprietors of such copies, during the times therein mentioned." — And also to the act, entitled, 
" An act supplementary to an act, entitled, " An act for the encouragement of learning, by 
securing the copies of maps, charts, and books, to the authors and proprietors of such copies 
during the times therein mentioned," and extending the benefits thereof to the arts of designing, 
engraving, and etching historical and other prints." D. CALDWELL, 

Cterk of t!te Eastern District of Ptivnsylvanm 

Vesilver's Jtlmaivac, 


First •NVouUi, 



Moon rises and sets. 


!,,„,„„ 1 New 1 

Philii- 1 

Wasii. 1 New 

B<«ton.| York. 1 


& Lox. Orleans 





rises rises 


5 23 

5 28 

5 29 

5 31 5 51 


6 18 

6 21 

6 22 

6 24 

6 41 


7 15 

7 17 

7 18 

7 19 

7 o:i 


8 12 

8 13 

8 15 

8 16 

8 26 


9 10 

9 10 

9 12 

9 13 

9 19 


10 10 

10 11 

10 10 

10 10 

10 12 


11 10 

11 9 

11 9 

11 8 

11 06 














1 15 

1 13 

1 12 

1 10 



2 21 

2 19 

2 17 

2 15 

2 1 


3 27 

3 25 

3 23 

3 21 

3 5 


4 34 

4 31 

4 28 

4 25 

4 7 


5 31 

5 28 

5 26 

5 23 

5 6 


6 30 

6 27 

6 25 

6 23 

6 7 








7 15 

7 17 

7 19 

7 20 

7 30 


8 27 

8 28 

8 29 

8 30 

7 36 


9 36 

9 ^7 

9 37 

9 07 

9 38 


10 45 

10 44 

10 43 

10 42 10 38 


11 48 

11 47 

11 46 

11 4511 36 














1 47 

1 45 

1 43 

1 41 

1 28 


2 43 

2 41 

2 39 

2 'i7 

2 22 


3 37 

3 34 

3 31 

3 28 

3 11 


4 25 

4 22 

4 19 

4 16 



5 7 

5 4 

5 2 

5 Oi 4 44 


5 47 

5 44 

5 42 

5 40' 5 26 


6 23 

6 21 

6 18 

6 17 

6 5 


Slave trade abollslied and importation proliibited, 1808. 
Jesuits expelled from Petersbiiri^-li and Moscow, 1816. 
(Jen. Wilkinson's trial commenced at Utica, (N. Y.) 1815. 
Ship Ontario lost at Sooratoo, 1799. 
Academy of Fine Arts established at New York, 1803. 
Unsuccessful atUick on Buenos A}'res l)y the Ent^lish, 1763. 
Galileo Galilei, great mathematician, died at Florence, 1642. 
Defeat of the British at New Orleans; loss 2600 men, 1815. 
Truce between Gen. Jackson and the British Gen. Lambert, 

to bury the killed on the 8th, at New Orleans. 
Linnxus the botanist died at Upsal in Sweden, 1778. 
The Adelphi School of Philadelphia, opened, 1808. 
Darkness so great in England that no person could read atii 

noon day, 1679. i 

The Spaniards defeated at Cuenca by marshal Victor, 1809. ■ ■ 
The Swiss Cantons armed against France, 1798. 
Masquerades and masqued balls prohibited in N. Y'^ork, 1810. 
Battle of Corrunna, in Spain, 1809. 

Fer. VII, of Spain, issued an edict against Freemasons, 1815. 
The inside of the Exchange, Liverpool, des. by fire, 1795. 
Lord Wellington takes Ciudad Rodrigo by storm, 1812. 
Died in London, D. Gan-ick, the celebrated tragedian, 1779. 
Louis XVI beheaded, 1793. 

Greeks defeated by Gen. Jackson at Tallapoosa, 1814. 
Thanksgiving in N. Orleans on ac. of Jackson's v 
Gen. Lee surprised the British g-ar. at Georgetow 
Destructive fire at Poitland, (Maine.) 1811. 
Arnold sentenced to be reprimanded by Wasliington, 1779. 
Gen. Floyd repulsed and defeated the Indians with great 

slaughter at Camp Defiance, 1814. 
Died, Henry VIII, king of England, aged 56 years, 1547. 
A volcanic eruption in the sea at St. Michael, Azores, 1810. 
The British troops reembarkcd, after the signal defeat at|] 

New Orleans, the 8th preceding, 1815. J 

London docks at Wapping first opened, 1805. J 

sa, 1814. ji 

victory, 1815. 1 j 
vn,S.C. 1781.1] 



1. An Eclipse of the Sun on the 14th of the Fourtli month, ( April,) at 4h. 17 min. 
in the morning, invisible. 

2. An Eclipse of the Sun on the 8th of the Tenth month, (October,) at 7h. 17min. 
afternoon, invisible. 

Venus will be Evening Star till the 28th of the Seventh month, (July,) after whicii, 
it will be Morning Star to the end of the year. 

On the 22(1 of the Sixth month, (June,) and 2d of the Ninth month, (September,) 
"Venus will shine with the greatest splendour; and for a day or two belore and after 
these tijjies. mav be seen at noon. 

Desilvefs Almanac. 

^econA M^ontli, 




O Planets- Places, &c. Iw 

D's Ahoth 

l] Moon's Phases. 

"t ©S 

Lat. on Mer. 

r D. H. M. 

D H. M; 


ri d; Last 8 2 54 Afternoon. 

1 'I2i29!l5 

13 27 10 10 0116 

5 S 3 48 

11 % New 15 5 44 Morning'. 

7 1812914 


17 2l| 0122 

S 2 24 

U 3 Fir^ 22 9. ^8 Morning. 

13 24l--ll4 

14 . 

3 24 X 



5N 3 00 


19 X ] 



r,T2 1 

3 29 

5 N 1 2 37 1 


25 1 6 ] 


1410r 9| 23i29jlli5 si 2 14 1 









Sun rises and sets. 




dec S 





New Phila. & |Wash. &| New 


York. Colunib. | Lexin. 


r ^ 


\l south 10 5 

13 5c 

17 14 

SI 19 


10 36 N 

7 5 5 

7 2 57 5 

6 58 6 6 41 6 

W 2 


[ ^ sup conjun 

14 1 

16 57 

m 1 


7 2S 

7 5 5 

7 1 56 59 6 

6 57 i 

) 6 41 6 

r ^ 



14 8 

16 40 


1 29 

3 ION 

7 3 5 

7 56 58 6 

6 56 6|6 40 6 

fi "* 


"^ quartile 

14 14 

16 22 


2 14 

53 S 

7 2 5 

6 58 6 6 57 6 

6 55 t 

6 39 6 

In ^ 


7 ::+c's set 1 46 

14 19 

16 4 

:£- 8 

2 59 

4 57 S 

7 15 

6 57 6 6 56 6 

6 54 e 

6 38 6 

11 ^ 


14 24 

15 46 


3 45 

8 52 S 

7 5 

6 56 66 55 6 

6 55 e 

6 38 6 

in ^ 


14 28 

15 27 

ni 4 

4 32 

12 26 S 

6 59 6 

6 55 66 54 6 

6 52 e 

6 37 6 

ii ^ 


14 31 

15 9 


5 22 

15 27 S 

6 57 6 

6 54 66 52 6 

6 50 6 

6 36 6 

|] 9 


Sirius south 9 6 

14 :i:i 

14 50 

/ 1 

6 1617 43 S 

6 56 6 

6 53 6 

6 51 6 

6 49 6!6 35 6 



3 nins low 

14 34 

14 30 


7 13 18 56 S 

6 55 6 

6 51 6 

6 50 6 

6 48 6 

6 34 6 



14 35 

14 11 


8 1218 59 S 

6 53 6 

6 50 6 

6 49 6 

6 47 6 

6 34 6 



14 35 

13 52 

>y 14 

9 1317 45 S 6 52 6\ 

6 49 6 

6 47 6 

6 46 6 

6 33 6 

f 13 


3) in perigee 

14 3413 31 


10 1215 18 S 

5 51 6 

6 48 66 46 6 

6 45 6 

6 32 6 




14 32 

13 11 

^ 14 

11 1011 46 S 

S 49 6 

6 46 6 6 45 6 

6 43 6 

6 31 6 



14 31 

12 51 


Af 8 7 23 S 

5 48 6 

5 45 6'6 44 616 42 6 

6 30 6 



14 27 

12 30 

X 14 

1 OS 2 54 S 

5 47 6 

5 44 6;6 43 6 

6 41 6 

6 29 6 



Sirius S 8 35 

14 23 

12 9 


1 55 1 47 Ni6 45 6| 

5 43 6'6 42 6 

6 40 6 

6 28 6 



14 19 

11 48 

T 13 

2 46 6 15 N 

5 44 6 

5 42 6:6 40 6 

6 39 6 

6 28 6 



(v) enters X 

14 13 

11 27 


3 36 10 15 N 

5 43 6 6 40 66 39 6 

6 38 6 6 27 6 1 

II 20 


Ash Wednesday 

14 7 

11 6 

« 9 

4 24 13 S5 N 

5 42 66 39 66 38 6 

6 37 6 6 26 6 

II 21 


\l south 8 42 

14 1 

10 44 


5 1316 12 N( 

5 40 6 

5 37 66 o6 6 

6 35 6 6 25 6 f 

11 22 


day lOh 50m 

13 SS 

10 22 

n 4 

6 02il7 59N( 

5 38 6 

5 o6 66 35 6 

6 34 6 6 24 6 

II 23 


13 46 

10 1 


6 5118 54 N( 

5 37 6< 

5 35 66 34 6 

6 33 6] 6 23 6r 



1st Sun in Lent 

13 37 

9 39 


7 3918 58 N( 

5 36 6 6 34 6 6 33 6\ 

6 32 6 

6 23 6 



% rises 1 19 

13 28 

9 16 

Zo 10 

8 26;i8 11 N( 

) 35 6 ( 

5 33 6 6 32 6 

6 30 6 

6 22 6f 

II 26 


13 18 

8 54 


9 13il6 37 N 6 33 6( 

5 31 6 6 30 6 

6 29 6 

6 21 6 

II 27 


13 7 

8 32 

SL ~4 

9 59 14 21 N 6 31 6t 

> 30 6 6 29 6 

6 28 6 

6 20 6[ 

1 28 


12 56 

8 9 16| 

10 4411 28 N 6 30 6< 

5 28 6 6 28 6 

6 27 6 

6 19 6j 

I] 29 


_i__— __-».— -» 

12 45 

7 46 



11 281 8 2N6 29 6( 

5 27 

6 6 26 6 

6 25 6 

6 18 6| 


Many, who were personally acquainted with 
this celebrated character, have frequently heard 
bun relate the foliowiog- anecilole: 

Being professor of anatomy, he once procu- 
red, for dissection, the bodies of two criminals 
who had been hanged. The key of the dissect- 
ing-room not being immediately at hand when 
they were carried home to him, he ordered them 
to be laid down in a closet which opened into 
his own apartment. The evening came, and 
Junker, according to his custom, proceeded to 
resume his literary labours before he retired to 
rest. It was now near midnight, and all his fam- 
ily were fast asleep, when he heard a rumbling 
noise in his closet. Thinking that, by some mis- 
faJfe, the cat had been shut up with the dead 

bodies, he rose, and, taking the candle, went 
to see what had happened. But what must have 
been his astonishment, or rather his panic, on 
perceiving that the sack which contained the 
two bodies was rent through the middle! lie 
approached, and found that one of them was 

The doors and windows were well secured, 
and he thought it impossible the body could 
l)ave beeu stolen. He tremblingly looked round 
the closet, and observed the dead man seated in 
a corner. 

.Junker stood for a moment motionless; the 
dead man seemed to look towards liim, he mo- 
ved both to the right and left, but the dead iuan.. 
still kept his eyes upon him. 

The professor then retired, step by step, with 
his eye still fixed upon the object of his alarm, 

Desilver's Mmanac. 

¥ebYVV'A\->j , 








[1 14 

1 16 




1 24 



1 28 

8 56 

9 57 
10 58 




7 12 

8 20 

9 26 

10 31 

11 34 


8 56 

9 56 

10 55 

11 59 

1 4 

2 8 

3 10 

4 7 
4 58 

5 41 


7 13 

8 20 

9 25 

10 30 

11 32 


8 56 

9 55 

10 54 

11 58 

1 2 

2 6 

8 56 

9 54 
10 53 

5 40 

7 13 

8 19 

9 24 

10 29 

11 31 

11 57 

1 C 

2 4 

5 38 


7 1^ 

8 18 

9 23 

10 28 

11 29 
morn ' morn 


1 24 

2 14 


3 42' 

4 20| 

4 55^' 4 53 

5 27 5 26 




40; 3 38 
18 4 16 


Nonintercourse with G. H. established by congress, 1811. 
Gen. A. St. Clair elected Pres. of the Am. congress, 1787. 
Gencrul Moultrie defeated and drove tlie British from Port 
Royal island, (S. Carolina,) 1779. 

8 55jCeo. Lillo, celerated dramatic writer, born in London, 1693. 
Chesapeake declared in a state of blockade, 1813. 
Eng'land granted letters of marque and reprisal against Ame- 
rica, 1777. 

Cardinal di Monte elected Pope Julius III, 1550. 
moi'nJMaiy, queen of Scotts, beh'd. in Fothering-ay castle, 1587. 

45 First parliament, subject to Eng. opened in Corsica, 1795. 

1 48jDied in Paris, Chs. dc Secondat, baron Montesquieu, 1755. 

2 46Sur. o! Fort Bowyer to the Bri. byLt, Col. Laurence, 1815. 

3 45|Died in Bo.ston, capt. J. Manly, of the U. S. navy, 1793. 
40 Splendid sword, presented by the state of New York, to 

commodore M'Donough, 1817. 
Died, in his 56th year, sir Wm. Blackstone, the celebrated 

commentator, 1780. 
Hard foug-ht battle between Bonaparte and Blucher, at Mont- 

mirail, 1814. 
Lieut. S. Decatur, United States navy, destroyed the frig-ate 

Philadelphia, 1804.— Also his birth day, 1779. 
Treaty of Peace with Eng'land ratified, 1815. 

9 17 Died at Jsleben, (Up. Sax.) Martin Luther, aged 64, 1546. 
10 23JTreaty for the cession of Florida, finally ratified, 1821. 
f 1 26|U. S. sliip Constitution captm-ed the Cyane andLevant, 1815. 
morn Charles Brockden Brown died at Fhilad. ag-ed 40, 1810. 

16, Washington's birth day, 1732. — rice 17 inches th'ck on the 
I D^aware, 1817. 

1 3 Died in London, Sir Joshua Reynolds, aged 69, 1792. 

1 54 U. S. brigHomet captured the Peacock, 1813. 

2 40 Oak wood sold at from $16 to 18 pw cord, in Fhilad. 1811. 

3 24 Bonaparte sailed fi-om Elba for France, 1815. 

4 4 Battle of Orthes, between WeDington and the French, 1814. 

4 51^ 4 42!General Pichegiu arrested by Bonapaxte, 1804. 

5 25 5 19i 

9 50 

10 45 

11 46 

5 27 


7 16 

8 14 

and holding the candle in his hand until he reach- 
ed the door. The dead man instantly started up 
and followed him. A figure of so hideous an ap- 
pearance, naked, and in motion — the lateness 
of the hour — the deep silence which prevailed 
— every thing concurred to overwhelm him with 
confusion. He let fall Ibe only candle which he 
had buroing, and all was darkness. He made 
his escape to his bed-chamber, and threw him- 
self on the bed, thither, however, he was pur- 
sued: and he soon felt the dead man embracing 
his legs, and loudly subbing. 

Repeated cries of " leave mel leave me!" re- 
leased Junker from the grasp of the dead man, 
who now exclaimed, " Ah! good executioner! 
good executioner! have mercy upon me!" 

Junker soon perceived the of what had 
happened, and resumed his fortitude. He in- 
forme'i the reanimated sufferer who he really 
was, and made a motion ia order to call up some 

of the family " You wish then to destroy me!" 
exclauned the criminal. " Jf you call any one, 
my adventure will become public, and I shall 
be taken up and executed a seccnd time. In 
the name of humaiiitv, I implore you to save 
my life." 

The physician struck a light, decorated his 
guest with an old night gown, and, having 
made him drink off a cordial, requested to know 
what had brought him to the gibbet. " It would 
have been a truly singular exhibition," obser- 
ved Junker, " to have seen me, at that late 
hour, engaged in a tetc-a-iele with a dead man, 
decked out in a night gown." 

The poor wretch informed him t(iat he had 
enlisted as a soldier; but that, having no great 
attachment to the profession, he had determi- 
ned to desert; that he had unfortunately entrus- 
ted his secret to a kind of crimp, a fellew of no 
principle, who recomraonded him to a woman 

JDesilvei^s Mmandc. 

T\\i¥d ^loivth, 












Planets' Places, &c. 

ti»|T)'s ; AJioth 
ui* Lat. Ion Mer. 

aq , , 

^ p ! H. M. 
I6I4 S' 1 58 

Moon's Phase 

11 1 



\l. 9 



D. H. H 
O F^ill 115 


1413 15 


C Last 9 17 Morning. 


17 1 


1416 22 



22^3 n' 1 36 

% New 15 4 37 Afternoon. 


23 ' 1 


13119 29 



28' 5 N 1 14 

3) First 23 5 

L Morning. 


29 ' 1 





412 SO 52 

O Full 31 5 18 Morning-. 


T5 : 1 


13 25 14 



10 5 S! 30 





m 1 ©'s r^ 

slow dec S ^ place 

Moon 5 's Sun rises and sets. 

south dec Boston.! ^T 1 PWIa.&.|Wash. & 
1 York. 1 Colum.] Lextn. 




Jl rises 10 46 

12 33 7 23liru 10 


4 15 N6 27 66 25 6] 

6 25 6 

6 24 6 

6 17 6 



2d Sun in Lent 

12 20 7 




6 26 66 24 6 

6 24 6 

6 23 6 

6 16 6 



I2 south 7 59 

12 6 6 37 

=2= 5 


3 51 S 

6 25 6 6 23 6 

6 22 6 

6 21 6 

6 16 6 



% quartile 

11 5^ 6 14 


1 45 

7 49 S 

6 23 66 21 6 

6 21 6 

6 20 6 

6 14 6 



^ gr elong-ation 

11 39 

5 51 

"l 1 

2 33 

11 28 S 

6 21 6 6 20 6 

6 20 616 19 6 

6 14 6 



7 ;l<'s set 11 52 

11 25 

5 28 


3 23 

14 37 S 

6 20 66 19 616 19 6l6 18 6 

6 13 6 



11 10 

5 5 


4 15 

17 2 Sj6 19 66 18 6'6 17 6 6 17 6 

6 12 6 



10 55 

4 41 

/ 11 

5 10 

18 30 Sle 17 6|6 16 616 16 6 6 15 6 

6 11 6 



10 40 

4 18 


6 06 

18 54 S 6 16 6 

6 15 66 15 6j6 14 6 

6 10 6 



10 24 

3 54VJ 9 

7 04 

18 6 S 6 14 6 

6 13 66 13 6 

6 12 6 

6 9 6 



\l sets 2 49 

10 8 

3 31 


8 02 

16 9 S6 13 6 

6 12 6:6 12 6 

6 11 6 

6 8 6 



3) in perigee 

9 52 

3 7 

^ 8 

9 00 

13 9 S 

6 12 6 

6 11 616 11 6 

6 10 6 

6 7 6 



9 35 

2 43 


9 58 

9 19 S 

6 10 6 

6 9 66 9 6 

6 9 6 

6 6 6 



9 18 

2 20!x 8 

10 53 

4 56 S 

6 9 6 

6 8 66 8 6 

6 8 6 

6 5 6 



5 & 5 conjun 

9 1 

1 56 


11 46 

18 S 

6 7 6 

6 7 6 6 7 6 

6 6 6 

6 5 6 



4th Sun in Lent 

8 44 

1 32 

cy 6 

aft 38 

4 15N 

6 5 6 

6 5 66 5 6 

6 5 6 

6 4 6 



5 inferior conj 

8 26 

1 9 


1 29 

8 30N 

6 4 6 

6 4 66 4 6 

6 4 6!6 3 6 



8 9 


8 4 

2 20 

12 ION 

6 3 6 

6 3 6 

6 3 6 

6 3 66 2 6 



7 51 



3 11 

15 6N 

6 16 

6 16 

6 16 

6 166 16 

20 Th 

(v) enters <y> 

7 33 

N 2 


4 01 

17 16 N 

6 6 

6 6 

6 6 

6 66 6 

21 F 


7 15 



4 50 

18 29 N 

5 58 7 

5 58 7 

5 58 7 

5 58 7|5 58 7 

22 Sa 

6 55 



5 39 

18 52 N 

5 57 7 

5 57 7 

5 57 7 

5 57 7 

5 58 7 

23 Sun 

6 37 

1 13icr5 6 

6 27 

18 23 N 

5 56 7 

5 56 7 

5 56 7 

5 56 7 

5 57 7 



]) in apog-ce 

6 19 

1 36 18 7 14 

17 4 N 

5 54 7 

5 54 7 

5 54 7 

5 55 7 

5 56 7 




2 OjSl 8 00 

15 2 N 

5 53 7 

5 53 7 

5 53 7 

5 54 7 

5 55 7 



5 41 

2 24 12 8 46 

12 22 N 

5 51 7 

5 52 7 

5 52 7 

5 52 7 

5 55 7 



5 23 

2 47 24 9 31 

8 8N 

5 50 7 

5 50 7 

5 50 7 

5 51 7 

5 53 7 



5 4 

3 llTTJJ 610 15 

5 29N 

5 48 7 

5 49 7 

5 49 7 

5 50 7 

5 53 7 

29j Sa 

4 46 

3 34I 1811 00 

1 32 N 

5 47 7 

5 48 7 

5 48 7 

5 49 7 

5 52 7 

30! Sun 

4 27 

3 57l^ 1|11 46 

2 33 S 

5^45 7 

5 46 7 

5 47 7 

5 47 7 

5 51 7 



4 8 

4 20 




6 38 S 

5 44 7 

5 44 7 

6 45 6 

5 45 7 


50 7 

in whose house he was to remain concealed; 
that this woman had discovered his retreat to 
the officers of Police, &c. 

Junker was extremely perplexed how to save 
the poor man. It was impossible to retain him 
in his own house, and keep the affair a secret, 
and to turn him out of doors was (.0 expose him 
to certain destruction. He resolved to conduct 
him out of the city, in order that he migiit get 
into a foreign jurisdiction; but it was necessary 
to pass the gates, which were strictly guarded. 
To accomplish this point, he dressed the man 
in some of his old clothes, and covered him 
with a cloak, and, at an early iiour, set out for 
the country with his proteg<^ behind him. On 

arriving at the city gate, where he was well 
known, he said in a hurried tone, that he had 
been sent for tovisit a sick person who was dy- 
ing in the suburbs. He was permitted to pass. 
Having both got into the open fields, the deser- 
ter threw himself at the feet of his deliverer, to 
whom he vowed eternal gratitude; and, after 
receiving some pecuniary assistance, departed> 
offering up prayers for his happiness. 

Twelve years after. Junker having occasion 
to go to Amsterdam, was accosted on the Ex- 
change by a man well dressed and of the best 
appearance, who, be had been informed, was 
one of the most respectable merchants in that 
-city. The merchant, in a polite lone, inquired 

JJesilver's jilmanac. 

TVuYiV *MouU\, 


18^8. I 


Moon rises and sets. 
Ntw ' Phila- I AVMh. 1 New 
Y»>rk. jdelphii».|& Lex.'OrWns 

6 51 
8 54 

8 55 

9 58 
11 3 


2 54 

3 41 

4 23 

5 2 
5 37 
8 18 
8 24 

10 26 

11 23 


1 5 


6 51 







5 38 


8 17 

9 22 

10 23 

11 20 


6 51 

10 59 



1 57 

2 49 

3 37 

4 2: 

5 : 

5 3! 

8 16 

9 21 

10 22 

11 18 



6 51 

7 51 

8 52 

9 54 

10 57 

11 59 


1 55 

2 47 

3 35 

4 19 


rises Bonaparte landed at Frejus and resumed the crown, 1815. 

6 52(The Americans cannonaded Boston, 1776. 

7 48 Battle of Brier Creek, 1779. 

8 44 James Monroe inaug-urated president of the U. States, 1817. 

9 43 Died in Philadelphia, in Iiis 43d year, Jos. Reed, 1785. 

10 43 N. Bonaparte dechu-ed traitor, by Louis XVIII, 1815. 

11 42 Ame. frigate Randolph, capt. N. Biddle, blown up, 1778. 
morn TJie Ame. privateer Leo, cap. by the Bri. ship Tiber, 1815. 

40 Chai-ette the famous Vendcan chief shot at Nantes, 1796. 

1 49 British schr. Lottery sunk by the Ame. schr. Adeline, 1813.1 

2 32 Maria Louisa of Aus. mairied to Bonaparte by proxy, 1810. 

3 29 Gustavus Adolphus IV, king of Sweden, dethroned, 1809. 

4 12 Insolvent law of Pennsylvania passed, 1812. 

4 57 British admiral, John Byng-, shot at Portsmouth, 1757. 

5 39 Battle of Guilford, 1781.— Ice broke up in the Del. 1740. 
sets sets French, under mar. Ne\', entered Chalons-Snr-Marne, 1814. 

8 15 8 7 Charles II declared war ag-ainst Holland, 1672. 

9 20 9 9 Bonaparte assumed the title of king of Italy, 1805. 

10 20jl0 6 Arbitration law of Pennsylvania passed, 1810. 

11 16|11 1 Bonaparte opened the siege of St. Jean d'Acre, 1799. 
moni|ll 51lDied in London, L. Sterne, author of Tris. Shandy, 1768. 

8imorn Treaty between the United States and Cherokees. 
57|, Capt. Biddle, Penguin, 1815. 
Rt. Rev. William White, born 1747-8, O. S. 
The French seized on Florence and Leghorn, 1799. 
Gen. Hull found guilty, and sentenced to be shot, 1814. 
Creeks defeated by Gen. Jackson, at Tohopeka, 1814. 
Capture of the American frigate Essex by the British ships 

Phoebe and Cherub, 1814. 
Bonaparte abolished the slave trade in France, 1815. 
5 lOjConvention between England and Sweden, 1802. 
rises ' rises lAtiempt made by a woman to steal the crown from the tower 
of London, 1815. 


2i! : 


31' . 






4 1 

4 35 

■whether he was not professor J unker, of Halle ; 
and on being answered in the affirmative, he 
requested, in an earnest manner, his company 
to dinner. The professor consented. Having 
reached the merchant's house, he was shown in- 
to an elegant apartment, where he found a 
beautiful wife, and two healthy children: but 
he could scarce suppress his astonishment at 
meeting so cordial a reception from a family 
with whom, he thought, he was entirely unac- 

After tlinner, the merchant, taking him into 
his counting-room, said, " You do not recollect 
me.'" — "Not at all."— " But I well recollect 
you, and never shall your features be effaced 
from my remembrance. You are my benefac- 
tor. I am the roan who came to life in your clo- 
set, and to whom you paid so much attention. 
On parting from you, I took the road to Hol- 
land. I wrote a good hand, was tolerably expert 
at accounts; my figure was somewhat interest- 
ing, and I sooa obtained employment as a mer 
chant's elerk. My good conduct, and ray zeal 

for the interests of my patron, procured me his 
confidence and his daugliter's love. On his re- 
tiring from business, 1 succeeded him, and be- 
came his son-in-law. But for you, however, £ 
should not have lived to experience all these 
enjoyments. — Henceforth look upon my house, 
my forlune, and myself, as at your disposal," 

Those who possess the smallest portion of 
sensibility can easily represent to themselves 
the feelings of Junker. 


The following admirable production, deliver- 
ed before a company of volunteer soldiers, du- 
ring our revolutionary struggle, upon the eve 
of their going ' forth to glorious war,' was cal- 
culated to inspire them with more than Hercu- 
lean strength and courage. Parthenon. 

Jiline Frinds: — Ven virst you corned here, 
you was boor and lousy, and now frienls you is 
prout and zassy. and yous gotton on your uni- 
corns, ant dem vits you like a dongs upon un 
faogs pack j now mine frients, let me dell von 

Desiiver's Mmanuc. 

1 ¥o\\yU\ ^Ioiv\\\, 



Moon's Phases. 


Last 7 
New 14 
First 22 
Full 29 

II. M. 

7 6 Morning. 

4 17 Morning-. 
2§ Morning-. 

5 44 Afternoon. 

Planets' Places, &c. 

•l^ © 

i T 

I 12 








%\ % 9 ^Q, 





>:jii 29. 



__ ts*] J) s Ahoth J 

^ en"! Lat. on Mar. Ij 

— ^i [l 

-- ^ D. H. M. 1] 

6 12V2j26 
81 19; 10[26 




cn'i Lat. 

on Mar. 


^ D. 

H. M. 





11 39 



11 17 


5 S 

10 55 


4 S 

10 33 







I Boston. 

Sun rises and sets. 

New ' Phila. & Wash. & New 

York. I Coluin. Lexin. Orleans. 




I 29 































^ rises 8 45 

Jj quartile 
Good Friday 

Easter Sunday 

1) in perig-ee 

7 >j<'s set 9 43 

^ 's gr elong. 
@ eclips invis 

11 rises 7 ST 
j) runs hig-h 

]) in apogee 
Spica S 11 9 
% rises 11 50 

% in conjun 












8 29 

8 42 

9 1 
9 34 
9 56 

10 17 
10 38 

10 59 

11 20 

12 20 

12 40 

13 20 
13 40 

13 59 

14 17 
14 36 
14 54 










3 51 

9 43 

10 35 

11 25 
aft 16 




27 Si5 



8 16 

9 1 
9 46 

10 33 

11 23 


47 S 
26 S 
10 S 

34 N 
53 N 
46 N 

29 N 

46 N 
36 N 
32 N 
45 N 
19 N 
17 N 

48 N 
58 N 

4 S 
10 S 

8 S 
42 S 
40 S 

43 7 
41 7 
40 7 
39 7 
37 7 5 

5 44 7i5 

35 7 
34 7 
o3 7 
32 7 
30 7 
29 7 







19 7 







9 7 
7 7 
6 7 
5 7 
4 7 


40 7 
39 7 

18 715 

17 715 

15 7\5 

14 7i5 

13 7|5 

12 715 

10 7\5 

9 715 

8 7l5 

7 7I5 

44 7p 
43 7'5 

41 7J5 
40 715 
39 7\5 
38 7|5 
36 75 
35 75 
34 7\5 
32 7\5 
31 7\5 
31 7\5 
29 75 
28 7I5 
26 75 
25 7 5 
24 7^5 
23 7^5 
21 7\5 
20 7\5 
19 7|5 
18 7I5 
17 7'5 
15 7\5 
14 7i5 
13 75 
12 75 

11 7 
9 7 
9 7 



dis, a man is a man if he's no bigger as my dumb. 
Ven Tavid vent out to fight vid Goliah, he dook 
nothing vid him put one sling; now don't mis- 
take me mine frieats; it was not a rum sling; 
no, nor a gin sling; no nor a mint vater slingj 
no, it vas a sling mate vit an hickerj- sthick. 
Now ven Goliah sees Tavid coming, he says, 
" you little tampt scoundrel, does you come to 
\ ight me? I will give you to the pirds of the fielt, 
and de p^asts of the air.'' — Tavid saj's, Goliah, 
The race ish not alvays mit the shwift, nor ish 
the pattle mit tliS strong, and man is a man if 
he's DO pigger as my dumb. So Tavid he fixes 
a sthone in his shhng, and he drows it at Goli- 
ah, ant Unociis him rite in the vorehead, and 
den Tarid takes Goliah's swort and cuts off his 

heat — and den all the pretty caals of the shiddy 
comes out, and strewed flowers in his way, and 
sung Saul is a creat man, for he has kilt his 
dousands, put Tavid is creater as he, vor he 
has kilt Goliah. 

Now mine frients, when you coes out to fight 
mit the tampt Pritish, remember vat I dell you, 
dad a man is a man, if he's no pigger as my 


A short time since, a dog, belonging to a 
certain limb of the law in an adjacent township, 
very unceremoniously entered a butcher's shop, 
and made free with an excellent leg of mutton; 
neither stopping to inquire the price nor to as- 

iJcsileer's JJbnunuc. 


Fourt\\ JS\a>u1\v, 




Moon rises uiiil sets. 

Di Boston. 

New iphila.& VTwih. ' New 
York. Iloluiii. Ct Ux.'Orlc-.u»s 

II 7 57 r 561 7 551 7 54i 7 U 
8 11 8 lOJ 8 9 7 56 
10 VIO 310 l| 9 45 
411 9;ll 611 411 2 
5 morn j mom ; morn 1 1 59 
ej 8 
71 59 

8 1 47 

9 2 30 
10| 3 7 
111 3 46 

;i2 4 18 

13 5 ; 

14 sets 


15 8 17 

16' 9 19 

ll/jlO 15 

U 50 
1 45 

U 54 
1 43 

2 29 

2 27 

3 7 

3 6 

3 45 

3 44 

4 20 

4 20 

5 5 

5 6 



8 15 

8 14 

9 16 

9 15 


8 12 

9 13 

10 12110 1010 7 9 51 

morn j morn ' mom mom 

32 29l 27 

Fiftt thcftiny of congi'ess under tlie fed. constitution, 1789. 
Action Hi Frcisuc Ijct. tiie Imperialists and Fren<, 1797. 
.\rcluliike Josepli chosen and crowned king' of liome, 1764. 

10 lojManjuis de Laf;i\ ette embarked for America, 1777- 

11 44:Uonaparte accejited tlie I. of Kl!)a as liis residence, 1814. 
morn iMassiicr^ of Ame. pnsoners at Dartmoor prison, Eng. 1815. 

U 37:l)ied at Verona, the empress of Austria, 1816. 

1 27|Charles IV, of Spain, revoked liis abdication, 1808. 

2 16,Sir r. Hurdett arrested and sent to ihe tower, 1810. 

3 OBank of the United States incorporated, 1816. 

3 42'Napole()n officially abdi. the crown of France and Italy, 1814. 

4 23|FhHadelpliia Dispen.sar\' instituted, 1786. 

5 14 Col. Saml. Miles elected mayor of Philadelphia, 1790. 
sets lAction at Millesino .ind Dogo, Italy, between the French 

and Austrians, 1796. 
g 39i Ame. Gens. Lee and Marion invested fort Watson, S. C. 1780. 
8 58 Shakspeare born at Stratford upon Avon, 1564. 

Commencement of the negociation between Mr. Erskine and 
tlie American g-overnment, 1809. ^ 

11 5 11 2[ll 10 57 10 42 Washington, HaU, N. Y. sold by auction for t52,250,*1817 
11 5011 47111 4511 4211 27 Battle at Lexini^ton, (Mass.) 1775. Cessation of hostilities 

with Great Britain, 1783. 
mom Died at Wash, city Geo. Clinton V. Pres. of tlie U. S. 1812. 
^0 11 Was^jington an-ived at Trenton, 1789. I] 

'O 49 Hattle of Ecknmhl, bet. Bonaparte and A. duke Chls. 1809. J 
1 27 Fort Watson sunendered to Gens. Lee and Marion, 1781. 
2 10 2 4 Baltimore privateer schooner Surprise, captured the Engli-sh 
brig- Kutusoff; 1812. 
45' 2 44J 2 43 2 42 2 39Baltimorians seize tipon the provincial magazine, 1775. 
13 3 14 3 14 3 14 3 151Fort Meigs invested by the British and Indians, 1813. 

3 42 Ame. Gen. Eaton at. and earned Derne in Barbary, 1805. 

4 28jPrivateer York Town caj3. the English brig Avery, 1813. 
rises IPeaeock captured the British brig Epervier, 1814. 

8 7 56, 7 54 7 39 Unsuccessful attempt on Porto Rico by the British, 1797. || 

certain (he weight thereof. Tlie dog, however, 
it appears, was well known, and the pour buUh- 
er immediately proceeded to the owner's hr)use. 
The case (barring the person's name to whom 
the dog belonged) wasstated to Mr. Laiitat, and 
inquiry madeif the value of the mutton could not 
be recovered. " O, most certainly, I will write 
t.0 the person immediately.' The cunning ' flesh- 
er' having thus ascertained the law of the case, 
begged leave to inform the attorney that his 
dog was the aggressor I " O ! very well, what 
is the price of the mnltun.'" •' Three and four- 
pence," exclaimed ihe overjoyed butcher. 
" There it is Sir," replied the attorney, tin ow- 
ing down the money, which was eagerl} taken 
up by the other, who then proceedeii very lei- 
surely to leave the house, when tlie attorney 
called him back, and addressed him in the fol- 
lowing language: — " I hnve paid you for the 
mutton; my charge for advice is 6s. 8d. which 
I insist upou vour paying immediately!" The 
butcher put on a dreadful face at the mortifv- 
T> V ♦ 

ing information; and knowing there was no way 
to escape, drew forth the money, snd paid the 
lawyer his fee, determined, in his own mind, 
never to attempt to outwit an attorney again. 

From the Jfaniucket Enquirer. 
The Sea Serpent has again made his appear- 
ance in a variety of shapes. Certificates and 
affidavits duly avouched i-y comoTon and p-op- 
er names, are muUipl\ iog upon the wide mouth- 
ed worM. Capt. SpilHeton of tlie topsail schoo- 
ner Polly and Barabas, from Ea?t Puzzleburg^ 
for Knuckleshougli, in lalilude 97, longitude 
372, saw a stiauge animal with a head like a 
tar-barrel and a tail like an auchor fluke, ser- 
pentming majr'sticaliy over the sea's surface at 
a distance of (brty-one feet three inches and a 
barlevcora The monster was exactly seven- 
teen furlongs in length from end to end, or from 
beginning to beginning. iJeing a phrenologist, 
the captain particuliarly noticed the humps, of 
which there were eighty-.'bur. in the shape ■■ 


Uesilver^s Almanac. 

Moon's Phases. 


O Full 












Planets' Places, &c 

©.y hz^i' ?: 

11 2,15! 9 

17 2'15: 8 

23 216 

28 2 16 

Ib> 5 's ; Alioth 
8 Qi'^'Lat. on Mer. 

101 25! 19l25 18 3 N 
12Ze2| 29125 24 5 N 
8|«1125!30 2 S 

n4i 217 



























k 3i: 

141 23 

i9|n 6 


\l sets 11 49 
j) in perigee 

Sirius sets 8 44 

Ij rises 6 1 

9 gT elongation 




SunfArctu S 10 51 
M ]]) ^ in conjun 

Sa I 

Sunj-j, rises 10 47 
M 1 5 in appog-ee 
Tn '■ 

W ig) enters n 

F j) runs low 
Sa 1 3 in perigee 

© I © I 5's Moon; 
fiist |dec N place south I 

24i 6 5 

2412 1 



3 7il5 13/ 

3 14jl5 31 

3 20jl5 48M 

3 2716 5 

3 32 16 22- 

3 3716 39 

3 42] 16 56\ 

3 46jl7 12;x 13 

3 49117 28 

3 51 17 44 Y-" 
18 151 y 
18 30j 
18 44ln 

18 59! 

19 121 
53119 26'g5 
51 19 5i 

4 i. 
18, 2 

2i 3 

3 54 
3 55 
3 56 
3 56 
3 55 





27i 8 341 
Hi 9 231 
24,10 13 

11117 46,8 

9jl8 45 S 

7jl8 35 S 

5!l7 10 S 

4114 43 S 

Sun rises and sets. 


jPhUa. & 


1 715 

59 815 

58 8'5 

5 6 715 8 



59111 23 S 4 57 8:5 

521 7 26 Si4 56 S!^ 59 8,5 

3 7 S,4 55 84 

1 19NJ4 53 84 57 8;4 59 8 

5 37 N 4 52 8;4 56 84 57 8 

9 35 N 4 51 8j4 55 8I4 57 8 

7jll 3il3 1 N 4 50 8:4 54 814 56 8 

2011 53115 45 N 4 49 8|4 54 84 55 8 

3 aft 45il7 40 N 4 48 8|4 52 84 54 8 

15 1 33}18 41 Ni4 47 8|4 51 8'4 5'3 m 56 8 

28 2 22|18 ^9 N 4 46 8 4 '50 84 52 8J4 55 8 

Wash, &i Xew 


5 10 
5 8 

5 7 

5 6 

5 5 

5 4 



59 8 
58 8 
58 8 
57 8 

3 48llc^-52,St 

^ in conjun 
% south 10 7 

20 4 
20 16; 


20 28rt3j 10 6 54 
20 40, 

20 5lU 

21 2i 
21 12'nv 
21 22; 
21 32! 

7 39 

8 24 

9 12 
10 2 

10 57 

11 54 

18 • aN4 45 8 4 49»8!4 51 84 54 8 

5716 31N}4 44 8:4 48 8'4 50 8i4 53 8 

43 14 17 N 4 43 84 48 8'4 50 84 52 8 

2711 27 N 4 42 814 47 8'4 49 8i4 52 8 

10 8 8n!4 41 8*4 46 84 48 8J4 50 8 

27Ni4 40 8i4 45 8 4 47 8;4 50 8 

32 Nk- 39 8'4 44 8'4 46 8|4 49 8 

32 814 39 8:4 44 8:4 46 8|4 49 85 

32 Si4 38 8'4 43 814 45 8 4 48 85 

14 Si4 37 84 42 84 44 84 47 8 

34 S'4 36 8:4 41 8;4 44 84 47 8 

5 s'4 36 8'4 41 84 43 8!4 46 8 

21 42 / 13jmornll8 32 Sl4 35 8^4 40 84 42 8^4 45 8 

21 51 27| 54il8 50 S4 34 8*4 39 84 42 8!4 45 8i5 




i I 





12 7fl 
12 7W 


7 7k\ 
7 7i' 

6 7 

wool sacks. On discl>arg-iDg a rotten potato, the 
serpent pop^.ed under the water and was off. 
The cook's mate, a very respectable coloured 
gentleman, well known to tlic Rev. Mr. Wigs- 
by, wbo was at lliat moment irying onions in 
the cambooso house, with his face towards (he 
weather door, tcsUlics also to the foregoing 

Auo'hcr equally autiionlic relation is given 
by the master and crew of a INova .Scolia East 
ludiamat'i, bound on a mackarel voyage to (he 
German ocean. W bile off Cape Scliaarkro, they 
boarded the wreck of a large brigt tbc masts 
spars, sails and rigging were all gone. 'Near 
the hatchway, which was open, lay several ob- 

long substances resembling large bladders of 
snuff; "these were carefully deposited in the 
boal. On going af(,,ono of (be men observed 
written upon tiie binnacle, this memorandum: 
— " Jnne 4tb, squally — closcreefed foretopsail 
— at 10 P iM. all 'lands devoured by a sea ser- 
pent; so ends these twenty four hours." While 
consulting on this strange inscription, a noise 
was heard belou ; pnseiitly a hogsljead'of to- 
bacco was seen slowly rising out of the hold; 
and as it ascended, two enornsous jaws were 
discovered grasping its nether bilge. The ter- 
rified seamen hurried into the boat, and took to 
their oars. By the time they had rowed off two 
cibles^ lengths, the hog- head reached aaalfi*- 

Desilver^s .Almanac. 


l \1\U *^VouU\, 

^Va^' , 


Moon rises and sets. 


N«-w 1 Pliiln- 
Yurk. Idt'lphiii. 

y 6 9 3j 9 1 

10 710 310 1 

11 ^210 5910 57 
U 5211 4911 48 



1 14 

1 51 

2 22 

2 56 

3 29 

4 3 


3 32 

4 7 

8 4 

8 57 

9 45 
9 28 

11 5 

14 8 
1 15 9 

16 9 48 
1171 9 31 

] 19 11-41 11 39 

20: mom ■ mom 

1 21 12j 11 

122 44 43 
|2d 1 13, 1 13 

J24| 1 42} 1 42 1 43 

1 ! I 
25 2 13i 2 14 2 15 

26, 2 47 2 49 2 50 

\27 3 26 3 29. 3 31 



1 12 

1 49 

2 23 

2 58 

3 32 

4 8 

8 2 

8 55 

9 43 
9 26 

11 4 

11 38 




1 13 

28 4 5 4 10 

29 rises rises 

4 11 

4 13 

4 32 

30! 8 54 8 51 
31 9 46 9 44 

8 49 

9 42 

8 46 

9 40 

8 29 

9 25 


8 59 

9 59 

10 55 

11 46 


1 11 

1 48 

2 23 

2 59 

3 33 

4 10 

7 59 

8 52 

9 40 
9 24 

11 2 

11 36 




1 13 

1 43 

2 16 
2 51 



3 43 

4 24 


7 4 

8 36 

9 23 
9 9 

10 49 

11 26 



1 12 

1 46 

2 23 

3 2 
3 46 

Aus. Netherlands invaded by the Frencli Gen Riron, 1792. J 
Bonaparte consti. fh-st consul for a 2d term of 10 yeare, 1802. L 
Seven hundred persons mamcd in London, 181^6. L* 

French repulsed at Koussclair by th<^ allies, 1794. 'J 

First attack upon f)s\veg-o by the British, 1814. 
Fort Moidtrie on Sulivan's Island sur. to the British, 1780. 
Duke of Savoy de. near Turin by the Due de Vcndome, 1704. 
Died in PhiJadeiphia, in his 72d year, Robert Monis, 1806. . 
Cohimbus sailed from Cadiz, 1501. i* 

Ellen Kllis, of Beaumais, in AngleseVvbrought to bed, aged fJ 

72, 1776. [t 

1491 years before Christ, Pharaoh drowned in the Red Sea. 
Capt. M'Guire ascended in a balloon rrom Dublin, 1784. 
Lord Aiidley Mervin convicted of sfdomy and a rape on his! 

wife, iianged, 1631. 
Cornerstone of new fortMoultrie laid, Charleston, S. C 1808. 
Fort Granby, S. C. suirender dto Lt. Col. Henry Lee, 1781. 
Surrender of B. ship Little Belt to the U. S. fr.'Pres. 1811. 
Vasquez de Gama discovered the continent of India, 1498. 
First attempt to engrave on ^■■, by .M. de Puymaiuin, 1787. 
Loi-d Edward Fitzg-erald arresfed in UubUn, 1798. 
O'Coigley executed at Maidstone, for hig^h treason, 1798. h 
Oconner and Binns recommitted on another charge of trea-r 

son, 1798. h 

U. S. fi-igate Congress captured British brig Diana, 1813. ii 
Cecili^ Hegnauh, aged 20, atempted to assassinate Robes-|l 

p8*re, 1794 || 

England refused to ratify tlie treaty with the United States , j 

made by Mr. Erskin'e, 18G9. 
Congress resolved to engage Indians in their ser\-ice, 1776. 
Congress resolved to establish the bank of N. America, 1781. 
Gens. Boyd and Lewis carried fort George by assault, 1813. 
Amer frigate Alliance captured two Br sloops of war, 1781. L 
British repulsed 'jy the Accomack militia at Pontgoteago i I 

Creek, 1814 ' || 

Pr. Jefferson's proclamation erecting the dis of Mobile, 1804. J 
Destructive fire at Newburyport, Massachusetts, 1811. (| 

lude of forty-five degrees, supporsed by the 
black bead and shining neck of an entirmous 
creatpre of the snake species. After arriving 
at the ship. Captain Dunderdunck watched the 
reptile with his glass, and distinctly saw the 
tobacco fairly engorged. VVher> upon a classi- 
cal passenger from Oxford exclaimed: 

Quidquid in ahum forluna tulit, ruitura le- 

The snuff col ured spheroids, which are un- 
doubtedly serpent's eggs, have boen carried to 
London, where, under the direction of the 
Royal Society, they are to be hatched during 
the next sitting of parliament. 

The sea serpent was not a stranger to the 
aboriginal inhabitants of New En:?land. Some 
time io the fifteenth century, the Indians upon 
this and the neighbouring islands suffered ex- 
cessively fromaloDg drought. The corn blades 

were crisjjeJ. Hit (urn pike vines lyithered; 
.11(1 the green bh.ckberries, bifure they were 
■I'H. rlrnr-pfd frr; the bushes. In such a state of 
things, the appearance i)f a heavy black cloud 
approaching from the south west, was greeted 
by (lie tawny popnhice wit!) loud deinon.stra- 
tions of joy; the chiefs whooped, the squaws 
grinned audib1\. arsd thf^ papooses chattered. 
But before the anti' iprtbd soppfy rouM reach 
Nantucket, a huge serpent emerged from the 
sea. ri 'ng perpendicularly and hurrying his 
head in .he cloud, win nee he absorbed every 
particle of moisturf . \n i the vapoury remnant 
blew over, like a puff from the pipe of Manshop, 
without shedding a single tear. As (he monster 
lo',vercd hisun\vieldl\ length, he fell partly on 
the southern shore, and forcing his way across 
land into our harbour, again attained his ele- 
ment. The line of ponds and vallies along the 


JOesilvefs Almcmac. 

^ixtlv M_oiit\v, 


1S^8. "?1 

Moon's Phases. 

Planets Places, &.c. 

Vi<j3)'s j Alioth 
^ ^j •e'lLat-ion Mer., 



















© 1 D's 

dec N, place 



Sun rises and sets. 








Wash. & 

New 1 
Orleans. [ | 



\l soutli 9 2,7 

2 31 

22 71 Ic? 27 

2 54 

15 38 S 

4 32 8 

4 38 8 

4 40 8 

4 43 8 

5 5 7}\ 



2 22 

22 15csy 12 

3 52 

12 25 S 

4 32 8 

4 37 8 

4 40 8 

4 43 8 

5 5 7LI 



2 12 

22 23 1 26 

4 47 

8 32 S 

4 32 8 

4 37 8 

4 40 8 

4 43 8 

5 5 7f 
5 5 7J 
5 4 7V. 
5 4 7L 


Arcturus 9 20 

2 2 

22 29iX 10 

5 40 

4 15 S 

4 31 8 

4 36 8 

4 39 8 

4 4:5 8 

fl 5 


1 52 

22 36' 24 

6 30 

12 N 

4 31 8 

4 36 8 

4 38 8 

4 41 8 

■ 5 


1 41 

22 42It 8 

7 19 

4 33N 

4 31 8 

4 36 8 

4 38 8 

4 41 8 

!j 7 


% rises 9 16 

1 30 

22 48 


8 8 

8 36N 

4 30 8 

4 35 8 

4 37 8 

4 41 8 

5 4 7}\ 

L g 


1 19 

22 54 

8 4 

8 57 

12 8 N 

4 30 8 

4 35 8 

4 37 84 41 8 

5 4 7L" 

11 9 


1 8 

22 59 


9 46 

15 3 N 

4 29 8 

4 34 8 

4 37 8 4 40 8 

5 3 7f. 



Pro rises 9 5o 


23 4 


10 35 

17 12 N 

4 29 8 

4 34 8 

4 37 84 40 8 

5 3 7L« 



St Barnabas 


23 8 

n 12 

11 24 

18 30 N 

4 28 84 34 8 

4 36 84 39 S 

5 3 71 


11 14 



23 12 


aft 13 

18 55 N 

4 28 84 34 8 

4 36 84 39 8 

5 3 71" 



23 15 25 6 

•1 01 

18 28 N 

4 27 8:4 ':i2, 8 

4 35 84 39 8 

5 2 7f| 



23 18 


1 50 

17 ION 

4 27 8,4 33 8 

4 35 84 39 8 

5 2 71' 



T) in apogee 

slo 6 

23 20 

SI 1 

2 35 

15 14 N 

4 27 8}4 33 8 

4 35 m 39 8 

5 2 7P, 




23 23 


3 20 

12 31 N 

4 27 84 33 8 

4 35 84 39 8 

5 2 7« 
5 2 7, 
5 2 7" 
5 2 7\ 
5 2 7f, 
5 2 7' 
5 2 7}, 




23 25 


4 04 

9 21 N 

4 27 8l4 32 8 

4 35 84 38 8 



Spica S 7 27 


23 26 

n 6 

4 46 

5 49n:4 27 8:4 32 8 

4 35 84 38 8 




23 27 


5 29 

2 Ni4 27 84 32 8 

4 35 84 38 8 



1 11 

23 27 

6 13 

1 57 S4 27 8l4 32 8 

4 35 8:4 38 8 



enters 05 

1 24 

23 28 


6 58 

5 55 S 4 27 8 4 32 8 

4 35 84 38 8 

11 23 


1 57 

23 27 


7 46 

9 45 S;4 27 84 32 8 

4 35 84 38 8 


9 shine Mith gt 

1 50 

23 27 

ni 9 

8 37 

13 11 s;4 27 8,4 32 8 

4 35 814 38 8 


2. 2 

23 26 


9 32 

16 2 S'4 27 84 32 8 

4 35 8I4 38 8 

5 2 7^ 



2 15 

23 24 

t ^6 

10 31 

18 2 Si4 27 8,4 33 8 

4 35 8|4 39 8 

5 2 7fj 

11 26 


\l south 28 

]) perigee ^ gr 
St Peter 

2 27 

23 22 


11 31 

18 52 S4 27 84 33 8 

4 35 814 39 8 

5 2 7k' 
5 2 7f| 



2 39 

23 20 

05 6 


18 25 S4 27 84 33 8 

4 35 8{4 39 8 



2 52 

23 17 



16 41 S4 27 84 33 8 

4 35 84 39 8 

5 2 7l^ 



3 4 

23 14 

SI 6 

1 33 

13 48 S4 28 84 34 8 

4 36 84 39 8 

5 3 7fj 



Lyria S 11 53 

3 16 

23 10 


2 31 

10 S 

4 28 84 34 8 

4 36 84 39 8 

5 3 7| 

middle of this island, aotl the ship channel over 
the bar, mark the serpent's track to this day, 


Dominico, the harlequin, going to see Louis 
XIV, at supper, fixed his eye on a dish of par- 
tridges. The King, who was fond of Ids acting, 
said, "Give that dish to Dominico.'' — "AnJ 
the patridges, too, Sire?" Louis penetrating his 
art, replied. " And the partridges too." The 
dish was gold. 

with the same unwearied brightness, yet it 
should be preserved as a sacred fire, never to 
be totally extinguished. 

A lady, who made pretensions to the most 
refined feelings, vvent to her butcher to remon- 
strate witl> him on his cruel practices. — ' How,'' 
said she, ' can you be so barbarous as to put in- 
nocent little lambs to death?' " Why not, ma- 
dam?" said the butcher; " you would not eat 
them alive, would you." 

Itisasubjectof true wisdom to bring togeth- A gentleman, seeing an Irish woman skin- 

er every circumstance which may kght up a ning eels, said to her, " how can you bear to 

flame of cheerfulness in the miod; and though be so cruel? Donl you think you put them to a 

we must indeed be insensible, should it burn great deal of pain?" '* I might sir," she replied,- 

JJesilver^s Mmanac. 


SixUv t^ii)i\U\, 



Mo«)n risi's and sets. 

Nfw I'liila- i Wasli. | N.w 
Yi)i-k. |>l>'l|)irnu| Si. LeK. | Oi-K-aii» 

1(733 io"lTl(r29Kr27iio 15 


11 13 

10 51 




1 30 

3 55 

8 24 

9 2 
9 40 

10 14 

10 43 

11 12 

11 40 


1 12 

1 51 

2 37 

3 30 

8 20 

9 3 

9 44 

11 1211 11 

11 5llll 50 

nioiMi ' morn 

26 26 

2 6 

2 43 

3 22 

4 2 

8 21 


4 4 
8 19 
8 58 
38! 9 36 
10 13110 11 

10 42 10 41 

11 1211 11 

11 40;11 40 

morn , morn 

10; 10 


1 15 


1 16 


8 17 

9 1 

9 42 

11 lO'll 11 
11 4911 43 
morn morn 

26| 25 





4 6] 
sets I 
8 16j 8 

8 57\ 8 

9 34; 9 
10 910 

10 lO.lO 

11 1011 

4 25 

11 4011 42 
morn morn 
11 16 

43 52 


1 18 1 31 

1 58 

2 45 

2 15 


2,7\ 3 40 


8 16 


8 14 
8 58 

9 41 9 40 

Action between the U. States frigate Chespeakc and British 

frig-ate Shannon, 1813. 
Constitution ot New Jersey adopted, 1776. 
Constitution of South Carolina adopted, 1790. 
riie American prisoners in Tripoli liberated, 1805. 
Fort ConwaUis, Aug-usta, Geo. surrrendered to the Ameri- 
can g-eneral Pinckney,"1781. 
Botanical society formed in Philadelphia, 1806. 
Cong'ress for the time, styled the colonies, the Twelve] 

United Colonies, J 775. 
Freaty between the U. S. and the Leaf Indians, 1816. 
U. S. br. Rattlesnake cap. and des. British br. John, 1814. 
Action between com. Barney's flotilla and the British ves- ' 

sels of war, 1814. 
Died, near Edinburgh, Wm. Robertson, the historian, 1793. 
Apollo theatre, Philadelphia, South wark, first opened, 1811. 
Bonaparte prohibited the exportation of grain, 1810. 
Joan of Arc burned as a witch at Rouen in Normandy. 
Wasliing'ton ap. g-cneralissimo of the Ame. army, 1775. 
Constitution of .Mas.sacluisetts ratified, 1780. 
Battle of Bunker's Hill, 1775. 
Battle of Waterloo and total prostration of the Colossal | 

power of Bonaparte, 1815. 
Cong'ress renewed the nonintercourse act, 1809. 
Priv'ateer schr. Peny cap. British schr. Ballahou, 1814. 
First U. S. squadron put to sea from New York, 1812. 
Bonaparte proclaimed his son. Napoleon II, emperor of the ] 

French, 1815. 
Lieut Angus with 9 American gunboats compelled 2 British | 

frigates to leave their anchorage in Dela. bay, 1813. 
Died in Philad. Thos M'Kean formerly gov. of Penn. 1817. 
2 54 Privateer Gen. Armstrong cap. a Portuguese ship, 1814. 
4 1 Conspiracy discovered at Malta against the Order, 1749. 
rises Hampton, Virginia, evacuated by the British, 1813 
8 U. S. si. of war Wasp. ca'd. the Bri. si. of war Reindeer, 1814. 

8 48 Com. Decatur commenced negociation with the Dey of Al- 

giers, 1815 

9 34;U. S. sloop of war Peacock ca'd. Bri. ship Nautilus, 1815. 

" when I first commenced business; but I have 
dealt in them twenty years, and by this time, 
they must be quite used to it." 

Two friends exchanging pinches of snufFat a 
coffee house, an observer remarked, " you are 
making a profitable barter, gentlemen."' " That 
cannot be," said one of the snulf takers, " as 
it is only pinch for pinch.' "IN:iy," rejoined 
the observer, " you each get scent for scent by 
it !" 

God answers prayer sometimes, says one, lest 
we should think he liath not the power; he de 
nics it sometimes, least we should he too much 
after the world; he punishes sins in part here, 
lest we might think he does not abhor them; he 

leaves some unpunished, as a proof of a jud- 
ment hereafter. 

The reason why some women do not wish to 
admire St. {'aul's writings, I suppose, are these: 
His being, as it is usuaJJj' thought, a bachelor; 
his advising people not to marry in troublous 
times; his commanding wives to submit to their 
husbands: his not allouing- women to speak in 
public; his unwillingness (hat Ihey should broi- 
der their hair, or wear trinkets; his charging 
the fall upon Eve; his disregard of old wives fa- 
bles; and his saying that young widows became 
tattlers and busy bodies. 


A Scotch blacksmith, being asked the mean- 
irig of metaphysics, explained it as follows; 


JJesilcer^s Mmmtac. 

[^ ^fcYfenth M.oi\t\\, 



Moon's Phases. 

([ ■ Last 4 

O Naw 11 

]) First 19 

O Full 26 



8 29 



2 Afternoon. 
19 Afternoon. 


Planets' Places, 








ai— 1 • 



22 4] 9 





22 5 7 






2,3 5 







24 5 







25 5 





3's I Alioth 
Lat. on Mer. 

D. H. 

4 N] 6 
3 S 5 

5 S 5 

S; 4 

5 N! 4 








1 1 26 
I 27 
1 29 



% in opposition 
Visit B V Mary 
day 14 46 

% south 11 23 
% sets 11 

5 in apogee 
\l in conjunc 

Lyra S 10 33 

^ opposition 
^ inf conjunc 
St Jaiffes 
3 in perigee 

9 inf conjunc 

% south 9 52 

slow dec N 

3 27 
3 38 

3 50 

4 10 
4 21 



2 20 








8 27 

9 15 
10 4 

10 52 

11 39 
aft 26 




8 10 

9 9 

10 10 

11 11 


1 9 

2 5 

2 59 

3 51 

42 S 
11 S 
18 N 
31 N 
13 N 

39 N 
51 N 

40 N 


Sun rises and sets. 

New I Phjla- Wa^h. &| New 

York, delpliia. Lexin. I Orleaas. 

4 28 
4 29 
4 29 
4 30 
4 30 
4 31 
4 31 
4 31 
4 32 
4 32 

84 34 
8,4 34 
8:4 34 
84 o5 
8!4 35 
8'4 36 

36 N 4 33 
49 N 4 33 
23 N 4 34 
22 N 4 3,5 

8 4 

57 N 
15 N 
■3,7 S 
31 S 
19 S 

50 S 

51 S 
11 S 
31 S 
43 S 
35 S 
15 S 
47 S 
35 S 

1 S 

40 N 


4 42 
4 42 

8 4 S9 

m 39 

84 40 

8!4 41 
8'4 41 

8J4 42 
84 43 
8 4 44 
84 44 
84 45 
84 46 
84 47 
8i4 48 

4 48 

4 50 

4 50 

4 51 

4 52 
Sk 54 8 

8!4 36 
8J4 -3,7 

84 37 
84 37 
84 ^37 
8;4 38 
8l4 39 
4 39 
4 40 
4 40 
8|4 41 
8,4 41 
814 42 
8;4 42 
8'4 43 
8'4 44 
8*4 44 
84 45 
8:4 46 
Sl4 46 
84 47 
84 48 
84 49 
8l4 50 
84 50 
84 52 
84 52 
8|4 53 
4 54 

8,4 54 8 

4 39 85 

4 40 85 
4 40 8'5 
4 41 8 5 
4 41 85 
4 41 8 5 
4 42 8j5 
4 42 8,5 
4 43 8I5 
4 43 8I5 
4 44 815 
4 44 8|5 
4 45 8I5 
4 45 8:5 
4 46 815 
4 47 85 
4 47 8 
4 48 8 
4 49 85 
4 49 8:5 
4 50 815 
4 51 8I5 
4 52 8|5 

52 85 

53 85 

54 85 

55 85 

56 85 

57 85 

58 8;5 

59 815 

" When the party that listens dinna ken what 
the parly who speaks means, and the party who 
speaks dinna ken what he means him.self — that 
is metaphysics." / 

What would be the effect of a poem, one line 
serious, on burlesque, on one and the same 
subject, in tragi? and comic alternation'? Would 
not the reader cry with one eye andjaugh with 
the other.'' — 


A late traveller notices a singularly degra- 
ded people of this name, xvho inhabit the valley 
of Leize, in a wild part of the French side of 
■WiQ Pyrenees. They appear to be as wretched 

as human beings can be — the outcasts of soci- 
ety, a separated and degraded race, whose ve- 
ry touch is a pollution; even at the churches 
tliey are required to enter by a particular door, 
and no one will even use tlie " holy water" if 
they have dipped a finger into it. They are 
much affected with the goitre, and some of them 
are rendered hideous by it, and " their com- 
plexions are cadaverous in the extreme." They 
are supposed to be descendants of the Saracens, 
and for ages have been kept in their degraded 
state by the successive and cruel prejudices of 
other persons who hardly respect them as be- 
ing of the human species. Such a race of men 
conld not be preserved rn the United States. 


Bestlvefs Almanac. 


^i'\ vuWy t>\uu\\\, 


IHiS. 1 

Ml Moon rises ami sets. 

DL . 1 Nfw I Pliila- Wash. Ni-w 

2|10 54 
311 24 


Ill 58 mom morn morn morn 



1 1.5 
8 1 54 

11 4 15 4 20 4 22 4 24 

16 9 








9 7 

9 36 
10 6 

10 27 

11 11 

11 48 


1 18 

2 15 

3 17 

10 38,10 

11 12111 

4 25 
8 13 
8 49 

9 24 9 26 

9 00 

9 2 

11 49;11 51 
mom I morn 

30, 32 

4 4: 


7 54 

8 30 

9 4 

York. Iddpliia.; -: Lc \. Oi -.c-ang i 

iO~2ulTo'^ilO 18 10 16 Bonaparte took Alexandria, Egypt, 1798. 

10 55110 55|10 5510 iS'Bntish, under Howe, took possession of Staten Island, 1777. 

11 26lll 2711 2911 36^-<"i'ii>^''"<^i'il tivaty between England and America signed 
n Loudon, 1815. 

Thomas Jeflcr.son died, aged 83 years llvree months and two 
, days. — John Adani-s died in Ins 92d year, 1826. 
First battle of Chippewa, at SU'ut's Creek, 1814. 
Fivncli and American troops airived at White Plains, 1781. 
Wasliington ap. Lt. Gen of the American Annies, 1798. 
The leaden equestrean staliie ol George III, in New York, 

tlirown down and run into bullets, 1776. .i 

Morcau defeated tlie Arcii Duke Charles at Ethngen, 1796. W 
Montezuma, emperor of Mexico, killed with an an'ow by one N 

of his own subjects, 1520. 
U. S. brig Rattlesnake captured by the British 50 gun ship 

Leander, 1814. 
Gen Hamilton killed in a duel by Col. Burr, 1804. 
Capt Cook sailed on his second voy. round the world, 1772. 
The blood-thirsty Marat assas by Cliarlottc Cordette, 1793. 
Bonaparte and suite surrendered to Capt. Maitland of the 

Relerophon, 1815. 
Treaty of peace between Morocco and the U. S. 1786. 
American privateer Dolpliin, 2 guns, captured ii British ship 

of 14 gims and 18 men, 1812. 
A. M'Gillioray and 28 Creek chiefs arrived af Philad. 1790. 
U. S. brig Nautilus, of twehe guns, captured by a squadron 

of Britisli frigates, 1813. , 
Convention of Pilnitz between Austi-ia and Pmssia, 1791 
Battle of Shrewsbury, 1403. — Battle of the Pyramids in 

Egypt, 1798. 
Gov. Snyder called out 14,000 militia, the quota of Pa 1814. 
Havre de Grace, Fr bombarded by a Hritish squadron, 1804 
Marj-, queen of Scotts, compelled to resign her crown, 1567- 
The celebrated baron Trenck guillotined al Paris, 1794- 
Died in England, John "Wilmol, eitrl of Rochester, 1680. 
Robespicn-e and his colleagues airested at Paris, 1794. 
Mutiny and murder on board the schr. Plattsburgof Bal. 1816. 
Action in the Delaware between eiglit American gunboats 

and the British sloop of war Martin, 1813. 
Action between the U S. brig Julia and the British ships 

Earl Moira and Gloucester, 1813. 
Lafayette appointed a Maj Gen by Congress, 1777- 

8 12 

8 50 

9 27 
9 3 

1 22 

2 19 

3 21 

4 29 
8 11 

8 50 

9 28 
9 4 

10 47 

11 25 



1 41 

2 40 

3 40 

4 47 
8 8 

8 51 

9 32 
9 13 


Take of Cream of Tartar three drachms — 
the Rind of one Lemon — pour on them a quart 
of boiling water; and when ci'ider, add a suffi- 
cient quantity of fine Sugar to render the li- 
quid palatable. 

When circumstances do not forbid its, a 
small quantity of white wine may be also join- 
ed with it, to improve the flavour. 


Game or poultry may be preserved for a long 
lime, by tying a string tight round the neck, so 
as to exclude the air, and by putting a piece of 
cbarcoalinto the vent". 


Pick the leaves of roses from all seeds and 
stalks, put them into a clean earthcrn vessel, 
glaaed within; or a clean wooden vessel. Pour 
spring water on them, so as to cover them; set 
the vessel in the sun in the morning at rising, 
and leave it in the sun-shine til! sun-set; then 
take them into the house; repeal this for six or 
seven days, and in three or four days there will 
be a fine yellow oily matter on the surface of 
the water; and in two or three days more, there 
will appear a hcum upon the surface, which is 
the otto of roses. This may be taken up with 
cotton, and squeezed into a phial with the fin- 
ger and thumb. 


JJesilver's Almanac. 

If a^^M^^x 


Augwsl, 18^8. 






Planets' Places, &c. 


3)'s Alioth 
Lat-on Mer. 

f ' Moon's PI 

W Wh 




r D. H. M. 1 

SI ^yos 


H. M. 

[1 C Last 2 10 

38 Morning. 1 

? 0|26i 6 





3 59 

1] O New 10 11 ' 

i2 Morning. 7 

15 0|26 






5 S 

3 36 

[1 3) Fb-st 18 9 ^ 
1] O J-'ull 25 f 

tS Morning. 13 

21 027 


3 2527 



2 S 

3 13 

27 Mor7iing. 19 

26 W 29 28 




a 10 19 

9 4 N 

2 50 

II (L Last r.l 11 . 

38 Afternoon. 25 n^2\ 29l29 




2019115 3 S 

2 27 

B Mi w 




MoonI ]) 's 

Sun rises and sets. 

J D D 




south dec 


1 New Phila- Wash. & 

1 New 


York. delphia. : Lexm. 

Orleans. 1 

[l 1 


% south 9 23 

5 56 

ir 56 

Y" 2f 

4 43 

10 06 x\ 

4 51 t 

4 55 84 57 8;4 59 8|5 17 7 

IJ 2 


5 52 

17 43 

« 11 

5 33 

13 21 N 

4 52 c 

4 56 8 

4 57 8|5 7 

5 17 7 

J 3 


5 48 

17 26 


,6 22 

15 56 N 

4 53 b 

4 57 8 

4 59 815 1 7 

5 18 7! 

fj 4 


day 141i 

5 43 

17 9 

n 6 

7 12 

17 43 N 

4 55 8 

4 58 8 

5 7i5 2 7 

5 19 7L 

II ^ 


y, sets 10 29 

5 3f 

16 53 


8 1 

18 37 N 

4 56 fc 

4 59 8 

5 1 7i5 4 7 

5 20 7F 

i! 9 


5 31 

16 37 

25 1 

8 50 

18 39 N 

4 57 S 

5 7 

5 2 7;5 4 7 

5 20 7k 


Atau- S 10 30 

5 24)16 20 


9 38 

17 50 N 

4 58 b 

5 2 7 

5 3 75 5 7 

5 21 7f 


5 16 

16 3 


10 25 

16 17 N 

4 59 8 

5 3 7 

5 4 75 6 7 

5 22 7 1 


]) in apogee 

5 8 

15 46 

SI 6 

11 10 

14 03 N 

5 7 

5 4 7 

5 5 75 7 7 

5 22 7f 



4 59 

15 28 


11 50 

14 11 ISfi^ 1 7 

5 5 7 

5 6 75 8 7 

5 23 7L 

Li 11 


4 50 

15 10 


art 38 

7 56N5 3 7 

5 6 7 

5 8 75 10 7 

5 24 7f 



^ gT elong-ation 

4 41 

14 52 


1 21 

4 18NJ5 4 7 

5 7 7 

5 9 75 11 7 

5 25 7k 



4 30 

14 34 


2 4 

30 N\5 5 7 

5 9 7 

5 10 75 12 7 

5 26 7 



days 13 38 

4 19 

14 15 

^ 6 

2 49 

3 23 S\S 6 7 

5 10 7 

5 11 75 13 7 

5 26 7\ 



4 8 

13 57 


3 34 

7 10 Si5 7 7 

5 11 7 

5 12 75 14 7 

5 27 7f 



r >(<'s ri 10 26 

3 56 

13 38 

'n, 1 

4 2010 42 Si5 9 7 

5 12 7 

5 13 75 15 7 

5 28 71 



3 44 

13 19 


5 1013 48 S|5 10 7 

5 13 7 

5 14 75 16 7 

5 29 7f| 



3 30 

12 59 


6 316 09 S'5 11 7 

5 14 7 

5 15 75 17 7 

5 29 71' 



3 17 

12 40 

/ 10 6 58!l8 00 SJ5 13 7 

5 15 7 

5 17 7i5 18 75 30 rfl 



3 3 

12 20 


7 55 18 36 S,5 14 7 

5 17 7 

5 18 7\5 19 7 5 31 7 i' 

II 21 


Ij^ rises 2 43 



'<J 8 

3 56 

18 10 S 5 15 7 

5 18 7 

5 19 7j5 21 75 32 7f\ 



(V) enters "JJ 

2 33 

11 40 


9 55 

16 19 S 5 17 7 

5 19 7 

5 20 75 22 75 33 7V 

II 23 


2 18 

11 20 

Xf 8 

10 54 13 25 S!5 18 7 

5 20, 7 

5 21 75 23 7j5 33 7f\ 



J) in perigee 

2 2 

10 59 


11 52 

9 36 Sp 19 7 

5 21 7 

5 23 75 24 715 34 7 if 



1 46 

10 38 

X 9 


5 09 S 5 20 7 

5 23 7 

5 24 7.;5 25 71 
5 25 7^5 26 7 

5 35 7 1 



day 13 10 

1 29 

10 17 



28 S 5 22 7 

5 24 7 

5 36 7\ 



Lyra S 8 5 

1 12 

9 56 

y 9 

1 43 

4 11 N5 23 7 

5 25 7 

5 26 75 27 7l5 37 7\l 
5 27 75 28 7|5 38 7| 



St Augustine 


9 35 23l 

2 37 

8 28 N5 24 7 

5 26 7 

|]29 F 


9 14 « 6\ 

3 29 

12 06JVi5 26 7 

5 28 7 

5 29 75 30 715 39 71 
5 30 7j5 31 7\5 39 71] 

rjoO Sa 

19 8 521 20 4 21 

L5 00N!5 27 7 

5 29 7 

r 31' Sun 

^ soutli 9 24 

8 3lin 2 5 121 

L7 04N|5 29 7 

5 30 7 

5 31 7\5 32 7\5 40 7|j 

TO c^E.'^^' .ill sorts of metal. 
Mix half a pint of refined neat's-foot oil, and 
half a giJl of spirits of turpentine. Scrape a lit- 
tle kernel of rotton stone; wet a wo lien rag 
therewitli, dip it i'Jto the scraped kernel, and 
rub the metal well. Wipe it off vvith a soft ciutb, 
polish witli dry leather, and use more of the 
kernel, In respect to bteel, if it is very rusty, 
use a little powder of pumice with the liquid on 
a separate wollen rag first. 


Mix six ounces of spirit of salts, and half an 
ounce of rock salt of lemons, powdered, togeth- 
er. Drop a little on the stains, and rub it with a 
cork till it disappear. Wash off with cold water. 


Put an (gjT for one miuulein water just about 
to boil, (it will not in that time be hard), and it 
will afterwards keep well for a month. Sleep 
one a little while in sweet oil, and it will keep 
for half a year. 


After having gently warmed the paper stain- 
ed with grease, wax oil, or any fat body what- 
ever, takeout as much as pubsibleot'it by means 
of blottmg paper. Then dip a small orush in the 
essential oil of well-rectified spirit of turpen- 
tine, heated almost to an ebuihiion (for when 
coJd. in acts only rery weakly), and draw '^ 

JJesUvefs Jibnanav, 


V^\iL\\i\\ •NVuuiU, 













1 25 

1 26 



1 29 

1 30 

Moon rises a%d sets. 
N<-w 1 Philii- 
York. 'delphia^ 

10 38iio •:->9 

11 53 

4 53 

7 44 

8 11 

8 40 

9 13 
9 45 

10 24 



3 11 

4 25 


7 25 

8 1 

8 40 

9 18 
9 55 
9 36 

11 16 
11 57 



1 28 

2 19 

3 10 

4 2 

4 55 

7 43 

11 12 

7 27 

8 43 

9 21 
10 41 

11 17 
11 59 



1 31 

2 21 

3 12 

4 4 

4 56 


7 4: 

8 12 

8 44 

9 17 
9 50 

10 29 

11 14 



10 42 

Wiish. I Now 
!sc I. ex. Oilemis 

5l 10 55 
1911 35 




1 oo 

2 2, 

3 14 

4 6 

4 58 

7 42 

8 12 

8 44 

9 18 
-9 52 

10 31 

11 16 

7 27 

8 5 

8 45 

9 23 
10 3 

10 44 


5 12 


7 41 

8 14 

8 5U 


U. S. frig'atc .Java of 44 guns lanclied at Baltimore, 1814. 
(Jallant clctence of fort Stcplicnson, by maj. Geo. Grog^han, 

ag-ainst tlie l^ritish, 1813. 
American j)ri\ ateer shr. Atlas, captured the British armed 

ships I'lusiiit and Planter, 1812." 
Treaty between tlie U. S. and Chippewa Indians, 1816. 
Nelson's monument, at Glasg-ow, struck by lightning-, 1810. 
Died, n. ar Wilmington, (JJela.) P. Saml. Dupont de Ne- 
mours, in his 78th year, 1817. 
Commodore Preble's second attack on Tripoli, 1804. 
First meeting of the Ame. and Bri. ministers at Ghent, 1814. 
Com. Decatur settled the differences between the United 

States and the Dey of Tripoli, 1815. 
The navigation of the Scheldt opened liythe French, 1795. 
Treaty of peace between Sweden and Russia, 1790. 
D'Estaign's fleet dispersed in a gale off Ithode Island, 1778. 
Fr. Gen. Joubert niarciied against the allies in Italy, 1799. 
U. S. brig Argus captured by tise British brig Pelican, 1813. 

9 28|Briti<-h rcpul. with groat loss in an assault on IbrtErie, 1814. 
lO 6 Gen ral Hull sun-endered Detroit to the British, 1812. 

10 .47 Died, in his 75th year, Charles Frederick, king of Prussia, 

sur-named the great, 1786. 

11 35 British surprised Gen. Sumpter, at Fishing Creek, 1780. 
morn U. S. frigate Constitution cap. the Guemer, 1812. — General 

Lafayette amved at New York from France, 1824. 
0. 27 Jas. Shaw shot in Charleston, S. C. by Rd. Denni, jr. 1804. 

1 26 General Montgomery with the American continental army 

arrived at Ticonderoga, 1775. 

2 29 French Convention adopted a new constitution, 1795. 

3 36 Am, privateer schr. Patapsco cap. British brig Europe, 1814. 

4 44Britisli attacked the America ns near fort George, and were 
repulsed, 1813. 

Died at Edinburgh, David Hume the historian, 1776. 
Captain James Cook sailed from Plymouth on his first voy- 

7 29 age of discovery, 1768. 

8 lliA number of volunteer companies left Philadelpliia for 

Kennett's Square, 1814. 

8 57 Died at Frankfort, Louis I, king of Germany aged 70, 876. 

9 39 Died, Schreta, celebrated astronomer, of Liliennthal, 1816. 
10 22 Bonaparte entered the Tyrolese territory, 1797. 

4 The Russians defeated by the Poles at Olita, 1794. 

gently over both sides of the paper, which must 
be carefully kept warm. The operation must 
be repeated as many times as the quantity of 
the fat body imbibed by the paper, or the tliick- 
ncss of Uie paper, may render necessary. When 
the greaey substance is entirely removed, re- 
course may be had to the following method to 
restore the paper to its former whiteness, which 
iS not completely restored by the first process. 
Dip another brush into highly rectified spirit of 
wine, and draw it, in like manner, over the 
place which was stained, and particularly round 
the edges, to remove the border, that would 
still present a stain. By employing these meaus, 
■with proper caution, the si'O^ will tolallv disap- 

pear; the paper will resume its original white- 
ness; and if the process has been employed on 
a part written on with common ink or printed 
with printer's ink, it will experience no alter- 


When seeds are to be preserved longer than 
the usual period, or wht n tiiey are to be sent 
to a great distance, iu^iar, cotton, salt, saw- 
dust, paper, ^c. have bcfii ".idofiled with dif- 
fet'ent degrees of success. Chinese seeds, dried 
by means of sulphuric acid, in Leslie's! manner, 
may at'terwards be preserved for any necessary 
Jeustlj of timp. by keepijig them in an airv si' • 


Besilvefs Almanac. 


Xmi\v Moi\t\\, 



iS2<8. 1 




Planets' Places, &c. 

])'s| Alioth 


'l Moon's Ph 


1 D. H. 

1] O New 9 3 







on Mer 











H. M. 


33 Morning. 








4 S 

2 8 

1 ]) First 16 6 
1] O Full 23 9 

26 Afternoon. 


15 29 







4 S 

1 46 

12 Morning. 










1 24 

1 a Last 30 4 

6 Afternoon. 


26 29 







1 02 










1 S 


li M 

,1 D 






])'s jMoon 
dec N place south 

J)'s 1 Sun rises and sets. 

dec 'Boston. N*"" ^ Phil*- , Wash. &, New 


York. 1 delphia. Lexiiu | 




't sets 6 


8 9n 15 

6 3 

18 14 N 5 30 7; 

5 32 75 32 7 

5 33 7 

5 41 7 

11 2 

Tu % runs hii?h | 


7 47 


6 51 

18 33 N 5 31 7 

5 33 75 34 7 

5 35 7 

5 42 7 

i! 3 



7 25 

55 9 

7 40 

18 00N5 32 7 

5 34 75 35 7 

5 36 7 

5 43 7 

•] 4 


1 17 

7 03 


8 28 

16 38N5 34 75 36 7,5 36 7 

5 37 7 

5 44 7 

r 5 


3 in apogee 

1 36 

6 41 

a 3 

9 14 

15 16 N5 35 75 37 75 38 7 

5 39 7 

5 44 7 

Ij 6 


^ sup conjunc 

1 55 

6 18 


10 00 

11 58 N 5 37 7 5 38 75 39 7 

5 40 7 

5 45 7 

J 7 


2 16 

5 56 


10 45 

8 49 N5 38 7 5 39 75 40 7 

5 41 7 

5 46 7 

fj 8 

M day 12 h 38 | 

2 35 

5 33TIR 9 

11 29 

5 16 N 5 40 7 5 41 7 5 41 7 

5 42 7 

5 47 7 

J 9 


2 56 

5 10 21 


1 31 N.5 41 715 42 7i5 43 7i5 43 7 

5 48 7 



3 17 

4 48:ii= 3 


2 21 S.5 42 7 5 43 7\5 44 7 

5 44 7 

5 49 7 



Ij rises 1 36 

3 39 

4 25 


1 40 

6 09 S 5 43 7 5 44 T5 45 7 

5 45 7 

5 49 7 



3 59 

4 01 


2 26 

9 46 S 5 45 7 5 46 75 47 7 

5 47 7 

5 51 7 


Sirius rises 2 5 

4 19 

3 39 

ni 10 

3 15 

12 58 S;5 47 7 5 47 7\5 48 7 

5 48 7 

5 51 7 


4 40 

3 15 


4 6 

15 35 S,5 48 7 5 49 7\5 49 7i5 49 7 

5 52 7 

lis] M i 5 runs low 

5 1 

2 52 

/ 7 


17 29 S 5 50 7,5 50 75 50 7J5 51 7 

5 53 7 


Tu : ^ south 8 24 

5 22 

2 29 


5 56 

18 23 Sl5 51 7j5 51 7|5 52 715 52 7 

5 54 7 

W day 12 14 

5 43 

2 06 

VS 4 

6 53 

18 13 S5 52 7S 53 7,5 53 75 53 7 

5 55 7 


6 4 

1 42 


7 50 

16 57 S:5 54 7|5 54 7i5 54 7>5 55 7 

5 56 7 


F Aldeb nses 9 41 

6 25 

1 19 

vtv *J 

8 48 14 34 S 5 55 7|5 55 7i5 56 7\5 56 7 

9 4511 12 S,5 56 7|5 57 7 5 57 7.5 57 7 

5 57 7 



6 46 



5 58 7 

II 21 

Sun : D in pcrip^ee 

7 7 


3£ 2 

10 41 

7 7 Sj5 58 7 

5 58 75 58 7,5 58 7 

5 58 7 

II 23 


-^ enters zC!= 

7 "27 



11 37 

2 35 Sl5 59 7 

5 59 75 59 7 5 59 7 

5 59 7 


7 49 

S 14 

cyj 2 


2 06Ni6 6;6 6'6 6.6 6 

6 6 



8 9 




6 34N|6 2 66 2 66 2 66 2 6 

6 1 6 

II 25 


7 if's rises 8 1 

8 30 

1 01 

« 1 

1 23 

10 33 N 6 4 6:6 3 66 3 6.6 3 6 

6 2 6 

11 26 


8 50 

1 24 


t 2 17 

13 49 Ni6 5 6:6 5 66 4 66 4 6 

6 3 6 

11 27 


9 10 

1 47 


' 3 10 

16 17 N 

6 7 66 6 66 6 66 6 6 

6 4 6 



day 11 46 

.9 30 

2 11 

n 13 

4 02 

17 48 N 

6 8 66 7 66 7 66 7 6 

6 5 6 



j) runs high 

9 50 

2 34 


4 53 

18 26 N 

6 10 66 9 66 8 66 8 6 

6 6 6 



10 10 

2 58 

:Zo t 




09 N 




6 10 66 

10 6 6 10 6 

6 7 6 

nation in common brown paper, and occasion- 
ally exposing them to the air in a fine day, es- 
pecially aflenlainp weather- This method will 
succeed with all the larger mucilag'inous seeds. 
Very small seeds, berries, and oily seeds, may 
probably require to be kept in sugar^ or among 
currants or raisins. 


Rub it well with soap, then scrape some fine 
chalk, and rub thai also in the linen; lay it on 
the grass; as it dries, wet it a little, and it will 
conae out after twice doing. 


^'.eef tiie plate ia soap ley for Uie space of 

four hours; then cover it over with whiting, and 
with vinegar, so that it may stick upon it, and 
dry it by a firo; after which, rub off the whi- 
ting, and pass it over with dry bran, and the 
spots will not only disappear, but the plate will 
look exceedingly bright. 


These who keep their fruit in storehouses, 
for the suppi}' of the I^ondo;: and other njarkets, 
as well as lliose who have not proper fruit rooms, 
may keep their apples and pears in baskets or 
liampers; putting some so.t paper in the bot- 
toms an ; round the edges of the baskets, k.c, to 
keep the fruit from being bruised; then put 
in a layer cf fruit, and over that a layer of 

JJesilver's Jllmanac. 


iS'iuUv Mi)uVV\, 

J ^* 

Moon rises tiiul sets. 










11 2<.) 


11 53 

11 54 

1 2 






11 ^ 







1 8 

1 13 

1 14 

1 16 

1 35 

1 ^ 

2 2 

2 7 

2 8 

2 10 

2 26 

J ^ 

2 58 

3 2 

3 3 

3 5 

3 19 

n ~ 

3 55 

3 58 

3 59 


4 11 

1 ^ 

4 55 

5 56 

4 57 

4 58 

5 5 

1 ^ 






' 10 

6 52 

6 54 

6 54 

6 54 

6 59 


7 25 

7 28 

7 29 

7 30 

7 39 


7 55 

7 59 

8 00 

8 1 

8 13 


8 32 

8 37 

8 38 

8" 40 

8 55 


9 14 

9 19 

9 20 

9 22 

9 40 

1 15 

10 1 

10 6 

10 8 

10 10 

10 31 

' 16 

10 56 

11 1 

11 3 

11 5 

11 24 


11 56 












1 1 

1 5 

1 7 

1 y 

1 25 

11 20 

2 13 

2 16 

2 18 

2 19 

2 34 


3 25 

3 28 

3 29 

3 30 

3 35 

J 22 

4 38 

4 40 

4 41 

4 41 

4 47 









6 40 

6 42 

6 43 

6 44 

6 53 


7 17 

7 21 

7 23 

7 25 

7 37 


7 58 

8 2 

8 4 

8 6 

8 22 

8 42 

8 46 

8 48 

8 50 

9 8 


9 27 

9 32 

9 34 

9 37 

9 57 


10 16 

10 21 

10 23 10 25 

10 45 


11 8 

11 13 

11 15 

11 17 

11 37 




Uiecl, in his 73tl ye:u-, Louis XIV, king^ of France, 1715. 

Treaty between llu; U. S. and Kickapoo Indians, 1815. 

Died, in his 59th year, Oliver Cromwell, 1638. 

Priz- ketch Intrepid blown up in the liarb. of Tripoli, 1804. 

Uritish brig' IJoxer taken by the U. S. brig' Knterjjrize, 1813. | 

Died in a mad house, England, Geo. Alex Stevens, 1784. 

Sf.inislaus Augustus II elect d king of Poland, 1764. 

Constitut. of Maryland society for ijie abo. of slavery, 1789. j 

United States, first st^vled so, 1776. 

Perry's victory on Lake Erie, 1813. 

Battle of liranch'wine, 1777. — Macdonough's victory onLake [ 

Champlain, 1814. 
Major general Ross of the British army, killed at the battle! 

of North Point, near Baltimore, 1814. 
rhe Turks under Solyman besieged Vienna, 1529. 
Died, in his 81st year, Charles RoUin the historian, 1741. 
Plot to murd: r the British at Lisbon, discov< red, 1810. 
Britisi) repulsed by the Amc. at Hiiarlem heights, N. Y. 1776. 
Federal constitution of the United States adopted, 1787. 
U. S. sloop of wai- Wasp lanclied at Newburyport, Mss. 1813. 
Action between the American private* r General Hancock] 

and British frigate Levant; the Levant blew up, 1778. 
Manheim surrendered to the Frencli, 1795. 
Duel between Mr. Canning and lord Castl rt ah, 1809. 
Charles XII, king of Sweden, defeated the Russians nearj 

Anolenstro, 1708. 
British frigate Serapis captured by the American frigate] 

Bonne Homme Richard, 1779. |] 

Philadelphia illuminated on account of Pen-y's victory, 1813. | 
Columbus sailed from Cadiz on his first voyage, 1493. 
American pi'ivateer schooner Saratoga captured the British] 

packet brig Morgiana, 1813. 
Died at Charleston, S. C. in his 76vh year major Gen. Wm. 

Moultrie, 1805. 
Americans under Gen. Marion defeated the tories at Black j 

Mingo, 178(1. 

Ame. frigate Raleigh cap. by two British men of war, 1775. 
French Gen. Houchard arrested and sent to prison, 1793. |J 

paper; and so on, a layer of fruit and of paper, 
alternately, till the basket or hamper be full: 
cover the top with paper three or four limes 
double, to exclude the air and frost as much as 
possible. Every different sort of fruit should be 
packed separately; and it will be proper to fix 
a label to each basket or hamper, with the name 
of the fruit that it contains, and the time of its 
being fit for use. 


Paper may be stained of a beautiful yellow 
by the tincture of turmeric, formed by infusing 
an ounce or more of root, powiiered, in a pint 
of spirit of wine. This, by afterwards adding 
water to it. may be made to give any tint of 
yellow, from the lightest straw to the full col- 
mrr called French yellow, and will be equal 

in brightness even to the best died silks If 
yellow is wanted of a warmer or redder cast, 
annotto, or dragon's blood, must be added to 
the tincture. 


A very fine crimson stain may be given to 
paper, by a tincture of the Indian lake, which 
may be made by infusing the lake some days ia 
spirits of wine, and then pouriug off the tinc- 
ture from the dregs. 


Cover the letters with philogisticated orprus- 
sic alkali, with the addition of a diluted miner- 
al acid; upon the a plication of whicii tlie let- 
ters change very speedily to a deep blue colour 
of great beauty and intensity. To prevent th« 


Desilvefb Almanac. 


Tfcnt\\ 3StoiiU\, 



• r 

Ij Moon's PI 




Planets' Places, 


l^s) D's Alioth 






5 S Lat.oh Mer. 

i] D. H. 



2=^ D. H. M. 

1 % New 8 7 

1 8 Afternoon 



28 3 




241723! 5 Si 18 

IJ 3 First 16 1 

46 Morning. 



28; 3 




rtv41729! 2 S: 11 54 

1 O Full 22 8 

12 Afternoon 







1317 5; 4N 11 32 

11 C Last 30 11 

33 Morning. 








201611 3N 11 09 






4' 20 



261617 4 8 10 47 


'- M 









Sun rises and sets. [ 




dec S 



dec j Boston. 



Wash. & 

New 1 




Lex in. 

Orleans. | 



S S74 

10 28 

3 21 



6 31 

17 02 n'6 12 6 


11 6 

6 11 6 

6 11 6 

6 8 61 

1 ^ 


10 47 

3 44 


7 19 

15 12NJ6 13 6 


13 6 

6 12 6 

6 12 6 

6 9 61 

n "^ 


J in apogee 

11 5 

4 07 


8 4 

12 53 N 

6 15 6 


14 6 

6 14 6 

6 13 6 

6 10 6f 

1 ^ 


11 23 

4 31 


8 48 

9 46 Is 

6 16 6 


16 6 

6 15 6 

6 15 6 

6 11 6^ 

n ^ 


11 41 

4 54 



9 32 

6 19M 

6 18 6 


17 6 

6 16 6 

6 16 6 

6 11 of 

1 ^ 


9 gT elongation 

11 58 

5 17 


10 16 

2 37 N 

6 20 6 


18 6 

6 18 6 

6 17 6 

6 13 6L 

11 '' 


12 15 

5 40 


11 1 

1 15 S 

6 21 6 


20 6 

6 19 6 

6 18 6 

6 13 6f 

1 ^ 


eclip iiivi 

12 32 

6 03 



11 46 

5 07 S 

6 22 6 


21 6 

6 20 66 19 6 

6 14 61 

1 ^ 


12 48 

6 26 


aft 32 

8 49 S 

6 24 6 


23 6 

6 22 66 21 6 

6 15 6? 

1 10 


13 3 

6 50 



1 21 

12 10 S 

6 25 6 


24 6 

6 23 66 22 6 

6 16 el 



\l rises 11 59 

13 18 

7 11 


2 11 

15 01 S 

6 26 6 


25 6 

6 24 &6 23 6 

6 17 Gf 



13 33 

7 34 



3 5 

17 05 S|6 28 6 


26 6 

6 25 e^e 24 6 

6 17 6^ 



9 rises 2 33 

13 47 

7 56 



18 13 S 

6 29 6 


27 6 

6 26 eje 25 6 

6 18 6? 



14 1 

8 18 


4 56 

18 20 S 

6 31 6 


29 6 

6- 28 616 27 6 

6 19 6^ 


14 14 

8 40 

14 5 53 

17 20 S 

6 32 6 


30 6 

6 29 6:6 28 6 

6 20 ef 



Aldeb rises 8 3 

14 26 

9 02 

29 6 49 

15 19 S 

6 33 6 


31 6 

6 30 66 29 6 

6-21 6\ 



14 38 

9 25 


13 7 43 

12 19 S 

6 35 6 


3,1 6 

6 32 66 30 6 

6 22 6f 



14 49 

9 47 

27 8 37 

8 33 S 

6 36 6 


34 6 

6 33 66 32 6 

6 23 6} 


Sun 5 in perigee 

15 10 09 


12 9 31 

4 16 S 

6 38 6 


36 6 

6 35 66 33 6 

6 24 6| 



15 lljlO 30 

2710 24 


6 39 6 


37 6 

6 36 66 34 6 

6 25 6| 


Tu ^ quartile 

15 20 10 51 


1011 17 

4 44 N 

6 40 6 


38 6 

6 37 6 6 36 6 

6 25 6f 


W ! ^ greatest eloii 

15 29'] 1 13 

25 morji 

8 56 N 

6 42 6 


39 6 

6 38 66 37 6 

6 26 6 


Th enters Tn 

15 5711 34 


8 10 

12 32 N- 

6 43 fl 


40 6 

6 39 66 38 6 

6 27 6* 



15 4411 5o 

22 1 2 

19 22 N 

6 44 6 


42 6 

6 40 6 6 39 6 

6 28 6| 

II 25 

Sa % sets 11 19 

15 51 12 16 


6 1 55 

17 20Ni6 46 6 


43 6 

6 42 6 6 41 6 

6 29 6f 



15 5712 36 

19 2 47 

18 19 N'6 47 6 


45 6 

6 43 66 42 6 

6 30 6 8 



Ij quartile 

16 212 57 


1 3 39 

18 22NJ6 49 6 


46 6 

6 45 6 6 43 6 

6 31 6 



9 rses 2 53 

16 713 17 

13 4 28 

17 29 N 6 50 6 


47 6 

6 46 6 6 44 6 

6 31 6 
6 32 6 1 



16 I0;i3 37 

26 5 17 

15 55Ni6 51 6 


48 6 

6 47 G6 45 6 



16 1313 57 


7 6 3 

13 39 N:6 5S 6 


50 6 

6 48 66 46 6 

6 33 611 



7 *'s S 1 11 

16 16 

14 16 


6 47 

10 50 N 





51 6 

6 49 6 6 48 6 


34 61 

spreading of the colour, which, by blotting the 
parchment, detracts greatly from the legibility, 
the alkali should be put on first, and the dilu- 
ted acid added upon it. 'J'he method found to 
answer best has been, to spread the alkali thin 
with a feather or a biC of slick cut with a blunt 
point. Though tiie alkali should occasion no 
sensible change of colour, yet the moment the 
acid comes upon it, every trace of a lelter turns 
at once to a fine blue, which soon acquires its 
full intensity, and is beyond comparison stron- 
ger than the colour of the original trace. If, 
then, the corner of a bit of blotting paper be 
carefully and dexterously applied near the let- 
ters, so as to imbibe the superfluous liquor, tfie 

staining of the parchment may be in a great 
measure avoided ; for it is this superfluous liquor 
which absorbing part of the colouring matter 
from the letters, becomes a dye to whatever it 
touches, ('are must be taken not to bring the 
blotting pa|jer in contact with the letters, be- 
cause the colouring matter is soft whilst wet, 
and may easily be rubbed off. The acid chiefly 
employed is the marine: but both the vitriolic 
and the nitrous succeed very well, ihey 
should be so far diluted as not to be in danger 
of corroding the parchment, after which the de- 
gree of strength does not seem to be a matter 
of much nicptv 

JJesilvefs .Almanac. 


TeuVVv JNVouVV\; 


M Moon rises and sets. i 

liiuostonJ <«''7 P^'i^- Wash. S.» I 
\ork. (lt'l|ihia. .^ I.i x. Orli-niw 

llniorn morn morn morn morn 

21 2i 7\ 9, 11 24 

58| 1 2| 1 4 1 6' 1 12 

4l 1 56! 1 58| 1 59. 2 12 8 

51 2 52 2 54 2 55' 2 56 3 5 

1^8^ ]J 


3 51 

4 49 

5 49 

6 42 

7 24 

8 7 


3 51 

4 50 

5 49 


6 46 

7 28 

8 12 

9 5 


morn morn 


1 17 


1 20 

2 27 2 29 

4 49 

4 49 

5 56 6 

6 39, 6 43 

7 23 

8 12 

9 3 
28 9 5610 
29:10 5310 57 

7 28 

8 17 



3 53 3 59 

4 501 4 50 4 5,5 

5 49 5 49 5 47 
sets ] sets sets 

6 47i 6 49 7 3 

7 291 7 31 7 48 

8 I4i 8 16 8^6 

9 7 9 9 9 29 

10 510 710 28 

11 711 911 28 
morn mom morn 


1 21 

14 30 

1 22 1 34 

2 30 2 31 2 

3 39 3 40 3 43 

4 49j 4 49 4 47 
rises i rises rises 

6 1 

6 44 

6 3 6 18 
6 46 7 4 

7 30 7 32 7 53 

8 191 8 21 8 42 

9 lOi 9 12 9 32 
10 3ilO 510 2-J 
10 5811 Oil 17 

30-11 4911 52;il 5311 55 morn 
31 !m||^n morn morn morn 9 

Marine Corps lirst established in Knpland, 1684. 
Died in I'liihulcipliiu, g-encral oftlje Ame. unny, 1782. 
The public ofhces removed to Columbus, Ohio, 1816. 
First loan office established in the United States, 1776. 
American conunodore Chauncey captured five British shoo- j 

ners on Lake Ontario, 1813. 
The combin d American and French armies opened their I 

trenches against Yorktown, Va. 1781. 
Definitive treaty of Aix la Chapelle sig-ned, 1748. 
Died, aged 56, John Hancock, governor of Mass. 1793. 
Unsuccessful assaidt by the Ame. on Savannah, Geo. 1779. 
Providence adopted the nonintercourse agre. ment of Aug. I 

1768, 1769. 
Bahamas first discovered by Columbus, 1492. 
St Domingo ceded by the inhabitants to the British, 1793, 
Murat taken pr. and shot same day, in Upper Calabria, 1815. 
John Baliol declared king of Scotlai-.d, 1292. 
Count Pulaski surprised in the night by the British, 1778. 
French National Convention decreed that death was but an| 

eternal sleep, 1793. • 

First Provincial Congress of Ma.ssachusetts met by adjourn- j 

ment, at (Joncord, 1774. 
Congress presented to Gen. Greene two field pieces taken 

from the British, 1785. 
Bonaparte left Moscov.' with principal part of his force, 1812. 
Bank of Philadelphia robbed by W. L. N. Learned, 1816. 
Died in Ite y, in his fifty -first year, Tobias Smollet, 1771. 
Died in Philadelphia, aged 52, Peyton Randolph, president [l 
1 of the first C mi gress, 1775. 

The Kremlin blown up bj' the French under Mortier, 1812. 
Official information received in Philadelphia of the capture | 

of Comwallis, 1781. 
U. S. frigate Congress captured British ship Rose, 1813. 
Eaithquake at Constantinople, Algiers, &c. 1802. 
Eclipse of the sun visible in Boston, 1780. 
Battle of White PlaiTis, 1776. 
Died in his 78th year. Dean Swift, 1745. 
Ar. D. Chai-les defeated by the French at Caldiers, 1805. 
U. S. frigate Philadelphia cap. by the Tripolitans 1803. 


Keep if possible in motion, and take care 
not to go near a fire or into any very warm 
place, so as to occasion a suddeu heat, till some 
time after you have been able to procure dry 


Touch it with mercury, and it becomes so 
brittle that a slight blow with a hammer will 
break it. 


Those who are nice about Steaks, never at- 
fempt to have any, except in weather tohich per- 
mits (he meat to-be hung till it in tender — and 

give the Butcher some days notice of their wish 
for them. 

The best steaks are those cut from th^ mid- 
dle of a Rump, that has been killed at least four 
days in moderate weather, — when they can be 
cut about six inches long, four inches wide, and 
half an inch (hick — do not beat them, unless 
yoH expect the\ wiW not be lender Desire the 
Butcher to cut them <>f even thitkness — if he 
does not, divide the thicker from the thinner 
pieces, and give them time accordingly. 

Take care to have a very clear brisk fire, 
throw a little salt on, make the Gridiron hot, 
and set it slanting, to prevent the fat from drop- 
ping into the fire, and making a smoke. It re- 
quires more practice and care than is <renerally 
supposed to do Steaks to a oicety ; and for want- 


Desilvefs Almanac. 

of these little attentions, this very common dish, 
which every body is supposed capa bio. pf dres- 
sing, seldom comes to the table in perfection.. 

Ask those you cook for, if they like ft under 
or tkyoughly done; and what accompaniments 
they like best, — it is usual to put a tablespoon- 
ful of Catsup, — or " Balls' C'uvice," and a lit- 
tle minced Shallot into a dish before the fire, 
while you are broiling- — turn the Steak with 
a pair of Steak tongs — it will be done in about 
ten or fifteen minutes; rub a bit of butter over 
it, and send it up garnished with Pickles SLnd 
finely scraped Horseradish are the Sauces usu- 
ally composed for Chops and ^iteaks. 

N. B. Macbeth's R8ceij)t for dressing' a Beef 
Steak is the best — 

" xB/ien 'th clone, Uurre ivftf 


Take half a pint of milk, and mix with it ain 
equal quantity of vinegar, so as to coagulate 
the milk. Separate the curds from the whey, 
and mix the latter wilh the whites of four or 
five eggs, after beating them well up. The mis- 
lure of these two substances being complete, 
add sifted quick-lime, and make the whole in- 
to a thick paste of the consistency of putty. If 
this mastich is carefully a;.'plied to broken bo- 
dies, or to fissures of any kind, and dried prop- 
erly, it resists water and fire. 


Take an ounce of vinegar, one ounce of 
sfavesacre. well powflercd. half an ounce of ho- 

Vesilvers Jllmanac. 






H'riic I'rovinciul (loiij^TCbs of Soiitl» Carolina met, 1775. 
5l|Ct;n. Waslnngton's farewell orders to the Am. ajinies, 1783. 
4-lCLn. Coffee <ltf. the Creek Indians at Tullushatshes, 1813. 

Dreadfid earthquake at Quito, (S. A.) 1797. 

(ien. Thos. MiHiin electeil President o' Pennsylvania, 1788. 

John Dickenson elected president of Pennsylvania, 1783. 

Died Cath. II, Empress of Russia, 1796. f 

6 33!l{ritish att^icked Mud fort, now fort Mifflin, 1777. j 

7 25|Britisli repulsed in an attempt upon Ogdensburg-, 1813. ! 

8 22!French under mar. Davoust en. Posen, in Poland, 1806. | 
Battle of Williamsburg' U. Canada, 1813. f 
\m. army under Gen. Montg-omery entered Montreal, 1775. | 
Died at Roston, R. T. Paine, jr. aged 38 years, 1811. f 
French marshal de Crequi took Fribourg-, 1677. i 
Fort Mifflin evacuated by the Americans, 1777. '' r 
Treaty between the U. S. and Choctaws, 1805. i 
Picliej^ni defeated the Prussians at Sarbruck, 1793. I 
Am. under Gen. Greene evacuated fort Lee, 1776. I 
Am. evacuate Red Bank by order of Washington, 1777. 
U. S. schr. Retaliation captured by 2 Fr. frig'ates, 1798. 
G. F. Cooke the celebrated trag-edian made his first appear- 
ance in the U. S. in N. York, as Richard 111, 1810. 

Washington retreated to Newark, (N. J.) 1776. 

Ant. privateer Tom cap. Rritish packet Townsend, 1812. 

Am. privateer Rattlesnake sunk at Newcastle, 1812. 

The planet Mercury passed over the Sun's, 1769. 

Died ii) his 63d year, 01. Ellsworth, c. just, of the US. 1807. 

Britisli frigate Southampton and her prize, U. S. brig Vixen, 

totally lost of}' the island of Conception, 1812. 
Am. privateer Lee captured the British brig Nancy, 1775. 
Earthquake in Philadelphia, 1783. 
Charles XII, of Sweden, defeated tlie Russians, at Nama, 1700. 

11 39 

ney, half an ounce of sulphur, and two ouDces 
of sweet oil: mix the whole well together into 
a liniment, and rub the head repeatedly with a 
Httle thereof — 


A solution of the silver caustic in water is 
the foundation of all the nostrums for this pur- 
pose. It must be well diluted before used. 



Make a water of soap and alum, with which 
wet a cloth or paper; lay it either on a print or 
picture, and pass it once under the rolling' press, 
then going round the other side to take it up, you 
win have a very fine copy of whatever you shall 
have laid it upon. 


A solution of blue vitriol dropped into any li- 
<iuid in which arsenio has been put will turn it 


Cuttfaem through the long w?y, — score them, 
sprinkle a little pepper and salt on them, and 
run a wire sktwei- through them, to keep from 
curling on the Gridiron — so that they may be 
evenly broiled. 

Broil them over a very clear fire, turning 
tbein often till they are done: they will take 
about ten or twelve minutes, if the fire is brisk: 
or Fry them in Butter, and make gravy fpr 
them in the pan [after you have taken out the 
kidneys,] by putting in a tcospoonful of flour; 
as soon as it looks brown, put in as much wa- 
ter as will innkc gravy: they will take five min» 
utes more to fry than to broil. 


See if the liquor will burn aw, ly without leav- 
ing any moisture behind. As spirit is much 
lighter than water, place a hollow ivory ball in 
it; the deeper the ball sinks, the lighter the 
liquor, and consequently the more spirituotis. 


Besilver's Almanac, 

T^ve\m\ Moi\t\\, 


Moon's Phases. 

3) First 13 
O Full 
C Last 

D. H. M. 

6 11 14 Afternoon. 

4 38 Afternoon. 

21 1 28 Morning. 

29 5 40 Morning. 



Planets' Places, 8cc. 

©I¥ h :tni\ 9 






XSl "lIX ^ 
Oj 4 28i 1 29 
4 29| 51T\,7 
0' 4/li 9 14 
0' 3 213 21 
3 3il8 28 


1424 1 S 

14 1 5N 7 

13 7 2-^ 7 

13 13 4 Sj 6 

13 19 4 S 6 

H. M. 

8 16 



^ gr elongation 
day 9 26 
7 >f!:'3 sou 10 46 
j) runs low 
]) in perigee 
Ij south 3 6 

day 9 10 

% sets 10 44 
]) runs high 
\l south 2 20 

]) in ap Christ 
Aid south 10 2 

Sirius S 11 55 

fast dec S; place 



10 22 

56 22 



































04 n\^ 



7 30 

8 14 

8 59 

9 49 

10 41 

11 36 

1 31 

2 29 

3 26 

4 21 

5 1 

6 5 

6 55 

7 44 

8 34 

9 25 

10 15 

11 06 
11 56 


1 34 

2 20 

3 04 


2 13 S 
6 04 S 
9 44 S 

13 02 Sl7 

15 47 S 

17 41 S 

18 32 S 
18 14 S 

16 42 S 

14 08 S 
10 40 S 

6 38 S 

2 23 S 
1 68 N 
6 22 N 

10 16 N 
13 32 N 

16 05 N 

17 47 N 

18 53 N 
18 24 N 
17 21 N 

15 33 N 
13 06 N 

10 7N 
6 54N 

3 06 N 
40 S 

4 29 S 
8 11 S 

11 37 S 


Sun rises and sets. 
New^ Phila- lWa.sli. &! New 
Yoik. d.lphia. 1 Lexin. [Orleans. 

26 5 7 

27 5 7 

28 5 7 

28 5 7 

29 57 
29 5 7 

29 5 7 
3<J 5 7 

30 5 7 

31 57 

31 57 
311 5 7 

32 57 

33 5J 
33 5'7 
33 5|7 
33 5|7 
33 5\7 
33 5\7 
33 5J7 
33 5 7 
33 5\7 
33 5\7 



















28 5 













15 5'6 

16 5|6 

17 56 

17 56 

18 56 

18 56 

19 56 


25 ^\7 
25 5\7 
25 5\7 
25 517 
25 5\7 
25 517 
25 517 
25 5 7 


56 6 
56 6 

56 6 

57 6 





If the paper used in superior ediiions of books, 
and which sinks so as to prevent its being writ- 
ten on, be dipped in alum-watfir, it may be 
written on. Tbis practice was adopted by 


Large Oysters will do for stewing, and by 
some are preferred; but we love Ihe plump, jui- 
cy natives. Stew a couple of dozen of these in 
their own liquor; — when they are coming to a 
boil, skim well, take them up and beard them; 
strain the liquor through a tammia sieve, and 

lay the oysters on a dish. Put an ounce of but- 
ter into a stewpan, — when it is melted, put to 
it as much flour as will dry it up, the hquor of 
the Oysters, and three tablespoonsful of milk 
or cream, and a little white pepper and salt; to 
this some Cooks add a little Catsup or finely 
chopped Parslev, grated Lemon Peel, and 
juice; let it boil up for a couple of minutes, till 
it is smooth, then take it ofl'tlie fire, put in the 
Oysters, and let them get warm; (they must not 
themselves be boiled, or they will become hard;) 
line the bottom and sides of a hasb-diah with 
bread sippits, and pour your oysters aod sauce 
into it. 

■iJesilver's Ainianav. 



TYjfcimi *>i«uU\, 



Moon rises and sets 
New I Phila- \Viisli. 
Yolk. (Iflpliia. 8i 

1 21 

1 22 

3 16 

4 20 

5 26 

6 29 

6 33 

7 41 

8 49 

9 56 
11 6 

1 21 
1 21 

3 15 

4 18 

5 24 

6 2& 

6 38 

7 45 

8 5:, 


11 8 

mom morn 

15 16 

1 24! ^ 24 

1 29 1 28 

3 341 3 

4 35| 4 oo 

5 36| 5 33 

6 30 6 27 

rises vises 
6 161 6 20 

101 7 13 
7j 8 9 
3! 9 4 

5!lO 56 

r|28;il 54:1 1 54 

29i morn! morn 
3o' 52 51 

31; 1 51 

1 49 





sets I 
6 40' 

1 21 

2 19 

3 13 

4 16 


6 ^o 

6 42 

7 49 

8 56 

11 9 

morn morn 

16 17 

1 23- 1 23 

2 27 2 26 

3 3l' 3 29 

4 32; 4 30 

5 31' 5 29 

6 25 6 21 

6 22 

6 24 

7 15: 7 17 

8 10 8 12 

9 5 9 6 
10 1 10 1 

10 5710 57 

11 5311 53 
morn morn 

50 49 

1 48! 1 46 


6 i 

Died, aged 71, Oliver Wolcott, Gov. of Connecticut, 1797. 
Hoiiaparte crowned emperor of France, at Paris, 1804. 
Dekware adop. the Fed. Constitution, being the first, 1787- ll 
Madrid sur. to Bonaparte without resistance, 1808. 
Fred. JI, king of Prussia, de. Jhe Austrians, atLeuthen, 1757- 
Am. privateer brig- Montgomery cap. Br. ship Surinam, 1812. 
13onapaile in disguise an-ived at AVilna in a sledge, 1812. ij 
2|lrish convention met in Dublin, for a reform of Pari. 1785. 

8 7 Abdication of <^hii.s. Emanuel I, king of Sardinia, 1798. 

9 11 lien. Wasliington mar. from Whitemarsh to Swedesford, 1777. 

10 13lndiana admitted as a new state into the Union, 1816. 

11 15 U. S. Brig Chippewa lost on the N. W. point of the Grand 

Caicos, 1816. 
morn 'Pennsylvania adopted tlie Federal Constitution 1787. 

19iBritish evacuated Charleston S. Carolina 1782. 

1 2liMaiTiage between Bonafiarte and Josepliine formally dis- 
solved, 1809. 

The colony of Plymouth, New Eng-land, established 1620. 
U.S. Frigate Constitution sailed ft-om Boston on a cruise 1814. 
The remains of Washington consigned to the tomb 1799. 
New Jersey adopted the Federal Constitution 1787. 
The U. S. Frigate Charleston captured by the British ships 

Qiu^bec and Diomede 1782. ]M 

Died aged 82, Maxamilian de Bethune duke de Sully 1641. jj 
St. Paul's Cathedral, London, robbed of plate to tlie amount [| 

of 2000/. sterling 1800. |J 

Bible Societies prohibited in Hungary 1816. || 

8 27JBonaparte called out 125,000 men of the conscription 1811. |j 

9 16 Vermont became an independent State 1777- m 
10 6preadful destruction of the Hichmoud Theatre 1 811. || 

10 59 u. S. sclir. Carolina blown up on the Mississippi river 1814. || 

11 53jBritish defeated in an atta„;k on the American lines, 1814. ij 
morn The British ship Java captured Ijy the Constitution, 1812. li 

Americans again cannonaded the British near N. Orleans 1814. ii 
Cong-ress passed a law granting the Bank of N. America a |j 
'charter 17SI. 


6 42 

7 34 


1 38 


Bismutk dissolved iu aquafortis is pearl white. 
This though at first it whitens, afterwards black- 
ens the skin, as all preparr^tions from lead do; 
and therefore none of them are safely to be used. 


Drop a few drops of vitriolic aether upon loaf 
sugar, and, let it dissolve in your mouth; or 
drink a few drops of sther, added to a solution 
of sugar, in water, to prevent i»s immediate ev- 
aporation. — 


Sprincle sugar on tliem The Turks wash 
fresh wounds with wine, and sprinkle sugar on 
them. Obstinate ulcers may be cured with su- 
gar dissolved in a strong decoction of walflut 


The largest and finest Oysters are to be cho- 
se n for this purpose: simmer them in tlieir own 
liquor for about five minutes, — take them out 
and lay them on a cloth to drain, — beard them, 
tlien flour them, — egg and bread-crumb them, 
— put them into boiling fat, and fry them a del- 
icate brown. — 

AN irishman's INDIFFERENCE. 

Faddy, who was arraigned before a court for 
horse-stealing, after having pleaded not guilty, 
the judge asked him hy whom he would be tried.^ 
" By welve apostles," answered the prisoner. 
The judge told him that would not do, for if he 
was tried by them he could not have his trial 
till the day of judgment. " Faith," says Paddy, 
" and 1 have no objection to that neither, fbr I 
am in no htirrv about it at alK at all" 

26 Desilvefs Almanac. 


Of the most ancient and honorable Fraternity of Free and Accepted Masons of Pennsylvania and 
Masonic jarisdiclion tkereunlo belonging, according to the Old Constitution. 

GRAND OFE'ICERS.— Elecied on Monday, 4lh December, A. D. 1826, A. L. 5826. 
Thomas Kittkxa, K W. Grand Master. — Samuel Badger, R. W. Dep. G. Master. — Michael Nisbbt, 
R. W. Sen. G. W jrden.— John Steele, jun. R. W Jun G Warden. — Robert Toland, R. W. G. 
Treasurer. — Samdel H Thomas, R. W G. Secretary. 

^ppoinlmtnts by Ike R. W. Grand Master, Jor the year 1827, viz. 

FIRST DISTRICT. — Garrkk Mallery, of Wilkesbarre, Luzerne county; for the counties of Luzerne* 
Pike, Wayne, and Susquehanna. 

SECOND DISTRICT. — Joseph Kingsbery, of Sheshequin, Bradford county; for the counties of Bradford 
and Tioga, 

THIRD DISTRICT— George B. Porter, of Lancaster; for the counties of York and Lancaster. 

FOURTH DISTRICT. — Thomas H. Crawford, of Chambcrsburg, Franklin county; for the counties of 
Franklin, CuDiberland, Adams, Perry, and Bt-dford. 

FIFTH DISTRICT.— C/iar/es Shaler, of Pittsburg; for the counties of Westmoreland, Alleghany, Fayette, 
Greene, VVashingion, Butler, Beaver, Armstrong, Jefferson, and Indiana. 

SIXTH DISTRICT —Isaac Hiester, of Reading, Berks county; for the counties of Berks, Schuylkill, 
Northampion. and Lehigh. 

SEVENTH DISTRICT.— /amps Helton, of New London Cross Roads, Chester county; for the counties of 
Chester and Delaware. 

EIGHTH DISTRICT— jR.!u. Henry Lenhart, of Williamsport, Lycoming county; for the counties of, Norlhiimberland, Union, and Columbia. 

NINTH DISTRICT. —r/iowas Burnside,o{ Beliefont, Centre county; for the counties of Huntingdon, 
Mifflin, and Centre. 

TENTH DIS rRlCT— Stephen Barlow^ of Meadviile, Crawford county; for the counties of Crawford, 
Mercer. Erie. Warren, and Venango. 

ELEVENTH DISTRICT.— Jo/tii H. Hill, of Hatborough, Montgomery county; for the counties of Backs 
and Mont£;omery. 

TWELFTH DISTRICT.— Jo/m De Pui, of Harrisburg, Dauphin county; for the counties of Dauphin and 

Grand Deacons, Senior, Elhanan Vl^. Keyser; Junior, Joseph R. Hopkins. 

Grand Marshal. John K. Kane. — Grand Sioord Bearer, Henry Horn. — Grand Pursuivant, David Nathans. 
Grand Chaplains, Rev. Geo C. Potts, Rev. G, T Bedell, Rev. W. E. Ashton, Rev. R U. Morgan, and Rev. 

. Benjamin Allen. 
District Grand 'Jhaplains. — Second District, Rev. Solomon Everts. — Third District, Rev. Richard D. 
Hall and Rev. L. S Ives. — Eighth Dissrict, Rev. James De Pui — Ninth District, Rev. Robert 
Piggot and Rev. W. H. Rees. — T,inth District, Rev. T. Alden. — Twelfth District, Rev. J. B. 

Committee of Correspondence, Tristam B. Freeman, Samuel H. Perkins, Charles S. Coxe. 
Committee to Examine the By-Laws of Subordinate Lodges, Samuel H. Thomas, Stephen W. Smith, N Fowle. 
CfOmmittee to Examine the Tiansaslions of the past Year, and Select for Publication, Nathan R. Potts, Samuel 

Wonderly, Thomas M. Pettit. 
Committee of Charity, Solomon Allen, Joseph R. Hopkins, Henry Y. Carter, and Robert Kid, (one vacancy.) 
Hall Committee, Frederick Erringer, G. W. Jones, William Weaver. 

Committee of Finance, Wm Page, W, Boyd, Brittain White, John M. Read, James M. Linnardi 
Appointment by the Grand Secretary. — Samuel H. Perkins, Deputy Grand Secretary. 


The Grand Officers, by virtue of their offices; and the following persons, elected by the Stockholders on 
the 1st January, 1827, viz. Edvvard Burd, Stephen Girard, Thomas Hale, Solomon Allen, Joseph Swift, and 
Thomas Biddle. 

President of the Board, Edward Burd. — Treasurer, Thomas Hale. — Secretary, Samuel H. Thomas. 

List of Lodges Held under the Jurisdiction of the Grand Lodge of Fennsylvania. 


!2 Vhilddelpliia, Nicholas Saring. 2d Monday. 

1^ S Do. Samuel VVebb.^ 3d Tuesday. 

* 9 Do. John S. Furey.' 1st Ft-iday. 

19 Do, Wm. II. Matthews. 1st Thursday. 

Perseverance . 21 Harrisburg, Joel Bailey. 2d Wednesday. 

22 Siinbiirtf, Isaac Huttenstein. Full Moon. 

JJesilver's Almanac. 



Harmony . . 

Hope andrGood 


Phcenix . . 
Hiram . . 

St. Tammany's 

Orange . . 

Western Star 

Union . . . 

Ohio . . . 

St. John's . 

Amicitia . . 

North Star . 

Union . . . 

St. John's . 

Rising Star . 

Temple . . 

Phcenix . . 

Industry . . 

Brandywine . 

Franklin . . 
Rox!)orough . 
Friendship . 
Schuylkilll . 
Hiram Tyrian 
Village . . 
Geo. Washington 
Charity . . . 


25 Bristol, 
43 Lancnsterf 

45 Pittsburg, 

46 Liiiz, 

50 ff^est Chester, 

51 Pliilndeiphia, 
5^2 Do. 

69 Do. 

60 Brownsville, 

61 fVilkesbarre, 

62 Reading, 
04 Greenshurg, 

66 Morgantown, 

67 Philadelphia, 

69 Chester, 

70 Athens, 

71 Philadelphia, 

72 Do. 

75 Charlestown, 

81 Germantown, 

82 Milford, 

83 Damascus, 

84 Somerset, 

91 Philadelphia, 

94 JVew Hope, 
102 Frankfort, 
104 J\'ew Holland, 

106 Williamsport, 

107 Kaskaskias, 

108 Wysox <^* Orwell, 

113 Pittsburg, 

114 Philadelphia, 

115 Do. 

116 Marietta, 
119 Gibson, 

121 Philadelphia, 
123 Fork, 

125 Philadelphia, 

126 Do. 
128 Do. 

130 I>o. 

131 Do. 

132 TVaynesburg, 

133 Beaver, 

134 Philadelphia, 

135 Jlanayunk, 

136 Mina-ton, Tp. 
138 Or u' i o^stt/ j'^"/} , 

141 Ualifax, 

142 Humphreyville, 

143 Chambersburg, 

144 Milton, 


Matthew M'Kclly. 

Richard Robinson. 

M. Manderhack. 

Samson Babb. 

Jumrs Gowcn. 

Jacob Connelly, Jr. 

Fred^^rick M. Smith. 2d Tuesday. 


Sat preceding v. m. 
2d VVednebday. 
Last do. 

2d Saturday. 
4tli Thursday. 
1st Wednesday. 

Robert Clarke. 

Isaac Bowman. 
Isaac Hiester. 
Frederick A. Wise. 
Isaac S. Bonsall. 
William Baker. 
R. U. Morgan. 
Joseph Kingsbery. 
James B- Scott. 
George H. Bicking. 
Ellis Lewis. 
Thomas Ripley. 
Danl. M Broadhead, 
Calvin Skinner. 

Benj. T. Neal. 
Thomas Thompson. 
William F. Page. 

Henry Lenhart. 

Hiram Mix. 
Sheply R. Holmes. 
James Harper. 
Alexander Diamond. 
Abner Thomas. 
Joseph Wasburn. 
David C. Skerret. 
Daniel llgenfritz. 
Henry Korkhaus. 
James Page. 
William Keegan. 
J. R. Chandler. 
George Hortter, jr. 
Effinger Happersett. 

Samuel H. Thomas. 
James Renshaw. 
John M. .Jones. 
William B. Potts. 
Richard Rogers. 
J. H. Scolfield. 
Samuel Fahnestock. 

1st Monday. 

1st Monday. 

1st Wtdnesday. 

2d Monday, 

Sat. preceding f. m*- 

2d Friday. 

Sat. preceding f. m. 

4th Wednesday. 
2d Tuesday. 
Sat. preceding f. m. 
The same. 

Tues. of or before fm. 
F. M. or Mo. following. 
1st Monday. 
4th do. 

Mon. preceding f. m. 
Thur. preceding f. m. 
F. M. or Mon. after 
Full Moon. 

2d Wednesday. 

3d Friday. 

1st Wednesday* 

1st Saturday. 

AVed. of or prec. f. m. 

3d Thursday. 

2d Tuesday. 

4th Friday. 

4th Tuesday. 

3d Tuesday. 

3d Wednesday. 

2d Thursday. 

3d eve. prcv. to f. m. 

Wed. before f. m. 

2d W^ednesday. 

Saturday after f. m. 

M'ed. after f. m. 

Tues. at or after f. m. 

Evening of f. m. 

1st Saturday. 

1st and 3d Fridays. 

Evening prev. to f. m. 


Besilver's Almanac. 


Western StaF 

Freedom . . . 

Mount Moriah . 

Jordan . . . 

Easton . . . 

Mount Moriah . 
Wm. Washington 

Meridian Sun . 

Columbia . . . 

\'0. HELD AT 

146 Meaclville, 

147 Bethany, 

150 Troy, 

151 Allentown, 
15i2 Easton, 

153 fVayyiesburg, 
15o riiiladelphia, 
156 Chestnut Level, 

158 Philadelphia, 

159 Danville, 

La Reconnaissance l60 Philadelphia, 
1 fio ^ •^e^ London 

Cross Roads, 

163 Toivanda, 

164 Washington, 

165 Pittshurs, 

Fidelity . . 

Washington . 
Mil nor . . . 
Doylestown > 
Benevolent 5 
Eastern Star 
Lawrence . , 
Mount Lebanon 
Hamilton . . 
Morning Star 
Delaware . . . 
Mount Moriah 
Zebulon . 
Eaton . . 
Farmers' . 
Fairvievv . 
Franklin . 
Eastern Star 
Integrity . 
Cement . 
Hermanos Legi-"J 

timos de la luz il9l Mvarado, 

del Papaloapam J 


John Dick. 
Joseph Castle. 
Charles Taylor. 
J. S, Gihsun. 
James M. Porter. 

Robert" Thomas. 
Robert Sproul. 
Frederick Plummer. 

Martin Eckendorft'. 
James Kelton. 
Geo. Scott. 

Geo. W. Bradley. 
Joseph Hough. 

168 Doylestown, 

169 Columbia, 

171 Pottstoivn, 

172 Lebanon, 

173 Lawrenceville, 

174 Duwningtown, 

176 Mount Pleasant, 

177 Delaware, 

178 Huntingdon, 

179 Middle Smith field, John Turn, 
im Jefferson, Samuel M«Guire 

Robert Spear. 
David Rutter. 
William Ralston. 
W. W. Fetterman. 
George Boyer. 
John Stouffer, 

David R. Porter. 

1 82 Mercer, 

183 Paoli, 

184 P'airview, 

185 Braintrim, 

186 Philadelphia, 
187, Do. 

189 Wellsborough, 

190 J^orristown, 

Lafayette . . 
Morning Star . 
Cumberland Star 
Silentia . . . 
Lafayette . . 
Good Samaritan 
Mauch Chunk . 
Mount Pisgah , 
Jackson . . . 
Columbus . . 
Evening Star 
Mornins Dawn . 

192 Belief onte, 

194 JWit? Berlin, 

195 Hatborough, 

196 Mercersburg, 

197 Carlisle, 

198 Sliippensburgh, 

199 Jersey Shore, 

200 Gettysburg, 

201 Mailch Chunk, 

202 Greencastle, 

203 Mifflin, 

204 Tunkhannock, 

206 Middletown, Tp. 

207 Brooklyn, Tp. 

Epaphroditus Cosset 
Elijah Lewis. 
Alvin C. Thayer. 
Wait S. Skinner. 
William Stephens. 
James Hickey. 
Samuel VV. Morris. 
William Powell. 

James Armor. 
John Baskin. 
William Craven. 
William M'Kinstry. 
Jacob Squires^ 
^^ illiam A.. Finley. 
William- Babb. 
Rob.Go 'dloe Harper. 
John Leisenrinji. 
Danl. C. Newcomer. 
Henry G. Hesser. 
Luman Ferry. 
William C. Turrel. 
F/benezer Gere. 


Tues. af. at, or of f. us. 

Tues. of, or bef. f. m. 

Mon. of, or bef. f. m. 

Mon. preceding f. M. 

1st Thurs. after f. m. 

5d Monday. 

4th Tuesday. 

Sat. of, or before f. m. 

1st Tuesdaf. 

Tues. of, or after f. h. 

4th Monday. 

Last day of the mo. 

Wed. preceding f. m. 

5d Wednesday. 

Sat. of, or before f. m. 

1 st Tuesday. "*■ 
Saturday after f. m. 
Sat. of, or before f. m. 
1st Wednesday. 
4th Saturday. 
Wed. of or prece. f. m. 
Sat. of or prece. f. m. 
Tues. fol. 2d Mond. 
Saturday after f. m. 

Wed. of, or bef f. m. 
Thurs. before f. m. 

Thurs. biefore f. jr. 
3d Thursday. 
1st do. 

Monday before f. m. 
Wed. after f. m. 

Full Moon. 
Thurs. of or prec. f. m. 
1st and 3d Tuesday. 
Sd Wednesday. 
1st and 3d Tuesday. 

1st and 3d Thursday. 
Sat. preceding f. m. 
1st an;": 3d Thursday. 
Monday before f. m. 

Thursday before f. m. 
Tues. cf or bef, f. m. 

Desilvet's Almanac. 



Golden Rule 
Hillsboro' Union 

Mount Zion . . 

Keiisinj^ton . . 

Mount Patnios . 

Montrose . . 

NO. linLD AT 

i208 Laudisbiirff, 

209 llilLsboruugh, 

210 Jl'Connelslrurg, 

21 1 kenaington, 

212 IlaiiDvev, 

213 Montrose, 


R. H. M'Clelland. 
J, M. Davis. 
Andrew liindsay. 
Tracy Taylor. 
W. 1). Gobrecht. 
Jonah Brewster. 


Last Wednesday. 

Grand Lodge of A^eiv Fork. 

The Grand Lodge of New York was fust constituted by a warrant from the duke of Athol, dated London, 
Tjtb September, A D 1181. 

In conformily to the example which had been sel by the grand lodges of several states after the revolutionary 
contest, on the fifth Septi.inber, A D. nS7, the masters and wardens of the several lodges within the state, 
having bsing duly notrfied, assembled in the city of New York; and the late provincial grand lodge having 
been closed sine die, formed and opened an independent grand lodge, and elected and installed their grand 

There are now (1826) two Grand Lodges in the state of New York. One held in Albany, of which Stephen 
Van Rensselaer. Esq. is M. E. Grand Master — The other is held in the city of New York, and Martin Hoff- 
man, Esq. M. £. Grand Master. 

Officers of the Grand Lodge of tlie state Grand Stewards of Charity, 

of M-ew York. First Class. 

M. W. Elisha W. King, Esq., Grand Master. ^ie! Gray, - of No. 368. 

R. W Richard Hatfield, Esq., !>. Gronrf /JoUer. Samuel H.Rogers, 378. 

R. VV Henry J Feltus, Esq , G. S. fVnrdtn. -^ol'" ^ • Sibell, 390. 

R. W. Matson Smith, Esq. M D., G. J Warden. Second Class 

R. W. George VV Hjer, Esq. G. Treaswrer. Cornelius P M'Elwa.n, - - - - - of No. 1. 

^- ^^\^^""^ ^ r^tr; TT-'- Etienne Millon. - 71. 

5' w*'c*\^'^''"^'m^v ^' i^P'l r 1 Anthony W. Jones, 143. 

R. W. & Rev. Jona. M. Wainwrjghf, f Grand ■' ' 

R. VV. & Uev James G. Ogilvie, t Chaplains. Third Class. 

R. W. & Rev. Frederick C Schaeffer, J William E. Ross, of No. 2. 

R W. Matthew Reed, Grand Stcorrf Beorer. • Thomas Cleary, -------- 107. 

R. \V Mordecai Myers, G^and ^larshal. Ferdinand L. Wilsey, 371. 

R. W. Charles G- Ferris, Giana Standard Bearer. 

W. William M. Price, ~) Fourth 

z. s '«£:::: o--*-^. si^s'mS,"' -■.■.-.■ .w f"- ,s 

W. Wm. L Morris, J Lebbeus Chapman, 304. 

W. \nthony W. Jones, G. S. D. ^. ^ . o ■ , r , 

W Francis Dubuar G J. D. -*"* Grand Sleioard^^ Lodge meets quarterly, on the 

B Joseph Jacobs, G P. last Wednesday in February, May, jiugust, and J^Tc 

B Gerrit Lansing, i. G P. vember. 

B. Robert Young, G. Tyler. 

TheQuarterly Communications of the Grand Lodge ^ The First Class from February to May, Sc- 
are held on the first VVednesiiays of .March, June, Sep- oond Class from May to August, Third Class from 
tember, and December. The Election of Grand Offi- August to November, Fourth Class from November 
cers is made at the June Communication. to F bruary. 

List of Lodges, and their times of meeting in JV*eu: Fork. 

Designation. iN'o. Held at W'^rshipful yJaslers. Slated Meetings. 

St. John's 1 Masonic Hall, Broadway C. P M'Elwiiu 2d ^ 4lh Thursdays 

Independent, R. A. 2 Do A. R. Thompson 2d & 4th Mondays 

St. Andrew's 7 Do James Robinson 2d & 4fb Fridays 

Hiram 10 Union Hall Harris Scoville 1st & 3d Tuesdays 

Holland 16 Masonic HalL Br adway E('mund Seaman Isf & 3d Tuesdays 

Howard 35 * Do Geo. Barrell 2d & 4th Wednesdays 

Trinity 39 St John's Hall J. G. Finn • 2d & 4th Mondays 

Phoenix 40 ■ Do D L. Tuthill 2d & 4th Wednesdays 

L'Union Francaise 71 Masonic Hall, Broadway R. Pardessus 1st & 3d Tuesdays 

Fortitude S\ Military garden Brooklyn D. ^torms 1st & 3d Mondays 

Abram's 83 St. .Mn*s Hall Peter M'Namara Tst & 3d Mondays 


JJesilver's Almanac. 


Xo. Held at 

Worshipful Masters. 

a toted Meetings, 


84 Masonic Hall, Broadway 

A. F. Cernau 

1st and 3(1 Tuesdays 


91 Do 

Wm Rockwell 

ls( & 3d Thursdays 


100 Saw Pits West Chester 

H. R. Powell 



107 Masonic Hall, Broadway 

P. Sluyvesant 

2d Sf 4th Tuesdays 


108 St. John's Hall 

■ 1. H. Thompson 

1st & 3d Thursdays 

La Sincerite 

122 Masonic Hall, Broadway 

Venerable Chegaray 

1st & 3d Mondays 

Mount Moriab 

132 Union Hall 

S. Van Beuren 

1st & 3d Thursdays 


142 St. John's Hall 

James Spence 

2d & 4tn Tuesdays 


143 Union Hall 

James Herring 

2d & 4th Mondays 


163 Do 

J. E Solomons 

2d & 4tb Tuesdays 

New Jerusalem 

158 St. John's Hall 

James Flanagan 

lst&3d Wednesdays 


304 Do 

T. C. Williams 

2d & 4th Mondays 

German Union 

322 Union Hall 

J. G. Rohr 

2d Sc 4th Thursdays 


338 Military garden, Brooklyn 

Jos. Sprague 

2d & 4th Mondays 


339 St- John's Hall 

John Gilmore 

2d & 4th Wednesdays 


360 Masonic Ball, Broadway 

Charles Adams 

1st & 3d Mondays 


867 St John's Ball 

Jas. Bowers 

Ist & 3d Tuesdays 

New York 

368 Masonic Ball, Broadway 

D. M. Prall 

2d Sf 4th Thursdays 


370 Union Ball 

Gilbert Reynolds 

1st & 3d Fridays 


371 Masonic Ball, Broadway 

W. G. White 

1st & 3d Mondays 


373 St. John's Hall 

Silas Butler 

2d & 4tb Thursdays 


378 Masonic Hall, Broadway 

D. F. Lee 

1st & 3d Thursdays 

Eastern Star 

379 Eastern Hall, Manhattan 

330 Union Hall 

C. B. Simpson 

1st & 3d Thursdays 


Charles Cleever 

2d & 4th Fridays 

Corner of Christopher 

(ijirf Hudson streets 


ggj until the first oj May; ! 
ajttr thai, at the cor- 
ner of Sixth Jlvemie 
and Fifth street. J 

Danl. H. Weed 

Ist & Sd Thursdays 


384 Tomkinsville 

' Benjamin Wood 

1st & 3d Tuesdays 


385 Union Hall 

Saml. Morton 

2d &. 4tb Wednesdays 


386 Do 

Lemuel Wells 

1st & 3d Mondays 


387 St. John's Hall 

Daniel M'Lean 

2d & 4th Thursdays 


388 Do 

E. Sturges 

1st & 3d Fridays 


389 Do 

H. C. Atwood 

1st & 3d Mondays 


390 Masonic Hall, Broadway 
J. Hunter's Tavern, 'i 

John F. Sibell 

1st &, 3d Fridays 


391 Brooklyn, near the V 
old Ferry S 

Samuel Hart 

2d & 4th Wednesdays 



A. D. Wilson 


Grand Lodge of JVew Jersey. 

A convention of free and accepted masons of the state of New Jersey, was holden agreeable to previous 
notice, on the eighteenth December, A. D. 1786, at the city of New Brunswick, when a grand lodge for the 
said state was duly constituted, and the Hon. David Brearly, Esq. chief justice of the state, was elected first 
grand master. 

List of Subordinate Lodges. 


Solomon's Lodge 

St. John's 








Olive Branch 


Mount Holly 





JVo. Held at. 

1 Middlebrook 

2 J^ewark 
5 Trenton 

8 J^ewtown 

9 Bridgetown 

1 1 fVoodhury 

12 .\ew Briinsioick 

13 Orange 

14 Hamburg 

16 Greenwich 

1 7 Whippany 

18 Mount Holly 

19 Salem 

21 Orange 

22 Port Elizabeth 

23 .^tieitsfi 



Hope Lodge 


Sharp Town 


Schrewsbury Washing. 











JVb. Held at. 

25 Ftemington 

26 Hope 

3 1 Washington 

32 Sharp Town 

33 Chatham 

S4 Ealim Toion 
35 Cedarville 

38 Pittstown 

39 Mloways 

40 Plainfield 

41 Elizabeth Town 

42 Deerfield 

43 Tuckerton 

44 Caldwell 

45 Camden 

46 Berkshire 

JJesiiver's Jllmunac. 



Of the City of Pliitadelphin, District of Southivark, Toivuahip of tlie JS'orlhern 
Liberties, Penn and Kensington. 

District M>. 1. 
1. JAS. S. SPENCER, No 13, Palmyra Row.— 

From the north side of Vine street to the soulh side 

of Callotvhill street, and froDi the west side of Sixth 

street to Schuylkill. 
:?. THOS. LEWELLEN, corner of Eighth and But- 

tonwood Lane. — From the north side of Callowhill 

street tu the south side of Hickory Lane, and from 

Sixth street to Schuylkill. 

3. WM. ESHER, near Turner's Lane, west of Ridge 
R6ad — From the north side of Hickory Lane to 
the boundary line df Penn Township, and from 
Schuylkill to Sixth street, taking in the west part 
of Germantown road. 

District JVb. 2. 

4, JOSEPH BAKER, on Germantown IWad.— Be- 
ginning on the west side of New Front street and 
the Cohocksink Creek, up the said Front Street to 
Camac street, up Camac slreet to New Second 
street, down New Second street to the above named 

5. THOS H. CRAIG, at Globe Mill.— Commencing 
at the Cohocksink creek and Germantown Road, up 
the Germantown Road west side to the intersection 
of Second street, up Second street, west side, to the 
township line, along the township line to the Ger- 
mantown Road, down the Germantown road to the 
east side of Second street; down Second street to 
the Cohocksink creek, along the Cohocksink creek 
to the place of beginning. 

6, JACOB DEAL, near the Globe Mill.— Commenc- 
ing at the Cohocksink creek and Second street, up 
Second street west side to Germantown road, up 
Germantown road west side to the intersection of 
Sixth street, down Sixth slreet east side to the Co- 
hocksink Creek, along Cohocksink creek to the place 
of beginning. 

DlUrict Ao. 3. 
". GEO. APP, on the Frankford Road, near Queen 

street — Beginning at the mouth of Cohocksink 

creek and the river Delaware, then running up the 

river to Shackamaxun street, thence up Shacka- 

mnxun street to Frankford road, thence up said 

road to Master street, thence along said Master 

street to the easterly side of New Front street, 

thence up said street to Mud lane, then crossing 

the said street to the westerly side thereof then 

down said street including both sides thereof to Co- 
hocksink creek, then along taid creek to the place 

of beginning. 
S. GEO. W. LEHMAN, Beach, above Maiden 

street. — Beginning at the foot of Shackamaxun 

street and the river Delaware, thence up the north 

side of said street to Frankford road, thence up the 

east side of said road lo Hanover slreet, thence 

down the south side of said street to the Delaware. 
9. THOS. VAUGHAN, corner of Queen and Marl- 

borough streets. — Beginning at the foot of Hano- 
ver street and the river Delaware, up the north side 

of Hanover street to the east side of New Second 

street, and along said street to the township line, 

then following the township line to the river Dela- 

District JS'o. 4. 

10. JOHN KESSLKK, Jr. No. 166, Coates' street. 
— From the north side of Poplar lane to the south 
side of Cohocksink creek, and from the river Dela- 
ware to Sixth street. 

11. JAS C. WALTERS, No. 412, north Front 
street. — From the south side of Poplar lane to the 
north side of Brown street, and from the Delaware 
to Sixth street 

12. SAMUEL KUEN, No, 401, north Third street. 
— From the soulh side of Brown slreet t(. the north 
side of Coates' street, and from the Delaware to 
Sixth street. 

Dtsivict t^Q 5 

13. ROBERT A PHILSON, S. W. corner of 
Coates' and Third streets. — From the south side of 
Coates' street to the north side of Green street, and 
from the Delaware to Sixth street 

14. ROBERT PARHAM, No. 39, Noble street.— 
From Green to Tammany street, and from Sixth 
street to the Delaware. 

15. HENRY L KEIHLE, north Sixth street, below 
Noble. — From the soulh side of Duke street and 
south side of Tammany street to Peg's run, and 
from the Delaware to Sixth street. 

16. DANIEL K. MILLER, Second street below 
Tammany — From Peg's run to Callowhill street, 
and from Sixth street to the Delaware. 

District Ao. 6. 
n. JOSEPH EBERTH, No. 143, Vine street.— 

From Callowhill to Vine street, and from Sixth 

street to the Delaware 
13. FRANCIS PEROT, No. 120, Vine street.— 

From the south side of Vine street to the north side 

of Race slreet, and from the Delaware to Sixth 


19. ABR\HA^I RITTER, No. 16, south Seventli 
street — From the south side of Race slrei t to the 
north siile of Arch street, and from the Delaware 
to Sixth street. 

District ^o. '. 

20. BENJAMIN E. VALENTINE, No. 154, Arch 
street — From the south side of Vine to the north 
side of Arch slreet, and from the west side of Sixth 
to the east side of Ninth street. 

21. JAMES WEST. Montgomery Square, Tenth 
street between Cherry and Rare streets. — From the 
south side of Vi c to the north side of Arch street, 
and from the west side of Ninth to the east side of 
Twelfth slreet. 

22. EDWARD B. GARRIGUES, corner of Sixth 
and High streets. — From the south side of Arch to 
the north side of Market, and from the Delaware 
to the east side of Eleventh street. 

Pistrict JVo. 8. 

23. LEWIS TAYLOR, corner of High and Fifth 
streets — From the south side of Market to the north 
sideof Chesuut, and from the Delaware to the east 
side of Eleventh street. 


Desilvers Jilmanac. 

24. JACOB FRALEV, No. 24, Walnut street.— 
From tlie south side of Chesnut to the north side of 
Walnut, aud from the Delaware to the east side of 
Eleventh street. 

25. CHAllLES H. WHITE, No. 109, Walnut 
street.i — From the south side of Walnut to the north 
side of Spruce, and from the Delaware to the east 
side of Seventh street. 

Dbtrict M). 9. 

26. TIMOTHY CALDWELL, corner of Walnut 
and Front street, from Schuylkill. — From the south 
side of >ine to the north side of Arch street, and 
from the west side of Twelfth street to Schuylkill. 

27. JAMES B. SMlTrl, No. 340, Arch street.— 
From the south side of Arch to the north side of 
Chesnut, and from the west side of Eleventh street 
to Schuylkill. 

28. JOHN CREAN, Jr. corner of Twelfth and 
Spruce streets. — From the south side of Chesnut to 
the north side of Spruce, and from the west side of 
Eleventh street to Schuylkill 

District J^o. 10. 

29. EDW\RD PARKER, No. 243, High street — 
From the soutii side of Walnut to the north side of 
Spruce, and from the west side of Seventh street 
to the east side of Eleventh street. 

30. JA'MES HUTCHINSON, No 146, south Se- 
venth street. — From the s.Tuth side of Spruce to the 
north aide of Cedar, and from Tenth street to 

31. GEORGE JEFFRIES, No. 197, south Fifth 
street. — From the south side of Pme to the north 
side of Cedar, and from the west side of Fifth street 
to the east side of Tenth street. 

District J^o. 1 1. 

32. SAML. ALEXANDER, No. 31, Walnut street. 
— From the south side of Spruce to the north side 
of Pine, and from the river Delaware to the east 
sidtf of Tenth street, 

■JOHN GILDER, No. 36, S. Thirteenth street. 

33. LEWIS WALTON, No 209, south Second 
street. — From the south side of Pine to the north 
side of Cedar, and from the Delaware to the east 
side of Fifth street. 

District JVo. 12. 

34. JOHN ROGERS, No 257, south Secend street. 
— From the south side of Cedar street to the north 
side of Sbippen street continued, aud from the river 
Delaware to Passyunk road. 

•35. WM. TO WELL, Fourth street below Christian. 

—From the south side of Shippcn to the north side 
^ of Plum street and north side of Fuller's alley and 

from the river Delaware to Passyunk road. 

36. HENRY ELWELL, No. 380, south Front street, 
fifth house above Queen street. Shop No. S, Mead 
alley. — From the south side of Plum street and 
south side of Fuller's alley to the north side of Ger- 
man street and north side of Mead alley, and from 
the Delaware to Passyunk road. 

District J^o. 13. 

37. JOSEPH CARTER, No. .3-31, south Second 
street. — From the south side of German street and 
south side of Mead alley to the north side ■ f Qseea 
street, and from the river Delaware to Passyunk 

38. WM. L. BARBER No. 23, Christian street. 
— From the south side of Queen street (between 

the east side of Second street and the river Dela* 
ware) to the southern boundary of the district. 
39. ANDREW CROZiER, No 424, south Front 
street. From the south side of Queen street to the 
southern boundary of the ufstrict, and from the west 
side of Second street to Passyunk road. 

Officers of the General Board. 

JOHN GILDER, President, No. 36, south Thirteenth 

THOMAS A. ALEXANDER, Treasurer, No. 45, 
north Front street. 

GEORGE HEYL, Sfccretai7, No, 25, north Seventh 
street, and s. w. corner of Front and VValnut streets. 

JOHN M. SCO IT, Solicitor, No 143, Chesnut street. 

JACOB FITLER, corner of Tammany and north 
Fourth streets. 

.Sssistanl ^genl. 

JOSHUA MERRICK, No. 8, Mary street, District 
ol Southwark. 

• Managtrs of the JilmsHouse. 

JOSEPH TAVLOR, President, north Sixth street, 
second door above Noble street. 

JOHN HUFFN AGLE, dwelling house No. 429, High 
street, — Store, corner of Fifth and High streets. 

THOMAS ROGi'-RS, No. 411, Arch street. 

ELISHA W. COOK, No. 105, Pine street, and back 
of No. 'lb. Dock street. 

BENJAMIN KLINE, corner of Dillwyn and Noble 

EDMUND SHOTWELL No. 211, north Fonrth 

WILLIAM FLANAG.\N, dwelling house No. 609, 
south Front street, — Shop, No. 8, Walnut street. 

CHARLES FINNEY, No. 270, south Second street. 

JOEL ATKINSON, No. 6, Tenth above Cherry 

GEORGE HEYL, Secretary B. M. No. 25, north 
Seventh street. 

JEREMKH PIERSOL, Steward, ) Of the Alms 
MARGARET Si B BET, Matron, $ House, &c. 
Pkysicians to the Out-door Poor. 

H. M. TUCKER, No. 230, Arch street, for the 
Eastern District of Penn Township, extending from 
the north side of Vine street to the south side of 
Coates street, and from the west side of Sixth street 
to the east side of Thirteenth street. 

R. M. HUSTON, No. 308, Race street, for the 
Western District of Penn Township, to extend from 
the west side of Thirteenth street to the river 
Schuylkill, and from the north side of Vine street 
to the south side of Coates' street 

JOHN WILTBANK, No. 314, Vine street, near 
Ninth street to extend from the north side of Coates' 
street to the northern boundary of Penn Township. 

J'JHN M'CULLY, No. 363, north Front street, be- 
low Green street, for the District of Kensington, 
and the whole of the unincorporated part of the 
Northern Liberties 

GEORGE VV. MEARS, No. 69, Vine street, for 
District No 1 Northern Liberties, from the nortli 
siae of Vine street to the south side of Noble street, 
aud from the river Delaware to Sixth street. 

CHARLES H ROHR, north Third street, next to 
S. E. corner of Green street, for District No. 2. 
Nort;cra Liberties, fiom north side ojf Noble street 

VesUver^a Almanac. 


la lue south side ol Coatcs' street, and from llie 
river Delaware to Sixth street. 

T. H. I'AItDI.EY, No 219, north Fourth street^ 
above Tamuiany street, for District No. 3. Northern 
Liberties, from the oorth side of Coates' street to 
the northern boundary of the incorporated part of 
the Northern Liberties. 

SAMUEL WILSON, No. 146, north Eighth street, 
from the south side- of Vine to the north side of 
Chesnut street, and from the river Delaware to the 
cast side of Ninth street. 

SAMUEL M. FOX, No. — Walnut below Tenth 
street, from the south side of Vine street to the north 
side of Chesnut street, and from the west side of 
Ninth street to Schuylkill. 

HENRY M. READ, oiricc, No. 146, south Fifth 
street, dwelling, No. 176, Chestnut street, from the 
south side of Chestnut street to ^the north side of 
Cedar street, and from the Delaware to the east 
side of Ninth street. 

DAVID C. SKERRETT, No. 153, south Tenth 
street, first door above George's street, from the 
south side of Chesnut street to the north side of 
Cedar street, and from the west side of Ninth street 
to Schuylkill. 

HARVEY KLAPP, No. 292, south Second street— 
from the east side of Third street to the river Dela- 
ware, and from the south side of Cedar street, to 
the southern boundary of the District of Southwark. 

DAVID F CONDIE, No. 153,- Catharine street, 
second door from Fourth street, from the west side 
of Third street to the southern and western extre- 
mities of the District of Southwark. 

For Kensington, HANNAH WEST, Queen, near 
Marlborough street 

For the Northern Liberties, JOHN HORN, N. E. 
corner of Third and Blown streets. 

For Penn Township. PETER HUMBURG, N. W. 
corner of Callowhill and Garden streets. 

For the City, WILLIAM BAKER, No. 6, north 
Fifth street. 

For District of Southwark, THOMAS OLIVER, N. 
E. corner of Catharine and Front streets. 


JAMES WEST, President, north Tenth street, be- 
tween Cherry and Race streets. 

EDWARD B. GARRIGUES, Treaiurcr, corner of 
High and Sixth streets. 

HENRY J. RIEHLE, Secretary, Sixth street below 

FRANCIS PEROT, No. 120, Vine street. 

JAMES B. SMITH, No. 340, Arch street. 

DANIEL K. MILLER, north Second street, below 

ANDREW CROZIER, No. 424, south Front street 
MARTHA DUNGAN, Matron at Asylum. 

Physician to the Children's Asylum. 
MATTHEW ANDERSON, M. D. corner of Se- 
cond and Christiau streets. 

Committee on Coloured Children's .Asylum. 
W^ILLIAM L. BARBER, No. 23, Christian street, 
JOHN CREAN, Jr. corner of Twelfth and Spruce 

THOMAS LEWELLEN, corner of Eighth street 

and Buttonwood lane. 

Prison Committee. 
LEWIS WALTON, No. 209, south Second street. 
JACOB FIIALEY, No. 4, Walnut street. 
SAMUEL KUEN, No. 401, north Third street. 

Physicians to the Mms House. 

NATHANIEL CHAPMAN, No. 9, York Buildings, 

WM. GIBSON, corner of Locust and Wasbingloa 

SAMUEL JACKSON, corner of Seventh and Wal- 
nut streets. 

J. K. MITCHELL, No. 119, south Fifth street. 

WM, E. HORNER, Chesnut, between Eighlji anfl 
Ninth streets. 

J. RHEA BARTON, No. 194, Chesnut street. 

H. L. HODGE, No. 181, Walnut street. 

RICHARD HARLAN, S. W. corner of Sanrom 
and Ninth streets. 

HENRY NEIL, No. 112, Spruce street. > 

N. SHOEMAKER, No. 210, Chesnut street. S 

For the lying-in Department. 

governmp:n r of the state of Pennsylvania. 

Governor — J. Ancliew Shulze. 


Secretary of the Commonwealth — Isaac 
D. Barnard. 

Treasurer — Williaiu Clark. 

Auditor General — 'avid Mann. 

Secretuay of the Land Office — ^Joshua 

/Surveyor General — Gabriel Heister. 
Deputy Secretary — James Trimble. 


Chief Justice — John Bannister Gibson. 

fThomas Duncan, 

-, • . r X- J M oul ton C. Rogers, 
Jlssociate Justices,-^^ j^,^^ .j,^^^^ » 

I^James Huston. 


The following is the arrangement oj the Courts of the several Judicial Districts in the state of PennsylvaniSj 
with the times of their commencement and duration, in 1837. 

First District. — Philadelphia CuwUij. 

On the first Monday iu March, June, and 
December, and third Monday in September. 
No limitation to the terms> 


Second District — York and Lancaster. 
In York ou the first Mondays in January, 
April, August, and November, to continue two 
weeks. Lancaster on the second Monday after 
the coinmeucenient of the courts in York. 


Desilvers Almanack. 

Third D'lStricl. — Berks, J^orlhampton, and Lehigh. 

Berks, on tlie first Moudaysiu January, .April, 
August, and November, two weeks. Psorthamp- 
ton, second Mondajs after the commencement 
of courts in Berks, two weeks. Leliigli, on the 
Mondays after the courts in Nonhampton, two 
Fourth District. — Htmtingdon, J\Jifflin and Centre. 

Huntingdon, on the second Mondays of Ja- 
nuary, Apiil, .August, and November. MifHin, 
on the third Mondays of the same months. Cen- 
tre, on the fourth Mondays of the same months. 
Fifth District. — Butler, Beaver and Megbany. 

Butler, on the first Mondays in January, 
April, July, and October. Beaver, on the se- 
cond Mondays of January and April, fourth 
Mondays of August, and third Monday of Oc- 
tober. Alleghany, third Mondays in January 
and April, and first Mondays in August and 
November, without limitation in Alleghany. 
Sixth District. — Fenango, Mercer, Crawford, Erie 
and Warren. 

Erie, on first Mondays of August, November, 
February, and May Crawford on first Mon- 
day after Erie. Mercer on second Monday af- 
ter the courts in Erie. Venango on the third 
Monday after Erie. Warren, first Monday af- 
ter Venango. 

Seventh District. — Montgomery and Bucks. 

Montgomery, on the third Mondays of Au- 
gust, November, January, and April, two 
weeks. Bucks, on the fourth Monday in April, 
and second Monday in February, September, 
and December, two Aveeks. 

Eighth District. — Columbia, J^orthumberland, 
Lycoming and Union. 

Columbia, on the first vloudays of January, 
April, August, and November. Northumber- 
land, second Mondays after the commencement 
of the courts in Columbia. Lycoming, on the 
second Mondays after the commencement of 
the courts in Northumberland. Union, on the 
second Mondays after the commencement of 
the courts in Lycoming. 
Ji''mth District. — Perry, Cumberland and Adams. 

Perry, on the first Monday in January, April, 
August and November. Cumberland, on the 
second Mondays of the same months, two 
weeks. Adams, on the fourth Monday of the 
satne months, iwo week. 

Tenth District. — Westmoreland, Armstrong, 
Indiana and Cambria 

Westmoreland, on the Mondays preceding 
the courts in yomerset county. Armstrong, on 
the third Mondays in March, June, September 
and December. Indiana, on the Mondays iol- 
lowing the courts in Armstrong. Cambria, on 
the Mondays following the courts in Indiana. 

Eleventh District. — Luzerne, Pike and Wayne. 

Luzerne, on the first Mondays of January, 
April, August, and November, one week. 
Vike. ou the third Mondays of the same mouths. 

one week. Wayne, on the fourth Mopdays oi 

the same months, one v^eek, 

Ticeffth District — Schuylkill, Lebanon and Dauphin. 

Schuylkill, on the last Mondays of March, 
July, October, and December. Lebanon, on 
the first Monday after the courts in Schuylkill. 
Dauphin, on the third Monday in January, 
April, August, and November, two weeks. 
Thirteenth District. — Susquehanna, Bradford, and 

Tioga, on the second Mondays of January, 
April, August, and Novemder. Bradford, on 
the Mondays next after Tioga. Susquehanna, 
on the Mondays next after Bradford. 
Fourteenth District. — Fayette, Green and Washington. 

Fayette, on the first Mondays of January, 
March, and June, and fourth Monday in Octo- 
ber, one week. Greene, on the Mondays next 
following those of Fayette. Washington, on 
the Mondays next following those of Greene. 
Fifteenth District. — Delaware and Chester. 

Delaware, on the third Mondays in January 
and October, second Monday in April, and 
fourth Monday in July, two weeks. Chester, 
on the second Monday after the commence- 
ment of the courts in Delaware, two weeks. 
Sixteenth District. — Franklin, Bradford and Somerset. 

Franklin, on the second Mondays of Janu- 
ary, April, August and November, two weeks. 
Bradford, on the fourth Monday in January, 
April, August and November, one week. So- 
merset, on the following those of Bradford, one 


District Court of the city and county of Phi- 
ladelphia on the first Monday in March, June, 
Septembei- and December, to sit nine months 
in each year. 

District Court, for the city and county of 
Lancaster, and county of Dauphin; this Court 
expires on the twenty- eighth of March, 1828. 

Lancaster, first Monday of February, second 
Monday of June, first Mondays of September 
and December. 

Dauphin, on the third Mondays of February 
and December, fourth Monday in May, and the 
first Monday after the second Tuesday in Oc- 
tober. , — 

Courts in the state of New York. 

The Court for the Trial of Impeachments and the 
Correction of Errors is held in Albany, during the 
sitting of the state legislature — (and sometimes, by 
special statute for that purpose, when the legislature 
is not in session. J 

Supreme Court, (to hear and decide on points oflaw 
and practice,') i'i held at Albany the 3d Monday in 
February and October, at New York the 1st Monday 
in May, and at Utica the 1st Monday in August. 

Court of Exchequer. — Is held at the same time with 
the supreme court. 

Court of Chancery.— StSiled terms at New York, 
2cl Monday in June, aud last in September; at Alba- 

JJes liver's Mmanav. 


uy, Sd Monday in January, and 2d in November — 
altcriibic at the pleasure of the Chancellor. 

Circxdl Courts — (for the trial of civil causes) and 
Courts of Oyer and Tirminer (for the trial of crimi- 
Dal matters,) are held, by statute, in and for the county 
of Albany on the second Tuesdays in April, and first 
in^Octobcr; and in Rensselaer on the second Tuesdays 
in July and Deceu)ber. 

In the counties of Dutchesi and Oneida, the same 
courts arc held twice in each year, and in the other 
counties once in each year, at such time and times as 
the Supreme Court shall ai)point, provided that one 
term of the supreme court shall intervene between the 
appointment of such time or times, and provided such 
time or times shall not be the same with other courts 
legally appointed to be held in such county. 

The Common Pleas and General Sessions are held 
in the several counties as undermentioned; excepting 
that where the name of the month is printed in Italics, 
the Common PUas only, is held in that term. 

Jllbany — 3d Tuesday in March, June, September, 
and December. 

Allegany. — 4th Tuesday in June and October, and 
2d Tuesday in February 
, Broome. — 2d Tuesday in February and September. 

Cattaraugvs. — 3d Tuesday in June, 2d in October, 
and last in January. 

Cayuga. — 3d Monday in May, Sept. and January. 

Chautaqv^. — 4th Tuesday in- June, and 2d in Oct. 

Chenango- — 2d Tuesday in Feb. June and Oct. 

Clinton. — 1st Tuesday in January, 2d in May, and 
1st in October. 

Cmirtlaiid — 2d Tuesday in May and September, 
and last in December. 

Columbia. — 1st Monday in June, 2d in September, 
and 3d in January. 

Delaware — 1st Monday in June, Oct. and Feb. 

Dutchess. — Last Monday in June, and 2d in Oct. 
and February. 

Erie. — 1st Monday in March, June, and December, 
and 4th in August. 

Essex. — 2d Tuesday in April. 

Franklin — Last Tuesday in April, and 2d in Oct. 

Genessee — 1st Tuesday in February, and 2d in 
June and October. 

Greene. — Last Tuesday in January and May, and 
1st in September. 

Hamilton. — 3d Tuesday in February, and 4lh in 
June and November. 

Herkimer. — 1st Monday in June, July, and Octo- 
ber, and 2d in February. 

Jefferson. — 1st Tuesday in June, Sept. and Dec. 

Kings. — 3d Tuesday in April, July, Oct. and Jan. 

Lewis — 1st Tuesday in January, and 3d in May 
and September. 

Livingston. — Last Tuesday in January, May, and 

jyiadison. — 1st Tuesday in February and October, 
and 3d in June. 

Jtfonroe. — 4th Monday in March, 2d in June, and 
1st in October and December. 

Montgomery. — 2d Tuesday in June, September, De- 
cember and March. 

Aew York. — (Sess.) 1st Tuesday in Feb. .\pril, 
June, August, October, December. 

JsTiagara. — 1st Tuesday in May, Sept. and Jan. 

Oneida.— 2i Monday in March and September, at 

the C. H. in Whitestown; 2d Monday in June and 
Dercmber, at Rome. 

Onondaga. — 4th Monday in May, Srpt. and Jan. 

Ontario. — Sd Tuesday in February, Nlay, and Au- 
gust, and 1st in November. 

Orange. — 2d Monday in February, last in May, 
and 1st in September ami December. 

Orleans. — 3d Tuesday in Feb. May, and Sept. 

Oswego. — 1st Tuesday in February and June, and 
3d in September. 

Otsego. — 1st Tuesday in February, 3d in June and 

Putnam. — 1st Tuesday in February and June, and 
2d in October. 

Q,ueens. — 1st Tuesday in June, and 2d in Nov, 

Rensselaer. — Last Monday in Jan. May, and Sept. 

Rockland. — 1st Tuesday in Ftbruary ^ud Novem- 
ber, and 3d in April. 

fiic/tmonrf— 2d Tuesday in April, September, and 

Saratoga.— 2A Tuesday in April, and last in Aug. 
and December. 

Schenectady. — 3d Tuesday in May, Sept. and Jan. 

Sckohoi-ie. — 1st Tuesday in February, June, and 

Seneca. — 2d Tuesday in May, and 1st in October 
and February. 

St. Lawrence. — 2d Tuesday in January and Octo- 
ber, and 1st in .June 

Suffolk.— Last Tuesday in May, ^d 1st iu Octo- 
ber and January. 

Steuben.— 1st Tuesday in February, 3d in June 
and October. 

Sullivan. — 2d Tuesday in June and October, and 
last in January. 

Ticga. — 1st Tuesday in January, May, and Sept. 

Tompkins.— 4lb Tuesday in Jan. May, and Sept. 

Ulster. — 2d Monday in Jan. .April, June, and Sept. 

Warren. — 3d Tuesday iu April and October. 

Washington — 2d Tuesday in March, last in May 
and August and 1st in December. 

Westchester— 3d Monday in January, aud 4th in 
May and September. 

Wai/»ie.— 4th Tuesday in May, June, and Sept. 

Yates. — 1st Tuesday in June, last in September, 
and 2d in January. 

Courts in the state of Rhode IsLA}n>. 

Supreme Judicial Courts. 
At Newport, first Monday in March, and 
fourth in August, At Providence, third Mon- 
day in Marcli anB September. At South King- 
ston, fourth Monday in April, and second in 
October. "At Bristol, second Monday in March 
and September. At East Greenwich , second 
Monday in .^pril. and first in October. 

Common Pleas. 
At Newport, third Monday in May, and first 
in November. At Providence, fourth Monday 
in May, and second in December. At South 
Kingston, first Monday in February, and se- 
cond in August. At Bristol, second Monday in 
January, and first iu June. At East Greenwich, 
third Monday in January and .\ugust. 


Desilvefs Almanac. 

Courts in the state op Massachusetts. 
Supreme Judicial Courts. 


Suffolk. Boston, first Tuesday in March. 
Essex. Salera, sixth Tuesday next after fourth 
Tuesday in September. Middlesex. Cam- 
bridge, third Tuesday next after fourth Tues- 
day in September. Bristol, Plymouth, Barnsta- 
ble, and Dukes County. Plymouth and Taun- 
ton, alternately, fourth Tuesday next after 
fourth Tuesday of September. Worcester. 
Worcester, first Tuesday next after fourth 
Tuesday in September. Berkshire. Lenox, 
week following secotid Tuesday in September. 
Norfolk. Dedham, fifth Tuesday next after 
fourth Tuesday of September. Hampshire, 
Hampden, and Franklin. Northampton, Mon- 
day next preceding fourth Tuesday in Septem- 
ber. Nantucket, first Tuesday in July. 

Suffolk and Nantucket. Boston, seventh 
Tuesday next after fourth Tuesday in Septem- 
ber. Essex. At IpsAvich, eighth Tuesday next 
after first Tuesday of March. Worcester. At 
Worcester, sixth Tuesday after first Tuesday 
in March. Middlesex. At Concord, secimd 
Tuesday in Apfil. Norfolk At Dedham, third 
Tuesday in February. Berkshire and Plymoulh. 
At Lenox, for Berkshire county, and at Ply- 
mouth, for Plymouth county, tenth Tuesday 
next after first Tuesday in March. Also at Le- 
nox second Tuesday in September. Hampshire. 
At Northampton, eighth Tuesday next after 
first Tuesday in March. Hampden, Barnstable, 
and Dukes County. At Springfield, for Hamp- 
den county, and at Barnstable, for Barnstable, 
and Dukes counties, ninth Tuesday after first 
Tuesday in March. Also, county of Hampden, 
at Springfield, first Tuesday of September. 
Franklin and Bristol. At Greenfield, for Frank- 
lin county, and at Taunton, for Bristol county, 
seventh Tuesday next after first Tuesday in 
March. Also at Greenfield, second Tuesday 
of September. 

Courts of Common Pleas. 

Suffolk. Boston, first Tuesday in January, 
April, July, and October. Essex. Ipswich, 
third Monday of March and third Monday of 
December. Salem, third Monday of June. 
Newburyport, third Monday of September. 
Middlesex. Concord, second Monday in Sep- 
tember, second Monday in March, and second 
Monday of June. Cambridge, second Monday 
in December. Hampshire. Northampton, 
fourth Monday in March, third Monday in Au- 
gust, and third Monday in November. Ply- 
mouth. Plymouth, second Monday in April, 
second Monday in August, and third Monday 
in November. Bristol. Taunton, second Mon- 
day in March, June, September, and Decem- 
ber. Barnstable. Barnstable, third Tuesday 
in April, and first Tuesday in September, 

Dukes. Edgarton, first Monday in December, 
and last Monday in September. Nantucket. 
Nantucket, fourth Monday in May, and first 
Monday in October. Worcester. Worcester, 
first Monday in March, third Monday in June, 
Monday next after fourth Monday in August, 
and second Monday next after ffturth Monday 
in November. Berkshire. Lenox, fourth Mon- 
day of February, June, and October. Norfolk. 
Dedham, fourth Monday in April, third Mon- 
day in September, and third Monday in De- 
cember. Franklin Greenfield, Tuesday of the 
next week after fourth Monday in March, se- 
cond Monday in August, and second in No- 
vember. Hampden. Springfield, third Monday 
in March, fourth Monday in August, and fourth 
Monday in November. 

Courts of Sessions. 

Essex. Ipswich, second Tuesday of April. 
At Salera, second Tuesday of July ; and atJVew- 
buryport, second 'Puesday of October. Middle- 
sex. Cambridge, first Tuesday of January, and 
at Concord, second Tuesday in May, and third 
Tuesday in September. Hampshire. North- 
ampton, first Tuesday in September, and first 
Tuesday in March. Plymouth Plymouth, third 
Tuesday in March, and first Tuesday in \ugust. 
Bristol. Taunton, fourth Tuesday in March, 
and fourth Tuesday in September. Barnstable. 
Barnstable, second Tuesdays of April and Oc- 
tober. DuUes county. Edgarton, Wednesday 
next after third Monday in May, and Wednes- 
day next after second Monday in November. 
Nantucket. Nantucket, third Monday of April, 
and second Monday of October. Worcester. 
Worcester, fourth Tuesday of March, and se- 
cond Tuesday of September. Berkshire, Le- 
nox, last Tuesday io April, and last Tuesday in 
September. Norfolk. Dedham, third Tuesday 
of April, and fourth Tuesday in September. 
Franklin. Greenfield, first Tuesday in March, 
and first Tuesday in September Hampden. 
Spnngfield, first Tuesday of April, and second 
Tuesday in September. 

The Municipal Court of Boston, is holden 
first Monday in every month. The Police Court 
for tke city of Boston, sits ^very day (except 
Sunday) at 9 o'clock, A. M. and 3 o'clock, P. 
M. The Justices'' Court for the county of Suf- 
folk, sits every Wednesday and Saturday at 9 
o'clock A. M. 

Courts in the state of New Hampshire. 

Courts of Common Pleas. 
Rockingham, at Portsmouth, third Tuesday 
in January, and at Exeter, third Tuesday in 
August. Strafford, at Rochester, first Tuesday 
in January, and at Gilmanton, first Tuesday in 
August. Merrimack at Concord, last Tuesday 
in October, and at do. second Tuesday in April. 
Hillsborough, at Amherst, second Tuesday in 
February and at do. first Tuesday in Septera- 

Desilver^s Almanac. 


ber. Cheshire, at Kcenc, third Tuesday in 
March, and at (,'harleslown, third Tuesday in 
September. Graflou, at Haverhill, fourth Tiics 
day in February, and at PI) mouth, rtrsf Tues- 
day in October. Coos, at Lancaster, lirst Tues- 
day in March, aud third Tuenday ui July. 

Courts in the state of Maine. 
Supivnu- Judicial Courts. 

At York, last Tuesday of April. Alfred, third 
Tuesday of September. Portland, first Tues- 
day of May, aud first Tuesday of xNovember. 
Wiscassel, third Tuesday of .May, and ttiird 
Tuesday of September. Augusta, second Tues- 
day next after third Tuesday of May, and first 
Tuesday of October. NorridgewocU, third 
Tuesday next after tiiird Tuesday of May. 
Castine, fifth Tuesday next after third Tues- 
day of May, and fourth Tuesday of October 
Bangor, fourth Tuesday next after third Tues- 
day of May. Machias, sixth Tuesday next after 
third Tuesday of May. Patis, fourth Tuesday 
of August. 

Circuit Courts of Common Pleas. 

Alfred, second Tuesday in February, and 
third do. in October. York, last Tuesday in 
May. Portland, first Tuesday of March third 
Tuesday in June, and first Tuesday in October. 
Paris, first Tuesday in June, and fourth Tues- 
day in November. Warren, fourth Tuesday in 
December. Wiscassel, fourth Tuesday in 
April. Topsham fourth Tuesday in August. 
Augusta, second Tuesday in .'\priJ, Augusi, aud 
December. Norridgewock, second Tuesday in 
March, last Tuesday in June, and first Tues- 
day in November. Castine, third Tuesday in 
March, second Tuesday in Jul), third Tuesday 
io November. Bangor, first Tuesday of Janu- 

ary, June, and October. Machias, first Tues- 
day in .March, and third Tuesday in September. 
Court of Sessions. 
York, Tuesday next preceding last Tuesday 
in May. Allied, second Tuesday in October. 
Portland, third I'ucsday in April, and fourth 
Tuesday of September. Paris, tliird Tuesday 
in June, and second Tuesday in October. Wis- 
cassel, second Tuesday in May. Topsham, se- 
cond Tuesday in September. Warren, second 
Tuesday in January. Augusta, last I'ucsday ia 
April, fiist Tuesday in .August, and last Tues- 
day in December. Norridgewock, third Tues- 
day in Marcli, and first Tuesday in October. 
Castine, Tuesday in April, and Thursday 
previous to third Tuesday in November. Ban- 
gor, first Tuesday in April and September. 
Machias, second Tuesday in March, and fourth 
Tuesday iu September. 


Supreme Courts. . 

At Manchester and Bennington, alternately, 
third Tuesday next after fourth Tuesday in 
January. At Rutland, first Tuesday next after 
fourth Tucs'lay in Jai.uary. At Middlcbury, 
third Tuesday in January. At Burlington, first 
Tuesday in January. Al St. Albans, last Tues- 
day save one in December. Al New fane, fourth 
Tuesday in iVJay. Al ( helsea, last Tuesday in 
August. At Danville, Wedne.sdaj next after 
first Tuesday in September. At Guildhall, thiid 
Tuesday in September. At Woodstock, second 
Tuesday next after fourth Tuesday in May. 
At Montpolier^Tuesday u^xt after fourth Tues- 
day in Se[)tciriber. At Irasburg, fourth Tues- 
day in September. 


President, John Quincy Adams. 
Vice President, John C. Calhoun. 

department of state. 
Secretary, Henry Clay. 
Cliief Cltrk, Daniel Brent. 
Suptrintendant of the Patent Office, Wm. Thornton. 

Ministers, Consuls, and other Diplomatic avd Com- 
mercial •Agents of the United Statts in foreign coun- 
tries, and of the places of their residence. 

Albert Gallatin, Envoy Extraordinary and Minister 
Plenipotentiary, London. 

Wm. B. Lawrence, Secretarj of Legation, London, 

Thos. Aspinwall, .'\gtnt. &i. and '""onsul, London. 

James Maury Consul, Liverpool. 

Herman Viso;er do Bristol. 

Robert W. Fox do Falmouth. 

Thos. Were Fox do Plymouth. 

William Davy do Kingston upon Hull. 

Robt. R. Hunter do Cowcs, isle of Wight. 

Joel Hart do Leith, Scotland. 

David Walker do Glasgow. 

Thomas VMIson do Dublin, Irelaml 

Reuben Harvey do Cork. 

Samuel Luke do Belfast. 

Bernard Henry do Hibrahar. 

do <sle of France. 

Thomas Wynns do Turks Island. 

Wm. R. Higinbotham, Commercial Agent, Bcroiuds, 

John Slorr do Nassau. N. P. 

Consul, .St Chris, and Antigun- 

Edmund Roberts do Demcrara. 

Peter Lawman do Kingston, Jamaica. 

Clias. L. Bartlett, Commercial agent, Island of Trini- 

John M. Kankcy do Barbadoes. 


James Brown, Envoy Extraordinary and !VIiD>stcr 
Plenipotentiary, Paris. 

Daniel Sheldon, Secretary of Legation, Paris. 

Isaac Cox Barnett, A^ent, &c. and Consul, Paris. 

Daniel Strobel Consul, Bourdraux. 

Joshua Dodge do Marstillcs. 


Desilvefs Almanac, 

F. C. Fetmick do Nantes. 

Edward Churcli do L'Orient. 

11. G. Beasley do Havre de Grace. 

James F. Cooper do Lyons. 

Alex, de Tubeuf do Cette. 

Jas. Jos Debesse do La Rochelle. 

Francis B. Faures do Guadaloupe island. 

Silas Marean do Martinique. 


Henry Middleton, En?oy Extraordinary and Minister 
Plenipotentiary, St. Petersburg, 

Charles Piakney, Secretary of Legation, St. Peters- 

Abr'm P. Gibson, Consul, St. Petersburg. 

Alex. H. Everett, Envoy Extraordinary and Minister 
Plenipotentiary, Madrid. 

John A. Smith, Secretary of Legation, Madrid. 

Alexander Burton, Consul, Cadiz. 

Chs, Douglass do Barcelona. 

Obadiah Rich do Valencia. 

Geo G. Barren . do Malaga. 

R. Montgomery do Alicante. 

F X. de Ealo do Bilboa. 

Geo. W. Hubbell do Isle of Manilla. 

Payton Gay do Isle of Teneriffe. 

George P- Ladico do Balearic Islands. 

Tbos. iVL Rodney, Commercial Agent, Havana, Cuba. 

Robert R. Stewart do Trinidad Cuba. 

Thomas Backus do St Jago do 

Henry K Stearns do Barascoa do 

Lewis Shoemaker do Matanzas do 

William Simons, jr. do Porto Rico do 


Thomas L. L. Brent, Charge d'affaires, Lisbon. 
I. P. Hutchinson, Consul, Lisbon. 

do Oporto. 
John H. Marsh do Isle of Madeira, 

Charles W. Dabney do Fayal. 
Samuel Hodges, Jr. "do Cape de Verd Islands. 

Christ'r Hughes, Charge d'affaires, Brussels and the 

John VV. Parker, Consul, Amsterdam. 
E. VVambersle do Rotterdam. 

Charles Barnett do Antwerp. 

Thomas Trask do Suritiam. 

Philip Robinson do Island of Curacoa. 

John Shillaber do Batavia. 

Louis Mark do Ostend. 

J. Hollingsworth, Commercial Agent, St. Eustatia. 

John J. Appleton^ Charge d'affaires, Stockholm. 
David Erskine, Consul, Stockholm. 
C, A. Murray do Gottenburg. 

Henry Janson, Jr, do Christiansaud. 

Rob'tM. Harrison do St. Bartholomews. 

' United Mexican States, 

Joel R. Poinsett, Envoy Ex.ti-aordinary and Minister 

Plenipotentiary, Mexico. 
John Mason, Jr Secretary of Legation, Mexico. 
Jas. S. VVillcocks, Consul, Mexico. 
Geo. R. Robertson do Tampico. 
Thomas Reiley do Aguatulco. 

Harvey Gregg do Acapulco. 

William Taylor do Vera Cruz and Alvarado. 

Daniel W. Smith do Rufugio on Rio Grande. 

Chas. W. Webber do Chihuahua. 

do Santa Fe. 
Jas. W. M'Goffin do Saltillo. 

Henry Pearne do Campeche. 

James L. Kennedy do Mazatlan. 
David Dixon do San Antonio, Mexico. 

Mission to Tacubata. 
John Sergeant, Envoy Extraordinary and Minister 

Plenipotentiary, Tacubaya, Mexico. 
Joel R. Poinsett, do do 

Republic of Columbia. 
Beaufort T. Watts, Charge d'affaires, Bogota. 
.)ohn Macpberson, Consul, Carthagena. 
J. G. A. Williamson do La Guayra. 
Wm. J. Seaver do Santa Martha. 

Wm. Wheelwright do Guayaquil. 
Abra'm B. Nones do Maracaybo. 

Francis Litchfield do Porto Cabello. 

William Radcliff do Panama. 

Condv Raguet, Charge d'affaires, Rio de Janeiro 
W H. D.^C. Wright, Consul, Rio de Janeiro. 
Woodbridge Odiin do San Salvador. 

John T. Mansfield do Pernambuco. 

J. de S. Montiero do Maranhao. 

Charles B. Allen do Para. 

Joshua Bond do Monte Video. 

Leonard Corning do Isle of Maranham. 

Republic of Central America. 
Wm. B. Rochester, App'd Charge d'affaires, Guate- 
Charles Savage, Consul, Guatemala. 

Republic of Buenos Ayres. 
John M. Forbes, Charge d'affaires, Buenos Ayres. 
Geo. W. Slocum, Consul, Buenos Ayres. 

Heman Allen, Envoy Extraordinary and Minister 

Plenipotentiary, St. Jago de Chile. 
Samuel Larned, Secretary of Legation, St. Jago de 

Michael Hogau, Consul, Valparaiso. 
Daniel Wynne do St. Jago de Chile. 

Republic of Peru. 
James Cooley, Charge d'affaires, Lima. 
Wm. F. Taylor, Consul, Quiica and Arica. 
William Tudor do Lima. 

Henry Wheatou, Charge d'affaires, Copenhagen. 
John Raynals, Consul, Copenhagen. 
Robert Jaques do Isle of Santa Cruz. 

Nathan Levy do Isle of St. Thomas. 

Joseph Ridgway, Consul, island of St. Croix. 

John G. Baker, Consul, Elberfield. 

C. F. Goehring, Consul, Leipzig. 

Hanseatic towns. 
John Cuthbert, Consul, Hamburg. 
F. J. VVichelhausen do Bremen. 
Joseph H. Clark do Lubec. 

Italian States. 
Thomas Appleton, Consul, Leghorn, Tuscany. 
James Ombrosio do Florence, do 

Robert Campbell do Genoa, Sardinia. 
Vr. \ Sasserno do Nice, do 

Georee Moore do Trieste, Austria. 

Besilver^s Almanac. 


KoMAN States, and kingdom of the Two 
Felix Cigojrnani, Consul, Rome. 
Alex Haminet do Naples. 
Benj Gardner do Palermo 
John L. Payson do Messina. 

David OfBey, Consul Smyrna. 

Barbary Powers. 
William .Shalcr, Consul General, Algiers. 
Samuel D. Heap do Tunis. 

Charles D. Coxc di> Tripoli. 

.John Mullowny do Tangier, Morocco. 

Hayti, (St. Domingo.) 
A. Armstronp;, Commercial Agenl, Port an Prince. 
James A. Holden do Aux Cayes. 

James E Brice do Cape Haytien. 

^ Sandwich Islands. 

John C. Jones, Jr. Commercial Agent. 

John H. Grosvenor, Consul, Canton. 

treasury depatment. 
Stcretav}), Richard Rush. 
Chief Clerk, Edward Jones, 
First Comptroller, Jos. Anderson. 
Second Comptroller, Richard Cutis 
First JludUor, Richard Harrison. 
Second ..Suditor, William Lee. 
Third x^iidilor, Peter Hagner. 
Fourth Jltiditor, Tobias Watkins. 
Fifth .Suditor, Stephen Pleasonton. 
Treasurer, Thomas T. Tucker. 
Register, Joseph Nourse. 

UNITED states MINT. 

Director, John Moore. 
Treasurer, James Rush. 
Chief Coiner, Adam Eckfeldt. 

^ssayer, Joseph Richardson. 
Metier &{ Refiner, Joseph Cloud. 
Engraver, William Kneass , 

POST OFFICE department. 

Post. Master Genera/. John M'Lean. 

t^ssistant P. Master General, Abra- 
ham Bradley, jr. 

Assistant P. Master Gen. Phincas 

Chief Clerk, Andrew Coyle. 
general land office. 

Commissioner, George (Jraham. 

Chief Clerk, John Gardiner. 

Superintendant of Indian Affairs, 
Thomas L- M'Kenney. 

Chief Clerk, Jer. W. Broadish. 


Chief Justice, John Marshall. 

Associate Justices, Bushrod VVash- 
ington, William Johnson, Gabriel 
Duvall, Joseph Story, Smith 
Thompson, Robert Trimble. 

Attorney General, William Wirt. 

Marshal, Tench Ringgold. 

Clerk, Carroll. 

u. s. district c^urt for the east- 
ern district of pennstlvania. 
Judge, Richard Peters. 
AUorney, C J. Ingersoll. 
Marshal, John Conard. 
Clerk, David Caldwell. 

Places and time of holding the Supreme, District, and 
Circuit Courts of the United Stales. 


The Supreme Court of the United States 
must be holden at the city of Washington, and 
have one session every year, to commence on 
the first Monday in January. 

district courts. 

For Maine, to be holden at Wiscasset, on 
the last Tuesday of February, and the second 
Tuesday of September, annually; at Portland, 
on the first Tuesday of June, anoually. 

For New Hampshire, to be holden at Exeter 
and Portsmouth, alternately, on the third Tues- 
day of December, 1789, and three sessions pro- 
gressively, on the like Tuesday of every third 
calandar month thereafter. 

For Massachusetts, at Boston, on the third 
Tuesday in March, the fourth Tuesday in June, 
the second Tuesday in vSeptember, and the first 
Tuesday in December, annually. 

For Rhode Island, at Newport, on the second 
Tuesday in May, and third Tuesday in Octo- 
ber; at Providence, the first Tuesday in Au- 
gust, and first in February, annually. 

For Connecticut, at Hartford and Newha- 
ven. alternately, on the fourth Tuesday of Feb- 
ruary, May, August, and November, annually. 

For New York, at the city of New York, for 
the southern district on the first Tuesday of 
November, 1789, and three other sessions on 
the first Tuesday of every third calendar month, 
in each year thereafter; and for the northern 
district at Albany, on the last Tuesday of Ja- 

nuary, and at Utica, on the last Tuesday of 

For Vermont, at Rutland, on the sixth day 
of October, and at Windsor, on the twenty- 
fourth day of May, annually. 

For New Jersey, on the second Tuesday of 
March and September, at New Brunswick, 
and at Burlington, on the third Tuesday of May 
and November, annually. 

For the eastern district of Pennsylvania, at 
Philadelphia, on the third Mondays in Febru- 
ary, May, August, and November, annually; 
and for the western district, at Pittsburgh, on 
the first Monday of May, and second Monday 
of October, annually- 

For Delaware, at New Castle and Dover, al- 
ternately, on the fourth Tuesday of November, 
1789, and three other sessions, progressively, 
on the fourth Tuesday of every third calendar 
month thereafter. 

For Maryland, at Baltimore, on the first 
Tuesday of December, 1789, and progressively, 
ou the first Tuesday of every third calendar 
month thereafter. 

For the eastern district of Virginia, at Rich- 
mond, on the 2d day of April, and 15th day of 
October; and at Norfolk, on the 1st day of May 
and first day of November, annually; and for 
the western district at Wythe court-house, on 
the first Mondays of April and September; at 
Lewisburg, on the Fridays succeeding the first 
Mondays of April and September; and at 
Clarksburg, on the fourth Mondays of May and 
October, aonually. 

For Kentucky, at Frankfort,, on the seconr! 


Desilver^s Jilmanac. 

Monday in April, and lirst Monday in October. 
For Ohio, at Columbus, on the second Mon- 
day in January and September, annually. 

For :\orth Carolina, at Edt-nton, in and for 
the district of Albemarle, on the third Monday 
of April, and the third Monday of October, at 
Newbern, in and for the district of Pamptico, 
on the first Monday after the third Moftday in 
April, and third Monday of October; at VVil- 
mington, in and for the district of Cape Fear, 
on the second Monday after the third Monday 
of April, and third Monday of October, annu- 

For the eastern district of South Carolina, 
at Charleston, on the third Monday in March 
and September, and the first Monday in July, 
and second Monday in December; for the west- 
ern district, at Laurens court- house, on the se- 
cond Monday in May, anuually. 

For Tennessee, at Kooxville, for East Ten- 
nessee, ou the third Monday in April, and se- 
cond Monday in October, and at Nashville, for 
West Tennessee, on the fourth Mondays in 
May and November, 

For Georg'ia, in the city of Savaanah, on 
the second Tuesday in February, May, and 
August; and in Augusta, on the second Tuesday 
in November. 

For the eastern district of Louisiana, at New 
Orleans, on the third Mondays of November, 
February, and Vlay; for the Western district, 
at Opelouses court-house, on the third Monday 
of August, annually. 

For Indiana, at Corydon, on the first Mon- 
days in May atid November, annually. 

For Mississippi, at the courthouse of Adams 
county, ou the first Mondays in' April and Oc- 
tober, anuually. 

For Illinois, at V^andalia, two sessions annu- 
ally, on the first Mondays of May and Decem- 

For Alabama, at Mobile, on the first Mon- 
days of January and Jutie; and at Cahawba, on 
the first Mondays of April and November, an- 

For Missouri, at St. Charles, on the first 
Monday in June, 1822, and progressively on 
the like Monday, in every fourth calendar 
month thereafter. 


In the district of Maine, at Portland, on the 
first day of May, and at Wiscasset on the first 
day of October, annually. 

In the district of New Hampshire, at Ports- 
mouth and Exeter, alternately, on the eighth 

of May, and the eigiith oi October, anuuaUy. 

In the district of Massachusetts, at Boston, 
on the first day of June, and the twentieth day 
of October, annually. * 

In the district of Khode Island, at Newport 
and Providence, alternately, on the fifteenth 
day of June, and fifteentli day of November, 

In the district of Connecticut, at Hartford 
and New Haven, alternately, on the thirteenth 
day of April, and the seventeenth day of Sep- 
tember, annually. 

In the district of New York, at New York, 
on the first day of April, and the first day of 
&eptember, annually 

In the district of Vermont, at Rutland and 
Windsor, alternately, on the twenty-first of 
May, and the third of October, annually. 

In the district of Pennsylvania, at Philadel- 
phia, on the eleventh day of April, and the ele- 
venth day of October, annually. 

In the district of Delaware, at New Castle 
and Dover, alternately, on the third of June, 
and the twenty-seventh of October, annually. 

In the district of Maryland, at the city of 
Baltimore, on llie first day of May, and the se- 
venth day of November, annually. 

In the district of Virginia at Richmond, ou 
the twenty-second day of May, and the twenty- 
second day of November, annually. 

In the district of North Carolina, at Raleigh 
on the twelfth day of May, and the twelfth day 
of November, annually. 

In the district of .South Carolina, at Charles- 
ton, on the twentieth of November, and at Co- 
lumbia, on the twentieth of April, annually. 

In the district oi Georgia, at Savannah, on 
the fourteenth day of December, and at Mil- 
ledgeville; on the sixth day of May, annually. 

In the district of Kentucky, at Frankfort, on 
the first Monday of May and November, annu- 

In the district of Tennessee, at Nashville, on 
the second Monday in June, and at Knoxville, 
on the second iVI )nday in October annually. 

In the district of Ohio, at Columbus, on the 
first Monday in January and September, annu- 


Circuit Courts for the District of Columbia, 
at Washington, on the first Monday in October, 
and second Monday in April; and at Alexan- 
dria, on the first Mondays in November and 
May; and the District Court for the same dis- 
trict, on the first Mondays of December and 

JJesiiver's Jllmanac. 


Srereiari;, James Barbour. 
ChitJ Clerk, Charles J Noursc. 


Geiural in Chief, Major General 

Jacub Hrown. 
Brigadier General Br. Major Gen. 

Edmuil P Gaines. 
Brigades ilaff Br. Maj. WiuiCeld 

Chief Engineer Br. Maj. General 

Alexander Macomb. 


(luatler MaMer Gtneral, Brigadier 

Gen 'I'lioinas S. Jcsup. 
Jidjuiant Getmal, Colonel Roger 

Inspecloi- General Br Brigadier 

General John E. Wool. 
Inspector General, Colonel George 

Paymaster Oetural, Colonel Nathan 


Chief of the Ordnance, Col. George 

Inspector (f Ordnance, Col. Jnnics 

Commissary General of Subsistence, 

Colonel George Gioson. 
Commiisitry General of Purchases, 

Callcndcr Irving. 
Surgeon General, Dr. Jos. Lovell 

Major Gk.veral. 
Jacob Browu 

Brigadier Gekerals. 
Edmund P. Gaines 
Winfield Scott 
Thomas S. Jesup 
Alex. Macomb 
Slugb Brady 
Henry Atkinson 
John E Wool 
George Gibson 
W. K. Armstead 
DuBcan L Clinch 
Josiah Snelling 
Matthew Arbuckle 
John R. Fen wick 
James House 
Roger Jones 
H. Leavenworth 
George Croghan 
John M'Neal, jr, 

Lieut. Colokels, 
William Lindsay 
William Mac Rea 
George Bomford 
William Lawrence 
Willoughby Morgan 
George M. Brooke 
Charles Gratiot 
Zach. Taylor 
James B. Many 
Abraham Eustis 
A. R. WooUey 
Enos Butler 

W. Linnard 
Jacob Hindman 
James Bankhead 
John B, Waibach 
Joseph G, Totton 
Samuel Babcock 
Alex. Cummings 
Daniel Baker 
Henry Stanton 
Josiah H. Vose 

David E. Twiggs 
J. B. Crane 
Wm Davenport 
Wm. Whistler 
George Bender 
Trueman Cross 
W. S. Foster 

Roger Jones 
Alexander S. Brooks 
John A. Burd 

William Gates 
A. C. W. Fanning 
Sullivan Burbank 
Stephen VV Kearney 
J, F, Heileman 
George Blinder 
John Bliss 
James H Hook 
George Talcott 
Sylvester Churchill 
Benjamin Watson 
Daniel Kctchum 
Benjamin K. Pearce 
Syiv. Thayer 
Henry K, Craig 

Thomas Hamilton 
M M. Payne 
Alex. R. Thompson 
J. Fowie 
W. J. Worth 
"John Green 
Newman S. Clarke 
M. P. Lomax 

R. E. De Russey 
W. Wade 

Milo Mason 
Charles J. Noursc 
George Birch 

Henry Whiting 

J. S. M'Intosh 
Elijah Boardnian 
John Garland 
Rufus L. Baker 
Francis S. Bclton 
Jame« H. Gale 
William Browning 

James M. Glassell 
Francis L. Dade 
J. Erving 
Philip Wager 
Wm Armstrong 
Bcnnet Riley 
Thomas J. Beall 
R. H. Hyde 
T. W. Maurice 
R. A. Zantzinger 

Nathaniel Young 
W. V. Cobbs 
Gustavus Loomis 
Nenry Wilson 
Thomas F, Smith 

E, Shaler 
Richard M. Sands 
Wo). Hoffman 

R. B. Mason 
John Mountfoi't 
J. S. Nelson 
J. H. VVilkins 

F. Whiting 
Trueman Cross 
Greenlcaf Dearborn 
Felix Ansart 

Thomas Staniford 
Thomas E, Legate 
Thoinas F, Hunt 
Daniel E. Burcli 
Stephen H. Webb 
J. L. Smith 
Wm. H. Ker 
F. W. Brady 

J. Plymplon 


W. G. Belknap 

D. Wilcox 

Samuel Spotts 

Levi Whiting 

G. C. Spencer 

J. Clark, jr, 

Henry Berryman 

^Leas Mackay 

Benjamin A. Boyntou 

Owen Ransom 

John Gantt 

W. L. M'Clintock 

J . L. Gardner 

Henry Saunders 

N. Baden 

Robert A. M'Cabe 

W. Lear 

John Philbrick 

Nath. Clark 

George Blauey 

N. G. Wilkinson 

R. M. Kirby 
Thomas Hunt 
Ethan A. Hitchcock 

W. H. Chase 
John Monroe 
Jacob Brown 
L Schmuck 
VV. S. Harney 
J. Yancey 
J. P. Taylor 
James W. Ripley 
John A. Uix , 

Nath. G. Dana * 
B. L. E. Bonneville 
Pierce Butler 

Z. C. Palmer 
VV. N- Wicklifff 
John B. Clark 
Kdw. E. Brooks 
Henry SniTi 
Thomas Cliilds 


Secretary, Samuel L. Southard. — Chief Clerk, Beitjnmin Hotnans. — Ccmmissiojiers, John Rodgers, Pr. 
Thomas Tingey, Lewis Warrington, Charles W. Goldsborough, Secretnry. — Chief .Vaval Constructor, 
I3avid Humphreys. — J^aval Constructors, John Floyd, Josiah Barker, Samuel Hartt, William Doughty, 

Francis Grice, Charles D. Brodie, James Keen J^avy Jlgenis, Enoch G. Parott, J^imes K. Paulding, 

George Hairison, James Riddle, James Beaty, Miles King, William Sinclair, John P. Henry, Nathl. 
Cox, Saml. R. Overton, Rd. D. Harris, Michael Hogan, Richard M'Cnll, Baring, Brothers & Co.— 
JH'aval Storekeepers, John P. Decatur, Geo. Bates, Tunis Craven. Robert Kennedy, Gabriel Gait, Sam' 
T Anderson, Carey Selden. 


Desilvefs Almanac. 


John Rotlgers 
James Barron 
Wm. Bainbridge 
Thomas Tingey 
Charles Stewart 
Isaac Hull 
Isaac Chauncey 
Jacob Jones 
Charles Morris 

Louis Alexis 
Sidney Smith 
"William Carter 
Wolcott Chauncey 
E. P. Kennedy 
Alexander J. Dallas 
John B. Nicolson 
35. V. Hoftman 

Arthur Sinclair 
Lewis Warrington 
William M. Crane, 
James T. Leonard 
James liiddle 
Charles I). Ridgeley 
Daniel T. Patterson 
Melan T. Woolsev 

John O. Creighton 
John Downes 
John D. Herdey 
Jesse D. Elliott 
Robert Henley 
Stephen Cassia 
James Renshavv 
Thomas Brown 

e. C. B. Thompson 

Alex S. Wailsworth 
George W. Rodgers 
George C. Read 
Henry E. Ballard 
David Deacon 
Samuel Woodhouse 
Joseph J. Nicholson 


Jesse Wilkinson Charles W. Morgan 

George Budd Lawrence Kearny 

T. Ap.Catesby Jones Foxall B. Parker 
John Porter Edward R. M'Call 

William B. Finch Daniel Turner 
William B. Shubrick David Conner 
Benjamin'W. Booth John Gallagher 
Alexander Claxton Thomas H. Stevens 

James P. Oellers 
Samuel W. Adams 
Joseph Smith 
Lawrence Rousseau 
George W. Storer 
Joseph Cassin 
Robert M. Rose 
Beverly Kennon 
Edward R. Shubrick 

Charles A. Budd 
Francis H. Gregory 
John H. Clack 
Philip F. V^oorhees 
Benjamin Cooper 
"William L. Gordon 
Silas Duncan 
James Ramage 
David Geisinger 
Robert F. Stockton 
T. S.Cunningham 
Isaac M'Keever 
John P. Zantzinger 
Charles E. Crowly 
William D. Salter 
Charles S. M Cauley 
John H. Hell 
Thomas M. Newell 
Elie A.F.Vallette 
William A. Spencer 
Thomas T. Webb 
John Percival 
John H. Aulick 

Jona. D. Williamson 

Uriah P. Levy 


William V. Taylot* Hiram Paulding: 
Mervine F*. Mix 
Bladen Dulany 
Silas H. Stringham 
Wm. A. C. Farragut Enoch H. Johns 
George B. M'Culloh Charles Boarman 
Stephen Champlin French Eorrest 
IBL^. Edgar Freeman 

Isaac Mayo ^^'m, E. M'Kenney 

William K. Latimer William J. Belt 
William Mervine Chas. H. Caldwell 
Thomas Ciabb William Jamesson 

Edward B. Babbit William Boerum 

Thomas Paine, jr, 

James Armstrong 
Joseph Smoot 

Chas. L.Williamson 
Charles Gauntt 
Wm W. Ramsay 
Ralph Voorhees 

Robert B. Randolph Henry Henry 

Samuel L. Breese 
John Evans 
Benjamin Page, jr 
John T. Ritchie 
John A. Wish 
John Gwinn 

Sam I. W. Downing 
William Pottenger 
Henry W. Ogden 
Alexander Eskridge 
Ebenezer Ridgeway 
Thomas A. Conover 

Thomas W. Wyman Arch. S. Campbell 
James L.. Morris William Taylor 
Andrew Eitzhugh John C. Long 
John K. Carter John H. Graham 

Joseph Cross John H. Lee 

Abra'in S. Ten Eicfc^ 1818 

Thos. S. Hamei'sley James M. M'Intosh, 
John White Josiah Tatnall 

William M. Robins William T. Temple 

William M. HunteP 
John D. Sloat 
Matthew C. Perry 
Charles W. Skinner 
Frederick W. Smith 
0th Norris 
John T. Newton 

George M'Cauley 
Hugh N. Page 
John A. Cook 
William Inman 
Joel Abbott 
Lewis E. Simonds 
John M. Dale 
H. H. Cocke 
Wm. J. M'Clunev 
E. 1). Whitlock 
James Goodrum 
J. B. Montgomery 
Horace B. Sawyer 
C. K. Stribling 
James E. Legare 
Joshua R. Sands 
Allen Griffin 

John J. Young 
Charles H. Bell 
Ahra'm Bigelow 
Henry C. Newton 
Frank Ellery 
Frederick Varnum 
Joseph R. Jarvis 
Thomas W, Freelon 
Pardon M. Whipple 
James W illiams 
Saml. W. Le Compte 
Charles T. Piatt 

Wm. M. Armstrong 
Wm.F. Shields 

besilver's jUmanat. 

li. J. Peiulcigtast 
Win. C. Nicholson 

1 S'32 
James B. ('oopcr 
\ 1 825 

Daniel H. Mackcj 
E. VV. Carpcnder 
John L. Samulers 
Jo«fepii B. Hull, jr. 
Jott Stone Paine 
John E. Prentiss 
John M. Sullivan 
Joseph Moorohcail 
Samuel B. I'helps 
William T. Rodgers 
Thomas Pettigru 
Augu-itus Cutts, jr. 
John S. Chauncey 
Irvine Shubrick 
Charles Ellery 
Thomas R. G^rry 
John Kelly 
Hugh Dulany 
Edmund Byrne 
Edward S. Johnson 
William H.Gardner 

JJavid G. Farragut 
Richard S.l*inckney 
SfepluMi B. Wilson 
Edward C Riitledge 
William S. Harris 
lliomas Ddrtiin 
John P. Tuitle 
Robt. B.Cunningham 
James Glynn 
Joseph Myers 
William C.Wetmore 
Win. B. Nicholson, 
Thomas R. Gedney 
John Bubier 
Victor M. Randolph 
Joseph Cutts.jr. 
Jacob Crowninshield 
Frederick Engle 
A. J. D. Browne 
Jesse Smith 
John H. Smith 
Francis Sanderson 
John Rudd 
Russell Baldwin 
Jona. W. Sherburne, 
iiobert Ritchie 

David R. Stewart 
Wm. AV. M'Kean 
Benj. Tallmadjjje, jr. 
Franklin Buchanan 
Hubbard ll. Hobbs 
Samuel Mercer 
Charles Lowndes 
L. M. Goldsborough 
George N. Hollins 
D. N. Ingraham 
John Marston.jr. 
Henry Bruce, 
Wm. D. Newman 
Henry A. A<lams 
Alex. B. Pinkham 
William H. Homer 
James D. Knight 
Joseph Mattison 
William S. Walker 
Alexander Slidell 
James G. Boughan 
George F. Pearson 

James T. Gerry 
John S.Nicholas 

Samuel F. Dupont 
William L. Hudson 
William H.Campbell 
Joseph M. Nicholson 
James P. Wilson 
(ieorge A. Magrudcr 
J. Edward Calhoun 
John Pope 
Henry D. Scott 
Jjevin M. Powell 
Charles Wilkes, jr. 
Elisha Peck 
John R. Coxe, jr. 
William Seton 
John A. Carr 
Alex. H. Hopkinsou 
Thomas J. Manning 
William Pearson 
William Foster 
William L. Howard 
William P. Piercy 
Richard A. Jones 
Arch. R. Bogardus 
John Swartwout 
Thomas J. Leib 


Edward Cutbush 
Sam. R. Marshall 
Lewis Heermann 
Jonathan Cowdery 
Robert L. Thorn 
William P.C.Barton 
George Logan 
^Thomas Harris 
Milliam Turk 
Hjde Ray 

William Belt 
Benjamin A. Wells 
T. V. Wiesenthal 
James R. Boyce 
William Williamson 
Step.ien Rapalj^- 
Benjamin R. Tinslar 
Water Smith 
Cornelius Moore 
Thomas J. Bradner 

W. W. Buchanan 
Gerard Dayers 
Benjamin P. Kissam 
John A. Kearney 
Bailey Washington 
William Swift 
Thomas B. Salter 
Peter Christie 
Samuel Jackson 
Andrew B. Cooke 


Benjamin F. Bache 
R. P. Macomber 
Augustus A. Adee 
John R. Chandler 
Thomas Dillard 
Augustin P. Beers 
Ricliard Kennon 
John H. Imlay 
James M. Greene 
Gideon White, jr. 

John H. Gordon 
Leonard Osborne 
Thomas Williamson 
George S. Sproston 
Elnathan Judson 
Benajah Ticknor 
Mordecai Morgan 
Thomas J. Boyd 
John W. Peaco 
William Birchmore 

William Plumstead 
George W. Cod wise 
John F. Brooke 
Charles Wayne 
Henry S. Coidter 
G. R. B. Horner 
Robert J. Dodd 
William Seal 
Samuel G. Clarkson 
Henry C. Pratt 

James Cornick 
Charles Chase 

D. S. Edwards 
Isaac Hulse 

A. M. Montgomery 
John S. Wily 
George Terrill 
John Haslett 

E. L. Dubarry 
Henry W. Bassett 

Samuel W. Ruff[ger 
Samuel B. Malone 
William C. M'Call 
Mifiiin Coulter 
William Johnsoa 
John Denny 
Samuel Moseley 
Wm. Fairlie Patton 
George W. Palmer 


Isaac Garretson Gwinn Harriss Nathaniel Lyde 

Clement S. Huntt John H. Carr Saml. Hambleton 

Jol'.n B. Timbcrlake 
Thomas I. Chew 


DeBilvefs Almanac. 

Thomas Shields 
Lewis Dt^blois 
Fras. A, Thornton 
James M. Halsey 
Edvvai\l Fitzgerald 
Alex. P. Uarraaih 
William S. Rogers 
Samuel P. Todd 
George Beale 

John Cook 
James Brooks 
James Everett 

James H. Clark 

Joseph Wilson 
Joseph B. Wilkinson 
William Sinclair 
John N. Todd 
Timothy Winn 
William M. Sands 
Joseph H. Terry 
Thomas Breese 

Gaidner Th'omas 
John De Bree 
Charles O. Handy 
Silas Butler 
Edward N/Cox 
Nathaniel H. Perry 
John N. Hambleton 
Joseph Watson 
William M'Murtrie 

Garret R. Barry 
Wm, P. Zantxingei 
Danl. M'F. Thornton 
Josiah Colston 
Robert Pottengei* 
Dudley Walker 
M'Kean Buchanan 
Henry Etting 


Addison Searle Cave Jones 

Burgess Allison John W. Griep 



George Adams 
Henry J. Auchmuty 
Robert M. Aid en 
Joseph Arnold 
Chas. M. Armstrong 
Gurden C. Ashton 
Mark T. Anderson 
Wm. H. Alexander 
Henry Amelung 

Samuel Barron 
Timothy G. Benham 
Oscar Bullus 
Abra'iii J. Bennett 
George S. Blake 
Theodorus Bailey, jr. 
Joseph II. Blake 
T.,M'K. Buchanan 
Edward B. Boutwell 
.Joseph R. Brown 
John Q. A. Boyd 
John E. Bispham 
S. M. Breckenridge 
Edward O. Blanchard 
John E Bunner. 
Patrick F. Bradlee 
John L. Ball 
George Briard 
Robert L. Browning 
Henry H.Bell 
I'jdward Boyd 
Junius I. Boyle 
John R. Bryan 
Owen Burns. 
George M. Bache 
Joshua J. Boyd 
Solomon D. Betton 
Francis Barllett 

Simon B. Bissell 
John M. Berrien 
Thomas W. Brent 
Francis G. Beatty 
James Bradford 


Albert E. Dovvnes 
Fitz Allen Deas 
Nathaniel W. Duke 
Thomas Dimmock 

Lorenzo T. Bennett John A. Davis 
William H. Browne Charlee H. Davis 
Henry Booraem C'harles H. Duryee 

Agenor Bosque ~ ~~ " 

Charles S. Boggs 
Philip M. Box" 

Ezra T, Doughty 
Joseph O. Devezin 
Jarnes F. Duncan 
John C. Davidson 
C John A. Dahlgren 

Henry D'Arcantal 
Benjamin M. Dove 

Henry Eagle, jr. 
Francis B.Ellison 
William B. Everett 
Alex. H. Edwards 
Thos. O. L. Elwyn 
Horatio N. Cady Lewis C. F. Fatio 
Philander F. Canedy Andrew H. Foot 
Walter C. Cutts Ebenczer Farrand 
Jerome Callan Archibald B. Fairfax 

Frederick Chatard 

Joseph S. Corn well 
Joseph S. Cannon 
Charles B. Childs 
Samuel B. Cocke 
John Cassin 
John Colhoun 
Thomas T. Craven 
C W. Chauncey 
W, C. G. Carrington 

Charles Crillon 
John B. Cutting, jr. 
John C. Carter 
Richard S. Coxe 
Jolin W. Cox, jr. 
Daniel Cameron 
Joseph Cohen 

Robert Fitzhugh 
Timo. B. Field 
Wm. C. Farrar 
James N. Forsyth 
John Fisher 
William Green 
Alex. G. Gordon 

James W. Crenshaw William M. Glendy 
Daniel Carter Charles W. Gay 

Wm. Chandler John Graham 

Robert A. Cassin Sylvanus Godon 
Wm. C. Chaplin Farnifold Green 

John Addison 
Edward M'Laughlin 

Alexander Gibson 
John J. Glassoa 
Guert Gansevoort 
Israel S. Griffin 
William F. Grymes 
Helmuth J. Gaedicke 
James B. Glentworth 
J. R. Goldsborough 
John Graham 
Arch. M.Green 
John P. Gillis 
Spencer C. Gist 
Charles Green 
John M. Gardner 
Oliver S. Glisson 
Theodore P. Green 
George R. Gray 
Alberto Griffith 
Edwin L.t^reenwootl 
Samuel T. Gillet 

Levi M. Harby 
Stern Humphreys 
Andrew A. Harwood 
John Hamilton 
James T. Homans 
Cary H. Hansford 
Paul H. Hayne 
Thomas J. Harris 
William W. Hunter 
John W. Hunt, jr. 
Samue^,F. Hazard 
Edward Hoban 
Neil M'C. Howison 
Edward H. Hubbard 
JohnE. Holt, jr. 
\\ illiam C. Homes 
William E. Hunt 
Henrv Hoff 

JJesilver^s Almanac. 


Horatio M. Houston 
George M. Hooe 
Cliarles G. Hunter 
William A, Ho\yard 
John S. Hart 
Robt. B. Hitchcock 
George Hurst 
Mark Hale 
Timo. A. Huntt 
William F. Hooe 
Robt. M. Harrison 
Robert Handv 
John Harker 
George N. Hawkins 
Crawford W. Hall 
Francis Huger 
Edward L. Handy 
Lewis P. Higbee 
Charles Hey wood 

George Izard, jr. 
Jona. Ingersoll 
Harry Ingersoll 
William F. Irving 
Andrew M. Irwin 
Edgar Irving 

Joshua H. Justin 
Robert W.Jones 
Zach. F. Jolniston 
Charles H. Jackson 
Kinsey Johns 
Robert Joftes 
John T. Jenkins 
Stephen Joiinston 
Joseph W. Jarvis 
William J. Jenkins 
Jas. W. M, Jenkins 
Joseph Johnson 

William H. Kennon 
e. H. A. H. Kennedy 
Augustus H. Kilty 
Francis S. Key 
Lewis G. Keith 

Arthur Lewis 
Andrew K. Long 
John H. Little 
William F. Lynch 
James L. Lardner 
Samuel Lockwood 
Sidney Smith Lee 
N. C. Lawrence 

Janjcs B. Lardner 
^^ illiam J^ Lyne 
Robert J. Livingston 
Joshyu W. Lark in 
Josepli Lanman 
Win. P. Livingston 
Saml. Phillips Lee 
Cranstoun Laurie 

H. A. H. Morris 
John Marshall 
Alexander M. Mull 
Charles V. Morris 
Henry W. Morris 
John Manning 
Richard D. Millen 
Uich'd R. M«Mu!lin 
John W. Mooers 
Richard H. Morris 
John H. Marshall 
Charles H. M'Blair 
William M.A.Moore 
Samuel Evans Munn 
Albert M'Daniel 
Murray Mason 
John H. Maulsby 
John S. Missroon 
Alex. H. Marbury 
AVilliam M'Blair 
Augustus Marrast 
Edwin W. Moore 
Matthew F. Maury 
*ohn K.Mitchell 
Henry M()or 
Henry Kip Mower 
Horatio G. Myers 
Ezekiel Mulford 
Alexander C. Maury 
Thomas W. Melvill 
James P. M'Kinstry 
James T. M'Donough 
Richard W. Meade 
James F. Miller 

Robert H.Nicholls 
Frederick A.Neville 
Lloyd B. Newell 
Wifliam H. Npland 
James Noble 
Jefferson Nailor 

William S. Ogden 
Gabriel A. O'Brien 
Lewis Ogden 

John W. Palmer 
Reuben R. Piiikhain 
Hugh Y. I'lirvlance 
Henry Pinckncy 
AKxander F. Porter 
James M. Prevost 
Amasa Paine, jr. 
C. W. Pickering 
Law. Pennington 
William D. Porter 
James S. Palmer 
Charles H. Poor 
George A. Prentiss 
Richard L. Page 
William H. Peter 
Cicero Price 
Samuel Penhallow 

Edmund M.Russell 
John G. Rodgers 
John M. Rinker 
Cadw. Ringgold 
Hillary H. Rhodes 
Robert G. Robb 
Daniel L. Randolph 
Quinton Ratcliffe 
Frederick Rodgers 
William Rowan 
H. E. V. Robinson 
James H. Rowan 
Cluirles S. Renshaw 
John A. Russ 
William Radford 
Charles K. lluffin 
Stephen C. Rowan 
Robert James Ross 
Charles S. Ridgely 
William Russell 

Thomas 0. Sel fridge 
Albert G. Slaughter 
Isaac S. Sterett 
Thompson D. Shaw 
Samuel Swartwout 
Thomas Sands 
Joseph Stallings 
Samuel W.Stockton 
Sanford A. Street 
David M. Stokes 
Francis Stone 
Edw. Schermerhorn 
William J. Slidell 
Philip A. Stockton 

Arthur Sinclair, jr. 
William Smith 
Grey Skipwith 
Augustus R. Strong 
Lloyd L. Spilman 
Jona. W. Swift 
Cary W. Selden 
James Southard 
James B. Sullivan 
John C. Sharp 
Benjamin S. Slyc 
N. G. C. Slaughter 
James F. Schenck 
Burrett Shepard 
Melancthon Smith 
Raphael Semmes, jr. 
Israel D. Smith 
John-L. Spencer 
Ferdinand Smith 
Henrv A. Steele 

John Leeds Thomas 
EHas C. Taylor 
Robert D. Thorbum 
Charles C. Turner 
Edward J. Til ton 
Henry K. Thatcher 
Benjamin J. Totton 
John W. Turk 
Peter Turner 
Chas. A. Thompson 
Bushrod W. Turner 
Alfred Taylor 
Paul H. Trapier • 
Henry Tooley 
Geo. M. Thompson 
Fred. A. Thompson 
John A. Turley 
John R.Tucker 
Edward R.Thomson 

George P. Upshur 

G.J. Van Brunt 
H. H. Van Rensselaer 
Edward M. Vail 
Pedro C. Valdes 

w ■ 

W. S. J. Washington 
Wm. G. Woolsey 
John W. West 
Wm.C. Whittle 
Hampton Westcott 
George J. Willard 


Besiivefs Almanac. 

James M. Watson THnmas S. Wayne 

James U. Ward Eciw. Worthington 

G. G. WilliaiDson John T. Wallace 

T. M. Washington Oeoige B. Wingerd 

Chas. E. VVadsvvorth John Weems 

D, G. VVoodbridge Harrv P. T. Wood 

Wm. J. Wiswall John Wm. Willis 

William Knight 
Edward Bairy 
Jonathan D. Ferris 
Salvadore Catalano 
Augustus Ford 
Biscoe S. Doxey 
A. B. Bloodgood 
Iiobet;t Knox 
James B. Potts 

Edward Linscott 
David Eaton 
Thomas R. Smrth 
John Woods 

George Marshall 
George Jackson 
Stephen Jones 
John Lord 


William Va;jghan 
Marmaduke Dove 
Cornelius Bennett 
Charles F. Waldo 
John Clough 
F. H. Ellison 
Francis Mallaby 
Nathaniel Stfjodly 
William T. Malbone 

John C. Winans 
Alex. W. Wilson 
Wm. W. Wetcroft 
William Ward 
Zeb. P. Warden 
William A. Wurts 
Henry H. Watters 

Samuel C. Hixou 
D. S. Stellwagen 
James Ferguson 
Robert S. Tatem 
Philip S. Meyer 
Joseph Williston 
William Miller 
Nahum Warren 
Henry Worthington 

John J. White 
S. A. Washington 

Thomas H. Yeatmau 
John Young 
Alex. K. Yancey 

John Carlton 
A. Cunningham 
John Robinson 
James Tewksburv 
Peter Carson 
John Quin 
S. J. Dusenberry 
N. A. Prentiss 
Jacob Mull 


James Banks Simon Jordan 

Eli Dill John Smith 

James Evans James Thayer 

William Smith David Wesley 


John Blight Joseph Andrews 

Samuel Hebberd Asa Curtis 

Walter Cochran William B. Brown 

Thomas Stanley Daniel Kelly 


Richard Thomas Nehemiah Parker John Fisher 
Zaccheus R. Fuller Samuel Phillips Joseph White 

John Snider Thomas Armstrong John A. Dickason 


Henry Van VoorheesJames R. Childs Bt-njamin Crow 

Benj. B. Burchstead Nathaniel B. Peed Samuel B. Banister 
Isaac Hall Amos Lewis 

John Ball 

Richard A. Munroe 

Edward ingraham 

John Burns 

John R. Covington 

Caleb Nash 
John South wick 

Christian Nelson 



Arch'd Henderson 

R.Smith, Bvt. Lieut. Col. 

R. D. Wainwright 1 ^i,„j,„„„, Colonels ^^-^^ ^- ^^*^°^^ 
Samuel Miller > T. n^n,..* William H. Freeman 

John M. Gamble J ^^ ^^'^^'''*' J. L. Kuhn, Pa,, Mr. 

Wm. Anderson, Bvt, Major. Charles R. Broom 

Desilver's Mmmia 




Captnina by Brevet. E.J. Weeil.^r.Jlfrt'i-, Ward Marston A. N. Brccvoorte 

Lewi Twigfrs Joseph (]. Hall Charles C. Tuppcr Andrew Ross 

John Harris \Villia!.> W. Dulany A. \. Nicholson Wm. A. Bloodjrood 

Tlionias A. Lintan Thomas S. ICnglish Jaiiu b M'rawloy Richard Douglas 
Rich'd T. Auchmuty Thomas B. Barton Benjamin Macombcr Job.G. Williams 
Jami's Ede'in Georjre VV. Walker 

P. G. Howle^rf.«5^/w. Charles Grymes 

Charles F. Spering 
Alvin Edson 
Horatio N, Crabb 
Henry B. Tyler 


Joseph li. C. Haidy John G. II ynolds 
George F. Lindsay Ht^nry W. Fowler 
Wm. A. Randolph Francis C. Hall 
Landon N. Carter Constantine Smith 

Francis S. Neville 
'I'lio*>. L. C V\ atkins 
Thomas Lee 
F. N. Armistead 




Ships of the Line 






John Adams 





Schooners, ^i'c 



Sloops of War. 







Frigates, Qd Class. 



North Carolina 








Frigates, \st Class. 



Alert, (store ship) 

United States 

Fulton, (steaiTi) 


Sea Gull, (galliot) 



I'ay Rations 


Pay nations 


her in 




ber in 



service month 








8 ra's 

Captains' Clerks 


1 ra 

Do. of a vessel above 

Masters' Mates 


1 do 

20 and under 32 guns 


6 do 

Boatswains' Mates 


I do 




5 do 

Carpenters' Mates 


1 do 

Lieuten'ts. comman'g 


4 do 

(Oxs wains 


1 do 




3 do 

Ou.irter Gunners 


1 do 




2 do 

Quarter Masters 


1 do 

Surgeons' Mates 



2 do 



1 do 




2 do 



1 do 




2 do 



1 do 




1 ra 



1 do 

Sailing Masters 



2 ra's 



1 do 




2 do 

Marine Corps. 




2 do 


t 1 


6 ra's 




2 do 




3 do 

Sail -makers 



2 do 

First Lieutenants 



3 do 

School Masters 


2 do 

Second Lieutenant? 





Desilver's Mnianac. 


Of the Senate and House of Representatives of the United States. 



Albion K. Paris Martin Van Buren John Branch Dominique Bouligny 

John Chandler. Nathan Sanford. Nathaniel Macon. Josiah S. Johnson. 


Levi Woodbury 
Samuel Bell. 


Nathaniel Silsbee 
Daniel Webster. 


Samuel A. Foot. 
Calvin Willey 


Ashur Robbins 
Nehemiah R. Knight. 


Dudley Chase 
Horatio Seymour. 


Mahlon Dickerson 
Ephr^im Bateman. 


William Marks 
IsarCC D.. Barnard. 


Louis M'Lane 
Henry M. Ridgeley. 


Samuel Smith 
Ezekiel Chambers. 


L. W. Tazewell 
John Tvler. 


William Smith 
Robert Y. liayne. 


J. M. Berrien 
Thomas ^Y. Cobb. 


Richard M. Johnson Elias K. Kane 
John Rowan. Jesse B. Thomas* 

William Hendricks 
James Noble. 


Thos. H. Williams 
Powhattan Ellis. ' 


John H. Eaton 
Hugh L, White. 


Wm. H". Harrison 
Benjamin Ruggles. 



John Anderson 
Samuel Batman 
Bufus M'Intyre 
Jeremiah O'Brien 
James W. Ripley 
Peleg Sprague 
Jos. F. Wingate 


David Barker, jr. 
Ichabod Bartlett 
Titus Brown. 
Joseph Healy 
Jonathan Harvey 
Thos. Whipple, jr. 


Heman Allen. 
Daniel A. A. Buck 
Jonathan Hunt 
Rollin C. Mallarv 
Geo. E. Wales 


Samuel C. Allen 
John Bailey 
Isaac C. Bates 
B. W. Crowninshield 
John Davis 
Henry W. D wight 
Edwd. Everett 
Benj. Gorham. 


John Locke 

John Reed 
Joseph Richardson 
John Varnum 


Tristram Burges 
Dutee J. Pearce. 


John Baldwin 
Noyes Barber 
Ralph J. Ingersoll 
Orange Merwin 
Elisha Phelps 
David Plant 


Daniel D. Barnard 
Geo. 0. Belden 
Rudolph Bunner 
H. C. Martindale 
Dudley Marvin 
John Magee 
C. C. Cambreleng 
Samuel Chase 
John C. Clark 
John D. Dickinson 
Jonas Earll, jr. 
Daniel C. Garnsey 
Nath. Garrow 
John T. De Graff 
John Hal lock, jr. 
Selah R. Hobbie 
Martin Hoflfman 
Jeromir? Johnson 

Ricijard Keese 
Henry Markell 
John Maynard 
Thomas J. Oakley 
S. Van Rensselaer 
Henry R. Storrs 
James Strong 
John G. Stower 
John W. Taylor 
G. C. Verplank 
Aaron Ward 
John J. Wood 
Silas Wright, jun. 
Silas Wood 
David Woodcock 


Lewis Condict 
Geo. Holcombe 
Isaac Peirson 
Samuel Swan 
Hedge Thomson 
Ebenezer Tucker 


Kensey Johns, jr. 


Wm. Addams 
Samuel Anderson 
Thomas Barlow 
James Buchanan 
Richard Coulter 
Chauncey Forward 
Joseph Frey, jr. 


William R. King 
Henry Chambers. 


Thomas H. Benton 
David Barton. 

Innes Green 
Saml. D. Ingham 
George Kremer 
Adam King. 
Joseph Lawrence 
Daniel H. Miller 
Charles Miner 
John Mitchell 
Samuel M'Kean 
Robert Orr, jr. 
Wm. Ramsay 
John Sergeant 
Jas. S. Stevenson 
J. B. Sterrigere 
Andrew Stewart 
J. B. Sutherland 
Espy Van Home 
James Wilson 
George Wolf 


John Barney 
Clement Dorsey 
Levin Gale 
John Leeds Kerr 
Peter Little 
Michael C. Sprigg 
Geo. C. Washington 
John C. Weems 
Ephraim K. Wilson 


Robert Allen 
Mark AlexBn<fer 

JJesilver's Jilmanac. 


Wm. S. Archer 
Win. Armstrong, jr. 
John S. Barbour 
Philip P. Rarbour 
Burwell Bassett 
Thomas Newton 
Jobn Randolph 
Wm. C. Rives 
John Roane 
Tho3. Davenport 
John Floyd 
Isaac Lefler 
Lewis Maxwell 
Charles F. Mercer 
Wm. M'Coy 
Alexander Smyth 
Andrew Stevenson 
John Taliaferro. 
James Trezvant 


Willis Alston 
D. L. Barringer 
John H. Bryan 
S. P. Carson 
H. W. Conner 
John Culpepper 
Thomas Hail 
Gabriel Holmes 

John Long 
Li'iniicl Sawyer 
A. H. Shepherd 
Daniel I'urner 
Lewis Williams 


John Carter 
Warren R. Davis 
Wm. Drayton- 
James Hamilton, 
Geo. M'Duffie 
Wm. Di Martin 
Thos. R. Mitchell 
W. T. Nuckotts 
Starling Tucker 


John Floyd 
Tomlinson Fort 
Chas. E. Haynes 
George E. Gilmer 
Wilson Lumkin 
Wiley Thompson 
(Vacancy in room of 
Forsyth elec'd Gov. 


R. A. Riicker 
James Clarke 
Henry Daniel 
Joseph Lecompte 

Robert P. Letcher 
Chittenden Lyon. 
Thomas Metcalf*; 
Robert M'Hatton 
Thos P. N)o()re 
Chas. A. Witklifte 
Joel Yancey 
(One vacancy.) 


John Bell • 
John Blair 
David Crocket. 
Robert Desha 
Jacob C. Isaacks 
Pryor Lea 
John H. M arable 
Jas. C. Mitchell 
James K. Polk 


Mordecai Bartley 
Philemon Beeclier 
Win. Creighton, jr, 
John Davenport 
James Findlay 
Wm. M'Lean 
Wm. Russell 
John Sloane 
Wm. Stanbery 
Joseph Vance 

Saml. T. Vinton 
Elisha Whittlesy 
John Woods 
JohnC. Wriglit 


Wm. I.. Br<M)t 
Henry H. Gurley 
Edward Livingston 


Thomas H. Blake. 
Jonathan Jennings . 
Oliver H. SmWi 
William Haile 


Joseph DuncanJ 


Gabriel P. Moor a 
Geo. W. Ov»en 
John M'Kee. 


Edmund Bates. 


Arkansas, Henry W. 

Michigan, Austin E. 

Fioridas, Joseph M. 



MILITARY ACADEMY.— WEST point, new york. 


Brevet Major General Alexander Macomb, Chief Engineer (ex officio) Inspector of 
the Military Academy. 


Brevet Lieutenant Colonel S. Thayer, Corps of Engineers. 


Brevet Major W. I. Worth, (1st artillery.) ^ 


Captain Ethan A. Hitchcock, (1st infantry.) 

2d Lieutenant James Grier, (5th infantry.) 

2d Lieutenant Wm. A. Thornton, (4th Artillery.) 

Brevet 2d Lieutenaut John M. Berrien, (2d Infantry.) ^ 


1st Lieutenant Z. J. D. Kinsley, (3d Artillery.) 



Jared Mansfield. 


1st Lieutenant Samuel S. Smith, (3d Artillery) 
Brevet 2d Lieutenant Thomas S. Twiss (Corps of Engineers.) 


Desilver^s Almanac. 


Composed of Ten Companies, detatched from the several Regiments of ArtilhTy. 

Lieutenant Colonel, Abraham Eustis, 4th Regiment Artillery. 

Major J. B. Crane, 4th Regiment Artillery. 

Adjutant, Daniel Tyler, 1st Regiment Artillery. 

Assistant Quartermaster, Lieutenant H. W. Fitzhugh, 2d Regiment Artillery. 

Assistant Commissary of Subsistence, Lieutenant T. Green, 1st Regiment Artillery] 

Surgeon, Josiah Everett. 

JtfKtant Surgeon, Henry Stephenson. 

ClfUnancc OflBcer, Captain R. L. Baker, 1st RegiHienfc Artillery. 

Asst. Lieutenant Wm. H. Bell. 4th Regiment Artillery. 
Instructor of Mathematics. 
Instructor of Engineering. 
Instructor oi Military Drawing. 
Professor of Chemistrv. 

Memoranda of the Signers of the Declaration of Independence. 

Chancellor Wythe, of Virginia — A lawyeF, 
a judge of the purest morals and deepest learn- 
ing, idle and dissipated until thirty years of age, 
■when he first apphed himself to the law, the 
preceptor of Jefferson. 

George Read, of Delaware — An eminent 
lawyer. His biography is ample, interesting, 
and authentic. 

William Williams, of Connecticut — Origi- 
nally a town clerk, but liberally educated — 
then an upright, benevolent merchant, sacri- 
ficed the greater part of his gains to the public 

Samuel Huntington, of Connecticut — a mere 
ploughman until his twenty -second year, after- 
wards an eminent lawyer, president of Con- 
gress, chief justice of iiis state, and governor. 
Ilis biography highly curious. 

William Floyd, of New York — A farmer, a 
general, enjoyed a large share of state honours. 

George Walton, of Georgia — Originally an 
apprentice to a carpenter in Virginia, self-edu- 
cated to the law, a colonel, wounded in battle, 
twice governor of Georgia, chief justice, sena- 
tor of the United States. 

George Clymer, of Pennsylvania — A mer- 
chant, food of literature, a terse, sententious 
writer, an efficient and honourable patriot. His 
biegfpapby full and interesting, but; diffuse: 

" Goodness his delight, 

Wisdom his wealth, and glory his reward." 

Benjamin Rush, as a physician and an author, 
omni laiide cumuiatu/!, tlie most celebrated of 
the American faculty, distinguished for his po- 
litical connexions and labours. 

Matthew Thornton, of New Hampshire — A 
successful practitioner of medicine, army sur- 
geon before the revolution, a president of the 
provincial convention, a judge of the Supreme 
Court, a man of wit and humour, continued to 
practice physic while a judge, wrote political 
essays for the newspapers, and prepared a me- 
taphysical work for publication, after he was 
eighty years of age: died in his eighty-oiath 

William Whipple, of New Hampshire — Ori- 
ginally a cabin boy and sailor, a captain at the 
age of twenty-one, then a merchant, a general, 
who fought with Gates, and elsewhere, arranged 
the capitulation of Burgoyne, a judge of the 
superior court; " As a sailor," says the biogra- 
phy, " he speedily attained the highest rank in 
ilis profession, as a merchant, he was circum- 
spect and industrious, as a congressman, he was 
firm and fearless, as a legislator, he was honest 
and able, as a commander, he was cool and 
courageous, as a judge, he was dignified and 
impartial, and as a membepof many subordinate 

JJesUver^s Mmanat. 


public olliccs, iie was alert anil persevering^. 
lie bore all his honours with modesty and pro- 

Dr. John Witiioispoon, of New Jersey, an 
eminent and profound pivine, |)resident of Nas- 
sau Hall College, a political writer of force and 
talent, a statesman of great influence and ener- 
gy. His bion^raphy is ample and instructive. 

Robert Morris, of Pennsylvania, a merchant, 
the unrivalled financier of tlie revolution, the 
pecuniary soul of the cause. His biography, like 
that of others, needs compression, but it is in- 
teresting and correct. 

Abraham Clark, of New Jersy, a surveyor, 
a lawyer, and pi^ve gratuitous counsel. 

Francis Lewis, of New York, a merchant, 
and soldier, before the Revolution, very useful 
as a rebel, his fine estate on Long Island de- 
strojed by the British, and his wife carried oft" a 
prisoner, she died soon after, from the ill treat- 
ment which was experienced. He was ruined 
by the part which he took on the American side 
— died in the ninetieth year of his age. 

John Pann, of North Carolina, uneducated 
in early life; became a lawyer, and eminent, by 

James SVilson, of Pennsylvania, a lawyer, of 
rare capacity, and of surpassing faculties as a 
speaker and writer, an efhiient political essay- 
ist, the principal advocate of tlie Constitution 
of 1787, in tlie Pennsylvania Convention, pro- 
fessor of law, one of the judges of the Supreme 
Court of the United States. His biography is 
replete with valuable information and political 

Carter Braxton, of Virginia, a planter, be- 
ca"me a merchant, lost all, and died of a broken 

John Morton, of Pennsylvania, a surveyor, 
speaker of the General Assembly of Pennsylva- 
nia, a judge of the Supreme Court of the com- 
monwealth, gave the casting vote of the Penn- 
sylvania delegation, for the declaration of inde- 
pendence, originally a ploughboy. 

Stephen Hopkins, of Rhode Island, a plain 
farmer, surveyor, became speaker of the as- 
sembly, chief justice, then governor of Rhode 
Island, a man of superior sense, and a good and 
successful writer, a distinguished mathemati- 
cian, and natural philosopher, though his edu- 
cation was slight, and a member of the Ameri- 
can Philosophical Society. His signature of tlie 
declaration is the only crooked and feeble one. 
" As it indicates," says his biographer, '* a very 
tremulous hand, in perfect contrast with the 
bold and prominent writing of President Han- 
cock, it may have engendered surmises unfi- 
vourablc to the dctcrmmcd spirit of Mr. Hop- 
kins. We therefore state, tliat for a number of 
years previous, he had been afflicted with a ner- 
vous affection, and when he wrote at alK which 

was seldom, he was compelled to guide bis right 
hand »vilii his loft." 

Thomas M'Kcan, of Pennsylvania, a lawyer 
of great abilities and ardent revolutionary pa- 
triotism, chief justice of the commonwealth, 
governor, died eighty-three years old. His bi- 
ography entirely authentic, and replete with 
instructive details. 

James Smith, of Pennsylvania, lawyer and 
surveyor, remarkable for facetiousness and ec- 
centricity, practised the law for upwards of six- 
ty years, died a nonagenarian. His article very 

Thomas Nelson, of Virginia, educated in 
England, an opulent planter, active military 
officer, commander-in-chief of the Virginia mi- 
litia, whom he bravely and skilfully headed at 
the siege of Yorktown, governor of V^^^, 
died in reduced circumstances, havioj^^He 
enormous pecuniary sacrifices to the n|!ffi- 
tionary cause. 

Joseph Hawes, of North Carolina, a success- 
ful merchant, bred a Quaker, died when attend- 
ing Congress, in 1779. 

George Taylor, of Pennsylvania, on arriving 
in America from Ireland, bound himself for a 
term of years, as a common labourer, at the iron 
works at Durham on the Delaware, near East- 
on, was made clerk to the works, the proprietor 
dying, he espoused his widow, and finally be- 
came himself owner of the whole, amassed a 
large fortune, got into the provincial assembly, 
a member of business- — Nothing more is recol- 
lected of him in the vicinity of his residence, 
than that " he was a fine man and a furious 

John Hart, of New Jersey, a farmer, surnam- 
ed " honest John,'' had never held a public 
office, when he was ciiosen a delegate to Con- 
gress, his farm pillaged and destroyed by the 
Hessians, bis biography possesses a peculiar 
interest, as a very edifying- illustration of the 
character and course of an American yeoman. 

Lewis Morris, of New York, gentleman far- 
mer and large landed proprietor, his whole do- 
main laid waste and ruined by tlie enemy, ha(t 
three gallant sons in the field, the celebrated 
Gouverneur Morris iiis half brollier. 

Wm. Ellery, of Rhode Island, a well educa- 
ted lawyer, an early revolutionary patriot, a 
very useful member of Congress, throughout 
the war. " He often,*' s«ys his biographer, 
" spoLe oftliG signing of tlie Declaration of In- 
dependence, and he spoke of it as an event, 
which many regarded with awe, perhaps, witli 
uncertainly, but oouc with fear. He used io 
relate, tliat he placed himself beside the Secre- 
tary, Thompson, and eyed each delegate close- 
ly as he affixed his name to the document, and 
he saw dauntless resolution in every 'counte-' 
nance. EHery died witliout pain at the iige of 


jUesdvefs Mmanac. 

niiicty-tlirce, silting npright in bed, and read- 
ing Tully'9 Offices in the Latin. 

"Of ;io (lijteniper, of no Ijlait lie died, 
Hiu fell li(«- auiunin-fmit that niellow'd lonp; 
Kv'n worMt-r'd at bi cause he falli no sooner. 
Fate neemL-d to wind up (or fonrscortf years: 
Yet fretlily ran hi' on twelve winti-rj more; 
Till, like a clock woni out with e-atiug time, 
'I'he wheel of weary life at last »tood ttill." 

Lyman Hall, of Georgia, an crnigrarrt from 
Connecticut, a well trained physician, a useful 
menriber of Congress, made great sacrifices, 
Governorof Georgia, 1783. 

Oliver Wolcott, of Connecticut, a graduate 
of Yale College, cai'tain in the army before the 
Revolution, studied modicine, a major general 
of militia, aided in conqueiing Burgoyne, a 
judge, finally Governor of Couaeclicut. 

Richard Stockton, of IVew Jersey, an accom- 

• lawyer and scholar, unrivalled at the 
his slate. After acquiring a competent 
in his professioq, travelled with much 
eclat in Great Britain, one of the judges of the 
Supreme Court of New Jersey, embarlied early 
and vehemently in the Revolution, surprised 
and captured by the enemy, and committed to 
the common jail at Mew York. Congress direct- 
ed General Washington to interfere in his be- 
half, and threaten retaliation, his health impair- 
ed, hia property devarjinted, died prematurely 
of complicated afHictions, occasioned by his pa- 
triotism. . " 

Button Gwinnett, of Georgia, ori^ioally a 
merchant, became a planter, an enthusiastic 
rebel; president of the provincial council, killed 
in a duel with general M'Intosb, 177?, at the 
age of forty-five. 

Fortign JtfonJks, Weights, and Measures. 
General Index of ibc Foreign Monies, Weighls, and 

Measures referred to in the Consular Repor/s, with 

coBiparisons and explanations. — By Dr. Kelly. 

It should be observed, that all the comparisons and 
explanations of foreign measures are here computed 
according to the new Bniisb imperial standard, 
which. is about 3 per cent, larger than the U inthester 
measure, or, more nearly, 31 gallons, bushels, uc of 
the new, answer lu ii2 of the old. tJence (o reduce 
jtnperial rueasurc to Winchester, add the thirty-first 
part to Ihe number of gallons, kc; and for the re- 
verse opeialion, subtrnct the tliirly-second part- The 
contrary caleulatiou ir.ust of course, be observed wji.h 
regard to prices. But these several proportions can be 
only stated with perfect accuracy in a regular treatise 
on Metrology, and as this index is rnciely intended 
to give general illustiations, all minute fractions are 

^Ibtrls Dollar, a monry used in I.ibau and Riga; 
worth about 43. Cd. sterling. 

Jlltiucire, a corn n.eaiurc in Portugal, answering 
to three imperial gallons. 

Jirrahu, a Spanish weight, answering to 25 l-41bs. 

Barrel, or Ttmna, a corn measure in' Sweden, an- 
swering to 4 l-S imperial bushels. Barrel is also a 

Josiah Bartlett, of New Hampshire, a suc- 
cessful practitioner of medicine, a lending whijj 
in his province, commanded a regiment, the 
first who voted in Congress for the Declaration, 
and the second who signed it, chief justice of 
New Hampshire, the first republican governor 
of that state. 

Philip Livingston, of New York, one of tlie 
committee of five appointed to prepare the De- 
claration of Independence, a graduate of Yale 
College, a prosperous and honoured merchant, 
conspicuous member of the provincial Legisla- 
ture, speaker, died while attending Congress, 
in 177<3, a martyr to his public zeal. 

Roger .Sherman, of Connecticut, also one of 
the committee of five, apprentice to a shoema- 
ker, and pursued the business until after he 
was twenty-two years of age, travelled on foot 
with his tools, gaining a livelihood, nourished 
bis mind by various reading, kept a country 
store, turned surveyor, applied himself to the 
law, acquired practice and fame, member of the 
colonial assembly, member of the Albany con- 
vention of 1754, judge of the superior court of 
Connecticut, twenty-three years, member of 
Congress from the opening of the first in 1774, 
down to the period of his death, in 179B, of great 
authority and usefulness, a member of the corw 
vention that framed the present constitution of 
the United States, took a considerable and ior 
fluential part in the debate, a senator in Con- 
gress, a shrewd and reajly writer, a logical de- 
bater, a model of probity, discretion, and stead- 
fastness, as much revered as any patriot of the 
times. His biography is full of instruction, but 
prolix to tediousness. 

weight for flour in America and weigh8'1961bs, avoir- 

Bois^eau, a corn measure in Bordeaux, contaioiog 
2 1-2 imperial bushels. 

Cent, or Centime, the 100th part of a coin. It is of 
various values, according to the unit. 

Chtirge, a corn measure at Marseilles, Nice, &c. 
answering to 4 1.2 imperial bushels 

Chttwert, a corn measure in Russia, which con- 
tains 5 3-4 imperial bushels 

Ciftc, a Russian money, the 100th part of the 

Dollar, a Spanish coin, and intrinsically worth 
4s 3 3-4d., liut is generally valued at 48. 6d. The 
paper dollar of exchange in Spain is worth 36d. ster- 
ling, and at Leghorn 48d. 

Ducal, a gold coin in Hollanr', of extensive use in 
the corn trade, is worth about 93. 4d. sterling. There 
arc various other ducats in dififerent countries, in gold, 
silver, and paper. 

Far^tga, a corn measure in Spain, containing about 
one bushel 4 1-2 gallons imperial nricasurc; there are 
however different sized Faoegas: (bus, there are the 
large, the regular, and the small Fanega, which are 
to each other as 11, 10, and 9, neiirly. 

Ferraiu, a corn measure at Corunna, about 3 3-4 
imperial gallons'. 

JJesilver^b^ Almanac. 


J-Uirtn. d cuin and money of account in variuns 
countries. In Holland it is also culled the Guilder, 
and is notth about 2 Id sterling. It is divided in Hol- 
laud into 'JO stivers of IG piciiniiigs each; but in 
oihcr countries into (iO Krcutzcrs. FIs. Gr. meaus!, at 
Dautzic, Florins and Cirdscheii. The !Netherlaiul 
guilder is divided into 100 cents, and is equal to llic 
florin io exchange. 

Franc, a silver coin and n:ooey of account in 
France and other places. It is generally valued at 
lUd. sterling, which is something above its intrinsic 

Grosche, a money of account in various parts of 
Germany, and of diderent values; 24 generally make 
(he rixdollar. 

Grote, half of a Dutch stiver, and at Hamburg 
half the sol or shilling. 

Guilder, also called Gulden, a money of Holland. 
See florin. The gold guilder is much used in the corn 
trade, and is reckoned worth 28 stivers, or about 30d. 

Giulder Current, a money of the Netherlands, 
seven of which equal six guilders ofcxchauge. 

Halsier, a corn measure in the Netherlands, an- 
swering to about 6 1-2 gallons imperial me&sure. 

HtclolUre, the principal corn measure of France, 
answering to 2 3-4 imperial bushels. 

Killo, a corn measure in Turkey, containing about 
7 1-2 imperial gallons. 

Kilogramme, the principal weight in France, an- 
swering to 21b, 3oz. 4(lr. avoirdupois. 

KrtvJtzer or Cieutztr, a small coin and money of 
account in Germany and other northern nations. In 
Austria it is at present worth about 7d. sterling. 

Last, a lur;;e measure for corn in HuJland, Germa- 
ny, &c. varying from 10 to 1» imperial quarters. 

Livre, an imaginary money oi France and several 
other countries. It is generally considered of the same 
ralue as the franc. In Italy it is called the lira, and is 
mostly divided into 100 centimes. 

ImJ', a corn measure in Libau and Riga, contain- 
ing about 1 7-8 bushel imperial measure. 

jValler, a corn mfeasuic in many parts of Germany; 
9t Frankfort it answers to four imperial bushels. 

JVaraviidi, a small muncy of uccou^t in Spain, 34 
of which make the real or rial. 

Metzt, a corn measure in Fiume and Trieste, an- 
swering to 1 3-4 imperial bushel nearlj'. 

Milrea, a money, of account and exchange in Por- 
tugal, worth about 5s. 7d. sterling. 

les. The 


alue Md 

Mina, a torn measure in Gcnc<a, equal to about 3 
bushels J gallons imperial measure. 

Mudde, a corn measure in Holland, answering for- 
merly to 3 1-4 English bushels; but iu the new system 
of the Netherlands the mudde is reckoned, the aame a* 
the hectolitre. 
9Paolo, a money of Italy, worth about 5d sterling. 

Peseta, a Spanish silver coin: one-liflh of the harJ 

Pe::o, the dollar of exchange at Leghorn: worth 
about 4s. sterling. 

(luuUal .'Uf/M^uf, a French weight of lOOkile- 
grammcb, answering to 'Z20 1-2 lbs. avoirdupois or 
2 ctyt. less 3 1-2 lbs. 

Qutn/ai, a Spanish weight of 4 arrobas, or 100 
Castilian pounds, answering to about 101 l-^lbs. 
avoirdupois. It is also a corn measure at Bordeaux, 
containing about 2 imperial bushels. 

Real, a Spanish money of diUerent values. The 
real.Vellon is the most common, and is worth 
2 1.2d. sterling; 20 such reals make the hard"]' 

Rixdollar, or Thaler, a coin and money of t _ 
io most northern nations. It is of different value^ 
variously divided. 

Rouble, a money of Russia, which bas varied con- 
siderably in value, viz. from 3s. 2d. down to 9d. ster- 
ling; lOd. is its present price. 

Rubbio, a com measure in Ancona, answering to 
Bcaily an imperial quarter. 

Sacco, a corn measure of Leghorq, containing 
about 2 imperial bushels. 

Scudo, an Italian coin, worfji about 4s. 4d. sterling. 

Seller, a corn measure in France, answering to 
about I 1-2 imperial bushel. 

Sheffel, a corn measure at Dajjtzic answering to 
about 1 1-2 imperial bushel. It varies, however, in 
several parts of Germany. 

Sfti/litio:, a division of the rixdollar. In Sweden it 
is the 48th part, and is divided into 12 rundesleeken. 

Soma, a corn measure in the V'enitian States, an- 
swering to 2 3-4 imperial bushels.' 

Slajo, Ji corn measure in Italy, of various dimen- 
sions. In Friuli and Trieste it answers to about 2-'t 
imperial bushels. 

Slivir, a money of Holland, worth nearly Id. ster- 
ling. It is I-20th of the florin or guilder, and is di- 
vided into 16 pfennings, or 12 dcniers, 

Xjradxml change of the Earth^s Sii 
If a small lake or extensive mill-pond, with very 
uneven bottom, were suddenly emptied by a sluice or 
opening in its lowest part, a vast nuruber of pits or 
pools, of various size and shape, would be left among 
the inequalilies of the bottom. But supposmg lain to 
continue falling, or frequently to recur, a remarkable 
change would soon be effected; each pool by running 
over at its lowest part, and sending out a streamlet 
either iiitb another lower pool or into a channel lead- 
ing directly to the sluice or opening, would be wearing 
away the part or side over which the wafer was run- 
ning, so that the breach or channel would become gia- 
dually deeper, aud the water in the pool would conse- 
quently become shallower; while at the same time the 
Ijottom would be filling up with the sand or mud \vash- 

rface piGduced by A..nniiig JP'aier. 
^down by the rain from the elevations around; and 
these two operations being coniinued, the pool nould 
at last disappear altogether. This operation going on 
io every pool through the wiiole of the emptied mill- 
pond, the buttom would .it last exhibit only a varied 
and undulated surface of dry land, with a beautiful 
arrangement of ramifying channels, all sloping with a 
precision unattainable by art, to the general mcii»h or 
estuary The reasou that in the supposed case, and in 
every other, a water course soon becomes so singularly 
uniform as to dimension and descent is, that any pits 
or hollows in it are soon filled up by the send and mud 
carried along th&stream, aud deposited where the cur- 
rent is slack; while any elevations are worn away by 
the action of (he more rapid current which accompa- 


Desilver^s Almanac. 

Dies shallowness, uulil throughout the whole line only 
a uniform and gradual slope remains. 

The present kingdom of Bohemia, for instance, is 
the bottom of one of the great lakes which once cov- 
ered Europe. It is a basin or amphitheatre, formed by 
circular ridges of mountains, and the only gate or 
opening to it is that remarkable one by which the wa- 
ter escapes from it, and which has evidently been gra- 
dually cut or formed by the action of a running stream. 
As the bottom became uncovered by the smking of the 
water, and by the formation of a regular sloping chan- 
nel from every part, the former lake was converted 
into a fine and fertile country, a fit habitation for man; 
and the continued drain from it is the beautiful river 
which we now call the Elbe. 

In Switzerland, even now many of the valleys 
which were formerly lakes, have the opening for the 
exit of water so narrow, that, as happened in one of 
them a few years ago, a mass of snow or ice falling 
into it, converts the valley once more into a lake On 
the occasion alluded to, the accumulation of water 
witliin ^vas very rapid; and although, from the danger 
foreseen to the country below if the impediment should 
suddenly give way, every means was Iried to remove 
it gradually, the attempt had not succeeded, when the 
frightful burst took place, and involved all below in 
common ruin. 

The magniflcent Danube is the drain of a chain of 
basins or lakes, which must at one time have dischar- 

Dancing with a prince. — Vou did not know 

Maria D , 1 think; but i did: and fairer prospects 

toever dawned on the sunny eye of youth, beauty, and 
intelligence, than seemed to be hers. But unfortu- 
nately, her mamma had once been in England; and 
as ill luck would have it for poor Maria, had danced 
in the same room, nay, I believe, in the same set 
with the prince of Wales. Of course she could never 
talk or think of any thing else all her life afterward. 
It was shrewdly suspected that she put her husband to 
a lingering death with this story; and it is pretty cer- 
tain that it caused all thd misfortunes of my little as- 
sociate, on whom nature had showered all the blos- 
soms of spring, and who promised a rich product of 
delightful fruits in summer and autumn. But this on- 
lucky dance spoiled all. The mother told the story 
morning, noon, and night, and danced that fatal dance 
over and over again, to the same tune, until the young 
lady could think, and talk, and dream, of nothing but 
figuring at court, and dancing with princes and lords, 
whom she fancied something or other, she knew not 
Avhat, but far above any thing on this side the water. 

The mother never heard of a foreigner being i* 
town that she did not get the fidgets, until .he ^^s 
brought and introduced to the daughter, who soon, in 
her anxiety to go abroad, actually paid such broad at- 
tentions to those exotics, that instead of being alluring 
to the worthy among them, she became ofiensive. Un- 
fortunately, though she had not fortune to tempt the 
avai'icious, she possessed sufficient beauty to attract 
the voluptuary. One of these wandering creatures, 

gcd or run over one into anotlicr, but the coutioueQ 
stream cutting a passage at last low enough to empty 
them all, they are now regions offertility, occupied by 
civilized man, instead of the fishes which held them 
formerly The lake of Geneva, for instance, although 
confined by granite rock, is cutting and lowering its 
outlet, and the surface has fallen considerably within 
the period of accurate observation and records, and 
the wearing of (he neighbouring mountains, brought 
down by the winter torrents, are filling up its bed. If 
the town of Geneva last long enough, its inhabitants 
will have to speak of the river in Ihe neighbouring 
valley, instead of the picturesque lake which now fills 
it. Already several other towns and villages, which 
were close upon the lake a century ago, have fields 
and gardens appearing between them and the shore. 

The immense continent of Australasia, or New 
Holland (larger than Europe,) is supposed by some 
to have been formed at a different time from what is 
cai.ed the old world; so different and peculiar are 
many of its animal and vegetable productions; and 
the idea of a later formation receives some counte- 
nance from the immense tracts of marshy or imper- 
fectly drained land which have been discovered in the 
interior, into which rivers flow, but which seem not 
yet to have \vorn down or formed a sufficient outlet or 
discharging channel towards the ocean. — di-noWs El- 
ements of Physics, 

who stroll about the world to cheat the rich, and be- 
tray the inexperienced; who come to our country no 
one knows whence, and live no one knows how; and 
who gain a footing in our social circles by means of 
this pernicious leaning towards strangers,— chanced 
to come prowling that way, and was as usual, brought 
to the house of the good lady who once had the honor 
of dancing in the same set with the. prince. 

He passed for a man of rank, — talked of his noble 
relations, — of going back to England, — of the delights 
of courts, watering places, and, in short, played on all 
that light artillery before which the ill-fortified citadel 
of woman's heart so often yields The good lady mo- 
iher talked with the man of rank about certain lords 
whose names she had heard in England, and who 
were all his intimate acquaintances. He described 
them at a hazard, or rather at no hazard, for he soon 
discovered my lady knew as little as himself about 
them. In short, to make an end of a long story, — the 
old lady fidgeted, — the young one played off the fine 
lady, — lill. at last, with great apparent circumspec- 
tion, the illustrious foreigner asked her Laud in pre- 
ference to running away with her, because she had a 
few thousand dollars portion. The catastrophe rapidly 
took place. ' As soon os he had got possession of the 
money, and was tired of his bride, he ran away, no one 
knew where Poor Maria never was presented at 
court; but pines away, in the most heart-sickening 
widowhood — a destfrtcii wifi ; and the poor mother has 
never since told the story of dancing in the same set 
with the prince. 





Sun risiDg it. 


^ Sun setting h. 
Sun rising h. 
rs M. 

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Sunrising h. 


Sun setting h. 
Sun rising u. 


Sun setting H 

Sun rising h 

1*^ Sun setting h. 
L Sun rising h. 

IcX) M. 

Snn setting h 
Sun rising m 


Sun setting u 



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Sun rising h. 


Sun setting ii. 
Sun rising h 


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Sun rising h 
tt m. 

Sun setting h, 

Sun rising H. 


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Sun rising h 

©? M. 

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^"^ Sun setting h. 

CO CO 'O »-'5 *0 O »0 »^ iC 


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CO CO CD t^ t- r* r* r- c~ 


CD CO CO C O r- 



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jj Sun rising h 

O M 

^'^ Sun setting h- 
Sun's dec. N. 



eo_cD cD_co_ 
"O — Gl 00 

T-» iTi CD l"* CO 

I I— 1 G^ GO 'S' ^ 

CO — STicosi — Ti-r-cc 


CD r- cc*c5 o — (^1 GO~cn' 

-^ — — < f- '51 Ct G-) Gl SI 


>> ;r « -a 

■= — ■£=, 

CO .^ 
J- ™ •^ j_ 

° S c S 
.S s « § 



O M -— " 
„-3 O o 
g aj 4, o 

.s .t; "o c 

o 5 - - 
- « « s 

■=■=.5 - 

c2 - 60 I -S 

■c J .5 tJo'S 

iJ - .2 = a 

C3 -3 t" 5 3 

= 5 a t; .<» 



i -a ^ 
.2 <= o t_ ._ 

« S 2 Sf 
f- ■£ = = - 

•2 a J= 

a w J3 


2 ^ '-S 'S ? 

^ — — 4) <n 

.— -w .-3 w G 

o « o 

es es S 

!=* ^ g ^ H C_ 
», « r, ■•= =5 « ° 

a. 1- O .= o — s 

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•J r?g.2-3 « ,,j 

■r; n - = -3i;-' 

1 2 = 2 . = H o 

rt a:^'-' — ^ 3 «; SJ ~ 
tT'— -3 — .B i .3 

tc n o 5 c_ Mr' -i 

a 5 

3 i. 
I ° 

.'c ea. 

O V, .-' -3 

w 5 

■-• a< ., .-^ 3 - ^ — 

3 C! 
S « 
•= bO 

a c 

.= ir t> ^o 

BS = — K'o-a— w 
p.. a 3 1— I p o w 

C8 M 



SIiQwinff the hours and minutes that are to be added to the Moon's southing, to Jinu 
the tijne of High-water at all the under-named places. 



Anapolis, (Maryland) 
Baltimore, - 
Boston, - - - 
Brunswick, (N. C.) 
Cape Ann, 
Cape Fear, - 
Cape Henlopen, 
Cape Hatteras, 
Cockspur, (Georgia) 
Charleston Bar, - 
Geqrgetown Bar, 
New Haven, 
New London, 

' H. 





































Nev Providence, 

New York, - _ . 


Plymouth, - . , 

Port Royal, (>S. C.) - 

Portsmouth, - - - 



Reedy Island, - 

Rhode Island, 

Salem, - - - 

Sandy Hook, 


Saybrook, - - - 

Suubury, (Georgia) 


Williamsbury, (Virginia) 

8 SO 


Required the time of High-water at Philadelphia, on the 6th of January. 

On the 6th of January the Moon's Southfng, taken from the Almanac, is, 
To which add the time opposite Philadelphia, in the above Table, - - - 

The time of High -water required. 


United States, 



Farmers ^ Mechanics, 

JVorth America, 




J^orthern Liberties, 



Tuesdays and Fridays. 
Wednesdays and Saturdays. 
Mondays and Thursdays. 
Tuesdays and Fridays. 
Mondays and Thursdays. 
Tuesdays and Fridays. 
Tuesdays and Fridays. 
Tuesdays and Fridays. 
Tuesdays and Fridays. 
Wednesdays and Saturdays. 
Wednesdays and Saturdays. 


1. Maine - 

2. New Hampshire 

3. Massachusetts 

4. Rhode Island 
6. Connecticut - 
6. Vermont 

■; . New York 

8. New Jersey - 

9. Pennsylvania - 

10. Delaware 

11. Maryland 

12. Virginia 

9 votes, Districts. 

8 do — General ticket. 

1 5 do — do. 

4 do — do. 
8 do — do. 

7 do — Legislature. 

36 do — Districts. 

5 do — General ticket. 
28 do— do. 

3 do — Legislature. 

11 do — Districts. 
54 do — Geoeral ticket. 

13. North Carolina 

14. South Carolina 
16. Georgia 

16. Tennessee 
n. Kentucky 

18. Ohio 

19. Indiana 

20. Illinois - 

21. Missouri 

22. Louisiana 

23. Mississippi 

24. Alabama 

15 do— General ticket. 

11 do— Legislature- 

9 do — do. 

11 do — Districts. 

14 do — 3 Districts. 

18 do — General ticket, 

5 do — Legislature. 

3 do — Districts. 

3 do — do. 

5 do — Legislature. 

3 do— General ticket., 

6 do— do. 


Eequired number to constitute an election by the people, 131.